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When we learn to love all animals, we will learn to love humanity 🐘 . Adventurous day elephant trekking with @chailaiorchid which included a hike to a beautiful waterfall, a stop at a Karen village, lunch, bamboo rafting and full elephant and one on one experience with the elephants. . Our guide Charlie was just amazing throughout the entire day. Highly recommended this elephant sanctuary if you are in Chiang Mai. . I like animals from a far ... as in FAR AWAY from me 😩 but this was such an amazing experience that I couldn’t pass. . {SWIPE—>} to see up close footage. . . . . . #dametraveler #unlimitedparadise #vacationwolf #passportheavy #planetdiscovery #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #chiangmai #exploringtheglobe #sheisnotlost #theglobewanderer #visualoflife #roamtheplanet #ladiesgoneglobal #traveldeeper #globelletravels #sidewalkerdaily #girlslovetravel #travelstoke #openmyworld #nomadness #lonelyplanet #femmetravel #instapassport #blacktravelfeed #letsgoeverywhere #soultravel #thetravelwomen
‘Tis the Season ❤️
No me gustan los llamados “imperdibles”. Cuando viajo me gusta ir a mi ritmo, a mi gusto y sobretodo descubrir por instinto. — Por supuesto que investigo cuáles son los principales atractivos del destino y sobretodo qué es lo que más visitan los viajeros, pero me gusta ir planificando las visitas conforme a las situaciones que se van dando. — Sin embargo, cuando se enteran de mi tiempo en #Lima , muchos me preguntan si fui a #Miraflores y cuáles son los lugares más icónicos, así que aquí voy: — 1️⃣El Faro de la Marina Como amante del mar, siento particular amor por los faros, así que este es mi número uno total 2️⃣Larcomar Si buscas sentirte en cualquier mall con grandes tiendas y marcas de lujo, este es el lugar 3️⃣Parque del Amor Aunque a nosotros no nos encantó, cada vez que pasábamos por ahí estaba full de gente tomándose fotos — De igual forma, mi recomendación es: si tienes tiempo, pasea, pasea y pasea. Poco a poco irás descubriendo lugares y armando tus propios “imperdibles” — 📍Miraflores, Lima, Perú ~ — #michelleuz #peru #michelleuzgoestolima #femmetravel #michelleuzgoestoperu #sheisnotlost #michelleuzvoyages #imperdibles #michelleuzgoestomiraflores #wanderlust #venezuelanblogger
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue"-Winston Churchill Trust that you can do whatever you want. If you want to be downtown in that corporate highrise then go for it!! It was once my dream...now it's helping women develop self-love and become the amazing badasses they are! Also to travel😁 What are your goals?? Outfit is Lavender Field collection by @poshmark . . . . #citygirls #city_features #downtownmilwaukee #milwaukee #cityviews #goaldiggers #portrait_shooterz #portraitphotography #portrait_mood #modelvibes #goaldigger #ootd #outfitoftoday #picoftheday #photography 📸 #photooftheday #modelgirls #sheisnotlost #dametraveler #itispossible #fashionloverstyle #modelgram #travelislife 🌏 #travelgram #liveauthentically #travelblogger
NEW PODCAST EPISODE 🎤🎧 // Looking for El Jefe de Jefes // 💕 Centro Guadalajara | Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 🇲🇽 --------------------------------------------------- This week @marthagetsit and I talk about our love for Mexico, Narcos: Mexico, and how the two compare. Narcos: Mexico was based in the 1980s, when Felix Gallardo (played by @diegoluna_ ) built his drug empire. It’s a lot different today and a visit to some beautiful cities like Guadalajara will show you what Mexico is all about. . . Tune in as we chat about my trip to Mexico, what to do and see, how safe it was traveling solo for a couple days, and why @marthagetsit and I can’t wait to go back. . . Catch us this week and every Tuesday on Apple, Google, or Spotify. Search “Passports, Cameras & Maps, Oh My!” . . . #narcosmexico #guadalajarajalisco #gdl #guadalajara #jalisco #mexico #mexicana #traveldeeper #sheisnotlost #livetravelchannel #lewildexplorer #travellatina #iamatraveler #passionpassport #the_daily_traveler #iamtb #girlslovetravel #femaletravelblogger #travelinladies #thetravelwomen
here is a little tease of a couple of the amazing products in your December box 🌸 #volume2 holds some amazing products and we are so excited to you experience them 💫
I can’t believe it’s snowing! I’m not ready 🙈 I feel like I have no concept of time lately! It’s honestly flying by!!
This is Galmaduwa Temple ⛩ in Kandy. 📷🇱🇰. Travel Sri Lanka & discover a whole new world! 🌎. #followusformore
Yes, I’ll take an extra large side of ranch with that, thnx. 💋💕
Been daydreaming about Florence an awful lot lately. Those yellow streets. The reflection in the Arno. The view of the Duomo, breathtaking from every angle. The terra-cotta. The statues. . . . . . . #traveldeeper #travelgram #instatravel #beautifuldestinations #exploremore #welltravelled #lonelyplanet #neverstopexploring #travelwriter #mytinyatlas #traveljournal #femmetravel #darlingescapes #shetravels #sheisnotlost #prettycity #discoveritaly #exploringitaly #italiabella #iloveitaly #ilikeitaly #italianlandscapes #whatitalyis #florence #ipreview
I had a blassst last weekend in Boston! I don’t think this smile will go away for a few days! 😁Every time I visit, I end up exploring a new area and falling deeper in love with the city’s New England charm! I added a TON of pics to my stories over the weekend and created a new Boston highlight if any of you missed them or want to check them out again! Right now, I’m preparing a couple of posts for this week to share some of the weekends funny and not so funny highlights with you all! 🤓 Hope everyone’s having a great week so far!! • • • • • #maineblogger #girlinthecity #f21xme #mainegirl #sheisnotlost #bostongirl #newenglandbloggers
Anyone love the smell of salt water? Because I do! 🙋🏻‍♀️
Do you remember that scene in The Little Mermaid when Ariel sits on the rock and then that big wave splashed up behind her... well this is kinda almost exactly the same! 💦🧜🏼‍♀️ :::: On a more serious note, just a reminder that Instagram is not real. Here’s a perfect example of Instagram vs Reality. 🙈 It’s so easy to compare ourselves and our experiences with what we see often looking so perfect when in reality it might just be a few good seconds for a photo. The reality is that this place was really crowded and I waited for about an hour for the 30 seconds when everyone got out of the shot. 📸 :::: Just wanted to mention this because I know this can be a hard time of year for a lot of people and you’re not alone. If you ever want to chat I’m only a DM away! 💋 :::: #littlemermaid #disney #instagramvsreality
words cannot explain how excited we are to announce that last week we sold out of our first month featuring @honuaskincare 💕 thank you to all of you who subscribed and were so excited that you loved all of the products featured 🌿🕊
My heart burns for the city lights.
You need to keep moving, my darling. Or you’ll miss the train to bigger things in life like this.💫🔜 #runawayjules
Fact: I'm actually unable to blow a bubble with bubble gum so I couldn't contribute to Seattle's Gum Wall 😅
My name is blurry face and I care about winning. ✌🏻
Another sneaky shot of Bath Abbey, took this one from the Roman Baths. Really in love this this shot. #igersbath #christmas #allstreetshots
School is soup and I’m a fork
Where can you find Po from Kung Fu Panda & Iorek from The Golden Compass together? * At Prague’s Old Town Square! I saw them at the exact same place for four days straight! I’m sure Po must get bored being the Dragon Warrior and Iorek must get bored running across snowfields. So, in summers they choose this spot for chilling without a care in the world! * I mean that place is so iconic, it hosts the 650-year-old Astronomical Clock which shows the position of Sun, Planets, and Constellations. So they can decide where to head next. What do you think, would there be a secret wormhole in that clock which could take us back and forth between the land of Master Oogway’s Jade Palace and the alternate world where we can meet our Daemons aka part of the spirit that resides outside a person. * Yes, more than often I like to connect things I see to the fantasies I read and watch about. Its one of my ways of maintaining to be a child at heart, always. It makes most of the things fun, enjoyable and carefree while bringing me back to the start of a new cycle! * Until then, see you on the other side of the rainbow, and I'll wait for you while practicing martial arts with other kung fu warriors! * #zutingstravelosophy #oldtownsquareprague #praguestagram #beachildagain #followyourheart #mymoments #exploremore #traveller #writersofinstagram #instaslovakia #visitslovakia #ifnotnowwhen #travelislove #travelgram #dubaiblogger #writter #travelislife #exploremore #travelingthroughtheworld #travelmore #dametraveler #sheisnotlost #traveldiaries #writerofig #writersofinstagram #lovetotravel
And then sometimes on tour, your hotel has its own private beach and you show up right at sunset as the dolphins are swimming in the bay. #nofilter
My laundry gets to be dry in 3 hours. I guess Summer is here! Are you excited? . . . . . . #summerinaustralia #summer #melbournesummer #emssweetdays #orientallilys #summertime
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Mother Nature you are beautiful 💚~P.S one of the breathtaking beautiful spots in Cebu during my travels in the PH
healthy, free, the world before me🌲
Contemplated taking a nap, since @wildbonde wouldn’t let me test out my guitar skills 🎸😂 On the real, this was a awesome day and was even better spending it with a couple of wicked peeps (and dope mentors), so thank you guys - I’ll be your production assistant any day 🎞 @thesundaychapter @wildbonde
Una de las mejores experiencias que pude capturar en 📷🍹
Fall is my all time favorite season. I’m kind of sad it’s ending soon. All the leaves here are already gone but let’s pretend it’s peak fall season here on my feed 🙃 ✨ Comment below! 🍁🍃🍂 ✨ What do you like about the fall season?
The sunrise walking to work today was so beautiful (Also I downloaded the Google camera to have a play around and I'm loving it)
Back home. Feeling so grateful for my recent travels can’t wait to be home for a little bit.
“The life I created • vacation errrryday. ” 🌊 🌴🌺#straightouttaoakland #luxurylifestyle #supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
If I looked back 5 years from now (or even 3 years from now), I am blown away at how much my perspective has broadened, my dreams have changed, and how my have goals shifted. Also, it’s truly amazing how the place you live in can shape you in ways that your do not even realize until you take time to stop and reflect. If there is anything I have learned, there is something to be said about finding contentment where you are, understanding that life will always be dynamic and recognizing there is beauty found in the unknown. . . . . . “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” -Steve Jobs
‘Tis the season! Took this one to her first Christmas market ✨ #toobaditwasclosed 😂
Though as much as I love the smell of fresh air and the sweet scent of flowers during this hike, I found myself thrilled the most when I've reached the top. If you'll take on an adventure -- on the land, under the sea, or at the sky -- what activity will you do first in mind and why? 😶 • • • I am a sky lover. Growing up I always find myself amused by extreme activities specially those that involves heights like sky diving, paragliding and hot air balloon driving to name a few. I love the clear blue sky, the bright sun's rays and the moving fluffy clouds at day. While at night, I love the glowing moon and the sparkling stars. Seeing sky phenomenons such as meteor shower, milky way and northern lights was always on top of my bucket list too.
#Martes y seguimos hablando de lo que aprendimos (y aprenderás) en el camino… - ✨Mejorar tus habilidades para socializar✨ Esta clarísimo que conocer, hablar y conectar con gente de todo el globo es uno de los puntos más enriquecedores - y divertidos - de toda esta aventura. Si sos introvertida, tímida y te cuesta acercarte a hablarle a un desconocido, seguramente empieces por necesidad - más si estás viajando sola. Ya sea por preguntar alguna indicación o recomendación, empezar a interactuar será inevitable. Si sos de las más extrovertidas, tal vez te cueste menos comenzar una charla con el de la mesa de al lado, el compañero del free tour o alguien del hostel. Pero algo es seguro, a medida que pasen las semanas cada vez tendrás más confianza y menos miedo de hablar con alguien que acabás de conocer. Los prejuicios desaparecen y las dudas también. ¡Y es verdad: nos volvimos más caraduras! Ya no nos da vergüenza pedir por lo que queremos - o necesitamos, hacer el ridículo ni mostrarnos tal cual somos. Hablando con gente de más de veinte países - y conviviendo con muchos de ellos también - perdimos el miedo a decir que no, a preguntar por lo que no sabemos, a comunicarnos cómo podemos y a leer a la gente con tan sólo diez minutos de charla. Tu intuición se potencia y tu habilidad para socializar también. ¡Vas a terminar haciendo amigos en cada rincón del planeta! - ✨Organizar y manejar tus finanzas✨ Más allá de que decidas trabajar a cambio de dinero o no durante tu vuelta al mundo, la realidad es que vas a contar con ciertos recursos limitados que tendrás que aprender a organizar y regular de manera responsable e inteligente. El desarrollo de un presupuesto y seguimiento de tus gastos te enseñará a ser más consciente del valor del dinero, ver en qué lo gastás - o invertís - y ser más selectiva en tus decisiones económicas. Todo depende del destino y tipo de viaje que elijas, pero aprenderás a saber cuándo ahorrar y cuando vale la pena gastar un poco más. ¿Realmente necesito esto? Es la pregunta que nos hacemos bastante seguido. Tus prioridades cambiarán y también aprenderás a manejar otros recursos importantes como tu energía y tu tiempo.
Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love London so 🎶 London it’s definitely my favourite city. I think it’s so iconic being so old and modern at the same time, so multi cultural that makes this city so unique and yes you find fashion,best food and creativity. Which it’s your favourite city? @missyempire ----------------------------------------------- 🇪🇸 Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love London so 🎶 Londres definitivamente es mi ciudad favorita. Pienso que es tan iconica porque es tan vieja y moderna al mismo tiempo, tan multi cultural que hace a esa ciudad tan unica y claro se encuentra la moda,la mejor comida y mucha creatividad. Cual es tu ciudad favorita? @zara ----------------------------------------------- 🇮🇹 Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner that I love London so 🎶 Londra definitivamente e’ la mia città preferita. Penso che e’ così iconica perché è così vecchia e moderna allo stesso tempo, molto multi culturale che fa a questa città così unica e poi trovi la moda,il miglior cibo e molta creatività. E la tua città preferita qual e’? . . . . . . . . . . . . #travel #love #london #ootd #fashionista #fashion #style #fashionblogger #travelblogger #wearetravelgirls #gltlove #thetravelwomen #londoner #blonde #londongirl #girlsmeetglobe #travelgirls #sheisnotlost #girlsjustwanttotravel #girlsborntotravel #dametraveler #vsco #londoncalling #londyn #blogger #picoftheday #photography #dress #uk #zara
“Christmas came early thanks to @cnuskincare I am always trying new beauty products and they have helped me find skincare I truly love. These anti aging products are all Natural, Organic, & 100% cruelty free! With amazing subscriptions @cnuskincare puts together 4-6 full size for you or gifting options available!” Thank you @suedeandstone_ and we’re so happy you love our subscription 💕
a portion of all subscriptions is donated to @humanesociety as we join the fight against animal testing 💕
I enjoy a lot spotting them, hello smiley 😁😍🤙🧜🏻‍♀️ #morayeel #komodo
Walking in a winter wonderland ❄️🎶 // photo credz to my dad who is my photographer even in below 0 temps 🐐
. From the river it looks like a white sandcastle, but when you get close you can see all of the elaborate ceramic work that went into decorating this incredible temple. Worth going on a river tour just to see this gorgeous place. . Anyone wanna join me Thai food dinner with this view?😊 . . Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) Bangkok, Thailand . . . . . . . #mountain #mountainview #hiking #backpacking #explore #travel #nature #igersoftheday #instagood #goexplore #outdoors #art #artist #styleblogger #liveoutdoors #travelgram #instatravel #adventure #travelphotography #naturelovers #landscapephotography #beautifuldestinations #sheisnotlost #lifestyle #wanderlust #solotravel #worldnomads #travelblogger #keepexploring
Throwback to being super tan & living my best life where I truly belong...on a beach! And not a rocky cold grey PNW one lol! I love the mountains, trees, & lakes (and even the beaches lol) of the PNW but never have I felt more at home & 100% myself & like I belong than on an island. Or at least somewhere with sunshine & heat most of the year & dreamy beaches nearby lol (definitely not opposed to moving somewhere like Florida!). I know I say it again & again but when you know, you know! Dreams will come true again & I know I'll be back to living in my element full-time again soon. Until then I definitely want to continue exploring Washington in-depth but also Oregon & Canada. I have only really been to the Portland area & Vancouver B.C. area and I really want to see more. Some of the parks & lakes in Canada are high on my list & I'm determined to check them off while I'm still living near the area. Anyways, here's to being back on the beach in 18 days and also hooray for it being Fri-yay tomorrow! Have an awesome day! . . . . . . . . . . . . #tbt #bali #uluwatu #Indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #southeastasia #island #islandlife #islandgirl #tan #bikini #tropical #ocean #paradise #beachbum #beach #beautifuldestinations #peaceful #travel #wanderlust #explore #adventure #nature #outdoors #welivetoexplore #traveler #roamtheplanet #exploretocreate #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls
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