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Good luck covering those weekend shift guys ☠️😂 #serverlife #bartenderproblems
How to Maximize the Value of Third-Party Restaurant Delivery Services Like DoorDash, GrubHub and Uber Eats.... Let’s talk 💬 about some ways you can maximize the value in your delivery orders by collecting information about your customers in the process. When you connect your Facebook Page to automated messaging software, you can contact your customers using Facebook Messenger without ever being on your phone or your computer. Here’s how: Each time a customer communicates with your business on Facebook Messenger, they become a subscriber. In the natural flow of a conversation, you can collect info like email address, phone number, ask open-ended questions, ask specific questions, instantly send them directions to your business, and ask them for feedback on their experience. “This sounds great! But we don’t get a lot of messages on our Facebook Page.” – We’re glad you asked. The Messenger software we use at Aycock Marketing allows us to not only create these pre-defined conversational flows, but it also allows us to create scannable Facebook Messenger Codes that look similar to QR codes. The Messenger Codes (once scanned) trigger a new conversation with your customer. Each Messenger Code you create can link to a different conversation. 🙊
Don’t be an asshole #tiporgohome
HOW TO GET MORE (& BETTER) REVIEWS FOR YOUR RESTAURANT 🍴 ••• While this method doesn’t require the user to actually visit Facebook, this is an incredibly easy and automated way to get more reviews and get better reviews. Once a Facebook user/Messenger Subscriber gets tagged as being a customer, you know that they’re qualified to offer their honest feedback. Using Facebook messenger automation software, you can trigger a conversation based on when they become a customer. At that time, you can ask them if they mind giving you some feedback about their last visit. There, you’ll want to ask specific questions 💬 to gain more insight into what people like and dislike about your business. We recommend keeping this short, something like two or three questions. You can make conditional paths in the conversation that say if the user is satisfied, send them in one direction. If the user is not satisfied 😩, send them another direction. We recommend if the user is not happy, ask them to freely respond and tell your business how they could improve. Also, offer a call from a manager or the owner. This is just good business. If the user had a pleasant experience and plans to visit again, you can ask them to leave a review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook. Regardless of whether they like your restaurant or not, we recommend offering something for completing the survey. This could be a free dessert, a free entree, or a free appetizer. Just make sure you put a time limit ⏱ on it so they are more inclined to visit your restaurant again soon.
Verifying your Facebook Page promotes trust between you and your customers. The first step is to visit your Facebook Page and click on the Settings tab at the top. Use the screenshots as a reference while verifying your Facebook page. ✔️ Next, you’ll see a bunch of settings. The one you want to look for is the one close to the top that says “Page Verification: Page is not verified.” Click on the Edit button and then click the Verify link. For this next step, make sure you’re near your business’s phone. You’ll then be prompted to enter your business’s phone number. When you do so, click the Call Me Now button and you’ll receive an automated phone call from Facebook to the phone number you typed in. At the end, you should get a notification confirming that your page is now verified. If you go back to the main part of your page by clicking the Page tab, you’ll now see a grey checkmark next to your business name. Congratulations! You’ve completed this task and your customers will know they can trust what you say when it comes to your business online.
I’m here today to say hard work truly does pay off. “Taylor employs over 900 people and currently produces hundreds of guitars per day in its state-of-the-art factory complexes in both El Cajon and in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. The company maintains an active dealer network, with Taylor guitars sold through hundreds of retail locations in North America and with international distribution to 60 countries, including a distribution warehouse and factory service center in the Netherlands. Renowned for blending modern, innovative manufacturing techniques with a master craftsman's attention to detail, Taylor guitars are widely considered among the best-sounding and easiest to play in the world. The company was a pioneer in the use of computer mills, lasers and other high-tech tools and proprietary machinery, and today, Bob Taylor is widely recognized throughout the musical instrument industry as the visionary acoustic guitar manufacturer.”
Free restaurant marketing checklist [DOWNLOAD] link in the bio! Learn how to create a marketing plan for your restaurant which will enable your restaurant to grow! 🗣 Learn how to talk about your restaurant (the right way) when someone asks “what do you do?”. 🖥 Find out exactly what you should say & put on your website to turn website visitors into paying customers so your website is high-functioning. 💸 Learn what types of offers you should include on your website and social media pages that will help you build a list of customers & easily get people in the door to your restaurant. ⏱ Learn how to save time & follow up with customers automatically so you can categorize your customers based on what they like, send them new offers at no additional cost, and build a loyal relationship with them.
Today’s post is a demonstration of how local businesses can transform their marketing into something much more meaningful. Introducing: Conversational Marketing 💬. Aycock Marketing specializes in designing marketing systems that allow customers to interact with local businesses in the natural flow of a conversation. While collecting info about each user to go into a database is handy, what’s even more fascinating is that this is 100% automated. Customers can have a conversation with you – without you being there. 🤖 I will note that you can always jump into the conversation manually if customer support is warranted/when it’s necessary. Having redeemable offers allows you to track how effective your campaigns are and how good your Return on Investment is. If you’d like to chat about how to implement this in your business and get more bang for your buck, shoot us a DM today. Disclaimer: This video post is solely for demonstration purposes and is not endorsed by or affiliated with Mr. Putty’s Miniature Golf. However, we do recommend checking out their place in Tega Cay – lots of fun! @mr_puttys
Hanging out at @mchales_on_main in @onlyinoldtown - support local business, and local music!
🍩 1 – Use All of Your Hashtags to Extend your Reach…. Restaurants should leverage all 30 hashtags. With each hashtag you use, you’ll reach even more people. Tip: Put them in the comments. 🍪 2 – Tag Your Location Every Time…  Add your location and your city in every single post. People browse posts in specific areas and you don’t want to miss this low hanging fruit of an opportunity! 🍻 3 – Find People Near You & Interact With Them…. Search your city on Instagram by tapping on the magnifying glass at the bottom, tap the search bar at the top, and then tap the Places tab. Once you have your city pulled up, you’ll see two sections: Top Posts and Recent Posts. Follow the accounts that have top posts in your city. Then comment positively on 3 of their posts. To get them to notice you, send them a Direct Message on Instagram and tell them you saw they were in your city. Explain that you love your city too and invite them to come in for a free meal. They’ll likely post on their Instagram account about how awesome they think you are to all their followers. 🥘 4 – The Perfect Instagram Posting Formula: Frequency + Consistency = Success…  The more you post, the more chances people will see you. The more consistently you post, the more reliable & trustworthy you become. Post at least once per day, and be sure to use VIDEO, not just pics! 💰 5 – Pay to Reach More People…. Paying for ads is an easy way to reach more people that actually care on Instagram. Tapping the blue “Promote” button on a post will allow you to quickly choose where you want to send people (to your profile, to your website, or to your storefront), choose your target audience (make sure you choose locals near you!), and choose your budget and duration. 🎞 6 – Short Videos Increase Followers & Engagement…. Try to use short 5-15 second videos to spark interest, create curiosity, educate, and entertain your followers. Videos get more engagement than photos. This influences the Instagram algorithm allowing all of your posts to actually reach even MORE people!
The best way to avoid an empty dining room 😨 is to create incentives and offers that are more enticing that your regular offers – at the times that you typically have an empty dining or bar room. Think about it like this… each day, you post on social media (you should if you aren’t, durh!). Let’s call the level of effort 20%. At best, you share an offer similar to what every other bar or restaurant is offering in your town. At worst, you talk about yourself (which no one cares about, by the way!). If you recognize a pattern in time-of-day and day-of-week when you’re usually just straight out dead… You need to do something HUGE AND CRAZY for those times. 🤸🏼‍♂️ Here’s why: You need to over compensate for the slow times. Make your slow times the most valuable times and the times that people are dying to get to your restaurant/bar/brewery. TL;DR - Make your offers 80% better and spend 80% of your time getting people to your location at those days/times. The clock is ticking. ⏱ What will you do next?
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I am convinced today is miscellaneous repair/ #strangesaturday today I repaired a wheelchair wheel, applied a #bicyclegrip to a bamboo cane, got #stopaflat ‘s for a horse 🐎 buggy, and just in a #golfcaddy I’m just saying we definitely service all makes and models of ANY kind of wheel if possible. #bicyclerepairshop #serviceindustryhumor
List of reasons why hotel industry is soul draining and fun at the same time. #resturant #restaurantstaff #waiter #serviceindustryhumor #serviceindustry
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