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This is sooooo true! You can fill your life with positive or with negative! There’s ALWAYS a silver lining❤️. #serendipityloves #serendipitylivesbeauty #findyourbeauty
Not sure if you’re aware 🤗 but Nightire is stocked on the wonderful sleep-specialist online platform @myza_uk , for peeps who want to invest in all things snooze. So we sent them a set recently to test and try (aka SLEEP in), and this is what they had to say 👉🏻 have a read of the review through link in bio✨while chilling in bed (wish it was this stylish one) this #sundaymorning - 📸 @lindyegalloway
Full Office Wall Wrap completes today in Gloss White @magorbrewery @elitebrandingco #interiordesign #designer #wales
Pretty parcels making their way to customers in SA🇿🇦 thanks to @curaloca !! We are so excited and proud to be part of this platform that supports (nay, heroes) small brands. Get your orders in! #shopsmall
☀️ Every #summer has a story ☀️ . . Ein kleines, süßes rotes #Holzhaus in #Finnland - das wärs! 😍So wie dieses wunderschöne Exemplar! Auf der Insel #Högsåra im finnischen #Skärgård ist es wie in #Bullerby - ganz viele schöne Holzhäuser im skandinavischen #Stil ! 🇫🇮 🇸🇪 Wunderschön! 🤗 . . #nordicdesign #nordicroom #mynordicroom #nordichome #danishdesign #interiorwarrior #interior2all #housebeautiful #pocketofmyhome #apartmentherapy #elledecoration #homeadore #myhousethismonth #myhomevibe #styleithappy #serendipityloves #simpleliving #livebeautifully #skönahem #scandinavianhomes #oldbuildinglover #roomforinspo #roomtolive
Girls 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ Happy #womensday to alllll you lovely ladies out there🎉
🌊What we see depends mainly on what we look for 🌊 . . Vilken #härligutsikt här på #Bengtskär ! 😍 So eine wunderschöne Aussicht von unserem Zimmer im #Leuchtturm auf der kleinen #Insel Bengtskär, ca 2 Stunden mit dem Boot 🚤 vor der Küste Finnlands! 🇫🇮 Und diese phantastischen alten #Holzfenster ! 👌🏼 . . #nordicdesign #nordicroom #mynordicroom #nordichome #danishdesign #interiorwarrior #interior2all #housebeautiful #pocketofmyhome #apartmentherapy #elledecoration #homeadore #scandinavianhomes #fyr #styleithappy #serendipityloves #simpleliving #livebeautifully #sharemyhome #finnland #oldbuildinglover #roomforinspo #fuerimmo #finland #roomtolive
Weekend!! What weekend? We’re working full tilt here at CuraLoca HQ at the moment to make sure we can launch next week (can we get a whoop whoop on that one?! 🎉🕺🏼) with a whole lot of beautiful and curated brands on the platform. And every week after that, you’ll find many more! #excitingtimes #smallbizlife - 📸 @whitechateaux
🌸 "Ama l'insonnia che fissa i tuoi occhi dal buio della stanza e tutti i treni che negli anni hanno avuto una falsa partenza Ama i tuoi errori perché prima o poi verranno a trovarti e non pensarci più... È questione di qualche minuto e arriva il futuro Abbi cura di te, abbi cura di te origliando l'amore Abbi cura di tutte le cose anche di quelle che fanno dolore Abbi cura di te, abbi cura di te fino all'ultimo giorno fino a che questa strada si spenga senza fare ritorno"🌸 . . . #love #passion #portrait #portraitphotography #dreamer #dreamers #amore #abbicuradisplendere #abbicuradite #marocco #morocco 🇲🇦 #serendipityloves #serendipity #serendipitystyling #serendipitous_finds #happiness #felicità #happyday #happy #fun
There are plenty of things that you can snack on before bed (side-note: how gorgeous is this bed from @thehiredhome ?!🙋🏼‍♀️) to achieve a more restful sleep. On the flip side, there are also a bunch of foods that can badly affect your 💤 So, to make sure that you are steering clear of these sleep-sabotaging eats before hitting the hay, we’ve made a list of the no-go ones for you: - Fatty Foods: we’re as partial to the idea of late night fries 🍟 or ice cream 🍦as the next person, but the unfortunate reality is that indulging in high-fat foods too close to bedtime can seriously wreak havoc on your sleep cycle because your body isn’t particularly great at digesting fat quickly. - Sugary Cereal: Unlike fatty foods that take too long to digest, sugar-ridden cereal poses the opposite effect: it digests pretty quickly, which in turn gives you way too much energy and suppresses your sleep hormones. - Spicy Foods: In addition to firing up your tastebuds🔥, spicy foods can cause serious stomach irritation, which in turn makes it tougher for you to doze off. - Fruit Juice: Obviously, drinking too much before bed – fruit juice 🍏🍉🍒or otherwise – isn’t the best idea since it will likely mean having to make a couple trips to the bathroom, all of which will disturb your sleep. But fruit juice specifically tends to be pretty acidic, which can lead to heartburn or disrupt your body if you suffer from reflux. So, steer clear of the above late at night and you should be sleeping like your bed is this beautiful👌🏻
We started CuraLoca to hero proudly South African brands (#localislekker ), because we love this country & all its people & the products they create. Why’s that, you may ask? Well, what’s not to love about a place that has lots of sunshine, the Big 5🐾, hospitable people, delicious food, beautiful beaches (hey Clifton!!), great wine🍷, Jacarandas🌸, Nelson Mandela, and folks who use the words ‘kiff’ ‘lekker’ ‘shweet’ and ‘now now’ in everyday conversation?!
Peter Dundas stylish, classy dress! Inspiration
New to the collection: Widbrook Grange has got us all excited here at Sawday's HQ. Not only because they have an amazing selection of gins (125 craft gins and 14 tonics!) but their interiors are quirky and the grounds idyllic 🌾
Much coffee is being consumed at CuraLoca HQ and many discussions are being had over WhatsApp/ FaceTime/ Slack/ you name it (thank goodness for tech📱💻) to make sure every detail of the site is attended to and all is running smoothly for the impending launch. But first, it’s the #weekend and time for a breather✨ - 📸 @whitechateaux
More like ‘Pray for Sleep’✨ - We all just want restful sleep every night because we know it’s important for our health, happiness, and overall wellbeing (right?) So here at Nightire HQ, we’ve rounded up a few natural ways that can improve your snooze, without needing to reach for the sleeping pills. 💤 - Get some fresh air. Something as easy as getting at least 20 minutes of sunlight each day is essential to your sleep health. This helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle, which lets your body know when you should start feeling tired at night! - Reduce screen time. It might seem like a good way to wind down by watching the latest episode of #loveisland or whatever show you’re binge watching at night, but the blue light from our screens is actually signaling to your body that it’s time to be alert and awake. - Say yes to magnesium. A nutrient found in dark leafy greens, almonds, bananas, avocados and other foods, is helpful in getting a better night’s sleep. - Reduce your stress levels. Try adding more activity into your day like exercising as this can help reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep you get. 💤 Alternatively, just have a gorgeous boudoir such as this one from @2doorsdowndesign and you should be sleeping like a dream!
Elbow-deep in @nightire and @curaloca admin at the moment and wondering where on earth that post-holiday ‘glow’ disappeared to so quickly💁🏼‍♀️ Sun and fun in the Mediterranean feels like decades ago when buried under emails and trying to get a second Pj range off the ground... #excitingtimes though! - Wearing the Sunny in September short set in Turkey recently. #nightiretravels
The June newsletter has (rather belatedly) gone out today and we’ve packed it with product updates and tips on how to have a good day when you slept badly the night before. If you’re thinking ‘hmmm I didn’t get anything 📬’ but you’re keen to stay in the loop - please do sign up again as we’ve trimmed the list sans GDPR. Happy reading (link in bio too) 🤸🏼‍♀️ - 📸 @nkimaphotography 💄 @miabellaristorp for @smuk_london 💁🏻‍♀️ @anaemx
Struggling to get your eight hours? You’re not alone. Apparently, most peeps get by on just 5-6 hours a night. Oi vey🤔 So, to help you get more 💤 we’re sharing our golden rules for deep sleep... - Set The Right Temperature: Keeping your room cool is key to a good night’s sleep – too hot or too cold a temperature can disturb your body ⏱. If you’ve got a thermostat, aim for 18.5C for a deep sleep. - Manage Stress: Even if only for ten minutes, try bathing in Epsom salts, practice deep breathing or do meditation and yoga. - Pop A Pill: if you struggle to fall asleep, avoid getting into a vicious cycle of using sleeping pills. Instead, try all-natural sleep supplements – calcium, L-theanine (an amino acid), GABA (a neurotransmitter), melatonin, valerian, passionflower and magnolia, which have all been shown to induce deep slumber. - Cut The Lights: Even the slightest amount of light can affect sleeping patterns as it disrupts melatonin levels (that’s the sleep hormone). If you don’t have black-out blinds, invest in an eye mask, and it goes without saying you should switch your phone onto night mode from at least 9pm. - Eat To Sleep: snacks that are high in tryptophan such as dairy products, nuts, seeds and grains, when combined with complex carbs such as brown toast, can encourage the onset of sleep. - Ditch The Tech: You’ve heard it before, but try as hard as possible to keep your room TV-free, and charge your phone in a different room if you can. - 📸 @simplestyleco
Have donned a classic @j_essicaanne tee for an afternoon with the one and only Jessica Anne👯‍♀️ Love wearing this shirt so much - people always break out into the most massive smile when they read what it says😃 #girlboss #designermaker
Why do the weekends go so quickly?! Feeling the yearning for it strongly this morning because usually, whether it’s Monday or Sunday, the days are not very different as a #smallbiz owner who has to be (nay, tries to be) on it all the time. This past weekend however, was the real deal #weekendvibes - @peter__clark and I just chilled, watched TV for hours, ambled around the city and slept in. And it was completely marvelous.
Yesterday was all kinds of wonderfully relaxing i.e. doing a whole lotta next-to-nothing with my main man @peter__clark 👫 We ambled around these pretty Chelsea streets, bought rosemary bread and Vietnamese coffee at the market, shopped up a tiny bit of a storm (mid-season sales are ON people!) and gorged on delicious Italian food at @madeinitalylondon for a TimeOut review - let’s just say the burrata and Nutella calzone will be much raved about in the write-up 🍕🍝🛍🛒 #saturdayfun
Summery interiors inspo today from @serendipity_loves Happy Friday everyone! #interiorinspo #interiorstyle #interiordesign #serendipityloves #hallway #friday #summer
S E R E N D I P I T Y . . . . . . . . . . . . .
We’ve got a brand spanking new blog post out today that features the beautiful bedroom of #friendofnightire @elephantshoelove. You’ll get a sneak peak at her favourite design elements and some shared sleep tips for waking up well with a toddler in the equation 🍼 💤Have a read through the link in our bio!
Besides Serendipity being one of my favourite movies 🎬 (and it's fun to say ☺), it's something I truly believe in. I believe that everything happens for a reason and things you are looking for come when you least expect it. Keep the faith 🙏 that something better is usually waiting on the other side of disappointment. Do you believe in serendipity???
Cavendish village in Suffolk i have previously shown but this time with the complete scene, this has got to be one of my favourite cottage in Suffolk area☘️🌿🇬🇧. #cottage #britishsnaps #photosofbritain #lovegreatbritain #britainshiddengems #beautyinbritain #village #loves_united_england #visitengland #prettyenglishcountryside #uk #casasecasarios #villagemylove #serendipityloves
It’s almost the weekeeeeend baby🤸🏼‍♀️🕺🏼👯‍♀️!!!! Whether you call ‘em pigiama (Italian), piżama (polish), pijamas (portuguese), pyžamá (slovak), nagklere (afrikaans) or pima (indonesian), it’s time to catch up on #beautysleep in your favourite pair of jammies! #humansinpyjamas - 📸 @nightire founder @nina__clark for @organicawellness by @philjones.commercial.photog
We’ve all been there👋🏻 ⏱ It’s 11 p.m, you’re snug in your bed, and you’re finally mid-“drifting off to dreamland” when your stomach starts grumbling🥧🍰🥤 And with that, you’re awake; awake and contemplating whether it’s worth it to get out of bed for a pre-slumber fridge raid, or whether the smarter option would just be to ignore your hunger pains and try to make it to breakfast, right? But rather don’t... - Going to sleep hungry means that you’re going to lose sleep. You’re going to lose muscle, too. Why? Because an empty, hungry stomach at bedtime is likely to get in the way of your body’s ability to convert protein to muscle, including the rate at which it does so. So, if you’re hungry at night, eat. This doesn’t mean that you need to have an all-out feast to satisfy your stomach, especially since going to bed super full isn’t really any better than going to sleep hungry. Also, avoid skipping meals throughout the day, as this is likely to contribute to late-night hunger #sleeptips - 📸 by @thisiswilderness... how sunny and fun is this bedroom?! 🙋🏼‍♀️☀️🤸🏼‍♀️
Hasta pronto 😘😘 #v09
If there was a speech balloon for the lady in the frame, what would you think she would say? 💬🤔💭🗯♥〰✖☑👁‍🗨✒🖋🖊🖍🖌📝✏🛤🤼🏋‍🎬🎭🎖🌤🌈💥👩‍🚀💚❤💛 #speechballoons #imagine #lisbon #colours #ethnicclothing #traditionally #scarf #portugal #fado #walking #street #daydreaming #traveller #adventures #serendipityloves #streetphotography #travelphotography #lostinbeauty #lisboa #saudades #cityview #illustration #architecture #designing #buildings #window #riotejo #tejo #discovery #wanderlust
#TBT Movie ❤️ Word meaning ❤️ Restaurant ❤️ Coffe with ice cream ❤️ #happy #grateful #serendipity #nyc
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