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February is the month of love ❤️ I don’t just mean Valentine’s Day + family day! For Chris and I it’s a whole month thing 🤣 Between our families there are sooo many bdays it’s like Christmas all over again! That’s why we are here for a week. February brings so much ❤️It reminds me to focus on self love as well!! I used to get made fun of in school... 1. Because my eyebrows are legit blonde. Like people use to say that I shaved them... nope they are there, just so blonde it’s hard to see. 🤣 I even had my eyebrow pierced at one point. 2. I was always told to colour in my eyebrows! HELL NO! I’m not like everyone else, I don’t give a 💩 if you can’t see my eyebrows! BONUS I don’t have to pluck or wax them because you can’t see them 😜 I had low self esteem... 1. I developed quickly... I used to hide in hoodies. I would wear the same hoodie all the time because I was ashamed that I had boobs! 🤯 Over the years I have learned to love myself. I have and am still learning my value! I am worth so much more then someone else’s opinion of me! Really their opinion is none of my business anyways! Today I don’t hide in my hoodies! I wear them because they are comfy AF! It’s like wearing a hug all day 🤣 #kiddingnotkidding I still don’t colour in my eyebrows! I am who I am! I am way more comfortable and happy in my own skin now then I have ever been! ❤️ My point!?! Take time to love yourself even more then other people! You can’t pour from an empty cup!! Sending lots of self love today! Xo N
Our next #LionessCircle workshop on #feb25 is on boosting #selfesteem . In other words, we'll be digging deeper to address and boost our own ideas about our #selfworth 💯 Let's start the discussion. What does #selfworth means to you? #selfmade #notetoself #higherself #knowledgeofself #selfesteemproject #selfesteembooster #knowyourselfknowyourworth #confidencequotes #confidenceboost #LionessTamar
Message From Our Founder: @VernishaCEO - Today a dream came true for me! I FINALLY met someone who works for the @Dove Self-Esteem Project! Meet Ms. @DreBrownNYC I imagined this day would go so differently. That I would be in a meeting room or a Skype call trying to sell myself and my vision for the Miss All Natural Program but today was the total opposite. @DreBrownNYC spoke on a panel at an event hosted by @femalequotient for the NBA #Allstarweekend . The panel literally had me in tears! They were so knowledgeable, caring, successful, and most important human. Everything I want my girls to be. I thought I would be bringing something to the table but today I simply just sat and ate. Thank you @drebrownnyc for you words of encouragement and thank to the other amazing ladies on the panel and a big thank you @femalequotient and their amazing team. Special thank you to @ssmphotog and @pilar.pilar.pilar for also being so amazing and helping me navigate and connect with women at this event! 😍😍#selfesteemproject #allnatural #selfcare
Koniec krycia sie za naszym projektem ! To my #objectiontoperfectionteam ! Jak widzicie wszyscy uśmiechnięci i pełni zapału do pracy w szerzeniu samoakceptacji. Juz wkrótce więcej o nas i o naszym projekcie. Koniecznie nas obserwujcie ❤️ fot. @topol.pl #zwolnienizteoriiteam #objectiontoperfectionteam #nofilter #naturalbeauty #objectiontoperfection #zwolnienizteorii #team #teamwork #selflove #selfesteem #Selfesteemproject #DoveSelfesteemproject
If you find something you love about yourself, even for a moment in time, don't question it or refute it. Let it breathe. Let it expand. Live in THAT moment. Document it. Share it with the world. Or even keep it that sweet little secret you guard jealously and smile about for no reason. Just make sure you KEEP IT WITH YOU. And don't let the world tell you that you don't deserve to have it. Today I love my smile. 💖 #loveyourself #somuchtosmileabout #makeupforredheads #makeupforredhair #bluesmokeyeye #blueeyeshadow #selfesteemproject #selfesteempost #liftyourself #liftothers #inspirational
Today I went through my entire hot yoga class in a sports bra. It was terrifying and I fought the urge to look at the mirror on the left and criticize everything that a tank top usually covers. I stepped out of my comfort zone today to prove something to the woman who ripped herself apart in the same mirror in the same studio the day before. Why? My why is in my blog post today (spoiler: it’s about negative body image). ▫️▫️ And if you wanna know why the picture here is me in my medieval valor top in a medieval lookin’ mirror I still haven’t hung up? It’s because the blog post is titled, “what I see in the mirror”. Link in bio!
B E H I N D T H E S C E N E S shot. Sisi & Chase: having the best time. Cooper, Noah and I: a little stressed out. I was going to make this an Instagram vs. Reality but I still think it’s a pretty cute pic, so I thought that would probably annoy people. It’s important to remember what goes on behind those perfectly natural happy photos. Lots of SWEAT + TEARS 😂 (hopefully no blood). What’s the stress level like during your family photoshoots? #foodhomeco #summerseries ⠀⠀ 📷: @therobinsnest.to
Signs of Lack of Self-Love: Physical and mental problems: chronic stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, autoimmune conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, inflammation, multiple sclerosis), problems with digestion, food intolerances,etc. - - Eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, etc. - - Body hatred and body dysmorphic disorder (an obsessive focus on body imperfections). - - Self-destructing behavior: suicidal thoughts, self-injury, substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc). - - Workaholism, compulsive doing syndrome and feeling guilty, especially when not working or being productive. - - Excessive self-criticism, a lack of self-compassion and self-acceptance. - - Sensitivity to criticism and opinions of other people. People pleaser syndrome. - - Low self-confidence and self-trust. Feeling unworthy of love, happiness and success, which may lead to financial problems, problems in relationships, etc. - - Low self-respect and self-esteem, the absence of inner pride. - - Disconnection from your true self: a lack of inner integrity and authenticity, fear of expressing yourself verbally and nonverbally, a lack of courage to do what you love, etc. - - Problems in relationships: inability to find a suitable life partner, unhappy and abusive relationships, fear of intimacy, social isolation and loneliness. - - Psychological projections: blaming others for your misfortune, false accusations, bullying, etc. Uncontrollable anger, overly competitive disorder, envy and jealousy. - - Bigotry, intolerance and criticism of others. - - Lack of empathy and compassion. I think I used to have all of them :))) - - Do you have any of them? - - #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthtips #selflover #selflovesoldier #selflovewins #selflovethreads #selfcompassionatelove #selfcarelover #cangguliving #selfcarefirst #selfcarehelp #selfloveyoga #selfloveyogapractice #selflovepractice #selflovepractices #selfesteemquotes #selfesteemcoach #selfesteemproject #bodyconfidencecoach #somatictherapy #somatic #somaticyoga #healing #healingyoga #yogahealing #yogaforhealing
Meryl Streep, keeping it real. ⠀⠀ Social media is an amazing platform to showcase all of our successes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But naturally, we don’t share the downs as much as the ups. For someone as influential as Meryl Streep, to come out there and dig up one of her low moments, is so inspirational and helpful for us all (especially young people). Keep following your dreams and don’t let the odd negative comment get in your way 👊. #truthinsocial ⠀⠀ Repost: @kimkardashian
"Me equivoqué al quererle Yo no estaba sola Me equivoqué al sentir Las huellas de sus ojos por mi boca Tenía el tacto metido en la piel Y no pude negarme Nacía imprudencia por cada Intención de venir a ganarme Guardé toneladas de dudas Y nervios bajo la ropa Y a medias fui otra Tiraba de mí con la fuerza De aquello que mueve montañas Mientras la vida más pura Y más vida jamás me dejaba Me equivoqué al querer La inercia de mi piel" 🎶Vanesa Martín🎶 #meequivoque #vanesamartin #latinboyz #chicogaylatino #gayselfie #gayportugal #lgbtq 🌈 #selfie #selfieaddicted #selfesteemproject #love #lovegays #amorgay #lifemustbehapiness #lifemusbelived #loveyourselffirst #freedom #selflove #like4like #follow4follow #followme #bissexual
Do you see it? The way I’m trying to “smile” if you can call it that, but how I’m instead borderline physically in pain from taking this picture. I was in the freaking Caribbean and if thought bubbles existed, you would see what horrible and hurtful things I was telling myself about the way I looked in that black bathing suit, which was a one piece btw. I remember when I tried it on at the store I was excited to be able to hide all the shit going on in the front. And then I caught a glimpse of my back in the mirror and almost burst into tears. There ain’t no one piece to camouflage THAT, let me tell you. In that moment of feeling so low and so unhappy, it hit me, as my little almost two-year old little girl looked at me with her big eyes full of wonder, that these feelings would one way or another be externalized. And guess who would be there to take in all of that, and then mirror it? Her. My DAUGHTER. In that moment it became about more than just me. In that moment I realized how badly I never wanted her to feel the way I felt then: broken, ugly, out of control, disgusting, lacking all self-esteem, and even more self-love. The only way for me to fix it was for me to fix it. So I did. And if you’ve ever been where I was that day in that fitting room, I want you to know YOU can fix it too. And I’m here to help. I have a new plan in the works for those who are either just starting out or have fallen off the wagon and wanna hop back on. Holla if you want in, girl. Let’s have less traumatizing bathing suit try on sessions this year, deal? #trainingforlife #strongnotskinny #nsvarethebest #selflovespo #selfesteemproject
Some of the greatest experiences of my life have been when I allowed myself to feel without self-consciousness, to soak in without second-guessing. How we’re seen by others seems important—and it can be—but everything in our lives is inevitably touched by how we see ourselves. What kind of relationship do you have with your skin and bones? Have you become somebody you want to spend time with—to spend every day with, in fact? What small things can you do to remind yourself of your worth? Be kind to yourself like you would be kind to a little kitten found on your doorstep. Pick yourself up and admire all of your small, beautiful, complex parts. Give yourself nourishment, sit and gently pet your soul, or encourage yourself to play. And if you can, allow yourself to enjoy your own kindness for a moment without struggling to determine if you deserve it. I guarantee that you do. ❤️
Instagram won’t like this one but 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sorry, not sorry. You can easily track the amount of time spent on social media with “screen time” on iphone now 📲 Please, please, pleaseeeeee remember that you are comparing yourself to images that have been photoshopped, edited, contorted, taken apart and put back together, 100 times. They are certainly not showing you the countless hours and TEAMS of people they have working on their hair and makeup and they DEFINITELY won’t disclose the numerous plastic surgeries undergone so they could get more followers. It’s all an illusion 🔮Rant end. • • • • • • #bodypositive #anxietyrecovery #depressionhelp #eatingdisorderrecovery #anxietyrelief #selfesteemproject #selfesteem #selfesteemboost #socialmediamentalhealth #socialmediaisnotreallife #yourebeautiful #dontlook #bodypositivity #bodypos #bodypositivemovement #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #westchesterny #westchester #newyork #nylife #bodypositivemen #bodypositivememes #bodypositivementors #sorrynotsorry #truthquotes #briarcliffmanor
SEXTOU e feverou uhul chegou Fevereiro, 🙌🙏♥🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊 DEUS NÓS ABENÇOE SEMPRE PRA Q ... seja d alegrias ,realizações , diversões, fé , fevereiro responsabilidade, harmonia, amor paznocoracao amoraoproximo,gratidão generosidade, reciprocidade, saúde, dinheiro e etc.... 2019. . .#casademae #balneariogaivotas #matinhospr #followme #girl #smile #selfieaddict #fevereiro #deusebomotempotodo #selfienation #lovepho #me #selfiqueen #selfesteemproject
#Repost @truthinsocial ・・・ It’s okay to not be okay. We can’t just make these things go away. But there is so much we can do to feel better and more functional. Talk about it and get the help you need. One example is our relationship with social media, which can really impact us in so many ways. Sometimes in positive ways, sometimes in negative ways. This account was created to try and utilize social media in a positive way. To make us feel better, and not worse. To improve our lives, rather than bring us down. Here are some tips to help with social media. Please add your own tips in comments👇! -Take a social media break -Get off social media altogether -Unfollow accounts that make you feel like sh*t -Leave your phone in the bathroom after 8 Take care of yourself and do what you need to do to feel good. #BellLetsTalk #truthinsocial @bell_letstalk ... [4th tip from my good friend @_steiny_ ]
Facing your handicaps and physical particularities. In the middle of all the stress of my life recently, or even maybe because of it, I got a chalazion in my eye for weeks and I cannot seem to get rid of it. This would not be so bad for a normal person, but it just so happens that I have -21 of myopia in each eye (I know, I also don't know anyone who does) and I feel super self conscious about my enormous glasses. This has always had an impact on my mental health. In a way, being obligated to use my glasses everywhere because of this stupid eye inflammation has made me start to become more confident with them. And just own the body that I have. Do you have any physical handicaps or particularities that affect your mental health? How do you deal with them? #eachoneteachone #handicaps #myopia #myopiaselfie #highmyopia #handicapé #handicap #loveyourself #loveyourselfquotes #selfesteemboost #selfesteem #selfesteemquotes #selfesteemproject #selfesteemcoach #selfesteembooster #loveyourselftoday #loveyourself 💕 #loveyourself 💋 #loveyourselflovemyself #glassesgirl 👓 #girlsinglasses #glasses 👓 #glassesproblems #glassesaresexy #glasseslove #glassesarecool #glasseslife
It’s okay to not be okay. We can’t just make these things go away. But there is so much we can do to feel better and more functional. Talk about it and get the help you need. One example is our relationship with social media, which can really impact us in so many ways. Sometimes in positive ways, sometimes in negative ways. This account was created to try and utilize social media in a positive way. To make us feel better, and not worse. To improve our lives, rather than bring us down. Here are some tips to help with social media. Please add your own tips in comments👇! -Take a social media break -Get off social media altogether -Unfollow accounts that make you feel like sh*t -Leave your phone in the bathroom after 8 Take care of yourself and do what you need to do to feel good. #BellLetsTalk #truthinsocial @bell_letstalk
If you don't represent for you, who will? #AffirmationMaterial
Did you know? ——————————————————— Research suggests that touch - even with something inanimate like a teddy - may genuinely help people with low self-esteem!! ——————————————————— How amazing is that!? Now, just imagine what a hug with a person would do for your self esteem? Could you, could I, be that person? ——————————————————— Let’s build each other up hey? 💙
You can’t control the past, but you can control where you go next.. Charot lang, mangompra ra diay.. #travelforfree #selfesteemproject
Sometimes thing happen in life which make a massive impact on our self esteem 💔. Please be patient with your self and allow your self the time you need to heal 😊. Learn to love yourself again, make time for you, because you matter too 😊. Practice self love, positive mindset, trust that you are worthy of your wildest dreams 😊. Next time you have a bad day 😫 stop, pause for a moment, take a long hard look in the mirror...at the tough little cookie staring back at you 💪. You are so much stronger than you give your self credit for...the fact your still here still standing is a huge achievement in itself 😁. Be proud of that!!! #workoniteveryday #selfesteemquotes #selfesteemproject #stillhere #stillstandingstrong #stillsmiling 😊 #youarestrongerthanyouthink #giveyourselfcredit #fallinloveagain #believeindreams
😎💯 Seven methods to boost your self-esteem : 😎💯 How we esteem and see ourselves and our capacities is accepted to be unequivocally attached to impacts in youth. An ongoing longitudinal studyfollowing almost 9,000 members in the US from birth to age 27 found that family condition... Reveal the 7 ways : Link in the Bio @healthrecipebeauty
I battle myself in trenches every time I hot them weights.. it’s war going on in my head.. 😎🤘🏾 - #battleground #mindset #optimistic #success #grind #hustle #workethic #selfesteemproject #confidenceissexy #latpulldowns #closegrip
"Chcę być bardziej pewna siebie" - taki właśnie cel postawiłam sobie w tym roku. Jest jeszcze kilka innych, ale ten uważam za najważniejszy. ------ Co zrobić, by to zmienić? Z pewnością wymaga to pracy nad psychologicznym podejściem do własnej osoby. Nie jestem psychologiem i stwierdziłam, że sięgnę po książkę, która może mi w tym pomóc. ------ Zawiera ćwiczenia, które krok po kroku mają wzmocnić naszą pewność siebie. Tak, wzmocnić,  bo każdy z nas ma tę cechę w sobie, ale trzeba ją umiejętnie wydobyć z siebie. A czy Wy czujecie się pewni siebie?
Hyvin usein tunnen itseni epävarmaksi. Tämä Michelangelo: n maalaus ilmaisee hyvin epävarmuuden tunnetta sisälläni... Naiskauneudelle asetetaan yleismaailmallisesti aika korkeita vaatimuksia tai tavoitteita, joita on vaikea saavuttaa. Toisinaan monen mielestä kauniskin nainen, ei saata itse kokea olevansa tarpeeksi kaunis,ja voi mennä koko ihmisikä itsensä hyväksymisessä. Onko miehillekin yhtä hankalaa hyväksyä itsensä sellaisena kuin on? Tarvitsemme joka päivä toisiamme muistuttamaan, että olemme rakastettuja ja haluttuja näin ❤️❤️ ____________________________ Painting by Michelangelo
#tbt to when I got to work with @dove on their self esteem project 💕 love yourself ...be kind to others...don’t be a bully don’t body shame and try to think positive... we’re all in this together 🙃 link is in bio if you want to see more ! #throwback #selfesteemproject . . #beauty #bekind #tweenmodel #tweenfashion #livepositively #theglitterdiaries
Venho falando desde a virada do ano que vamos começar um projeto diferente no consultório e que tem muita gente ÓTIMA envolvida e que vai beneficiar muitos pacientes com depressão e problemas de auto estima! Por hora o que posso dizer é que estamos organizando tudo direitinho para contar para vocês, mas se vc tem algum dos problemas que citei e acha que está na hora de procurar ajuda, aguarde as novidades e espere por nós! Esse meu sorriso largo tem motivo! Ajudar quem precisa! E sou muito feliz que tem gente muito competente que comprou a ideia comigo! #psicologiaclinica #melhoresuaautoestima #depressaotemtratamento #procurepornós #quetalinvestiremvocê #analisedocomportamento #behavioranalysis #clinicpsicology #selfsteemboost #selfesteemproject #depressionproject #depressiontreatment
First thing I'm working on in 2019 is having a perfect smile. One more trip to the dentist next week and that will be accomplished. I'm looking foward to the self esteem boost. Nothing more awesome than a beautiful smile. #rambolybrand #dentistappointment #dentist #dentalwork #dentaloffice #dentistry #jamestown #northdakota #northdakotalife #selfesteemboost #selfesteem #selfesteemproject #makeover
P R E A C H. #truthinsocial #Repost : @pink. Words by: @hollieholdenlove
BLOG POST up on www.carly-ann.co.uk ✨✨✨✨ Whether one-to-one or in my workshop, I am often faced with the same question – How can you love yourself as you are and want to change at the same time? ✨ I agree that it can sound contradictory. Sometimes these things just do, accepting that was step one for me. ✨ It is possible to accept yourself and improve yourself at the same time. In fact, as I will explain, accepting yourself makes self-improvement easier. ✨ Improving your self-esteem and learning to love yourself does not mean you should not have goals or aim to change your life for the better. ✨ Wishes, desires, dreams and goals are a normal part of existence and growth. ✨ You can have goals to get that promotion, lose weight, start your business. Of course you can. ✨ Your problems arise when you are seeking that change to prove you are a worthy human being – when your whole life revolves around having these things in order to feel like you belong in this world.... ✨✨✨✨ Head to my blog (link in bio) to continue reading! ✨✨✨✨ This is a topic I care a lot about and it's so important we aim for our goals from a place of love rather than hate or resentment! 🧡
Loving being on holiday with the extended family. We’re all squeezed in to my parents 2 bedroom house with a sleepout so it’s a squash but the kids are having a great time with their cousins and all us adults are hanging out and relaxing (in between all the cooking and cleanup). We took the kids to the Transport Museum this afternoon where my sister snapped this photo of me.
Just in case you forget who you are today (like I often do)...I thought I’d remind you. #selfesteemproject #positiveselfimage #mindsetreset #deliberatethinking #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife
Achter elk gedrag liggen argumenten, soms diep verscholen. Een schreeuw is een uitingsvorm van pijn, schrik, verdriet of angst. Maar sommige mensen beleven iets waar woorden tekortschieten. In plaats van woorden, klanken of gebaren ontwikkelen ze een andere uiting. Achter angst, boosheid en verdriet, achter machteloosheid en radeloosheid liggen vaak woordloze verhalen die een uitweg zoeken en daarvoor een andere oplossing gebruiken: wegkruipen, verdwijnen, in een fantasiewereld vluchten of rituelen uitvoeren. Overgeven, dwanggedachten en -handelingen, angsten en al die ongemakken zijn er niet voor niets. (Bron: “Ik zal stil naar je luisteren”) Wat moet er gecompenseerd worden? Wat zit “erachter”? Praat erover. Niemand is kapot of verloren, ook jij niet, lieve Jij 💚. Liefs, Kelly #selfesteem #selfesteemboost #selflove #selfesteembuilding #selfesteemissues #selfesteembooster #selfesteemcoach #selfesteemmaintenance #love #lifecoach #selfesteemselfie #selfesteemchallenge #motivation #selfesteemquotes #confidence #selfesteemproject #selfesteemalways #selfesteemmatters #selfconfidence #loveyourself #instadaily #curvygirl #inspiration #curvy #wisdom
Is it still W I N T E R? Counting down the days until spring. I just want to go for a walk outside and not feel like my face is freezing off. What’s the 1 thing you miss most about the warm weather during our long winters? #foodhomeco #winter ⠀⠀ 📷: Sisi
so EXCITED to launch this collaboration to you all! All details coming TOMORROW!! 💕
Do you get post New Year B L U E S? It can be really difficult going from all that time off and family time, to being back to the full swing of things. But I try to focus on looking forward to the next thing. The next birthday, milestone, vacation, whatever it is that keeps you looking forward. ⠀⠀ Maybe it’s because my birthday is immediately after the new year, or maybe it’s because I try hard to look at the positive, I don’t know. My husband always makes fun of me for this, but I totally stretch out my birthday festivities over multiple days. It’s not because I want to celebrate everyday (well maybe a little), but because I am always trying to have something else set up to look forward to. Yesterday was with family and today Noah and I are going to the spa and for dinner. Completely an indulgent day, but I feel like my birthday or anniversary are the one time I feel okay doing things like this. How do you manage to get through post-holiday blues? #foodhomeco #lifestyle 📷: @therobinsnest.to (not taken at the spa)
✨N E W Y E A R, same person✨. I really don’t like this whole concept of trying to be a “new person” in the new year. It’s so extreme. Besides, I’ve really never been a “New Years Resolutions” person. I always tell clients that whenever you try to start something restrictive or extreme, you’re setting yourself up for more extreme behaviours in the opposite direction. So starting the new year “keto” or “no sugar” (I did not # these on principle btw), can usually set you up to go the opposite direction. My biggest thing is and has always been BALANCE + MODERATION. This way you can be healthy all year round, and not feel deprived. Even coffee for example. In moderation there are actually health benefits, but in excess it can negatively affect your health. I LOVE my coffee and drink it everyday, but I stick to 2-3 cups (actual cups) per day. So stop dieting, use common sense healthy lifestyle principles and make changes that will last a lifetime. How do you feel about New Years Resolutions? #foodhomeco #health 📷: @therobinsnest.to
YES! We will always come across people better than us and good thing! It helps us grow. . . I remember when I first got my job with Disney. I was the worst one on the team. Just horrible and unskilled. Everyone was else was super skilled and talented at their roles. . . I had to learn from them. I had to get feedback many times a week. They evaluated and instructed me. In six months, I was a brand person in regards to my role. My productivity was the highest for the next 4 months consecutively. . . If they were all about my original skill level. I never would have gone to the next level! Don't fear people being better than you. Learn. Go to the next level. #selfesteem #selfesteemboosta #selfesteemguru #selfesteemtomatch #selfesteemboost #selfesteemcoach #selfesteembuliding #selfesteemproject #Selfesteemassumed #selfesteemsaturday #selfesteembooster #selfesteemed #selfesteemchallenge #selfesteembuilding #selfesteemissues #HatzOffGroup #HatzOffToSelfEsteem #SelfEsteem #SelfLove #WhatsSelfLoveGotToDoWithIt #FollowItThruPublishing #Landmark #selflove #selfcare #mindset #happy #lifeadvice #quote #empowerment #weightloss
Ashamed of being fat? No, thanks, I'd like some more ice cream 😋 🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨🍧🍨 Despite what fashion magazines may tell you, you don’t have to cinch your waist with an itty-bitty belt or wear skirts that cover your thighs in order to look damn good. I’m not just saying this to be nice. There are so many women of all different body types who slay when it comes to fashion and beauty. And they do it by embracing what they’ve already got ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Love yourself, this is what really matter!!!!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #selfesteem #selfesteemboost #selfesteemquotes #selfesteemproject #selfesteembooster #selfesteemcoach #selfesteemissues #selfesteemmatters #selfesteemrising #selfesteembuilding #selfesteemalways #selfesteemmaintenance #selfesteemforkids #selfesteemgoals #selfesteemandsuccess #selfesteemdevelopment #selfesteembuliding #selfesteemchallenge #selfesteemproblems #selfesteemforgirls #selfesteembuilder #selfesteemsaturday #selfesteemthroughart #selfesteemtips #selfesteemqueen #selfesteemshop #selfesteemstyle #selfesteemed #selfesteemquote #selfesteemonfleek
@Dove #selfesteemproject one of my favourite campaigns and causes https://buff.ly/2BC00zg #adlanddiversity #consciousmarketing #kudos #marketing #brandsforgood
Find The Real You and Love Her so you can live the life you choose Click the link in my bio for your free copy. My book is ready and it's here for you. It's free and you can download it right now. So why have I done that rather than publishing? I know when I announced a few days ago that the book was coming that so many of you assumed that I would publish. Well, I want to share with you my intention for the book. I have been privileged to help so many women over the past two years to find their Real Self and to really love her, and know that she's worthy of living the life that she chooses, and I want to help more people. So I want to take away all barriers so that it's really easy for as many women as possible to be able to experience this shift. All that I ask in return is that when you've read the book that you comment below with your biggest take away.....the way that the book helps you, because I need to know that it helps. I really want people to be able to live the life that they're here to live, they're meant to live, and I know that you have something special inside of you and I just want to really allow you the opportunity to discover that. This is my gift to you, Merry Christmas. I can't wait to hear your feedback on the book and wishing you and your family blessings over this beautiful season. Click the link in my bio for your free copy. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕#feelinglost #lostfeelings #livethelifeyouchoose #whyamihere #livethelifeyoulove #whoami #selflove #selfcare #selfworth #selfworthquotes #selfesteem #selfesteemboost #selfesteembooster #selfesteemproject #selfesteembuilding #selfesteemissues #selfbelief #selfconfidence #unfulfilled
Se non guardi, non puoi capire. #newink #sketchtattoo #messageonthemirror
Intellectual mode 🤓🤓 let’s strip back from the filters, glam outfits, big trips and perfectly curated feeds for a second. Yesterday I attended a round table discussion with @dove x @wagggs_world ✨ we discussed ways in which brands but also individuals can contribute to better body image and self esteem in young women. I was so shocked to find out that when girls have a negative body image 7 in 10 stop themselves from eating or otherwise put their health at risk 🙁 it’s made me feel even more committed to spreading a body positive message. Bring on 2019!!!!! #DovePartner #Sponsored #SelfEsteemProject YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE LINK HERE free-being-me.com/
When you have kids, sometimes things just get a little messy. Life in general gets a little messy. People ask me all the time “how are you such a relaxed mom” and “how do you stay so calm all the time”. The truth is, while I will say that I am a relaxed mom, I absolutely do not stay calm all of the time. My husband and extended family can for sure attest to that. Sometimes when I’m personally stressed or irritable or hangry for that matter, I find it to be very challenging to stay calm. And I have many moments I’m not proud of. Sometimes I yell when I really shouldn’t have. Sometimes I overreact. But I try very hard not to sweat the small stuff. ⠀⠀ ... So the other night when I discovered Chase ate a pint of peanut m&’m’s while I was on a work call, I just laughed (and took photos). It was objectively very funny. I try to do that as often as I can. It helps me and it helps them. But for all of you who might believe I’m the most chilled out, nothing phases me mom, come over on a Saturday and you will see a side of me that’s far from chilled out. That’s when the camera is OFF. You only see glimpses into people’s lives on social media, including mine. While I am obviously all about showing the “real stuff,” I have a husband and 3 children who I want to be respectful too. I also have a right to my own personal privacy. ⠀⠀ ... So remember that every time you find you’re comparing yourselves to others on social media, that you are only seeing glimpse of their lives. I try my best, but I’m human. We’re all the same, just trying to survive. What strategies do you guys use to stay calm?? | #foodhomeco #mommingainteasy
Did you know that in Italy (Rome specifically I believe) they eat fish and chickpeas for Friday night dinner? Well I do, because I watch @jamieoliver Cooks Italy every night in bed. They also load up on pasta and bread for dinner the night before to prepare for this. This fish and chickpea dish was inspired by this Italian tradition! It’s a one-pan meal, which is always a ➕. I’m going to post it, but I haven’t perfected the recipe yet, so I will post when I do! ⠀⠀ FYI this pic was taken weeks ago and I’m ordering in dinner tonight. #truthinsocial @truthinsocial
I would like to thank these people for making my dreams come true.. 💜 #selfesteemproject
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