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Just popping into say that not every week is going to be your best week. Last week, my motivation to stay on track with my goals was at an all time low. I just finished the 8 week program I was doing and for some reason, it gave me the thought process that I could just have a free for all lol. Really taking me back to my binge eating ways & wanting to eat everything all at once 😕 . This week I am still lacking motivation and half of my brain is telling me not to care & the other half is telling me to care. But guys, it’s okay bc I knew this would happen. I know that I will never be perfect 24/7. I will have good weeks & I will have bad weeks but the difference is I will never give up. I won’t let one bad week affect my other weeks. . So if you are struggling like me, we got this. Let’s find our why’s & let’s remember why sticking to this lifestyle is so important to us! 👏
A throw back : Chopin Piano Concerto F minor: . . So I remember that after I played this run-through, I thought it was the worse performance ever. Even started tearing up and being so pissed and mad at myself. This recording was from January and every since then, this is my first time listening to it. Some parts are obviously a huge mess but this part : I thought it was pretty “ok” .. . . This is a self reminder for me to not over think things and to always encourage myself even through the lowest times. Not all is bad... there will always be a tiny pleasant moment within the bad times that we can always enjoy. Or to tell myself to trust in my abilities and, “It can only get better from here” 👋🏻⭐️ #selfdoubt #musician #mentalhealth #selfencouragement . #healthy
Self-care September Photo a Day Challenge Day 16: Affirmation. . Our subconscious mind does not know the difference between the truth and a lie. Whatever we ingest, feed on, meditate on, hear repeatedly, we internalize, and that’s why our self-talk is so important. . Consciously, we always affirm the good in ourselves, especially to others. Our PR rep is on duty. Subconsciously, is where we rip ourselves to shreds. . You need to lose weight.” “Your skin is dull.” “You’ll never be like...” “Why would they choose you?” “Your life will always suck.” “You’ll never be as good as...” “You’ve made too many mistakes.” . On Day 16, I taped the mouth of my inner critic, and cut myself some slack. I celebrated my life’s wins, and accepted that if I never do another awesome, note/newsworthy thing again, I am STILL and will forever be “all that and a bag of chips.” 😃 . . #30daysofselfcare #selfcare #selflove #affirmations #innercritic #subconsciousmind #celebratewins #success #selfdoubt . . . #2018rocks #authenticitywins #livingauthentic #clarity #lifestrategy #mentalhealthadvocate #workincentivesplanner #fearlessliving #moveinfreedom #inspiration #motivation #lifecoach #instamindset #natashapierreofficial #themodelwithincoaching #usvi #virginislands
FINDING YOUR PASSION. Did you ever try something that you didn't like at first? Or do something you didn't think you would actually excel in? You try it once, then again, then again.... and then one day.... it just clicks. You realize that this previously meaningless thing to you, is now your PASSION. That is exactly how fitness and helping people transform their lives started for me. I used to hate working out. I was lazy when it came to physical activity outside of horseback riding. I couldn't even walk a mile. But, days, turned to weeks, which turned to months, and before I knew it, the fire was set. Fitness was my PASSION... which I eventually turned into my career as a gym owner and personal trainer. If you're like most young people, you probably haven't found YOUR passion yet. And you know what? THATS OKAY. Because there's going to be a day when you do something, and it clicks. You will know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. So until then, enjoy the journey. This life has so many beautiful things to offer. You will find your passion in something, and when that day comes, you will know. Just promise me to never give up on finding it ✨
Tonight is a night where I feel like I need a little extra Zen. Sometimes being a mom, a wife and everything else on top of it can get really tough. At times like most people I doubt myself. But then I remember how much of a badass I truly am and how much love and insight I can give to my kids. I can teach them how to love one another, I can remind them what kindness looks like on the days they don't understand it and I can be there. An extra cuddle, an extra ear. To all of you out there no matter where you are or what is happening in your life remember you too are a badass! Strength doesn't just appear, it is built deep inside you. In the dark crevices and up high in the light. Some days we are able to find it while other days we spend hours searching for it. Strength. It is always there it is just whether or not you believe it. -LG #placeinthemiddle #toughdays #selfdoubt #zen #yogajunkie #strength #badass
Ok so it’s been a little crazy here, I’m not having plenty of time to create new stuff for Instagram, so here goes an old one! This one is in my book Life in Panels Volume 2. If interested in buying a copy, go to http://daniellepioli.com/shop 💛 . . . #independentartist #comicstrip #illustration #comics #comicbookartist #daniellepioli #lifeinpanels #drawingjoy #drawing #artist #insecurities #selfdoubt #artiststruggles
Entrepreneur's life change! 🙏🙌 Follow @tanvir_karim for more ✔ Follow @tanvir_karim for more ✔ Follow @tanvir_karim for more ✔ - - #mostwontiwill #nashville #negativity #selfdoubt #fear #nonsupporters #pastmistakes #enterpreneur #entrepreneurlife
Today I’m talking about taking action. This is something I’ve been doing lots of lately. There’s been years of thinking; should I, shouldn’t I. The if’s and but’s. Lots of planning. Lots of praying. Then FEAR takes hold. And all is put to stop. 😱 Then, I’m prompted in my Spirit again, I’m nudged, and then I start moving again. Self doubt comes in. Can I? How can I? And it just repeats. But lately I’ve been taking more action, and it feels good. Laying those thoughts down doesn’t always work, but is possible. ——————————————————————— What has been the one thing you’ve been thinking of doing for a long time? Learning a new skill? Changing your career path? Going back to studying? Is self doubt talking you out of it? Or worse yet, is the enemy telling you that you’re not good enough? Not equipped enough to make that change? ———————————————————————- Learning from experience, the one thing you can do for yourself to move forward is to TAKE ACTION! Nothing helps you move forward more than actually doing the walk. Step out in FAITH and trust that He will equip you. Trust that He will steer you towards what needs to be done, what needs your attention. You don’t have to wait for all things to be perfect to start, just START! Walk out in trust! ———————————————————————- Let me challenge you today! Whatever you have been thinking about doing, that’ something new you want to try, or do? Take that first step of action. Call that person. Make that appointment. Attend that open day! RSVP to that talk. And step out... you’ll feel glad once you’ve done that! Trust me. It’s a good feeling. Xx Monica
One day my #makeup won’t be ruined at the end of the day by #salt and what @strangeninja calls #lies about me (#depression and #selfdoubt ). Btw everyone needs a friend that will yell at you that you are amazing and that your “whisper demons” are valid to exist but also #wrong . #gettingbetter #movingon #nomoretears #friends
Welcome to my spam page. I’m probably gonna get zero likes but who cares as long as I have some place to vent #SELFDOUBT 😍
A few thoughts that I want to share with yall from my heart today. ❤ . . . . Self-sabotage & comparison. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ I am convinced that this is the thief of joy! The enemy wants to stop us from achieving the desires and dreams that God has placed on our hearts! --> We can NOT let the enemy win! <-- There is FREEdom that comes along with a relationship with Jesus and HE wants us to live an abundant life through Him. So get out of your head and live FREE to be who God created YOU to be! Don't compare yourself to others. For example, maybe God wants you to step out of your comfort zone and start up a bible study ....GO FOR IT. Don't start the negative thoughts of all the reasons why someone else should be in that position instead of you. There is a reason God put that on YOUR heart. ❤ OR maybe you feel led to start a blog, a new biz, a youtube channel or maybe you want to just use your social media as a platform to share your life, to be relatable to people and to ultimately share Jesus....DO IT!!! DON'T let the enemy stop you. So stop telling yourself that you CAN'T do those things that HE ⬆️ has placed on your heart...because guess what...YOU CAN! Phil 4:13 Will it always be easy? -> NO Will the plan change sometimes? -> Maybe and that is OKAY! Will people or the enemy try to stop you? -> you bet! ....BUT guess what?! If we live life saying "I can't" then what will we ever actually accomplish?! Be BRAVE. Be BOLD. And GO AFTER those BIG dreams. God has placed them on your heart for a reason! ❤ I'm speaking to myself btw. This is a struggle for many I'm sure...including me!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ So many of us talk so darn negative to ourselves in our own head. Do yourself a favor and STOP IT. We could all accomplish so much more if we tell the negative committee that meets inside our head to sit down & shut up! ✌🏻🙌🏻❤ Xoxo, Stacey . . #justathoughtTuesday #selfsabotage #selfdoubt #comparison #stopit #Jesus #relationshipgoals #byebye #negativecomittee #icandoallthingsthroughchrist #Heisenough #IneedHim #dreambig #freedom #inHim #realfacewithstac #PWlife
This is the wallpaper on my lock screen of my tablet so when I wake up in the morning this is what I see. Each time I go to use it this is what I see. These past few weeks have been EXTREMELY transformational and this is something that I'm dealing with on a daily basis. Apparently when you leave your job and have huge asf goals you start to doubt yourself a lot! . . So here I am at the cafe editing my book where I said to the universe ok let's create this event for Wholehearted Women, let's just do it and the people will come. I made the booking and invited the people, it's out there now. It's just me here today but that's totally ok. Even though I'm sitting here struggling to zone out cos there's so much going on and EVEN though I'm feeling tiny in a big room again, I'm still SHOWING UP. . . And so whilst I'm editing my book this pops out at me.... I hope you'll have got some value from this... . . "Be mindful that when you’ve manifested that very thing you wanted and you’re now living it that you keep inching forward. There’s nothing worse than working so hard towards something and then having it slip right out from under you because you neglected your responsibilities. Keep becoming a better you, keep striving, keep that momentum going and those fires burning within. Stoke your fires of passion!" All my love, Kayla Xx #vulnerability #transperancy #selfdoubt #reality
🙌🏽 🙏🏽⬆️
How do you define “health?” I have long desired to achieve my best health by giving my body what it needs to function properly so I can live the life I aspire to live. I have always believed that “health” includes spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional aspects of ones self. This leads me to wonder: if I enjoy something “unhealthy,” will I fail to reach health? Or am I more healthy because I am partaking in something I enjoy? I have always thought that all things are best in moderation, but will my health suffer even if I indulge moderately in something “unhealthy?” . . . #eatingdisorderrecovery #ed #nursingschool #futurenurse #health #vegan #veganism #twentysomething #healthjourney #vegansofinstagram #eatingdisorderawareness #nutrition #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #community #selflove #selfdoubt #learningprocess #whatveganseat #buddhabowl #health #nutrition #healingfoods #plantbased #poweredbyplants #plantpower #beer #guiltypleasure #alcohol #healthtalk
Anyone else out there wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life? I’ve been hit with a serious case of homesickness and self-doubt today... really need someone to send me a sign and tell me what to do with my life!!!
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀Robert Plant 🔥💥☄️ ⠀ #MondayMood #maakhausinspo
Let go so everything can work out perfectly. 💫
✨ Now that I’m a little older, the words Mulan sang back in 1996 “(🎤who is that girl I see staring straight back at me)” really hit me in my shondo. As confident as I am in my appearance and who I am as a woman, there are still days when I wonder, “Is this enough? Am I enough?”. I thought for sure I’d have a house with a 2 car garage right now, that I’d be satisfied with my career as a teacher, and I’d have a big round belly full of a chocolate bundle of joy. And yet here I am repairing my credit for the 37th time, scratching and clawing to make my dreams of working full-time for myself a reality, with no love interest or baby bump in sight. Oh yeah, did I mention I live off subway sandwiches? Sometimes that leaves me looking in the mirror like: how did I get here? Am I even an adult? Did I do something wrong? Do I not deserve the things I aspire for? AM I NOT ENOUGH?? The doubts may come, but always ignore the haters (even if it’s your own inner voice) and keep pushing for what you want out of life. I truly believe the universe will make sure you end up on top and even if the road is long just remember, Lush is right here climbing with you✨ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #selfdoubt #selfconfidence #selfesteem #confidencequotes #motivationalquotes #lifestyleblogger #babygirl #adulting #stress #anxiety #plussizemodel #plussizediva #diva #plussize #plussizeblogger #smallbusinessowner #youngentrepeneur #womenownedbusiness #curvygirl #fatgirl #makeuplover #beautyblogger #effyourbodystandards #plussizeblogger #bodypositive #selfcare #selflove
When your cookie gives you the kind of advice a drunk friend might give you, and then second guesses itself, leaving you worse off than before you asked a cookie for advice.
When you completely overwhelm with feelings of self doubt and worth and all you want is your mum, but she's gone. I'm fine now....a few friendly reminders, yoga and my girls at home....bring on tomorrow!💪 #overwhelm #selfdoubt #feellikeafailure #cryinginthecar #depression #hypothyroidism #yogawithadriene #onecommune #friends #daughters
What would you be, do, see, EXPERIENCE if nothing was stopping you? ✧ The truth is - Nothing IS stopping us from experiencing & achieving the things we truly desire - except ourselves. We let our self doubt & fears run wild through our minds. We convince ourselves we’re “not enough of this” or “too much of that” to follow our truth. We witness others on this platform living the kind of lives we dream of but tell ourselves it’s not a possibility for us. Sound familiar? What if we switched our mindset to truly believing we can live out our wildest dreams? Think of all the things we could do for ourselves & the world around us if only we believed it possible and stopped standing in our own ways. ✧ Now think again: What would you be, do, see, and experience if you weren’t stopping yourself?
I would have never guessed that i would have been able to ride this 15 or so mile trail thru the desert without taking an inhaler puff. Our minds and spirits are much more powerful than we give them credit for. Glad i started using mine in a better way for myself. Sad that it took so much to change. #selflove #selfdoubt #asthma #spirit #strength #ftw #bike #rideordie #drugfree
Latest Vlog now on YouTube (link in my bio) . A few days ago I put some questions on my instagram stories asking people whether they actively try to make new friends and whether they ever feel lonely. Here’s why I was asking, where I stand in the subject and what I’m doing about it (hint: it involves terrifying myself to the point of wanting to run away and be sick 😂). I’ll upload the follow up Vlog to this one tomorrow night. . #justsayyes #willyoubemyfriend . Shoutout to @travelqueenltd 👸!
1st. The Laws of Death. No one will miss it. Some things of no value mean everything to some. For the next 80 days 2 post, one at 1PM PST or close and the other at 8PM PST or close of the following..... Coming up! Redemption: Matthew 6:9 (Repent) #john316 #kissband #quotes #wordstoliveby #angel #beenthroughalot #healing #resilency #strength #hellandback #quotestoinspire #fighters #setfiretotherain #know #never #doubt #doubts #faith #when #in #red #soul #teeth #manifest #meditation #freeyourmind #selfdoubt
The truth is......we all struggle internally and not every day is filled with butterflies and rainbows. 🦋🍭 . . The last couple weeks, I’ve been struggling internally. It happens once or twice a year which I fully believe is normal for growth and usually occurs (for me) around the time of growth and renewing. Yet I also internalize everything and keep it all hidden until I figure out a way to bring myself back out and that’s not always good either. . . Days of meditation, reading a dozen books, self reflection and a few tears later, I realized I started doubting myself, so much in fact it was affecting who I am at the core and literally put my own flame out, and it’s easy to hide under an outside smile. So I started looking outside myself to figure out what to do, should I do something different, try something else? Find a new direction? And THAT didn’t make it any better it only made it worse, still internalizing everything . From past experience, i knew it would eventually stop, I just didn’t know when but until then I would just keep pushing through. . . It wasn’t until the last couple days that I realized, KARA you need to look INSIDE yourself, that’s the only place that is going to get you out of this “feeling”. So that I did, for two days looking so deep inside I would lose track of time and finally had an ah-ha moment realizing it’s all self doubt. Yes I doubt myself too, it’s easy to do and before you know it you get so lost and consumed that you don’t even know you’re self sabotaging. But now that I figured what the issue was, I could fix it and so can you🦋 . . Never doubt yourself, if you believe at the core 100% who and what you’re about, no matter what hold on to that and never ever doubt what you’re doing because it will literally create a domino effect on your self worth and emotions. We are all human and those thoughts WILL creep in, just learn and teach yourself to keep that door closed when they try. Keep your light on and shine on even under the night sky! . . #transformationtuesday #transformyourthoughts #selfsabatoge #selfdoubt #keepyourlighton #shinebright #neverdimyourflame #motivation #lookinside #theansweriswithin #cheers
“i love myself.' the quietest. simplest. most powerful. revolution. ever.” ― 💜Nayyirah Waheed 💜 ... and on some days it's still hard to love myself - but well it's a work in progress ... it took me yeeeears to be confident in my skin - and there are still days where I am struggling - where this little voice inside my head tells me i am not good enough, or too full of whatever or too little of whatever 🤦‍♀️ probably this voice will always be there 🤷‍♀️ the thing that changed and changes is how much attention I give to this voice and how I show myself love even when I don't feel beautiful even when old pattern suddenly arise even on days like today when things go wild and "wrong" from the morning on 😳 Then I know that I need to love myself even a little bit more - that I need to sloooow down and sit with my sh*t 💩 ... #hellodarknessmyoldfriend #ilovemyself #selflove #selfcare #selfworth #sitwithyourself #sitwithyourshit #perfectisboring #fuckperfect #bereal #whenthingsgowrong #tbt #selfdoubt #nayirahwaheed #nofilter #nomakeup #messyhairdontcare
Saturday night I had a rough night and mentally broke down (figuring out the books and taxes will do that to someone). I woke up in a funk the next morning. I felt anxious, was doubting myself, and I knew I had to change. I had to change my mindset because I HAVE CONTROL OVER MY LIFE. I GET to choose how I react to life’s circumstances. I get to choose happiness, I get to decide how my life goes and I get to believe and change how I feel. My mindset, my life is up to ME! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I know that life is hard, trust me, I know, but friend, you have the choice on how you react to all life’s being thrown at you. If you choose to react with a positive mindset, then YOU have control over your future. Pretty cool huh? So today, no matter what happens choose happiness and then jump on here and tell me how it felt. ❤️❤️❤️
Self-Doubt’s job is to keep you acting out of fear. “You’re fired, Self-Doubt!!!” you shout. -Ruth #selfdoubt #empowerment #photo #beach #ocean #water #blue #tan #green #water #fear #freedom #selfempowerment #yourefired #shame #liberation #exclamationpoint
FACT. Let go of fears, they're excuses. Latch your ❤️& gut onto your deep, core "why" and show up. Woman up (or man up) and get it done. 5 seconds at a time. Thank you @melrobbinslive
Do you feel you’re not good enough to succeed and have the life you want? Are you comparing yourself to others? Do you want to change something in your life but feel stuck? If you recognised yourself in any of these questions, then this page will help by providing practical advice about things that you can do to build your confidence. Workshops & Webinars will be coming soon to help you understand your strengths, recognise what undermines your self-confidence, and show you how to take action and change your perspective. Stay Tuned ✌🏽
Artists are delicate little beings ok? Some of us can be full of self doubt! <:3c . . . . . . #artist #artists #selfdoubt #comic #funny #cute #fox #relatable #dailyskyfox
Yep, that’s me... 💯 flexible! 😳😂#controlfreak
Just another face of Depression. I never want to minimize all the different things that so many struggle with in life because my heart is big and breaks for anyone experiencing any kind of pain. Depression has been my struggle and I know it is for so many people. It sucks!!!! Sometimes it helps to share. I certainly don't want to put any negative vibes out there so I hope everyone is having an awesome day. Hoping for a better tomorrow! 💖 #depression #struggle #emotional #feelingsad 😔 #wellbeing #nosmilestoday #anxiety #lackofselfconfidence #bettertomorrow #feelingempty #feelings #makeitgoaway #venting #onlylove #sadness #visciouscycle #lifestruggles #justbeinghonest #thisisme #workinprogress #gymtherapy #yourenotalone #selfcare #selfie #selfdoubt #sharing #sharingiscaring
Scrolling down my photo gallery with my insecurities watching over my shoulder. "You have changed so much; you were better before; you could have made better decisions". These words of self-doubts, as always, took me to the same mindset I was trying to escape. I kept my phone aside as I began to over-analyze, and I let my diffidence take over me. But then, I heard my hotline bling, It was my best friend- my knight in shining armour; my friend in need; my saviour. Just person who could save me from myself. Our 1 hour long conversation made my every inhibition go away and I finally had a smile as I put my phone down. _______________________________________ #friends #forlife #bestfriend #saviour #guardianangel #love #insecurities #selfdoubt #reminiscing #phonecall #hotlinebling #quotestagram #quoteoftheday #thoughts #feels #quotestagram #quoteoftheday #life #thoughts #experiences #anxiety #anxietythoughts #mentalwellness #anxietyattack #shortstories #stories #realstories #anxietyrecovery #anxietyrelief #overcome
This is not the most flattering picture, but this is the reality when you just finished a hard 40 minute lifting and hiit cardio leg day in a Florida home in middle of September with no working AC. Yep... 84 degrees in there. Not a fun workout. . Did I consider not doing it? Absolutely! I thought of all the excuses: I didnt sleep well last night. I'm tired. It's too hot. I can swap rest days for today. . Then I had a thought. What are all of these excuses? They are reasons why I'm afraid. I'm afraid to fail. To let myself or someone else down. Afraid it won't be good enough (whatever that is.. psh) Afraid to succeed. Afraid to commit. Afraid to stay dedicated. . . We all have choices to make each day. Quit making excuses because your afraid. Slam that fear down to the ground and stand up and do something. Even if you "fail", never forget that success is built on a foundation of failures. Gotta start somewhere. . What are you so afraid of? Commit to the thing you're afraid of. More than likely it will take you down a path of self-discovery that's more than you can imagine. Let me help - tell me what you're excuse is. . #excuses #noexcuses #nomoreexcuses #teamnoexcuses #afraidofchange #afraidtocommit #fearoffailure #selfdoubt #notgoodenough #overachiever #brokenac #brokenairconditioner #floridaheat #fansblowinghotair #drenchedinsweat #realisticpicture #reallife #wipethesweat #saunatime #absmadebycookies #cookiemonster
Never underestimate the POWER that your beliefs have! They can help you #achieve , OR severely limit you.
When you talk about your mistakes you might stutter or even hesitate.. I’m here to tell you to fuck all that & make sure you smile nice & BIG when you tell your story. Stay true to YOURSELF #lawofattraction #mentalhelath #soulsearching #positivity #toxic #love #motivation #selfdoubt #mindset #selflove #hate #selfcare #selfgrowth #balance #selfrealization #neglect #confidence #acceptance #selfhate #positivevibes #truth #fear #cleansing #letgo #selfmastery #strength #clarity #knowledge #peace #peaceofmind
Are you a tiger 🐯or a sheep 🐑? I heard this quote when I was 16 years old, and it changed the way I looked at life. Let me tell you a little bit about the tiger and the sheep... — The sheep follows others WITHOUT KNOWING WHY. It likes what others like. It wants what others want. It goes where others go. It acts as others act. Why? The sheep doesn’t admit it, but it’s because it is AFRAID of being different, being alone, getting lost, encountering failure, and accepting responsibility for the decisions it makes... — However, the tiger walks its own path - and most importantly, it knows WHY it chose that path! Sometimes this path overlaps with that of the sheep. Sometimes it doesn’t. Actually, the tiger has a SECRET. Just like the sheep, the tiger is afraid to be different, to be alone, to fail, to be lost, or to make decisions - but unlike the sheep, the tiger is even MORE afraid of one thing... — ...the tiger’s BIGGEST FEAR is living as a sheep, when it KNOWS it was born a tiger. So, the tiger embraces its individuality, finds peace in solitude, learns from failures, finds its way after getting lost, and takes responsibility for its decisions, whatever the outcome... — We are ALL born tigers. Sometimes, we get lost on our path, and we look to others in hopes that they can help us find our way. But most of the time, they don’t know where they’re going either. When all is said and done, you may regret living someone else’s life - but you’ll never regret living your own. So, EMBRACE YOUR OWN PATH! The ups and downs, the losts and founds, the successes, the failures, and everything in between... embrace it, enjoy it, LIVE IT! 🐯🙏🏽 . . . . . #GrowStriveShine #OwnIt #wannahelpigd112 #wannahelpigd113 #studygram #studyblr #studyspo #examsuccess #examstress #studystress #successmindset #positivityquotes #positivethinking #lifequotes #selflove #empoweryourself #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #chaseyourdreams #selfdoubt #anxietyrelief #mindmanagement #emotionalintelligence #motivationalquotesoftheday
•••[self doubt]••• Ich falle. Bin schon viel zu oft gefallen. Es ist ein Teufelskreis, dem ich immer wieder versuche zu entkommen. Warum gelingt mir das nicht? Irgendwann bin ich müde. Ich habe keine Kraft mehr immer wieder aufzustehen, um am Ende des Tages wieder zu fallen. Und diese Tatsache zieht mich noch weiter runter. Es ist ein Teufelskreis. Und ich kann einfach nicht entkommen. Ich hasse es. Ich hasse mich. Ich fühl mich nicht mehr wohl in meiner Haut. Doch verliere ich viel zu oft die Kontrolle. Jetzt bin ich schon so oft gefallen, ich weiß nicht wie oft. Monate und Jahre zeichnen meine Naben. Unsichtbare Narben, die auffälliger nicht sein können. Und ich frage mich, ob ich die einzige bin, die sie sieht. Ein Teufelskreis, der kein Ende nimmt. [#q ] was magst du an dir selber?❣️ • I fall. I have fallen much too often. It's a vicious circle that I keep trying to escape. Why can not I succeed? At some point I'm tired. I have no strength to wake up again and again to fall at the end of the day. And that fact pulls me down even further. It is a doom-loop. And I just can not escape. I hate it. I hate myself. I do not feel well in my skin anymore. But too often I lose control. Now I have fallen so many times, I do not know how many times. Months and years draw my hubs. Invisible scars that can not be more noticeable. And I wonder if I'm the only one who sees it • • #nosleep #gedanken #writing #sprüche #thoughts #selfdoubt #life #zweiterbeitrag #secondpost #deep #mind #newpost #newpage #deepthoughts #read
8.14.13 millie raid in available natural light in the yard of my childhood home /// another example of if i only knew then what i’d “known” now. i’d always wanted to shoot these sort of portraits. i seen a show somewhere that was one of the older greats (i think penn) who had shot a bunch of photos of his guests to his home outside just in front of a white backdrop. i was sure there was some bouncing of light or diffusion but the exhibit didn’t elaborate. i really had liked what i’d seen in those images and wanted to do something similar. so that first summer i was really trying to do something i shot a couple of things in front of a big white side of a reflector. back then i didn’t ever touch up this image i didn’t like the tones i didn’t look great right away & i didn’t know what to do about that so i didn’t do anything to it. fall & winter came & by spring we’d bought our home with little outdoor space for privacy & shooting (not that i care much but i guess i didn’t want neighbors chatting, speculating or otherwise). but yeah i’d finally found the drive with the folders that had these first couple “shoots” i’d set up. i could shoot these in my yard. fuck the neighbors. i should shoot these in my yard. no one would know it wasn’t in the studio room /// another point. this got me thinking about where this began again. looking endlessly through model mayhem. who i thought would be willing to give me a chance? who responded. who flaked. who showed up. who helped mentor & guide me. who suggested workshops & meet ups. who actually listened when i talked about what i wanted to shoot & gave me good solid advice. who cold messaged me with offers of touch ups or booking them & didn’t read my profile. i clearly never wanted it to be the easiest road i wanted to do what i do organically & at its own pace. i’m here, i like my portfolio & my skills set & i’m confident i can make images i will like. i guess what i’m missing is the bravado or the confidence that anyone else will ever enjoy my body of work or want to come create new things with me ever. as always this life & this art is a work in progress. #makeportraits #isthismyartiststatement #selfdoubt #underthesetting
You are ready. You have been ready. You were created ready. You just need to believe that you are. _______________________________________________________ #tuesdayfeels #youareready #letsgo _______________________________________________________ 📸: @stopyogatime
Dear Self Doubt, Stop ✋ Just 🛑 Stop getting inside my head. Every time I get excited about my goals you try to bring me down and remind me all the times I have failed before. You trick me into believing that I can’t when I know that I can. I will not let you win. I will not let you have the last word. I will always prove you wrong. Every time I climb over that mountain ⛰ I will be even stronger to defeat you the next time you come out of the shadows. I will never stop fighting against you, chasing my dreams & leading others to overcome you too. We will win. Just watch.
“YOU and only YOU are in control of who you become and how happy you are.” "Don’t tell me that you don’t have it in you to want more from your life. Don’t tell me you have to give up because it’s difficult. That is the difference between living a life you always dreamed of or sitting alongside the death of the person you were meant to become.” “Your dream is worth fighting for, and while you’re not in control of what life throws at you, you are in control of the fight.” My biggest goal this month is to grow. Personal development should be a part of your daily routine. Read, exercise, meditate, pray, educate yourself, learn something new. Whatever you need to focus and grow with your goals. It is NEVER TOO LATE! YOU are NEVER too far gone, too old, too inexperienced to succeed in this world. The quotes above are from my most recent personal development book that I am reading. “Girl, wash your face” by Rachel Hollis. If you haven’t read it, but you are struggling with doubt, or just need a quick kick in the booty in the right direction YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. I’ve been the queen of letting my excuses run my life and believing all the lies and doubts many people had in me. I am finally in control of my destiny and have never been more motivated to succeed for my family. It is NEVER TOO LATE TO FLY🦋 Your Dreams are worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT! FIND me on FB @nicholeonetinybutterfly to watch my live post talking about how my excuses and self doubt almost destroyed my future.
Sometimes the need to vent is so strong & needs to happen NOW🤯 You may have tried to keep those emotions bottled up inside and force yourself to continue on with your day, but does that really make you feel better??😒 how can it when expression is part of your natural flow of LIFE!🤷🏾‍♀️ it is how we discover who we are in this🌎!! Being clogged up of frustrations, doubt, and insecurities CAN CHANGE YOU COMPLETELY😖 Others may begin to notice you withdraw from social events and begin to notice your #selfdoubt and spunk for life gone!!😓 Well babes I have a solution to reverse these icky feelings and #frustrations 😯🌱 Because what do we really want?? We want to feel at PEACE😌FULFILLED🌱☺ ENOUGH💕 A close friend of mine helped me discover this transforming solution in my time of mental darkness. She told me to write🖊 Write until my heart was done❤ Write with tears in my eyes, write as my handwriting begins to look how I felt *messy and chaotic normally in times like these* Just Write.BUT once I was done, I had to write a hope statement to myself🌱❤ in promising how I will do better for myself or what I realized or learned about myself💕 from my writing VENT😧 and ending with that one single thought😌 compared to the chaotic spiraling chatter in my head before!! What a difference I felt already!!!🙆🏾‍♀️🌟☺❤🌱 . The FINAL STEP!!😮💁🏾‍♀️🌱❤ Send your hope statement🖊 to the UNIVERSE🌌❤ in a form of an AFFIRMATION✔ with the power of an energy driven crystal!!!🤗🌱 Crystals possess a natural energy known to heal #mentalblocks and ailments from within and are magnificent for sealing your hopes, dreams, and desires with the Universe! In studying psychology and exposing myself to the power of #selfcare through writing and manifesting, THIS PROCESS HAS POWER😇#writerswrite #positiveintentions #attitudeofgratitude #gratefulforlife #etsyseller #remindertoself #notetoself #selfimprovement #dailyreminders #TheBossBabeSociete #selleronetsy #crystalcompanion #express #wordstolove #askandyoushallreceive #abundancemindset #gratitudenotebook #dailygratitude #practicegratitude #mindfulnessmatters #manifestationbabe #crystalhealing #chakrahealing #crystalenergy
“Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” — Anne Sweeney⠀ ⠀ There’s so much negativity floating around. In life and in business. Please don’t let others pull you down or define yourself by others’ success. Chart your own course, set your own goals, and keep your eye on your prize!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #soblondevivant #quoteoftheday #successquotes #nyclife #instanyc #myrules #inspiringwomen #inspirationalquotes #entrepreneur #lifequote #successquotes #positivity #positivequotes #positivevibes #selfdoubt #annesweeney #empowerwomen #empoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen #liveyourdreams #boldbraveyou #thegirlgang #entrepreneurlife #ladyboss #womeninbiz #womenentrepreneurs #womenwhohustle #mytribe #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #powerofpositivity
What’s your dream? Don’t wait to follow your dream. Waiting will not get you any closer to your dream. It will simply remain a dream. • If you are ready to pursue your dream then start today. • Write your dream down and post it someplace where you will see it everyday. • Now it’s time to set goals that are aligned with your dream. Goals WILL turn your dream into a reality. • Set both long and short terms goals. • Short term goals are goals that can be reached in 12 months or less. Be sure to celebrate when your reach your short term goals. As this will motivate you to continue with your long term goals. • Long term goals are 12 months or more. One of your long term goals will be reaching your dream. • Write down your dream today and start turning your dream into a reality. • Share your dream in the comments and I will help set you up with S.M.A.R.T goals. • Start today you’re Worth it!
Several factors had helped make my first five figure month happen, but yesterday my eyes settled on the sticky note attached to my computer monitor that I read every. single. morning. It says “over $10k month by December.” A chill ran through my body. Holy shit, I’d brought that into existence by making the decisions that got me there, focusing on that intention every day, and making the choice to believe that it was possible. . So how did I really accomplish my goal so early? By asking the right questions. That one sticky love note to myself reminded me to ask ‘what if?’ every day. . What if that was possible for me? . What if that was possible for you? Is it something you'd write off without consideration?
Strategize. Strive. Sacrifice. Succeed. These are the four S’s I adhere to. My mother was a great role model when it came to defeating her inabilities. @teacherck was(is) a single mother raising a biracial child. She knew there were many aspects of life that she simply would not be able to guide me. Instead of crumbling and saying too many cards were stacked against us, she did the opposite. She lived the 4 S’s. * * * -Strategize First, she admitted to herself that she would not be able to accomplish raising me without strong male role models. She was self-aware enough to know this AND admit she needed help. So she made sure I was on basketball teams with great coaches as role models. I had an awesome big brother, @rascaltaz , through the big sister big brother program. And she made sure that I kept in-touch with my grandfather. * * * -Strive Not having a ton of extra income, being on club basketball teams and taking trips back to WI and even trips within AZ that meant we needed a hotel room for the weekend, left my mom with a difficult task of funding these endeavors. Like any great entrepreneur would have done, she found a way to make all of this happen. * * * -Sacrifice This is the word that is most important to me. Without making sacrifices, you cannot accomplish your goals. @teacherck made traveling year round basketball, seeing male figures starting and running their own businesses, and so much more possible for me. She only was able to do this by giving up her time, freedom, and parts of her own life. * * * -Succeed By being self-aware and creating a strategy, knowing her limitations and finding a way around, and giving up fleeting pleasures my mother was able to raise what I would call a pretty successful young man. I am very aware that “statistics” were not on my side growing up. I am also very aware that my mother NEVER allowed those statistics to define or put me in a box. * * * Let me know if there has ever been a situation like this for you. * * * Tag the person that has been a role model of these 4 S’s.
Have you ever struggled with volunteering to answer questions even though you know the correct information? 😒 . That's exactly what happened to me today at the clinic, I had been preparing and studying for this session from 8:00 am today, approximately 5 hours just studying, I know all the information by heart 💔 but when we were discussing the cases, I knew all the answers but I just couldn't get myself to raise my voice and answer 😭😭😭 . I have been struggling with self doubt for a long time and I'm dealing with it, but today I decided to NOT wait any more, I will put myself out there, talk, answer, get things wrong and learn from them 🤞🏻🙌🏻 . I was hesitant to share this with you, but I'm sharing my journey, my COMPLETE journey, which is not always filled with good things and positive thoughts but there are struggles a lot of them, the key though isn't not to give up, not. For. One.second. 💪🏻 . P. S : I need a new lab coat btw , any recommendations? 🙈 . And meet Petra guys 😂 my new friend . #medstudent #medstudentlife #medicalstudent #medschool #medstagram #medicine #girlswhoheal #labcoats #scrubs #stethoscope #studygram #studygrammer #studymotivation #motivationalquotes #motivation #bibliophile #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booklover #bookobssesed #bookaddict #bookishcandles #selfdoubt
Self doubt plagues is all. How many of you are stopping yourself from following a dream, taking a chance or giving something a go because you are afraid of failure? We can sit in our own self doubt and fear forever or we can stop outside of it and take a chance. What if you can do it? What if you can succeed? The only thing in life you can really bet on is yourself, so take the chance and show up every single day. Let go of the fear and shut out the negativity because once you follow your heart you can’t lose. #entrepreneur #fear #selfdoubt #motivation #dontquit #girlboss #bethechange #betterbeauty #beautyonamission #health #survivor #meditation #workfromhome #beautycounter #safebeauty #stepup #confidence #failureisnotanoption #truth
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