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Love seeing the city in a new light... even if it is stupid o’clock in the morning light ⛅️
That Arizona sky, burning in your eyes. You look at me and babe, I wanna catch on fire. It’s buried in my soul, like California gold. You found the light in me that I couldn’t find. ☀️ @ladygaga touches my soul when she sings this song. This movie needs to come out on amazon already so I can ugly cry and get it over with!
Stuhl Seela von @lapalmadesign hat uns auf der @immcologne diese Woche begeistert! Diesen tollen Stuhl könnt ihr übrigens bei uns im Shop www.desigano.com bestellen 😉 #design #seela #lapalma #desigano #interiordesign #architecture #immcologne
Busy busy, we are all hurrying somewhere!
So, it's a growing process, I'm not what I should be, But, when I look back on my life, I know I'm not what I used to be. -------------------------------------- #VisualCanvas #Downtown #LosAngeles #LA #LookingUp #Views #SeeLA #DTLA #LateEvenings #RoamingAroundTheCity #ShootingEverything #HappyThursday #BuenasNoches #GoodNight #Breezy #OffTheStreet #Shots #CityCat #TheProcess #StickToIt #KeepPushing #KeepShooting
Can I get a light? 📸 : @fiyaprincess
Late Rainy Nights with @fiyaprincess
“... As the building still burned, Chandler sent a cadre of bandaged, shell shocked employees to a secret auxiliary plant at the Los Angeles Herald. The Times would report on its own disaster.” Want to learn all about this terrifying event in Los Angeles history and others?! Check out our Haunted Tales Tour! Booking link in bio! 🖌:@latimes October 15,1929 | Quote: @hadleymeares “Infernal Machines: The Bombing of the Los Angeles Times and L.A.'s First 'Crime of the Century'”
Shoe Palace! I wish it rained here so much more, since night shooting is my jam and it makes every shot 1000x more intensely lit!
"STAY OUT" . . This is a rather old photo taken from last year during my visit of the Antelope Valley. While there, I passed by this aqueduct passing through the desert. Southern California is heavily populated but it is dry for the most part. This in turn causes a huge need for water to be imported from other areas such as the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Colorado River. In some cases, these aqueducts leading to the great cities of Southern California have turned entire valleys, such as the Owens Valley, into dry deserts. . . #aqueduct #california #water #californiaaqueduct #losangelesaqueduct #desert #waterwars #waterislife #antelopevalley #seela #desert #mojavedesert #losangeles #la #lacounty
I love the color but will always be puzzled by the fascination of this wall~ I mean it’s just a wall~ a pretty pink wall but nonetheless a wall~ 💗 I do confess, I have posed by it ~ I wanted to see what the fuss was all about~ well it does throw this pretty glow on your skin, it is a flattering color background, it makes for some fun shadows and it does make for a fun shot~but even after I am still puzzled by the fact that people flock to @paulsmith_la just to take the shot 😳
Estamos abiertos durante la Lluvia ☔️ Estamos agradecidos que nuestros vendedores vienen en este tiempo para darles el producto más fresco 🍓🥗🍎We are open in this beautiful rainy weather ☔️ #farmersmarket #lafarmersmarket #freshproduceinla #seela
역삼오피스휴게공간에 #Lapalma #Seela bar stool이 들어갔습니다. 그냥 클래식한 바스툴이다 생각했는데 디테일이 어마어마 합니다. 시트패드가 이음매 없이 붙어있는 실물을 직접 느껴보니 놀랍습니다.#최신작 #라콜렉트 #라꼴렉뜨 #Antti Kotilainen#헬싱키기반디자인 #라팔마
Монтаж любых типов обоев.050-357-39-00.055-791-37-39.#aztagram #fotooboi #oboy #temirdizayn #temirtikinti #baku #dekor #omid #seela #memar #
Los Angeles -matkaoppaan päivitetty versio nyt saatavilla! 💎 L.A. on auringon, unelmien ja skinny palmujen koti. Oletko sinä jo vieraillut Los Angelesissa? Tai haaveiletko matkasta sinne? Tiesitkö, että Finnair (@feelfinnair ) aloittaa keväällä suorat lennot Los Angelesiin ja tuo enkelten kaupungin yhä lähemmäksi! Blogista löytyy nyt päivitetty versio Los Angeles -matkaoppaaseen, jossa jaan omat vinkkini ja suosikkiravintolat, hotellit ja kohteet kaupunkiin! #losangeles #matkaopas
I like this because it looks like a giant stylized A. The rain makes for great night lighting, it’s amazing how much reflects.
#seela #wallpaper #duvarkağıdı #ılıca sky#bergama #dikili #kınık #☎️05071477898-toprak boya
Cold AF . ☔️
We don’t know about you but we are most certainly missing Summer right about now.
Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve.
Du möchtest endlich Deinen Führerschein machen? Super❗ Hier bist Du genau richtig❗ Wir haben bestens ausgebildete Fahrlehrer, die Dir mit viel Spaß das Fahren beibringen möchten. Wir bilden ALLE Führerscheinklassen aus! Bei uns erhältst Du Deinen Führerschein in kurzer Zeit, ohne Stress, zuverlässig und preiswert❗ Du hast noch nicht das nötige Geld zusammen? Weißt nicht wie Du Ihn finanzieren sollst? Kein Problem!! Wir sind jetzt Partner von FinanzFair. - die Führerschein-Finanzierung - Bei Fragen zur Führerschein-Finanzierung steht Dir Oliver Jung gern zur Verfügung! Ruf einfach an unter: Tel.: 0531- 37003-172 Was wir Dir bieten: * 16 Mal pro Woche bieten wir theoretischen Unterricht an, umso öfter Du teilnimmst, umso schneller kannst Du Deinen Führerschein in der Hand halten!!! * kostenlose Nutzung unseres Verkehrsübungsplatzes in Braunschweig Volkmarode * kostenloses Lehrmaterial im Grundbetrag enthalten * in Kooperation mit dem ADAC kostenlose Mitgliedschaft für 1 Jahr * 1 x kostenfreies ADAC Fahrsicherheitstraining * moderne Schulungsräume mit moderner Technik und neuste anerkannte Lehrmethoden * besonders günstige Einstiegskonditionen für Fahranfänger bei der Öffentlichen Versicherung Braunschweig (KFZ-Versicherung) * hervorragendes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis Unsere theoretischen Unterrichte bieten wir in unserem Ausbildungszentrum Petzvalstrasse und zusätzlich in unserer Filiale am Altstadtmarkt an. Also, warum überlegst Du noch? Bei uns bist Du in den besten Händen! Wir freuen uns auf Dich und selbstverständlich auch auf Deine Freunde und Freundinnen!!! Dein Seela-Team  #Führerschein #Fahrschule #FahrschuleBraunschweig #Braunschweig #Seela #FahrschuleSeela
"Difficult roads often lead us to beautiful destinations. "
Its a long road.. going somewhere
Well, @marylanecafe in San Marino is just about the most adorable cafe, complete with feminine vintage decor and a cute candy corner (yes & yes). They serve delicious breakfast & lunch options with all organic ingredients, and their bread is fresh baked daily. 😋🥖🥙🥪🍳 I’ve been enjoying heading out to visit various neighborhoods just on the outskirts of our city, and it’s always interesting to me how much there is to explore throughout LA county as a whole. Even after almost 4 years of living here, the “try something new” opportunities are just about limitless. And the best part is that even in the concrete jungle of a big city, you can find sweet hidden mom-and-pop gems like this one. 💕 #detourla #marylanecafe #dinela
California Dreaming..
The City of Angels from above.
I see the beauty in a rainy day ❤️
“A world of possibilities awaits you. Keep turning the page.” — Oprah Winfrey
There are so many stunning historical buildings downtown with amazing exterior architectural details ~ then you enter them and a whole world of delight opens up- that is definitely true for the @millenniumbiltmore in DTLA~ so many details and the golden light makes everything even more beautiful ❤️
United Nations of Los Angeles Chinatown: best place to get fresh everything, and it’s a place for anyone who loves walking, people watching, and great food. The citrus truck came straight from Bakersfield this morning. It’s my favorite place to get the best citrus, Asian veggies, and old fashioned dim sum bites. . . #losangeles #downtownla #dtla #chinatown #lachinatown #streetfood #streetvendor #peoplewatching #diversity #charmingstreet #vibrant #citylife #urbanlife #historical #explorelosangeles #market #seela #travelwithme #tourwithme #citrus #unitednations #foodmarket #funplaces
American Horror Story Murder House 👻
Night in LA. Photo via @losangelesgrammers :: 📸 @paulfresh 👏👏👏 ✏️Tag #california4fun
We had a marvelous time showing locals and guests from the Bay Area and New York some really cool murals today in our Arts District Tour!
Blessed twice
The Streets is Watching 👀👌.
I spend many days wandering and sometimes I stumble on spots where the esthetics and lines of some of these beautiful buildings really stand out~ ❤️ #exploremore
Stop looking at the walls~ look out the window. 🌟 Karl Pickington
In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present. Frances Bacon🌟
Ahhh. 💕☺️ Had a total “treat yourself” day at @ritzcarlton downtown LA over the holidays (thx @diegosilva512 ). I enjoyed a massage and spent a good amount of time in their eucalyptus steam room. I felt a few inches taller after the massage. Since I can’t be treatin’ myself here on a normal basis, I wanted to share my favorite massage place in LA with you all: TK Massage in Monterey Park. Has anyone been? It’s $30 for a 60 min combo massage (30 min body & 30 min foot), and I always leave feeling refreshed and AMAZING! Would highly recommend if you’re looking for a more reasonably priced massage in LA. 🙌🏼 Or, if you can, go ahead and treat yourself at the Ritz. 😉 #detourla #treatyourself #selfcare #youdeserveit
Thank you for shopping local and supporting our farmers and vendors!!! . #gracias #thankyou #seela #90026 #echoaparkfarmersmarket #shoplocal #community #echoparklove
We had a wonderful time showing around guests from Boston, California and Washington DC on today’s Old and New Downtown LA Tour!
On our way to a meeting , stopped for a minute to take in the beauty that surrounds us, we love LA ! Have a great Friday @instagram !
Gorgeous, delicious, nutritious Swiss Chard, from Echo Park Farmers market! @echoparkfm #eatmoregreens #nutritionist #addgarlic #wholefoods #kidsloveit #newkitchen #seela
🌴New Beginnings
"Nature is not a place to visit, it is Home."
"For Beautiful Eyes, look the Good in Others.; for Beautiful Lips, Speak only Words of Kindness; and for Poise walk with the knowledge that you are Never Alone."-Audry Hepburn
"Stand straight ,walk proud, have a little faith."-Garth Brooks
"The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone."Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
“Pies, para que los quiero? Si tengo alas para volar.” “Feet, why do I need you when I have wings to fly.” ~ Frida Kahlo #friducha #angelwings #angelwingsproject #losangeles #koreatownla #guelaguetza #la #timelapseart #art #seela #theglobalwingsproject #cityofangels #dtla #socal #fantasiatravels #angel #westcoast #la
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