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Hi guys. How are you all doing today. If you love sebastian. Plz comment (love you sebastian) in your language. Let's spread love for sebastian to this world. ❤️❤️❤️.. أحبك سيباستيان (ahabak sebastian) in Arabic language. #sebastianstan #sebastianstanfan #sexyseabass #sebstan #sebby #sebbystan #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #sebastianstanedit #sebastianstanfandom #sebastianstanimagine #sebastianstanmeme #sebastianstanismyhero #winterchildren #chubbydumpling #bestsupportingstan
@loki_gamora I figured it would be cute to do this. If you want a fourth part just say so. I liked writing this one, it was awfully cute. If you agree, comment down below.》 You and Bucky lay on the couch. He was laying between your legs, his arms around your back and his head resting close to your chest. Your hands mess with his hair as he snores softly and quietly. Turns out, the poor thing hasn't been sleeping too well the past few days due to you being gone on a mission. You never called or gave him a heads up that you were okay so like the man he was, he worried about young he stopped sleeping and began to pace at night but now you're home. Now that you're back at the compound he finally took his chance to rest. His snored were cute and he was warm pressed against your front half. Your eyes scanned the television as a movie played quietly. You didn't want to wake Bucky up, after all he must be exhausted. Your girlfriend being an Avenger and going on missions, ones that are potentially life threatening, is worrisome and awfully exhausting to be thinking about. Soon after, the movie that had been playing ended and you grab the remote to flick through the channels. Your sudden movements for the remote seemed to have disturbed Bucky while he slept and he began to shift and whimper. Your hands tugged and pulled Bucky's hair ever so carefully in an attempt, or even a hope, to calm him down. It sounded like the beginning of a nightmare and you really didn't want his waking up upset or wake up screaming. "Y/n..." Bucky whimpered quietly. Your heart fluttered thinking that he was dreaming of you. "Y/n..." He moaned softly. "Yes Bucky?" You finally called back. "....I.....love you..." He whispered and his arms tightened around you and he buried his face into your shirt. Your heart... (Continued in comments) #buckybarnesimagine #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #sebastianstanismyhero #sebastianstan #sebastianstanfan #sebastianstanisporn
Awww so cute 😍❤️ Where are you from? ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #sebastianstan #cutie ##buckybarnes #thewintersoldier #sebastianstanismyhero #marvel #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse
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@loki_gamora . Weeks passed and every night Bucky couldn't seem to get that moment out of his head. You're voice sounded like an Angel's as you called out to his name and whispered that you loved him. That moment felt like it was just last night, every night. No one ever told you what happened and you walked around in a blissful ignorance while Bucky remained chained down and too afraid to say anything. A small knock on his door jolted Barnes from his state of mind. Steve stood in the door way, a white wifebeater on and his stubble unshaven. "Hey." He called softly "Hey." Bucky replied. "Want to talk about it?" Steve always seemed to know when something bad was going on or if Bucky was upset. "I really like her Steve. I want her so badly but I'm afraid that every though I have is nothing more than a false reality. What if she doesn't actually like me back?" Bucky couldn't seem to wrap his head around the fact that you openly admitted you love him. Or maybe, could it be that you called to Bucky but the dream changed and it was someone else your three words were meant for. "Okay, what makes you think she doesn't like you?" Steve asked. The blond super solider knew about the couch scene and he really wanted to see his friend with the girl of his dreams whom he met only by stalking her. "I don't know. She doesn't treat me differently than anyone else." A huff came from Steve. "She will not snuggle anyone. She does not talk to anyone when on a mission, she nods and does as asked. Yet she snuggled you and she talks to you, even during a life or death situation." Steve's eyes rolled. "Maybe you're right? I'd just have to watch I guess..." Bucky rolled over, his back facing Steve. Steve just kind of sighed and nodded before walking away to leave his friend. He knew Bucky just needed time to think but it wasn't any longer than maybe two minutes that yet another knock came on his door. Bucky rolled over with a hateful look, just wanting to be alone but (Continued in comments) #jamesbuchananbarnes #buckybarnesimagine #bucky #buckybarns #sebastianstan #sebastianstanismyhero #sebastianstanfandom #sebastianstanfan #sebastianstanislife
I almost had a heart attack when I saw these pictures, I mean look at his gorgeous smile😍😍💔💞 SWIPE ➡️ TO SEE THE MOST GORGEOUS SMILE OF ALL TIME😍 #sebastianstan #mostgorgeoussmile #blueeyes #marvel #marvelmen #sebastianstanismyhero #sebastianstanismoodforever 💞
Haha that photo bomb is MOOD😂😂😍😍💞 #sebastianstan #sebastianstanismyhero #anthonykiskiras #marvel #goodlookingmen 😍
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