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🔩Tomorrow is the day that will change my life forever 🔩 Wish me well!! 💚 • • • • #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisbrace #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisproblems #scoliosisstory #scoliosisjourney
ELDOA T10 - T11: traverses posteriorly from T11 to anteriorly through umbilicus⠀ •••⠀ •⠀ MUSCLES: intercostals of respective levels, levatores costarum, serratus posterior inferior, intrinsic back muscles, external obliques, internal obliques, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis⠀ •••⠀ • ORGANS: kidneys, Adrenal glands⠀ •••⠀ •••⠀ •••⠀ #eldoa #eldoaeveryday #eldoaeverydamnday #backpain #guyvoyer #backpainrelief #neckpainrelief #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisexercise #scoliosisstrong #bentnotbroken #thoracicmobility #lumbar #thoracickyphosis #thoracicspine #lumbarspineexcersices #discherniation #discbulge #spinesurgery #spinalfusion #spinalfusionrecovery #microdisectomy#chronicpain #backsurgery #backsurgeryrecovery #physicaltherapy #slouching #poorposture #pathofleastresistance
I’ve been absolutely amazingly lazy this weekend and I can’t get enough of it 😍 I slept in again today to wake up to coffee, yoga, and then to work on a mandala I started a few weeks ago (I’m at my boyfriends too) so I’m just killing time till he gets home from work, as I have been doing every day this weekend 😊 this is how I prefer to exist and I felt like I hadn’t stopped moving in weeks so this was a much needed break, although I wish I didn’t have to get back to real life tomorrow 🙄 but oh well I’m also looking forward to a fun week and a Tahoe trip on the weekend 🥳 Anyways these photos were from @emili.kim sharing her stunning Halloween costume of princess Eugene, go check out this amazing girls account and see the amazing stuff she is doing to spread awareness 💕💗 ☤ ☤ ☤ ☤ #scoliosis #staystrong #spinalfusion #scoliosisfighters #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisawareness #discomfort #fighters #lumbar #backpain #backbrace #bentnotbroken #nervepain #medication #musclepain #infection #hardware #recovery #medicine #lifeaftersurgery #survivor #support #sutterhealth #refusion #scar #titanium
Incredible Heather 💪🏼😍 your hard work is really paying off 💕💫 RepostBy @heather_rough : "So, this happened last night! November Goal #1 smashed! Woop woop! 🙌 #zenmonkeypoleadventures #pdextendedbutterfly #polefitness #scoliosisstrong #happyplace " #butterflystudiouk Pictures & Videos taken & reposted with permission. We never record students who are not fully comfortable being filmed.
It’s easier to chase your dreams in leggings🏃🏼‍♀️... just sayin! >>Are your leggings: squat proof, sweat proof, breathable, compressive, & stay in place?! Try out a pair, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. TREAT YOURSELF GIRL💕#zyiawithautumn #loveforleggings
Incredible transformation and curve reduction after 6 months of Scoli-Fit treatment! #scoliosis #transformation #newyork #spine #orthopedics #scolifit #schroth #scoliosissystems #scoliosisstrong
Half Moon Monday. A variation of Ardha Chandrasana we had learned last spring in Teacher Training. It’s an effective and stable way to work with the ‘brain’ of the pose-the standing leg gluteus medius-as well as to extend strongly through the upper heel to help draw the standing leg root of the thigh back. As I practice in this way, I can draw both of the buttocks away from my fussy low back...a brief taste of bliss. 😌#ardhachandrasana #scoliosisstrong
Dr. Asghar recommends all children between the ages of 8-15 receive a scoliosis screening. Early detection is key! Schedule your child's appointment today. (954) 567-1332 _ SCOLIOSIS CLINIC Monday, Wednesday & Thursday $35 (includes x-ray)
HAPPY MONDAY✨ One of the BEST days! Remember that you can be & do anything you would like as long as you’re willing to work hard & chase after your wildest dreams!💪🏃🏼‍♀️ I watched a video last week that talked about how sad it is that many of us live for the weekends.😢 We do what we have to do to get through the week, only wishing that the time would pass by quicker so we can get to the weekend letting so many moments pass by. This is not 🙅🏼‍♀️ the way our lives were meant to be lived. Go ahead and create a lifestyle that makes you excited to go to bed early on Sunday night anxious for a successful week ahead.❤️#zyiawithautumn #mondaymorningmotivation
3 gange om ugen udsætter jeg mig selv for det her madness 😅 men det er ikke kun for mit eget lille ego trip skyld. @kraftvrk er med til at jeg er gående hver dag, uden bootcamp hold ville min ryg ikke kunne klare en alm hverdag. Hver gang jeg holder pause fra træning, går ryggen ned. Og det rammer mit job, og min mand og børn. 💪🏼. Jeg er opereret for #skoliose og mave musklerne har set bedre dage. Men alt det er der plads til hos @kraftvrk Det er så fedt et sted 🙏🏻 tak #træning #sundryg #skoliosefighter #scoliose #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisstrong #rectusdiastase
Too bright eh? It's better than being too dull.🤔💓😂 Ps. Courtesy to maam joy ann for the 'Scoliosis' shirt. Yes. I'm part of it butttttt yes we are "Bent but never broken with JOY! " #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisfighter #hersheyscapades
Get my good side I have RBF I look bloated I’m so pale My hair is a grease ball Don’t get my thighs in the pic ..all the thoughts going through my mind when trying to get the perfect picture to post before my workout.🏃🏼‍♀️ After thinking about all the negative thoughts 🤦🏼‍♀️ rolling around in my head I decided the rest of the night should be dedicated to a relaxing bath🛁 and a little #selflove 💕
What’s stopping you? The only person that can hold you back from greatness is yourself. There’s no limit to life, as life is limitless and that it’s your choice to limit yourself or not. . No matter what’s going on inside, you have the ability to impact others with your struggles and how you work around them. These type of moments are a reminder that all of us are just people trying to do our best. That we all succeed basically the same way - by working hard, struggling, learning, and keeping at it with determination.
@coacheugeneteo helping me find my lost left erector. This was quite a significant moment for me because before this id never thought it was possible to isolate my erector, this made it possible, which blew my fucking mind. • I urge anyone thinking about “upskilling” themselves to attend any of @coacheugeneteos workshops, however I believe this was the last one and he’s quite a unique individual, so I am unsure if you’ll be able to find anything similar. • Cheers @ty.courtney for the footage!
Yoga breakthrough ; baby grasshopper ! #yogaposes #yogaaddict #yogaeverydamnday #scoliosisstrong 💚
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while been super busy with school and sports but i’m pretty free now so anyone that wants to talk hmu!! #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #bentnotbroken #scoliosisstrong
On Facebook I have a page called See the person, not just the condition/disability https://www.facebook.com/mescoliosisdisability. Posts on it are sometimes for people that have a condition or a #disability , but I also post about what I have been up to. Anyone can like my page. If anyone else has a Facebook page that is about having a condition or disability, let me know in a comment and I will like it. #disabled #disabledblogger #disabledbloggers #disabledpeople #disabilities #disabilityblogger #disabilitybloggers #disabilitycommunity #chroniccondition #chronicconditions #physicallydisabled #physicaldisability #physicaldisabilities #healthblogger #healthbloggers #scoliosisfighters #behindthedisability #disabilityisnotinability #scoliosisstrong #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosiswarriors #bloggersworldwide #ukbloggers
C • O • M • M • U• N • I • T • Y —that’s what it’s all about. I couldn’t be more grateful for my community of supporters, motivators, customers, friends, & family that allow me to do what I love each day. ❤️ Happy Sunday All! #zyiawithautumn #womensupportwomen
A way to calm and quiet 🤫 yourself. Little by little the body, mind and soul integrate to find yourself in a posture which requires patience, strength, flexibility, grace....Abhyasa-constant, dedicated practice and Vairagya-non-attachment are beautiful guides. 🌻#urdhvamukhapaschimottanasana I. #scoliosisstrong #homepractice #upwardfacingintensestretch
“Balance in the body is the foundation for balance in life.”~B.K.S. Iyengar. Bakasana. Strengthen. Stretch. Open. Focus. Levitate. And someday *perhaps* jump into it from Adho Mukha Svanasana-down dog with straight arms...or push up from Sirsasana II-tripod headstand. Or *perhaps* not. 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️Opportunity for growth AND non-attachment is never ending! Happy Sunday! #scoliosisstrong #homepractice #bakasana
Rundown of the weekend with @coacheugeneteo • At first I was skeptical, by the end every time I questioned the rationale for a certain movement or theory, it came down to basic anatomy and human physiology. It’s not rocket science but it’s so misunderstood, I’ve never invested this kind of money into something like this before but it was insanely freeing, just from a human standpoint I feel empowered, from a scoliosis perspective I feel as though I have the tools, theories and blueprint to make a major difference in my spine. • Over fucking phenomenal experience, can’t wait to think and reflect on this experience.
I was aware of the royal weddings this year, and I know I’m a month late. But I was completely blown over by how much this image affected me during tonight’s casual scrolling. I had no idea that Princess Eugenie had scoliosis as a child, or that she chose her wedding gown specifically to display her surgical scar. My scoliosis has whispered in the background of my whole conscious life, and I could not be prouder of the girls and boys who bear every scar, visible and invisible, of that journey. I won’t write a monologue about self-acceptance and unattainable perfection, but I will say this: Eugenie, I see you, and I love you for choosing to showcase your beautiful scar. I have the very same one. #scoligirl #scoliosis #bostonbrace #bentnotbroken #scoliosisawareness #scoli #scoliosisbrace #scoliosisstrong #scoliosissurgery #spinalfusion #scars #princesseugenie #princesseugeniewedding #princesseugenieweddingdress
I’ll be spending the evening in Turton, SD for their ••LITTLE BLACK DRESS EVENT•• (Black Leggings & a Black Sweatshirt will have to do for me) I always look forward to this event because they serve delicious food & drinks, have lots of fun vendors, and who doesn’t LOVE a night of shopping?!🛍 #zyiawithautumn #littleblackdressparty
@scoliosis_2018 thank you for tagging me in this post it really spoke to me personally...🌸🌹 I am so thankful for this three day weekend, I need to take it easy I’ve just been busy every single day...it’s such a contrast to when I was still healing more and it was an event for me to leave the house 😌 definitely tiring and I am still learning my body and minds limits but holy shit am I thankful for the fact I don’t have to worry about fainting while I shower or need help sitting up from bed 💗 I hope you all are treating yourself with love! On a personal note I think everyone needs to start watching the news more, we need to all together be informed on what’s happening in the world so we can join together to help 💔 ☤ ☤ ☤ ☤ #scoliosis #staystrong #spinalfusion #scoliosisfighters #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisawareness #discomfort #fighters #lumbar #backpain #backbrace #bentnotbroken #nervepain #medication #musclepain #infection #hardware #recovery #medicine #lifeaftersurgery #survivor #support #sutterhealth #refusion #scar #titanium
Want to burn optimal fat? Get your butt off the cardio equipment and try high intensity workouts using weights, supersets and circuits! This is a killer little fat burning circuit! 😛15-20 reps of each exercise with no rest in between. After all 3 exercises are complete take a 1 minute rest and repeat 2-3 more times💦! Bra: @buffbunny_collection
Update🌹 So I had my second lot of blood tests yesterday morning. All went well and waiting for the results for my anemia. Been a bit emotional today as heard some sad news. unfortunately the aerial competition in December has been cancelled and rescheduled for March the one month when I am likely to have my surgery. It means so much to me. I will not be able to perform on stage, soak in the audience and the lights and feel that amazing feeling of performing in your own box of happiness for at least a year. I am devastated but trying to stay positive as I feel as if I can get around this. My surgeon said he wants to operate on me in late March towards the Easter holidays so if the competition is early March I will still be able to do it. However if it is in late March, I feel as if I would want to delay my operation until summer. I don't know right now but I can't do anymore until I find out the date of the competition next week. I have to really stay positive and keep praying that all of this will work out. On another note I have my pre-op appointment scheduled for the 12th of December I think. if you have any tips, advice or experiences about this please DM me. Love you all so much. 💜 • • • #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisbrace #scoliosisdancer #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisfighter #sad #keepfighting #keepsmiling #staystrong #staypositive #positivity #lotsoflove #fff #lfl #follow4follow #followforfollow #like4like #likeforlike
SATURDAY’S ARE MY JAM!🙌🏻 Is it just me or does it seem like the whole world moves a little slower? I love being able to sleep in a bit and take my time waking up. On Saturday mornings I like to ease into the day with some coffee while reflecting back on the week. ☕️ After that I’ll be getting in a short 30 minute workout followed by a little time working on my business. 💻🗒 What does your Saturday morning look like?!#zyiawithautumn #saturdaymorningcoffee
Depois do tema "autoestima" o assunto que mais converso no direct é "como lidar com as dores/incômodos?". . Essa foi uma preocupação constante na minha adolescência e inicio da vida adulta. Sentia muitas dores, ao ponto de evitar determinadas atividades como caminhar, ir a shows e etc. . Aos 23 anos descobri que sentia todos esses incômodos por que minha musculatura das costas era fraca (atrofiada). Foi ai que a musculação entrou na minha vida, eliminou minhas dores, devolveu minha autoestima e me proporcionou saúde. . Não achem que é normal conviver com dores! Busquem a causa e lutem para ter qualidade de vida. . Obvio que essa foi a minha experiência e não significa que a motivo das suas dores tem ligação com a sua musculatura, nem que fazer musculação vai te ajudar. . Por isso me conte aqui nos comentários: você sente muitas dores/incômodos? Descobriu o motivo ou ainda está investigando? . . . #escoliose #escoliosefitness #instafit #girlpower #muscule #workout #scoliosis #girlswithmuscle #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisfighter #escolioseidiopatica
Earlier this week Mason, without me knowing, wrote his name on one of my agility markers. I got frustrated because this is where I wanted to write something motivational 🤨 Something that would push me through my workouts when I had nothing left. • But you know what, his name IS my motivation!!! How could I get frustrated about this, when the only reason he did it is because he loves to workout with me! He wanted to mark this as HIS marker. He and his sister join me every day! • What is your motivation?! Fitting in to a new pair of pants? Feeling more confident? Being an inspiration for others? All of the above 🙋🏼‍♀️ • #motivation #whatisyourwhy #youneverknowwhoiswatching #dedication #determination #fitmama #momboss #momof2 #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #RNlife #nurselife #gradschoollife #MSN #saturdayvibes #shiftshop #accountabilitytribe #teamstrongereveryday #areyouready ?
Becoming reacquainted with this ‘friend’ while applying new awareness of keeping strong and compacted hips and not relying solely on my flexibility. 😅🙃🤸🏽‍♀️Happy Saturday!! May joy be a part of your day!!🤸🏽‍♀️#homepractice #scoliosisstrong #prasaritapadottanasana #sirsasana2
-> hey guys please chuck my main account @idekniamh a follow for some more fashion, as this account wont be in use AS MUCH (it still will be so dont unfollow ahah) thanks xxoxox -> these are some pics of me in my brace,, it just goes to show that with the right clothing choices you can really make it look natural :) 💒🧚‍♂️✨🦋🕊
Learnt a lot from @coacheugeneteo ’s workshop so far. • One thing was the importance of taking principles from bodybuilding or for example gymnastics into eachother, for example the importance of brachoradialis. • I hope I’m spelling that right lol. • But basically 1. It is neglected and not really specifically trained, but a larger bracioradialis could help provide aesthetic and functional benefits and comes is relatively easy to train and grow. • My main takeaway so far is, be skeptical but have a hint of open mindedness I went into this workshop relatively skeptical at some things, but every time I questioned Eugene he would respond and give rationale for his points, so far amazing seminar and well worth the money 5/5 stars thanks for the recommendation @jack_thorburn
Härlig lördag på er alla 👋🏼 tog en välbehövd sovmorgon och är påväg till gymmet nu. Mage/axlar/armar står på schemat 💪🏼
Scoli downward facing dog 〰️🙂🙃 • • • Benefits: 🐶 Lengthening the spine 🐶 Strengthening the shoulders 🐶 Stretching the hamstrings • • • Have a great weekend! ❤️ #downdog #yoga #yogi #downwardfacingdog #yogaeverydamnday #yogaoutside #scoliyoga #scoliosis #scoliyogi #yogascoliosis #skoliose #scoliosisandyoga #backyoga #backcareyoga #spine #stronggirl #yogagirl #getonyourmat #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisfighter #scolifam #loveyoga
Double Date night!! Tonight we brought the husbands to cooking class and it was so fun! On the menu: pomegranate apple sangria, apple cider pork sandwiches, apple slaw, winter citrus salad and eggnog cake. It was so fun and the food was fantastic! Do you have date nights? Have you been to a cooking class? We love them! Check out my stories for a few of the menu items #ampersandoilandvinegar #cookingclass #ilovetocook #goodfoodlover
There’s honestly no better feeling than knowing your work is appreciated.💗 I received these beauties today from ZYIA headquarters for ranking up as a rep this last month. When talking with girls who are considering becoming a rep, I often tell them that my only regret with this business is not joining sooner. My ZYIA TEAM is what gives me the passion to live each day better than the next. Have I mentioned before that I LOVE MY JOB?! 📲📒#zyiawithautumn
We thoroughly review, assess, and identify the best treatment plan for all patients. Every case is different, but all patients are the same in receiving the most thoughtful, personalized plan for treatment and recovery. @asgharspine @drgsportsspine   _ Founded in a commitment to methodical research, sound outcome analysis, precise process development, sophisticated risk assessment, meticulous planning, and preparation. Learn more at cantorspine.com. #spinehealth #minimallyinvasivespinesurgery
Constantly finding ways to challenge my body with movement. - Today I reached a new height of emotional flexibility & freedom. My body was metal free. - The music once again had dictated the movement & mind set. I was a high. - If you are challenged with scoliosis & need guidance please reach out. - - - - #glory #boxing #dance #movement #bicycle #music #70 's #80 's #90 's #scoliosis #scoliosisstrong #queen #freddymercury
Never would of I ever imagined 5 years ago that my life would look the way it does on this Friday afternoon. ☕️ I always heard people say that when you find a job you like, you won’t have to work a day in your life. At past jobs, I never felt fulfilled or like I was there for any other reason than to pay the bills. These days things are a little different.☺️ I’m currently, working from my bed, sipping coffee in the cutest/comfiest leggings, while working my business. (It’s hard to even call it work, because it sure doesn’t seem that way)💗 #zyiawithautumn
Keep calm and yoga everywhere 🧘🏻‍♀️ even at my graduation 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Ladies and gentlemen, today it's official! I am Bc. Veronika Nemcova 👩🏻‍🎓 It was certainly fun and quite challenging taking this pic in high heels 😅 with all the people staring at me while I was falling fown all the time and trying to find balance😂 honestly did not care about them at all 🤷🏻‍♀️ one of the great things about yoga and especially balance poses: all of your attention is inside and you don't focus on what's going on around you (or you do and you laugh about it 😇) Have a great weekend everyone! 🙏🏻✨ . . . . . . #graduation #keepcalmandyoga #dancerpose #joganapohodu #bentnotbroken #scoliosisyogi #scoliyogi #yogajourney #yogateacher #yogagirl #scoliyogagirl #scolifam #scoliyoga #scoliosisstrong #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisfighter #scoliosissupport #scoliosissurvivor #scoliosisstory #scoliosiswillnotstopme #scoliosisgirl #scoliosislife #natarajasana
If you are worried that you or a loved one might have scoliosis, there a quick scoliosis screening that you can do. One of them is to do Adam’s Forward Bending Test. - During the test, the person bends forward with the feet together and knees straight while dangling the arms. Any imbalances in the rib cage or other deformities along the back could be a sign of scoliosis. - If you have any questions about scoliosis please contact: - All Well Scoliosis Centre Dr. Albert Winandar, B.S, D.C A: 545 Orchard Road - Far East Shopping Center #Unit 10-05 O: Mon - Sat (09:00-17:30) T: +65 8455 5730 E: admin@allwellscoliosis.com - #sghealth #sghealthyliving #sghealthy #singaporelife #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisfighter #ScoliosisStrong #scoliosiswillnotstopme #scoliosisfighters #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisrecovery #allwellscoliosiscentre
This goes out to my scoliosis peops. If you are compromised physical & struggle to have the mental notion that you cannot move, this is for you! - The gloves are your metaphor for being a champ. You've gotten this far & you will continue to as new you is emerging. You've taken off the raps, you're exhausted, you feel - can I get through this? Well you can & you will. - When my daughter was diagnosed. I was scared. I knew the potential outcome. - Since telling our story many champions have reached out for support. - If you are struggling with what the possibilities are of the unknown, know that you are not alone. - We are ALL champions of our scoliosis stories. - If you need guidance please reach out. - - - - #boxing #gloves #boxingmits #title #raps #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #inspire #support
Day 64/100 uninterrupted practice. Yesterday-following sun salutations-I was warm and finally ready try something I had seen @yogizain post some time ago(almost a year ago!)....and was reminded of it because gratefully @chinchowdoll recently reposted it. This is my first try at block jumping. I felt like a fish out of water. And I am flummoxed by the notion of JUMPING to Bakasana like he shows.😳 (I also noticed in his story yesterday he showed jumping to sirsasana II 😲)I feel brave and unsure to post it yet want to keep it real... and show it in its infant stage. 👶🏼For me, it is super challenging while he makes it look buoyant and graceful yet firm and precise. He floats! Something fun and new to explore and link to other pieces of my practice. And it would have helped to read the cues first!! D’oh!!😅#scoliosisstrong #bksiyengarcentenary #yogizain #getoutofyourcomfortzone
Here’s your FRIDAY MORNING reminder that sometimes you just have to tighten your ponytail, focus on you, & keep grinding. People are going to doubt you, judge you, and not understand what you’re doing.🙅🏼‍♀️ BUT, you know what girl, it isn’t up to them, IT NEVER WAS! You have to do what’s best for you & the journey you’re on.💗 #zyiawithautumn
Yesterday was LEGenDArY ! 😉
台北 #重度55度側彎女孩 ,12歲 3個月後的X光 來自患者家長的欣慰 還沒來到挺立康之前 這女孩嘗試過了各式各樣不同的治療 只為了讓自己的側彎變好 但.....歷經了各種疼痛 結果都不如預期,心裡更是更低落了 在一次媽媽的朋友口中,知道了挺立康 我們開始了專屬4D的治療計畫 之前穿上背架 磨破皮的.起水泡的 傷痕累累的背,我們真的很心疼... 孩子難免會有低潮及面對疾病的恐懼 家長與患者之間偶爾會有練習過程中產生的磨合 也因此讓家人的心更近了 我想家人的心從沒變過 只想讓自己的孩子能夠越來越好 讓她看起來跟正常人一樣! 精準一對一專業的治療下+患者與家長積極的努力配合 讓我們有了今天這份感人的結果!🎉 挺立康的堅持 看起來就是要正! #這樣的正常感就是我們要追求的 ! #脊椎側彎 #脊柱側弯症 #脊柱 #脊柱側彎症 #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisfighter
#Repost @moonriseaerials • • • • • Learned a new pose tonight! I love my Thursday nights! . . . #moonriseaerials #aerialsilks #lyrahoop #meetmeatmoonrise #captureec #fusedaerialist #iamstraightforward #scoliosisstrong
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