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Repost @liasept__ Selamat pagi semuanya, Salam scolioser :)) Kenalin nama aku Lia septiani. Btw itu real pict punggung aku. Aku tau sekarang pasti kalian lagi liatin pict punggung aku yang begitu menyeramkan, hehe Kalian pasti tau skoliosis itu kelainan tulang belakang yang membuat jalan kita miring atau bungkuk, ya kan? Aku hidup bersama skoliosis sudah 20 tahun. Terakhir tahun lalu aku rotgen derajatnya 110° . Kalo sekarang mungkin sudah 120°. Hidup dengan keadaan punggung yang tak normal memang menyedihkan. Apalagi ini sudah parah dan bisa terlihat badan kita berbeda dari orang" normal lainnya. Awalnya memang aku merada hidup ini tak adil. Dulu aku sangat sedih karena terus diejek, sakit hati karena dikucilkan teman, dan sangat kecewa karena diperlakukan berbeda dari orang normal. Berbagai macam kesakitan efek dari skoliosis ini sudah aku rasakan. Mulai dari punggung nyeri yang sangat hebat, badan kaku dan gabisa gerak karena kelamaan berdiri atau kelamaan duduk, sesak nafas karena kecapean melakukan sesuatu, perut sering kembung karena berlebihan makan efek lambung terhimpit dan gabisa konsumsi makanan banyak, sampai berat dan tinggi badan yang terus saja menurun seiring bertambahnya usia :(( Tapi lama kelamaan aku paham bahwa tak ada manusia yang baik baik saja dalam menjalani hidup. Orang normal pun memiliki banyak kesedihan dan kekecewaan yang mendalam lebih dari yang aku rasakan saat ini. Sedih memang kalau lebih banyak ku ceritakan , tapi aku tetap bersyukur. Jadi buat temen temen skolioser lainnya , jangan menyerah dalam menjalani hidup ya🖤! Karena saat kita mampu bersyukur atas apa yang kita miliki, saat itu pula hidup kita bahagia :)) . . . . #storyofscoliosis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #skoliosis #skolioseop #scoliosissurgery #scoliosis #scoliosisvlog #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #scolifam #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosissupport #scoliosisstory #scoliosisgirl #backbrace #pain #scolio #scoliosisbrace #scoliosisfamily #backpain #skoliosekorsett #skolioseinfoblog #stronggirl #skoliosefighter #spinalfusion #bentbutnotbroken #postop #acoliosisitaly #strongwoman #scoliosismotivated
Interview With Jade Richardson with Amanda Lee @totallyscrewedup @wayofjade @_mandashow Bringing Scoliosis Awareness to the Forefront Please Follow To Show Your Support to Jade And her Journey
Scoliosis is a broad term, but most often refers to a sideways bend in the spine. 10% of people are said to have scoliosis, which means they have a 10 degree (or more) sideways curve in their spine, while only 2% of people have a perfectly straight spine. Many celebrities with scoliosis use Pilates as part of their back pain reduction. Usain Bolt, Liza Minnelli and Sarah Michelle Gellar are all reported to have a scoliosis diagnosis, and in the photos below, a scoliotic curve can clearly be seen on Sarah Michelle Gellar (aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer). If you have a scoliosis diagnosis, rest assured that instructors like myself are learning more, educating ourselves, and working with you to achieve the best result we can for you. I’ve ordered my copy of the scolio-pilates manual, and some scoliosis wedges from the US to better help a couple of my clients.
8 weeks 4 days a week 3 rest days 30 to 40 minute workouts Each workout ends with a core component. And it can all be done at home!👊 My results? 💛 Lost 9 pounds 💛 Lost FOUR INCHES on my waist 💛 Gained SO much strength and confidence Question.. 8 weeks from now, if you changed absolutely NOTHING, would you be happy with your health and your self confidence and self esteem?? 🤔 I'm starting again October 1st. And I have an amazing group of women doing it with me. We have room for THREE MORE WOMEN. Why not give me eight weeks to help change your life?? If you want in, comment below with your favorite emoji and I'll get you started on changing your life 😍
“Extension and expansion bring space, and space brings freedom. Freedom is precision, and precision is divine.”~B.K.S. Iyengar 🕉Day 15/100 uninterrupted practice. Extending and warming up here to teach in the space where a good deal of our teacher training takes place: Blue Spruce Yoga. It felt fantastic to teach in this dear-to-my-heart space today. Over the past year and a half, it’s been a beautiful journey of learning here on all fronts: in my own practice, countless teaching principles, peer practice teaching, philosophical discussions, Sanskrit lessons, cherished communion with other trainees and our devoted trainers, Leslie Bradley and Craig Kurtz. Lately I have felt supported by the Universe in living my truth with passion. The gals I teach on Wednesdays are phenomenal and bless me with the opportunity to share this lineage and guide them. I have a strong yearning to teach more often. However, it clearly takes time to establish, develop, build. I meditated on it and prayed about it. Within 24 hours of that, three teaching friends had asked me to sub...and then two more asked. Every time I teach, I feel reinforced that I am meant to be doing this. It comes from my soul and leaps out. This is an example, to me, of how Divine guidance supports us in our authentic efforts. 🙏🏼Happy weekend! #scoliosisstrong #100daysofiyengar #bksiyengarcentenary #adhomukhasvanasana #adhomukhavirasana #uttanasana
How do you face of the impossible? How do you face something awful and terrible? Well, let me tell you, I've DONE a lot of the impossible. I have turned what's awful and terrible into something meaningful and helpful. It's not that there's a purpose to the horrible things that happen to us. They are not justified. But, within those atrocities lie the fodder to turn it into something beautiful and good. So this is what we are: we are alchemists, turning pain into power. Transforming hate into hope. Transmuting suffering into something sacred. Anytime you have to face something like this, I hope you can remember that's your greatest gift as a compassionate, empathetic human being. Transmute that shit into something you can use. It's not fair, but hey, when life gives you lemons, throw them at people so they're all nice and juicy to make lemonade with after 😇
Meet Our Supporters | @laurenrenee____ 👸🏽💚💫 “At the young age of 11-years-old, I was diagnosed with a large, 45 degree thoracic curve of my spine, and my life was changed forever. As a competitive dancer, I worried this would affect my dancing ability, which later on, unfortunately did. Since I was not finished growing, my doctor recommended that I wear a back brace for a couple of years until I stopped growing to see if that would help shrink my curve. There I was, an awkward middle-schooler, wearing a bulky, uncomfortable back brace. I wore this brace up until the end of my freshman year in high school, and it greatly attributed to the most humiliating years of my life. The brace decreased my curve to 32 degrees, but at my sixth month checkup, my curve was back to 48 degrees. Now at 15-years-old, my parents felt I was still too young to have an invasive surgery, but I knew I had to start preparing myself for the surgery. At the end of my sophomore year in high school, my surgery date was set for August 5, 2013. On August 5, 2013, I entered my spinal fusion surgery with a curve of 50 degrees and I came out five hours later with two rods and 22 screws in my spine. Most of my spine was now straight, leaving my curve at 15 degrees! My recovery was truly amazing and I cannot thank everyone enough for the continuous encouragement. Everything was definitely harder, and there were many tears during my year long recovery, but I am glad that I faced this challenge in my life. This event helped me grow in ways I could not even imagine. Fast forward five years now, I wear my 12-inch scar with pride. Every day I have constant pain in my right shoulder and my neck because my body is still overwhelmed by the massive change it endured five years ago. My scoliosis journey has made me a stronger women and that is why I want to continue to share my story to bring more awareness to scoliosis. I enjoy hearing from young girls with scoliosis who have questions about my scoliosis journey and I also love educating those without scoliosis about what it is like to live with the disorder.” Join our #IAmStraightForward Empowerment Movement by contacting us! 💚✨
Today we are getting an ultrasound...we had this done a few weeks ago but the cast was restricting too much of his left side. Now that we have it off his Pedi wanted to repeat that side. Praying it looks good and Caleb is cooperative. He is sore on the side they have to do and barely lets me touch him. #scoliwarrior #scoliosis #scoliosisstrong #scolimom #mehtacast #castlife #infantilescoliosis #castingcaleb
If you or someone you know has scoliosis and you haven’t yet gotten your hands on my scoliosis eBook I highly recommend!! (The link is in my bio😊) Ever since opening up about my Scoliosis on Instagram I had no idea the amount of people it would impact. I now see that through our struggles it gives us the opportunity to help and support others. This eBook shares all of my secrets for staying healthy, confident and virtually pain free. All the things in this eBook are what I personally do to manage my scoliosis naturally. Whether you’re looking for stretches/exercises, core workouts, help with muscle symmetry, mindset towards your scoli, nutrition and supplement tips it’s ALL THERE. There is even an optional added bonus at checkout😉💪🏽 TAG YOUR SCOLI FRIENDS BELOW👇🏼 - ps. Also remember to tag me (@Hayleyelysefit ) in your posts and use #scoliosiseBook for a feature on my story 💛
Incredible day in the lab with Globus Medical ~ @globusmedicalinc. Teaching and refining his skills is a passion of Dr. Ashgar. @asgharspine cantorspine.com #spinehealth #spinesurgery
And just like that... 8 weeks is DONE 🎉🎉 Actual blood, sweat, and tears went into this program. And I am forever grateful for everything this program has given me. 💛 Confidence 💛 Strength 💛 Belief in myself 💛 Anxiety relief 💛 Hope ...and let's be honest.. 🍑🍑😉 This shit wasn't easy. But every second of it was worth everything gained. STOP. MAKING. EXCUSES. Decide RIGHT NOW what you want for yourself. 8 weeks from now, will you still be battling with negative self talk, picking out clothes based on what covers your "flub" enough, hiding from your boyfriend/fiancè/husband because you lack confidence, beating yourself up over how you look???🤔😰 Or will you be LOVING yourself, being proud of yourself, pushing yourself to do things you didn't know you were able to??🤗😍 Because let me tell you what. 8 weeks ago I was that first option. And it SUCKED. I'm over that and I'm gonna keep moving forward. 🤗🤗 And I would love for you to join me!
Check out my new IGTV video. 💚🙌🏼💙
Life comes with many things that bring challenges, pain and fear. ⠀ ⠀ And in the next breath life can bring joy, victory and sweet surprises.⠀ ⠀ I’m reading a book right now called Unshakable Hope - building your life on the promises of God. ⠀ ⠀ I love the encouragement that we need to filter all that happens in life through the promises of God!⠀ ⠀ Seeking to do that today and every day.
You can give up like they tell you. Stop like they tell you. Be scared to dream for the top, like they tell you. But I'm trying to tell you, FUCK what they tell you!!! 💪🏻 @machinegunkelly
From yesterday, day 14/100 uninterrupted practice. “The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It’s about using posture to understand and transform yourself.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar 🕉The sequences from @yogawithholly are clearly teaching me a great deal about how my scoliosis plays a roll in any posture where the left leg is forward and the right leg is extended back. In any split leg posture, my weaker and less flexible side is with my left leg forward. There is a deep connection with my difficulty in all the poses from the dead zone in my right low back. Take this posture, for example. I am unable to find the actions *yet* with the left leg forward. I can feel a hole-NO POWER-unlike on the side pictured. Opportunity to transform. 🙏🏼Eka Pada Koundinyasana II. New to me. Only expressed once before and sort of by mistake. I thought it might be a fluke during my trail practice so I practiced it again later in the day as you see in the third clip. Not a fluke although I have much to improve. This entry is the ‘cheater’s way’ (thanks @atma_path for that terminology😉). In LOY Iyengar explains to enter from Visvamitrasana or Sirsasana II.😳 See @carrieowerko IG feed for her flow into this from Marichyasana I that she posted recently. That’s a whole other animal! 👹Happy Friday! #100daysofiyengar #bksiyengarcentenary #ekapadakoundinyasana2 #redrockstrail #mathewswinterspark #yogaonthetrail #yogaoutside #yogaeveryday #scoliosisstrong
Scoliosis can be symptomatic, Chiropractic treatment can relief the symptoms, changes in Activities of Daily Living (ADL) will improve posture and make permanent improvements. Contact us for more information on how Chiropractic Treatment can help your condition. - All Well Scoliosis Centre Dr. Albert Winandar, B.S, D.C A: 545 Orchard Road - Far East Shopping Center #Unit 10-05 O: Mon - Sat (09:00-17:30) T: +65 8455 5730 E: admin@allwellscoliosis.com - #sghealth #sghealthyliving #sghealthy #singaporelife #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisfighter #ScoliosisStrong #scoliosiswillnotstopme #scoliosisfighters #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisrecovery #allwellscoliosiscentre
This is me standing as straight as possible. It’s hard not to be self conscious. Through the last decade my curve has progressed. Soon I will have one long badass scar to replace my curved spine. I look forward to embracing all the new changes. • • • • • #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisbrace #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisproblems #scoliosisstory
Do you have chronic lower back pain? Dr. Giuffrida is the first and only physician in South Florida to offer the Intracept® Procedure to patients. Learn more about this NEW, minimally invasive procedure providing proven, durable relief for chronic low back pain. Call and schedule your appointment: (954) 567-1332 cantorspine.com #CLBP #Intracept
The doctor measured a 75 degree curve 3 weeks ago today. I am 24 years old. Since discovering my curve over a decade ago my curve has increase substantially. You can see the spine starting to obstruct my lung. The day I saw this X-ray is the day I finally scheduled my surgery to correct my curve. I will have surgery November 13, 2018. Only 53 more days. I’ve been waiting for this day for a very very long time. Finally the stars have aligned and now I will wait a few more weeks. . . . . . #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisbrace #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisproblems #scoliosisstory
Drop dead gorgeous @stephaniexceleste 🖤🏹 this is so wonderfully framed and picturesque. I am deadddddd tired and honestly probably going to have to drop one of my classes as I think it may be good for my mental health and I could pick up some more hours on my shift as I really need the money right now 😕 still trying to work on all my healthcare stuff it’s a mess 😅 ☤ ☤ ☤ ☤ #scoliosis #staystrong #spinalfusion #scoliosisfighters #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisawareness #discomfort #fighters #lumbar #backpain #backbrace #bentnotbroken #nervepain #medication #musclepain #infection #hardware #recovery #medicine #lifeaftersurgery #survivor #support #sutterhealth #refusion #scar #titanium
Medals know how to make me feel good 😝 . Today was the final Canaccord Cup race of 2018 so we finished it off with an awards presentation and celebratory drinks 🏃🏼‍♀️🥂🙌🏼
Each summer Canaccord Genuity holds a corporate cup race series in Jersey for teams and individuals from local corporations to run in one 5km race every month for 6 months 🏃🏼‍♀️🇯🇪 . I participated in four of the six races and I’ve come away really happy to have been involved and proud at how far I’ve come. . Last year, I ran 5km without stopping for the first time in my life and nowadays I tend to come in at around 30-31 minutes but in each of these races I’ve stunned myself, achieving 29m 53s, 28m 54s, 27m 10s and finally 28m 06s! . I’ve achieved some HUGE PBs out of nowhere and am super impressed with myself. . It’s amazing to think that a year ago I couldn’t endure 5km without switching between walking and running and now I tend to run 5km at least once a week (I even hit the 10km mark last month but I’ll tell you about that another time!) 🙌🏼 . These races have taught me that with will power and dedication we can achieve anything.
Wow, wow, WOW!!!! We are in complete shock right now‼️😳😱 For the SECOND time this year, we were able to sell out of our #IAmStraightForward Empowerment Bracelets!! We HUMBLY want to thank all of our supporters and followers for making this happen once again 💚✨💫 Were you able to get your hands on one? If not, let us know in the comments!!!!!! #FashionForACause #GiftsThatGiveBack
My ootd today! Swipe ➡️ to se my shoes that I wore with it! •dark blue “good vibes” t-shirt from (I forget) •white shorts that have a flat at the bottom and they are a rly nice texture but super hard to explain from “tractr” •gray knit long sweater from Abercrombie •brown lace up vans from the vans store (swipe to the next picture to see them) - - - Sorry I forgot to take a picture from a back view but the sweater and shirt hide my brace really well! - Yes! I’m wearing a brace in this! - #scoliosis #scoliosisfashion #scoliosisfashionista #brace #embracethebrace #embrace #style #fashion #ootd #selfcare #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisoutfits #bostonbrace #bostonbraces #ootd #ootdfashion #fall #fallclothing #fallfashion #autumfashion
I never felt "skinny enough" to confidently wear my shirt tucked in. Until this program.🎉🎉 👉These last 8 weeks have literally been LIFE changing. I cannot wait to see my final results tomorrow 🤗🤗
Welcome to my Instagram page for my #blog on Blogger called Sarah and Scoliosis https://sarahandscoliosis.blogspot.com My name is Sarah and i am 34 years old. I was born with a spinal condition called #scoliosis . I enjoy eating out, shopping, using the Internet and sometimes I like to write #poetry . On Facebook I have a Facebook page called Simply Sarah's poetry. https://www.facebook.com/SJBspoetry My Twitter is @blogsarahj #blogger #blogspot #blogspotblogger #ukblogger #scoliosisfighter #scoliosisstrong #scoliosissurvivor #disabledandcute #disabledandpretty #nicetops #scoliosiswarrior #bloggerscommunity #bloggeroninstagram
Kändes som att jag inte hade varit på gymmet på evigheter nu.. men var visst bara i måndags 🤷🏼‍♀️ Men fick till ett välbehövligt pass idag iallafall! Ryggen tackar mig redan 🙏🏼 . . . #scoliosisstrong #scoliosiswarrior #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #gym #motivation #gymlife #betterbodies
4th Cast for my girl💜💪🏼 #kennysabeast #scoliosisstrong #sheissobraveandstrong 😍
Soaking up some Vitamin D while I can. This is a reverse plank. Reverse planks help open up the front of the shoulders and strengthen your core. . . . . #reverseplank #plank #pilates #focus #vitamind #fitfam #wellness #strength #power #core #pilateslovers #fitness #workout #scoliosis #scoliosisstrong #flexibility
A little transformation & throwback 🌻 • • SWIPE 👈👈👈 to see what I looked like with dark hair & to when I first got into the gym. • • My main motivation to ever pick up a weight, was due to discovering @danalinnbailey on YouTube. I instantly fell in love with her look and kick ass mentality. I dreamed to look half as good as her for years. Today I’am proud of my transformation and learning so much. I have her to thank for my boulders 💪 • • Top tips for success: 1- keep consistent 2- lift heavy/properly 3- eat enough protein for what your body requires 4- supplements for extra gains 5- hire a damn coach @hammerfitness 🙌 • • #transformation #brown #to #blonde #flagnorfail #danalinnbailey #hustle #work #grind #success #hammerfitness #teamhammer #bodybuilding #motivation #scoliosisstrong #figure #bikini #strong
Most of the time we exist in the in betweens. We're not out on a mountain feelin ourselves and we're not so low that we have to cry ourselves to sleep. Most of the time we're numb, or desensitized, struggling to navigate a life that's difficult, challenging, and a brain that has a survival tendency to focus on the negative. There are so many ways we check out. I see it in class when a pose gets too uncomfortable and people give up. I see it asking people to step up and work with my nonprofit, and they step aside instead. I see it in my own personal life, when I've asked people to stand with me in something important, and they've made excuses or deflected. In every case, when given the opportunity to show up to their lives and what's been presented in front of them, they've turned the opportunity down. We all do it on some level each and every day because the struggle, the point, is to stay present. To not fall into the in betweens, because that's where we stop living. We tend to automatically believe that discomfort it bad, when it's often an opportunity. If we continually turn and run from these uncomfortable opportunities, we repeat old cycles and habits, our time is wasted, and our dreams die. So, today, step up and meet your discomfort whether it's on the mat, in a conversation, or in the office. Check your response if it's a repetition of your mistakes, or if you can respond in a way that lets you grow beyond those old responses. Always question, always moving forward. 💕
Last shoulder and arm workout of the program! So flipping proud of the progress I've been able to make and I cannot wait to start it again on Oct 1st! If you're looking to ➡️ Lose weight ➡️ Gain strength ➡️ Build confidence ➡️ Learn how to use food as fuel 👉 And be a total bad ass😉 JOIN ME! Comment below with your favorite emoji to join! We start our prep week on Monday!
Haven’t post under this ig account for almost one year. Feels a bit strange to see that the last post was a backbend. I stopped any so called “challenging practices” since then. . Diagnosed as scoliosis/AIS since 18, I started #schrothmethod exercises after another 18 years. It challenges my body more than any other exercises, unexpectedly. . See how my back works now. It straightened my spine! . #JunesMovement #拿回身體的主導權 #ScoliosisAwareness . . #scoliosis #pilates #yoga #scoliosisstrong #脊椎側彎 #脊椎側凸 #脊柱侧弯 #脊柱側凸
Very true! Anyone else have scoliosis?!
Repost @la_muresu Hello! This is me!! Hello everyone I have a scoliosis of 135 degrees worsened after the surgery, before entering the operating room I was 90 degrees (12 years) now I have 135 degrees and the lungs compromised and breath with oxygen. But I am 💪🏻 Never give up!!! . . #storyofscoliosis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #skoliosis #skolioseop #scoliosissurgery #scoliosis #scoliosisvlog #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #scolifam #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosissupport #scoliosisstory #scoliosisgirl #backbrace #pain #scolio #scoliosisbrace #scoliosisfamily #backpain #skoliosekorsett #skolioseinfoblog #stronggirl #skoliosefighter #spinalfusion #bentbutnotbroken #postop #acoliosisitaly #strongwoman #scoliosismotivated
Go follow and show some love to my friend @teenspiritofnewjersey as she goes through a tough struggle with scoliosis and having to take a break from her biggest passion. #Repost @teenspiritofnewjersey with @get_repost ・・・ Last week I had to make one of the most overwhelming decisions of my life. After 6 years, I have decided to quit cheer. I would like to thank all the coaches I've worked with, premier all stars for giving me a home and everyone who supported me. As they say, it's never good bye, it's see you soon. The show must go on. 💙 #scoliosisstrong *edit, no amount of hate or posts about me will ever ruin my positive vibes, so think again.*
Go Charlotte💞! 15 months of casting, bracing, and physical therapy, and Charlotte's curve has gone from 53˚ to 15˚. Her family's dedication and sacrifice have been instrumental in Charlotte's progress. @carbos82 cantorspine.com #ScoliosisStrong #ScoliosisAwareness
Since when do great things come from times that feel easy? If you want to change your life you have to be accountable to your WHY. And check back in with it regularly. It takes courage. It takes getting out of your comfort zone. . Trying to live these words of wisdom these days. Some days are messier than others, but I will continue to remind myself that every struggle I’ve ever met in my life has shaped me into the person I am today and that they always make me stronger. Be Fierce. Be Strong. Find your inner Hulk 😆 . . #innerhulk #healthyisbetter #committtohealthy #mamaoftwo #happyandhealthy #mamaoftoddlers #joyfulmama #strongertogether #scoliosisstrong #strongisbeautiful #goals #juststart #trusttheprocess #getvulnerable #keepgoing #ihaveasolution #fitmama ##fitnessprograms #iworkout #savemoney #livehappy #doitcycle #meaplan #mealprep #savetime #nourishtoflourish #flexlife #mindsetmatters
it is okay to like the way you look! you don’t have to look like that fitness model on instagram or your favorite actor. your looks on the outside aren’t as important than how you feel on the inside. being happy with how you feel and how you look is important, along with having personal goals to become a better you one step at a time! • • #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #fit #scoliosissurgery #motivation #fitness #workout
Day 2: Today is the first time she smiled :) Isn’t it mind boggling that you can make an incision in the back and straighten the spine with rods and screws, packing the gaps with your own bone (like the extra bits of rib bones you’ve just cut) and donor bone - and then the VERY NEXT DAY they want you up and standing and sitting in a chair, and to move as much as possible, and that you CAN? There are modern day miracles happening every second of every day. Medical advances and scientific progress allow my baby girl to alter the shape of her spine, protecting her internal organs better and saving her from future pain and be WALKING today. Praise God!!!! To me, it’s the perfect compliment and not ironic at all to give thanks to God, not just for the miracle but the amazing gifts of the people who devote their lives to healing and wellness. #scoliosis #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #teamelizamae
Please read: In a few weeks I will be taking part in a mud run to raise money for The Scoliosis Association Uk. As many of you know my sister suffers with the condition which causes a curvature of the spine. Katy currently wears a brace and will undergo surgery in a few months. She has decided to do this run to raise awareness for scoliosis before her surgery, everyday tasks have become increasingly difficult for Katy and she suffers with a lot of pain. The run will be a challenge for Katy but she is so determined to complete it. Together we are trying to raise money for scoliosis which will hopefully mean one day scoliosis screening will be brought to schools. This girl is truly an inspiration and we’d be so grateful for any support anyone could offer💚❤️ Link for any donations is in my bio :) • • #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisfighter
@mettakate and @life.after.surgery.project tagged me in this wonderful photo not too long ago and I am very pleased to share it with you all. This morning was rough, I am on a new medication that causes me to throw up only two minutes before my class started which was awful. My morning has only gotten worse since for so many different reasons I can barely keep track, I’m livid since I just got off the phone with my doctor and it feels like nothing in this damn universe is looking at for me at all 😔 ☤ ☤ ☤ ☤ #scoliosis #staystrong #spinalfusion #scoliosisfighters #scoliosisstrong #scoliosisawareness #discomfort #fighters #lumbar #backpain #backbrace #bentnotbroken #nervepain #medication #musclepain #infection #hardware #recovery #medicine #lifeaftersurgery #survivor #support #sutterhealth #refusion #scar #titanium
Hellooo! Sorry if this picture is digisting you😂😂Buutt this is my scar after two weeks and im proud to say that i dont need pain killers at the moment! Its incredible because one week ago i was in such a huge pain and i tought that it will take weeks to get better, but here i am! The pain does get better and it will but we dont know when! In my case it was very fast. Im still at home because i got a little sick the last days and i felt dizzy after walking for five minutes, its really better now, but not completely gone🤷🏼‍♀️ Well maybe i got sick because theres a lot of trouble in my life right now, and i don't want to go in details now. What ever i just wanted to keep you guys updated and make everyone who is going through a hard time feeling that your not alone❤️ ~ #skoliose #skolioseop #scoliosissurgery #sugerery #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #scolifam #scoliosiswarrior #scoliosissupport #scoliosisstory #scoliosisgirl #backbrace #pain #scolio #scoliosisbrace #scoliosisfamily #backpain #skoliosekorsett #skolioseinfoblog #skoliose #skoliosefighter #skolioseseite #spinalfusion #bentbutnotbroken
So proud to present Nina aka @korsinina from Berlin this #warriorwednesday 🙏🏼 And here is what she wants to bring out to the world: ••••••••••••••••••••• “I have scoliosis, may back has not always been this straight. Now that it is I am not free of pain. I was diagnosed when I was 12 years old and wore a brace for 23h a day. It helped me a lot and together with physiotherapy I could correct my almost 40 degrees to around 20 when I was 18. I want to inspire others to accept their brace and to wear it. It's just a very short time in life and it does so much good. Show me your brace tips and tricks and your outfits. I'll share them in my story with the #iamscoliosiswarrior .” _______________________ Thanks Nina your content is of so much value to so many #scoliosisfighter ✨🙌🏼☺️ Go on like this! And I see you are an ocean-lover as well 🐳🌊 _______________________ #scoliosis #scoliosisstory #scoliwarrior #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #backbrace #korsett #schroth #schrothmethod #wearyourbrace #stronggirl #staystrong #motivation
#OOTD so I've had an idea! I'm thinking of doing something called spinal fusion fashion Fridays where I share some of your guys favourite outfits on Fridays using the hashtag #spinalfusionfashionfridays now I know only the select few of my followers actually have spinal fusions and scoliosis so it doesn't matter if your not fused or if you don't have scoliosis! I just want to share other peoples style and positivity! 💚 So make sure you use the hashtag #spinalfusionfashionfridays (or just tag me @spinalfusionfashion ) so that I can reshare your posts! 💚 Right so today's outfit I have no clue where my coat is from because my nan got it for me a few years ago, I've got on a pink fluffy @newlook jumper, my trust worthy @primark jeans, fluffy lilac @skinnydiplondon back pack and my beloved princess peach @vans which say game over! On the soles (swipe to see pictures)!! I'm hoping to start #spinalfusionfashionfridays this week I hope you guys join in!! 💚 * #scoliosis #scoliosisconfidence #spinalfusion #spinalfusionconfidence #spinalfusionfashion #wonky #unevenshoulders #WLYG #back #spine #scoliosisawareness #bentnotbroken #scoliosisstrong #outfit #style #fashion #newlook #vans #skinnydiplondon
There’s no reason to look back when you have so much to look forward to. Comment one goal you have for this year ✨ . . . . . #rilyndinyae #goals #scoliosis #scoliosisawareness #kidsofinstagram #influencer #picoftheday #positivevibes #quotes #kids #girl #sunflowers
Last week I had to make one of the most overwhelming decisions of my life. After 6 years, I have decided to quit cheer. I would like to thank all the coaches I've worked with, premier all stars for giving me a home and everyone who supported me. As they say, it's never good bye, it's see you soon. The show must go on. 💙 #scoliosisstrong *edit, no amount of hate or posts about me will ever ruin my positive vibes, so think again.*
On the road again. Another journey begins. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana II prep. First time exploring this one on my own. I have known my mentor to teach a rendition of this. Another has had us do similar actions with the back shin on the the wall. Deflating the front of that back thigh.😉Finding the sacrum and belly connection. 😬😅#ekapadarajakapotasanaii #scoliosisstrong #homepractice #yogaeveryday
From yesterday: day 13/100 uninterrupted practice. Preliminary work for Eka Pada Rajakapotasana I. Not a posture I do as part of my regular practice. I have dipped my toes in a couple of times. Each time I read and re-read before attempting. I go to my razor’s edge and no further. Even in this earliest stage-which was purposefully meant to be done just this stage for the sequence-taking caution with the alignment cues and actions working, I am a million miles away from the final stage. A lifetime project perhaps. 😉Thanks to @yogawithholly for her impeccable sequences for #100daysofiyengar for #bksiyengarcentenary . 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🕉#scoliosisstrong #homepractice
It's okay to envision punching your trainer in the face. Whatever it takes to get your workout done 😉
When I really started to take this coaching thing seriously, I envisioned a TEAM. A team of women who were friends, who supported one another, who PUSHED one another. That vision is finally starting to come together! I am officially starting my own TEAM and I am looking for FIVE women to join me at the ground level. Five women who want to focus on their own health and happiness. Five women who want to make a positive impact on those around them. Five women who are looking for a second income stream so they have more freedom to enjoy their life. Is that you? Are you ready to join my team? If you want more info, comment with your favorite emoji!
here is a bicep and tricep workout full of supersets! you’ll leave the gym with your arms on 🔥 • • superset reverse grip tricep extensions • • superset incline bicep curls overhead dumb bell tricep extensions • • superset squatting cable curls plate hammer curls • • barbell curls • • close grip push ups • • #fitnessmotivation #scoliosisawareness #scoliosisstrong #scoliosissurgery #fit #tricepsworkout #bicepworkout #armworkout
I have seriously been spending so much time stressed, frustrated, and impatient lately. It’s really not okay. I have days where I wonder if I should just give up on body building. My back/hip cause too many issues. I have days where I think I will never be as successful as I want to be. BUT some days, I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am. I am so lucky to have my boyfriend @spencleve92. I’m so lucky that I have the ability to go do my hip/back exercises on a paddle board on a beautiful day! Tonight I didn’t want to work out. I had decided I wasn’t going to because I’m not feeling 100%. But how silly is that?? Working out is my outlet for my stress. It may not be my best workout ever, but that’s not what matters. What matters is pushing myself and reminding myself how lucky I am! #scoliosisstrong #bulking #bodypositive #makeyourownbeautiful #staypositive #positivity #bodybuilding #girlswholift #physicaltherapy #igotthis 💪
Our newest thing is to put on his shield all by himself. To be honest, its even hard for me to pull it apart to get around him. Though this means we need to get out the door 10-15mins earlier than usual, it’s important for me to let him keep trying👊🏼 As an adult, I too can easily get discouraged and being I keep it very real, I give up at times but I wont ever allow my son to. So next time, i give up, i will remember these moments that will motivate me to keep going! I’m so very proud of you Ryker💙 #scoliosis #scoliosisstruggles #bentnotbroken #scoliosissucks #letstradespines #igotyou #igotyourback #proudmommy #mommyandson #choc #backbrace #spine #scoliosisstrong #vans #starwars #surferboy #nevergiveup #yougitthis #myson #rykersroad
!~Exciting news~! Hey guys! So, in October I’m doing a mud run with my friends to raise awareness for scoliosis and money for Scoliosis Association UK. This will be a big challenge for me as I’ve been experiencing more pain recently but my friends will be there to support me. I am doing this for all the amazing scoli fighters out there. You are not alone in this. My dream is to make everyone aware of our condition and to help others who are suffering and need support. If you wish to sponsor us in our mud run and help raise awareness for scoliosis, please click the link in my bio. All your support and love is valued by me so much. I don’t know where this account would be without every single one of you. Thank you so much for everything. Xxx❤️🌺💚💪🏻 • • • #scoliosis #scoliosisfighter #scoliosisstrong #scoliosissurgery #scoliosisdancer #staypositive #staystrong #keepsmiling #keepfighting #positivity #lotsoflove #aerialdancer #aerial #fff #lfl #follow4follow #like4like #likeforlike #followforfollow #mudrun #pleasedonate #sponserforscoliosis #scoliosisawareness #pleaseread
It's not easy. It takes literal sweat and tears. It takes being consistent and showing up, even when you don't want to. But I promise you, it is so worth it. You just need to have patience. Stop expecting results over night. It took YEARS for you to get where you are now. You cannot "Amazon Prime" a new body or mindset. Trust me, I tried 😉
In my element ✨🌱 There is a huge difference between health and fitness (sadly they are two totally different categories). My passion actually began with holistic nutrition and learning about beneficial foods. You may see people who look great on the outside, but you truly have no idea what’s going on with them health wise. Nutritional imbalances, hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, food intolerances ect.. are so common now a days due to the additives in most of our foods (here in America anyway...) and chemicals, hormones in our meats/eggs, artificial sweeteners ect.. just because something is “sugar free” or “fat free” does NOT make in healthy. In fact most of the time it’s quite the opposite. Aim to fuel your body with whole foods, as close to nature intended. I like to follow the 80/20 rule. 80% healthy, whole, beneficial foods and 20% essentially whatever I want 🥑🍦
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