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> 3 March 2018 i miss the oscars and the hype ): @tomholland2013
roses for lily 🌹
The cover of Monsters Inside Me. Vote for font in my story. October 1st...
(DISCLAIMER: all rights go to their respectful owners) IT HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN ONE YEAR SINCE I CREATED THIS ACCOUNT! it’s been a full year, ive met so many amazing people on here, im almost at 5k, and i have over 450 posts. i just wanna thank you all for being here to see the vines, the trash, and the rants. here are a few of my favorite posts ive posted in the past year, and may there be more to come❤️ • • • tags: #tomholland #tomholland2013 #hazosterfield #harrisonosterfield #samholland #samholland1999 #harryholland #harryholland64 #paddyholland #paddyholland2004 #zendaya
This is so bad oops
Sammy's slick hair 🔥 Look at those hands Living for Sam content Via @/_its_ginge_
They all gathered but left some distance between themselves for when they fight starts. Laura had been badly beaten before they showed up but thanks to her healing properties there were no traces of abuse. But she was hit hard enough to be unconscious at the moment. “Come on Donald just give us our gal and we’ll leave this place without anyone getting hurt.” Tony tried bargaining. “You really think I’m that stupid Stark?” Donald replied. Tony held the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Clearly you were since you weren’t hiding very well.” Tony snapped back. He didn’t know that Donald had been giving hand signals to shoot Laura up with the serum. Laura woke up with a gasp inside the truck. Her eyes turning that vibrant green as her veins turned green. The serum was making its way through. She grunted and growled as it did its job. Just moments before she was dreaming about something she wasn’t sure was dream or a flashback that had happened. She was at this building. It looked familiar. Her bags were packed and ready to go. There was a mysterious rope. Laura thought about it. She was escaping the Hydra facility! Quickly she tied everything together and made her way to the window nearby. She slowly lowered her luggage with the rope out the second story window. Then she put gloves on to prevent rope burn (though that wouldn't matter because she can instantly heal) and slid her way down the rope. xxMORE IN COMMENTSxx
> 3 March 2018 wHats up! it’s ya bOi spiderman! - who remembers this night 😩
> 19 September 2018 severely annoyed we got no gameplay followed after this 😔
He looks so good 😪
the twins posting today is a blessing ♥️
Part 9 I was pretty surprised by Tom's question from the night before. I really didn't expect it but, I was pretty happy that he asked me out too. Of course I said yes. We decided to go to a restaurant tomorrow night at eight. I felt a bit nervous but then I shaked it off. Tom left afterwards and I finally got some sleep. He was an amazing guy and... I found myself daydreaming all day about him. Even at work. "Y/N?" I was putting some whipped cream on a coffee but I was clearly missing the cup. "Oh yes?" I snapped out of the trance and gave him all of my attention. "What is it?" "Nothing," he replied looking back at the cash register, "you just seem weird. Everything okay?" He seemed pretty concerned. "I'm fine Sam, don't worry." I smiled. "So what are you doing tonight?" "N-nothing? Why are you asking all of a sudden?" Ok... I noticed I made a mistake but, it was too late. "Just wondering if you would like to come to a restaurant with Elysia, a friend and I." "Oh I'm pretty busy though." I mentally slapped myself. "You just said you weren't doing anything." "I mean... I have a lot of reading to do." "Since when do you read?" I gasped. "Excuse me I read all the time, just not at work." I passed by him and was about to go toward the customer who asked for this coffee. "Okay, then let me amend my previous statement," he said openeing the cash register, "I didn't know you could read." I rolled my eyes and flipped him off... subtly. .... When I was closing the café with Sam he asked again, "so are you going out?" "Umm... yeah I am." I answered nervously. "With who?" I didn't know how to respond that. With your brother. It didn't sound that bad right? I don't even know why I don't want to tell him. "A friend." "Oh. Well," a car drove in front of us, "have a goodnight Y/N." I waved goodbye as he left with his girlfriend. "Hello." I jumped and turned around quickly. "Jesus Tom, what is it with you and scaring people?!" I put a hand over my chest. "Well, you seemed to not tell Sam you were going on a date with me so I decided to linger in the shadows." "Linger?" I laughed. 👇continues in comments👇
Hi Sammy nice to see you again underneath all this Harry content 😂❤️ missin you #samholland #samholland1999 #hollanders #hollandtwins
Reposting this bc it needs to be seen. Comment below your thoughts.
The “haloo” got me like omg he’s so fucking cute
I'm having a shit day and it's barely 10:30 am :)👍🏻
Bullets flew everywhere as they ran to take cover. Yet another moment where Frank and Laura were trying to be heroes in a sense. Of course murder ends up changing that quickly. But you couldn’t blame Laura, they guy attacked her first. To her it was self defense whether there was blood or not. But feds never see it as that’s. Murder is murder to them no matter what. “Keep running!” Frank screamed as he stopped for a moment to shoot someone. Though Laura has self healing properties, a bullet still hurts like a bitch. So yeah she’ll definitely keep running. Her heart raced as she ran as fast as she could. Dodging bullets while running was a difficult task. Though they’ve already healed, bullets just grazed her cheeks many times. Laura was dreading for when she does get hit. She knows it’s coming. It happens every time. “Laura!” Frank screamed from behind her. Laura stopped and looked behind her. Blood streamed down his arm. He’s been hit. Her only instinct is to run to him. “What are you doing?!” He panicked. Laura stuttered. “Uh- coming back for you. You have been-“ “hit I know. Just keep running.” Just as he says that, almost as if the moment was in slow motion, Laura is hit herself. “Mother fucker!” She screams. More bullets fly at them. Frank ducks behind a large garbage container to reload. Laura stands there. She knows he’s yelling at her as she continues to take bullet after bullet, but everything is numb. Her hearing is muffed. Fist clenched. Laura continued to stand there and get angrier. Frank shook his head and popped back up, shooting frantically and killing every attacker. He didn’t know what was going on, but his instincts told him to grab her and go. He did just that. Laura let her body do what it needed to. She knew what was about to happen. “Frank!” She inhaled sharply as they ran. “What’s wrong?” He turned to her and stopped. She started to look ill. xxMORE IN COMMENTSxx
This content is making me emotional Cr: @ THollandNews (Twitter)
I have my assessment tomorrow I'm excited! Sam and Harry actually look like twins here 😂 Tom is going through and emo phase and James' smile is super cute okay 👌🏼 #tomholland #harryholland #samholland #jamesholland #hollanders #hollandfamily #hollandbrothers #tomholland2013 #harryholland64 #samholland1999
This is literally me 😂👏🏼 . . I’m back bitcheeeeessssss😘 thanks for not unfollowing ❤️ I also might be doing a livestream with mi friend Diana this weekend if you wanna watch us being weird and funny 😉😂✌🏼 . . . . . . . . #spiderman #peterparker #tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandedits #spidermanhomecoming #quackson #hollanders #hollander #quacksons #tomhollanders #walkingmeme #tomhollandposts #thomasstanleyholland #chaoswalking #chaoswalkingmovie #spidermanmeme #infinitywar #spidermaninfinitywar #spidey .#samholland1999 #harryholland @tomholland2013 @samholland1999 @harryholland64
maaaan elysia is one lucky gal 😩👌🏻
I have a crap ton of hw
When Ariana Grande is going to help with the story line...
maybe they just both have the same shirt ? 😂 😂 ( even i didn't believe myself 😂) • • •| @tomholland2013 @samholland1999 #tomholland #tomholland2013 #samholland #samholland1999 #holland #hollanders #newpost #fff #f4f
Wasn't gonna post today cuz my mom was in a car accident but thankfully she is ok and home🙏❤
I am so sorry I haven't posted a part yet but school was terrible and I'm so tired and can barely keep my eyes open any longer. I'm working on some things but school and homework has to come first so please bare with me😭💕 - - #tomhollandtext #tomhollandtextimagines #tomhollandtextpost #tomhollandtexting #tomhollandtextingstory #tomholland #tomholland2013 #harryholland #samholland #harryholland64 #samholland1999 #nikkihollandphotography #harryhollandphotography #domholland #paddyholland #paddyholland2004 #zendaya
Who’s your favorite Holland twin? - - - - - 🕷🕸 follow me @tomxmarvelconfess for more 🕷🕸 - - - - - fc: 146 @samholland1999 @harryholland64 #tomxmarvelconfess #samholland #harryholland #samholland1999 #harryholland64 #hollandtwins #hollandfamily #confessions
Best Tom&Haz comic I’ve ever seen. credits to @tomhollandcouk
YES IT DOES GO WITH THE STORY! I’m sorry no full length teaser today. Tweaking some things. Angel will be played by Ross Lynch. Enjoy this!
Can we point out how cute he looks in this. Freckles !!! • • • • • • @samholland1999 • • • • • #samhollandedit #samholland #samholland1999 #tomholland #paddyholland #domholland #nikiholland #holland #hollanders #hollandedit #freckles
El posted, bless you 🙌🏼 #samholland #samholland1999 #hollanders #hollandtwins
Tom in Prague. Dont really have a caption
I DON'T KNOW WHETHER TO HATE MYSELF OR NOT FOR MAKING THIS ALSJKAKAKALAJ It kinds glitched at curls 😭 but oh well this is what I do when I'm bored and yes that's me speaking and yes I only recorded myself once @tomholland2013 @samholland1999 @harryholland64 @paddyholland2004 @hazosterfield @elysiadayman . . . . . . . . . . . #tomholland #harryholland #samholland #paddyholland #harrisonosterfield #elysiadayman #hollandfamily #hollanders #hollandtwins #hollandbrothers #tomholland2013 #paddyholland2004 #harryholland64 #samholland1999 #hazosterfield #wiimusic #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #fanedit
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