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@Regranned from @escape_with_celiarose - Vibrant colours and mismatched prints bring a sparkle to my eye; in the middle of a furious world filled with things we don’t understand. Peace comes from the quiet. From the smiles of culturally rich strangers, giving hope to the beauty of mankind. Hope that is wrenched from innocent souls can be refilled and replenished. It takes acceptance of others. It takes an unconditional love for imperfection. It takes a shock of reality, and a strength from within. A strength we all possess, if only we take hold of it. #writtenbycelia #saharasquad17 - #doitforthegram #Vietnam #vietnamtrip #hanoi #oldquartershanoi #indianfashionblogger #backpackers #vietnamtravel #travelvietnam #plixxosuperblogger #airasia #southeastasia #visitvietnam #igvietnam #airasiavietnam #vietnamviews #travelasia #indianblogger #gopro #goproindia #vietnamphoto #vietnambeauty #instagramvietnam #travelcouple #travelingcouple
A beautiful and colourful wonderland hidden amongst the tiny winding streets of the Fez Medina, Morocco! Who would think that between the chickens and olives you’d find this. The independent artist makes everything himself and designed the entire hallway of beauty! 💜💛💚❤️💙💖
Miss sharing giggles with this sweet and classy lady 😍 amongst the pleasing patterns of Marrakech 💕 @cassidyslockett
You’re a messy poem, a torn canvas, an angry heart. You are beautiful in way he could never understand, strange in thoughts that never crossed his mind. You are different and terrifying to him. - He looks at you and backs away from your fire. He touches you and he flinches away from your sharp edges. He looks at you and sees a thunderstorm that scares him to the core; he cannot see what’s beneath your skin, he cannot hear the fragility in your voice when it shakes with rage, he cannot see the sanity in the shreds of your irrationality, he cannot see your strength when you spit the truth like poison, he cannot see the beauty in your mess, he cannot see you no matter how hard he looks and it’s not your fault nor his; you aren’t made for people like him, people who cannot understand the paradox that you are. - You are made for people who understand the terrors that exist within ones self, people who appreciate the fascination in complexity. You are made for people who are just like you; strange and terrifying but loveable nonetheless. - Powerful and Wild Words by Nada Toghoj @leilajoy_
Volubilis Archeological Site. Did not expect to see Roman ruins in Morocco. Incredible how vast their empire was. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #Volubilis #instapassport #passportready #traveltheworld #travelphotography #worldcaptures #saharasquad17 #neverstopexploring #thisisafrica #photographytrip #morocco #moroccotravels #nikon #romanruins
Accidentally color-coordinating with my surroundings always brings me an unreasonable amount of joy ✨ ••• 📸 by @riannaparkinson
Yves Saint Laurent certainly knew how to work those primary colors 💙💛🙌🏼
“But what is stronger Than the human heart Which shatters over and over And lives” @rupikaur_
Trust Morocco to be stunning from every angle... Wish I could find this kind of beauty every time I looked down at my feet!💙 ••• PS. LAST CHANCE to enter my little giveaway with Elastoplast! To be in the running to win an awesome Elastoplast Blister Plaster prize pack worth over $400 including a FitBit, hiking backpack & more, just upload a picture of your favourite adventure/ travel destination using the hashtag #ElastoplastAdventure . And don’t forget to look after your feet on your next adventure by investing in some handy little Elastoplast Blister Plasters! #AD
Another item checked off the bucketlist ✔️🐪 Tell me- what’s on the top of your list? #saharasquad17
~ ‘yesterday the rain tried to imitate my hands by running down your body i ripped the sky apart for allowing it’ ~ @rupikaur_ on jealousy. Words of a goddess. ✨
Just, you know, pretending to be Moroccan royalty 💁🏼‍♀️👑🇲🇦
Finally got around to editing some photos from Morocco 🇲🇦 There are so many, I didn’t know where to start. The majority are colorful mosaics and cats of course! . . . . #neverstopexploring #morocco #moroccotravel #fes #marrakesh #instatravel #travelgram #passportready #wanderlust #instapassport #traveltheworld #mytravelgram #travelphotography #wanderwithpurpose #getaway #travelphoto #saharasquad17
Had to get a photo at the famous blue street in Chefchaouen 💙 I wanted to take a moment to step behind-the-scenes of this Instagram shot, as the reality of this moment was far from what might be depicted in this seemingly “picture-perfect” image. In fact, what was actually going on when the photo was taken is almost humorous. I was on my photography tour, and a small group of us were taking turns to take photos in this iconic spot. Suddenly, a massive tour group appeared out of nowhere, and instead of waiting their turn to take photos on the street like we each had been doing, they started jumping in front of us and into our photos in order to get their shots. We politely asked the tour guide if he could tell his group to wait their turn, and he responded by raising his voice at us and calling us a group of stupid privileged females. So this photo was taken in the very brief moment after we were verbally abused by a tour guide and just before three tourists swarmed around me to get their photos. To be honest, the whole situation was a great reminder that photos on Instagram NEVER tell the whole story, and life is never as picture-perfect as how we make it look in our images! 😎
Architecturally Moroccan 🙌🏻👌🏻💛
Puss in books 😸📚
Amor atrai amor...💛 . • 📷 @isthisreal • . #saharasquad17
From the depths of darkness, from the crater of your hurt; Know this: That every mess is a message Every scribbled brain becomes clear Even if you feel stripped naked And thrown to the vultures at dusk You can and you will cradle your hurt, carefully and uniquely. - Hurt people continue to incessantly hurt others. But aren’t we all hurt? Don’t we all hurt another? Don’t we all harbour bitterness and unforgiveness; To others But more dangerously, to ourselves. Your hurt will maybe, no, will most definitely, hurt yourself. Your wounded soul shackles your neck in a collar of iron. Would we ever be so cruel to another.. Or only to ourselves? - The thing is, you will get past what you may never ever get over. But you have to let yourself go, free yourself of the chains binding your mind; Free the people who knew no better, And free your physical body. The scars will heal... But what is tattooed on your spirit? What lives on with you even after time has lapsed? Let these things be a reminder of who you are; But run away from imprisonment and control. Do not let the triggers lie and rip at your thoughts. For your thoughts will shape you. - The end of one thing doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. With finite disappointment we need to have infinite hope. Don’t throw away tomorrow for tomorrow is not gone. It will linger as the sun rises and fade away only as the sun sets. Let it be a beautiful and subtle reminder, That you’re okay - Hurt is like a wolf stalking you in the night Ready to attack Tear down But if you can fight it And keep your dreams alive Your future will be as powerful as the prime husky. With one blue eye and one green eye, piercing and strong. #writtenbycelia
Thank you @legrandcornichon for a 5 star meal! If you are ever in Marrakech and want some fine dining these guys have a set menu which changes every week! Filled with super talented chefs and fantastic wait staff we had a truly magical experience! . . . . . #foodie #foodtravel #wonderfulplaces #beautifuldestinations #foodblogger #dailyfoodfeed #beatmealoftheday #igfoodporn #eatcleangetlean #dessertporn #eatingfortheinsta #lovefoodhatewaste #foodandwine #feedyoursoul #tastingtable #spoonfeed #buzzfeast #girlwhoeats #foodbaby #huffposttaste #newzealandfoodies #nzeats #eattheworld #foodnetwork #saharasquad17
Hassan II Mosque . #saharasquad17
Phynos! 💁🏻‍♀️ . #tbt do melhor final de tarde em Marrakesh . #saharasquad17
Casablanca 🇲🇦 . • 📷 @gopro • . #saharasquad17
Wandering through the the eye-catching markets in Fez, Morocco. So many colours, patterns, smells, sights and stories! 🌸🌼
I’ll take one of everything thanks 🙋🏼I am not normally one to buy souvenirs when I travel, but I literally could have filled suitcases and emptied my bank accounts shopping at the Souks in Marrakech. ••• Tell me- what do you normally buy when you travel? 💸
The mystery is in your eyes ✨ - Taking photos of locals in particular countries and situations is not an easy job. It requires kindness, respect and patience. You cannot go up to a person and stick your camera in their face without asking, or spending time with them first. - Lucky for me, I love nothing more than to chat to a local and find out their story. Sometimes language barriers is an issue and that makes it difficult, however there are many times that simply a warm smile can get them intrigued and to agree with having their photograph taken. - I will write a blog soon about my tips for people photography whilst travelling 👌🏻 let me know if you guys would find that interesting and helpful! I will also be taking tips and input from extremely skilled photographer @strangeronthemove (follow him!!) who travels india shooting all kinds of amazing people! Tune in to this soon!!!
🌶 G.I.R.L.S . • 📷 @isthisreal • . #saharasquad17
Whist in Morocco we ate our fair share of Cous cous and tangines! But this meal at the Riad Kinza had to be one of the mort decadent meals we had on our trip! With selection of four tangines entrees and desserts we rolled out of the riad full to the brim! Whist in the Médina I purchased my very own tagine pot! So looking forward to trying out some new recipes when I get home! . . . . . #foodie #foodtravel #wonderfulplaces #beautifuldestinations #foodblogger #dailyfoodfeed #beatmealoftheday #igfoodporn #eatcleangetlean #dessertporn #eatingfortheinsta #lovefoodhatewaste #foodandwine #feedyoursoul #tastingtable #spoonfeed #buzzfeast #girlwhoeats #foodbaby #huffposttaste #newzealandfoodies #nzeats #eattheworld #foodnetwork #saharasquad17 #girlswhotravel #riadkinza
Sunset lover 🧡 . #saharasquad17
@polkadotpassport So excited to be in Morocco for my first ever photography tour with @isthisreal ! 🇲🇦 Can’t wait to spend the next 12 days exploring this beautiful country with the new crew 🙌🏼 #saharasquad17 Follow @thetiffmadison posting what we love daily #selfie #picoftheday #fashionblogger #fashion #fashioninspiration #fashiongram #style #lifestyle #inspiration #pictureoftheday #pop #fashionblog #instapic #fashionstyle #personalstyle #bestoftheday #insta #fashionista #instalove #classy #casual #womenswear #fashionable #instafashion #fashiondiaries #instalike #styleblogger
The prettiest stables I ever did see 🍃 ••• 📸 by @isthisreal
The most beautiful of hearts is one that loves all people, all wildlife and all lands, without judgement and with a pure desire to learn from difference. For alone, or with our own kind, we can only ever stay the same. Which is a recipe for a life with minimal or the same kind of love. - Every time I visit a new country and a new place I fall in love. It may not be the type of love you can relate to, but it is one where I feel ever so connected to difference. - The people I meet are not like me. They offer different ways of thinking, laughing and being. And that is what I long for. I love their exotic eyes and voices. I love that we have had totally different lives and we can exchange what they are. It’s beautiful to feel gritty contrast, and I need that. - I do not just visit a land. I go there wanting to be thrown into its midst. I don’t want to hide in my room or a taxi. I don’t want to lower my eyes to what’s in front of me. I want to grasp it, learn from it and delve deep into it. This means understanding the ways of another culture, this means exploring the streets with confidence, this means keeping my eyes open for opportunity and closed to comfort. - A funny note, I love camels and camels love me. The local animals of other countries understand when you’re one with them. They feel you. And they also know you’re gentle and kind, unlike some of their owners. Love those dogs, camels, donkeys. Give them gratitude and warmth. Above all give them respect. They’re feelings are the same as ours. - I would never be the woman I am now staying perched on my front door step. I have flowing appreciation for every aspect of my life since I’ve started seeing this earth. I have learnt ions worth of love and I can’t wait to share and receive more 💛 - Onwards to Kenya! Revisiting my heart after being absent for 7 years! 🐘🦁 #writtenbycelia
I want to go back to the souks and buy all the rugs, scarves, lanterns, and textiles my heart desires. Who's in?! Thanks @jetsetmadi for 📸 me in my normal, goofy state! • ° • #saharasquad17 #nirvanatravels #dametravelermorocco #worktotravel #travellingpharmacist #rxtraveler
Four-poster desert bed for the win 🐫☀️ if you’re looking for the most incredible and authentic resort to reside in pre or post Sahara desert in Morocco, look no further! #xalucaarfoud is the perfect mix between ‘desert feel’ and luxury! Check them out ☀️
In Chefchaouen, the Sky and Earth swap color pallettes to show off at sunset. • ° • #saharasquad17 #nirvanatravels #notovermorocco #canigoback #lovemorocco #worktotravel #rxtraveler
that was her magic, she could still see the sunset, even on those darkest days. . • 📷 @gopro • . #saharasquad17
And the sun will set for you... . • 📷 @gopro • . #saharasquad17
Spend the day riding camels and 4 wheelers through the sand dunes and spend the night around the campfire listening to the locals sing their tunes before spending the night taking photos of stars! Sahara desert ✅ . . . . . #travelmorocco #moroccotravel #loves_morocco #moroccotrip #visitmorocco #unlimitedmorocco #mytinyatlas #globewanderer #forahappymoment #roamtheplanet #girlsborntotravel #thosewhowander #shetravels #darlingescapes #tlpicks #radgirlslife #areyouawake #travelstroke #thegoodvibetribe #timeoutsociety #OurPlanetDaily #greatesttravels #discoverglobe #WeLivetoexplore #saharasquad17
#truth I lost someone very dear to me the night before I began my blogging/photography trip in Morocco. This trip was something I looked forward to since March so as you can imagine, it wasn’t the best timing, as I suddenly wasn’t myself and felt as if I couldn’t have fun like I wanted. I wanted to grieve and cry and be alone or with people who knew me well, but none of those things could happen. Instead I had to try to be as myself as I possibly could, still laugh when something was funny, and still learn as much as I could. The hardest part was trying to trick my mind and acting through the pain. Every time my mind entered back into the place where I knew Geet was no longer with me, I felt lost, confused, devastated and alienated. - The biggest lesson I learnt is that regardless of yours struggles, secrets, failings, guilts, losses, you can still push through life. And pushing through is what strengthens you, it’s what makes you grow as a human. Something might not feel right, but life has its way of continuing anyway. And when you continue, you learn valuable lessons about yourself, life and others. - I am now able to find some alone time in Egypt for a day or so to think, meditate and appreciate Geet, for who she is and was. I feel so disconnected to her and India, I wish I could’ve been there to honour her and remember her. I am just grateful to have shared time and friendship with such an amazing woman and beautiful friend. - It’s amazing that through such pain, you can still connect, even though no one knows your pain. And I thank you so much to the people in Morocco I connected with and could confide in, as well as laugh with and have adventures with, and learn off. So much talent can never go unseen. Love to all ❤️✨
Traveling isn’t always as glamorous as it looks. Still recovering from 30+ bites from bed bugs, including 12 on my face 🙈, a cold, and food related sickness😩. Sometimes you need a vacation from your travels! #saharasquad17 #moroccotravel #neverstopexploring #evenifitmakesyousick #worthit #wearetravelgirls
Still in Sahara Desert..🐪😬 . • 📷 @gopro • . #saharasquad17
Vestida de mamãe 👗 #saharasquad17
@Regranned from @isthisreal - Losing ourselves in the ancient stables. #saharasquad17 #morocco
I wanna send a big thank you to @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal for arranging such an amazing photography tour through Morocco! 🙌🏻 Morocco was not on my bucket list until last year, and I'm soo glad I got the opportunity to go! I am so thankful I got to travel around this beautiful country with this awesome group! Such wonderful and talented people! I hope to see you all again one day, I will never forget the memories we made together! Lots of love! Until next time!❣️#saharasquad17 🐪 . . #morocco #memoriesforlife #untilthenexttime #travelgirl #followmeto #travelphotography #wanderlust #explore #globetrotter #travelgram #beautifuldestinations #instatravel #instagood #bucketlist #photooftheday #vscocam #shot_flair
Please excuse the late post, I've been busy traveling around Italy and Switzerland, but I'm wishing I was back in Morocco! Thank you soooo much @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal for the most amazing trip! I am so sad it's over. It was wonderful getting to meet such talented and creative people from all over the world. I hope to see you all again one day, perhaps on the next photography trip! 😊 I will never forget the memories we all made together (or all the cous cous and tagine we shared... how could I ever forget?) #saharasquad17 💜
He was the one who took me for a ride to see the sunset in the desert 🐪❤️ . #saharasquad17
And thus my Morocco photography expedition comes to an end 😭... It’s been an amazing 12 days getting to know and learning from some of the most talented and creative people from across the world! 🎨✨ . Shoutout to @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal for organizing such an amazing trip and sharing your passion of travel and photography with us, I look forward to our #saharasquad17 reunion in the near future! 🙌🎉
O Pensador
My Moroccan adventure has come to an end 😢 I came on this trip with not many expectations. All I Really wanted to know how to do was to shoot in manual mode and meet some new people! I have defiantly learnt how to shoot on manual and the people i have met on this journey are the most creative and talented people on the planet! It was an absolute pleasure spending the last few weeks with you and I’m so excited to see where you all end up! Thank you @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal for your guidance and friendship! Love to you all and if anyone needs a bed in NZ you are always welcome. . . . . . #travelmorocco #moroccotravel #loves_morocco #moroccotrip #visitmorocco #unlimitedmorocco #mytinyatlas #globewanderer #forahappymoment #roamtheplanet #girlsborntotravel #thosewhowander #shetravels #darlingescapes #tlpicks #radgirlslife #areyouawake #travelstroke #thegoodvibetribe #timeoutsociety #OurPlanetDaily #greatesttravels #discoverglobe #WeLivetoexplore #saharasquad17
Dromedaries and turbans in the late afternoon 🐪🔅 . • 📷 @gopro • . #saharasquad17
Morocco ✔️ off my bucket list thanks to @isthisreal and @polkadotpassport both of you have been such an inspiration for me and other young travelers, it was an honor to be part of your first photography expedition together 🇲🇦 Keep up with the incredible work and I hope to see you and all the #saharasquad17 again one day! (Maybe December 8th 2018 😂) #tajine #couscous
The windows of poised possibility shimmered so delicately, reflecting off every twist and turn. So uncertain. But so possible. #thoughts #writtenbycelia
And today the #saharasquad17 expedition ended...🇲🇦 . I have to say that I simply LOVED getting to know Morocco and this trip exceeded all my expectations!! It was amazing to learn more about Moroccan culture through photographic lenses. It's the most exotic and colorful country I've ever been to. I'm sure we all had amazing experiences and great learning during these 12 days!! The itinerary was PERFECT and the organization too! Thanks for everything @isthisreal and @polkadotpassport !! You did a great job together! We had wonderful times with you and even made some new friends! ❤️ I'm definitely going to join you guys on the next adventure! 🙌🏻
Finally made it to the Sahara desert! Well, at least to a beautiful hotel on the edge of the desert 😜🌵Since arriving, this tube of @elizabethardenau Eight Hour Cream has actually been my savior. I’ve been using it for everything from a lipbalm to a moisturiser- it’s been so ideal for keeping my skin hydrated in the dry Moroccan climate. Not a bad little travel companion if you ask me 💁🏼 #MyEightHour #EAPartner
Back home after the most amazing trip! Thanks to @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal for hosting such an amazing experience. I am missing our #saharasquad17 already. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of talented new friends!
This was my first international expedition and the place a picked was Morocco. It was also my first time working with @polkadotpassport. We decided to make a 12 days trip going through more than 10 cities and gathered a group of 17 from all around the world. People with all kinds of backgrounds and perspectives but all here willing to learn. It was so great to see how the trip went so well, everybody was so into photography and how they all got along together. That being said, me and Nicola are excited to announce that next year there is gonna be another one. So stay tuned and wait for news. #saharasquad17 I wanted to thank all of you that came in this trip and believed in me and in my word. I hope you guys had a great time and that you can come along on the next one. It was awesome getting to know you all and spending this past few days together. #morocco #sahara
I am incredibly grateful to have met eighteen beautiful, hard-working, and passionate humans. Coming on this photography trip to Morocco was way out of my comfort zone, but it became inspiring and thrilling to travel and create with this squad. I have learned so much from each of you. Don't let that spark of creativity and drive fade. You all are going to do amazing things and change the world in your own way. Much love and till our next sunrise #saharasquad17 ❤️ 📸 #2 : @polkadotpassport and @isthisreal (hosts of the trip!) 📸 #3 : @jaclee___ Also, check out these people tagged because they are going places with their art!
V I B E S 🍊🐪🐚🌀🔆🎈💎 #saharasquad17
Uma paradinha no Atlas Mountains, antes de partir para Marrakech. 👋🇲🇦 #morocco #saharasquad17
Special moments like this make a trip memorable 🌼
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