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Wow I feel old now - Source: @starwars
😂😂😂 - Via @gungan_grand_army
The pic is baby Mace Windu btw - Source: starwars.wikia.com
Who’s your favorite Jedi? - Source: Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia (Updated and Expanded)
according to Raven metzner, Not only is typhoid Mary appearing in Iron fist season 2 but Moon knight was reportedly going to feature. While it might have been more of a mark spectre than moon knight it would have still been nice for some fans to see the character being acknowledged. . Iron fist season 2 opens September 7th on #netflix . It stars #finnjones , #aliceeve and #lewistan . . #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #markspectre #ironfist #lukecage #jessicajones #jewel #daredevilseason3 #cloakanddagger #infinitywar #batman #chrisevans #tomholland #robertdowneyjr #captainmarvel #captainamerica #mcunews #nerdynews #picsart #phonto #htc #rottadeservesasequel
I don’t care that you pronounce it “Savahge”, I prefer Savage 😂 - Source: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
The Amazing Spider-Maul - Source: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
I’m going to do a series of facts explaining how Darth Maul survived and why he popped up in Solo since a lot of people don’t know 👍 - Source: starwars.wikia.com
Master of the high ground and low ground?
Watch Return of the Jedi again with this in mind and you won’t be able to see it the same ever again - Source: starwars.com
500 days of agony
Do you guys like Sebulba?
Ron Howard himself picked Maul. - Source: Ron Howard
Did you guys watch this show?
Imagine if he wasn’t added!
When Chewie talks to Han he uses Shyriiwook because that’s the one he understands - Source: starwars.com
Re watched the phantom menace and realized I actually don’t mind it
Have you seen THX-1138? - Source: starwars.com
Some more memes - Via r/prequelmemes and r/sequelmemes
Im starting to like Qui Gon more and more!
What do you think would have happened if Qui Gon didn’t die?
Who is the most underrated character in all of Star Wars?
When this happened, Vader only knew Luke as the boy who destroyed the Death Star. He did learn that Luke was his son shortly after this though when he assigned Boba Fett to capture him. Fett didn’t capture him, but told him his name was Skywalker. - Source: Star Wars Issue #2
Are the Vader comics your favourite?
What if Qui Gon Jinn trained Anakin instead of Obi Wan? What do you think would have happened?
My last one was successful so why not again!
Who’s your favorite Batman actor? - Source: cinemablend.com
I enjoy making these. Should I make more?
He refuses for droids to fix it because he knows he can do it better. - Source: Darth Vader Comic Series
Have any of you guys read the first comic in the Obi Wan and Anakin series?
K2 is the best droid in Star Wars, don’t @ me - Source: Doug Chiang
I know this is a repost but do you guys want more edits like this?
Thought this was cool!
Not sure how accurate this is but its the best I could find. Bottom planet is Bespin
Here’s some memes
I’m loving the Darth Vader comics 👌 - Source: Darth Vader Comic Series
Number 4 is out! Do you guys want more elimination games?
Which version do you prefer?
A fine addition
Pt 2. Anakin to the order and Yoda knows this. Okay now there is only one thing I didn’t like about this comic was that they focused to much on the Open and not the Closed. The Open and the Closed are the two groups at war in this book if you don’t know who they are. They focus so much on the Open’s side that you can’t connect with the Closed. They showed the Open’s base but not much to do with the Closed. That was my only problem with this book and besides that I loved everything. I think this is a must buy for anyone who is interested and I can’t wait to pick the second book up! Thank you if you read both of these because it took a lot of time!
Ok guys so here is my review/what I think and what happens in “Obi Wan and Anakin” part 1 I will only be talking about the 3 parts I liked and 3 parts I didn’t like. Spoilers ahead!! Okay so it starts off with a bit of an opening crawl which explains what has been going on in the galaxy the past years (this takes place between ep 1 and 2). It explains that the 2 are responding to a distress call on the planet of Carnelion IV. Okay so I really like how they incorporate an opening crawl in to the book and I think it’s a good addition to set the tone of the comic ahead. We get a couple pages where Anakin is fighting a training droid in the form of Darth Maul. We get a dialogue between Mace and Obi Wan discussing how Anakin has been asking very detailed questions about Kenobi’s fight with the Maul. As they are talking Palpatine interrupts and tells them they should be happy with Anakin as he is simply trying to impress them. I personally love this sequence as we get to see Maul and Anakin go at it and of course we see Mace, Kenobi and Palpatine in the same image. And we see that Palpatine is already paying attention to Anakin a lot. Anakin is then mocked by some other Padawans where they call him just a slave. He then levitates their lightsabers in the air to intimidate them and Kenobi gets mad at him. I like this because it shows that Anakin can not control his emotions and still has many attachments to his past life. Palpatine is talking to Mace and is trying to get involved with Anakin as much as he can. This shows the manipulation and the extent he went to spend as much time possible with him. My second sequence I like is when Palpatine brings Anakin to the underworld of Coruscant. Palpatine further attempts to corrupt his mind they almost get in a bar fight with a man because Palpatine laughed at them when they lost a game. Anakin went to aggression and was about to pull his Lightsaber to defend them, but stopped him. This shows more of Palpatine’s efforts. I also loved the end sequence with Yoda and Obi Wan where they discuss Anakin’s desire to leave the order and if he did Obi Wan would have to go with him. I like this because it shows the importance of
BTS look from JJ
Thanks to @many_names_many_faces for remaking this! Go follow him. What do you guys think?
What are your thoughts on Solo?
Can you guess who my favourite Star Wars character is? Comment below!
Have you read the new Darth Vader comics? - Source: Darth Vader #1
“I love democracy” who’s out next?
This game is such a joke right now. I honestly haven’t played it in over a month and I don’t really plan to until the Clone Wars content is released.....Unless my bros @all_starwars and @officially_starwars want to play 😂 - Source: @bfupdates
Also he wanted it to be purple because it’s his favorite color - Source: Samuel L. Jackson on The Graham Norton Show
In to Battlefront 2 right now!
Number 3 Palpy is out. Who’s next??
This looks amazing! I think @battlefront_captures posted this but not sure
Hopefully we get some leaked set pics soon 👀 - Source: starwars.com
Thought this was cool
Do you guys like the new font?
Darn big
Alternate Universe?
It is! All credit goes to @plo__kool ! #clonewarssaved
Who do you like better? #clonewarssaved
Still can’t get over it! #clonewarssaved
I don’t know who did this so I can’t give credit. But what do you think a dark side Ashoka would be like?
Every like on this photo equals one post. The challenge is I have to do all the posts in one day. I will start in 5 hours
Any Marvel fans out there?
If you got cast in Star Wars, who would you tell first? - Source: John Boyega on The Graham Norton Show
Don’t worry, there will still be spinoff films. - Source: starwars.com
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