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okay i just done my chemistry hw,geography hw,history hw and my german hw and i finally finished them all ugh yesss
i cba to do my chemistry & geography hw but ik if i don’t i’ll regret it ughhhh
skl soon😭😭😭😭😭😭
Yes, this is probably the most common question vegans and vegetarians get asked. That and just being asked to explain our “insane and unnatural” choices in general but I couldn’t find a meme for that. I do think a lot of people who have all kinds of diets are fast learning that protein isn’t hard to get on a vegan/vegetarian diet - I haven’t eaten meat in almost thirteen years, and I’ve been completely vegan for four and half, and I have never once suffered from a protein deficiency, or any deficient for that matter. I’m the healthiest and strongest I e ever been. The same principles apply to a vegan diet that apply to anything new you start in your life - educate yourself, talk to people and see what works for you, tweaking things along the way. It ain’t hard. Veganism is all reward, no pain 🌱 ❤️ #vegan #govegan #veganmeme #veganmemes #funnyvegan #rdj #robertdownyjr #veganism #plantbased #vegandiet #plantbaseddiet #veganfortheplanet #noanimalsharmed #veganismismagic #veganfortheanimals #veganismisthefuture #protein #veganprotein #plantbasedprotein #veganforlife #veganforhealth #veganforfit #veganlifestyle #veganfood #veganforthewin
hey there x
DITA FLIGHT 006 . Worn by @robertdowneyjr in Avengers Infinity War . Fighter pilots, revered among soldiers for their daring and swagger, became something of a style inspiration for men in the post-war years, and no other item conveys their iconic status as clearly as the aviator frame. Flight 006 is DITA’s tribute to the bravery of those pilots, in the classic shape but constructed in muscular, modern materials for a new look. . Titanium front frame, bridge piece and brow bar. Custom acetate lens rim inserts. Titanium temples with diamond pressed detail. Custom titanium nose pads with diamond pressed detail. . Handcrafted in Japan. . Follow 🕶 @swanky.eyewear 🕶 for more sexy shades!
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