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Chomp chomp chomp!
I’m very confused WHERE IS YOUR HAND?!?! 🤨🤨🤨
B thought I was in the rest room, lol!
Sim, dormimos sentados...mas eu gosto mesmo é do meu colchão de pelos 🐶 #goldenretriever #goldenretrievertoday #retrievers #retrieveroftheday #adotarétudodebom #srd #dogstagram
Who wants to play fetch wib mi? 🎾 Im fwenly!
Rainy day snuggles pt. 2
Rainy day vibes mean snuggles with my blanket✨
The best snuggles are when I’m squished between mom and dad 💞
Sleeping kind of, but still have to keep an eye on mom..
Curled up in my natural habitat — blankets by the heater 😍 also this is my second Christmas with my family and I couldn’t love them more!
As close as possible on every car ride. Didn’t I mention that?
Mooooooom stop taking pictures of meee
Mom and Dad built me a nest of blankets under their bed and it’s honestly the most cozy this ever. You can find me here every morning/night.
Also I’m a princess and I don’t prefer to lay on the dirt. Mom can you get my towel please?
When camping the best way to stay cool is sit as close as you can to the cooler
Didn’t I say how much I loved blankets and pillows?
Did you say TREATS on my morning walk?
When in the car I have to be as close to my people as I can get~
The only way to sit — like a lady!
My favorite beach activity is chasing birds.. they make me go wild!
Calling this one “if I fits I sits”. Mom thinks I’m part cat.
Mad chillin on the mountain with mom!
Look at this cool beach mom and dad found just for me!!
I also really enjoy rock climbing although I need to get some booties for my paws 🐾
I love hiking but boy do I get pooped out
At the beach, I LOVE to swim and play in the water. I hate when mom and dad say it’s time to go. They always have to carry me away because I refuse to leave. 🌊🌊🌊
Love exploring with Dad
Sometimes when I’m in the car with mom and she stops I like to be a lap doge 🐕
We did a little photo shoot at the top of the Rinconada Mine Trail, moms idea.
I love hiking and wearing my pack — makes me feel like I am on a mission!
This is the most preferable spot to be in the car. Right in the middle how I like it. 🚙
Mom and Dad went home for Christmas but I couldn’t be more excited to be back in their arms snuggling now💞
Too nervous for real Santa pictures so moms make-shift shoot will have to do 🎄
Mom thinks I sleep to much sometimes. It’s really cause I just want to snuggle with her... I’m just a bit clingy!
My first Christmas season with the family. (2016). Change in season means I get to wear my sweaters and pajamas — I get so excited when mom gets them out!
Anyone wanna snuggle?
Then mom and I moved in to a really cool house with fun friends who like to play with me 🎾
This is mostly how you’ll find me. Curled up in a ball with blankets and pillows. 🐾
Took my first hike with mom and dad on campus! I love exploring the outdoors🌲
Did nothing but sleep for the first few days! Luckily mom and dad have a comfy bed!
Swipe for puppy —> This picture was taken just after Butters decided it was too cold to stand and right before the guys at the bus stop asked if this was the dog from Air Bud.
BurgerIM butters-friendly
Blurry picture when mom and dad brought me home ✨ 8/27/16
Hi I’m Autry! I’m 4 years old and a super mut, I’m predominantly Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky. I was adopted from @woodshumanesociety in August 2017 by my mama @alexisgrapp 🧡 This was the first day we met while she was volunteering at the humane society. Love at first sight😍
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