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🙏🏽Please read! I learned about the fistula foundation years ago and urge everyone to read about #fistula and help the women who suffer as much as you can! The women around the world 🌎 need our help! We all need to stick together! 🌹💜 Having 3 children of my own, I had some medical complications myself #retainedplacenta . Without surgery where would I be? Where would we all be without the proper care!? I urge others to please help these women ! #moms #momstruggles #fitsulafoundation #fitsula #women #momsofinstagram #pregnancy #delivery #mom #mama #mother #birthinjuries #birth #momblogger #charity #giveback #womenshealth #women #womenempowerment #obstructedlabor https://www.fistulafoundation.org
A parturated buffalo cow was suffered from retained placentation the day before in Tum Chor, Velumia, Bhola. After hearing the owners call we veterinarian were rushed to the spot and pull the retained placenta manually because no drugs performed successfully. After removing the placenta we gave her an anti-inflammatory drug, an anti-histaminic and an antibiotic to live with this painful situation. She is now all right. The baby calf is also charming and healthy. #BuffaloCow #RetainedPlacenta #BovineLove #VetforAnimal #AnimalLover #HumanitarianWorks
After starting to hemmoraging again last and missing out on most of Halloween the doctor saw me first thing this morning and were crossing into dangerous territory and I’m checking into the hospital in about 4 hours for a D&C under general anesthesia. I fought hard to avoid a d&c (mostly because I can’t afford one) but I’m now anemic and still waiting on blood work but may be facing a transfusion tonight as well. I gave it a good run but I’m not doing well and crossing my fingers this gives me some relief. I have child care tonight thanks to Holly and maybe someone to sit with me tomorrow for a little while but not sure when. So if you want to visit and help me keep an eye on kiddos while I rest let me know ❤️ I would love some prayers and love because I’m scared. I miss my baby. I’m heart broken and devestated and can’t believe this is all happening again. #babypenny #penelopeclairepatricia #miscarriage #d &c #postpartum #miscarriagecomplications #retainedplacenta #bloodloss #babygirl #foreverheartbroken
This morning I went in for a D&C surgery to remove retained placenta that my body could not shed on its own for some reason. It’s almost been 5 months of dealing with on and off symptoms and a lot of bleeding. the medication my doctor had given me 8 weeks ago never worked even though my symptoms cleared up and I felt normal again. I started bleeding heavily on Sunday so my last option was the surgery. I’m glad to have it done and to finally feel 100% normal. It’s been a long time coming. Also had an IUD put in so no more bebes for me for a while!! (or possibly ever again) I never thought I was going to be unlucky with so many complications in my birth and postpartum but it’s over now 🎉 • • • • #postpartum #postpartumjourney #retainedplacenta #postpartumhealth #fourthtrimester
I did my first spot of exercise since having Maggie tonight. I only ran for a mile and a half but A. I didn’t collapse and B. I didn’t pee myself, which was in all honesty my biggest concern. Before I fell pregnant, I would run three miles every other day and go for longer runs at the weekend. I intended to keep this up but morning sickness reared it’s ugly head and it’s exactly a year since I last donned my trainers. I’m not bothered about how fast (or slow) I’m going but just trying to get a little bit fit again and the only muscles I’m concerned about flexing right now are my pelvic floor muscles. Turns out they’re not friends with the ventouse cap, forceps or a retained placenta. Thankfully I did my kegels (I hadn’t even heard the word pre pregnancy) religiously for 30 plus weeks pre Maggie and have been doing them for the past three months. I’m ever hopeful they’re making a difference... Did kegels work for you? When did you start exercising again after birth? And what did you do? Any tips and advice welcome! #newmum #mumlife #babygirl #pelvicfloor #ventousecap #forceps #retainedplacenta #postpartumexercise #mumtum #meandmaggie #newmumruns #brooksrunning #vaportrainers
Smoking baby out 🌪☯️ needle and moxa on Bladder 60 Bladder 60 promotes labour and activates the Bladder Channel. This meridian starts by the inner corner of the eyes, runs along the head, down the back, down the back of the legs and onto the lateral side of the feet and stops at the outer edge of the little toe. It helps to relieve back pain and any other pain along the channel while also allowing the back to relax, an aid in making the labour and delivery less painful. Bladder 60 can also be used to encourage delivery of the placenta if it is retained/slow to deliver. #bladder60 #pregnancyacupuncture #inducelabour #promotelabour #backpain #easelabourpain #moxibustion #bladdermeridian #retainedplacenta #placentaretention
In celebration of #internationalbabywearingweek2018 on the last day, as always.. With the birth of Diana, I was more focused on being able to breastfeed her successfully & for a longer period than her sister. My go-to-gear is the pink Didymos Rose Silk Prima (RSI) ring sling, till today, as it is the thinest fabric therefore it is compact. Plus point; it’s my nursing “cover” as well. Diana would hand me the sling whenever she needs to nurse. #babywearinghas given me the confidence to nurse her wherever I am & at almost any activity (eg she was nursing in most pictures I took in New Zealand, like the one with #DariaAwaa running ahead of us)..and personally we prefer being hands-free & hassle-free. I do wish I could tandem carry..but with my core still mending from #retainedplacenta during the birth of #DianaIrfa , I dare not risk it. Here’s to many more carrying time with my exceedingly manja baby..and hopefully I could carry her sister again soon. #ibw2018 #bwsg #babywearingmama #babywearingsg #retainedplacentasurvivor #itstillhurts
October is "Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month". the month was first declared by President Ronald Reagan on October 15, in year 1988. 🌸 🌸 🌸 the month supports and raises awareness of the prominence of pregnancy loss and infant death due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, and other pregnancy-related complications. 🌸 🌸 🌸 To support this Nobel mission and put the contribution from my side, I am sharing some important information about pregnancy-related complications during this month, on my blog. and as I first post, I am sharing all you need to know about the retained placenta. 🌸 🌸 🌸 Retained placenta is one of the major cause of maternal morbidity. what are its causes? type, sign, symptoms? and treatment and prevention? read on to know more! . Direct link in bio . #pregnancy #retainedplacenta #complications #october #pregnacyandinfantlossawareness #pregnancyandinfantlosssupport #mommyblogger #doctormom #pregnancycomplications #indianmom #homeopathicdoctor #piicofthedayy
New blog all about a truly #physiologicalthirdstage and #retainedplacenta Does current midwifery practice even allow for a truly physiological third stage? http://caerphillydoula.co.uk/positive-birth/what-is-a-truly-physiological-third-stage-retained-placenta/ #doula #birthdoula #postnataldoula #birthtrauma #birthrights #makeitright #placenta #birthrights #womenempoweringwomen #womenknowbest #midwifery #evidencebasedbirth #thirdstage #mybody #pregnancy #birthpools
​Just a friendly reminder for everyone; CONTROLLED CORD TRACTION IS NOT EVIDENCE BASED AND CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS, LIFE THREATENING CONSEQUENCES. ​​⠀ This is retained placenta and membranes. ​​⠀ While retained placenta happens organically, it happens very frequently when manual cord traction is performed during the 3rd stage of labor too. ​​⠀ Manual cord traction can cause #RetainedPlacenta leading to #infection , #UterineInversion , and #PostpartumHemorrhage . ​​⠀ When this practice was introduced it was believed to prevent hemorrhage and the decrease the amount of women who needed a D&C. ​​⠀ Later research found that it was not effective in either of those things. It reduced D&C measures by ~2%, but didn’t impact hemorrhage rates — and maybe even caused those outcomes in some scenarios. (If you’re picturing umbilical cords tearing off placentas while they’re still in the mother, and hemorrhage caused by blood vessels in the uterus not contracting after having the placenta torn out, you would be correct.) ​​⠀ During physiological birth it may take 1 hour or more to deliver the placenta. Some believe that we’ve evolved that way to allow mothers and babies to stay together during those first few precious moments of life. #sacredhour The third stage is usually completed in less than 10 minutes when controlled cord traction is used. ​​⠀ The scariest part about these instances, is that most women who go home with retained tissue in their body are told their placenta was intact at the time of delivery with no further direction. ​​⠀ The retained tissue pictured was expelled 8 days postpartum, after 4 hours of regular contractions. The patient was unaware of the risks and warning signs associated with controlled cord traction and didn’t seek care. She was told her placenta was intact at time of delivery. ​​⠀ Providers who don’t offer evidence-based care and fail to inform their patients of warning signs directly contribute to preventable maternal deaths in American. #obstetricmanslaughter ​​⠀ Talk to your provider about omitting controlled cord traction from your care plan. You may avoid unnecessary surgery and even death. 👌🏼 ​​⠀ Hospital: @uofumidwives
Throw back to my little squishy Alice 4 hours old! I'd been back from theatre about an hour when I took this pic had to spend 2 hours getting my retained placenta removed, my placenta gets stuck after every labour which has put me right off any more as I loose so much blood. Does anyone else have this issue? #baby #babygirl #babyspam #babyalice #mygirl #4hoursold #newborn #squishy #tbt #march2018 #retainedplacenta #worthitthough
​⠀ Birthing the #placenta is important too!! 🌿 ​⠀ Your placenta sustains your baby all throughout your pregnancy, why are we so eager to yank it out and throw it away in the US? ​⠀ In most US hospitals #ManualCordTraction is protocol. If you aren’t familiar with this term it’s a procedure where a provider interrupts cord transfusion with clamping and cutting, and then pulls on the umbilical cord until the placenta detaches or rips from the uterine wall. ​⠀ Shortly after that, the placenta is sent off to their lab and discarded before the mother ever sees it. ​⠀ This procedure was first done in hopes to reduce postpartum hemorrhage, but researchers have found that controlled cord traction clearly doesn’t reduce hemorrhage (and in some cases it exacerbates bleeding). ​⠀ There is no evidence based reason for this being done, but it comes with a greater risk of #RetainedPlacenta , #hemorrhage , and #infection . It also contributes to the disconnect between women, birth, and their babies. ​⠀ So how can you avoid those procedures and heal this broken process? Keep reading to find out; ​⠀ 🌿 Write a birth plan, and let your staff know that you are declining manual cord traction during active management of the third stage of labor. ​⠀ 🌿 Build a support team that understands your wishes and wants, and be ready to advocate for what’s important to you. (Getting a #doula is never a bad idea.) ​⠀ 🌿 Remind you provider and staff after your baby is born that they are not to pull on the umbilical cord. If anyone begins performing unnecessary procedures on you, spell it out loud and clear that you do not #consent . ​⠀ 🌿 If you feel inclined to honor your placenta, there are multiple ways to do so. You can have your placenta #encapsulated , consume it another way, have a burial ceremony, leave it connected to your babe for a #LotusBirth , plant it under a tree, have it turned into #PlacentaJewelry , and so much more. ​⠀ #placentamagic
Homeopathic remedy Alium-sativa helps swollen & tender breasts during periods or after weaning. Helps calm eruptions around the breasts & vagina. Helps regulate menstrual flow and can help expell a retained placenta and helps hairLoss. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #homeopathyworks #homeopathy #Alium -sativa #garlic #retainedplacenta #bloodcleansing #hairloss #eruptions #pimples #swollenbreasts #thighchaffing #worms #heavyperiods
pregnancy after loss is full of unknowns...fear...anxiety. I’m so happy every day that it’s OVER. Phew. • I think my favorite thing about having my rainbow in my arms is knowing my body no longer dictates her life or death. what was supposed to be a scheduled D&C on Friday turned into an ER visit in the middle of the night and surgery Thursday morning...all the while trying to breastfeed my sweet girl and keep her calm during our 18 hours in the hospital. even though my body was struggling, my Ellie was safe in her daddy’s arms and nothing I was going through affected her health. I still deal with fear at times, emotions as I look back on our journey to how we got here...but oh how GLAD I am that she is HERE and OUT 🙌🏼 • and yes, I’m doing so so much better now...if I’d know I could feel this good six weeks postpartum, I would’ve known something was wrong a long time ago 😑 • and yes, more morning glories because this one just bloomed yesterday and I’ve never grown white ones before 😍 #rainbowbaby #hopeaftermiscarriage #faithoverfear #takingbackpostpartum #naturalbirth #postpartumrecovery #retainedplacenta #uterineatony
Pic edit in respect of the lovely land we post from. Fed is best. It's the start of world breast feeding week and it's giving me all of the feels. I don't believe anybody ever needs to explain their method of feeding their babies or explain why they've chosen the route that they have. It's such a personal thing, the topic of which is normally propelled by guilt for the moms who rely on anything but breast... And here I am, posting because I feel guilt just like every momma before me. This pic was taken in the NICU when Emma was 2.5weeks old. I was back in hospital with retained placenta and infection and didn't realise the war that was being raged against my fight to breast feed. Breast feeding didn't work for us and the few pics I have like this mean the world to me. Keep an eye for my next blog post where I'll cover this. (And get In touch if you're in a similar situation. Tribe!) As we try to applaud all the posts we see this week, let's try not to compare ourselves. And if you're posting yourself, spare a thought for the mom who's journeys look different to yours. Well done to all the mommas who feed their babies love. Well done to the Formula Fairies! Your determination to see your babies fed is legitimate and there is a place for you this week too! You're killing it Milk Mom Express- the hours of scheduled pumps and power pumps and stashing and fenugreeking is exhausting, but you don't give up! Don't compare your supply to the mom posting ahead. Maybe she slept an extra couple hours last night. Or maybe she's pumping for multiples. This supply and demand output astounds me and your body is doing the max and I think you're amazing. Finally, the EBFers. Keep posting your public feeds. Keep normalising what has got to be the most beautiful and natural act on earth. You are doing incredible work and I am fan-girling hard! #worldbreastfeedingweek #fedisbest #ebf #milkmom #ppromawareness #pprom #placentaaccreta #placentaaccretasurvivors #mommablogger #mumblogger #abudhabiblogger #uaebloggers #southafricanmom #southafricanblogger #preemie #breastfeeding #alettertomylove #nicu #retainedplacenta #girlmom #dubaiblogger #abudhabimoms ##myabudhabi #capetownmomblog
2/2 Continued- doctor said they had to take me back for an emergency D&C surgery. I didn’t really understand what was going on and I got really bad anxiety in the surgery. After, I had to go to the recovery room and had to stay in my bed for most of the next few days. I didn’t really understand what had happened and why everyone was telling me I had been through a lot and I may need a blood transfusion. I found out that Ava never dropped and my cervix never dropped. My placenta attached itself to my cervix. I hemorrhaged and lost a lot of blood. The D&C surgery had saved my life. I am FOREVER grateful for the nurses and doctors who gave me excellent care and went above and beyond to help me through all phases of labor, delivery, emergency surgery, after care and post partem - both mentally, physically and emotionally. God was really looking out for us. This has been the most exciting and scary time of my life. Since going home, I recently had to go to the ER and found out I had an infection from the surgery called, Endometritis, which was causing me a lot of pain. I’m on antibiotics and hoping this is the last of the pain and worry associated with this birth. I am blessed to be here and don’t take one second with my family for granted. I wanted to say this to give any hope to others who have gone through a hard time with trying to have a baby or maybe things haven’t gone the way you planned. This is our miracle baby and I hope it restores some faith in you and helps anyone in finding their miracle baby. ❤️ #retainedplacenta #postpartumhemorrhage #family #hyperemesisgravidarum #baby #postpartum #momsofinstagram #mom #momlife #hgmoms #hgwarrior
1/2 - To all the women out there who are trying to have a baby...it took me and Matt a long time to have this baby. It was very hard to wait and watch as we wanted to bring a child of our own into this world. It could be particularly painful for me as I just wanted to be able to do what other women “seemed” to be able to do easily. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited but nervous as this seemed to be a miracle and this tiny life was so fragile. However, I knew from the start this was a gift from God and he would protect us. As many of you know I got very sick with hyperemesis gravidarum shortly after and it sucked my life away for a long 3ish months. I felt so sick, alone and scared, but knew I had to fight for this little being and me to make it through. Thank God I had Matt by my side to get me through, his strength is unmatched. When that storm finally passed I could breathe easier and start to eat again and go back to work and try to enjoy the more normal part of being pregnant. Last Friday, I went to the doctors and they said there was no sign of dilation and she hadn’t dropped yet. My due date was 7/20 and I was still in nesting mode so Matt and I got a bunch of stuff done that weekend for upcoming arrival. That Sunday night I remember feeling more prepared for her coming. I woke up the next morning (7/16) not sure if I was feeling contractions or not and then it only got stronger so we went to the hospital. I was only dilated a little bit so they had me walk hours at the hospital and then slowly dilated more. These contractions were the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I ended up throwing up several times and trying to get whatever I could to deal with the pain. I got an epidural but then it only covered the left side of my body. I could feel everything in my right hip. I also received Pitocin which helped progress the contractions. When it came time to push, I suddenly had so much strength to get through it and pushed her through fast. It was about 34 hours of labor. I was so happy to finally see her but my husband could only bring her up to me for some reason. Next thing I know, the placenta never came out and the doctor...
2 of 4 We were told the procedure was simple, straight forward, done in a flash… It didn’t go to plan, I ended up losing a lot of blood, requiring two blood transfusions & a stay in hospital. A routine procedure had gone wrong & my life had been in real danger. I woke from the operation screaming in pain, six people stood over me all in blue scrubs, telling me I’d lost a lot of blood, telling me I needed to calm down. I was crying, asking for Jamie. It was terrifying. They hadn’t actually managed to remove the piece placenta, only a small amount enough to do a biopsy & establish it was placental tissue. It took me almost 2 weeks to feel vaguely normal after the procedure, I’d try to function as I had before & end up having to lie down too weak to carry on. It was tough but I was grateful to be alive, the morbidity of the situation dawned on me more & more in the weeks after the failed procedure. In the months that followed we were in hospital almost weekly for examinations, blood tests, ultrasounds waiting for the doctors to be sure I was ready to face the same procedure again. During this time I contracted several infections & had to have courses of antibiotics, I couldn’t really understand why they were waiting to do the same procedure again but they assured me there was a medical reason of sorts – they hoped my body would expel it itself. I was beginning to feel hopeless, the doctors didn’t seem to be doing anything, I was constantly ill. It was after another disappointing appointment where I was told yet again to I wasn’t ready for the procedure that I decided to find my midwife. I’d been fortunate to have only one midwife throughout my pregnancy & felt I could talk to her about the situation, I managed two sentences before I burst into tears recalling everything. She was clearly quite shocked by what I was telling her, she assured me that the doctors would be working in my best interest and explained how I could self-refer to IAPTS (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) to seek help with the anxiety.
Not the best way to spend a Tuesday night 😬 . Last night out of nowhere I began hemorrhaging, passing pretty legit clots, and doubled over in pain. I was going to drive myself while Chad stayed home with the kids but I got worse so quickly that I couldn’t drive. . During my delivery, I had a retained placenta that the doctor had to manually remove...unmedicated 😖 . After a scary couple hours, a ride in the ambulance 🤦🏻‍♀️, and ER visit, it looks like I still had some retained placenta that passed. Thankfully it passed on its own so I don’t need surgery. . Grateful for Chad holding down the fort at home, my sis staying at the hospital with me, and my nurse girlfriends for helping me figure out what was going on 👀 . . . . . . . . . #2under2 #twoweeksold #2weeksold #teamnosleep #retainedplacenta #fourthtrimester #motherhoodthroughinstagram #twoundertwo #motherhoodunplugged #exhausted #gimmecoffee
#1mth old today rolling and trying to escape! I will forever be grateful to the midwife that delivered Lucy and the team in theatre that took care of me following her birth. Big love to the nursery nurse who unprompted, brought me a cup of tea at 5am when I was feeding Lucy. Not forgetting everyone from volunteers to consultants! #nhs #nhs70 #nhs70thanniversary #nationalhealthservice #savethenhs #lovenhs #longlivethenhs #midwife #midwifery #maternity #retainedplacenta #onemonthold #babygirl #crib #babyblanket #babyknits #knitting
When you midwife is fantastic at sewing clothes... You know she's going to be great at stitching anything that needs to be stitched after childbirth! 🙈😳😜 My midwives @c_sandor and Melissa , were just incredible through my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period. They listened to any concern I had and took me seriously and were patient, understanding, incredibly calm and did whatever necessary to make me feel safe and cared for. I was particularly high maintenance during the couple weeks after Lily's birth, with retained placenta, infection, D and C, heavy blood loss (thankfully at the hospital!!) and then lots of anxieties. I had some probably irrational worries, but I was always met with compassion and reassurance that I was ok and wasn't going to spark a hemorrhage if I walked around the block (yes, that was one of my fears) I will always be grateful for my care from these two incredible ladies and ALL the doctors and nurses I saw! And so so grateful for our medical system here. Every woman deserves care like this. @communitymidwivesofhamilton #midwives #communitymidwivesofhamilton #retainedplacenta #9weekspostpartum #motherhood #healthyuterus
Our biggest little star is Eliza. She is the coolest kid I've met to date, and she just came out that way. This is the child that made me a mama, and I hope she always thinks I'm as cool as I think she is. We have been learning about how we can sensory sensitve, and how to manage our triggers with things like music, reading, crafts and getting outside. Eliza loves to sing songs that use hand movements like Itsy Bitsy Spider, so we have been learning more sign language, like the alphabet signs. She is such an independent kid that her new favorite thing is asking for what she wants, although the outcome is not always favorable, she still keeps making requests. This is an example of Eliza's fashion sense(swipe for more pics), I love her enthusiasm to participate in wardrobe choices and am always pleasantly surprised. Please, dont assume Eliza is perfect child, because her temper is not the truth, and we definitely get sick of each other at times. When Eliza made her debut almost 3 years ago, she not only changed the way I see the world, but also how I see my body. I became a machine, and as someone who did grow up in an environment with regular physical activity, I was floored at my physical feats and abilities. I was nursing like a champ after the first month, and I had made it through natural childbirth. I was shocked when at 5 weeks post partum I was scheduled for surgery(see my hashtags, it's a story for another day), but I was recovered fully after 3 months. Eliza has shown signs of exhibiting the same food allergies, it may be one of my diagnoses, but for now I'll let her enjoy her childhood in moderation, and try my best to set a good example.
Our youngest, Royal has been just what our little family needed. He will be the big One in August, but he definitely has the presence of a full grown person. You can see his charming one-dimpled smile here, as he plays with crinkly prize and motors around the house with his huge feet. It was a hard decision to have more children after the traumatic post partum experience with Eliza, especially knowing it could all happen again thanks to PCOS. The second pregnancy was nothing like the first, instead of crying about everything I was throwing up or snapping at people. My blood sugar and glucose tests were fine lines I tight roped over and around, pricking fingers for months to avoid chugging the corn syrup for one afternoon should be some indication that sugar avoidance is a better option for PCOS treatment. I digress, Royal was not the happy guy we know and love the first three months he was here, but he is more than making up for it with his enthusiasm to be keep up with his big sister and his cheerful disposition. We are all quite smitten.
Homeopathic remedy Sabina helps women with very heavy menstrual bleeds or uterine bleeding after miscarriage., worse from any movement. Inflammation of ovaries & uterus post childbirth. Painful cramping & pains that extend into the thighs or pain from sacrum to pubis. Itching of genitals during pregnancy. Retained placenta & severe after-pains. Fibroids & helps to expel moles from uterus. #homeopathy #homeopathyworks #sabina #miscarriages #childbirth #fibroids #uterus #uterinemoles #retainedplacenta #ovaries #heavyperiods #abortion #bleeding #Afterpains
🌟LOSING WEIGHT W/O THE WORKOUT! 🌟 Post partum journeys are just as important as being pregnant 🤰🏻. They may not be as fun or exciting but they are just as important. I wanted to start a workout routine that was intense. It was 6 days a week and a hour long (approx) each day.... I tried it and my body was just not ready.... . kudos to those women who can just bounce back after 4 weeks... it just wasn’t me! . If you’re anything like me you are tired, you are lucky if you shower, but you have that desire to succeed and so you push yourself a little bit harder! . Some of us aren’t ready to workout, don’t have time, are recovering from illness/jury and/or just don’t want to but still have the need and want to lose weight... I get it , because I do too! Having had a retained placenta , migraines, post partum thyroiditis (hyperthyroidism) and then the flu some days seemed impossible... but following this new program which is strictly nutrition based I know is gonna help kickstart this weight loss and give me the energy back to WANT to workout daily!!! . Do you want to repair your relationship with food? Do you have weight to lose but can’t/don’t want to workout yet? Let’s do it together! . Comment below if you would like to lose weight without working out while repairing your relationship with food... #opportunity #postpartum #needhelp #helpmeloseweight #weightloss #mom #momof3 #momofboth #postpartumthyroiditis #hyperthyroidism #retainedplacenta #migraine #health #flu #help #betteringmyself
170 pounds does not define me. It does not make me any less of a mother, girlfriend, sister, coach or person. My goal is to not be 120 my goal is to be healthy and strong as fuck! The past few months I have been through some pretty uncommon post partum medical issues. I realized that I have consumed myself with what ifs (one of my biggest downfalls) which has given me such unnecessary anxiety. I struggle some days but most days I find the good in the day! I preach positivity and I smile a lot. Some things that used to bother me hold no weight in my life now!! I don’t try to paint a picture perfect life cause to me it’s unrealistic and takes way to much time!! I have vowed to stay transparent and if that means spilling shitty parts of my day than so be it! Weighing myself daily or multiple times a day used to be a daily part of my day... I became obsessive ! I focused so hard on being someone I thought I wanted to be because of how I thought other people wanted me to be when in reality nobody gives a shit! I started to focus on how I can better myself so I can be a better mother, girlfriend, sister, coach and person! I stopped weighing myself daily and I starting focusing my energy on fueling my body properly and staying active! THE SCALE IS FOR FOOD NOT FOR YOU! #fuckthescale #fuelyourmindbodyandsoul #motivated #personaldevelopment #believe #focused #postpArtum #postpartumbody #postpartumthyroiditis #retainedplacenta #hyperthyroid #highbloodpressure #symptoms #tobebetteryouhavetodobetter
The saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” is so pertinent to the #FourthTrimester and motherhood in general. I let some pesky symptoms of my recovery go on way too long because I felt I didn’t have time and in doing so, I could’ve ended up very ill or even hospitalized. It’s so hard to remember self care in this phase of life and I’m vowing to do better so I can be the best for my babies...because they really need us so very much (like during a pelvic exam because car seats are lava 🙃😂) 🤱🏻💚👶🏻 • • • • • •#MomHealthMonday #RetainedPlacenta #CharlieDoesTheMost #PaperSheetsFTW #HonestMotherhood
With every time i share my experience. The more blessed i am for my pre mom bod and how fit i stayed during my pregnancy. Feeling Mom strong. . . . . . . . #momstrong #delivery #retainedplacenta #backlabor #woman #mother #boymom #mommy #son #strong
Homeopathic remedy Pyrogen helps any condition of sepsis, when there are offensive discharges, pain & burning, abscesses. Septic fevers with palpitations. Aching & sore but restless, needs to change position constantly. No appetite or thirst. Throbbing headache. Chills, sweats without relief. #homeopathic #homeopathyworks #pyrogen #sepsisawareness #abcess #ulcers #gangrene #childbirth #miscarriages #woundsthatneverheal #placenta #retainedplacenta #typhoid #infections #septicaemia
The birth day. 62 hours of intense contractions, 5.5 hours of pushing, no drugs, no hospital intervention, no sleep and one stubborn, determined momma, my body birthed a healthy baby boy at 8:49 PM. This was the hardest thing I have ever done and I honestly wanted to give up numerous times. I couldn't have done any of it without Matt and our incredible midwives. This picture was 40 minutes after he was born, while we were waiting for an ambulance. I ended up with a retained placenta and had to be rushed to the hospital, I got only about 50 minutes of holding my freshly birthed baby before I had to leave. Once at the hospital they removed my placenta, by hand. That was the most traumatic part of my whole birth experience. That and the fact that the doctor stitched up my second degree tear as aggressively and as fast as she could. There was a huge reason why we picked to do a home birth and this doctor had just confirmed every feeling we had. It's incredible and so magical what the female body does, the transformations and sacrifices. Its all so beautiful. #mybirthstory #lastyear #homebirth #drugfreebirth #midwives #midwife #retainedplacenta #naturalbirth #birthwithoutfear
You’ll never forget the scent of retained placenta on a hot July day. #dairy #cows #milk #placenta #retainedplacenta #cow #holstein #milking #weworkyoueat
The birth of Liza: 10/13/17 Summertown, TN #hippiehomebirth #thefarmmidwives
Confession: I thought I would have lost more weight since having Giavanna 6 weeks ago- I was about 190 lbs when I had her. I was 170 this morning. ❤️ I felt discouraged and like my body failed me. How could I have such a great pregnancy and then have a retained placenta? ❤️ I ate a lot of healthy food today .... but I still over ate! I am pumped for my new journey. ❤️ I know what it’s like to be a challenger and I think that is why I am so excited! I know how this works, I know the excitement I am going to feel as I trust the process, I know that when I am fueling properly my body changes for the better !! ❤️ Are you craving change? Do you have that fire inside you to be better and do better but need that little push? Let me help you! There is no better feeling then feeling accomplished ! #motivatedtochange #cravechange #accomplished #newchapter #postpartumbody #retainedplacenta #motherhood #momofthree #thatmomlifetho #postpartum #6weekspostpartum #newbaby #bodyafterbaby #ready #prepared #success #accountability #wrestlingmom #cheermom
Pumping pre op! I am so ready to start feeling better!!! Thank you to everyone that has reached out!!!! I’m going to enjoy my Michael Jackson cocktail and get some rest! #6weekspostpartum #alwayssmile #postpartumproblems #retainedplacenta #comingbackstronger #pumping #pumpingmom #fitmom #momofthree #hescute #thatbeardtho
Yesterday at the doctors I was all smiles😁, I was ready to take on the day feeling great..... I was waiting to be seen, to be cleared and then shit went LEFT😒! . ⏮Rewind to 5 weeks ago when I had babygirl.... I pushed for 5 minutes delivering a healthy babygirl 👶🏻💜and then started to deliver my placenta.... normally your placenta comes out in 1 piece well mine came out in about 10. After they removed all of the pieces the doctors did an ultrasound to make sure there was no placenta left. ALL CLEAR! . ⏭Fast forward back to present. So at the doctor I expressed my concerns about my post partum bleeding, headaches and back pain. My doctor became concerned and ordered an ultrasound.... whelp it’s confirmed - I have a retained placenta and will be going for surgery on Tuesday- . I spent most of yesterday crying 😫😢😥thinking how could this happen? 🤷🏻‍♀️How could they have missed this on ultrasound? Why didn’t they listen to me when I called - 🤦🏻‍♀️instead of saying it was normal , why why why? . Then I realized things could always be worse, while I have been dealing with symptoms for weeks and have been taking meds for weeks - I am still stable and ok, 👶🏻👦🏻👧🏻👨🏻my children and BF are healthy and life is great. Once this surgery is over, I will feel better 💪🏽& I will be able to regain “normalcy “ . These past 5 weeks have been amazing 😍but has had some bumps too😒😔.... and this too shall pass🙏🏽🙌🏽.... being a parent isn’t an easy job but is the most rewarding- One thing I keep telling myself is that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my children! Listen to your body, when something feel wrong or off pursue it .... . Have you ever had a retained placenta? Did you need surgery? #postpartum #realtalk #motherhood #retainedplacenta #momofthree #fitmom #happiness #surgery #aftermath #chapter3 #trusttheprocess #thistooshallpass #morivated #stayingpositive #marcsmynumber1 #myrock #lovemytribe #postpartumhealth #postpartumproblems #5weekspostpartum #alwayssmile
You know it's cold when the placenta is steaming and the warmest place in the barn is inside the back end of a horse 🙃 #gonnakeepmyarminsoitstayswarm #retainedplacenta #notanalien #ormaybe #ibelieve 👽 #coldaf #singledigittemps #almostanewyearsbaby #vetmed #internlife #horsevet #tennessee #obstetrics #reproduction #therio #theriogenology #horse #mare
It has been (just over) one week... one week since we said goodbye to our wee man 💙 and now I’m back here because they think I have retained “tissue” - I am trying to stay positive but sometimes it’s just a bit hard, I want to start the process of moving on but am stuck - ugh this sucks 😔#latetermmiscarriage #latemiscarriage #bornsleeping #retainedtissue #retainedplacenta #iamhungry
Milk fever. She can't stand up since last night after giving birth. We give 500 ml of 23 percent calcium gluconate intravenously. It will boost the blood calcium level, continued with 1000 ml of 5 percent glucose by intravenous infusion. #vet #veterinarian #veterinarymedicine #vetmed #vetschool #vetlife #coasslife #cows #milkfever #calcium #glucose #retainedplacenta #pujon #malang #indonesia #ppdhxxix #vetsnobiety
Retained placenta in cow. First time doing this, and (sorry) without gloves 😞 #vet #vetstudent #veterinarian #retensioplasenta #retainedplacenta #ppdhxxix
THIS is what birthing positively is about. No one can tell you exactly how your 👶🏼 may decide to greet you. Birth doesn’t follow our prepared plans and nature may throw you some curve balls. Go into birth feeling prepared and empowered with knowledge on how birthing works. With Freddie I didn’t feel in control, 3 days of contractions, I was anxious, fearful & quite clueless on how my body was meant to work. With Henry I researched researched researched!! I wanted to feel in control! The experience of having a natural birth was amazing 😉. It wasn't without complications [retained placenta & haemorrhage] BUT I felt so happy!!!! Hopefully if there’s a next time I’ll be researching again, remaining calm and trusting in my body 😊. • • • • #vbac #emergencycsection #ceasarean #birth #birthing #labour #hypnobirthing #positive #positivity #youcandoit #trust #love #happy #retainedplacenta #incontrol #youcanbaby #stalbans
*Unfiltered as is my life* This pic was taken 7 years ago about 2 mins after the birth of my second baby. I'd had an amazing quick waterbirth using Hypnobirthing techniques and it was the most magical experience ever. I felt elated after and on cloud 9. But a picture doesn't always tell the truth. Around 30 mins after this was taken the floor was covered in blood and I was laying on a bed with midwives trying to rip my placenta out. (I'd had a retained placenta with my first baby so expected it second time around) The pain of them trying to tug the placenta out was far worse than her birth. I ended up in theatre with a spinal block, and lost a litre of blood. My quick hypno water birth ended up with a stay in the High Dependency Unit, I was full of drugs and numb from the waist down, all for the removal of the thing that's meant to come sliding out after the baby! Birth is tricky. It doesn't always go to plan. Jess was born 20/10/2010 - such a cool DOB. Weighing 8lb 10oz. My little frog 💜 #childbirth #hypnobirth #waterbirth #drugfreebirth #secondbaby #quickbirth #birthcomplications #retainedplacenta #spinalblock #birthcomplications #newborn #birthday #unfiltered #sunday
🇧🇷🇧🇷 Heather é uma mamãe orgulhosa para esse portinho. Porém, ela teve retenção de placenta, o que, em equinos (particularmente em algumas raças) é um problema mais sério que em bovinos. Heather eventualmente liberou sua placenta após muita ocitocina, lavagem, preenchendo a placenta com fluido (Método de Burns) e alguns medicamentos antiinflamatorios e antibióticos. Levou duas visitas para finalmente liberar a placenta, mas a pior coisa que você pode fazer é puxar demais e rasgar a placenta, deixando alguns fragmentos dentro da égua, ou causar involução de trompa uterina, o que seria um problema sério para a égua. Mamãe e bebê hoje estão bem. 🇧🇷🇧🇷 . ._ 🔄 Repost 🔄 from @theequinevet - Heather is a proud mum to this baby filly! However she retained her placenta which in horses (particularly draft breeds) is a more serious problem than in cattle. Heather eventually relinquished her placenta after lots of oxytocin, flushing, filling the placenta up with fluid (Burns method) and some anti inflammatory and antibiotic medications. Took two visits to finally let it go but the worst thing you can do is pull too hard and either rip the placenta, leaving some within the mare, or cause uterine horn involution which would be a serious problem for the mare. Both mum and baby doing well today 🙂#horsevet #equinevet #retainedplacenta #equinereproduction #clydesdale #newbaby #foal #breedingseason2017
Heather is a proud mum to this baby filly! However she retained her placenta which in horses (particularly draft breeds) is a more serious problem than in cattle. Heather eventually relinquished her placenta after lots of oxytocin, flushing, filling the placenta up with fluid (Burns method) and some anti inflammatory and antibiotic medications. Took two visits to finally let it go but the worst thing you can do is pull too hard and either rip the placenta, leaving some within the mare, or cause uterine horn involution which would be a serious problem for the mare. Both mum and baby doing well today 🙂#horsevet #equinevet #retainedplacenta #equinereproduction #clydesdale #newbaby #foal #breedingseason2017
This was our pregnancy announcement with Carter. I was 9 weeks pregnant. You may wonder, why would anyone announce their pregnancy before 12 weeks? What if something happened?! Well, this day, we heard Carter's heartbeat for the first time and, as far as we were concerned, we were the parents to three children, not two. Every pregnancy and every delivery has been a nightmare, each one worse than the previous. Last night, as we put Carter in his cot, I asked John the big question, "Do you ever doubt our decision not to have any more?" John and I decided together, before Carter was born, that he'd be our last. When I delivered Brooklyn, three years earlier, my obstetrician 'strongly advised' that we think twice about having anymore children. "Your body has to fight too hard", he said, "just conceiving again could be difficult". When we moved to Dubbo from Melbourne, our lifestyle completely changed, we felt like being pregnant again wouldn't be 'so bad'. I usually spend a lot of time in the hospital when I'm pregnant, but my pregnancy with Carter takes the cake. When they took me into theatre, they explained that they may need to do a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. "Do it! I'm done!" I said to the doctor. I can't put my family through another pregnancy. They say that it's worth it when you hold that little baby in your arms.. and it is! But how many times can a person, who has already been warned of the consequences, continue to tempt fate? "You're not having any more, are you?!" A question we've been asked a lot over the past few months. We both agree that doing this again is just too much of a risk. We have three beautiful babies who make us feel so fortunate every day. But we'd always pictured a big family. ..how do you know when you're done? The past few weeks I've been struggling with this one. Not necessarily because I want another baby.. but because I feel like that option just isn't an option anymore. I'm 27 and I have to accept that my body doesn't work properly. And accepting something that you have no control over.. that's hard.
Today's the day, operation time! I've been overwhelmed by all of the messages and love from everyone. Especially my lovely group of mum school friends that clubbed together to get me a very special 'goody' bag for hospital! I only got to know these lovely ladies at the start of the year when I went on maternity leave and I can truly say they are the kindest most caring people, I'm so thankful to have met every single one of them 💕 #feelingthelove . .... . . . #operationday #thankful #friendship #love #friends #goodybag #hospital #truefriends #mumlife #retainedplacenta #flowers #flowersmakemehappy #flowerstagram #sunflowers #wednesday #humpday #dday #anxious #nervous #picoftheday #instadaily #instagram
Feeling anxious and nervous. It's operation day to sort out my retained placenta tomorrow. It's only taken nearly 8 months of bleeding and pain. I can't wait to get my life back! #itsfinallyhappening . ... . . . #operation #anxious #nervous #finally #feelingletdown #mumlife #motherhood #reallife #honestmotherhood #8months #nhs #retainedplacenta #toughtimes #dday #home #september #hallway #interiordesign #interior #farrowandball #homedecor #instahome #instamum
Allahuakbar.. happy sangat produk jamu SDM menjadi penawar pd msaalah uri melekat. Selama ini cuma dengar cerita saja. Uri pecah atau uri hancur masa cuba nak dikeluarkan. Tapi tak pernah nak ambil tahu apa puncanya dan bagaimana nak merawatnya. Subhanallah terharu rasa dpt feedback cstomer arini. Semua ini dgn izin Allah jua. Dan ada juga perutusan disebalik semua ini. Ianya bukan utk jenama disanjung2 tetapi sebaliknya tanggungjawab peniaga2 jamu SDM semakin penting. Peniaga2 SDM hari ini ilmunya bertambah bgitu juga harus lebih peka utk membantu wanita2 diluar sana. Antara ribuan ubat rasa bersyukur sgt sekurang2nya produk SDM adalah salah satu alternatif yg turut membantu meringankan masaalah pelanggan. Alhamdulilah.. amin #denganizindankuasaAllah #retainedplacenta #urimelekat #jamudewidara #ayudaracafe Whatsapp 0193161876
A few years after getting a Lichen Scleroses diagnosis, Emmalina and Cam were expecting a baby. Her pregnancy was pretty textbook and she lost her mucous plug at exactly 40 weeks. She went into labor the following day. After 16 hours of intense labor, Emmalina received an epidural and was able to fully dilate. She pushed for 2 1/2 hours and then found her her baby was posterior and stuck. The on-call OB performed an episiotomy and needed assistance from forceps and vacuum. Ruby-May was born at 1:06 am, May 7th, and spent 5 days in the NICU for inhaling fluids. After delivery, Emmalina’s placenta detached but didn’t deliver, requiring manual removal. At 9 weeks postpartum, Emmalina passed placenta tissue and had to have a D&C surgery. At 11 weeks PP, she passed the final piece of placenta and was able to begin a journey to physically and emotionally recover from her birth. Recently, Cam and Emmalina discovered Ruby-May had Sagittal Craniosynostosis- Premature fusing of the skull plates and underwent skull reshaping surgery. Ruby-May’s skull diagnosis helped give Emmalina closure and reasoning for her difficult and traumatic birth. Click the profile link or search The Birth Hour in iTunes or your favorite podcast app to listen. 🎧
We always post the positive things on our social media, but what about the shit things? They happen to us, like this situation of being away from my kids and baby daddy cause my body didn't do what it should have done after delivery. #4weekspostpartum #retainedplacenta #overnight #backonthegasandair
My 2 month old beautiful baby girl! I still pinch myself knowing she's mine. She's still tiny- barely 8 lbs and skinny so we are still mostly in preemie clothes! Ladies- Never, ever give up- after all we went through one look at her makes it more than worth it! So I found out after I passed my placenta that I had a infection in my uterus- I am on multiple meds hoping it works to avoid a D and C. Will it ever end for me?!? But my other news is that we are now EXCLUSIVELY breastfeeding- my supply went WAY up after the retained placental tissue came out. Apparently my body thought I was still pregnant! #nevergiveup #nicugraduate #ivfsuccess #retainedplacenta #2monthsold #myblueeyedbabygirl #34weeker #ivfwithicsi #2weeksadjustedage
Female Anatomy Heavy Story time: I was NOT healing post partum. Sparing everyone the details, I knew something wasn't right, but online it said what I was going through was rare but not concerning. Fast forward to going to my postpartum check up- I nonchalantly answer a question and my midwife catches my answer with curiosity and concern. I told her I just figured it was normal. She said otherwise, sent me for an ultrasound, and treated me for left over placenta. Then I kept having the same symptoms and they were dismissed as lingering side effects of the medicine for getting rid of the #retainedplacenta . I knew that wasn't the case so I bugged the 💩 out of my midwives and nurses. Finally, they call me in another ultrasound and BOOM! A polyp shows up on the pictures. So they refer me to a specialist. But in the mean time my symptoms get WAY worse overnight. I still wait it out. Today, I finally went in for the #hysteroscopy and #d &c . I've never had doctors and nurses prepare me more for pain. Not gonna lie, when they mentioned I was going to get a shot INSIDE OF ME, I freaked a little, still, pushed through. Those shots? Felt like that little turning of stomach when you drive over a hill... that was it. Then the procedure began, and they kept staring at me waiting for me to cringe. Nope, no pain. Never. Seriously, no worse than light menstrual cramps. (But then again maybe I've just been in pain so long I've numbed it all out?) I've been SO tired these past couple of weeks, healing and not healing. But man, it feels good to be on the up... FINALLY. #11weekspostpartum #postpartum #twomonthspostpartum HOPEFULLY MY STORY HELPS SOMEONE ELSE. 😘
What a Monday!!.. Couldn't be happier to be home right now, tucked up in my own bed with Maddison snoozing on my chest!! Everything went smoothly today removing my bit of retained placenta from child birth & of course it was made much better having my little best friend keeping me company all day ❤️ (she came with me for the day because of breastfeeding and my mum baby sat her while I was in theatre!!) It has been such a long exhausting day but now this mummy can fully recover & get back on with everything!! #sleepyheads #mummyblogger
Yesterday was our due date yet here we sit with our nearly 6 week old angel-wow! Feeling so blessed and in love with our little tiny 5 lb miracle. I did receive some less than ideal news at my 6 week check up- I have retained placenta. They are giving me a high dose of misoprostal to see if I can pass it at home to avoid surgery. The dose they gave to induce labor was 25 mg- this dose is 600 mg every 6 hours. They warned me it will be painful and get messy. Only happens in 1-3% of pregnancies so not trying to scare anyone. Prayers please 💗#34weeker #ivfsuccess #ivfjourney #retainedplacenta #nicugraduate #webeatinfertility #misoprostol #ourmiraclebaby
Not good today, it's an emergency stop to the doctors for me. Who knew having a baby would be this hard on your body?! It's 5 months next Monday and I still have chronic abdominal pain and I'm still losing blood badly. The referral gyno apt is weeks away, the NHS better pull their finger out and sort me out!!!! 😤🤞🏼 . .... #postbaby #issues #needhelp #nhs #pullyourfingerout #patient #mum #muminneed #whatsgoingon #monday #notfeelingit #feelingdown #wantmylifeback #family #babyblues #retainedplacenta #selfie #needacuddle #pain #bloodloss #drained #mumlife #motherhood #mothersofinstagram #babyboy #doctors #emergancy #postpartum
So, not sure if it was my anesthesia fog or hubs not explaining it completely (I assume the second 🙊), but my ob can't be 100% sure she got all the placenta. All went fine, but she called me yesterday to update me (have I mentioned that I love my OB through this?). She did the D&C with a hysteroscope and saline infusion. With the saline infusion, they have to stop at 2 liters because the placental fragment is so vascular the fluid gets pulled in to my vessels, so she can't keep going past 2-2.5L. Once she got to 2L, she scraped where she knew the placenta had been and didn't feel anything (this is the more typical d&c is without visualizing). She looked again with the fluid and scope one last time until she hit 2.5L, but it was bloody so she couldn't see if it was totally clear. She said she's never had a patient have to go back, But let's be honest, with the luck I've had I don't doubt it would be me! She's going to do a sonohysterogtam once I've recovered a bit to see if there's anything left. My RE will do a formal hysteroscopy before we start transfer prep to make absolutely sure it looks clean. She called and talked to my RE directly to plan the best course for us. I so appreciate that they both will take the time to talk to each other and collaborate. I work in medicine and know that's not all that common, for doctors that work in completely different health systems. It gives me confidence to have multiple doctors planning my care. #pregnancyloss #retainedplacenta #stillbirth #miscarriage #secondtrimesterloss #dandc
The little bugger that caused all this post-delivery mess. Here's the fragment of placenta that was retained. D&C went smoothly, and I've been home resting since. Hopefully this is the end of the physical process. Only cried once at the hospital, I'll consider that a win for today. I also keep meaning to share that work got significantly better after day one when I went back. I think day one I saw an awkward group of people who had no clue what to say. Tuesday I cried with multiple coworkers. And I hate to say it felt good. It felt so much better to have our loss acknowledged and felt. Multiple people cried right along with me, and it helped me know how much Lynnea is loved. Many of you have reached out to see if things have gotten better so I wanted to share that they have. Hubs is picking up some comfort food right now and then calling it an early night after a long day. #retainedplacenta #stillbirth #pregnancyloss #miscarriage #secondtrimesterloss
A rainy Monday makes me want to reminisce. I can't believe this little guy will be 8 weeks tomorrow... this moment seems like it was just yesterday! 😭I am so in love with our little boy 💙#march2017baby #raisingwatsonalexander #retainedplacenta
Heavy bleeding and clotting last night (like, had to leave the restaurant we were at) led to an ultrasound today. Not surprisingly, I have retained placental fragments. D&C being scheduled for Monday vs Tuesday. One more hoop to jump through. Will this all ever end? 😔 #miscarriage #stillbirth #pregnancyloss #retainedplacenta #dandc
Sorry this is going to be a long post...but bare with me. Since Watson was born, something didn't seem right, at his birth I had a retained placenta that had to manually be ripped out. I had issues with my milk coming in (it took 7 days), I had continued bleeding (I am 5 1/2 weeks post partum), I had issues with my stitches, and then Thursday I felt like I was having contractions and later woke up in excruciating pain unable to walk or even pick up Watson. I called first thing yesterday morning to get an appointment with my OB. I went in and they gave me an ultrasound which showed a large piece of placenta plain as day sitting In my uterus. I also was diagnosed with an infection in my endometrium from the placenta. I was told immediately I would have to go to the hospital and undergo general anesthesia to have a D&C to get it out. It was a large piece that had almost calcified over. I did have a complication and they perforated my uterus due to the severe depth the placenta had buried in) I'm hoping this won't affect my ability to conceive later on 🙁Thank goodness for my amazing husband whose been by my side every single second. I'm thankful for my intuition that told me something wasn't right. The first five weeks I was exhausted and felt like I couldn't even bond with my son. I got out of surgery at 9pm last night and this morning I feel 100 times better. They told me that the placenta had buried into my uterus and had begun to harden over 😳. My pregnancy, my delivery and my postpartum period has been extremely hard on my body and I'm looking forward to finally getting the recovery I deserve. This little boy is so worth it and every time I see this little smirk my heart melts. I am so thankful for my husband, my son and modern technology. #postpartumbody #retainedplacenta #retainedplacentasurvivor #postpartumcomplications
A week after finding out about being pregnant panic set in: we had no insurance and we were having a baby. That was the primary reason we investigated homebirth with a midwife. Because of how bizarre the situation was we don't even know when Autumn was due - her first due date based on my data was January 4th, then as things progressed December 28th was to be her birthday, but she came out December 18th... pregnancy is confusing! She was born on our @ikeausa couch and it was traumatic, and yet we went for the homebirth again the second time, but without the ikea couch. . . . . #babymakes3 #homebirthbaby #birthwithoutfear #birthwithconfidence #birthwithlove #midwifelove #mymidwifehelpedmeout #birthathome #homebirthmama #iam1in8 #motherhoodalive #motherhoodintheraw #infertilityawarenessweek #hopeforlife #sharingthestruggle #strugglewasreal #fullhandsfullheart #hyperemesisgravidarumsurvivor #retainedplacentasurvivor #retainedplacenta #shareyourautumn #pregnancystory #noinsurancenoproblem #ikeacouchesaredurable #couchbirth
Went on a call for a retained placenta. Fetal membranes are normally expelled within 3 hours after birth, this horse went longer and the owners noticed something wasn't right and gave us a call. We did a uterine flush and retrieved the placenta. Mom and little baby are doing great! #arrowheadvets #placenta #retainedplacenta #fetalmembrane #equine #equinevet #largeanimalvet #farmvet #farmcalls #dvm #vet #veterinary #veterinarian #vetstudent #vetschool #vetlife #vetmed #vettech #veterinaryschool #vetmedicine #veterinaria #veterinarymedicine #uterineflush
Now I understand why they call it labor, because it is HARD work. Kennedy’s birth was the most meaningful thing I have ever done in my life… it was also the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced! My body retained the placenta after birth which has led to a lot of complications. Two weeks after birth and I’m slowly starting to feel like myself again but I have a long recovery road ahead of me. The most important thing is my baby girl is home & healthy - thank you to everyone whose reached out or stopped by to check on us… your warm wishes & cards mean the world to us! #retainedplacenta #retainedplacentasurvivor #iuisuccess #birthstory #newmommy
Last post for this placenta themed week! Women with endometriosis are more likely to experience a retained placenta than women without endometriosis. Do you think they'll make a placenta emoji for all of us birth workers someday? Photo from @johannabravoarteaga #endometriosissucks #placenta #retainedplacenta #placentaencapsulation
Hello my beautiful daughter; Kennedy Morgan Krolikowski 🎀Born March 16th at 7.1 lb & 21in of pure love 💕My world will never be the same!!!! #iuibaby #babygirl #pcosbaby #pcospregnancy #newmommy #rainbowbaby #retainedplacenta #welcometotheworld
I was unable to work out during my pregnancy due to hyperemesis and after having severe hemorrhaging postpartum due to a retained placenta it took me 2 month before I could even walk 10 minutes without getting light headed. Because of this I have lost allll the muscle I had and I desperately want it back (not for looks but to feel and know I'm strong). So today I attempted an interval run and after maybe 1/2 mile I had an asthma attack and my legs started to feel wobbly. I went inside and laid down on the verge of tears cause I wasn't out there trying to run a marathon, I just want to get some strength back and as a previous high school track athlete it's very disheartening because I know what my body is capable of. But then this sweet one came and crawled up on me and asked for some milk and the tears stopped because I may not be able to run like I use to but now my body is capable of feeding my son! 💪🏻🙌🏻👊🏻 Punching self-hatred in the face today and celebrating this glorious body! Tell me mama, what do you love about your body? ✨ #laboroflove #selflove #bodypositivity #bodypositive #breastfeeding #feedingwithlove #bringbackbirth #postpartum #motherhoodunplugged #healthymom #birthwithoutfear #normalizebreastfeeding #normalizegentleparenting @normalizebreastfeeding #feedingwithlovesubmission #hyperemesis #postpartumhemorrhage #retainedplacenta #pph #honestmotherhood #ohheymama
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