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Zoom blitzes the trinity and breaks out of Hal's constructs. .#respectzoom .GREEN LANTERN: THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR FULL
Wonder Woman states that Zoom hits harder than Superman. .#respectzoom .WONDER WOMAN (1987) (214)
Wally is now getting amped by Jesse Quick and was able to match Zoom. They were moving so fast that they have crossed the globe a dozen times across every inch of the world in under a second. Superman looked like a statue to both Zoom and Wally. .#respectzoom .THE FLASH (1987) (200)
While fighting an amped up Wally (by Jay and Bart speed) , Zoom visits Linda in Keystone City and returns without Wally even noticing. .#respectzoom .THE FLASH (1987) (199)
Despite speed stealing from both Jay Garrick and Bart Allen, Zoom still appears as a blur before Wally. .#respectzoom .THE FLASH (1987) (199)
Zoom bitches Jay and was able to block Wally's bloodlusted attacks effortlessly with one hand while holding Linda in the other. .#respectzoom .THE FLASH (1987) (199)
Zoom easily defeats Bart. .#respectzoom .THE FLASH (1987) (199)
Zoom was moving so fast to the point where Jay Garrick and Wally mistakes him for an invisible enemy. .#respectzoom .THE FLASH (1987) (198)