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If you want to repair and build muscle, you've got to get your EAA's in! @kagedmusclesupps new Amino Synergy packs 3 grams of quality, fermented, vegan-sourced essential amino acids to fuel your efforts in and out of the gym. Oh, and it also happens to be naturally flavored, free of artificial colors, and absolutely delicious. Stop in to pick up the Raspberry Lemonade mix for yourself! 😋🍋💦💪 #newforyou #vitaminshoppe #kagedmusclesupps #aminoacids #recovery #fitfam #butlernewjersey
* D A Y * T W O * P O S T * S U R G E R Y * Diary Entry: Today has not been a good day for Oscar. When he woke up he was very pale and his lips were blue. He also had low blood pressure, and was generally very flat and upset. * They took his bloods and told us he may need a transfusion as his red blood cell count was low. His chest was also very crackly and he was unable to clear the mucus as it hurt too much to cough. They decided that after lunch he would have his dressing changed so that his drain could be taken out, and also to check that his poorliness wasn't being caused by a wound infection. Fortunately his bloods came back clear so no transfusion was needed, and even though it was painful having his drain and dressing removed, there was no infection. * After lots of IV antibiotics, anti-sickness meds, paracetamol and ibuprofen Oscar picked up a little this afternoon and managed a few words and even a few smiles. We've been told that this is to be expected on day 2 after the op. Whilst on day 1 they can be on a bit of a high (guessing that's the morphine/ketamine cocktail!), day 2 can see them regress when the effects of the GA and physio kick in. He's not been 'my Oscar' today and am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. * Oscar needs 2 people to move him around in bed every 4 hours and gets very anxious if I even pop to the loo for 2 minutes. He has 3 canulas in his hands, and is terrified when people go near them as it hurts when they flush them with water, and stings when they put the antibiotics through. It's exhausting for both of us as he wakes often in the night, in a lot of pain. But there's nowhere else I'd be. Oscar is a little fighter and inspires me every day with his braveness and determination 💜 #spine #spinalsurgery #recovery #warrior #braveboy #superheroesdontalwayswearcapes #myhero #gosh
Ischias nerven klämmer och det hugger till ända ner i höger stortå. Så jag tänkte det fick bli en sakta vandring längs skogsvägen uppför åsen med gåstavar. Blev inte så lång vandring. Var orolig över hur jag skulle ta mig nerför, men stavarna hjälpte med balansen. Grabbarna gjorde 10 varv runt huset. Fick ut de i luften, de sitter timme in och timme ut och spelar Fortnite. #hiking #walking #vandring #exhausted #recovery #utmattningssyndrom #återhämtning #training #myjourney #minresaräknas #natur #nature #detsynsinte #nordicwalking #autumn #höst
Anyone else sit and wait for there husbands - after they tell me to go get ready as they stare at the TV watching 🏈 Football? . I’m such a football widow sometimes 🧟‍♀️ . . . . . . . #whereismyhusband #notimpressed #heslucky #waiting #dogmom #footballsunday #tirednurse #nurselife #dogmom #dogmomlife #lululemon
Reflecting on what a glorious night we had. Thanks again to everyone who joined us for making it so special. 🎉🎉🎉 #weldseattle #everyonebelongs #nonprofit #housing #jobs #recovery #compassion #freedom #humanrights
I was going to post this tomorrow, but the Sunday blues are real. Anxiety has been ON me this past month, and it is only getting worse. I’m physically tired all the time. My mind is a depressed wreck and I feel like nothing fits in it, for example: uni work and studying. Socializing is a tough one. I don’t wanna say “no” all the time, but again; how can I be there, when I’m constantly dissociated. I see things, I do things, I even laugh sometimes, but I don’t feel things. I don’t feel okay. Writing and drawing my feeling helps a lot though. This is an example on how anxiety can get extremely severe. It can literally stop your world, and I’m lucky to have a support system and people who understand that. That sometimes I won’t be okay. And that’s okay. I wanna cry. But nothing comes out. I wanna shout. But I don’t have the energy. I’m educated on the subject. I know my symptoms. My diagnosis. It helps. It helps to understand what is going on, and that it is not forever. I will be okay. Not today. Probably not tomorrow. But I will. That is what keeps me going. I’ve been here before, and I’ve gotten out before; I will again. If you are struggling as well; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE APPRECIATED. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. EVER. ❤️❤️❤️
halloweenpumpkin in progress #halloween #pumpkin #sunday #recovery
#Motivation No matter what NEVER Give Up. You're never put in situations you can't handle. Always find the the positive in every situation and build on it. Things might be hard at first but the reward of getting through it is amazing
10/21/18 4:37pm I hate existing
It’s that time of year for me, when SAD sets in. I don’t know what it is about this time of year that depression hits me, but I know I’m not alone. Some days I have to force myself to get up and do something. Depression looks different on everyone. You never know what someone is going through. Be humble. Be kind to others ✨
10/21/18 4:36pm I’m so upset
recovery is not always linear guys!! & that’s okay! for example I went to breakfast w a friend and planned to get one of my FAV things, a giant pumpkin pancake! I had it all planned out and when the server asked what I would like to eat my ed thoughts rushed in & I got fruit w toast & almond butter. I do enjoy this as well and it’s perfectly okay getting it BUT I was looking forward to a pumpkin pancake all week and let my ed get in the way. BUT today when me and my mom went to breakfast I got a huge waffle w strawberries & whipped cream on it along with some ham! I did not let my ed get in the way today! I picked myself back up and decided to fight harder! recovery is a one day at a time journey and I’m learning that every day. I do eat healthy and I also allow myself to eat things that I like! I am trying to see food as food and not as “good” and “bad”!! everything is okay in moderation:)) but today was a victory! #eatingdisorder #waffle #breakfast #victory #ed #recovery #weightrestored #love #sunday #workoutday
😂 Seriously though... taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be rocket science. Wholesome food, regular exercise and restful sleep go such a long way! . ... and of course if aches and pains continue to bother you, you know where we are 😉 . We’re back in clinic at 8:30 AM tomorrow or you can book online at acornhealth.janeapp.com . #Emsworth #Chiropractic #Health #Fitness #Injury #Recovery #Chiropractor #BackPain #NeckPain #Sciatica #Headache #Havant #Chichester #Portsmouth #Lifestyle
If it wasn't for this one I don't know how I would be managing. I haven't been out on my own in over a week and I know that's a good thing but I'm going to be home alone next week during the day whilst my mum is at work and I don't know what I'm going to do 😭 I feel like I have taken too much on which changing all 3 of my subjects and I just can't cope anymore. I am back to being scared of myself and I don't know what to do 😭😭😭 #anxiety #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #mentalhealthstigma #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthisreal #mentalhealthissues #mentalhealthrecovery #anxious #anxietyawareness #anxietyattack #anxietysucks #socialanxiety #anxietywarrior #anxietyfighter #anxietyadvice #anxietytips #anxietyhelp #depression #recovery #recovering #fighting #strong #depressionsucks #depressionisreal
-آخه #دیوونه قد #من کی #دوست_داره _ -نظرتون رو درباره #کلیپ و #اهنگ #کامنت کنید 💛🍁- -️دوستاتون رو #تگ کنید لطفا 💛🍁- . @meisamebrahimi #meysam_ebrahimi #recovery #میثم_ابراهیمی #ریکاوری . 🌹 @TagLoverS2 🌹 🌹 #TagLoverS 🌹 🌹 #تگ_لاورز 🌹
Exactly what you need today , the hypervolt , to get moving for the week ahead. #hyperice #recovery
I pretend like a know a bunch of yoga but really my back is fused so I can do tree pose and that’s about it 🤷🏼‍♀️ The past few days I’ve been feeling really happy and positive and looking forward to whatever the future entails! I took on a “positive vibes only” mentality and it has helped a lot. I know some things are out of your control but if you tell yourself over and over that you are happy and that you will be successful, you’d be surprised at how well you feel! I encourage all my followers or anyone struggling today to give it a shot. You deserve to be happy! Struggling? US Suicide Hotline is 800-2732-8255. Or text “hello” or “hopeline” to 741-741. Because one suicide is too many. 🎗
You’re never alone 💖💖 . . “For me, depression is not sadness. It’s not having a bad day and needing a hug. It gave me a complete and utter sense of isolation and loneliness. It’s debilitation was all-consuming, and it shut down my mental circuit board.” - @kristenanniebell 💋
You’re never alone 💖💖 . . “For me, depression is not sadness. It’s not having a bad day and needing a hug. It gave me a complete and utter sense of isolation and loneliness. It’s debilitation was all-consuming, and it shut down my mental circuit board.” - @kristenanniebell 💋
You’re never alone 💖💖 . . “For me, depression is not sadness. It’s not having a bad day and needing a hug. It gave me a complete and utter sense of isolation and loneliness. It’s debilitation was all-consuming, and it shut down my mental circuit board.” - @kristenanniebell 💋
Exactly! All the same and all unique at the same time! Magic of being human 😉. Thanks @full_of_freckles_illustrations for this lovely art! Happy end of Sunday dear sweet lovely readers! Take care 💜💛💚🧡💙❤️
Sentindo-se perdido? Sem direção? Imagine quando o 4G falha e seu alemão não é dos melhores... .. www.coloproctoespecialistas.com.br .. #coloproctoespecialistas #oconhecimentolevaasaude #cirurgiasegura #laparoscopia #medicina #intestinosaudavel #coloproctologia #cancerdeintestino #polipos #prevencao #checkup #cirurgia #cirurgiageral #paciente #recuperacao #recovery #laparoscopy #surgery
Sorry guys, I completely forgot to post my night snack because I was so engrossed in the formula one! 🏎 🏁 I just had my usual, and this is night snack featuring some strange European biscuits that a lady I work with gave me 😆 it was a good race today, right down to the end... though I’m not sure that @char_verses_ana would agree 😉
27... One of the best birthday parties I have ever had. 🍰🎂 For more than 2 years I had been closed in myself, unable to see the beauty and the love around me. My smile was so insincere and my emotions were completely frozen. Thank you amazing people to make my birthday a memorable one! I had friends driving 4 hours just to hug me, others coming with fever just to wish me happy birthday! I am blessed ❤️ and now I'm starting to deeply understand it: it is not your weight that defines you. I am 15kg heavier and so much happier! There is still a lot of work to do and it is really hard... But it totally worth it. #birthday #recovery #love #friendahip #eating #selflove #selfesteem
Meriendaaa: •Porción de torta de ricotta y dulce de leche. También voy a tomar café con leche. No voy a comer fruta poRQUE NO TENGO GANAS ah por qué gritaba. Fue, la dejo para más tarde. — •Pregunta random: ¿Ustedes comen rápido o se toman su tiempo? Porque a mí me re cuesta comer lento. Suelo terminar todo en 10 min. Pero de ahora en más me propuse a tardar, mínimo, unos 15/20 min. •Otra pregunta más rara que la anterior que quiero hacerles es... ¿alguna vez comieron chipá del que venden en Constitución? Porque a veces tengo que ir para esos lados y veo a los chabones vendiendo y es tipo oh no es mi perdición ahre pero nunca compro un carajo porque capaz que están re rancios viste... bueno por eso les pregunto(????) ——— #break #snack #food #foodie #foodporn #foodphotography #foodstyling #nodiet #balancedlife #cakes #ricotta #dulcedeleche #coconut #pie #tortadericota #tasty #yummy #delicious #sweet #recovery #healthy #health
Today marks 9 months of continuous sobriety 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #soberlife #recovery #itworksifyouworkit #grateful
"Leave it better than you found it." That's something that @jeffcscs said to me when he came to visit, and it's been rattling around in my head ever since. Jeff is a man who has changed, and is changing, and somehow my silly ass played a big role in that for him, but now, I feel like he has blown right past me, and I just can't have that. Former Navy Seal or not, I'm coming for you sir! I've spent too long letting myself get bogged down with trivial things and letting the negativity surrounding those things keep me from doing what I need to be doing with the voice I've somehow built for myself. I'll be completely honest. I always am. When I started this, I just needed attention. I've always been that way, and I always will be. There's nothing inherently wrong with being an attention whore, I hope, but there is a responsibility that comes along with having more than a few eyes on you that I'm going to start taking seriously now. If that means keeping my mouth shut when I don't have anything productive to say... well, that's going to be a fucking challenge, but my goal is going to be to keep my mouth shut during those times until I have something to say worth hearing. I'm here to help, and if I can't do that, I'm going to sit down and shut up like anyone who is not being helpful should. I'm her for addicts and alcoholics. I'm here for the depressed and anxious and suicidal. I'm here for the unloved and abused. I'm here for anyone who's looking for any reason to keep trying to make it through the day. I'm also here for humpday and Unicorn leggings, and a lot of other silliness, because I deeply believe if we cant laugh our way through this fucking life, then we're not doing it right. Positivity breeds positivity, and there's already far too much negativity in this world for me to be okay with adding more to it. #jwarrenwelch
Such an honor and privilege to share some #hope at the NYS Pretrial Conference for those who work so hard to provide another avenue for those facing jail time. There are a LOT of other options for people and these individuals are the unsung heros who find a way. 🙏
Tonight, I am re-releasing my vocal cover music video of Delusion by @currents on my Facebook by popular demand. I heard their sound, and immediately became inspired. In that moment, I knew it was my time to do what I love and chase my dreams. Thank you Currents for giving me the match to light my candle. Find what inspires you, and don’t forget what inspired you. As long as you have one candle lit, you will never be lost. There is always a light; even if it is dim, that will help guide you down the path ahead. Sometimes; its harder to light that candle, or see the twisted road ahead. But I promise, you will get through it. During my drug use, I lost my candle, I lost my light. Once I found my passion in music; I realized I could light my own candle. And help others make theirs aflame. Don’t give up. Don’t lose yourself. Chase your dreams; and succeed. I’d also like to personally thank @brianwille for everything he has done for me, and what he continues to do for me. 📸: @es_photographer_ #DreamChaser #Dreamer #Dream #Currents #WageWar #Attila #Fronz #Fronzilla #Photography #MusicPhotography #Success #Musician #MusicianLife #Music #MusicLife #MusiciansOfInstagram #Metal #Metalhead #Metalcore #PostHardcore #Metalcore #Model #Deathcore #Vocalist #Scream #Frontman #Buffalo #Succeed #LiveLoud #Recovery #NewYork
New headshot for a new me. First one I’ve ever taken smiling. Cheers to all experiences good and bad that built my strength and individuality throughout my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. #lovetheprocess #neverpeak #unstoppable • • • 📸 Kyudong Kwak @lasvegasballetcompany • • • #persistance #dedication #iwilldanceagain #iamdancingagain #recovery #surgery #achilles #ballet #dancer #balletdancer #boysofballet #maledancer #danseur #worldwideballet #artist #athlete #model #dancersofinstagram #headshot #lasvegasballetcompany #nyc #manhattan #lasvegas #vegas #la
Turmeric Pumpkin Rice 🎃 I promise this is made in less than 30 minutes! Stir fry with virgin olive oil some chopped green bell peppers, carrots, pumpkin and leeks. When soft, add the rice with some turmeric and water and keep an eye until cooked. As a curious fact, pumpkin, is rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C which all support heart health. Also contains beta-carotene (hence its bright color), and it's our body who converts any ingested amount into vitamin A. So take note!  Easy recipe, even easier to pack for monday work! 😉👌 #fitfam #rice #crossfitgirls #crossfit #packing #healthy #fit #swimmer #risotto #turmeric #crossfitcommunity #fitfam #healthy #snack #natural #fitmeal #recovery #tips #fit #nutrition #eatyourgreens #vegan #veggie
It’s been 8 months since I’ve been able to lace up my running shoes, go outside, feel the fresh air against my skin and truly feel connected to a body I tried so hard to destroy. It’s been 8 months without running and this weather has me missing those miles like something FIERCE. Sometimes recovery gets really hard, like right now. When you have to choose every single day to avoid something you love and the one thing that made you feel connected mind and body. When you feel like all you do is eat and cry. But this is my choice to fight the fight and get better. Can’t wait to put some miles on a fresh new pair of shoes and get back to those marathon miles 💕🏃🏼‍♀️#recovery #imthatpsychothatmissesrunning26milesforfun
Two weeks ago I was like that ... and now 😷 enjoy every second! 💪 Be Strong 💪. ... ~ El bicho volverá 🐜. • • • #memories #postoperatorio #isquemiaintestinal #picoftheday #bikini @hm #iwanttocomeback #pictureday #photography #sur #spain #streetstyle #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle #fitfood #healthyeating #recovery #stepbystep
Essere stanca. Affaticata. Triste. Sola. Avere pensieri, tanti, troppi brutti pensieri. Voler solo una pausa. Una pausa dal mondo e da me stessa. Tagli sulle braccia. Gocce di En, troppe, decisamente troppe. Buio. Tranquillità. Dormivo. Non mi erano sembrate passate più di 5 ore quando mi sono ritrovata con una flebo nel braccio, il monitor dei parametri sul letto, i medici del 118 nella mia camera e la mia coinquilina terrorizzata e triste. Era tutto strano, non ero cosciente, ricordo solo piccoli pezzi, piccoli flash di una giornata da dimenticare. Poi l’ambulanza, il pronto soccorso, il colloquio con la psichiatra che già conoscevo per il day-hospital, ma solo una nuvola sfocata di ricordi. E poi sono tornata a casa. Le cose non erano come prima. Certe azioni hanno delle conseguenze e bisogna accettarle. Bisogna riacquistare la fiducia di coloro che mi vogliono bene. Bisogna sopportare il senso di colpa per il dolore provocato. Bisogna arrancare i giorni seguenti in uno stato di trans, nel quale non si ricorda nulla e tutto è sfocato e confuso. Però, per quanto in basso sia arrivata, adesso si riparte. Ho perso una battaglia, non la guerra. E si, ho ferite ancora aperte e dolenti di cui devo occuparmi e qualcosa cambierà rispetto a qualche giorno fa, ma la vita va avanti, la MIA VITA, continua e merito di viverla. Si cade e ci si rialza. Ci si sente soli a volte, ma non è così. Le persone che ci vogliono bene ci stanno accanto e ci tengono per mano, nei momenti belli e in quelli brutti. Ma bisogna rialzarsi, perché riadagiarsi sul fondo del baratro è la fine. Come una fenice che rinasce dalle ceneri .. 🥀
To many cocktails?! Life Of The Party is formulated to help cleanse, detox and rejuvenate the liver & kidneys. Cause we all like to have a good time. Go big or go home! 🙌🏼
Hi. You can call me S. I’m 15yo. I’m trying to recover from my atypical anorexia; and that’s what this acc will be about. I’m only learning English since 3 years so excuse all my mistakes!
Already missing this beautiful city (and a certain person in particular)!!!
Wish I didn’t have to leave this wonderful human today😔 had a lovely time in Berlin x
Such a beautiful day 🌤
Morning coffee stop @Starbucks before another day exploring..📸☕️🇩🇪
Up close & personal
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Arrived in Berlin with my darling🍂
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