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Looks who doing cardio!!! First session after surgery. My post-op follow-up was great. I get to do the stationary bike & elliptical! I also get to start working on leg extensions & curls. No squats or stairs for a few weeks. But even though I had a nice couple of meniscus tears, the Dr was so impressed with my conditioning overall, I don’t need to go to PT & am doing it myself. So most people that know me know how dedicated I am to my workouts. No doubt I’m going to listen to my body & no push too hard too soon. #inittowinit #recovery #conditioning #backinthesaddle #thatbombshelllife #jessiesbombshells #winning
#Repost @clinicakinesi with @get_repost ・・・ ➡️ Conheça nossos serviços, procedimentos e metodologias utilizadas para o seu tratamento. ⬇️ 👉🏼 Tratamento Integrativo ▶️ Uma gama de métodos eficazes no tratamento da dor, disfunção e lesão, afim de otimizar os resultados e reduzir o tempo de recuperação. 👉🏼 Check-up Fisioterapêutico ▶️ Avaliações detalhadas de cada sistema corporal que possa interferir na saúde músculo-esquelética (articulações, músculos, ligamentos) ou que possam deixar o indivíduo propenso ao desenvolvimento de dores ou lesões. 👉🏼 Terapia do Movimento ▶️ Aulas de reeducação do movimento (postural) em grupo, com atividades específicas para cada aluno. 👉🏼 Tratamento funcional de Problemas Digestivos e Intestinais ▶️ Melhora sua saúde e previna doenças digestivas e intestinais. 👉🏼 Condicionamento e Performance ▶️ Treinamento funcional, recondicionamento pós reabilitação, treinamento desportivo individualizado e treinamento em grupo. 👉🏼 Programa de Recuperação Acelerada ▶️ Otimização do período de recuperação para controlar os danos musculares, aliviar a dor muscular, a inflamação e a fadiga. ➕ ☎️ Dúvidas sobre como o nossos Serviços podem te AJUDAR? Liga para a gente, (83) 3034.0070 | (83) 99600.8962 🔅 #kinesi #fast #joaopessoa #recovery #corrida #ciclismo #crossfit #longevidade #esporte #integrativa #checkup
#membermonday with a review by the amazing @fitgirlluvsya !! #keepaustinchill — ❄️WE LET THE CRYO DO THE TALKING❄️ Most of our followers know what cryotherapy is and have a general sense of what it does and it’s application in recovery, health, and wellness. However, there are A TON of folks out there that have no idea what cryotherapy is and how it’s used. We can talk til we are blue in the face about how amazing electrically-cooled, chemical free whole body cryotherapy is, but at the end of the day, you got to try it for yourself. We let the cryo do the talking! Danielle tried our 7 Days of Cryo for $70 and saw GREAT RESULTS!! We were thrilled to have helped Danielle recover faster and compete in the @campgladiator team games and now we are thrilled to call her a member of our #cryofam ! Cheers Danielle!! 🍻 Looking forward to playing more “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 in the cryo chamber soon!! 👉Don’t hesitate to drop us a review on Google or Yelp! It helps us perfect your customer experience so you can focus on your health.👈 — 📆SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT📆 🤑 7 Days of Cryo for $70 📲 Book Now in Bio ☎️ 512-975-2796 📧 austin@uscryotherapy.com 🌐 www.uscryotherapy.com/austin 📍 31st & N Lamar Blvd. — AS ALWAYS.. 🧠 Empower Your Wellness 📈 Optimize Your Recovery 🔓 Unlock Your Potential ❄️ Keep Austin Chill — #review #cryotherapy #uscryotherapy #recovery #downtownaustin #atxlifestyle #keepaustinfit #atxlife #austinlife #austinfit #nopain #inflammation #holistichealth #coldtherapy #fitfam #austin #atx #betterhealth #allnatural #feelgood #feelyoung #atxcryo #austincryo #natural
With all the training information out there about strength work, tempo work, functional bodybuilding and more, it’s easy to be as confused as @ajordanjr - Ok maybe not that confused but understanding the right way to integrate that work into your training can be tough - In our latest podcast we discuss how it works, how to use it and what to avoid when putting together a training plan - Check out the link in our bio to listen! - #CrossFit #legionsc #podcast #strength
Throwback to the morning of the Great North Swim. First open water swim event doing 2miles in Windermere! Might not be able to do the Great North Run this year but at least I can say I’ve achieved this which I didn’t think I could! Can’t wait to get back to it! #health #fitness #swim #running #greatswim #greatnorthswim #injury #recovery
Some people think getting up before dawn is a bad thing, but they just need more sunrises like this one in their lives. With fog in the valley, fall colors in the trees and the sun peaking over the mountains, mornings at Great Smoky Mountains #NationalPark in #Tennessee are the best reward for getting out of bed early. #Sunrise photo by Douglas Hawthorne. . . . . . . #FindYourPark #usinterior #luxurylife #ilovemychildren #awesomepix #liveauthentic #onedayatatime #letsexplore #recovery #easydoesit #exploremore #Igaddicts #lawofattraction #liveoutdoors #3gc4gb #instapassport #joinmyteam #wahm #stayathomemom #love #solopreneur #residualincome #busymom #laptoplifestyle #buildyourempire Dorothy's Deals
Self Reminder: Do not go weeks without working out because you will lose feeling everywhere after you work out again. 🤦‍♀️ Time to get back into the swing of things! 💪🏻
When I was overweight I was not OK because of that. The silly thing is that some of those haters were overweight themselves as well. When I was normal weight they said I was too thin and had an eating disorder. Well, when I fell in anorexia they said I only wanted to get some attention. When I recovered I was too fat to them again🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Read more ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ @barbiewithbrains @barbiewithbrains @barbiewithbrains
Games are filled with 1v1 “confrontations” or “duels” and you need to win this as a team and as a player. This is a bit similar to a post a couple days ago. If you every get told or tell others to “go in hard” this is what I’m talking about. Go in to every single duel with NO HESITATION, as much aggression and strength as you can. You often see smaller guys go in “harder” than others, and that’s simply cause they one, don’t hesitate, two are aggressive and three go in with as much of their strength. Try this next practice/game.
I’m so fucking hangry writing this ahahah I had to wait a few hours to eat even tho I was starving from only having one meal today because my friend had a guy over and I can’t prepare food around new people - heck it’s hard preparing food around my own family sometimes I still feel gross eating though. It’s been a hard day #edrecovery #recovery #purgingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #vegan #veganfood
Everyone around me is sick of my pain. But that’s the harsh reality. People don’t always tolerate my negativity or my constant tears. Sometimes my need for reassurance annoys people and sometimes my sadness is perceived as ungrateful. But this doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to express myself or reach out for help. We’re all only human and I understand that I’m sometimes difficult to live with. But living with myself is more difficult than they’d ever imagine. . I try not to project my suffering onto others. I’d hate them to feel unhappy too but sometimes I don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s best to speak to professionals instead of leaning so heavily on family and friends. It’s what the professionals are there for after all . But not everyone has positive experiences with professionals and that’s where I’m at right now. I don’t know what to do or where to go from here without destroying others minds as well as my own. . #recovering #recovery #psychotic #sadquotes #depressionquotes #bipolarrecovery #recoveryisworthit #iamnot1in5 #schizoaffective #recoveryispossible #mentalhealthmatters #prorecovery #manic #mentalhealthawareness #recoverywarrior #recover #anxiety #mentalillness #depression #mentalhealth #motivation #recoveryquotes #likeforlikes #l4likeforlikesback #follow #psychosis #bipolardisorder #bpd #positivevibes #bipolar1
I kinda use this account as a way to get out everything I'm feeling, I feel like my friends at uni honestly want nothing to do with me, I feel so alone, I constantly feel undermined, I can't be bothered anymore and above absolutely everything else I feel like a whale
#Repost @amberdee_28 Gonna miss doing demos in California 💕🇺🇸Good thing you can use my code: AMBERD (all caps) for 20% OFF the online store MissMaryJanesEdibles.com/store 📱Links in my bio! I’ll continue to spread the knowledge of @mmjcalifornia CBD in Tennessee! DM me if you have questions. Everyone can benefit from Miss Mary Jane’s CBD 🚫NO THC ✅ Drug Test Pass #missmaryjanesedibles #cbd #cbdsaveslives #medicinal #recovery #mmj #fittness #motivation #blondegirl #americangirl #glock #usmc #army #navy #rltw #oafnation #cannabidiol #cbdedibles #veteran #weedmaps #hightimes #nashville #cbdoil #hemp #americanflagtattoo #vice #blondebombshell #summervibes #universityoftennessee
With MinPlan, learn to identify triggers that may cause a mental crisis and implement strategies or get help before it’s too late. #minplan #myplan #ptsd #suicide #suicideprevention #anxiety #mooddisorder #grief #selfcare #mentaldisorder #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #EndTheStigma #recovery #takecareoutthere #depression #counseling
#blackandwhite #oldschool #scarface #recovery #inthehause #movie #relax ...... No es que te ignore es que está lento el wify.... Ni tan loco, ni tan cuerdo.... Ni mas ni menos siempre.....
Surgery went well. I’m just exhausted. The doctor ended up removing 3 parathyroids and half of my thyroid. He says my last parathyroid is slightly enlarged which isn’t good but, it should be ok for the rest of my life. In my hospital room for the night resting. @chaseevans33 is here with me 👍 #surgery #recovery #hospital #parathyroid #parathyroidectomy
(20/08/18) Conquering even more fears 💪 (Sorry that the photo looks boring and empty and has completely destroyed my theme, it's really bothering me as well! Ughhhh) I managed a Kit Kat Chunky that was New York Cheesecake flavoured. It was so good and I'm proud of myself for beating my fears, even if I am terrified of gaining weight. I just have to keep telling myself that one chocolate bar will not make me gain weight. Normal people eat chocolate and you don't see them gaining 3 stone overnight. If someone I knew ate a chocolate bar, I wouldn't think "Oh my God, what are they doing, they're going to gain weight!" I'd just think that they're eating chocolate, so why do I punish myself? A little bit of chocolate won't kill me. It's okay... even if you regret it, even if ana tells you otherwise, you are allowed to eat chocolate. Planning on challenging myself again soon as I'm going to Costa on Thursday!! Have a lovely night. X #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #ednos #eatingdisorder #fooddiary #bulimia #anorexia #positive #strongnotskinny #edfamily #foodie #blog #strongnotskinny #edwarrior #f4f #anorexiarecovery #recoverywin #bulimiarecovery #metal #ednosrecovery #food #healthy #cooking #fooddiary #ana #mia #fitness #diet #foodplan
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Last summer league game of the season. Second place in the cup is an awesome achievement. Thanks @pottersbarhc for having me, so sorry I couldn’t play the last two cup games!!! If it wasn’t for the supportive, fun, relaxed environment this summer hockey I wouldn’t have had to confidence to go back to @stalbanshockey after two years out and play competitively. You have all been stars and thanks for putting up with my shouting at you all on the pitch 😜. Good luck for your season ahead, I’ll be down to support as much as I can! And shout out to top goal scorer @emilygerke6 👏🏻💪🏻🙌🏻 #hockey #preseason #summerleague #mentalhealth #recovery #confidence #anxiety #comeback #mentalillness #mentalillnessrecovery #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #wellness #fitnessjourney
When your boyfriend looks at your bodytrax results and points out in 3months you have gained 5.7lb in muscle out of the 7lb you gained so far.. . WHAAATTTT! Apparently 1lb (1.5lb if you been training for years) a month is the normal when your seriously trying to gain muscle so im happy i have smashed that 💪😂😊 xx #focus #strong #muscle #fitness #fuel #happy #girlswholift #girlswhoeat #gains #clean #nofilter #barefaced #eyebrowsdoneobviously #bodytrax #hateditaswellaslovedit #lightbackday #recovery
A friend recently asked the question, “What do you want to be known for?” in his stories, and this was my answer. Because of that second part, I’m sharing the second photo. It’s (sarcasm here) funny, ever since the @Curology ads/photos came out, I’ve had tons of people saying, “you must be lying, I don’t see any photos of you with acne that bad!” I always answer, “Would YOU post lots of close-up selfies without makeup if your face looked like mine did?” I feel sorta the same way about mental illness. It’s so, so hard to share the “ugly” parts of ourselves. Why on earth would we share photos, videos, little snapshots of our darkest, hardest, most painful moments? But they exist, and they are valid, with or without documentation. You don’t have to prove anything to ANYONE, but I’m here telling you that you aren’t alone, and the hugest middle finger to the next person who says, “well you sure don’t LOOK depressed/like you have depression.”
Hoje foi dia de tratamento na @asesporteeterapia com a @lu.fisio. Aproveitando o período de férias para recuperação da lesão na lombar !!! #fisioterapia #recovery #tratamento #asesporteeterapia #radixengenharia #paradesportocrvg #paralympics
After my last post, I’ve gotten some questions on my recovery. Here you go @thompsonbowtie - As a part of my active recovery, I do a lot of passive or relaxed rolling and heavy pressure to release knots and improve mobility issues. Here are my #bodytempering tools. They each weigh about 70lbs. I had them made from 3.5” bar stock. I typically roll out my quads, calves, and pecs/delts once a week to stay healthy. After suffering some real bad IT band syndrome I discovered body tempering and @thompsonbowtie @storage_shed. Donnie changed my view on recovery and rehab significantly! Check out his YouTube videos. I have another tool in the works at the machine shop..... stay tuned. #recovery #injuryprevention #healthy #garagegym
Another Monday, another leg day with a focus on adductors. They are responsible for hip and knee flexion and allowing the pelvis to tilt. Because they tend to be weak and inactive, make sure you’re really concentrating on contracting from there as opposed to using momentum and your knees/low back: Cable curtsy lunge/DB heels elevated squat with OH plate Side plank with cable adduction (can put other knee down for easier version)/banded SB bulgarian lunge (band @mbslingshot ) #functionaltraining #injuryprevention #knee #hips #lowback #injury #recovery #legs #workout #npc #bikini #competition #prep #mondaymotivation #squats #bodybuilding #weightlifting #thickthighssavelives #girlswholift #nofilter #resistancebands #glutes #booty 🍑 #nofilter
Delicious taco salad @milestonesrestaurants in Burlington. • Had the splints removed from my nose, so I can finally taste food again..YAY! Looks like my breathing has improved, but things are still a little stuffed up and swollen. All in all not a bad procedure. Taking Advil on Saturday was just a mistake on my part.
Weekend adventures with this one 🙈💕👫 #sundayfunday #town #glasgow #dinner #drinks #monday #recovery #ootd #memories #couple #smiles
Are you able to #recover quickly from your #workouts and avoid injuries? Condition and strengthen your body with powerful, anti-inflammatory herbal liniments. The solutions you need can be found by clicking the link in our bio.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #workout #fitnesstips #physicalfitness #healthy #herb #herbal #herbs #athlete #naturalremedies #naturalhealing #inflammation #pain #healthcoach #workout #bodybuilder #physicalfitness #recovery #weightlifting #lifting #gym #weighttraining #gymlife #fitnessmotivation #shoulders #strengthtraining #gains #coach #plumdragonherbs
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Ever since recovery Ice cream has always been my fave especially the one I had in Faro 😍 only sad thing was that the portion was a bit small 😂 #saltedcaramel #icecream #recovery
These bars are legit for #camping and #partying 👌 #rxbar #recovery #feelinggood
Heute habe ich ein leckeres Curry-Grundrezept für euch. 1 Dose Kokosmilch 2 TL rote Currypaste Gemüse eurer Wahl (zB Lauch,Möhren,Zucchini,...) Und Tofu,Hähnchen,Fisch,... Mit Curcuma, Curry-&Chillypulver abschmecken und mit Reis servieren. Lasst es euch schmecken! Eure Fee #curry #rotescurry #rezept #kochen #asiatisch #scharf #gemüse #vegan #vegetatisch #schnellgekocht #leckerschmecka #abnehmen #recovery #berecovery #feelgoodfood #soulfood #fitfood #yummy #yummymeal #gesundundlecker #ausgewogenessen #asianstyle
Time to talk about haters 🙄 - - - - - At first I need to say I can’t understand those persons, not at all. What does it give to them when they make someone else feel bad? What do they get of sharing negativity and poisoning the minds around? 🤨 How it’s even possible they really do have this kind of goals? WHYYYYY?? 🤮😱 - - - - - Well, I have seen it’s mostly because they are so very disappointed on themselves, they don’t feel happy with themselves or in their body, and / or because they are just jealous. Anyway the source is very negative and it’s all about themselves, not because of you! No matter most of us know it, it’s still very hard to understand it. It’s not your fault you are bullied, they are teasers and not always you can do anything for making them to stop it 🙅🏼‍♀️ For somehow, no matter how much we build our confidence those cruel rats make us feel so darn bad and look at ourselves in a different, in a very wrong way 😖 And this is what makes me feel so very sad!!! 😔 - - - - - I am now telling you there was a time I allowed the acting of my haters because I never wanted to fight with anyone. Nowadays I am smart enough to understand no one can fight with itself but I still don’t accept anyone attacking me or people around 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ If I see this, I never close my eyes 👀 I can tell you I truly know how harmful it might be! 😐 - - - - - When I was overweight I was not OK because of that. The silly thing is that some of those haters were overweight themselves as well. When I was normal weight they said I was too thin and had an eating disorder. Well, when I fell in anorexia they said I only wanted to get some attention. When I recovered I was too fat to them again🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Hey come on! Think about it! Is there any sense in this, really? - - - - - Today I can take those comments the same way that fries 🍟 I eat them, I bite them and I feel proud I am stronger than them! Food will never bite me back, neither the haters 🍟🍟
I have chosen to not talk about my battles with addiction on here. But to the extent that I treat any physical or virtual space as a secret hiding place, I leave myself vulnerable to thinking I can find a hiding place to use again. I’m working the 12 steps of recovery with a sponsor. Today I read all my step 4 demons to him as step 5, and he assigned me to spend an hour meditating on it. I chose here, onlooking the Mississippi River. On a bench, by a tree, there were birds, a fence, a river, an island in the distance beside a bridge. I have much more meditating and taking action to do. Next Monday we meet to start step 8. The light at the end of the tunnel is the sun. Toward the end of the hour I heard the sound of a train across the river, and saw a train, chugging through. #recovery #addiction #addictionrecovery #thywaynotmyway #12steps #12steprecovery #12stepstofreedom
@joerogan and @henryrollinsofficial talk about their Cryo experience, and why it’s a must for them! Check it out!
My thoughts on MONDAYS. Everyone's favoriot day!!! Monday is just a state of mind, another day to PRESS -- Don't waste it!! #Elevate
Hi, my name is Helen, and I am a recovering codependent. 😉 I am addicted to helping people, but have finally learned that I did not actually know HOW to help someone. I was groomed to enable. I enabled and contributed to many codependentships (with friends, family members, and romantic partners) throughout my life, and after years of research and therapy, I am able to recognize red flag behavior, and set (and enforce) boundaries with people. I am still learning. I am still growing. I am still healing. And I am still addicted to helping others... However... NOW I finally understand HOW to help someone. When I was first invited to change the world, I was unaware of many things about my past with abuse and codependency. I have learned SO much, and have lost (and have parted ways) with many loved ones along my healing journey. Creating a whole new life for myself is difficult, and I still struggle with PTSD, anxiety, codependency, and my addiction to helping others. There are days that I am scared that if I miss a comment, someone might die, and it terrifies me. 😔 I am still working on healing myself, and have learned that what I was doing to enable others was not actually helping them, but keeping them dependent on me... 😕 I had to learn (and am still learning) how to love without attachment. ❤ And to set people free. To help when someone is unable to help themselves. But to recognize when someone does not actually want help, and is seeking special treatment to avoid responsibility for meeting their own needs, or facing their own consequences. Many days, I receive messages from people I have helped by sharing my own personal experiences, and other information that I have found to be helpful, and I feel a tremendous amount of relief with every person helped. :') But I also understand that I must set them free so they can help themselves, and I can not try to control things for them. I have to let them create their own power, because enabling strips people of their power. And that is exactly the opposite of what I want to do. I think of the starfish story... Continued in comment section... 😉
T.F.L is important to keep in point.. D.m for more info . . Stand for what you believe.... Be original..... Be you.... M.B.T . . #mobilitywod #personaltrainer #personaltraining #yoga #cardio #injury #recovery #muscle #strength #healthyliving #weights #prehab #rehab #work #getfit #totumlifescience #fitfam #bodybuilding #fitspo #ankles #miamibodytempering #bodytempering
This past weekend I brought my A game to the USA Powerlifting Southeast Regionals. It was an excellent event, featuring athletes from GA,SC,NC, and FL. Being a therapist with a variety of skills I did everything from dynamic warm up stretching, scraping, to some quick muscle testing for troubleshooting. POINT BLANK- loved it!!!! LOL there is more than just stretching going on over here!💪🏾💪🏾 BEASTMODE. ALSO shoutout to everybody I knew off IG and got to meet in person! @_jay.e92 @em.wilcox.889 @thenerdlifta @chels.e.s @musclemanmarcus @teamrohr
This couldn’t be more true in this season of my life. 🐾 I love my fur babes & the love they snuggle and give me. They spark drive in me when I don’t want to. Mostly they make me get up and feed them, so my day keeps going 💖they are one of the sparks is my life What’s your spark? ✨👑
Mais novo brinquedo👌🏼👊🏼 #mucleactivation #recovery #fisioterapia #fisioterapiaesportiva
Hallo 👋🏻 Mein Name ist Franzi bin 15 und habe seit 2 Jahren Anorexie 😬. War auch vor kurzem in einer Klinik und hab mich entschieden zu Recovern 💪🏻 Werde wahrscheinlich nicht alles was ich esse fotografieren aber das meiste 🌹 #recovery #anorexiarecovery #anorexia
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“A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings, and destiny from finding you. DON’T BE THE REASON YOU DON’T SUCCEED.” – Mandy Hale • • Still nursing this injured 🤕 knee. Still frustrated I wasn’t able to run this weekend. Still dying inside because I’ve missed out on teaching so many of my classes. Still missing my fam @bspokestudios. The AWESOMELY positive side of this? I’m still 💯 percent CONFIDENT that this career path as a fitness instructor was meant for me 🙌🏼😀🖤. I’ve never wanted to work so badly in my life!!! The other positive side to this? Even though this injury is annoying — it certainly could have been much worse. I’ll count my blessings where I can ❤️🙏🏼☺️. So sure, can I be a little bummed? Of course. Can I wallow in sadness & self pity. F*CK NO. And on that note, I have a few exciting blessings to share! • • Most of you know about my past struggles with anorexia & how passionate I am about sharing my story- with hopes I’ll help someone else who is struggling just like I was 10 years ago. A few weeks ago, I told myself I wanted to begin motivational speaking again & share my personal journey through eating disorder recovery. I put it out in the universe & low & behold I was approached to speak @recoverwithmeda this fall & share my story w/others struggling w/this terrible disease. Not long after this, I was approached by an Eating Disorder Coach on the west coast {whom I’ve followed for some time & respect greatly} to be a guest on her podcast about eating disorder recovery. WOAH. It’s like the UNIVERSE IS LISTENING OR SOMETHING! On top of that, I was asked to be featured in a local magazine, started to take on some extra operational tasks at work {another Universe is listening moment!}, & had my TRAIN class reviewed by @sweatconcierge — all pretty cool & exciting stuff! And also a great reminder that sometimes good things happen, & bad things happen, but you can’t let the bad erase the good. It got real easy for me to forget about & not want to share all these fun things that came into my life last week when I tweaked my knee, but if I let every little bump in life kill my vibes, what good would THAT do?! 💪🏼🖤 xo
My moms a baddie
I have found old journals and ripped the pages out of them. Out of embarrassment. In order to forget. A combination of both. It’s a meme now to say that remembering something you did years ago keeps you up at night, painful or embarrassing. Self deprecating humor you know. And when it comes to my past there are plenty of “pages” I have wanted to rip out and burn. Sometimes it’s because they fill me with guilt or pain, sometimes nostalgia and then sadness. But part of growth is accepting these past moments of our lives. Repressing them to the depths of your memory isn’t going to do much, other than make it harder to deal with them when they resurface. Embrace them and then let them go. They have helped shape you to be who you are today, and no matter where you are in life you should be proud of that. I hope you are at least. And I hope that one day you can look back on your life and not want to set the past on fire. Rather breathe a sigh of relief that you’re no longer there and be proud of how much you’ve grown. #mentalhealthmonday . . . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #selfcare #boringselfcare #nobodysperfect #itsokaytotalk #weallgetdepressed #bravingthewilderness #recovery #takecareofyourself #instapic #instadaily #igaddicts #igers_orlando #mondaymotivation #instahealth #inspiringwords #inspiringquotes #inspo #influencer #vlogger #quote #perfectionism #happymonday #mondaypost
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