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I always felt if I went into the internet, it might change the way I think if I open it up, but when I made “Galang,” that’s how it spread. So I felt I should embrace it, that’s exactly what I needed to do. http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/lectures/mia-makin-it-appen
BENJI B: You’ve mentioned music and textile art, film, I know you’ve got a background in art and film. Is there a pecking order for you? Where does music come on your priority list or is it all just art, is it all the same? . . . M.I.A. . . . Obviously it’s the dominant factor in my life, it dictates what I do, travelling and touring. I try not to see music as a musician, it’s important for me stay human first. I try to see myself as an artist and the medium is the secondary thing. You have to develop as a person and get your vibe in check. http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/lectures/mia-makin-it-appen
I think any time you morph into a different form of creativity, most of the time it was because I needed to get around a certain situation. So it bled into the music. At the time when I was making music... I kind of am a life experience artist and it’s one of the important things I need to teach people, that if you get your inspiration from the shit that happens to you, no one can tell you shit and you never run out of it. It’s just a bag of fuel and you have it forever if you learn to get good at using yourself. I think that”s how I was thinking about it and when I made music I just wanted to tell people: “This is happening, this is how I felt, I”m confused, I was here, duh duh, duh.” It was more just sharing something you’d gone through. But it grew into me being on the homeland security threat list and they red-coded me and wouldn’t let me in for ten months. Which is really stupid. But that was the point, just to show that there is a limitation to free speech. But if there is a floor and ceiling for freedom of speech, then we shouldn’t have gone and bombed hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq for it. You know what I mean? That was one of the things we were supposed to be fighting for. Anyway, here I am. - http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/lectures/mia-makin-it-appen
BENJI B . . . But those musics you’ve just mentioned are from far flung corners of the globe: baile funk from Brazil, Baltimore house, crunk from Atlanta, hyphy, all those things seem to go into the pot. M.I.A. . . .. To me, it was an obvious thing, you just play what you like, and if you have diverse taste, it makes sense. But it’s really difficult to meet producers who are open-minded. Dave was the first person I met who was really open-minded and could develop at the pace this thing was moving at. http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/lectures/mia-makin-it-appen .
Maya: You have to build new templates for spending money in the music industry. But no one really tells me what to do in the industry, because they’ve never had a Sri Lankan rapper. I just say: “You don’t know and I don’t know so we’re both equal.” There’s no point in them telling me what to do, because they don’t have a template. I think that’s how it works in the music industry. You’re screwed if there’s someone like you who’s been there before you, then your fight is harder. But if there isn’t, then you can say what you want and get away with it. It’s good to have a bank, but in terms of what I make, it’s in the air. http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/lectures/mia-makin-it-appen .
@redbullmusic : AUDIENCE MEMBER: . ... Firstly, the 505 is the actual groove box, the MC-505, right? What exactly is your relationship with Brazilian music and baile funk? M.I.A.: . . . My relationship... I think I”m just, at that time I was just a huge fan. I’d never gone to Brazil, but after I made “Bucky” the sound exploded in London and now you can get loads of funk clubs. I believed in it and wanted people in London to hear it and it was just about spreading the noise. When I made it, they said “Bucky” was the first time baile funk had been played on MTV and the Brazilians were saying: “How come it takes an outsider to get our music played on MTV? That’s bullshit.” So now, I think they play more funk videos and they”ve started supporting it, so that’s cool. It was bizarre when I went there. I went to the Sugarloaf mountain and got chased by like a 100 screaming 14-year-old girls on my first day. It just hit me, what that meant. Before then, I was in London trying to convince people about this music. I love Brazil and their whole vibe, I just think the funk infrastructure has to shift and mould into some other shape....I hope I did something constructive for funk. http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/lectures/mia-makin-it-appen .
DW Fearn and Focusrite Red 3 on the mix bus 🤘🤘🤘! #dwfearn #focusritered3 #poconos #recordproducer #lovinglife #mixengineer
Voy a Recitales desde los 12,13 años Canto,escribo,Activo,grabo,editó, Organizo Recitales y apoyo bandas desde los 15 o 17 años y no pienso parar Jamás! Tengo 44 yo se lo que quiero y es Disfrutar o Morir! Yo si que di mi vida y mi sangre x el Hardcore Punk! No somos ni queremos ser Gente Normal! _________________________________ MINORÍA PRÓXIMOS RECITALES: Domingo 21 de Octubre en San Justo. En la Fundición @fechaslafundicionbar con @infiernohc , BackSide  y mas MATINEE 18hs a 23hs Sábado 27 de Octubre Monte Grande Sábado 24 de Noviembre EL HARDCORE VUELVE A SAN TELMO!!! MÉXICO 311 EN MALA VIDA tocamos juntos: @Minoriaactivaoficial #nodemuestrainteres #existenciadeodio @infiernohc @720_hardcore @igualdad_de_condiciones _________________________________ #minoriaactiva #dondenadiepertenece #gritasygritas #bsashc #crossover #ph #Hardcorepunk #punkrockers #bandphoto #metal #metalcore #thrashmetal   #instagood #punk #band #newmusic #musicindustry #minorthreat #ilovemusic #recordproducer #musicbiz #musicpromotion #ph #indiemusic #alternative #recordlabel #sudamericahardcore
Forever grateful for the divine inspiration that comes through me. My music is climbing unimaginable heights. Newest song in the works: N.O.X. Stay tuned ✌🏼#DivineVibes
That King Cavie Throwback 🔥 Caution to the Wind 🔥 @djburnone @tisavisiontv @tazarnold #Ahhhun #HipHop #Attention
In case you were wondering how that epic mural I've been working on is coming, it's epic :D The reason I look happy is because I've just finished is the blue columns and scrolls that form about a quarter of the finished piece, seals and symbols with a flag-and-huge-columns background :) Another reason I look happy is because I can't believe God has given me this talent, me, a small-town nerd with a paintbrush and a very clear idea that someone who takes a big step down from the stepladder because he forgot he was two steps up instead of one might just need a higher power to be able to dab paint on a wall and make it come out like this ;) . #commercialartist #vinyl #artist #artdirector #artdesign #painting #america #mural #turntable #selfie #recordcollector #collectables #hicksvilleohio #comedygold #acrylic #watercolor #artistsofinstagram #drums #guitar #bass #bassguitar #singer #recordproducer #artcollector
Flashback when i use to have my Unlimited Coldstone Creamery membership 🍦 I wish we use consoles like how we use it back then or like it’s how it’s supposed to be really used, not just running 2 channels. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #SSL #Mondays #BiggieSmalls #SolidState #SoundKitchenProductions #Mondaysbelike #Analog #DOTMUSiQ #MCM
#Repost @geoffemerickmasterclass ・・・ We will be doing a 3 day workshop at @power_station_ne sponsored by my good friends @telefunken_mics Link in bio #AUDIOENGINEER #recordproducer #RECORDINGENGINEER
We will be doing a 3 day workshop at @power_station_ne sponsored by my good friends @telefunken_mics Link in bio #AUDIOENGINEER #recordproducer #RECORDINGENGINEER
Back from a month on the road with my dudes in @10talentsmusic. This week’s for session prep and bass tracking before additional overdubs with @autumnridgemusic , at the end of the month, for their debut EP. Got started on the first song today, and it already sounds so rad! For bass, I’m playing a 1973 Gibson Grabber with the pickup slid as close to the bridge as possible, running straight into the Kemper, using my mate @bobcooperproducer ’s Fuzzrocious Cat Tail Bass Profile. This thing absolutely rips! #4671Recording #GreatVibes #BetterMusic #Recording #Studio #RecordingStudio #StudioLife #StudioScapes #RecordProducer #AudioEngineer #Production #KnowYourTone #Bass #Drums #Guitars #IndieRock #Emo #Shoegaze #Alternative #Punk #PopPunk #Adrian #Michigan #Mitten #SmallTown #Vibes
My mornings in Greenland go something like this.. watching humpback whales swim among the icebergs 🐋🐳
On The Other Side Copyright 2001 Karl Sky 4 verses and refrain...respectively. #songwriter #singersongwriter #lyrics #recordproducer #storysongs #musicpublishing
A @DJSNAKE show is great when you also want fog, flames, and fireworks with your music.
ALBUM Sounding good @teetoceemos. Sometimes the wait might be long but it definitely will be worthwhile in the end. #exodtowncrier #engineer #mixmastering #recordproducer #cashinstudio #2018 #hiphop #rap #teetoceemos #lyricist #music #nigeria #africa
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