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When the teacher asks you a simple question but the pressure is to much <- who can relate 😹 • • • Check out for photos and videos of Koda🐈 • • • Please follow me: -@Ragdoll_cat_lovers
Enjoying my mom’s new basket 🐾😌
Did someone say “treat”?💙
When you actually try to do your homework for once but can’t get any peace and quiet around here. Please follow me: -@Ragdoll_cat_lovers
That's my take on #10yearschallenge I am too young still so I present you with #10monthschallenge 😺
One of my many napping places 🐾😸💤
i’ll have a pinot grigio please !!
The name’s Bond. Kitty Bond😎😼
GRINCHIN’ AINT EASY. . What’s your favourite Christmas rerun? Please follow me: -@Ragdoll_cat_lovers
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