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I'll take a rest from this but I'll try to like ur posts and watch ur stories as much as I can... ILY ❤️
I love her sm ❤️
I'm so sorry for them. I don't understand why people hate Pete tbh I didn't know who he was until he started dating Ari. I understand that everyone has their opinion but that doesn't mean u need to hurt them. Psychological pain is worse than a physical pain. (sorry for my English) ❤️
No caption needed 🤫
Cutie 💋
How are u? 💕
How can someone be this beautiful? ❤️
Queen 👑
Cuties 💕
LMAO Ari's face 😂😂
@arianagrande via snapchat 😍😍
Cutie 💋
@arianagrande via insta story 😍
The wayyyy... 💕
You are so gorgeous... ❤️
How can someone be this beautiful? 😍
🤤 (I'm fine)
I just saw this... I have no words... Sorry for inactivity I'm on vacation till July 20th 🖤
Youu need a bad girl to blow your miiind... 💕
Head in the clouds got no weight on my shouldeeers... ☁️
My fav song ❤️🎶 Comment urs 💖
@arianagrande via Twitter
Cause I'm so into you, into you, into youuu 💕
Everydaaaaayyy ❤️💜
Happy birthday queen 😘🎉👑 @arianagrande . . . . . . . I know it's maybe a little late but I tried my best ❤️ ILY
Happy birthday angel 😇 Wish you to be happy and to go on next tour and make the best music in ur life 😘❤️
Raindrops 💧 R u exited?
Are u excited? Me: Yasss 😍
This is unreal 😍😍
Obsessed with this 😍😍
Are u excited for TLIC? 💡🖤
This is a video edit that I made on my old phone but I didn't post it cause it probably wouldn't work. Hope u like it ❤️💓🖤
Best duo 😻
Can't wait 🙀🙀😻
Dance To This is comingg 😍😍
Babies 😍🌠
Cutie 😍
The Light Is Coming 💡
Cutieee ☁☁
Cuties ☁
The Light Is Coming 💡
Second piccc 😭😭
Beautiful 🌠
Finally found them ☁ I'm so proud of myself 😂
Cuties 💜
Last one 💝
Luv u 😂💜
How someone can be sooo cutee? 💜
Cutie 😍
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