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Four-eyed friend from today - covering up a scar. Thanks Caroline! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Flash made by CΓ©dric
Anchor made by Martin βš“οΈ
Tattoo by CΓ©dric
Tattoo in progress by Martin
Dog portrait by @ericacyrtattoos ! Swipe to see the original picture! To book: erica@twohorsesmtl.com ! πŸ• Portrait de chien par @ericacyrtattoos ! Swipez pour voir la photo originale! Pour rendez-vous : erica@twohorsesmtl.com ! . . . . #twohorsesmontreal #twohorsestattoo #twohorses #montrealtattooflash #montrealtattooshop #montrealtattooartist #montrealtattooartists #quebectattooartists #quebectattooshop #dogportrait
Today on Isabelle - a portrait of the polar bear she works with!! Walking out of some tundra foliage. πŸ–€
Fleur par @kmla_tattooer 🐝Flower by @kmla_tattooer 🌸🌸🌸 Booking by email, kmla.tattooer@gmail.com , or in person, 6300 St Hubert.
Fait par/made by @mr.moo.tattoo 🌹 Book with tattoo@samueltrudeau.com
Coco chanel by/par @jalenfrizzell 🐚
Never got to finish this one as a tattoo. 😭
Swipe left to see a close upπŸ’“ Was super hard to get a decent photo of this because it was so dark and the best light was in the corner under a spotlight. I edited and warmed the photo so it wasn't so shadowy. I reaaaaallly can't wait to finish this one and take a proper photo and video!!! Aaaaaa πŸ’“πŸ’›β€
Lady with snakes by @ericacyrtattoos 🐍🐍🐍 Femme avec des serpents par @ericacyrtattoos We love your ideas!
From my flash, thanks Julianna!
@kmla_tattooer Let me tattoo her angel baby Rose on her and it was so fun!! I would love to do more work like this! Check out her work!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Done @twohorses_mtl #twohorsesmontreal #twohorsestattoo #twohorses #montrealtattooflash #montrealtattooshop #montrealtattooartist #montrealtattooartists #quebectattooartists #quebectattooshop #dogportrait
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