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Had to congratulate my lil bro for taking 2nd place in his biggest wrestling event so far. We got 2nd place in our basketball tournament too.😡😠😤😤But as you can see we not to happy cause we ain't settling for no 2nd place.So It's back to all trainings,practices,videos,live games and matches.Thats the only way to walk away with the 🥇🏆.Our hard work will pay off.#3dmetro2026 #OLPwrestling ##Teamware #dagrind #puresweatfam
😌😣We came up short in the championship to a few of my b-ball brothers and the O'Fallon Panthers Navy Team.They are a well oiled machine🔥💯⛹🏀. It was my first time playing with @jordan_frazier2 🙌and couple other players. We went 5-1 over the weekend.💯🏀This just getting started better believe We going to be ready for anybody once we get in this lab together.(BeastyBoyz)😈🔥💯🔥🏀 #Beastybackcourt #3dmetro2026 #puresweatfam #3dbasketballacademy
“Wrist on froze, you should see how I maneuver” . #puresweatfam Feud. You guys know I love taking any chance I can to support family. It can be exhausting between workouts & film, but I make a point to catching as many of these games as I can. . When you know how much they love this game, & the Sweat Equity they’ve invested, how could you not want to be there? . More often than not, there’s players on both sides. Proud of these two: they’re on their own paths & are their own unique individuals, but their love & work ethic to the GAME is identical. . That’s what separates them. . . . We don’t catch every game I go to on film just yet, but regardless, I’m making a point of catching as many as I can in the area this season. . Everything you want simply takes REPS. Think on it, cuz I’m not just talking about skill sets. 💯❤️
Balance is so critical if you want to stay consistent in games. As you notice Brad Beals feet are all in line with his hips and his shoulders. Doing this helps him stay consistently balanced through his whole jump shot. If you start and land in the same spot on your jump shot you will notice your fg% drastically go up. I have worked on this with numerous amounts of players and the results speak for themselves. Add this to to your off season to improve as a shooter. #shooting #shotdocter #basketball #puresweatfam #puresweat #motivation #focus #details #wizards #basketballtraining #training #exercise #jumpshot #shot #nba #shootersshoot
Sweat Equity. Unseen Hours. There are exactly zero overnight successes. . We’re here for the struggles, the earned triumphs.. we’re here for GROWTH. . That takes reps. Let me show you it go.
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” #puresweatfam @jackmoore.25 @patrickquarnstrom
Shoutout to coach and big congrats @drewhanlen for releasing the brand new @puresweat app🔥‼️ Its straight up a ball players dream🏀 THIS IS WHAT IT GOT ME LIKE💦 Go download this right now it’s dope💯 IM WORKING😈 #puresweatfam #puresweat #puresweatapp #puresweatbasketball #puresweatruns #drewhanlen #nba #working #buckets #grinding #grind #behindtheshadows #ForB #MYjourney #Basketball
“I meeeeeaaannn why would I have anything else..?” . Don’t dwell on stuff that doesn’t matter. Don’t judge yourself. Just move. . Move forward & embrace the cadence of the day to day. When you’re grateful for the opportunity to do that, there’s no room for anything else. . All Love 💯❤️
You know where to find me on 2/17/2019😈💯🔥🔥🏀💍💰👀I look good on this flyer huh?🙏😈😍. Again Shout out to @team_b.a.d.217_ and my Puresweat family for hosting this event and for the invitation. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #3dmetro2026 #3dbasketballacademy #balliswife 🏀💍#DaGrind #puresweatfam
Waterloo #Bulldogs Freshman team won over Alton-Marquette last night. Nixon had a great defensive game and a 28 point contribution. #basketball #hoops #hooplife #rameyaaufamily #puresweatfam
Call off the search for Waldo because we found him... and he’s part of the #puresweatfam @benedelburg
pro•fes•sion•al 👨🏽‍💼🏀🇪🇸 “engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.” . This man dedicated himself to a goal, executed against it on a daily basis, & earned the opportunity to pursue his passion. . For many, it stops there. Not this guy: @33chrkendrix wants to be GREAT. My man keeps pushing forward, even now, & is hungry to be better. He’s ready to earn more. . Awesome start to your professional career, brother. Couldn’t be happier for you. Go ahead & be GREAT 💯😤✊🏻 #puresweatfam
Head on over to Ballogy’s IGTV channel to check out our latest video! #ballogyapp #elevateyourgame #igtv #basketballdrills
“Though I never met you, I know that you special, And that the Lord blessed you, don't doubt it..”
If you have ever heard from your parents,coaches,teachers,or teammates that you should always do your best because you never know who's watching.👀👀👀Well today I understand what that means a little bit more. I received an invitation to compete and show how my hard work in my trainings, practices,and games are paying off. Thank you @team_b.a.d.217_ for the invitation and I hope to be there this year.🔥💯😈🏆🏀🎽#3dmetro2026 #3dbasketballacademy #youthhoopsstl #puresweatfam #DaGrind #phenombasketball #globalgrassroots #coasttocoastpreps #middleschooleliteshowcase #staytuned
🏆All Tournament Team for the CSE Lady Panther Classic . 👏🏻👏🏻Congrats to all of these ladies but especially #puresweatfam @laney_lantz (side note: nice hoody choice Laney!) & @addisoneger . Really cool to see moments like these when multiple players that believe in the process & get recognized for their play, efforts & results. Proud of you ladies!
Congrats to @jeremiiah33 on scoring 1000 career points and being nominated for the McDonalds All American game. His mindset and work ethic is special. #PureSweatFam
Post game vibes >>> #puresweatfam It’s a joy to support family & watch them do what they love, especially when you know how much they pour into it. . As athletes, we can have a wild array of thoughts/emotions (positive & negative) after games depending on how we played as an individual, & how our team performed. . To be a part of someone’s life is to be there for all of it: the whole spectrum. On AND off the court. Grateful for the opportunity 💯🙏🏻❤️
#gameskillsgameresults with @avon.old.farms senior and @dengcamp top 50 baller, @ciaran.sandy . Ciaran worked his tail off this summer. Here you can see him executing a ‘veer finish’ as he finishes at the rim. @puresweat #puresweatfam #puresweat #basketball #skills #trainer #coach #london #classof2019 #senioryear
My brother 😤 Enjoyed getting the chance to see @is_marque do his thing last night 👀💪🏻 . This year has been about focusing on getting him ready for Idaho State 🐯 His drive & daily devotion to DEVELOPMENT is a privilege to witness, & a blessing to be a part of. . Couldn’t be more proud of the player, & young man, you already are. Only up from here, Fam. It’ll take some time, but I know you’re well on the way. I’m here for all of it. 🚀🔛🔝🔜
I work hard everyday to become a better basketball player and also to be an even better student. Thanks @msebasketball .#3dmetro2026 #puresweatfam #DaGrind #Teamware #studentathlete 💯🔥💰💍👀🏆🎖🙏
💪🏻🏁 A few examples of a Contested Finishing warmup. Eventually, it progresses to work on different reactions to secondary rotations, then we add teammates to work on decision making & spacing without the ball. . There’s unlimited possibilities. . Here, you see examples of players attempting contested Stride Stop & Same Foot finishes. BIG 🔑 to pay attention to: I allow them to work through mistakes. We value REPS. That is how you master skills & are able to translate them to game situations, by actually working through it in a difficult setting. . I didn’t give these players the opportunity to “master” either of these finishes before they were defended. They had to figure it out vs defense, & I gave them many opportunities to do so; I coached them throughout the action without stopping the action. . We got better that day, & we had fun doing it. . Put in enough reps like this, & you’ll see the Game Results. #gameskillsgameresults
Working with youth boys group on changing direction between the legs. Still a work in progress...biggest 🔑 they are all struggling with is keeping their front foot down before crossing their back foot/leg over and exploding out of the movement #progress #process #youth #youthbasketball #puresweatfam
Move of the Week #rewind | Load Step 📽🎞 . A basic triple threat option, I love this out of the mid-post or even when getting a physical, contested catch on the perimeter. . As with all great, simple moves it’s not difficult to combo into a variety of other skills. . Taking the time to load backwards with a negative step allows you to explode downhill on an ensuing cross-step. The ball is protected in the power pocket, & you’re able to attack the primary defender’s hip. . #kobe does a great job rocking his hips backwards with the step, staying ‘loaded’, while digging his toe with a high heel. Those small details allow him to explode. Moreover, they also get him on balance & change his pace to effectively make a read. . Who else have you seen use the Load Step?? There are a TON of great examples.
My guy @ld.williams going crazy in Slovenia #puresweatfam
😵⏳ Purpose in empty gyms ⏭ performance in packed out ones. #unseenhours
Are you BOUGHT IN?? 💰💯 Only those who truly love it are willing to go all in; the real ones are committed to pure DEVELOPMENT. . They know that Game Skills yield Game Results. Putting in thousands of reps on things that actually take place in games isn’t uninteresting: they embrace it. . Adversity doesn’t sway them. Real ones love this game so much that they’ll always find a way to overcome whatever tribulations they may encounter. . They love it, therefore they’re willing to go all in. . Are you a real one..??
Big games from @joethursby21 @dominicmartinelli3 @willking_1 this week. Joe hitting 3 threes in a row late in the second half to seal a W. Dom with 30 pts and 8 rebounds then 28 pts and 7 rebounds. Will with 17 assist then 19 pts and 13 assist. #PureSweatFam
Thank you Shane for helping Gabriel with his shot !! He’s excited to start practicing these fundamentals every day ! Proud of you Gabriel for WANTING to put in the work👏 @shaneadamsbasketball @puresweat @gabriel_30jr
❤️🥇 Caring comes 1st ☝🏻 When your intentions are 💯 pure, everything else takes care of itself. . It’s awfully difficult to serve others without genuinely caring about them. . That’s not altruistic: having this mindset is a practical strategy. When everything stems from compassion & empathy you do a much better job, which of course yields valuable results. . You’re able to crush your role because you’ve reverse engineered what others need, due to the fact that you were thoughtful enough to consider it. Furthermore, communication & problem solving are at the forefront when this is your mindset; collaboration becomes second nature, rather than just serving yourself. . Audit yourself. If you’re not able to care for others then you’re not going to succeed. . Doing the right thing is ALWAYS the right thing. 💯❤️
WANT TO BE FEATURED ON OUR FIRST EPISODE? SEND US A VIDEO OF YOU ASKING DON PIZZLE A QUESTION. THE BEST QUESTIONS WILL BE FEATURED! 🚨🚨 . . . THE DON PIZZLE SHOW🔥 🔥🔥🚨🚨COMING SOON @highdreaam .. . . FOLLOW REPOST AND COMMENT . . . . . . #jumpmanla #jumpman #airjordan #ballislife #nikebasketball #justdoit #basketballneverstops #shareefoneal #basketballphotography #sportsphotography #espn #sportscenter #footlocker #gettysport #sportsillustrated #sdmsports #hypebeaststyle #brkicks #hypebeastkicks #moodygrams #puresweatfam #ballislife 🏀 #jellyfam #west4th #west4thbasketball
#tbt #throwbackthursday 😵⏳ “Unseen Hours” 🎵 by @gallo_locknez for @puresweat 🏀💦 . This 🔥 by Gallo was too good to not be recirculated, & @samlimon_ crushed the 🎥 as per usual. . When we talk about the #unseenhours it may seem like just a catchy hashtag or phrase, but there’s so much more that goes into it, at all levels. People really don’t understand. . Regardless your endeavors, one single, salient thing remains true: it takes real WORK.. . The Unseen Hours are a separator. Pure Sweat is the investment.
Congrats to @jrcison21 on scoring his 1000th career point last night. Had 25 points, 6 assist, 5 steals, and 5 rebounds in the win. One of the most skilled PGs in the state. Proud of you bro! #PureSweatFam
UN•SEEN•HOURS. Man, this workout wasn’t really all that long ago, & just seeing the growth that has already taken place is wild 🤯🌱 . My man @n_marshall3 has been crushing it with his work ethic, & it’s no surprise why: he LOVES the game. When that’s the case, it’s second nature to buy in to the process. . Moreover, his help with so many of my workouts up to this point has been a blessing. It’s always nice when we can get someone else in the gym willing to lace up & 🔒⤵️🦀😅 . For real, though, I’m posting about Nick because he’s a prime example of so many of the things I value in my circle: hustle, patience, empathy, humility, & the fact that he doesn’t just care about doing things the right way, he cares about doing right by others. . That’s what goes into the #unseenhours . That’s what it means to be #puresweatfam
🚨Bump-Off Jumper🚨 . This mid-range read can be utilized most efficiently in an ISO situation OR off of a PnR. It’s perfect for gaining separation when the defender is level with you on the drive. Major 🔑 for this move: use your upper arm/lower shoulder to gain this separation. Extending your arm can result in a push-off. TAG a hooper who has this in their 🎒 @mattwilkinson22 @carmeloanthony @bradbeal3
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