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ᑭᑌᑭᑭY ᗪᗩYᔕ... wir schlafen auf der Couch, stehen Nachts mehrfach auf um nach draußen zu gehen, können nicht länger als ein paar Minuten den Raum verlassen. Plötzlich wird bei uns gekocht (natürlich nicht für uns 😂), wir gehen spazieren, wir schmusen und streicheln in den Schlaf. Lange zu duschen ist Luxus geworden und alleine einkaufen zu gehen ein richtiges Tages Adventure. Wenn also irgendwer sagt :“ das ist doch nur ein Hund“ krieg ich glaube ich einen mittelschweren Tobsuchtsanfall 😏 ...aber all das ist es mehr als wert. Wir lieben unsere kleine schon jetzt so sehr und würden sie für kein Geld der Welt wieder her geben 🐾 #haus #traumhaus #hausbaublog #hausbau #häuslebauer #wirbaueneinhaus #traumvomhaus #bauherren #massivhaus #newhome #instahome #instapic #instagood #inspiration #pinterest #interieur #interiordesign #interior #deko #homeliving #teamblack #designyourlife #puppy #englishbulldog #puppydays #doglove
Mr Doctor, my ears is over growing my head. Mama said I look like a bunny. Am I a bunny? #throwback #puppydays #puppy #frenchbulldog #frenchiepuppy #frenchie #frenchielove #cute #puppygram #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchieoftheday
#tb to the puppy days 🐾 Only about 9 weeks old here. I was a bit scrawny, ey?! 🤣 And let’s be thankful for improved camera phones 🙌🏻 #puppy #puppydays #huskypuppy
Love capturing moments like this when they're playing spiritedly at home 💕
Mums Sunday Chill mode....
Yippppeeeeeee! THE BEACH! 🌊🐶💙 #chihuahua #surfdog #beachdog #instadogs #dogslife #doggram #puppy #puppydays
I love walks THIS much!👆 Want to be featured? Follow and DM @friendly.fur 🐕
Okay, I don’t wanna admit mom was right...but “walk” is definitely my new favorite word! Did me a great first outing after my vaccinations. Where to next?!
I am six months old! I am getting to be a really big girl. Mom and dad let me roam around the house a little more. I like to explore because sometimes I find delicious treats to eat like socks and carpet! So yummy! This month I’m learning how to be a good girl, walk good on a leash, and come when I am called. #anyabean #beandog #puppydays #obediencetraining #puppykindergarten
Of all the things my hands have held the best by far is you 💜 #puppydays #Ruca #mommasgirl #chunker
Not tryna brag or anything but I did the #walkoftemptation challenge in less than 5 tries 💪🏼👏🏻
Flight Attendant Adopts the Street Dog Who Never Stopped Waiting for Her · Olivia Sievers, a flight attendant from Germany, often travels to Argentina for work. She came across a street dog outside of the hotel she was staying at one time, and gave him a little love. He didn’t forget her, and when she arrived at the hotel during her next trip, he was there waiting for her. She knew they were meant to be together, and before long she made arrangements to bring him home with her for good. · She came across the dog while walking around near her hotel in Buenos Aires. Olivia gave him some food and played with him, but she had no idea that he had more in mind. “I tried to change my way because I didn’t want [him to] follow me back to the hotel,” she told Noticiero Trece. “But it was not possible. He always came back and followed me. I tried one hour, but he always watched me and followed me. He was really happy that somebody gave him attention.” It seemed he had fallen in love, and made himself at home outside the entrance of the hotel. So she called him Rubio, and put an airline blanket outside to him a little warmer at night. When Olivia returned home, she didn’t believe she’d see Rubio again. However, she was shocked to find him waiting right where she’d left him the next time she was in Buenos Aires. · It would be creepy if a person was doing this, but with Rubio it was nothing less than charming. In the months that followed, every time Olivia arrived at the hotel, her pining pup was waiting. The hotel manager, Nick, informally took him in, but he needed a real home. A rescue group had arranged for him to be adopted, but Rubio quickly escaped and made his way back to the hotel. Olivia could no longer avoid her fate, and she made plans to take him home, filling out all the necessary paperwork and taking him to the vet. Last week he was transported to Germany, where this time, Olivia was waiting for him. He’s very obviously thrilled to finally be home. · Source: www.lifewithdogs.tv
Do you prefer the mountains or the beach? I don’t think I can decide, I love them both but I hit the beach more often!
Forever a lap dog 🐾 . @zeppelin.the.rescuedog 💙
Up close and personal ☺️ #puppylove #puppydays #puppydays 🐶🐾 #Khloé
#throwback to the puppy days 😍😍😘 #Oscar #mollymoo #babymoomoo #babyOscar #puppydays
Mummy says she loves me very much, i dont know yet what that means, but i feel that she is my human and i will always stay with her. We really klick @emeliekarlssson #havananese #havanese #puppydays #puppyoftheday #havanais #puppyclothes #meandmummy #myhuman
Taking this Saturday away from school to "Do what makes me happy". Every day I hear about how lonely she is when I'm gone. Unfortunately, even when I come home I have little time to spend with her. So today was "hold Khaya day" because that's what makes us both happy. #puppydays #physicianassistantstudent #needydog #mygirl
Jump up, jump up, and get down!🌲@superdaniel007 Want to be featured? Follow and DM @friendly.fur 🐕
Guys, I’m 11! I age like fine wine. 🍷 On the other hand, who is able to resist my puppy dog eyes. Start handing over your food. 😋
We’re just a tad bit tired after our 5 mile run with mommy. Guess, who’s the fastest? 🐕
I love morning drives with mommy ✨ #puppydays #puppylove #puppy
What do you call half of a cave? An overhang? An inlet? Idk, but it was the perfect spot for a picture.
Little Honey, your first walk was just the start of our endless adventures together. Get ready to see the world, best friend 🐾❤️.
Gini is feeling rambunctious today! #yorkie #puppydays #funnyfur #doggo
Why can’t I sit on your lap while you work??? 🐾 . #zeppelintherescuedog #rescuedog #workfromhome
snow angels☃️❄️🐾
☃️🐾 just enjoying the weather #GermanSheppard #puppydays
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