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I did a little experiment painting with oils on watercolor paper and it was really fun! The colors are obviously inspired by the queen @amber.carr.art 💕
Oil on matte board 4”x6” Finished up that really cool commission! It was really fun and exciting having someone come to me for my specific style ❣️
Sketching some ideas tonight, neon primarily. It's occurred to me that pulp artwork, in color, requires lots of glowing objects - not just neon but certainly lots of it. Art Deco and Streamline design suggest retro futurism, but I'm not satisfied with that. My retrofuture isn't so masculine. But it's not all Art Nouveau curves either. I haven't got it pinned down yet. I can almost see it, but not quite. Truly a work in progress! LOL #pulpartist #retrofuture #sketchjournal #illustratorsofinstagram
An extremely rough work in progress! But I’m so excited about this piece! It’s a commission and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to work on my own style and make something special for a client ❣️
3”x3” gouache on watercolor paper in a hand painted frame ❣️these studies have been been really helpful! I’m coming up with so many new ideas❣️ message me if you’re interested in this one! $40! Shipping included!
The Art of Rowena - Signed by Rowena Morrill herself! 📖🖊
2.5”x1.5” gouache on watercolor paper in a vintage frame! I think this is my favorite mini so far ❣️ message me if you’re interested in this one! $40💕
. . . . Virgil Finlay autobiography (short form) Amazing Stories, Vol 26, No 12 December 1952 Inside front cover. #virgilfinlay #finlay #illustrator #pulpartist #coverart #coverdesign #scifibookcovers #fantasybookcovers #fantasy #pulpscifi #illustration #pulpfantasy #shortbio #amazingstories
2.5”x2.5” gouache on watercolor paper in a vintage metal frame! For this hairb studies i set the rules of using non traditional coloring and no black and it’s been a really fun challenge! The last miniature painting sold, message me if you’re interested in this one! $40💕
1.5”x2.5” gouache on watercolor paper in a vintage brass frame ❣️ I’ve been doing a lot of commissions lately which I’m grateful for but I haven’t had much time to do my own work but, I did manage to do a couple miniature paintings I’m going to be posting for the next couple days! They are for sale, DM me if you’re interested! $40💕
Color test for a pulp cover. Watercolor and gouache. Sometimes a color test will surprise you. You'll start with one idea and end up doing something else. This one isn't too bad, but I don't think I'm there yet. #pulpartist #illustratorsofinstagram #watercolorstudy #gouachstudy
“Overwhelmed” 7”x9” oil paint in matte board in a vintage wooden floral frame ❣️ I’m moving father into this exploration of deep emotions and I’m ready to keep pushing myself deeper into it. . Prints available now on Etsy! Link in the bio to shop! . Also thank you to @thefrozenpictureshow for sending me the original photo ❣️❣️
I like these pulp covers! I would love to make some of my own!!! #pulpfiction #pulpcovers #pulpartist #pulpfictioncoverart #art #artist
Le personnage de #comicstrip #JaneArden   est  inspiré  de  la  journaliste  américaine #NellieBly (1864-1922), pionnière du reportage  clandestin et du #journalismedinvestigation . @le_zephyrmag , hiver 2019 dessins #FrankEllis #pulpartist
Working on something new 💕
"Düşünce yapımızı ikicilik şekillendirmiştir. Giriş, çıkış. Beyaz, siyah. İyi, kötü. Her şey zıttıyla var gibi görünür. Ama bu yanlıştır. Hiçbir şey üçüncü bir boyut olmadan tamamlanamaz. Sadece aşağı ve yukarı yoktur. Bir de merkez vardır…” -Dark #pulpartist #pulpartisancoffee #vscolondon #vscofilter #vscocam #vscoturkey #takephotos #bostanlı #izmirmekanrehberi #izmirmekan #izmirmekangezginleri #bostanlısahili #izmir 💖 #izmirdeyasam #izmirdeyaşam #izmirmekanları
I did a little mini painting of Carole Lombard as a warm up ❣️for sale- $35 with free shipping! Dm me if your interested!
Beautiful illustration by James Avati. Featured on the cover of ‘Ellen Rogers’ by James T Farrel. ♥️ #jamesavati #illustrator #americanartist #pulpart #pulpartist #americanart #illustration #beautiful #art #1950s #coverart #ladyinred #mood #red #ellenrogers #sad #mad #gaze #deepseagreen
“Emotions Run High” Angry, sad, upset, feeling helpless or hopeless all of those thoughts swirling around becoming so overwhelming all you feel is the need to hide. So you cover your eyes and breathe deeply and hope it will pass soon. Oil on matte board 7”x7”, prints are already up in my shop! Link in the bio to get yours!
Progress shot of a studio painting I’m working on. #pulpart #femmefatale #noir #filmnoirart #pulpartist #hepcat #vintageart
Can I just paint hair forever?
If you’ve been watching my stories you know I’ve been juggling a lot of paintings but I got one far enough that i think it’s in a good place to share it!
“Melancholy Defense” Last year was all about protection and recovery and finding my footing in life again. Now in a much happier much safer place, thanks to some very special people, I feel brave enough and sure enough to start pushing myself and being more experimental and emotional in my work. I hope you all love it as much as I do! Prints will be available on my Etsy very soon!
So I finished a huge complicated commission I’ve been working on for a while and I’ve already dove head first back into my own work and it feels so good. Intimidating but exciting.
Little foliage today! 😍😍😍 #faction8 9/0 and 9/1 equal parts for this creamy blonde #indiehairbymb #indiehairdesign #salonlofts #yourhairismybusiness #balayage #pulpriot #faction8 #pulpartist
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