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It’s been hard to accept that I can’t compare myself to myself a year - year and a half ago. The third has been a real game changer and getting out for runs hasn’t had been as easy...physically I’m there but there are about 10 less hours in the day than I need. I finally threw out all those comparisons and made the decision that each week is going to be better than the last. Today was a great run! . . . #postpartumrunning #runnermom #momofthree #specialneedsmom #makeithappen #forwardprogress #sleepinggiant #likeamountaingirl #trailrunner #ultrarunner #100miletraining #RADrabbit #topoteam #chaseadventure #hshive #longrun #winterrunning
Another hot day (26 at 5am) so another early start. Easy to get up and run with this group 😊🏃‍♀️ 1×800 4×400 6×200 and 8×100 📸 thanks to @gddenham and @annierunsadelaidehills Then a nice catch up with friends and their girls. . #fitness #fitmum #fitfamily #fitspo #Garmin #garminau #fenix5S #run #runner #running #AdelaideInstaRunners #RIOTrunners #runningisourtherapy #RunningMumsAustralia #RMA #mumrunner #mumof3boys #postpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumrunning #UltrarunnersSA #URSA #speedtraining #intervals #speedsters #runningcrew
I'm definitely faster in my head than the reality. 🙈 I get frustrated some days when I want to be back where I was pre-pregnancy🏃‍♀️, but then I look down at my perfect little girl and feel nothing but gratitude to be in this position. ♥️👶 . . 8 pretty tough miles at an easy pace. 😅 . . #treadmillmiles #motherrunner #postpartummomma #postpartumrunning #postpartumfitness #homegym #marathontraining #womenrunning #womensrunningcommunity #devotedtraining
You can’t make time, so those who waste the least achieve the most! . It’s #tuesdayteamdevelopment ♥️ let’s work on getting better! there’s only one way to go 🔝
I RAN today you guys!! It wasn’t far, it wasn’t long but I RAN and I’m so stinking excited! I ran about .6 miles, I did 1 min running 4 min walking for 30 minutes! It was just what my heart needed!! I plan to take this comeback seriously slowly but I’m so excited to start slowly incorporating running back in and see how my body feels! I know I’m not running marathons, or anything but I’m not going to let that stop me from celebrating!! #motherrunner #runningcomeback #postpartumrunning #nevergiveup
One of my 2 treadmill buddies today. I looked over at one point and cooper had walked up to her and was being mega friendly lol. Walked about .15 each mile bc I’m still sore from Sunday. The treadmill sucks but GR is literally coated in ice right now. This little babe giggled the whole 20 min run, maybe she thinks I run funny🤣 can’t wait to celebrate her dad’s birthday tonight!!❤️. . . . 2 miles at 9:58 pace. . . . #postpartumfitness #postpartumrunning #postpartumcomeback #5monthspostpartum #csectionrecovery #momswhorun #motherrunner #womensrunningcommunity #inspiringwomenrunners #runmichigan #GRrunning #thesemotherscanrun
First postpartum run! I jogged 1/4 mile, walked, repeated. Honestly, I felt good except for my breathing and getting used to these jugs. 😂 Just feels good mentally to get back out there and have some "me time" no matter how fast or slow. #onemonthpostpartum
I'm back! No gloves, no music, but all the joy. #postpartumrunning #coldhands
I love this account because it helps me stay accountable and the support from all of you is absolutely incredible ♥️. That being said, I can sometimes be SO scared of putting myself out there and failing. HOWEVER, I want to share my training and racing plans with you because I know it will help me stay accountable and ultimately help me to achieve my goals! 🙌🏼 . . 🌟1st goal: I have been working on my speed over the past few months - liberally following a 5k training plan. I am planning on racing my first 5k next Saturday (the 26th)! Since I have no PR to go off of, my hope is to break 23:00 👊🏼 . . 🌟2nd goal: my 18-week marathon training plan officially started yesterday, but I won’t be following it religiously until after the 5k. I’ll be running the Ogden Marathon in May!! It’s no secret that everyone’s dream is to get that BQ 🦄, and I feel like one day, I will get there! My hope for the Ogden marathon is to bridge that gap between my 3:50 PR and the 3:30 qualifying time. My time goal will obviously change over the course of the next 18 weeks, but I definitely want a PR in May! . . 🌟3rd goal: during my marathon training, I want to race at least one half marathon and maybe a 10k. We’ll see 😉 . . Ok - there I said it!!! My goals are out there and for those of you who read all of that, thank you, thank you, thank you for the support! ♥️♥️♥️
Marie got me, you guys 😂 I’ve always loved purging and cleaning out and giving things away I don’t use, but it’s so tough with kids! Things seem to accumulate so much faster now, so I’ve hesitated to even want to watch that show because I knew it would make the urge to organize so much stronger. Instead of facing the need and feeling super stressed about how much there is to do around here, I decided to stop overwhelming myself with the THOUGHT of what needed to be done, and to just DO. I only got a little bit done. It’s just a drop in the bucket, but it’s a process & I’ve now begun it! Now when I have a free moment, I can continue to chip away at it. It’s amazing how much things in life parallel running, too. I can’t fathom the massive amount of training I need to run a 50k in 4 months, so I’m not trying to fathom it— I’m just diving in and doing it! 👊🏼 [4 easy 10:00 miles while curiously watching the first episode of You]
Snack on point today 🤤 Although in the picture shows what it is, if you want to see how I put it together go through the few stories it took me 🤗 . Yummy, simple, and super easy to prepare 🍞🥑🍳🍴 let’s eat
Getting my sea legs. Landed around 9 a.m. and out for a run by 10 a.m. I’ve become one of “those runners.” 🤗 Didn’t look at my watch and got carried away with the sunshine. Today’s high is 60 degrees warmer than last Saturday’s run, so I have some acclimating to do. Vacation commence!
I’m going to be 40 this year. When I turned 24 was when I decided that enough was enough. I was going to throw all those limiting beliefs out the window and prove to myself that I was capable of living a healthy lifestyle. Here is what I used to believe: ✖️I’m just not an athlete ✖️I don’t know how to cook healthy ✖️I’ve failed so many times at losing weight, it’s just never going to work for me ✖️I’m just not one of those “fit girls” ✖️I’m not worthy of treating my body with respect and love And the things I used to say to myself in the mirror ...😩😡 ...well sometimes that inner mean girl rears her ugly head and I’m slowly learning to nip those voices in the bud, and replace those thoughts with ones of self love and appreciation. Here’s what I’ve learned over the past 14 years about this journey: ❤️Getting and staying healthy is NEVER a straight line. There will be ups and downs. ❤️Staying consistent even when you don’t see the results like, yesterday, is key. ❤️Just because you feel like a failure, doesn’t mean you quit. Keep going. ❤️Exercise doesn’t have to be super hard and a big chore. It is very rewarding to get stronger and have more endurance. ❤️You can still eat food that you love and not feel deprived. ❤️Support and Accountability are KEY. Feeling alone and like a failure are the worst feelings in the world. You need supportive, non-judgemental people in your corner. ❤️There are no quick fixes or cookie cutter programs that work for everyone. You have to do what works for YOU and what you can fit into your schedule. ❤️If you don’t want to do something you’ll find an excuse. If you want to do something, you’ll find a way. I’ve been there. It’s hard, and I’ve had so many ups and downs on this journey, but one thing I do know is that I hold self care, exercise, eating well, sleep, and community sacred. I know that my values have changed, and I’m never going back. I would love to show you what has worked for me, so we can find what works for you. 👯‍♂️
Pumped to be 🏃🏻‍♀️ at 6a (thanks to a client cancel!), in the pitch black and what feels like 15 degrees 🥶 with a good friend who I chat 💬 with about anything and everything and makes 5.5 miles feel like a walk in the park. Thanks for the miles @jrosenbluth ☺️ and the pretty sunrise!
Monday night short hill repeats...2 mile WU, 10x 100’s (30 seconds all out uphill) with 1 minute easy recovery, cool down to 6 miles. . First time doing this workout and first time actually using my watch correctly for intervals... I’ve only had it for 3 years 🤷🏻‍♀️. My only complaint is once I got to cool down it didn’t tell me how far I’d ran so I had to guess how much till 6 miles.. went over by only a bit. . So, these were actually fun but a little harder cause I had to keep looking at my watch to hit interval after 30 seconds and it was dark and blah blah blah. Maybe I need a garmin lesson LOL!! Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow ☺️👌. . Hope everyone had a great Monday! Winter is finally here with the freezing ass temps 😤 . . . #nuunlife #nuunambassador #nuunhydration #marathontraining #motherrunner #igrunners #phillyrunner #run215 #fitfam #fitover40 #womenrunning #inspiretorun #lovetorun #winterrunning #dreambig #trainhard #chasingboston #momoftwo #postpartumrunning #charitymiles #hillrepeats #intervals #runningislife #optoutside #runitfast #runnersworld #njmarathon
Anything you become obsessed with you will accomplish. It’s easy after a while because you keep your head in the results not in how you look now. I wanted more energy, and I got it. I wanted to lose my pregnancy weight and I did. I wanted that fit athletic looking body and now after my second baby I still work hard to get to my goals. Anything, and I mean it, ANYTHING is possible ✋🏼you just have to want it bad. . #joinme Get results with me 💪🏼
I have handfuls of pins that I’ve collected along the years with the many race bibs that came with them...I found one bent one in the bunch. And look how cute, I made it a pregnant pin! 🤰🏼 . . Although I honestly have loved most of my time being pregnant, there are things I’m missing...running being one of them (along with wine and sushi)....but, you can bet this spring I’ll be back training to get me more pins, more bibs, and more hardware! . . And I’ll have the BEST running partner helping me do it! 👶🏼Any other running moms out there? How was your postpartum running journey? . . . . . . . . #35weekspregnant #babyontheway #35weeks #babybump #babyontheway #babyonboard #bumpdate #runnergirl #racebib #runnerproblems #postpartum #postpartumrunning #runnermom #momswhorun #runningmama #manatobe #postpartumjourney #3rdtrimester
Warning: this running thing is addictive 🥰🥰🥰 When you start seeing results you work even harder for those goals 💪🏻 I didn’t have as much rest as I would have liked to yesterday but guess what? I still gotta work for those dreams, I gotta put in the work 👊🏻 I went out there today half sleep but I quickly woke up around mile 2 🤪 . . Anybody registering for @nycmarathon ?? Such a great marathon, I’ll be back some other time for sure ❤️ . . 6 EZ miles + strides + drills . . . . #runinrabbit #borntorunfree #motherrunner #ilovetorun #runnersofinstagram #irunthisbody #ihavearunnersbody #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunningcommunity #iloverunning #womenrunning #marathoner #halfmarathontraining #iliketorun #easymiles #teamnuun #teamzensah #runner #postpartumrunning #runchat #easyrun #nuunlife #motherrunners #igrunners
Cheeseburger 🍔 Cauliflower Casserole 2 cups cooked cauliflower rice 1 lb cooked ground turkey or beef 2 ounces Greek yogurt 6 slices of cheddar cheese 1 tbsp butter 2 eggs 1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 2. Mix cauliflower and ground beef together. 3. Add yogurt to cauliflower and ground beef until mixed well. 4. In large bowl whisk melted butter and 2 eggs. 5. Add cauliflower/beef and egg mixture and blend well. 6. Place in casserole dish and press mixture down. 7. Add cheese slices. 8. Bake until cheese is bubbling. Enjoy! Portions 6 servings: per serving I count as 1 red ❤️, 1 blue 💙, 1 green 💚 • #healthycheeseburger #cleandinner #portionfix
Welp 😣 that run was just HORRIBLE! That’s all ✌🏼
It may have taken about 3.5 months but I’m back out there! I’m still run/walking but thanks to PP Physical Therapy, my inner core has never felt so strong. I’m still way out of shape, but I know the double jogging stroller will get me there quicker 😂 Here’s to setting some running goals this year for the first time in a long time! . . . #motherrunner #postpartumrunning #3monthspostpartum #postpartumfitness #mypostpartumjourney #richmondmom #runrichmond #momof2 #toddlermom #ambition
Don't Quit. Improvise. Week 3/ Day 14: 4.22 miles. It was a day of working out in between some interrumptions (i.e. baby and toddler bosses). Thankfully, today's schedule called for a stretch and strength day (shoulders; very light and short sets) after a #speedTestRun . In between feedings, I ate my #GrazeSnacks and did shoulder stretches. I also did the wall hip stretches found in the article on @paleohacks website by Kelly Collins (see other pics). The hardest had to be the wall straddle and standing split. 🧘‍♂️Here's to recovery days and hopefully an infant that will nap longer than 30 minutes. . #TreadmillLover #PostPartumTherapy #ChristianRunners #RunningMama #RunningTherapy #NJRunners #PostPartumRunning #RunningRecovery #RecoveryForRunners #halfmarathontraining #thesemotherscanrun #PostWorkoutSnacks #womensrunningcommunity #womensrunning #momswhorun #runnersofinstagram #runallthemiles #strongnotskinny #HipRecovery #HipStretches #ShoulderRecovery #ShoulderStretches #Yoga #YogaStretches
Sorry guys. It’s just not true.... 😬🙄😄 #twinlife #twinning #run #postpartumrunning #justdoit
A traveler came across three stone builders and asked them what they were doing.👷‍♀️ The first one described his job and spoke of how unhappy he was.☹️ The second stone builder replied that he was working to earn a living and provide for his family. 😌The third stone builder, with a sparkle in his eye, said, "Can't you see? I'm building a cathedral."🙌 . . Definitely makes hopping on the bike easier when we think in terms of the cathedral instead of just the stones.🏃‍♀️ . . 60 minutes on the bike for some recovery.🚴‍♀️ . . #spinbike #crosstraining #postpartumomma #postpartumrunning #postpartumfitness #buildingmycathedral #homegym #marathontraining
I’m doing BIG THINGS in 2019. My word is GROWTH - spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, relationally...all aspects of my life. Today was Day 1 of my new program which is completely out of my comfort zone. Can’t wait to GROW physically, mentally & emotionally over the next six weeks with @shaunt ! • #transformyourmind #transformyourbody #trustandbelieve
Six years later, I’m putting my name into the hat. This will be my third time with NYC - 2012, 2013, and potentially 2019. I’m not sure I’ll do a fall marathon if I don’t get in through the lottery, but here’s to chance! 🤞🏼 Anyone else register for the marathon?
Totally digging the #bentobox lunch style lately. Also still love making #barleyhousehummus and am so glad I have their amazing recipe. ❤️ . . #lunchesmadeeasy #healthonthego #mamarunner #postpartumrunning
After my first baby, my body bounced back to basically the same body I had before pregnancy. I have always been fit and active, so this was no surprise to me. (Oohh.. the naiveté..) . After I had my second, I had a pooch and was very confused. I weighed the same as pre-baby (not like the weight means anything). I was working out as I was before. Why did I look 4 months pregnant? . And peeing while running??? Seriously. This drove me INSANE. It was especially frustrating because while it didn't happen every time I ran, it happened when I pushed myself and tried to run faster. I ran competitively in college and did road races after college and it's in my nature to push my limits running-wise. So to push myself and then end up peeing while running? I was very frustrated. My online research educated me on #diastasisrecti . I had no idea!! All the burpees I was doing was making it worse! I pieced together some exercises, but realized I needed a plan. I needed a schedule. I needed to not spend time researching, but needed to spend time doing the work. I needed accountability. I invested in #Mutu and it was 100% worth it. . I don't always enjoy doing the exercises. I'm a #cardio junkie and didn't like having to think about the work I was doing. But I found that by investing a little money it forced me to actually log in and see what the workouts were for the week. If you are struggling with the pooch, if you leak, if you struggle with body confidence, click the link in my profile and check out MUTU. You will NOT regret it!! . I will add that my kids are 100% worth any frustrating pooch. 100% 💕 I just enjoy pushing myself while running and I wanted to be able to do that. I wanted a little more confidence in my body and investing In myself definitely helped. . . . . . . . . . #exercise #fitnessmotivation #runnersofinstagram #fitmama #littlestoriesofmylife #abmlifeisbeautiful #abmlifeissweet #thehappynow #healthylifestyle #healthymom #healthyhabits #accountability #fitfamily #fitfall #holdersnotfolders #momlifeisthebestlife #momlife #katcrew #postpartum #postpartumfitness #loveyourbody #positiveselftalk #runchat #running #postpartumrunning
Did you know that January 12th is called National Quitters Day? Yep, you heard that right. There is a national day that focuses on quitting your New Year's Resolutions. This WILL NOT BE ME! I have 2 resolutions this year: 1) Follow my Bible Reading Plan and read the entire Bible this year (so far I haven’t missed a day 🙌🏻) and 2) Set a good example for my mama training clients and be consistent with my core and pelvic floor workouts! My biggest goal is to motivate and encourage the women I coach to reach their goals with grace and perseverance. We won’t always be perfect, but we will NOT quit! SO.... if you need a do over, start over today and join my community! We’ll reach our goals together. There will be room for mess ups and tears and victories and laughter. There will always be encouragement, a little tough love, and a lot of grace! And every mom will finish the race. I promise. If you need a community like that is focused on both fitness results and mom life-in-general-encouragement, come on over! My Getting Started Coaching Calls through January 31 are only $27. Click the link in my bio or send me a message! #day1 #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumdepression #postpartumweightloss #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #workoutfromhome #momlife #fitmom #twinmom #twinmomlife #alphamamasfitness #goawaystress #thankgoodnessforgrace #newyear
First 26.2 ✔ ▪▪ It was one of the hardest most amazing experiences. It was a total mental game. It was totally magical ▪▪ Now more disney magic and lots of recovery because I hurt everywhere! But i would totally do it all over again! ▪▪ #mindovermatter #26point2 #wdwmarathon
And this might be the only problem we have that prevent us from going for those goals 💕 Let’s get it Monday 🔥
8 weeks post partum. Still early in the journey of finding our 'new normal'. Still looking for that intersecting point of the healthy integration of all's needs - LesMaru, the rascal, and the baby. While we carry on with each day [because really, that's the only way we are surviving this, day by day], we look for little openings to do the things we know would better us. Growing through pregnancy and giving birth has definitely brought baby weight, but it won't stop this Mamaru from running after her [Boston - okay, NY 🙂] marathon dreams, getting ready to run after another toddler [it will just fly by fast, trust me], and to simply feel GOOD [carrying my really adorable baby has its downsides 😂]. So here's to mommyhood, [literally] running after your dreams, and being healthy. Thank you to the husband @manong_fishballs for taking over the two rascals while I try to have some self[ie] time. 🤩 #MovementMonday #Maruthlon #postpartumrunning
It's been a minute since I've been able to post for #medalmonday ! . First postpartum race and it felt good to be back out there! I got my feet wet with an official 5k PR and I'm ready to dive into the rebuild. Depending how things go I may sign up for @somersault_ca Winterman and @manotickmiler and/or change my Race Weekend distance. . Thank you @runottawa for the awesome event, per usual! @kichesippibeer thank you for the post run wobbly pop! #runfastorfreeze #chibound
After countless hours of preparation and training, I have finally conquered my first Dopey Challenge!! The first 3 races were great and I felt awesome, even with the wicked stomach flu I was recovering from. Today was the longest race, the marathon. The race started with a temperature just under 20°C and when I finished it was soooo very hot. I saw a few people vomiting on course from over exhurstion in the heat. I decided to just take it slow, do lots of walk breaks and take pictures with the characters! I figure if you're going to run a Disney race, you're not doing it for the time... you're doing it for the experience! And of course I balled my eyes out as I crossed the finish line. I couldn't have gotten here without the support of many, many people. Thank you to each and every one of you for your donations and words of encouragement. Together the over 400 participants from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society raised $1.2 million dollars for research this weekend. Now that is something to be proud of!!! And of course, I would not be here without Tom. The countless hours of training, the time away from our new baby, the cost of the trip to get us all to Disney World, him always lifting my spirits when they would get down... his support has been invaluable!! I am one lucky girl. ❤ #dopeychallenge #waltdisneyworldmarathon #teamintraining #leukemiaandlymphomasociety #teamnoquit #fundraising #iwillbeback #nuunambassador #teamnuun #motherrunner #momswhorun #runningcommunity #instarunners #runhappy #slowrunner #postpartumrunning #weightlossjourney #werunsocial #marathoner #inspiringwomenrunners #womensrunningcommunity
Back at it! My cold put me down for 4 days, but woke up today feeling pretty good. Out the door at 4:20 and got 5 miles in 🏃‍♀️✔️ and of course when I walked back in the door both kids were already up with a really tired hubby 🙈 . . Anybody have tips on how to get a toddler to sleep later? My baby is actually better than her he usually stays down till 6, unless he is woken up by her 😞 would love to hear any suggestions! . . #running #runners #postpartumrunning #momswhorun #morningruns #4amclub #runningcommunity #training #runwhenyoucan #eliminateexcuses #doitanyway #rungirlrun #jenszyiaactivetribe
Finally got in a run today around 5 pm.🏃‍♀️ I'm definitely a morning runner. 😅 7 easy miles followed by mini strength.🏋️‍♀️ Some is better than none. 🙌 . . #motherrunner #treadmillmiles #homegym #marathontraining #postpartummomma #postpartumrunning #postpartumfitness #4monthsold #bestlittletrainingbuddy #strengthtraining #someisbetterthannone
Do you have a group of women who support you? - A group of women who empower you? - I really didn't until I became and online health coach and joined this amazing team! - Yesterday, I went to our quarterly coaching event and being able to catch up with these women was amazing! 🙌🙌 - If you want to be a part of a community that supports and empowers others, message me! We would love to have you join us! . . . . . #postpartumrunning #postpartumanxiety #postpartumbody #positivebodyimage #postpartunfitness #postpartumjourney #postpartumdepression #coacheswife #coachinglife #positivecommunity #empoweringwomen #friendgoals #friends #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #fitafterbaby #fitmama #fitfriends #supportivecommunity #community #hpxlifestyle #hpx #hpxlife #transformationweek #6monthspostpartum #6monthtransformation
At the beginning nobody will believe you, not a lot of people will support you, but when you know where you are going you will stick to your program! And that energy you will get and the first few lbs and inches off will become your best motivation! It’s yourself you need to do it for, to feel better and yessss to look better ♥️ . Looking for moms that want to get some amazing results this 2019! 30 day program of one of one coaching, meal plan, grocery shopping list, workout routines, and a one month supplement supply! Send me a DM and let’s talk about your goals and results 💪🏼 Text 786-210-5426 📲👩🏻
Did you know your uterus grows 500 times its normal size during pregnancy? That's a scientific fact. 500 times, you guys! Let's go ahead and give that some time to return to its original size, okay? Not to mention, your organs have all been moved around for nine months, to accomodate your expanding body for baby. Your ligaments have loosened. Your pelvic floor has taken a beating. Feeling like the "you" you were before pregnancy takes so much time. It's hard! And if it's your first, it is FOREIGN TERRITORY. There were days I woke up and wanted to cry because I had no idea I would feel this way, that my body would feel so foreign and I was worried I would never get it back. NOT THAT I WOULD 'BOUNCE BACK.' That isn't what I am talking about. I'm talking about just waking up, and not being scared to pee for fear of stitches, rips and tears (sorry men, if you are reading this but also, get over it because you will NEVER KNOW what that is like). I'm talking about the fear of going out anywhere in public because I might pee my pants or leak breast milk through my shirt. It is the most glorious time of your life because you have created a life and you have this precious, tiny human and your heart wants to explode. But your body...oh, your body. Just know this. It takes time. It takes time to feel like you. It takes time to find your rhythm. It takes time for your uterus to shrink, your belly to not feel like jelly, to find the energy to shower, to feel human again. And that is okay. It's okay. Give yourself grace. Don't compare your pregnant self to ANYone else. Don't compare your postpartum self to ANYone else. You do you, momma. And the rest will fall into place. Just don't forget to take care of yourself in the process. It. Takes. TIME. • #postpartumfitnessjourney #postpartumbodylove #firsttimemom
Sunday RUNday!!! We ran a NEW trail!!!! ❤️ It was exciting, but also a bit nerve-wracking because it wasn't well marked, so I thought I was lost a couple times!! 😲 But now that I know where to go.... it'll be better!!! The loop is just under 4 miles and has some nice sights along the way!! We did run/walk this time, since I thought I'd have to turn back a couple times 😂 but it was more running than walking. Prior to running we stopped at a new Dog Park so Radar could make some new puppy friends. 🐶 The park was BIG and there were quite a few pups there!! We noticed though, on the run by later, there were more dogs than when we were there, so maybe next time we'll run first and visit the park later. It was an awesome RUNday.....then we went home and had to finish cleaning the garage. 🙄. It wasn't too bad though....or at least I should say that I was really looking forward to being done with the endeavor!! Normally I'm a procrastinator at those types of things, but I'm consistently changing that trait! I find motivating tactics to help me get it done!! 😀. Oh and, No....I have NOT watched the Netflix show about organization that everyone is talking about....😔.....we just moved into a new place, so some of the old has to be shed to really enjoy and get on with the new!! 🙂 How was your Sunday?? Do you get a workout in, or is it a rest day for you? #SundayRUNdays #garageorganization #motivation
New fitness program is starting tomorrow! ✨ . Today is: 📸 Before pictures 🛒 Grocery Shopping 🍴 Meal Prepping So. Freaking. Excited.
I wish I knew how many miles are on our Thule running stroller😍😎 Sooo many half marathon, marathon and adventure training miles 🏃‍♀️ No filter 10k with my buddhaboy today. So amazing to be outside with him...#thelittlethings #themagicofnature #oceanlove #oceanviews #runningoutside #postpartumrunning #thulestroller #runningwithatoddler #gratefulmoments #sandiego #motherrrunner #familyoffour #activefamily #postpartummovement #outdoorlover
Getting it done early on a Sunday! I left this afternoon for a work trip to San Diego so I had to get my gym session in early. I usually like to sleep in a little on the weekends, but I had to make the choice to get up early or no workout at all. The gym was dead compared to how busy it is when I go later in the day so I had my choice of any equipment I wanted! — This is the first time I’m leaving my son. I’m definitely nervous. Not to say that I don’t think dad can handle him. I’m just going to miss my little kisses and snuggles! But, I am excited to get away from the Chicago cold ❄️ — Walk 30 minutes Back and biceps — Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to? — #strongoverskinny #womenwithmuscle #strongmom #instatraining #fitlife #liftingladies #momfitness
I am going to count this as a real #run . Walk 5min, Run 15min, walk 6min, Run 10min. And a faster average pace than anything I’ve done in a long time. Woohoo! However, why am I stuck in this mentality that I’m not a “real” #runner or a #workout doesn’t count if I take walk breaks? Especially since 15mins is the longest stretch I’ve run in MONTHS?! Especially since I pushed human out of my body 5 months ago, and had surgery 2 months ago? Why is it so hard to celebrate the little victories? To push out the negative thoughts that I “should” be doing more/better? To not compare myself to others? Screw that. Today, I choose to see the #progress I have made by looking at the #challenges I personally have faced and how (by the grace of God) I have overcome them. #micdrop #sundayrunday #ihavearunnersbody #runnersofinstagram #runningcommunity #runnerscommunity #runnersworld #instarunners #womensrunning #womensrunningcommunity #motherrunner #running4real #irunthisbody #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #postpartumrunning #progressnotperfection #onemileatatime
Running into #29weeks like ✌🏼. Finished off my last week of working from home with ▫️20 TOTAL MILES (running and walking) ▫️a #BARBELL class ▫️a #SPIN class and ▫️a #BARRE class. Back in the office full time tomorrow and hoping my new exercise plan will continue until delivery!!! . . . . #28weeks #thirdpregnancy #thirdtrimester #runningpregnant #fitmom #fitpregnancy #pregnancyfitness #bump #halfmarathontraining #fitmoms #motherrunner #postpartumfitness #runnersofinstagram #womensrunningcommunity #inspiringwomenrunners #momswhorun #postpartumrunning #marathontraining #lovetorun #womenwhorun #instarun #instarunner #workout #running
Longest run in over 13 months! The journey to get back here hasn’t been pretty, but to run a consistent pace for over 4 miles under 6 months postpartum makes me so happy. I feel like I’ve progressed so much the last few weeks and am so excited to see what I can accomplish in 2019! . . . . #postpartumfitness #postpartumrunning #postpartumcomeback #5monthspostpartum #csectionrecovery #momswhorun #motherrunner #optoutside #womensrunningcommunity #inspiringwomenrunners #runmichigan #GRrunning #thesemotherscanrun #backinthesaddle #Garminfitness
I peed my pants.... On basically every post partum run. It's not my favorite thing, but it doesn't stop me. I also like to think of it as a little reminder of my sweet girl and why I'm training to meet a huge total of mine - to show her that we can do hard things, set goals and crush them, and become a stronger, better version of yourself. 6 miles done today. If peeing your pants is cool, call me Miles Davis. . . #newyeardoyou #chictribe #chicambassador #madeformore #yoga #namaste #tiu #toneitup #tiuteam #balance #fitness #nutrition #healthylifestyle #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumfitness #running #run #runner #postpartumrunning #training #momlife #momming #girlmom
Once a quarter our coaching community puts together a local event where we can connect with other people in the area, and sweat together in a huge group workout with a Super Trainer. Today did not disappoint! I went to my first event like this a year ago by myself. It was waaaaay out of my comfort zone at the time, but I went anyway because I thought what could go wrong when you get a bunch of people together that want to help others improve their lives??!! Today, I went with Shannon M. Coleman and her amazing kick ass mom Terri Gill, and it was sooooo fun! So glad to have a local community to connect to that share the love of changing lives through health and fitness goals. There is nothing scary about that. ❤️❤️❤️
Forty (.6) mile week! That hasn’t happened in two years. Thankful to this crew to log the miles with ❤️🏃‍♀️ #dontcallitacomeback #oisellevolée #motherrunner #postpartumrunning
5 months postpartum // today I ran my first 10 km’s since having babe (sans stroller). And damn, that felt good! . 📸 from my stroller run earlier this week . #postpartumrunning #postpartumfitness #strollerrunning #isreallyhard #womensrunningcommunity #inspiringwomenrunners #10kms .
Sunday run day! Even in the frigid temps, I was able to enjoy this sunny afternoon run with a sub-9 pace throughout. This is my longest run in over a month. I think the frigid temps motivated me to pick up the pace so I could warm up! I found myself happily engrossed listening to Michelle Obama’s book Becoming and the miles ticked by. Feeling lucky to spend a bit of my Sunday outside doing something I love. 🏃🏻‍♀️🐾 . . . . . . . #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #9monthspostpartum #fitfam #fitness #motherrunner #postpartumrunning #thesemotherscanrun #runnergirl #fitmom #running #runners #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #runhappy #womensrunningcommunity #runnerscommunity #werunsocial #runhappy #flanruns #momontherun #westernmass #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #rescuedog #runningbuddy #garmin #iamarunner
#runfortreats reunited! Longest run since July today. Great company and great treats after. Thanks guys!! #postpartumrunning #saddoghadnorun #igrewthenewestmember #yegrun #friendswhosweattogetherstaytogether
Closing this running week on a high note: ran my first sub9 min/mile #postpartum run 🎉The best part? This wasn't even a workout: just 40min w/4x100m strides at the end! Special thanks to @p.dalono for slowing waaay down to keep me company 😊This goes to show that sometimes all you need is getting out of your own head and let somebody pulling you along! •23 miles for the week •1 workout (hill repeats) •75min/8mi long run #12weekspostpartum #postpartumjourney #sundayrunday
3 treadmill miles while it snows outside! My boys are loving it, they were outside playing by 8 AM. Kevin kept me company on my run while the other boys snoozed. We have at least 6 inches and counting and they already cancelled school for tomorrow 🥳🎉 I really want to get outside for a snow run because those are my favorite, but I have no idea where my yak tracks are and I’m too afraid to run outside without them 🤔 #momsrunthistown #motherrunner #loveyourrun #runhappy #runtherapy #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #womensrunningcommunity #embracethejourney #postpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumrunning #strongnotskinny #progressnotperfection #celebratelittlevictories #snowday
Froze my buns at the @runottawa Richmond Road Race this morning! It wasn’t as cold as I was expecting, but the two pairs of pants definitely helped 🥶 . My first ever winter race and I loved it! 5km in 25:28 #runfastorfreeze #runottawa
Recovery run done ✅ Running through the snow and snow covered roads made me realize that I need some #yaxtrax ASAP! I also could have used another pair of gloves AND pants🥶❄️ . . Happy Sunday and GO BIRDS 🦅! . . . #nuunlife #nuunambassador #nuunhydration #motherrunner #phillyrunner #marathontraining #njmarathon #loverunphilly #optoutside #winterrunning #postpartumrunning #lovetorun #fitover40 #womenrunning #womenrunningcommunity #runtoinspire #momoftwo #runchat #igrunners #runningislife #recoveryrun #charitymiles
Backish. Postpartum running is hard, but it's running and you get a baby out of the deal. #runupstate
My breakfast shake and I ♥️ with a smile, my messy hair, my stretch marks and my wrinkly tummy, and I still manage to feel beautiful 😭😍 . #milesjourney #midifitcouple #momoftwo
Longest postpartum #run complete ✅. 2mi steady pace followed by 2mi of #intervals . I’m pretty sure this baby boy of mine is actually helping my #endurance game stay strong because I hold him A LOT! ❤️ I just had my first full week back at the gym, and I’m blown away at how quickly my #running is coming back to me #postpartum ! I’m hoping the #athletic looking body will come back soon as well! . . . #postpartumrunning #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #newgoals #runningmotivation #runningmom #runnersofinstagram #runnersofig #runnergirl #runnermom #fitmom #fitlife #runnerscommunity #postpartumfitnessjourney #runningagain #intervalrunning
You know the days when you dread going for a run? 🏃🏻‍♀️ • The days that are so cold, you don’t like being outside walking from your house to your car? 🥶 • The days when your body is fatigued from exercising often and maybe not eating quite enough to fuel all of this movement? 😳 • The days when you just don’t want to set your alarm because you’d rather snuggle in bed with your family? 🛌 • That was me today. I begrudgingly took my layers (and layers) of clothing out to leave in the bathroom so as to slip out quietly and went to bed thinking I would do what I could today. I was up a bunch with a screaming 4-year old (presumably an ear infection 🤦🏻‍♀️) but when my alarm went off, something clicked. • This is MY time. I’m doing something for ME. I committed to myself to set fitness goals and if I made excuses I would just be hurting myself. It’s hard. Making myself a priority is a hard. Staying committed is hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it. • Get out there, and make yourself proud! You’re the only judge that matters 👊🏻
10 nice and slow stroller miles with a pit stop at the beach to stretch our legs. A great way to start the day off and probably my last long run before my next half in 3 weeks. No time goals this time, just running for fun!
Is 5’4” short?... asking for a friend 😏 @heatherrunsfast never disappoints! She is such a committed, reliable friend, and that shows in all that she does. She doesn’t know this, but I almost canceled on her this morning. I am the worst to make plans and cancel them. Flaky, you might call it. I do this to myself, too. I’ll say I’m going to do something, then I find an excuse not to. I would be a VERY rich woman if I had a dollar every time I backed out of a morning (or any) run or workout, or even race! The chapter in Girl, Wash Your Face about that really struck a cord with me. Canceling plans on yourself is one of the worst things you can do because you instill a lack of faith in yourself and the things you say you will do. So in the middle of the night while I was nursing Tucker back to sleep and my throat was hurting and my head ached, and I thought “I’m not gonna run in the morning...” I stopped myself. And I’m so glad! 6 humid miles was, of course, just what the doctor ordered. My throat and head didn’t hurt, and I reinforced my belief in myself since I didn’t cancel 🥰 #motherrunner #momswhorun #motherrunner #movemorefitness #thesemotherscanrun #ketorunner #fatadapted #womensrunningcommunity #fitfluencer #floridafitness #runningmama #runningmom #datadrivenfitness #headandheart #trainsmart #findyourstrong #sauconyrunning #postpartumfitness #bodyafterbaby #postpartumrunning #beatyesterday #garminrunning #5monthspostpartum #sundayrunday #50ktraining
Hi I’m Neely (@neelysgracey ) and I’ll be taking over the @themotherrunner IG today to show you a little what my life is like as a professional marathon runner for @adidasrunning 🏃‍♀️ • I’m also a new mom to my sweet son @athensgracey 👶🏼 who is 5months old. I’m currently on the journey back to fitness postpartum. • • #dayinthelifeofamr #anothermotherrunner #postpartumrunning
5 minutes!! ✋ I ran for the first time today in 30 days and I don’t think I took a breath the whole time! I was waiting for pain. I was waiting for disappointment, but neither happened!! It was an amazing 5 minutes and my new DAY 1! - #runthismomlife 🏃🏻‍♀️ #8monthspostpartum #dontcallitacomeback #kyderbyfestival #marathontraining #sundayrunday #runninginjury
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