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Exploitative sexuality is prevalent af. Has been here since centuries. And is still here in almost every man I see.
Blush is the purest sign of the start of something called love.
#existentialcrisis Seeing your kids, provides some temporary relief from the daily confrontation of your sagging skin in the mirror. Seeing your youth back in the form of your kids, does stroke some of your ego in the face of the cruel time, which took away your youth, doesn't it? don't worry it will kill your kids too. That's a selfish reason tho. Maybe you don't really love your kids, you love your younger versions.
Sometimes the answer is right in front of me. Doing some research for my poetry blog @powellsbooks @courageousmantra view link in my bio to read poetry written by me. #read #writersofinstagram #writing #poetrycommunityofinstagram #poet #mindfulness #courageousmantra #courage #JayleenGerace #portlandoregon
Notre-Dame de Paris
That's narcissistic.
Fake Butler.
Repost @emilyjoyrosen i've more than once given my heart to men who didn’t want it i've felt the sting as my desperation met cold still i wouldn’t change the horrors i lived from hurling my heart at doors closed because i'm proud of who i became through it all and proud isn’t something i’ve ever really been i’ve had impostor syndrome since i can remember receiving praise that never felt deserved because i was never sure what earned it i knew the dark places i went when alone i was mostly certain i was a fraud a scam of a human who will just keep efforting till revealed but now i feel differently i feel deserving of praise because i worked hard not in the ways i normally do building businesses making art or taking on more responsibility i worked hard on the inside work i thought i did before but i wasn’t really getting what it meant to do work on self i thought it was learning the demeanor, language, manners of a good person then behaving in that way so i would know i was good every time someone i loved said no i don't like how you're being i don't want to be with you i don't want you i collapsed completely not sure i could make it through the pain so very intense for me because when i heard you aren't wanted i also heard you aren't good which meant i was failing at life but something magical can happen when you live through what you didn’t think you'd live through something profound can happen when the person you want to want you most doesn’t want you doesn’t choose you you have to choose you you have to choose yourself or check out and i'm wired to fight not flee to grind not freeze more likely to die trying than peacefully i finally faced the war on the inside it’s been a beautifully brutal battle that i’m getting is never truly over but we've covered some serious ground me and me we've traversed some merciless battlefields somewhat gracefully but most importantly lovingly and i feel good about that i feel like i did good i am good funny that his no became my yes yes his no to me became my yes to me yes funny or is that irony or is that how it's meant to be i can never tell i just know i finally feel proud in a way no one can take from me
Change is good.
That's you lying to yourself and not being fair to them.
Never. Maybe just once you were. Never again.
Love is the anti thesis of fear.
Beautiful in the way your eyes look down, the way your eyebrows raise then tilt to a side, the way your smirk comes, or the way you look from behind, the way you walk, the weird vibes you give, beautiful to my eyes, soul and mind. 💀
Sags are horses.
Maybe that's why spoken words never matter to him.
I give you the permission.
Romance and such. Podcasting live on a platform near year! Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, & Spotify Link in bio!
For Keeps by Joy Harjo 🌿 Christmas Eve, 2016 Sun makes the day new. Tiny green plants emerge from earth. Birds are singing the sky into place. There is nowhere else I want to be but here. I lean into the rhythm of your heart to see where it will take us. We gallop into a warm, southern wind. I link my legs to yours and we ride together, Toward the ancient encampment of our relatives. Where have you been? they ask. And what has taken you so long? That night after eating, singing, and dancing We lay together under the stars. We know ourselves to be part of mystery. It is unspeakable. It is everlasting. It is for keeps. #joyharjo #forkeeps #mvskokecreeknation   #tulsaoklahoma   #champaignillinois #poeminthevines #poemsinotherplaces #poet #poetry #poets #poems #poetryporn #poetrybooks #poetrygram #poema #poets #writersofinstagram #writing #quote #quotestagram #thoughts #qotd   #stories #wordsofwisdom #writeaway #writer #poetrycommunityofinstagram #writersofinstagram #poetrycommunity
Written: 12-30-2018 ⠀⠀ A reflection- this was more difficult to write than I imagined. I probably could’ve written more, but I feel like everything I’ve written this year already is enough. I was inspired to write this after reading so many reflection pieces here on Instagram. Thank you for welcoming me to the writing community, it means so much to me. I can’t wait to do even more this year! Don’t forget, my DMs are always open. Feel free to send me your posts if I’ve missed them. ❤️
I am on my way to catch more glimpses again. Or maybe. Stretch the glimpses into movies.
We can't beat the sun, can we. Sunscreens fail, our skin falls.
I'll wait a 10,000 years for you. And more. And some more.
I don't know when will you believe me.
Noone has clarity. Those who can give it to you, won't by design, so as to cause you pain. They are sadists.
we aren't meant to be apart.
"love never respects whatever science tells". -Pranjli. Love respects love. 😻
And so we conform to the invisible eye of patriarchy. #feminist
In other words, from a narcissist.
I wonder when women will stop ridiculing each other because parts of their stories are darker than others? When will we start lifting each other up, instead of tearing each other down? Let’s make 2019 the year of fierce lady friendships. The ones that embrace every part ... the light ... and the dark.
You are a coward.
Stop it
Dare to speak sonnets Upon the softness of my lips Free imagination in hushed lullabies Down the curves of my satin skin Taste my unencumbered fantasies As you glide your wanton kiss In a fall from angelic grace Stripped down by your urgent lustful pace For only you can greedily partake Drinking my ecstasy doused beads As they flow into a desired stream Onto waves of my yearning appetite Craving in a longing of your breathes Whispered against my coveted face That is yours to daze upon in a halted state Frosted in feathered infatuation For you have begun to thaw in a fervid blaze All that was once locked away in a ethereal soundscape Now moaning in a state of pure sensual fates 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 #poetess #poetry #poetrywriting #poetryaccount #poetrycommunity #poetrycommunityofinstagram #writers #writerscommunity #writersofig #poets #poetryloversofinstagram #poetrylovers #poetsofinstagram #poetryisntdead #igpoetry #poetryoftheday #poetryisart #poetrydaily #writerslife #creativewriting #poetsociety #poetryislife #poetryhive #poetryforthesoul #seductivewriting #seduce #seductive #desires #sensual #erotic
Rising higher to new knowledge everyday.
The cowards leave the things they like.
Confusion is the anti-thesis of smartness.
Love is so much more than those temporary butterflies my darling, it's a commitment you make, to build a future together. A family. -------------------------------------------- #poem #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunityofinstagram #poetrygram #poetrycommunity #write #writer #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #feelings #sad #reality #life #relationships #breakup #relationship #pain #heartbreak #depression #feels #life #mystory #brokenlove #love #brokenheart #cold #hope #sadness
Cammino lungo la strada degli alberi... Assaporo in silenzio tutti i miei pensieri più nostalgici. Sento dal cuore il rumore delle foglie dolcemente cadere e il sole... assieme a tutti i pensieri tra il corpo e la mia mente lentamente sparire. Con il buio incontrastato che incombe... ...trasforma ogni singolo bagliore in profonde ombre. Mentre le nuvole piangono l'assente luce... Dentro l'anima... lentamente il cuore rinasce ricresce e si ricuce. L'albero delle poesie #poetry #instapoesia #natura #lovewords #instapoetry #poetrycommunityofinstagram #poetrygram #igpoet #igpoetry #igwritersclub #instapoetry #poesías #poesía #poetrycommunity #naturaleza #anima #poesia #lovepoetry #igpoets #igwriter #inspirationalquotes
Love you is easy like 1 2 3.
Summer deceit.
“Is it I?” / Christ is the bread. Form fixed before Creation: time and space. / Christ is the bread. A big bang breaks: Gas, mole, and matter. / Christ is the bread. Nuts shed smooth shells Till rooted: tall trees. / Christ is the bread. Souls in the womb: Nine months to nourish. / Christ is the bread. Words: willed to write, To sing, to recite. / Christ is the bread. Form: fixed before Ink marks the parchment. / Christ is the bread. Hands consecrate. In sin: complicit. / / Christ is the bread. / -Gary Edward Geraci / And while they were at the table eating, Jesus said, “Amen I say to you, one of you will betray me – one who is eating with me.“ But they began to be sad, and to say to him one by one, “Is it I?“ Mark 14:18-19
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