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Start again #pavia
Cabo, 2016
Just a close up shot for a new project I’m working on! I always love working with new ideas and getting to play with varying concepts - photography allows people to explore so many different aspects of life, and topics, as well as allow for growth and discovery
You can just feel the warmth from this photo cause outside is 🥶
Our future
Around with Mr Charisma @kitclarke
Banff, 2015
Winter finally returned (!!!) and we missed out on the Lunar Eclipse last night. Since we missed the Super Big Bad Wolf Red Moon, here's a moon shot hanging off Grand Teton.
Snow day ☃️
Sewen eyes
⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️
Lucy loo all red and blue . . . Model: @lucicxffers
flowers n spokes (continuing this very basic green theme)
Pictures. - JR
Caustic soda piped directly from a berthed ship at Alcoa Refinery's jetty. They then mix this imported stuff with WA's own bauxite ore, add heat = Alumina! Just don't spill it anywhere like they did in '04 • • • • • #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #pixel_ig #earthfocus #westernaustralia #spicollective #therawsociety #lensculture #everydayeverywhere #negativefb #organicamag #back2thebase #myfeatureshoot #australia #industrial #port #alumina #refinery #bauxite #aperturefnd
🚗🌲 4 W D ‘ N 🌲🚙 Menai, NSW. Insta @russellgager 📷 🚁
🎬 Beautiful today in SoCal.
Someone Like You Canvas: @jante_s Photographer: @poju.96
I can exist forever right here Canvas: @jante_s Photographer: @poju.96
Transform Canvas: @jante_s Photographer: @poju.96
Thanks @nada.elaa for your purchase, come again.
Title:Northern Lights
Title:Dream Walker Medium:Acrylic On Sherpa
Title:Silent Way Media: Oil and Acrylic on Primed Canvas Size: 25in x 30.5in / 63.5cm x 77.47cm
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