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Was able to try out @drbrandt ‘s Radiance Resurfacing Foam. It’s supposed to be a substitute for dermaplaning 💆🏻‍♀️ I used this a few times, & I do see my skin looking more radiant & feeling a little smoother. For $72, I’m not sure it’s worth that price tag though 🤷🏻‍♀️. All you have to do is pump out the product and place it on your face. It will start bubbling up - leave it on for 60 seconds & then use the shaver tool to clean up the foam. You’ll pat the rest of the product into your face. Have you tried this? What do you think? * I received this product for free to review. Also, does anyone like my props from @tjmaxx ? Hahah —— #BubblesOverBlades #contest #complimentary @drbrandt #skincare #skincarereview #dermaplaning #complimentaryproduct #darlingmovement #petitejoys #photosinbetween #abmhappylife
And we're in the air! Babymoon has officially started and we're on our way to Barcelona! 🇪🇸 First we had a short break in Copenhagen, which is absolutely amazing during fall! The weather forecast for Bcn is not so great, buuuut we'll make the best out of it! Churros will be there to save my day! 😅 Enjoy the rest of the week! 💛 #mybetterhalf #myblessing #københavn #cph #copenhagen #efterårsferie #autumnvibes #autumncolors #myhusband #myrock #couplesgoals #couplephotoshoot #babymoon #babyontheway #babybump #traveldestination #barcelonagram #denmark #Zambian #romanian #parentstobe #firsttimeparents #lovetotravel #naturegram #myeverydaymagic #petitejoys #theeverygirl #momentsofmine #happymoments #hemakesmehappy
Raise your hand if this was just the sign you needed to see today. 🙋 // p: @steeleism
Today I’ve worked on a new Inspirational Friday video for you 🎬 If you’re curious what have daily visual experience and abstraction to do with the quality of life and what’s my trick to feel more joy and excitement on a daily basis you need to watch it - this Friday on the blog! 😉 good night 😘 ——————————————————— On the photo- one of my favorite statement pieces - “Love Story no 1”, 100x120 cm on canvas.
We breath We pulse We regenerate Our hearts beat Our minds create Our souls ingest 37 seconds well used, is a lifetime
Shop for a cause! Visit @sam_edelman tomorrow from 6-8PM and enjoy pink champagne, music, a VIP shopping experience and more. Plus, when you purchase a pair of these Tinsley Rain Boots, 20% of all sales will benefit @bcrfcure ! #mymillenia
"Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings." ~Letitia Baldrige #teatime #evacups #etsyseller #simplepleasures #petitejoys #cuppa #teaaddicts #cups_are_love #tealovers
Just finished an interview with the soon to launch @_kindreds_ a blog started by two sisters/mamas to share all their little decisions to create a bigger impact for themselves, each other and the environment. I stand on both sides, as a consumer and as a business that's trying to do better and the honest truth is it's never easy or perfect to try to move to a more conscious way of living and doing business. But it's always the little decisions that add up to big ones. So if you are just at the start, focus on the small decisions then go from there....x
two scarlet ibises
Love the fall coffee vibes from @sdamiani
The babes 🧡 pc:@deannagphotography
Bowler hats are restocked in all colors! 💕💕💕 Click link in bio to purchase. 👌
What I’m struck by when I look back at our wedding photos is how much we’re all smiling. Heads thrown back in wild laughter. That’s how @mikecoxjresq and I feel when we’re with the people we love, and I’m so glad that we felt that on our wedding day. How could you not with Rev. @andrewbscanlon presiding over your love? Photo by @gaetzphoto
My latest knotted tapestry 🌷This piece ended up going in a completely different direction than I had planned, crazy and beautiful 🍂
A friend told me- “models don’t smile” so every time Sloan doesn’t smile for me I’m going to think of that! 😂😍 @madisonjade.co these turbans are the cutest!!!
Loving this gorgeous gallery wall shot...swipe for the “after” 😉 📷: @scscurlock . 🌾 Want to win $100 to Bannor Toys? Interact on our posts throughout the month by liking and commenting, at the end of the month we will pick a random winner to get $100 for Bannor Toys! The more you interact, the better your chances are of winning, you must be following us to be eligible. 🌾
a new cozy bloomer will be added to the shop tomorrow, 9am CST! These will NOT be ready to ship, instead made to order to ensure you get the size you need! They have the tiniest fleck of shimmer so your babe can still be fancy for holidays🌲🦃🎅🏼 . . . . . #tweed #diapercover #blackwhite #momswithcameras #holidays #babyootd #fallvibes #babybows #bloomers #mom_hub #petitejoys #hipsterkids #toddlerswithstyle #letthekids #babybloomers #momblog #topknotheadband #babyphotography #motherhoodthroughinstagram #flashesofdelight #babyblogger #clickinmoms #ministylekids #shopsmall #littleminis #pursuepretty #babyshower #letthembelittle #momtogs
The look on my face when I realize today is Wednesday... I thought yesterday was Wednesday... 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m so off... only 2 more sleeps until the weekend, and the oldest is spending the night w/ the grandparents tonight, which means an EXTRA early bed time for the hubs and me👯
You know when you’re doing the best you can but it still doesn’t feel like enough because you’re so good at creating a routine and starting it but then only sticking to it for two weeks because ugh it’s so much work and you’re exhausted? No? Just me? Cool cool cool. Seriously some weeks I’m like SO GUNG HO and karate chopping the crap out of my to do list and then other weeks I’m like oh let’s do....leap frog for school? Hahaha. But hey then we go play outside and fill our lungs with fresh air and I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day with new mercies and I’m not perfect and never will be and thank God for his love and forgiveness because I would be miserable without it. But at least I always have this little nugget of love to fill up my bucket and get me out of my negativity and self doubt.
Bècsben azt szeretem, hogy letisztult, elegáns ès kicsit régimódi. Nagyváros létére megtartotta a maga kimértségét és nyugodtságát. Mostanában pedig egyre inkább jól esik távol tartanom magamat a nyüzsgéstôl és lassítanom, amennyire csak lehet. . . . #slow #slowliving #weekend #weekendvibes #seasons #trip #wanderlust #hygge #wanderlusting #explore #explorer #livethelittlethings #momentsofmine #petitejoys #october #fall #autumn #autumnvibes #instahun #ikozosseg #mik #ig_hungary #vienna #austria #lovinglife #seasonspoetry #cornersofmyworld #castle
Carolina Herrera ‘18 ready to wear @carolinaherrera
But first, coffee.
Taking a moment today to breathe it all in--the incredibly beautiful fall weather, the quiet snuggles, the peaceful in-between moments, everything good. ✨ On the advice of someone wise (i.e. my therapist suggested it), I'm taking a moment every single day to give thanks for something, however small. Giving myself a literal tiny pat on the back. Even if it's for something as little as "got out of bed today," "read five pages of a book," or "bought healthy groceries to cook for my family." Some days it will be larger things, some days tiny, mundane ones. I even have a daily reminder alarm set on my phone for this, like a dork. Whatever. This is what self care actually looks like. Sometimes it's super dorky. ✨ Self care also means doing the things you'd actually rather not. It's not all chocolate and bubble baths and LaCroix around here, guys--although you know I LOVE me some bubbles and bubbles. Self care is joining--and going to!--the gym. It's taking your damn vitamins. It's finally finding out what to call the beast that has been following you around most of your life, and doing something about taming it. ✨ This year, I celebrated #mentalhealthawarenessweek by deciding to try out a medication that MIGHT help me tame the beast. I have an anxiety disorder and a personality disorder, and it feels like I've been running from this two-headed monster my entire life, never looking it squarely in the eye. Just so you know, "pretending everything is fine" is not a solid wellness plan, in case you were thinking of trying it. Don't. Do. This. I have a certain set of mental conditions I'm working under--but I also have a husband I love beyond all sense, a son I'd do anything for, and a new business I'm trying to nurture--so the stakes are finally, finally high enough that I'm willing to do something about it. Because I never do anything halfway, I'm also trying out the gym, more therapy, and daily affirmations as well as medication--one of these has GOT to work, haha. ✨ Be kind to yourselves today, tomorrow, and every day. Set a dorky alarm on your phone if you have to, a reminder to take two seconds and give yourself a hug. You're worth it. We all are. #endthestigma 💕
The blush pocket of my dreaaaamsss 🤤
Don't they looks so sweet and innocent? Trust me, it’s all an act. . 📸 by @laurie_jean_photography
Ezra is pretty excited about the new @bestbottomdiapers releasing next Thursday! Who else is excited?! Head to their page to check out the prints! . . Bib - @kkrzaa Moccs - @everleighmeadow - EZRAFRIENDS to save at checkout.
Spring is nuts! Madly bed prepping, seed starting, laying irrigation, planting out, weeding etc. 😯💪🏻 Meanwhile the darling ranunculus are just sitting pretty 👌🏻
God has been whispering to me today. He has been directing my heart towards stillness and resting in His promises. There is a lot to look forward to, but He is reminding me that today matters too. Today, I can be still and know that He is God. I can rest in the assurance that He is good and faithful and mighty. My heart has been longing to look ahead and move on to the next season, but today, God has given me a heart of peace as I reflect on His goodness.
Learn to work with yourself, not against yourself. This doesn’t mean giving into your cravings or desires 24/7, but to simply seek knowledge about yourself so that you can live your life in a way that’s complimentary to your strengths. If you work better in the morning, plan your meetings/assignments/etc. then. If you prefer to step away when a conversation gets heated, do so. If you hate the gym but love taking nature walks, find some trails nearby. You do not have to put yourself through unnecessary suffering. If you’re able to make small adjustments to make your day to day life smoother and more pleasurable, you are empowered to do so.
i love when beautiful things come together! no longer will i have to visit the bank, atm, or carry cash when i buy items off of kijiji. and you all know i love buying and selling vintage china!! ☕️ you can now use @paypal as the most convenient and secure way to pay through the kijiji app! ✨ also see my link in profile to enter the paypal kijiji sweepstakes for a chance to win a vw 2018 tiguan highline or up to $5k in cash prizes!! 🚙💰✨ to enter, register with your email and link your @paypal account to your kijiji app between now and october 31, 2018, 11:59:59 pm. no purchase necessary. #paypalpartner
I have learned the quickest way to get rid sadness, anxiety, or frustration is to have thankful and greatful heart. To realize that we are so blessed even when everything seems to be going wrong. Most of us are more blessed than many in other parts of the world we all know this, but do we act like it? We may not see those out there who aren't as fortunate, but they are out there, with true suffering. Whenever I remember that there are families with no lights, clean water, transportation, medicine, toilets...I stop and thank Jesus with my whole heart that I have these luxuries. Not only do I have those, but MUCH more. I have NO reason to be unhappy. But I still am sometimes and this is what I have to say during those times 👇 "Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me." -Psalm 103:1-2 What are you the most thankful for today?
My “why”. 🖤💚💗 Thank you for the incredible response on my last post - I am soooo blown away and even a bit overwhelmed that I can’t keep up! How do those mega Insta people do it 🤷🏻‍♀️😂. SO much kindness in this community right here - who would’ve thought a blurry, unstyled, heavily filtered picture would create the most positive and uplifting engagement....like EVER. . I’m glad I drew back the curtain. I know I’m always showing the behind the scenes but this one was pretty rugged and raw! A saying comes to mind: “A year from now, you’ll wish you’d started today”. And while I do leave some ideas to “marinate” for a time, sometimes you just gotta start. Baby steps. Because before you know it, five years has passed and you find yourself living this dream you once had. . I do it for these babies of mine. For me and my husband. For our family. And for this, this overwhelming sense of fulfilment. That’s MY why. . #thestyletales #foodstylist #foodphotographer
bows & boots
It’s this stinky baby’s gotcha day today! Over the last two years she has been such a source of joy in our lives, and I’m so happy to be her mom. Throwback pic to when she used to pass out mid-playtime. LYMI #rubywhy
“When someone says it’s too soon for pumpkin spice and you realize you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life” 🧡
Skincare, Haircare, Whatever-care... we can help you choose! . . . . There are so many products we put on our bodies everyday, make sure you are making the right choice.
What my office looks like today! Staying cozy by the fire after running some errands, sharing some oily love & picking up my boy on this chilly day. . Now if only someone could pickup Reese for me so we don’t have to go back out in it 😂 #semikidding
On Wednesdays we eat sweets 😋 ________________________________________________ When I don't have all day to bake I *cheat*. I buy premade cinnamon rolls, butter them, add some nuts, and pop them in the oven. I add a bit of orange extract to the icing and sometimes whip it with cream cheese to spice it up. Ice the cinnamons and voila!
« La sagesse commence par l’émerveillement » est une de mes citations préférées. ❤️ A la fin de chaque journée, j’essaie de me rappeler tous ces petits moments de joie qui m’ont fait sourire 😊 Je me concentre sur les solutions plutôt que sur les problèmes et je consigne toutes mes petites victoires dans un carnet. Cela me permet de me concentrer sur le positif plutôt que de me laisser submerger par les obstacles que l’on croise sur notre route. Et vous, quels sont vos petits trucs pour voir la vie du bon côté ? 🌿😊
Sunday fun day 😌 ________________________________________________ Sunday mornings are my quiet time. These few hours alone are spent journaling and preparing for the coming week by creating a grocery list, calendar, and chore list because If I don't have a plan my life descends into chaos.
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