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“Pack your things your coming with me”Harrison stated sternly.Few good he didn’t notice your eavesdropping.”You were listening weren’t you”he asked laughing a bit.Spoke too soon.You shrugged with an innocent face.His face went back stern.”Go, now!”he yelled.You obeyed and ran to your room packing all the important stuff, which was a lot of clothes because you know your a girl.Honestly you didn’t care what happened because it was getting you out of this house.But at the same time you did care since your so nosey.You finished and grabbed your multiple bags and flew down the stairs.Harrison got up from the couch and walked out the front door with you without speaking a word.He took your bags while you got in the car.What were you going to say to him? Should you break the tension?The car door opened an she got in starting the car.”What happened?”You blurted out.”y/n you don’t need to worry about it”he said.”Haz I’m almost 18 you can tell me, I mean I’m practically an adult”you whined.”your still a baby to me”he said placing a kiss on top of your head.”Ew gross”you laughed.”But really”you continued.”I couldn’t let you stay there anymore with them y/n, they don’t care about what’s best for you and you know that, I can’t have you go through that anymore so I’ll step up and protect you.”he finished.You didn’t speak because you weren’t sure what to say except “Thank you Haz”. “So what happened to your face?”you began to pry.”I fell don’t you know by now I’m a clutz”he attempted to lie but it was no use.”Try again”you said sternly.”I’m being serious”he stressed.”I’m being serious”you mocked him.”All I have to say is you should see the other guy”he laughed.”Your so violent”you tried not to laugh.
Part 12 Y/n PoV I had one of Nat’s old suits on, tight leather with gun holsters on the thighs. Of course I didn’t need those, I had my powers. I walked onto the Quinjet with Wanda, both of us ready to kick some ass. I saw Tony standing near the front. “What’s the situation?” “Aliens or something. I can’t keep track anymore. Just follow my lead.” “‘Kay.” Peter’s PoV Oh my Thor son of Odin and his beard, prince of Asgard y/n looks hot... Her leather suit, clearly Nat’s, wrapped her up tightly, showing off her beautiful curves. But that’s not why I love her. It’s when she turns around, and I see her smile when I remember everything about her and I fall back in love with her all over again. Time skip- “Avengers, kick some ass!” Tony yelled, flying from the jet. “LAnGuAGe!” “Y/n! Stick with me,” I smiled and held out my hand for her to take, pulling her to the edge to fight off the stragglers. I was frozen in shock. First she shot some alien with fire, then ice, then some power beam, then her hands morphed into knives and she just ultimately shocked me to my VERY CORE. Wow. Ma girl’s fuckin awesome. - #mcu #marvel #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvelfanfic #marvelfanfics #marvelfanfiction #marvelfanfictions #marvelimagine #marvelinagines #peter #parker #peterparker #peterparkerfanfic #peterparkerfanfics #peterparkerfanfiction #peterparkerfanfictions #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #spider #man #spiderman
"уσυ'яє α ∂σℓℓ, уσυ αяє fℓαωℓєѕѕ вυт I ʝυѕт ¢αи'т ωαιт fσя ℓσνє тσ ∂єѕтяσу υѕ ι ʝυѕт ¢αи'т ωαιт fσя ℓσνє уσυ'яє σиℓу fℓαω, уσυ αяє fℓαωℓєѕѕ. вυт I ʝυѕт ¢αи'т ωαιт fσя ℓσνє тσ ∂єѕтяσу υѕ ι ʝυѕт ¢αи'т ωαιт fσя ℓσνє" #occharacter #peterparkerimagines #tomholland #mobster #mobwife #oc #mob #mafia #tomhollandimagines #mobboss #roleplay #openrp #roleplaying
Here’s part 3... Idk what this is but it’s fun to write - - - - - - - #tomhollandimagines #peterparkerimagines #robertdowneyjr #tomholland #sebastianstan #paddyholland #harryholland #samholland
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Part 5....⁣ (Thx to @brookielynnrose & @zlatuskovaa_ for being the beta readers for this part) ⁣ . . Y/n's pov:⁣ I saw a message from an unknown number on my phone.. ⁣ ⁣ ?:"Hi, y/n... ☺"⁣ Y:"Who's this? "⁣ ⁣ *after 5 minutes*⁣ ⁣ ?:"Oh thank god,  u finally answered, this is me Tom.. ✌"⁣ Y:"Omg, Tom, u still remember me?!🙏"⁣ ⁣ *I saved his number as 'Tom🕷' (Tom with a spider emoji)*⁣ (I was really shocked,  that he remembers me, but,  I m really happy too) ⁣ ⁣ T:"How can I forget the girl who just stole away the title of 'The Walking Meme' from me? 😁"⁣ Y:"😂 I m sitting right now,  so well u can still keep that title"⁣ T:"😂😂😂😂😂"⁣ ⁣ *I was smiling while texting*⁣ ⁣ Y:"So, what made u text me spidey?"⁣ T:"Well, I wanted to know if u wanted to hang out with me again?"⁣ Y:"U want to hang out with me even though I created so much mess today?"⁣ T:"Hey, I never had so much fun with anyone, it was not a mess,  plz let's meet again! I m not forcing u, just asking as a friend.. Can we be friends?"⁣ ⁣ *What he just asked me to be his friend....Ooommmgggg....I was literally dying from loneliness, and i really needed a friend*..⁣ ⁣ Y:"Yeah yeah,  thank u,  my pleasure ☺, so when r we meeting?"⁣ T:"In like 2 hours? What say? 🙋Send me ur address, let's hang out at ur house?"⁣ Y:"Oh yeah sure, *sends address*"⁣ T:"Thx,  well see you,  in 2 hrs,  bye.. 👋"⁣ Y:"Byee.. ♥"⁣ T:"♥"⁣ ⁣ *END OF TEXT*⁣ ⁣ I kept my phone down,  and I was jumping,  don't get me wrong I m not happy coz, I have any feelings for Tom,  I m happy coz, an amazing person like him wants to be friends with me.. I started cleaned the so called hall and then started preparing the dinner. ⁣ ⁣ Tom's pov:⁣ I really want interesting people in my life like y/n. So,  I decided to ask her for hanging out,  and I m so glad that she agreed. ⁣ Omg, starlight just released a song 😍, let me first change my clothes to get to y/n's place and listen to it while driving.. ⁣ ⁣ (A/N: This is the first time in Tom's life when he kept starlight as 2nd priority without even noticing that)⁣ ⁣ (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS 👇)
I was woken by a soft knock at the door. I sat up slowly and rubbed my eyes, still half asleep. My feet hit the cold ground and a chill ran up my spine. An unsettling feeling came over me, but I just shrugged it off. "Hello?" I asked, opening the door enough to look outside. Before me stood a tall man, and he appeared as the average wealthy person would. "Hello, ma'am. Are you interested in earning some money?" He questioned, peering behind me for a split second then returning his gaze to me. "If this is some scam, I'm not interested. Goodb-" As I tried to shut the door on him, he held it open with his hand and shook his head. "I assure you, it isn't. We heard about your family's financial troubles, and your medical problems. Do you care to partake in an experiment? It may heal you, prevent you from ever developing the disease. It'll last only a month or so, and you can earn two-thousand dollars for yourself and your family. All we ask in return is that you go through with the experiment." My mouth was slightly opened in shock. Holy shit, that's a lot of money. But what financial troubles? And how does he know about my medical problems? I couldn't tell if this was a scam or not, but if he was telling the truth, about both the experiment and the money, maybe we could use the two-thousand dollars.
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Part 4.....⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Y/n's pov:⁣⁣ After that super embarrassing meeting with Tom (thx to me), I rushed to my house, and straightaway threw myself into the bed, sinking my face into the sheets. Well, my apartment is really small, just a kitchen, 1 room, bathroom, and a what so called hall which is really too small to be called a hall. But, atleast here I could record my songs which i couldn't at my parent's place, why are they not supportive? But, well the most important thing right now is that, I really destroyed my impression infront of Tom, *sigh* he must be thinking that I m a freak. *sad face*..but, why am I even caring about him?, he's such a famous figure, he must have forgotten me till now. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "No, I haven't...!" - Tom's voice⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I again heard his voice, I turned my face, and I could see him lying adjacent to me in the bed smiling like a puppy.. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "Get off my head plzzz" - Y/n⁣⁣ *frustated voice*⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "Okay" - Tom⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "Hey, but, don't u wonder why ur brain makes u see these illusions, who are opposing ur own thoughts" -Tom⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "No" *in 'I don't care' type voice* - Y/n⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Tom's illusion turns towards me and was staring right into my eyes.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ *Super soft caring voice*⁣⁣ "Well, I guess this happens bcoz u think that no one would like u the way u r, u think urself to be a potato, a nerd and yeah sometimes even a freak"⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "Yeah, bcoz I m so" *sad voice* -Y/n⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "No, that's not the thing, u oppose urself bcoz, u want to hear that, u want someone to say that to u, u want someone who could......." - Tom⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "PROVE ME WRONG..!" *I completed his sentence* -Y/n⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "Yeah, exactly" *wide smile* -Tom⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ *I smiled, but, my smile fades away*⁣⁣ "But, u aren't real" -Y/n⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ His smile fades away too, I let out my hand to touch him, but, he fades away too, leaving me alone again.. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ "He must have forgotten me till now"⁣⁣ I said again to myself *sighing*, and cuddled up with like 6 pillows lying in my bed and drifted to sleep.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ [U like cuddling with pillows, u can't sleep without cuddling with something(or someone)]⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ (CONTINUED IN COMMEMTS 👇)
"Mom, where... where were you?" I ask, trying to avoid the discussion of the elephant in the room. More like the pig who is sitting on my floor like the little bitch he is. "Where was I?" she scoffs, "I was picking up groceries! What on... what is... how do I even put this into words?! What on earth is that and where did you get that from?" I instantly bring my hand to my side, lowering the gun from Phil's forehead. "Mom, please. You have to listen to me," I plead. She throws her hands to her head in shock, "listen to you?! Does it look like I have a choice? Raven, you are carrying a gun. A freaking gun! This is... this is insane! How am I supposed to be reacting now? I haven't mentally prepared myself for my daughter pointing a gun at my fiancee because I never expected her reaching this point!" The only thing that is on my mind is attacking Phil and defending myself; to tell mom to grab Cam and run because this psychopath is working with Bloody Mary. But she never thought that I would be reaching this point? "What is that supposed to mean?" I blurt out, knitting my eyebrows together. "The divorce, your father dying, you were bound to explode at some point! The fact that you have been attacking Phil sneakily all this time, I forgave you for that. You stealing thousands of dollars from my bank account? I forgave you for that instantly. You sneaking out and leaving Cam home alone, I forgave you for that. You're a wreck, Raven! You know this!" she vents and vents. It hurts that my own mother thinks of me more lowly than I do. Her words are like knives and swords and are shouldn't be making me feel as down as I am feeling right now. She buries her face into her hands and mumbles into her palms, "I forgave you for it all, because I knew you were going through a hard time. Your father brought you a motorbike and I bit my tongue, holding back all of my opinions on it! I didn't know about the cancer obviously, but I still let you off the hook for all of the small things you've done that have irritated me! But this, this? Holding up a gun? This is way past just gone, Raven!" Her hands fall down and she gives me that look that every mother has. You know, the look? (cic)
gιяℓѕ иιgнт ωιтн му вαвє @lizzyvalintine ιт ωαѕ gяєαт ѕєєιиg уσυ,ι киσω тнιиgѕ нανє вєєи тнσυgн. тнєу'ℓℓ gєт вєттєя💕 #occharacter #peterparkerimagines #tomholland #oc #roleplaying #roleplay #tomhollandimagines #mafia #mobster #mob #mobwife
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[ 2 - tony stark ] - - "Y/N, we need to talk" he said, his head popped into your room. He was wearing an old T-Shirt and sweatpants, and a robe..even though it’s like 100 degrees. But it was most likely that he was planning to stay home and work on a new suit. "Coming!" You said, slowly walking to the living room. There you met him, watching a video from the battle of New York. Briefly, he paused it...zooming in on a figure who glowed purple. "That's you" He said not turning around, Friday began to take the blurriness away from the video, so you could obviously tell it was you. "Um..no it's not?" You said raising an eyebrow. You knew you couldn't deny it, he was your father. He knew every thing about you, well except for this. "Show me how it works" he says turning around, curiosity displayed on his face. Slowly you lifted your hand, and the purple light appeared again. You took up his phone, and brought it to you. "Woah. Amazing!" He said in glee, the opposite reaction of how you thought he would react. "Really?" You said, the corners of your lips started to form a smile. "Yes! How do you do it?" He said, coming up to you..standing meters away from you. "I don't know, it just appeared one day..and I kind of use it to make sure you're okay on missions" you scratched your neck. "Kid, you could honestly become an Avenger!" He said pulling you into a hug "A what?" Pepper’s head peeped out of a door "Nope not my innocent baby" she said, glaring at the both of you. Your dad gave you a quick wink, signaling that he would do it anyways. Could you imagine it, you! An avenger. Fighting along with your dad and all his friends, and Peter! Imagine, living in the same place with your crush from 7th grade! Okay, let’s not think about that..at least not in front of your father. Excitedly you lifted your dad's sunglasses and put them on your face. "I don’t even have a say...why do I even try at this point.” She chuckled “But as long as both of you come home safe.” She said kissing the top of your head and kissing your dad on his lips. - Song: Sad and boujee by Elijah who
{Part 10} Y/N POV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You woke up still feeling warm. You searched for peter but he wasn’t in the bed. You slowly got up and headed towards the kitchen where you found him making eggs. It reminded you of the first day you came here, you had no idea who he was. “Good morning Pete.” “Morning candle.” You giggled “How do I smell like?” Peter came over and hugged you, “hmm the beach?” “So seagull crap and salt?” “No!” He laughed while gently pushing you away. He went over to the stove and put the eggs on the plate when you heard the front door opening. You didn’t know who it might be so you stood behind peter. The door opened, revealing tony, “Hey kiddos want to make me some breakfast too?” “Dad you scared me.” “Why?” He asked, you didn’t know if you should tell him or not. “Erm..” “Y/n almost hurt the whole city down.” Peter blurred out. “The hell?!” You looked at Peter. “I’m sorry, you know how I am at keeping secrets.” “Um what?” Tony asked. “Y/n Stark you better tell me what you’ve been doing young lady.” “It wasn’t my fault, this weird thing took over my body and I couldn’t control it.” “What “thing”?” “I don’t know either.” He breathed a deep sigh. “Um do you want me to go get groceries, were out of milk..” Peter said. Tony shot a glare at him “Go get the ones in the bags not the cartons.” “Um I don’t think they have those he-“ “JUST GO” “Ok.” Peter dashed out the door sending cold air into the room. You shivered. “Hey you cold?” “I think, I don’t know why.” You replied. “Hold on, try setting your hand on fire.” You tried, but nothing came out, it felt like something got cut away from your body. You looked up at your dad, he had a look of concern on his face. “Why can’t I do anything?” You asked this the first time it ever happened in your life, you always had you powers, now they were gone. “Maybe you just need to rest?” “Maybe.” You walked over to your room and layer on the bed. You slowly drifted of to sleep. When you woke up you looked at the clock, 11:45. You have been sleeping for bout three hours. You got up and searched the tower for peter. Anxious to tell him the news. You looked all over the place but you couldn’t MIC
Ned: so y/n are you new You: yeah just moved schools so I could be closer to my uncle Ned: cool what you got first You: chemistry Ned: Peter has that so he can take you You: ok Ned: Peter you still with us Peter: sorry just zoned out You giggled at his awkwardness You got to your first class Ned wasn’t in it so you only new Peter. Teacher: students as you can see we have a new class member would you like to tell us a bit about you and introduce yourself. You: umm ok You: my names y/n and that’s it nothing interesting about me Teacher: ok can you go take a seat next to Peter You were really happy that you got to sit with Peter and you could tell he was happy too because he had a huge smile on his face. After the morning lessons You were walking to lunch when you bumped into a pretty girl You: sorry Liz: it’s ok. I don’t think we’ve met I’m liz You: I’m y/n I’m new here Liz: well if you need anything y/n just let me know You: thanks You walked into the cafeteria with your food you looked like a lost puppy because you didn’t know where to sit but then you saw Ned waving for you to come sit with him and Peter Ned: so hows your morning been You: ok but I just embarrassed my self Ned: why You: I walked into this liz girl Peters head quickly sprung up and you saw a smile You: you ok there Peter Ned: Peter really likes liz You: oh You were a little disappointed Peter: no I don’t ned Girl: yes you do Peter it’s obvious. Hi I’m Michelle but my friends call me mj You: hi I’m y/n You were talking for abit and then you saw liz walking over Liz: hi guys I’m having a party tonight and I was wondering if you wanna come Peter: I can’t I have the stark internship Your head moved from liz to Peter You: you have an internship with Tony Stark Peter: yeah You: that’s really cool Peter: thanks Liz: anyway what about the rest of you Ned: yeah I’ll come y/n You: yeah I’d love to Michelle will you come I want to know some people there Mj: yeah ok and y/n call me mj You smiled a little because you think that you and mj could become friends. Continues in comments
Back story You are 15 years old You live in queens You have recently moved schools and now go to midtown school of science to be closer to your uncle You live on your own because you have no family other than your uncle Tony Stark He comes to visit you all the time and you go visit him at the avengers tower. Tony: are you ready for your first day You: I guess so Tony: don’t be nervous I’m sure everyone will love you. You: but you know I’m socially awkward Tony: y/n you are a pretty girl you are one of the smartest people I know, you are friendly and caring, you will be fine You: ok thanks for the pep talk Tony: any time kid. After school I want you to come to the avengers tower You: ok I’ll see you later You get in the car and happy takes you to midtown. You were nervous because it was for really smart people and you didn’t see yourself as smart. Happy: good luck y/n You: thanks happy Happy: the principal said you need to go to his office first thing You: ok Happy: I’ll be waiting here at the end of the day so don’t be late You:bye happy Happy: bye You walk into the school and you are overwhelmed by noise and people running through the hallways. You head to the principals office Principal: ah you must be y/n stark You: yeah but starks not my last name Principal: well that’s what it says on you application form You: oh ok Principal: anyways this is your locker number and you class schedule You: thanks Principal: do you need someone to show you round You: I think I can manage Principal: ok come to me office if you need anything. You looked at your schedule and saw that you had chemistry first but you decided to go to your locker first. While you were walking to your locker first you were stoped in your tracks Flash: hi I’m flash You: I’m y/n Flash: I’ve never seen you here before. You new You: yep Flash: need me to show you around You: I can manage Flash: well maybe I can take u to dinner then You: no thanks Flash: whatever, bitch You: well that was very mature Flash: what did you say You; nothing Flash: that’s what I thought 🕷 Continue in comments
Part 3...... Y/n's pov: As soon as Tom said that he got a big damn freakin' crush on starlight, i just spitted out the water from my mouth,  he got shocked and instantly stood up asking me "Hey,  are u alright ?".... (Hahaha, how can anything be alright u got a crush on me?! Wt***...!!!....) Y/n:"Imma gotta use the washroom" I just ran to the washroom and locked the door,  and standing by the door, I started talking to myself, I talk to myself a lot...!!!... A girl who is damn nervous about even thinking of dating comes out to know that the cute and hot (what a combo) guy sitting right out there whom half of the teen girls have crush on has a crush on a potato named y/n. Oh wait, he technically has a crush on Starlight,  well that's actually me, f#@*.. What am I supposed to do now?..Ughh,  I m not a girl who actually fall for guys so easily, "MAYBE I COULD PROVE U WRONG" Now Tom's voice is travelling through my brain, why do i imagine so much. (You hear voices of other people when u over think, so u just heard Tom's voice)... "Just shut up" I screamed a little loud, Sssssshhhhh....Okayyyy relax.. He doesn't know u r starlight, so gear up and face him,  like a normal acquaintance. I letted out a deep sigh and unlocked the door and rushed out,  and yeah, god is really mad at me today,  I just bumped into someone,  and guess who's he?  Yeah,  none other than Mr. Thomas Stanley Holland. He grabs me by my waist to prevent me from falling. I could look straight into his brown eyes, to be honest i don't believe in celebrity crush,  this situation would really be the most beautiful situation for any other girl, but for me it's making me nervous ,  but,  i could still feel myself getting drowned into his beautiful eyes. My gaze was broken upon hearing his voice : "Are u okay, dear? " (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS 👇)
Part 9: You thought to yourself, "Man... we are both very alike. I hate how he is so stubborn... is this how he feels when I'm acting so stubborn" You smiled and giggled to yourself You put on a cute simple dress and under wore a bathing suit. You didnt bother to glamor yourself up so you were just well natural... you. You looked into the mirror and stared for a while and you then took notice in how much you looked like your dad. You noticed all the same features you both shared, well except for your lips you have your moms small, gentle red lips you heard your phone go "piing" and Tom sent a message that said,"Almost there you better be ready! And if you dont come I will kidnap you and take you by force:)" Your phone pinged again and he sent, "I'm not joking" You waited patiently in the living room but then you heard the doorbell and you got up to open the door expecting it to be Tom but little did you know it was your mom. You said, "Hi mom wasn't expecting you to be here." You gave her a big hug and politely said, "I actually have plans.I wished you called." She then said I actaully just came here to wish you a happy birthday. I started going to therapy and I promise I'm better now but I also came to drop off your gift and also something your dad had stored for you until you turned 21." Those words brought happines to your ears you were so glad your mom was finally getting her life together you then said, "Mom I'm so proud of you!! I love you so much!" You gave her a huge hug and kissed her on the cheek but you seemed to be too happy to have noticed that she said your dead father had a 21st birthday gift saved for you. She handed you the gifts and left. Your eyes widened and filled with water and you felt the heat and colour in your face fade away once you read, "For: My Beautiful Gorgeous Daughter, y/n From: The Handsomest Man On Earth ~ Dad I hope you like it my Beautiful Munchkin" You had no idea how to feel you looked at it and your knees hit the ground and you couldn't help but to cry you started to hyperventilate like a child who had just fell and was begging for their mothers or fathers attention...(TBC in part 10) #tomhollandfanfic
ωσякιиg σи ѕσмєтнιиg fσя тσм'ѕ вυѕιиєѕѕ ѕтυff. ι ¢αи'т ѕαу ωнαт тнσυgн. #occharacter #peterparkerimagines #tomholland #au #openrp #roleplay #roleplaying #tomhollandimagines #mobster #mafia #oc @lizzyvalintine
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Part 11 Y/n PoV Oh my goodness gracious me he loves me back! Actually Steve’s not in my head I can swear. Holy Fuckity do da shit nuggets! He loves me back! Our lips were still locked in a soft passionate kiss. My stomach fluttered and I couldn’t help but smile... I love him so much. Peter’s PoV Wow. Wow. Wow! I pulled away slowly, looking into her beautiful (your color) eyes. And then Mr Stark cane running in. We jumped apart immediately. “Alright kids we got a mission. Suit up. Y/n, your coming to. Wanda and Nat will hook you up with something to wear but go fast. New York’s under attack!” - #mcu #marvel #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvelfanfic #marvelfanfics #marvelfanfiction #peter #marvelfanfictions #parker #marvelimagine #spider #marvelimagines #man #peterparker #peterparkerfanfic #peterparkerfanfics #peterparkerfanfiction #peterparkerfanfictions #peterparker #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #spiderman
I’m posting twice tonight this is just a small comedic filler. It’s an optional read I just had fun with it. ❤️😘🥟❤️ - Part 10 (Everyone’s thoughts) Tony: The shit hit the fan. Fuckkkkk, Peter’s in trouble. Steve: Dang. He dead. Nat: I hope she kicks his ass. That would be fun to watch. Clint: I know what that’s like. Not fun to go through. Poor Peter’s gonna have his ass handed to him. Bruce: Should we do something...? Thor: The young spiderling has made a grave mistake. If there is one thing I learnt from Loki it’s that bitch slaps hurt. - (This is a kind of comedy chapter in posting the next part right after this) #marvel #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #peterparker #peter #parker #spiderman #spider #man #marvelfanfic #marvelfanics #marvelfanfiction #marvelfanfictions #marvelimagine #marvelimagines #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparkerfanfic #peterparkerfanfiction #peterparkerfanfictions
Part (2) It was worst then you imagined. You were strapped to a chair for almost 10 months getting tortured. The pain was unbearable you sat there day in and day out coming in and out of conscious. You would scream at the top of your lungs and cry until there were no tears left You honestly don’t remember that much from those months… maybe because the pain and horror was to much you blocked it out, but all you knew was you needed to get out and back to everyone Especially back to Peter Peter was truly your anchor…. At least In the beginning He made you want to fight, he made you keep hope in your heart even on the worst days. The guy who did this to you was named Black Spark a long time enemy of Peters. You hated him He would lock you up for days in the cold and dark. You would sit there and shiver, hoping that you would be saved one day Y: they’re coming for me I promise! He would laugh when you would say that Spark: they’re never coming. They don’t love you y/n Day after day he repeated that to you, and day after day you told him that Peter was never coming for you. Those were the only words you would ever hear Nothing else You listened to him constantly yell at you “They don’t love you, nobody loves you” you tried to keep a strong head you wouldn’t believe him. But you eventually broke. You were totally broken on the inside and out. Your bones weak and your eyes drained. You were being fed barely anything, and drank nothing. You never knew such pain…. until he began shock therapy. This was the worst thing that you had ever endured Spark: we wouldn’t have todo this but you won’t learn. Peter, Tony any of those stupid avengers don’t love you. Nobody does. Nobody loves you…. Love is for the weak and when I’m done with you won’t even remember the feeling of love, only destruction, you need to unlock your gift my shadow And he was right. Spark used shock therapy and tortured you everyday. Day by day your memories began to vanish and you couldn’t remember what was real or what was fiction. You forgot your Dad you forgot all your friends. You couldn’t explain the feeling around Peter. There were no more warm and fluffy feelings no more good memories.
PART 2.... Y/n's pov: Tom asked me to join him for the day, this is really awesome, also to be honest I was hungry but, I gotta pay for the house rent so I skipped it. I m glad he asked, we sat down on the restraunt table and ordered some food, when we were done, we asked each other questions to know each other. I told him that I came to England for the job as an secretary to the fashion designer Mr. Grant Harvey, to which he told that he knew him, and he would accompany me to the first day in office to meet him. To be honest I hate this job, I m a secret singer known as THE STARLIGHT, having 15 million instagram followers even more than Tom, and about 10M YouTube subscribers where I post my music videos in dim light so that no one could recognize me, coz my parents are totally against of me being a singer. If I could reveal my identity I would be so rich but ugh unfair life. Well BTW, Tom is really an interesting person, it's really amazing to talk to him. Tom:"What about ur boyfriend?" Y/n:"Ha *frustrated stupid laugh*, love is stupid*same laugh*" Tom:"That's so strange u r laughing at that" Y/n:"*shows tongue*(😛😂 u r really very a funny, happy kind of person) And what about u? What's ur status? "*raises eyebrow* Tom:"Well, I m crushing on someone *blushes*" Y/n:"Omgg *exited* Tom Holland has a crush on someone!!....who's is she? " Tom:"*in a dreamy manner* Well, she's the most amazing person,  who makes me feel the most amazing,  whenever i see anything related to her,  my heart stops,  whenever i hear her voice, i could feel chills running though my spine,  her voice makes my mind go out out control....... "and he started describing his mystery love interest like a romeo. Y/n:"Hey romeo *laugh* i asked who is she not how is she? What's her name?" *i was sipping water while asking this* Tom:"Well,  she is know as THE STARLIGHT". As soon as he said he has a crush on starlight, i almost got choked by the water, and spitted out all the water from my mouth..! (SWIPE TO SEE, 😂 JUST LIKE VOILET FROM INCREDIBLES 2) 😱 *Tom has a crush on me?!*😱 (I THOUGHT THIS KIND OF PLOT WOULD BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT) (TBC) (COMMENT FOR MORE)
Peter is Spider-Man. Spider-Man is Peter. Peter and Spider-Man are the same person. No matter how many times I repeat it or word it differently, my thick head can't seem to process this fact. He has been the one to fight alongside me all of this time. He saved my life twice and I, his. We just fought. I gave him a freaking uppercut to the jaw that nearly knocked him out. As soon as I had told him that my father is dead, despite the mask covering his face, the realization or the assumption that had shadowed it was clear. I had to take the subway all the way back towards the school and ride my bike all the way back home. Cassie would've potentially ridden it for me if she was still there, if I wasn't in possession of the keys and if she wasn't terrified to death of motorcycles. The sheer thought of someone riding a two-wheeled vehicle at high speeds on roads with big trucks and vans as psychotic to her. The traffic light turns yellow, yet I'm still too far to make it this time. I brake at the line and wait patiently because this particular intersection takes what feels like years to switch back to green. I tap my foot on the concrete road as a large group of pedestrians cross jaywalk illegally. Even if I don't care for most illegal things, I despise jaywalking. Instead of just waiting a few minutes or even a few seconds sometimes, they decide on risking their own lives to cross. Maybe my powers could teach them a lesson. A smirk grows on my face. There are about seven of them. They're all teenagers, a mix of boys and girls, but younger than I am. They're the wannabe leaders of the school so I guess teaching them a valuable life moral won't do much harm... I think. Reaching into all of their minds is easy. I like to think that the lower an IQ someone has, the easier it is to deceive them. That's why I can easily plant an image in these kids' brains, but doing the two elderly people was hard: because that couple had a high IQ and these people don't. I plant the image of a car screeching past, almost hitting them but instead speeding past. I clap my hands once as the car disappears into dust out of their sight. (cic)
• • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @//? DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. or just to talk :) •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Wattpad: @ effervescxntbxcky •Go comment on my Tellonym i’ll love you forever (link in bio)❤️ • [Tags] • •Tag him maybe..? • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter #buckybarnesfanfic #buckybarnes #bucky #barnes #buckybarnesfanfiction
Ugh had to repost cause it got copyrighted 😐 love that. --------------------------------- °requested by : Anonymous °ac: Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood [slowed down]
(Swipe to see your school and uniform) Y/n pov: -Why is Peter all I can think about!? Is this what it feels to like someone?- I sigh. "Miss are you alright" Happy says from the driver's seat. "Yeah" I lie. "Do you really have to drive me to school? I'm always late!" I exaggerate. "You know what your father Tony would say. But if you need anything feel free to ask." "Happy, you're too kind but I do have something to ask you. Who's Peter?" Happy gives me a look I don't need the rearview mirror to see. "Don't even start with that kid" "We'll someone has to tell me! I asked dad at dinner last night and it went down hill from there." He waves a finger at me. "If Tony won't tell you then why should I?" He says rhetorically, "Tell you what, I'll see what I can do for you after school" The car pulls into the schools front driveway. "Thanks Happy" "You're late" Happy smiles. I dash up the schools steps and head to class. I barge into class; but good thing its advisory, not pre cal or physics. "Y/n, late as always" someone whispers "She thinks just because she's a Stark means she doesn't have to go by the rules." Someone else replies to the first person. I move past people to find my desk in the back. "Don't worry about them," My friend Amanda says looking at me as I fall into my seat, "They're just jealous." "I know A, but I'm sick of it. Well at least I have you" Amanda and I have been friends ever since I transferred here from homeschooling in 6th grade. She's the only one in our grade that got in via lottery. Amanda lives in queens and is obsessed with the Avengers, which is hilarious when she comes over to my house and meets them all. She once broke down crying in happiness when she saw Sam aka the falcon fly in for a conference with Nat and dad. "You must be pretty shaken after what happened with the plane crash. Lucky the 'Spider-man' was there" Amanda says "Yeah, dad's pretty upset but he says that Spider-man did a good job helping him" "So do you know who's under the mask?" "A! Of course I don't! Matter of fact, I don't think dad does either." "Anything else cool happen then?" She asks as usual.
ρєяfє¢т ¢συρℓє яιgнт #occharacter #peterparkerimagines #tomholland #au #rp #openrp
It was scary you thought being kidnapped. Terrifying actually…well at first. You were only 16 when it happened, when your whole life changed. You were kidnapped at only 16 years old taken from your family and friends, but most importantly your boyfriend… Peter. You were taken from the one good thing in your life your beautiful boyfriend, he was your world he protected you from everything you felt safe with him. You loved each other with all of your hearts, and you ached for each other when the other was gone and thrived together. You were his partner in crime, and the light of his life. the twinkle in your eye kept him going on his hard days and your laugh made the darkness bearable. Peter held the weight of the world on his shoulders and you held Peter on yours. So when you disappeared 1 year ago so did Peter. He might have been present at school, training, and home but he had never felt so empty. Every day was a fog to him without you. He searched every night and went days without sleeping eating or breathing. It was harder on Peter then anyone even Tony… your dad You and your dad had a weird relationship. After your mom and dad got divorced when you were young, your dad got full custody even when you wanted to be with your mom. Your relationship with your Tony was never amazing, when you were 10 you both distanced a little bit from each other. He still loved you with his whole heart and would absolutely do anything for you. But he had a destructive past and you got hurt a few times… many times. You had been kidnapped before but nothing ever like this one. You were used as leverage and blackmail, you were so confused how your dad had custody. You always knew if people knew you were tony Starks daughter you would be a target. But you never knew you would get hurt from Peter… Peter felt emotions to another level and you were his one and only. How did Peter move on… he didn’t each day he tried to let go everyone told him too he needed to move on with his life. After the first 6 months everyone lost hope, but Peter never did and he knew he never would. Well that was Peter
Don't forget to read the introduction first......! PART 1...... Location: South West London (Darling) It was a nice day, a little cold but, still a pleasant weather. Tom has already completed the shoot for Spider-man far from home, so now he's free for some days, he's just relaxing and walking around the London streets when he sees a girl about his age walking past him continuously conversing in her phone, which appears to be a work call, when she sees Tom she stops for a while and in a very normal, plain voice she says to him: "Tom Holland, u r an amazing actor, I really like ur performance, I m ur big fan" and she didn't even looked up to him and didn't even waited for him to say thank you or anything else and started walking away still talking with someone in her phone. Tom's pov: Wow, someone just complimented me. Tom: "Th.... " Woah she's walking away, what a weirdo?! Tom:"Woah Woah Woah.. Excuse me" She turned back keeping her phone down saying "Will complete the papers". And walks towards me. I noticed she was wearing simple casual clothes(SWIPE FOR UR OUTFIT) but, still looked pretty. Girl:"Yeah, u were calling me? " Tom:"*raises eyebrows* If I didn't heard anything wrong then, u just said that u r my fan" Girl:"Oh yeah I m" Tom:"Well shouldn't u wait for my reply?" Girl:"Oh yeah sorry *giggles*" Tom:"Okay, so thank u so much" Girl:"Yeah, nice to meet u, bye" *starting walking* Tom:"Wait" Girl:"Yes? " Tom:"Don't u want any selfie or autograph? I doubt if u really like me as an actor? " Girl:*laughs*"Of course I do, *takes out the phone* see my wallpaper it's ur version of Peter Parker ?*she giggles again*" She showed me her phone, yeah that was me, but basically when a girl says she's my fan she fangirls on me, but, wow this girl appears to be very different" Girl:"Well sorry, I didn't asked u for the picture not bcoz I didn't wanted it, but bcoz I thought it was ur resting time, and all this stuff would ruin ur 'me time' ". (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS 👇)
can someone tell me what the fuck is going on in riverdale • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @kissingholland DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. or just to talk :) •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 •Wattpad: @ effervescxntbucky ❤️ • Go comment something on my Tellonym I’ll love you forever (link in bio ehehe) • [Tags] • • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter #buckybarnesfanfic #buckybarnes #bucky #barnes #buckybarnesfanfiction
this explains it so well tho • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @/??? DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. or just to talk :) •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 •Wattpad: @ effervescxntbucky ❤️ • Go comment something on my Tellonym I’ll love you forever (link in bio ehehe) • [Tags] • • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter #buckybarnesfanfic #buckybarnes #bucky #barnes #buckybarnesfanfiction
⚠️strong language is used in the following content⚠️ Part 8: You were in awe and you couldn't help but tojust stare into his eyes that looked like pools of honey. He then said, "I'm sorry love.. I didnt mean to play with your feelings like that" You then said, "It's fine just forget about it" You smiled at him and thanked him for giving you a ride home and he smiled and drove off. You could still feel the heat on your cheeks and when you looked in the mirror you notcied how much you were blushing you smirked to yourself and yelled, "WHOOOO I JUST KISSED THEE TOM HOLLAND!" But then your face went pale and you started to panic and started to freak out and you yelled, "OH NO! OH NO! OH MY FUCKING GOD! WHAT IF I WAS A BAD KISSER?! THAT WAS MY FIRST KISS! HOLY SHIT IM GOING TO GO DIE IN A HOLE!" But then you heard a "piiing" and it came from your phone you looked at it and it said new message from "Boss😏" aka Tom Holland and it said, "Do you have birthday plans?" You screeched and started Started to pace back and foward across the room. You were biting on your nails and you finally decided to reply and you said, "why do you care?" you then instantly got a text and it said, "Well if you didn't I was just wondering if you wanted to come swim at the hotel, Haz, Harry,Jacob,and Zendaya are here and your favorite... TESSA! I just dont want you to be home all alone on your birthday" you then texted him back and said, "I dont have any birthday plans and I plan for it to stay that way but thanks for the invite and PLEASE GIVE TESSA A HUGE HUG FOR ME!" he then texted you back and he said, "Get your things ready. I'm on my way... you can give Tessa a hug yourself:)" you then said, "Thanks but I said no so please don't come" he then texted back and said, "Too late I'm already on my way..." (TBC in part 9) @tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #peterparker #spiderman #peterparkerfanfics #peterparkerimagines #spidermanfanfics #spidermanimagines #spidermanfarfromhome #spidermanhomecoming #civilwar #infinitywar #futuredirector
му fα¢є ωнєи му ραяєитѕ тσℓ∂ мє тнαт ι'м ιи αи αяяαиgє∂ мαяяιαgє: #occharacter #peterparkerimagines #tomholland #au #mobster #oc #marvel #tomhollandimagines #roleplay #roleplaying #rp #openrp #mafia #mobwife
Newwwwww fanficccc..! Cover made by me . Characters in the story:- Y/n Y/l/n (Your name Your last name) : Well u r a really special person.. ☺ . Star light: A really amazing, sensational singer, who keeps her identity secret... Well,  it's actually you.. 😍 . Thomas Stanley Holland aka. Tom Holland: An English actor, and a really nice person. The only person u can rely on always, and he's on a mission to prove you wrong. 😉 . Robbie: Ur best friend, like ur brother, only person who knows ur secret, also a really good singer, he sometimes collaborates with u when u need a male voice for ur song. . . . Ur parents . Tom's family . Grant Harvey:  Your boss,  will be revealed later 😈 . Others . Posting Part 1 in some hours! Tell me if u r interested in this fanfic..?
Chapter 4 part 1!! Peters pov: B E E P  B E E P  B E E P -Oh come on morning already!- Eyes still closed, I went to grab my phone to turn off the alarm but all I felt was a flat and smooth.... ceiling? -Great I slept on the ceiling again.- I open my eyes and sure enough my room was upside down. Carefully, I climb down and take my phone. There was a message from an unknown number. It read "Hey Peter it's y/n Stark from earlier" -OH MY NO WAY!- I almost shouted I was so excited! -I didn't think she would've actually texted me!! This is not real!- A knock came at my door. Aunt May rushed into the room. "Peter wake up! Get dressed! You'll be late!" "Thanks May!" -I HAVE to show this to Ned!!- I quickly pull on one of my iconic geek pun tees, some jeans, and a sweater. I head to the kitchen. "May I'm grabbing some bread and I'm going to school" "Alright have a good day! Don't forget your keys!" I grab my backpack and keys, "Thanks May, love you!" I hollered and dashed out of the apartment. ---< at school >--- Ned was at his locker so I ran up to him and slammed the locker closed. "Hey what was that for?!" "Look!" I shove the phone in his face "Peter that's just someone trolling you" "No its real! I swear!" Ned gives me a disapproved look. "Just make sure" He says "Fine," With a few taps I'm done. "There, Ned" "Well what'd you say?" Ned asks. "I wrote 'Is it really you?'" Then the bell rang. "We'll check what it says next period" "Ok" Ned says. We run to class and hop into our seats. Ned looks at me and then speaks, "Ya know if it really is y/n Stark, she might know your secret" "Oh I hadn't thought about that, maybe I'll ask her" -I wonder, is she even thinking about me? Or am I just another fan to her?-
Sorry not much happens! (Ok so I messed up, y/n is 15) Y/n pov: I was playing with my dinner when Pepper broke the silence, "Tony you're crazy, you're gonna have to thank Peter for this." She said admiring the ring. "Yeah Dad, um who is Peter anyways? He and I bumped into each other in the hallway." Dad dropped his fork and looked at me in alarm. Pepper looked from him to me. "Did he say anything to you? Or did you hear something?" Dad looked worried "Uh no." I said still confused. I then remembered that he was mumbling something about being an Avenger but I decided to keep my mouth shut. I ate a couple fork-fulls of food and took my plate to the island in the kitchen. "I'm gonna be in my room if you guys need me" I left Dad and Pepper and ran up the stairs to my room. I shut the door maybe a bit too loud and slouched to sit and lean my back against it. I let out a sigh. -Why was dad so worried about me meeting Peter? Did I miss something? Why was Peter saying something about being an Avenger? Will I see him again?- I thought. Then something fazed through the wall. "Vision! There are doors for a reason!" I exclaimed as soon as I realized who was there. "Yes, right. I heard someone in distress, maybe I could be of some assistance?" "That's ok I'm fine" "Well then I'll be on my way," Vision points to the door I'm leaning on, "out the door that is" "Yeah" I get up and open the door. "Peter is a nice young man, a hard fighter too" Vision looks at me, then flys to his room. "How did you-" I began but was too tired and confused. I close the door and get into some PJs. A slip of paper falls out of the back pocket of my jeans. -Peter's number! Right!- I thought and picked it up. I hop in bed, cozy under the blankets, and type in the contact. I save it as "PETER". -But shouldn't I text him something?- I text a simple "Hey Peter it's y/n Stark from earlier". -And, send!- I shut my phone off, place it on my nightstand, and go to sleep.
Next chapter!!!! (Present day) Y/n pov: (You are tony starks daughter and you are 16. You're really close with the Avengers. You go to the top school in NYC.)(Swipe for your outfit and other's outfits) "High school sucks! Yeah, yeah I'm supposed to be the "ritch and popular girl" but that only works in cheesy sitcoms. I try to be as friendly as I can but as soon as I say "Hi I'm y/n Stark" they're always like "oh my gosh you're iron man's daughter" and get all scared." I think aloud to myself as I lay sprawled out on my bed. I was scrolling through Instagram and stop on a post. There was a picture of a group of teens holding up a banner saying "Midtown High's Academic Decathlon". There was a boy with untidy brown hair about my age at the end that caught my eye. He was beaming awkwardly from ear to ear, and I caught myself do the same. My phone rang "Iron dad" it said. I pick it up, "Hey dad what's up?" "Ah Y/n can you please get off your phone and come downstairs and help me with the press?" "Tony tell her she needs to come downstairs quick" I hear Pepper say in the background. "Yeah sure I'll be right down dad." I say and end the call. "Ugggg" I groan as I get up and shove my phone in my back pocket of my jeans. I take the stairs down and pull out my phone and try to find that picture of the boy again. Yeah I guess I shouldn't be on Instagram while walking but whatever. I hear someone talking to themselves and as they come closer I hear they're saying "I'm going to be an Avenger!" Over and over again. SMACK! Someone, I'm guessing the person who was talking to themself, smacked into me and we both fell down. My phone flew out of my hand. Whoever it was got up abruptly and held an outstretched hand towards me. I looked up at it and then at him, the boy in the picture. Like the picture, his hair was untidy; but the camera obviously didn't catch his sweet brown eyes. I took his hand and stood up. (Continued in comments)
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