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“what do you mean? He’s the captain of the lacrosse team AND he’s one of the nicest guys in this school. One time he gave me a ride home when my car broke down in the middle of the road in the pouring rain. I mean, do you know anyone who would go out of their way to do that? That was so sweet of him.” I said in his defense. “Y/N, literally ANY guy or girl for that matter would do that. THAT’S JUST BASIC HUMAN DECENCY! And he’s not as nice as everyone thinks he is!” Alec explained. “Oh really, and what evidence do you have to prove your theory?” I crossed my arms. “I don’t know yet, but I’m sure he’s done something. He’s not perfect.” he said. Just then Mr. Stone walked in and began class. We gave each other a knowing look. This was gonna be a long 45 minutes. ***** The bell finally rang and we rushed out of the classroom before Mr. Stone could assign some homework. I walked Alec to his next class and made plans to meet up with him after school as unfortunately we didn’t see each other for the rest of the day. Almost all of Alec’s classes were AP classes except for Algebra. I made my way to the library so I could get some extra studying done before my Anatomy class next period. I found an empty study room in the back of the library and took out my laptop and snacks from my book bag. I turned on my spotify and played my favorite playlist with the volume at a low level. Although it was only 15 minutes, it felt like hours as I delved into my Anatomy study guide. I was so deep into concentration that I didn’t hear the door to the study room open. Someone’s voice finally knocked my out of my trance. **** I hope you enjoy Part 2! Like I said, Peter is coming soon! ❤️ -Mitchie. #peterparker #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerau #peterparkeredit #hollanders #mcu #infinitywar #quackson #tomhollandedit #tomhollandmemes #peterparkermemes
I walked in to algebra that morning feeling unenthusiastic as usual. My hair was in a messy bun and I wore my One Tree Hill hoodie and some black workout leggings that were rarely used for working out. It was unfortunately a “no make up” day for myself since I woke up a whole hour late and rushed to get out the door and to school on time. I found my seat next to my best friend Alec. “woah, you look….” Alec started. “Disgusting? Yeah, I know.” I finished for him as I unpacked my bag. “Long night?” he asked as he took a sip from his iced coffee. “yeah I was up almost all night trying to study for my anatomy exam today. I am so screwed. I don’t know why I let you convince me to go out this weekend.” I gave him a stern look. “Hey,” he threw his hands up in defense. “you could have said no. And besides, you and I both know you weren’t gonna pass up on an opportunity to see Ian Scott ever since he broke it off with Laurel.” Alec said with a hint of annoyance at the end. “I mean you’re right but as my best friend you definitely should have put your foot down FOR me and insisted we have a study night instead so it’s basically your fault.” I said. “…he did look pretty good that night though didn’t he?” “Oh come on, he’s so overrated. I don’t even know why all the girls in this school are obsessed with him anyways.” Alec said as he rolled his eyes. *** Hi! I’m new to this type of thing but I’ve been obsessing over reading other people’s imagines and AU’s on here and decided to give it a go myself. Please let me know what you think! Thank you! Also don’t worry, Peter will make an appearance SOON! I pre-wrote this And didn’t realize Instagram has a word limit. ❤️ -Mitchie. #tomholland #peterparker #peterparkerimagines #peterparkerau #tomhollandau #tomhollandimagines #peterparkerimagine #tomhollandimagine #spiderman #spidermanimagine #quackson #hollanders #mcu #marvel #infinitywar
Part 19 I am going on a trip so won’t be able to post tom so I posted tonight 💙 “Mom?” You say with confusion. “What are you doing here?” Your mom says to you. “What are you doing here where is Spider-Man?” You ask your mom. “I locked him up just like I’m gonna do to you.” She said laughing. “Why are you doing this?”You ask her. “Things aren’t always what they seem (Yn).” She says laughing you stare in horror as she rips off her mask revealing an alien looking face. “Where is my real mom?” You yell at her. “ I am your real mom.” She says. “No you are not your a monster!” You yell. “Are you not a monster were do you think you got your powers from!” She yells at you. You try and blast her but she blast you back she’s to strong and you can’t stop her. She throws you into a wall and you get up with the whole room spinning. “Why do you want to kill me?” You ask her. “Your getting very strong with your powers stronger than mine and I can’t let anybody be more powerful than me.” She says laughing. She then blast your legs making you fall over. End of part 19 comment for moree 😱😱😱😱😱 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
Peter groaned quietly and slipped through his window and flipped onto his bed. Being a superhero was a bit exhausting. His bruises hurt and he wanted a warm bath. He took off his suit and he hid it under the bed before moving to the bathroom. "At least I got him." Peter smiled softly. ~ Still sore from the night before Peter was thankful it was a Saturday. He walked to the compound and up to the living area. Thor, Steve, Tony, Bucky, Nat and You were all talking on the couch together. Nothing seemed to be going on so Peter sat down a like normal, he slipped into the conversation. "Peter...What's that?" You ask, cutting Tony off as he's telling a story. "Y/n, it's rude to cut people off you know?" Peter lifted a brow at you. Girlfriend or not he never wanted anyone to interrupt Tony while he was talking. "Tony can stuff it...what is that?" You ask again and point to the dark bruise on his collarbone. His shirt must have fallen just enough to expose the wound he got from fighting last night. "What do you mean wh....oh this? Oh no no no no it isn't what it looks like." He panicked. It looked like a hickey and he knew it. He opened his mouth to explain but a loud crash echoes from below them. Everyone jumped and ran dow stairs to see a few Hydra agents placing detonators on the Tower. "Man...These guys just don't stop do they?" You grumble. ~ Every Hydra agent was down or had run off. Steve, Tony, Nat, Thor and You and Peter were out of breath. "At least the tower is safe for now." Tont shrugs and turns. "You kids did a good job today." Steve smiled. Even covered it soot, sweat and blood he still needed to tell... (Continued in comments) #peterparker #peterparkerimagine #spiderman #tomhollandisbae #tomholland2018 #tomholland #spidermancrush #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanimagine
This is so crappy ohmygod • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @lxnelybxrnes •DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. or just to talk :) •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 •Click the link in my bio for Tom and Peter Parker fanfics by me ❤️ • [Tags] • •Tag him maybe..? • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter
This is too accurate • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @//? •DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. or just to talk :) •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 •Click the link in my bio for Tom and Peter Parker fanfics by me ❤️ • [Tags] • •Tag him maybe..? • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter
Part 21 //: You finish eating your lunch and walk into a forever 21 store. You look at some jackets and then see a bunch of girls squealing. They run over to you. “Oh my gosh you’re y/n Toms makeup artist right?” They all say excitedly. You nod. “Oh my gosh can we take some pictures with you?” One of them says. You smile and they take some selfies with you. “Hey is ok if we post these and tag you?” Another says. “Yea that’s fine.” You say. The girls leave and you leave the store. *hours later* You were still feeling a little depressed. You make sure Tom isn’t home and then go inside. Even though you were only 20 years old you were going to go out to the bar. The drinking age here is 18. You put on a nicer outfit and then take an Uber to a nearby bar. You get out and go inside. You start talking to a few people and end up taking a few shots. You were starting to feel tipsy and drunk. Your phone starts to ring and you answer it. “Helllooooo.” You say and giggle. “Y/n are you drunk? Where are you?” You hear Tom say. “I dunnooo.” You slur. “I’m coming to get you.” Tom says. “Nopeee.” You giggle and hang up. The bartender turns the music up louder. You start dancing with the other people you were talking to you. “I have to pee.” You say and stumble to the girls bathroom. You go inside and go to the bathroom. Then you wash your hands and hum to the music from outside. Then someone walks into the bathroom. “Oh hey occupado.” You say. You turn and see one of the guys you were talking too. “Uhm.” You mumble. He keeps walking towards you. You grabs your wrist and pulls you close to him. “Hey! Ow let go of me!” You yell. You try to punch and kick him off of you but he doesn’t. You start to scream as he starts kissing your neck. The door bangs open. The person grabs the guys and pulls him off of you. It was Tom. :\\ awwwwe If u guys comment a lot I’ll post another part today 💞💗
Part 3! Y/n being hungry is such a mood, get off her case t’challa lmao😂 - Tags #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #peterparker #peterparkerimagine #spiderman #spidermanps4 #marvel #mcu #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome
(Reposted) Part 1 of the new imagine! I hope you all like it. - If i didn’t make it clear, you are Shuri and T’challa’s sister and princess of wakanda - Tags #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #peterparker #peterparkerimagine #spiderman #spidermanps4 #marvel #mcu #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome
Hero—(3) A couple of days pass, Peter is fully recovered, and news has spread about homecoming, you get excited but then realise that you have nobody who would want to go with you, well that’s what you thought. As you’ve started to be friends with Peter you e came out of your comfort zone a bit, you not as quiet anymore, you getting more boys attention (if you know what I mean 😉) you did t know it was happening but most of the boys wanted to go to homecoming with you, even flash (he stopped bullying you, for the same reason as why the boys like you) but you didn’t know as most of them didn’t really talk to you. But you had your mind set on going to homecoming with one person only, and boy was Peter. You guys became closer and closer over, but like any love story you guys didn’t know you had feeling with each other. (Time skip) After 4th lesson you go to your locker to get your food for lunch, you open the door to about 10 different letters but one stood out to you the most, the one with a (favourite flower) attached to it. You grabbed it and opened the letter, ‘Dear (y/n) I really wish I could do this in person with you but I’m too shy, I mean just look at you, anyway, my locker is 124, if you want to go to home coming with me the please on the next piece of paper tick the box that applies (yes or no), thanks, oh you might be wondering who this is, it’s Blake’ you sighed, it was sweet but not who you wanted to go with, you ticked the no box and wrote a very sweet apology letter and slipped it into his locker, god you felt bad, so you quickly walked into the canteen and sat in front of Peter and Ned. “God you look nervous” Ned laughs “Well I just opened my locker and a few homecoming letters came out and I opened one, hoping it would be Peter, it wasn’t it was Blake and I felt really bad and I said no and wrote a really long apology letter” you rushed out not thinking what you were saying “Wait how did you say you wanted to go with” Peter asked blushing slightly, you turned a deep red and whispered out “nobody” which Ned and Peter shared a loon too before Peter got out of his seat and held his hand out for you to take. (Cic)
Yes this will be added to Monster Inside Me. Clears throat means I know someone would report me if I put what I really wanted to say.
Part 18 You grab your suit and run to stark tower. “Where is Spider-Man?” You yell as you run in. “Well hello to you to!” Tony says laughing. “I thought he was with you.”” He says laughing. “This isn’t some joke where is he?” You ask him. “No I really thought he would be with you.” Tony says getting serious. “I will call him.” Tony says he calls him but he doesn’t answer. “I have a tracker in his suit.” He pulls up where peter is. “Alright lets go save him!” Tony says but as he looks back your already gone. You hide behind a bush in front of a abandoned ware house. The house is heavily guarded. Two guys are guarding the door. You throw them both out of the way as you storm into the building. You knock out everyone who gets in your way and you check every room. Where is he you think to yourself. You then see stairs leading to the basement. You walk down them but as you turn the corner you see something that will haunt you forever End of part 18 comment for moreee 💞💞 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
Evans’s laugh is the best thing in the world and you can’t change my mind • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @worldofasgard •DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. or just to talk :) •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 •Click the link in my bio for Tom and Peter Parker fanfics by me ❤️ • [Tags] • •Tag him maybe..? • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessasarmy #celebssavethestaffys #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter
au: long car journeys and road trips with tom <3 - - audio: grandaudios -dt: @easy.marvel @tomhollanddc @pitymulti @t0mh0lland13 - - ik this is really simple but he’s cute so it’s all good :)) - - - #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandedit
Y/n: “Peter, you didn’t have to bring me up here.” Peter: “as your superhero homecoming date, it’s an obligation, especially for someone as amazing as you.” This is so cheesy omg 😂 - - - Song: Fire meet Gasoline→ Sia ac: me - - - #avengers #avengersimagines #marvel #marvelimagines #BlackPanther #peterparker #bucky #spidermanedit #tonystark #peterparkeredit #peterparkergif #marveledit #ironman #avengersedit #avengersinfinitywar #captainamericacivilwar #spidermanhomecoming #spiderman #spidermanimagine #peterparkerimagine #tomholland #tomhollandedit #tomhollandimagine #spidermanfarfromhome #omgpage #omgmcu
Tony watching Laura scared as scientists from SHIELD poke and prod at her. This is only to see if she’s ok.
The Troublemaker Pt.37// Peter’s POV I ran into the tower and to the lab. When I got in there Mr.Stark was holding the chip and looking at a screen with a red dot on it. It kind of looked like a map, but I wasn’t completely sure. “Hey Mr.Stark.”, I said, but he didn’t respond. All he did was twirl the chip in his hand. “What’s that?”, I asked and I came next to him and pulled a chair up. “It’s her.”, he said flatly, “Wait w-what?”, I said in shock, “I found her.”, “I should’ve listen to you kid. You were right about the falcon. I should’ve never doubted you.”, he said, “No it’s not your fault. I’m just a kid so people will doubt me. But what are we going to do? We can’t just walk through the front door.”, I said, and he popped up. “Kid that’s a great idea. They would never expect it. I have a plan tomorrow night we are going to get her. Meet me here I’ll tell you more tomorrow.”, he said as he rushed out.”, “O-okay.”, I said, I can’t believe it. We are finally going to Y/n back. I stood there and a smile finally formed on my face for the first time in a while. And it wasn’t no other smile it was a real one. • • • • • • • { @tomholland2013 #infinitywar #SpidermanHomecoming #tomholland #tomhollandfanacc #tomhollandforever #hollandtom3 #RDJ #Spidey #notgone #peter #parker #peterparker #homecoming #marvel #tomhollandimagine #peterparkerimagine #marvel #fanfiction #fanedits #edits #tom }
Part 17 You were finally gonna be able to go on a mission with Spider-Man. You were suppose to stop bad guys from selling illegal weapons. You and Spider-Man where watching from a distance. Two guys where testing weapons and where about to sell them to the one guy. Peter webbed the one guy you threw the other two into the wall knocking them unconscious. You then moved the weapons with your mind to stark tower. You were walking when a news van came and got a picture of you and Spider-Man saving the day. You were all over the news as a new superhero. You didn’t wear a mask since everyone knows you have powers. You walked into school. “How is she a superhero she’s a monster.” Flash says laughing. You use your powers to throw him into the locker. “Nice one.” Peter says laughing. You walked home later that day but Spider-Man never showed up like he usually does. Where could he you think to yourself. End of part 17 comment for moreee 💓💓💓💓💓Where is Spider-Man???!!!! #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
If you guys are interested, it’s not my story but my friends💀
Pt. 14 “Tom please wait I can explain” you say following Tom out of the coffee shop with your heart racing. “Don’t even try to talk to me” he said getting into the car. “Tom please” you say basically begging him to listen to you. He didn’t stop and slammed the door, started the car and drove off. You go back into the coffee shop to see sam still standing with almost the look of shock on his face. You looked over at Harry and saw that he was pretty much unfazed by the whole situation. “Thanks” you say with the most sarcastic voice ever and trying to hold back all the anger and sadness that’s building up inside of you. You go over to Sam “Y/N are you ok-“ he said but you cut him off “yeah I’m completely fine. You and Harry should just get an Uber home” you said not making eye contact because you knew if you did that would be it and you would break down in the middle of the shop. Sam hesitated for a moment but then walked out into the street. Harry got up from the couch and walked over to you. “This is great” you thought to yourself. “Look Y/N-“ Harry said “stop just please leave me alone” you said looking at the ground with your arms crossed. He looked down and walked by you to go with Sam outside. You stood their for a minute until you realized people were staring. You didn’t want to call an Uber or get a cab so you walked. You wanted to go back to the Holland’s but decided that that was a bad idea so you went to your best friend Patricia. As you were walking everything that happened just kept going through your mind on a loop and you couldn’t get it out. You tried to blink back your tears but couldn’t help it. You started crying and couldn’t stop. It just kept coming and coming. But before you knew it you were at Pats front door, you rang the doorbell and Pat came to answer it almost instantly. “Hel- oh my goddess Y/N. what happened!?” She said once she saw the tears on your face. You walked inside and started to explain everything that just happened. “I didn’t know what to do or where to go and I just needed help that’s why I’m here” you say with even more tears running down your cheeks. At this point you were ugly crying but you didn’t care anymore. CIC
💝 i havent posted, sorry, ive been really caught up in school and im stressing cause if SCIENCE. Ill try to be active this week. • • • • • • • • #spiderman #peterparker #peterparkerimagine #tomholland #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandimagines #venom #rdj #robertdowneyjunior #avengers #avengersmemes #tonystark
The cover of Monsters Inside Me. Vote for font in my story. October 1st...
Part 16 You took a deep breath as you walked into stark tower with your suit In your hand. “Hi kiddo ready for training?” Tony asks you. “I’m here to return the suit and to tell you I don’t think I deserve to be an avenger.” You say as you try and give him your suit. “I’m not going to take your suit. You deserve to be on the team you made a mistake but I can teach you how to control it.” Tony says. “Now I need you to come to training in your suit and then I will send you on missions.” Tony says to you. “Ok.” You say to him. Tony trains you but you still wear your gloves to school so there aren’t any more mistakes. You were great friends with peter and Spider-Man. You couldn’t figure out which one of them you liked more. You didn’t want to have to choose between the two so you just stayed friends with both of them. End of part 16 comment for moreeee 💙💙💙 Sorry boring part gonna hopefully post another part later today 💓💓 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
ohmygod. • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @//? SHIT IM SORRY I FORGOT •DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 •Click the link in my bio for Tom and Peter Parker fanfics by me ❤️ • [Tags] • •Tag him maybe..? • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessasarmy #celebssavethestaffys #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter
Most of the Avengers • You gasped. The “dead” Avengers were standing right in front of you. You, the completely human child of Tony Stark, had just cast a very powerful Asgardian spell, projecting a hologram of yourself into the Soul World. Sam, Bucky, Wanda, T’Challa, Dr. Strange, and more were all here. “Y/n?” Sam asked, “How did you get here?” “Wh-Where’s Peter?” Your eyes were wide, searching, hopeful, and terrified. Dr. Strange stepped back to reveal your best friend. “Y/n?” His confused voice met your ears after months without hearing it. He stepped forward, towards you. “Peter,” your eyes filled with tears and you gasped again, you couldn’t believe you were finally seeing him again after watching him disintegrate on the planet Titan. His eyes landed on your wrist, specifically on the bracelet he had gotten you at the very beginning of the year. He’d gotten you and MJ bracelets and Ned a watch. “Is that..? I didn’t think you still wore that,” he said. “I haven’t taken it off since.” “How did you get here?” “Thor’s Asgardian friends taught me some spells. And Wong helped me research the infinity stones.” You nodded to Dr. Strange. “I read about the Soul World, and I’m using an illusion to be here. So I’m not actually here. But I can see you, and you can see me.” “You learned magic? That’s awesome! Have you figu-“ “We’re working on it. We still don’t know if there’s a way to get everyone out of here without the stones, and, well, one of the stones is particularly hard to get, even if Thanos still had it.” “Is my sister working with you?” T’Challa wanted to know. “Yup. We’ve got everyone who’s left working on this. Nat, Steve, Shuri, my dad, Thor, Bruce, we’re all working on it. We’re trying to find Clint and Scott, too. We’ve almost fixed Vision! Without the stone this time of course. Hopefully we don’t cause another Ultron incident.” You rambled, nervously laughing. Everyone smiled, even Bucky. They were glad that you were all working on something together despite the “Civil War” a few years back. • #peterparker #peterparkerimagine #peterbenjaminparker #avengersimagine #marvelimagine #mcuimagine #marvelcinematicuniverseimagine
wow me • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @tessholland2013 #•DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 •Click the link in my bio for Tom and Peter Parker fanfics by me ❤️ • [Tags] • •Tag him maybe..? • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessasarmy #celebssavethestaffys #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter
Part 20 //: You open your eyes. The clock next to you says that it’s 10 am. You sigh and sit up. The events of last night must have made you really tired becuse you never sleep that much. You get up and get dressed. You grab your purse and put your phone in it. Then you slip on your converse and stand up. You can hear the tv on outside so you know that Tom is up. You order an Uber and wait in your room. The Uber says that it’s here so you gather your courage and open your bedroom door. Tom looks up. You just walk past him. “Wait y/n stop!” He says and stands up. You run out the front door and fly down the steps. You see the Uber and hop in. You tell him to drive you to the hospital. Your phone was blowing up with texts and calls from Tom. You just ignored them all. You get out of the Uber and go to Hazs room. “Hey lil sis.” He says when you walk in. “Hey.” You say. You had to hide all evidence that you were sad about Tom. If Haz knew that you had a major crush on him, he’d probably kill you. Haz says that once he gets out of the hospital he’s going to go home to see mom. After an hour with Haz you leave. You take an Uber to the mall and walk around for a little bit. At lunch time you sit outside at a table and look at your phone. You were feeling curious so you went on Instagram and searched Tom Holland in the hashtags. You scroll through the posts and all of them are fan accounts talking about rumors between you and Tom. People wanted to know if you were dating or not. To bad you weren’t. :\\ ♥️💕♥️💙💍
Part 19 //: You stare in shock and then run out of the house. Your eyes were filled with tears. You hail a taxi and get into the car. You can see Tom run out of the house behind you. You didn’t want to go back to his apartment but you didn’t have anywhere else to go. The taxi driver drops you off. You hand him some cash and get out of the car. You stumble up the stairs and unlock Tom's apartment. You go inside and go into the bathroom. You slam the door and lock it. You throw off your dress and turn on the shower. You look in the mirror and your mascara is smeared everywhere. No wonder the taxi driver thought you were crazy. You get into the shower and just cry as the hot water hits your body. You wash your face under the shower and wipe all the makeup off. You turn off the shower and dry off. Then you put on your bathrobe. You hear the front door open. “Y/n!” You hear Tom say. You don’t say anything. “I know you’re in there.” He says and knocks on the door. “Leave me alone.” You say. “I don’t even know what’s wrong. What’s up?” He says. You open the door. “What’s up? Really? You were kissing another girl!” You yell. “I don’t get the problem! Its not like We’re not dating or anything!” Tom yells back. You stop yelling and stare at Tom. Your heart drops. You turn and walk to your room. You slam the door and lock it. You didn’t even feel like crying. You just layed on your bed thinking about how lonely you were and how much you missed home. Then you drifted off the sleep. :\\ since I haven't posted a part in a while I'll post another part soon💗♥️
//somebody pointed out to me that to be related to Wanda, Pietro would have to be the dad and I can’t get that out of my mind😂 let’s just pretend there’s a third triplet sksksk// Peter: what are the rumours Flash was taking about? **you look down, moving over to Peter’s bed and sitting down** Peter: hey, what’s wrong? **he sits down next to you, placing a hand on your back. You take a deep breath, about to release everything that’s caused you so much trouble for years** You: my ex boyfriend, the one who my mother absolutely hated, wasn’t a good guy at all. He was horrible to me, and he threatened me that if I broke up with him he’d hurt my family. It was the worst two years of my life, causing me to go through depression and have really bad anxiety attacks. I felt like nobody was there for me through this, I never really had any friends through school. When I finally did have the courage to break up with him, he told the whole school that I was only in it for the sex, making everyone think I was a slut. And I guess somebody from our school heard it and passed it around again. The funny thing is we never even HAD sex **by now you were in tears, trying to wipe them away so Peter wouldn’t see** Peter: oh baby come here **he pulls you into a hug as you lean into his touch, sniffling into his shirt** Peter: **whispers** I’m so sorry Ruby **he kisses the top of your head as he strokes your hair** You: I’m sorry for overreacting Peter: you’re not overreacting, the guy was an asshole. You didn’t deserve this **he wipes away your tears and pulls you closer to him** Ella: hey are you guys okay- **she sees you crying as you wipe away your tears and sit up** Ella: oh Ruby, it’ll be okay **she sits down next to you hugs you** You: I’m sorry Ella: it’s okay **she lets go of you and smiles** Ella: come on, why don’t we go watch a movie? Lighten up the mood a bit? I know you want to **you and Peter laugh** You: of course **you get up and take Peter’s hand as Ella leads you to the couch** You: I’ll make popcorn Ella: no, I’LL make popcorn. You two sit continued in comments!
Peter Parker Imagine Part 2 Imagine Peter staying with you all night... My eyes fluttered open, sluggish with sleep, to find myself laying in my bed. Peter’s arm was under my head, and the other wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer to him. His soft breath stirred the hair around my ears, and I smiled contentedly. Peter’s chest pressed against my bare back, making me feel happier than I have ever felt before. I stood in the kitchen, wearing some shorts and Peter’s hoodie, and sipped my mug of hot cocoa. Peter sat down behind me, hugging me and placing his chin on my shoulder. “Oh Peter Parker, what did I do to deserve you...” ❤️😘❤️ Peace and Chaos Hashtags #marvel #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvelfanfic #marvelfanfics #marvelfanfiction #marvelfanfictions #peterparkerfanfic #peterparkeefanfics #peterparkerfanfictions #peterparkerfanfiction #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines
They all gathered but left some distance between themselves for when they fight starts. Laura had been badly beaten before they showed up but thanks to her healing properties there were no traces of abuse. But she was hit hard enough to be unconscious at the moment. “Come on Donald just give us our gal and we’ll leave this place without anyone getting hurt.” Tony tried bargaining. “You really think I’m that stupid Stark?” Donald replied. Tony held the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Clearly you were since you weren’t hiding very well.” Tony snapped back. He didn’t know that Donald had been giving hand signals to shoot Laura up with the serum. Laura woke up with a gasp inside the truck. Her eyes turning that vibrant green as her veins turned green. The serum was making its way through. She grunted and growled as it did its job. Just moments before she was dreaming about something she wasn’t sure was dream or a flashback that had happened. She was at this building. It looked familiar. Her bags were packed and ready to go. There was a mysterious rope. Laura thought about it. She was escaping the Hydra facility! Quickly she tied everything together and made her way to the window nearby. She slowly lowered her luggage with the rope out the second story window. Then she put gloves on to prevent rope burn (though that wouldn't matter because she can instantly heal) and slid her way down the rope. xxMORE IN COMMENTSxx
The Troublemaker Pt.36// Peter’s POV Again Mr.Stark made me go to school. The is the last place I want to be right now. Mr.Stark has made a replica of the chip that she has behind her ear. And all we are doing right now is trying to figure out how to use it. This whole day has been going slow. Right now I’m in math and I’m on my computer looking at a map of New York and see where she could be. I look behind me to her seat and see that it’s empty. It shouldn’t be. Y/n should be right there looking at me when I turn around and sticking her tongue out, but she’s not. And it’s all my fault. Dylan hasn’t looked at me or even acknowledged me. I don’t blame him either. But the thing that I just thought of is where is Kaitlyn. She hasn’t asked about her at all. She doesn’t even seem fazed that she is gone like Dylan is. I didn’t notice that the teacher was calling my name before I snapped back into reality. “Peter? Peter? Mr.Parker are you still with us?”, she asked sternly, “U-uh yeah sorry...”, I said as she nodded her head and continued teaching. I spent the rest of the day looking at the clock. It felt like each minute went slower and slower. And now it was finally the final period and the teacher was teaching something stupid that I didn’t really care about. I sat there at the edge of my seat tapping my foot looking at the clock. 5....4....3....2.....1 and the bell rung. I jumped out of my seat and ran out the door. I kept bumping into people and I made sure I said sorry. I was almost out until someone said my name. “Hey Penis Parker! Why in such a rush?”, Flash said as he came up to me, “Flash move I don’t have time for you right now.”, he said and pushed me up against the lockers, “Flash let me go.”, I said, “Why does mommy need to change your diaper.”, he said in a baby voice and all he friends laughed including Jake. I just glared at him. “I said move out of my way!”, I said as I pushed him off of me and he fell to the floor and all of his friends moved. He looked up at me. “You’ll regret that Parker.”, he said, and I just rolled my eyes and ran out of the school and to the tower.
I don’t know about this but it’s Peter Parker — April 🕷 You were peters older sibling and you were very i mean very protective about him if any body try’s to hurt him you well kill them except if it was you . you were picking peter up from school as he was walking until he got pushed by flash “ pines Parker “ be said and he’s group of friends started laughing you got angry you walked away and followed this flash how dare he do this to little peter you finally followed hem were no one was there you tapped on he’s shoulder he immediately turned “hey your flash right “ you said he nodded “ ya and you” you raised a brow and put your hands on your back pocket “it doesn’t matter what matter is leave peter alone okay “ he started laughing “Oh ANd WhAt aRe yOU GoNNa Do ABout it” he said pretending to be scared “ oh you well see” you walked away “oh you scared the shit out me “ he said sarcastically you turned around and sighed “ you asked for it “ you pushed your sleeves and shot a web at hem now he was stuck on the wall you got closer your eyes turned fully on black and you opened your mouth and to fangs appeared he started screaming you covered his mouth “now do anything for peter you well die “ he nodded “ I swear I’m going to leave hem alone please don’t kill me “ you turned back to normal “ okay but don’t tell anyone “ “ I won’t please don’t hurt me “ you walked out of the school and you saw peter and Ned “ hey guys “ you said “ hey were have you been” peter asked “oh I went to the bathroom “ #peterparkeredit #peterparkerimagine #marvel #spiderman #spidermanedit #marveledit #marvelimagines #avengers #avengersedit #avengersimagines @tomholland2013 @marvel @marvelstudios
Part 15 You had not been to school in 2 weeks. Your mom cleared everything up with your school and the police. You were going to go back to school today. You woke up and slipped on your gloves. You had stopped going to training with tony and didn’t think you deserved to be a avenger. You walked into school grabbed your books and walked into class. You made up with your friends and you walked home. Spider-Man came and walked by you. “Why haven’t you been going to training?” Spider-Man Asks you. “I can’t control my powers and I don’t deserve to be on the team.” You say as you try and walk away. He grabs your wrist. “You deserve to be on the team and you had a little accident.” Spider-Man says. “Little! I knocked down someone’s house and crushed my whole school under it!” You yell at him as you storm off. End of part 15 comment for moreee 💚💚💚💚😆 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
tHeY dOnT tEaCh fReNcH iN jAiL • •Tom’s a snacc • •Creds: @tom.ics #•DM FOR CREDIT OR REMOVAL. •👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 •Click the link in my bio for Tom and Peter Parker fanfics by me ❤️ • [Tags] • •Tag him maybe..? • • Check my story ☺️ @tomholland2013 #Spiderman #tomholland #spidermanedit #spidermanhomecoming #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfanpage #marvel #marveledit #tomholland #tom #tessasarmy #celebssavethestaffys #tessa #tessaholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #marvel #marvelmemes #marveledit #marveledits #infinitywar #iw #infinitywarmemes #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerimagines #peterparker #peter
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I HOPE YOU LIKED THE SURPRISE -Elle ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “—even if it did hurt, I would it bite me. May-maybe. How much did it hu-“ “The spiders dead, Ned.” Peter replied immediately to his best friend, dismissing the weird thoughts. Peter and Ned relapsed into a comfortable silence once again, a mountain of at least 6 books in his hand. Ned walked beside him empty handed, arms down at his sides. Peter had a lot on his mind. School, the ‘Stark Internship’ and Liz were just a few. In fact, they were only the first layer of thoughts that were nestled into his mind. The deeper you looked, the more layers you’d find, and the darker things would get. Peter was usually extremely excitable, but he does have things that he doesn’t share, not even with his closest friend. Out of nowhere, a car pulled up in front of the two best friends. Ned and Peter were forced to stop in their tracks, nearly running straight into the side of it. When the window rolled down, Peter felt his mind explode. “Hey boys. Long time, no see.” You smirked, leaning out the window slightly. The jaws of both Ned and Peter seemingly fell to the floor, and so did a few of the books in Peter’s hand. You chuckled at their reaction, your smirk fading into a glowing smile. Ned picked up the two books that fell, holding them to his chest as he stared. “Y/N..?” Peter questioned, not quite believing what he was seeing. You left for California years ago, before Peter even went into highschool. You had moved for college, all the way to Cali. When you left, Peter was nearing his last 1 or 2 years in middle school. Now, he was in highschool. A sophomore. Ned was still opened mouthed. He didn’t get you see you much before you left, let alone now. You could tell from the look of him that he was the same geeky boy he was when you left those years ago. “Are you going to get in?” You asked, chuckling at their faces. Without skipping a beat, Peter and Ned jumped forward, scrambling into the backseat of the car. Peter leaned forward, and you leaned back, meeting him in the middle for a hug. He was so big now, grown up and manly. He seemed so small last time you say him, scrawny and weak. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
—Peter Parker + Ned Leeds • It had been one minute, forty two seconds and counting. Both Peter and Ned were still silently staring at you, completely shocked. “Uhhh, guys?” You asked, waving a hand in front of their faces. “You’re–you’re y/n Stark? How did–how did we never make that connection? What–“ Ned spluttered. “You’re joking right? She’s not joking is she?” Peter asked, stepping backwards towards his desk. “Nope, not joking. Don’t tell anyone or I might have to change schools, okay? Please.” “Why don’t you–“ “Because I wanted to make some real friends, people who know me as a person and not just someone with a rich dad.” “But, you’re like the most famous teenager in America! How did you manage to keep it a secret?” Peter wanted to know. “Super spy skills.” “Really?” Ned’s eyes got really big, like a kid in a candy shop. “Nah. Well, maybe,” you considered. “I did have some super spies helping me,” you joked. “So what do we even talk about after those shocking secrets were revealed?” Ned grinned. Peter’s Aunt May chose that moment to walk into the room. Fortunately, Peter had put a sweatshirt and some pants over his suit. “That turkey meatloaf recipe was a disaster,” May laughed. “Let’s go to dinner. Thai? Ned, Y/n, want Thai?” • Super shitty picture quality I know I’m trying to find better ones. #spidermanimagine #peterparkerimagine #peterbenjaminparker #spiderman #marvelimagine #marvelcinematicuniverseimagine #mcuimagine #mcu #marvelcinematicuniverse #marvel #tonystark #nedleeds #auntmay
Peter Parker Fanfic Part 24 Read other parts first ⬇️ #hollandsunshinefanfic 💛 ....................... You woke up Saturday morning in your bed someone knocked on the door. "Come in" you said. The door opened revealing Peter with a tray of food and a glass of water. Y/n: Awwe, for me? Peter: Yeah *chuckles* He comes to your bed and sets the tray down on your lap. Y/n: Thanks Peter! Peter: No problem. Y/n: *you start to eat your food* Did you eat already? Peter: Yeah, I woke up earlier and ate. Y/n: What time is it? Peter: Like 12. Y/n: Pm!? Peter: Yeah... Y/n: Omg, I never sleep that long Peter: You were pretty dead last night, once you laid in bed you pretty much fell asleep you. Y/n: Yeah. Wait, what happened? Peter: We went to Ned's Halloween party, you drank a bit to much I guess, got drunk. I called your mom to pick us up. I laid you in bed and you asked me to stay so I stayed, I slept on the matress. *pointing to the matress* Y/n: Oh. That sounds like fun. Haha. Peter didn't say anything, you kept eating your food. Peter: Do you have work tonight? Y/n: No, I do on Sunday though, which is tmr. Peter: Oh ok. Y/n: Why? Peter: I was thinking we could actually go to the restaurant this time, third times the charm? Y/n: Ok, I'd like that. *smiling* There's silence as you eat the rest of your food. Then you break the silence. Y/n: Thanks Peter. Peter: For what? Y/n: for being here. For helping me last night, for staying. Peter: It's not that big of a deal. Y/n: It's sweet. *looking at him smiling* Peter: *smiles* so..what did you want to do? Y/n: Hmm, we could go to the movie theatre or go shopping? Peter: How about both? Y/n: Sounds good to me. You get changed, tell your mom and leave with Peter, you walk to the bus stop. While you're waiting you look up at him. Peter: What? *chuckles* Y/n: Nothing, I just, Idk. *giggles* Peter: Y/n..I need to.. He gets caught off by the bus arriving and stopping in front of you two, you get on and sit together. You get a call from Abby and you pick up. Y/n: Hey Abby, what's up? Abby: Hey Y/n, did you want to hangout today? ... ⬇️MORE IN THE COMMENTS⬇️
this is my fist batch of screensavers! i made these over the summer, but thought i’d share them with you guys. i’ve got more to come, but i wanted to see how the first ones would do. to have this screensaver to yourself, you must be following me and like at least 3 of my posts, then dm me! love you guys the most! ☁️ - - - ~tags~ #tomholland #tomhollandedits #tomhollandimagines #marvel #marveledit #marvelimagines #peterparker #peterparkeredit #peterparkerimagine #harrsionosterfield #avengersinfinitywar #makeup #lokiedit #sebastianstanedit #sebastianstan #fanfiction #fanaccount #marvelfandom #marveltextpost #hollander #spiderman #tomhiddlestonedit #chrisevans #chrisevansedit #followforfollow #likeforlike #shoutoutforshoutout
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