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🦍 I partook in a meditation once that flung me into a visual journey as a gorilla. The drum beats synced up with my heart and that certainly helped it along, as did the fact that we were in a dark dug-out that was as close to the essence of earth as it got. . What I remember being so true for me throughout this journey, was that as this gorilla I could swing, leap and soar through the canopy of trees and branches like it was nothing. I could exert the full potential of my physicality, and I could play. . I frolicked and rolled around the mud, splashed through waters, swam, lept out again, swung back through the canopy. It was passionate, it was purposeless, and it was joyful. When we move in the full presence of it, we forget who we are in a heady sort of way and we play. . This was years ago, but what stuck with me was that primal sense of being. We may not swing on vines (not all of us anyway), but there’s no shortage of primal movement we can tap into. We dance, be it to a song, or sexual partner. We’re primal when we stretch out our bones, when we walk from place to place like we mean it. . We’re built in miraculous ways for so many things, but in how many ways do we stifle, shrink, and hold ourselves back? From being too big, too much, too soon. Too anything. Step out of the mind and soul and emotion of it all, and into the body instead. What’s your posture? I’ll tell you what mine hasn’t been - PROUD. . How do you stand in a mirror? Watch yourself in different poses and see what emerges. Watch yourself dance. Watch yourself have sex. We think about performance with respect to others as our captive audience, but what about performance - just for ourselves? . We all know what we look like when we dance to a song we don’t care for. When we commune with a person we don’t vibe with. When we walk down a street beaten down. And when we see or feel their opposites, it changes everything. How we move through this world is something of ours to take notice of, to explore, to cherish and use in a powerful way. To behold. Not just for others - for ourselves. *
Last week it was 80 degrees and this week it was is the 40’s, New England- Goulet! Since Fall is in full swing, @prana has me all bundled up in #pranahemp , which if you didn’t know, is a crop which requires no chemical fertilization or pesticides to succeed in its life—intrigued? I’ve got all the deets on my blog (link in profile) on the hemp collection, prAna’s admirable and sustainable practices plus use code PHAL18 to receive 15% off your prAna purchase! #pranahemp #pranafall18 #sponsored #propahfashion 📸: @sarah.surette
Stepping into Monday like...✨❤️🍁 ⠀ #BringItOn #NewWeekNewGoals #LightestBrightestYou
You can tell when a woman's confidence comes from within. And it's inspiring.✨ Thanks to @hottentoddy for letting us repost, and @emilygoldhammer for capturing this beauty. 💕 . . . #ownyourbodbabe #lingerieisforeverybody #smile #servingface #laughter #blacksatin #birthdayqueen #latergram #birthdaygirl #secretgarden #latenight #fortytoomuch #doubleblackjackbirthday - #regrann
Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay .⠀ ⠀ I've started to share a little more on my platforms and with my audiences about my struggles with mental health, and although we still have a long way to go to fully #breakthestigma I am so grateful that the landscape has changed so much since I was a teenager. ⠀ ⠀ I first struggled with anxiety and depression as a teenager, and this continued throughout my twenties and my early thirties. I was prescribed medications, but even before becoming a holistic health professional it didn't sit well with me and I would take it very infrequently. ⠀ ⠀ When I was struggling it would take the forms of extreme bouts of crying and an inability to face the world. My introvert tendencies would take over, and I would need days in bed not facing the world. I had incredible low self esteem that lead me to make poor choices in relationships. ⠀ ⠀ When really in the deep I would show signs of hypochondria and spend hours researching health conditions on google, and schedule numerous unnecessary check ups with my doctor. Even 10 years ago mental health was not talked about as openly as it is today, and at the time I did not share what I was going through with anyone. ⠀ ⠀ There were many things that pulled me through to the other side: improving my health, especially my gut health, reaching out to friends and family for support instead of pushing them away, building a career I loved, and yes, meeting my husband who loves me for exactly who I am. ⠀ ⠀ After the sudden death of my mother 5 years ago I was worried I would slide back to my worst days, but I didn't. I found a therapist as this was too big and too complicated to deal with on my own, and whilst it was so incredibly hard without it I don't think I would be thriving in the way I am today. ⠀ ⠀ Yes, I tell my clients to cut out processed food, take some supplements and get better sleep, but 9 times out of 10 I also tell them to see someone who can help them take care of their mental heal too: a therapist, a healer, a coach, an energy worker, who ever and whichever is the best fit for them.⠀ ⠀ And yes, I still take my own advice. ⠀ ⠀ #MentalHealthMatters #ItsOkToNotBeOkay #LightestBrightestYou
Have you ever been amazed when you realize how long you've owned something? This @hm skirt has got to be minimum a decade old and I'm fairly certain it was under $15. Still got it, old girl*! *Old girl could be me, the skirt, or both 😂 #sequinedstyle 📸: @natmazz
Oh boy— what a fantastic and full day at @wellsummit. I always come to this event to do some emotional work, digging deep but also trying to connect with people. Today, was no exception. Can’t wait for tomorrow! #wellsummit #wellsummittribe #wellsummit18
Am I a fashion blogger yet? 😂 Recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to wear clothes given to me and you know why I really appreciate this, besides the obvious? I see so many classically beautiful and slender women on my feed (and they ARE beautiful people inside and out) but I also want to see people who look like me, I’m petite in stature and curvy in places that are, well, curvy 😂... you know I’ve been working on #bopo this year and I’m happy to report that I’m helping others irl— I was blow drying my hair at the gym the other day and a beautiful woman was saying to me that she just feels so bleh about herself and she’s not seeing any changes. I looked at her and I said “I’ve been working on being proud of my body and yes I feel bad some days but we’re here at the gym, right? We’re taking care of ourselves”. She looked me dead in the eye and said “thank you, I needed to hear that.” So long story long, I’m trying to live the new normal and I’m very thankful to once in awhile be able wear some clothes and force myself, even on my bleh days, to be proud of this body and my place. Thank you @tribalfashionofficial for the Fall finds! 📸: @sarah.surette #propahfashion #mytribal #ownyourbodbabe #fitforatribe
Thinking about a #boudoir session but need to know more? Come by the @vsphotography_insta #boudoirstudio for a consult and let’s talk! Fall is getting busy so now is a great time to book if you’re thinking about the holidays! Image of miss @maddztaddz doing her thing 📸#bostonboudoir
So I was planning a post this morning of me looking athletic and outdoorsy in my super cute new outfit from @outdoorvoices. But, when looking back at the pics from yesterdays #CityEscape with @clubhighrise these were the ones that illustrated my true feelings: being mentally and physically challenged whilst still having fun, the best hiking buddy in the world in @whitneynoinstagram , the best hugs in the world from @sarahjgaines , and freezing my butt off at the summit of one of the hardest hikes I've ever done (and I've done a few)! Connecting with others and getting out of my comfort zone is still incredibly hard for me, but I'm not going to lie - over 5 years in Boston has turned me from a stuck-up Londoner to a high-fiving, hug giving, bring it on kinda American, and I couldn't be happier. Thank you to @clubhighrise for inviting me and my guests on such an awesome adventure and I can't wait to do it again! #GetOutside #FallFeels #LightestBrightestYou
Worries about posing during your #boudoirsession ? Don’t be! I pose right along side you the entire shoot! Interested in booking? Fall is filling up so let’s chat! Image via the lovely Miss @aleisharene 📸💫 #bostonboudoir #boudoir #boudoirstudio
Fall. Libra season. Turning 38. New energy. A new chapter. ⠀ ⠀ I'm here for it all. ⠀ ⠀ #ShowUp #HereForIt #LetsGoMonday
Strength and power can manifest in many forms and it all starts in the mind! You can decide to put in the work and make your body strong as steel but what comes first is the idea that it is possible. If we watch people closely we realize that everyone has this quality... from the extreme such as Iron Nun who finished Iron Man at the age of 82 to people biking in the rain unruffled by the tiny drops of marble hitting their faces. People are badass! It starts with thinking you can do it!
Hi Beauties! .. I’ve seen a lot of new followers lately, so it’s time to make a friendly introduction 😊 .. My name is Tamy and I am the founder of Papillon. I am a mom to two rambunctious boys who are my life and my reason for everything! ❤️ .. I am passionate about wellness and healthy living. Eating healthy, exercising, meditation and self care are the pillars of my life! I not only care about what I put in my body ( ie: food) but what I put on my body as well ( skincare & makeup) - 🦋 I founded Papillon because I wanted to simplify green beauty! Minimal ingredients that are easy to understand and that work for sensitive skin! Also, simplification by having USDA organic certification on our products so customers don’t have to guess whether a product is clean/safe or not 🌿 .. My mission and my deepest heart desire is to redefine beauty, empower women and help them feel more beautiful naturally. Confidence is beauty and confident women go after their dreams and never settle 🤗 .. I believe in kindness to all living things, especially helpless animals! Animals shouldn’t be hurt and killed for our vanity and that’s why all our products are certified cruelty free by the @leapingbunnyprogram 🐰 .. I love traveling, reading and having fun with my boys & husband! ❤️❤️ I am the happiest by the water and I come alive in the summer ☀️ 😃 .. I look forward to getting to know you more, so leave a comment and introduce yourself. It will make my day 💕 . . . . . #thisis40 #naturalglow #30daysofsc #organicbeauty #wellness #brandsthatcare #cleanbeauty #womenownedbusiness #naturalbeautyproducts #organicingredients #womenownedbusiness #ownyourbodbabe #brandsthatcare #womanentrepreneur #organicbunny #leapingbunnycertified #momentrepreneur #crueltyfreebeauty #momboss #beautyfromwithin #naturalbeauty #womenempowerment #greenbeauty #greenbeautyblogger #organicbeautybrand #soccermom #healthylivingrevolution #cleanbeautyrevolution #sensitiveskin #agingskin #simplifiedbeauty
I really enjoy this song! Music is bomb and the squat/jumpsquat combo is a banger lol. Full routine on IGTV! Song: Boucan (feat. Jul & DJ Last One) by Maitre Gims Choreo by Me 💃
Am I right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀ Shout out to all of you that workout on clean hair days...💕 ⠀ #WorkoutWednesdays #DryShampooIsBae #LightestBrightestYou
my 7th grade self is super excited overalls are cool again, and my 33 year old self is happy i feel comfortable enough in my own skin to wear them 💙
Comparison is a thief. A thief of a whole lotta Sh!t Let’s be real. A thief of joy, being present, affects behaviors & even blocks our true inner beauty. Judgement also sucks. Especially when u judge urself way harder than what u project others may be thinking. Most judgements stem from our own issues not others. It wasn’t until getting totally uncomfortable & starting my non traditional business that I also started reading non science journals & working on my inner growth. So at the pool I was comparing. Myself to all the confident ladies in bikinis rocking them & looking fab. To make matters worse due to my insecurity since having baby 2... My stomach is corpse white compared to the rest of me b/c it hasn’t seen the light of day.😳So now I’ve made it worse by saying hey check out this section of my bod if I do in fact disrobe.🙈 Getting #rawandreal for the women who have been or are here with me. I have had no cosmetic surgery or any injectables. But have sure thought @ it when everyone else seems to be doing it🙈 At the pool, the bar & the restaurant no one seemed to be “aging gracefully”. Later on I covered my muffin top that comes with fashion trends and sitting in an awkward position for even the most fit peeps. I was uncomfortable in my own skin 4 all the wrong reasons and it felt sucky. Also kept me anything but present. This a.m. I read the perfect chapter for what I was feeling. “There’s no doubt we’ve been brainwashed into thinking we need to be flawless unicorns who are not permitted to have laugh lines or cellulite” -Cara Leyba. 🙌 #hellyeahgirl If you have made it this far Amazon Like She Owns The Place STAT👊 🌟It’s our inner beauty & selves that should be worked on more than our outer. I’ve had 2 amazing kiddos from THIS body & it allows me to live! I’ve been working consistently for a yr now for optimal health & feeling more comfortable in the clothes I want to wear. Not to solely look good in a bikini. That will be a major perk 1 day tho. #letsberealhere However it’s waaay more important 4 me 2 drop the damn towel & radiate & own confidence 4 my girls b/c I don’t want them to feel these feels. #giveyourselfgrace #selflovefirst #ownyourbodbabe
When the sun comes out and you decide today is THE day that you will finally cold plunge into the Pacific in SF. After a hour soaking in sun and trying to heat up but can’t because the wind (#vataproblems ) so you picture yourself as a fireball and go into the water anyways. ☄️☄️☄️ And it ends up being way warmer than all the other times and places you cold plunged so you think maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow. 😆 . . Happy Weekend! . #coldplunge #immunesupport #vitamind #holistichealing #lymphaticlove #ownyourbodbabe #pacificocean #bakerbeach #getoutside #indiansummer #sfmoment
Heading back today🏋🏼‍♀️ I’ve been doing a lot of weights. It’s not something I’ve ever done consistently in my life but I really like the feeling of being more muscular. I’m still not seeing results, as a whole, when I look in the mirror but that doesn’t mean I plan on stopping. Last month, I weighed myself and made a deal not to do it again until 2019. The number on the scale doesn’t matter— it’s how I feel and I’m going to listen to my body like I should have done this whole time. Hitting a “Fight” class I’ve never attended- wish me luck! #propahfit #ownyourbodbabe
Boudoir details via the lovely Miss A in the #boudoirstudio ! #bostonboudoir #boudoirphotography
It’s the weekend 🙌📸 Best wishes from the #boudoirstudio for your holiday break! #bostonboudoir #boudoirphotography
IG story: catching the morning sunshine and making adaptogenic lattes.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Actual story: rediscovered my @shopfuture mom jeans, thought my denim outfit makes a great butt shot, asked my boyfriend to drop making mushroom matchas lattes with @rawsometreats raw milk and made him take this photo. What would I do without my #instagramhusband ? #ownyourbodBABE #influenclYfe #sarcastichashtag coined by @meganjbruneau
🌸Giveaway Closed Congrats @trellisbeauty ! 🌸I've been a part of the @wellsummit community since the beginning. It's given me such joy to meet and connect with new people, to learn so much about wellness and what it means to me. The event this October 5th-6th in Brooklyn NY will be no exception. The event has grown with each year, providing support and is all about empowering you to live your healthiest and most fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. I can't wait to see my WELL Summit peeps this Fall but I want you to join us! I'm giving away one weekend pass valued at $449 and a WELL Summit t-shirt! 🙌 FOLLOW: @wellsummit @primandpropah Tag a friend and drop your favorite "feelings" emoji (my fave is 😂) Giveaway ends on #SelfcareSunday and winner will be chosen at random. #wellsummit18 #wellsummit #wellnesswednesday #imawellinsider
Only look back to see how far you have come ✌🏻 . . This straight up speaks to me! How about you?! I tend to beat myself up or dwell in the past (not for too long but it still happens). But like WHY ?! Everyday is a new day to be a better version of you 😘 The past is just a reminder of your progress 💪🏻 . . I also wanted to talk about hair & the importance of getting your hair trimmed (I’m horrible) just ask @stylist918 ! I have v. thin hair & when I don’t get a trim it weighs down. I also have this thing where I have to cover “my bald spot” 😹 Like how crazy hard can we be on ourselves, really?! Here is to cutting ourselves a break & embracing our beauty 🥂 Tell me one (or more) things you love about yourself in the comments below 👇🏻 . . 📷 @clowephoto
One of my goals for this new week is to try and stay out of the 'Compare and Despair' cycle (a term coined by my great friend @popcircumstance ) that I can find myself in when scrolling through social media, and instead focus on my unique strengths and talents (its a work in progress). ⠀ ⠀ In light of this, let's all celebrate something we love about ourselves today, be it physical, a talent, a unique gift, something you have achieved recently or simply how you show up in this world (or all the above)! ⠀ ⠀ I'll go first (this is super hard for me because us Brits tend to be a little self effacing): I have really great skin, I'm a good cook, and I'm proud that Husband Hanway and I had a difficult conversation yesterday about things we need to work on in our our marriage. ⠀ ⠀ Okay, now your turn - comment below with one, two, or three things that you should celebrate about yourself today!⠀ ⠀ #GoodVibesOnly #MondayMotivation #LightestBrightestYou
Family time, sunshine and my mother in law's organic strawberry margaritas got me feeling like...⠀ ⠀ Happy Weekend Everybody! ⠀ ⠀ #WeekendVibes #BostonLover #LightestBrightestYou
Fashion Tip: Don’t purchase anything you aren’t confident wearing 💃🏻 . . Honestly this top is very basic but effective! The best accessory you can wear is confidence. If you are uncomfortable it’ll show & you want to shine bright like the diamond you are 💎 . . 📷 @clowephoto
Here's a slower and fun dance workout for you. I really enjoy this song and love the choreo I put to it. •💃 •📺 Watch the full video on my IGTV of me and one of my fave Zumba students/fellow Amazing Zumba Instructor @devinicole16 slay this song! Enjoy! • ☆Song: Move to Miami by Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull ☆Choreo: Me ☆Energy and Bomb Dance Moves: @devinicole16 and Me!
Have you checked out @i_weigh ? I posted this to my stories last weekend and wanted to share again in a more permanent way... I feel like we all, at some point or another, put far too much stock into how we look. Rather than focus on everything that makes us unique individuals, we look at the number on the scale (among other things) to measure our worth. As someone who has spent her whole life worrying about her weight, this thinking is hardwired and it makes me SO mad. I am actively, every day, trying to change this and view myself differently. @i_weigh is encouraging others to do the same, and it’s badass. #ownyourbodbabe #knowyourworth #bopo
I ran into two of my newest Zumba students for my Thursday class at the D.C. L.A. Fitness on my way to lunch today. They are 2 weeks strong and killing it! I ❤ the energy you bring to our class breaking a sweat in your gymwear. But I must admit you guys look mighty fine in your day clothes! 🤩🤩 @gmhardesty @marcusdeerail
Repost from my sweet friend and @barrecore BFF @phmethod. I lost my s*** yesterday. It was definitely not something that warranted me losing it, and was a simple miscommunication that can be easily fixed. But I was drained. It’s different from tired, that feeling where there is just no gas in the tank but you know you have to keep going. The night before I’d worked out late and got to sleep super late, and that morning I’d been up working from 4.30am. I was over caffeinated and under nourished (food, sleep, self care). My team has now grown to 8 people, we have a big launch coming up, and I have a ton of amazing events soon where I need to show up as my best self. So just know, that even us ‘wellness experts’ get it wrong, drink too much coffee, stay on our laptops too late and lose our s*** over silly things sometimes. But always, you are human, and you are enough. #youareenough #bemorehuman #lightestbrightestyou
Boudoir photography is all about feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin! Always wanted to do a shoot but nervous to make the jump? Don’t be! Let’s chat ☺️ #Boudoir scenes from my #boudoirsession with Miss A! #bostonboudoir #bostonphotographer
Comparison is an act of violence against the self. ⠀ 💛✨⠀ It's hard not to compare ourselves to others, but this quote is right. It is such an act of violence against ourselves. We are all built differently and on different paths in our lives. How boring the world would be if we were all the same? ⠀ Take my sister and I for example. We share DNA but yet still look so different, carry our weight differently, and have our own "problem areas". I am several inches taller than she is, and therefore also several wider and squishier. Neither one is better, and neither more beautiful. We are all unique and that's the beauty of life. #lovetheskinyourein ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #passionpassport #girlsthatwander #girlsborntotravel #speechlessplaces #travelinglady #shetravels #passporttravel #passportpassion #ladiesgoneglobal #darlingescapes #kimono #sanpedro #belize #theeverygirl #thatsdarling #everyBODYisbeautiful #lifestylephotography #loveyourself #loveyourbody #beyourself #womencreatives #shelivesfree #empoweredwomen #wildatheart #ownyourbodbabe #thefemaleform #whoruntheworldgirls #embraceyourself #wildatheart
Delicate #bridalboudoir details of a #bostonbride getting ready for her big day! #bostonboudoir #bostonwedding
Don't look backwards, you're not going that way (look at the menu, that's where the good stuff is)...⠀ ⠀ Happy Monday everyone! Tell me below one thing you are excited about this week - I'm starting to volunteer at my local food pantry and I can't wait! ⠀ ⠀ #MondayMotivation #LetsDoThis #LightestBrightestYou
Look at my bomb back-up dancers! I ❤ that my students enjoy my Zumba class, break a sweat, and get a great full-body workout. • 💪 • This was a great song to work the core, arms, and legs! Watch my IGTV for the full routine. My students are the real Superstars! 💃💃💃 Song: Level up by Ciara (I do not own rights, educational and inspirational purposes only)
Me last night as I pack for New York: I am a doyenne of organization. Martha Stewart will want to interview me for my packing skills. The suitcase gods smile down upon me. ⠀ ⠀ Me this morning looking for a hair tie (I call them 'bobbles'): that's it, I can't go. I can never go. I can't travel with my hair down. Of course New York doesn't sell bobbles Tim, thats ridiculous. I'm giving up my career. ⠀ 📷 by @thegoodandgoldco#hairtieheaven #callmemarthastewart #notreally
Video from yesterday's Zumba Fundraiser! Thank you @sofistaphunk for recording lol. We worked every body part/muscle yesterday and had a great time! I think my students think I'm crazy because I am energized from start to beginning lol 😜.. I ❤ Them! Great work ladies! @rae_of_shine16 , @beautifulcomplx @callmetysh
The Zumba Fundraiser today by @sofistaphunk and @rae_of_shine16 , to support Focused Vision's trip to Brazil, was AWESOME! • Thank you to all the AMAZING ladies that came out to dance with me. I enjoyed you all so much! Swipe ⬅️ to see our cute and funny faces after our outdoors, dance fitness workout! 😁😆😛😯 @callmetysh @beautifulcomplx
**HAPPY HOUR ALERT** Hey Everyone!!! Join me and Focused Vision for a free Zumba workout, TOMORROW, Friday evening, August 10th at 7pm. 💃🕺 ° This is a great way to destress from the work week and energize yourself for the weekend! The link to register is in my bio! I hope to see you there! • This event is sponsored by @sofistaphunk and @rae_of_shine16 ! They are on their way to Brazil to make a difference, your support is appreciated! ❤
B E A C H • P L E A S E ✌🏻 . . My feeling every Wednesday 😹 To be honest, posting a photo or even posing for a picture of yourself in a swimsuit is just as vulnerable as you think it is. I’m not at my skinniest weight, I’m pasty as fudge, whatever else my mean girl inside is saying. But you know what I embrace my curves & find them beautiful. . . My thinking hasn’t always been like this but if you don’t love you first, life will be a heck of a lot harder. Babe you are gorgeous 😘 . . Anyway do you have any questions for me? Dressing for petite curvy girls? Other fashion advice you need? Want to ask me about body positivity? Blogging? Drop a question you want to ask me & I will answer it on IG live tomorrow 8/9 @ 9pm EST. Drop ‘em 👇🏻 . . 📷 @clowephoto
Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations✨⠀ Self love is never an easy journey, some days will inevitably be better than others, but give yourself credit along the way. It's difficult quieting those negative voices in our society about body standards and stereotypes. But believe in yourself, trust that feeling that you are good enough, and soon you will find peace and quiet. And a whole heap of positive vibes and self appreciation. 😘😘⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #passionpassport #girlsthatwander #girlsborntotravel #speechlessplaces #travelinglady #shetravels #passporttravel #passportpassion #ladiesgoneglobal #darlingescapes #kimono #sanpedro #belize #theeverygirl #thatsdarling #everyBODYisbeautiful #lifestylephotography #loveyourself #loveyourbody #beyourself #womencreatives #shelivesfree #empoweredwomen #wildatheart #ownyourbodbabe #thefemaleform #whoruntheworldgirls #embraceyourself #wildatheart
Shooting some #boudoir sessions this week in the #boudoirstudio ! What are you up to? #bostonboudoir 📸💫
#Repost from my amazing client @alejandrablanc_ featuring her thoughts on boudoir and body confidence!! ・・・ For the longest time I struggled with my body image. I was never happy with how I looked. I over exercised and underate. Over the years I learned the importance of balance and self-love. Today, I focus on self-care and wellness and couldn’t be happier. #boudoir #selflove #treatyourself #balance #boston #personaltrainer
Today's Zumba class was AMAZING! These are just a few of the ladies who stayed behind to chit chat, ask about the names of songs, and tell me how much of a fun workout they had! • 😁 We also recorded a workout to Level Up! Check my live to see it. I love helping people in this way! I gave all my classes this week Zumba wristbands to appreciate them. Swipe ⬅️
Hey Everyone!!! Join me and Focused Vision for a free Zumba workout, Friday evening, August 10th at 7pm. 💃🕺 ° This is a great way to destress from the work week and energize yourself for the weekend! The link to register is in my bio! I hope to see you there! • This event is sponsored by @sofistaphunk and @rae_of_shine16 ! They are on their way to Brazil to make a difference, your support is appreciated! ❤
It’s the weekend-kick your heels up! 📷 by the very talented @shademadecreative #Weekend #GoodVibesOnly #LightestBrightestYou
The little moments in shoots are always my favorite. The moments that most people probably miss and think nothing of. When the woman in front of me forgets the camera is there and is just herself. Doing something effortlessly and making it look remarkably beautiful. ✨⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #passionpassport #girlsthatwander #girlsborntotravel #speechlessplaces #travelinglady #shetravels #passporttravel #passportpassion #ladiesgoneglobal #darlingescapes #kimono #sanpedro #belize #theeverygirl #thatsdarling #everyBODYisbeautiful #lifestylephotography #loveyourself #loveyourbody #beyourself #womencreatives #shelivesfree #empoweredwomen #wildatheart #ownyourbodbabe #thefemaleform #whoruntheworldgirls #embraceyourself #wildatheart
Worried about posing in the @vsphotography_insta #boudoirstudio ? I do every pose right alongside with you! You’ll feel comfortable and confident during your session and that’s a promise! #bostonboudoir #bostonphotographer
Weekend #boudoir mood via the lovely @maddztaddz in the #boudoirstudio 📸 HMUA @jocelynmariah.makeup 💫 #bostonboudoir
It took me 15 years of practice to be comfortable in front of the camera. I started practicing when I was 15 and got on MySpace. By practicing I mean taking thousands of selfies until I took one that was glossy, sexy and pretty. I wish I knew then that a powerful photo is just as much about the internal state as it is about makeup, clothes and the pose... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thank you @lotuswei for helping me take my relationship with the camera to the next level. Turns out meditating right before the photo shoot, WITH your photographer and team, is where it’s at. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hey it doesn’t mean I’m always excited to jump in front of the camera. Most days, I still think that I’m not in the right headspace/not wearing the right outfit/not having a good hair day (aka it’s greasy because I have the type of hair that has to be washed every day - anyone have tips?!) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But having that point of reference, that connection with my full-blown presence and self-expression, and allowing it to be captured is everything. Especially now that I’ve subscribed to @renttherunway and am planning to practice more self expression through style (thx to years of working @visualtherapyny ) and share it with YOU 🤳🏻💃🏼 #loveyourselfie #ownyourbodbabe #flowerpowerphotoshoot #wokeandwired
Shout out to @beingleah (my Libra Twin😘) for capturing this moment outside the door. I have a super fun routine to the classic song, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)," I love having parts in this song where I tell people to just shake it and then watching them put their own style and twist to the moves. What's a workout without fun?!! • These ladies were great! Thank you @tomeachhisown for enjoying yourself back there, I see you, Get it girl!! • • I'm always inviting people to my classes, let me know whenever you want to come and i'll definitely save a spot for you. I'll be sharing info soon about a free outdoor class I'm teaching on August 10th to support @sofistaphunk project and fundraising efforts to Brazil. • Everybody Dance Now! 💃🕺
Can’t wait to be doing a little of this in my shady beach hat this weekend beach 🏖 👙 . Can I tell you a secret? My German Shepard pup actually ate this hat. @audreyhepburnwilliams clearly has great taste😹 . If we were to get coffee or a mimosa together what would you want to know?! This can be ANYTHING! Fashion, life, love etc. Drop your questions below & I’ll answer tomorrow 7/19 LIVE @ 9pm EST 💃🏻 . 📷 @clowephoto
The details are just as special as the big picture and I love capturing them all during your #boudoirsession 📸💕 #bostonboudoir #bostonphotographer | #styledshoot with HMUA @_jennyluu and model @mariahtbrady
Weekend vibes from the @vsphotography_insta #boudoirstudio 💫 Mood via this #boudoir shoot with @maddztaddz 📸 #bostonboudoir
Glam #boudoir details from my session with the beautiful and fierce @blondie9909 📸✔️#bostonboudoir #boudoirstudio
Beauty in simplicity with Miss M! #boudoirsession #bostonboudoir #boudoirphotography
This is 36. I’m embracing this birthday, even though the number itself irks me a bit. I was at a coffee shop this past Sunday, just doing some work and taking some time to myself. A stranger says to me, “you look really cool, I imagined you were writing a book over there, you’ve got a Rickie Lee Jones vibe.” I said thank you and that I’d likely be changing diapers when I got home (we laughed, because my humor is unsurpassed 😂) but I wanted to capture the “cool” he saw. My husband took this picture after the kids went to bed: no makeup, messy hair and clothes that made me feel good... and owning what I’ve got, that’s the real key. 🔑 Here’s to another year of living and making the most out of this lucky life I’ve been given and here’s to another year of working on being the best human for those in my world. PS. Shout out to @withlovepeach for sending me the first dress with a built in bra that actually allowed me to go braless and barre shorts so I could jaunt around like so 💃🏼... it was a free feeling 😂I often don’t experience and probs added to my “cool author rocker vibes”! #ootdboston
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