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Was a lot of fun practicing for the upcoming waterfowl season tonight. Isaac had a great time shooting with a couple of his mentors. #nebraskaduckhunting #outdoornebraska #duckhunting #nebraskahunting @benelli_usa
Louisville State Recreation floating playground did not disappoint. Great job #nebraskagameandparks #outdoornebraska
It's that time of year again 🌻 Morning jog along a field of sunflowers πŸ‘Œ . #sunflowerpower #sunflowers #blissedout .#disconnecttoreconnect #nature #nebraska #outdoors #explorenebraska #adventurenebraska #outdoornebraska
Canada geese are very common around lakes, usually seen in large, loud, honking groups. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
The largest of the North American carrion beetles, the American burying beetle was added to the federal Endangered Species List in 1989. Unusually, both the male and female take part in raising the young. πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
Early morning light transforms Toadstool Geologic Park north of Crawford. Have you ever been to Toadstool? πŸ“Έ: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." -Maya Angelou πŸ“Έ: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Great Horned Owls are the largest owls in Nebraska and their favorite prey are skunks. πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
Western and eastern meadowlarks were considered to be the same species for a long time. The western species (pictured here), having been overlooked, was given the species name "Sturnella neglecta." πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Summer is the perfect time to stand beneath the spray of Smith Falls. πŸ“·: Jeff Kurrus | @jeffkurrus
While I didnt take these photos, I did collaborate with the photographer, Jeff Kurrus, to create some images for the @negameandparks Quail Hunt Nebraska campaign. Tippet (my dog) did a great job modeling! Head over to the @negameandparks website to check out the great quail hunting opportunities in Nebraska. * * * * #nebraskagameandparks #nebraska #quail #quailhunting #birdhunting #uplandhunting #gundog #workingdog #englishpointersofinstagram #thegoodlife #englishpointer #quailhuntnebraska #nebraskaquail #hunting #birddogs #huntnebraska #nebraskahunting #outdoornebraska #explorenebraska
The Salt Creek tiger beetle is one of the world's rarest insects and is listed as an endangered species. It is known to occur only in Lancaster and Saunders counties in Nebraska, just north of Lincoln. πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
Fun fact: a lightning bolt is about 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit - five times hotter than the surface of the sun. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Sunrise over the Missouri River at Brownville with Captain Meriwether Lewis dredge.
This stunning sunrise was captured at the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey. πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
You never know what you'll find wandering around the Cornhusker state. πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
Foggy sunrise over Missouri River - from my to Missouri River 340 Race (driving back to Colorado).
Releasing a rainbow trout into Verdigre Creek near Royal, Nebraska. The East Branch of Verdigre Creek is one of the few cold water streams in Nebraska that can naturally hold trout year round. . . . #troutfishing #trout #fishing #fishinglife #outdoorlife #outdoorphotography #fishingphotography #rainbowtrout #hunterangler #outdoornebraska #troutstream
The hind wings of a tiger swallowtail butterfly, long and tapered, resemble the tail of a swallow, thus the name. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Throwback to 1981 | Conservation Officer Larry Elston holds a white-tailed deer fawn at Louisville State Recreation Area.
Today’s #outdoornebraska adventure part two, a long #fujibikes #cycling ride around the nice trail system in #kearneynebraska
Today’s #outdoornebraska adventure part one: instructing a #kayak course to Girl Scouts in Kearney. #jacksonkayak #kearneynebraska #kearneypaddlesports @kearneywhitewater
Captain Meriwether Lewis
Mike Moran (@mmoran98 ) painted this watercolor of Fort Atkinson State Historical Park.
Nebraska's too big to ignore. Adventure awaits! πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
Larry Kurrus of Gretna fishes for largemouth bass at Hackberry Lake at the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. πŸ“·: Jeff Kurrus | @jeffkurrus
Chadron State Park is nestled among the distinctive buttes and canyons of Nebraska's Pine Ridge. Since its founding nearly a century ago, it's remained a popular spot for camping, family reunions and old-fashioned vacations. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Incredible rainbow after the storm #outdoornebraska
The backwaters of Niobrara Confluence WMA along the Missouri River provide stunning scenery for a relaxing day on the water. πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
Pine Top School stands beneath a cloud-streaked sky on the grasslands near the Pine Ridge northwest of Crawford. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Get up close and personal with Nebraska's littlest winged wildlife! πŸ“·: Chris Masada | @masadac
A bouquet of sunflowers adorns the horn of a bison after wallowing at the Niobrara Valley Preserve. πŸ“·: Jon Farrar
Adventure More // Worry Less πŸ“·: Doug Carroll
Dawn over Missouri River at Brownville.
Beautiful day at #rowesanctuary near Kearney, NE earlier this week. It’s a popular spot on the river to watch the crane migrations. It’s not the season for the birds now, but there is still a lot to see! #kearneyne #outdoornebraska #nature #sunflower #summer #clouds
Baby we were born to run! πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Platte River in Nebraska.
Fog drifts near Bordeaux Creek in Dawes County. The creek was named for a French fur trader who settled there. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Don't overlook the beauty of even something as familiar as the purple coneflower. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Stone Creek's picturesque waterfall at Platte River State Park is the perfect afternoon adventure. πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
Platte River in Nebraska from my trip from Missouri River 340 race. It would be interesting and challenging to navigate a paddling boat through these sandbars.
Good morning from Wagon Train State Recreation Area! πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
Storm clouds approach Cottonwood-Steverson Lake Wildlife Management Area south of Merriman. πŸ“·:Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
God is always seeking you. Every sunset, every clear blue sky, every ocean wave, the starry host of night. He blankets each day with the invitation , β€œI am here.” ~Louie Giglio
A Ferruginous Hawk keeps a watchful eye from atop a fence post along the Niobrara River. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
"Every morning is a chance at a new day." -Marjorie Pay Hinckley πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Summer storms bring the sky to life. πŸ“·: Jeff Kurrus | @jeffkurrus
And the thunder rolls... πŸ“·: Eric Fowler | @eric.fowler1
The three new glamping cabins at Platte River State Park are close to nature, but far from roughing it. You can even roll the bed outside to sleep under the stars! Reserve your trip today!
The invasive yellow flag iris is toxic to animals and fish, and crowds out other species. It was introduced as an ornamental and is native to Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Ah, Nebraska land, sweet Nebraska land! πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
"The moon puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, color and nuance." - Arthur Smith πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
With insects buzzing, a western meadowlark moves in for a drink from a nearby puddle. πŸ“·: Justin Haag | @ridgerunner308
Find where the wild things are. πŸŒΌπŸŒΊπŸŒΎπŸŒ»πŸ’πŸŒ·πŸŒΉ
Adventure is worthwhile. - Aesop πŸ“·: Cory Loomis | @coryloomisphotography
We’re still working on what fish is what... πŸ˜‚ not quite a cat fish but either way, we had fun! #catchandrelease #outdoornebraska
1st FISH!!! 🐠🐠🐠 #catchandrelease #outdoornebraska
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