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المطلوب من شاشة الOtv الناطقة بإسم الاصلاح والتغيير ومحاربة الفساد..يبلشو الإصلاح عندن ويوقفو هالفساد يلي عم يمرق عندن عالشاشة..و ل كريستينا صوايا بدي قول الناس ببلشو من تحت وبيطلعو لفوق خطوة خطوة😑 انت بلشتي من فوق ونزلتي لتحت زحلطة خلي اللوكا والبيتش ينفعوكي #كريستينا_صوايا #christinasawaya #Otvlebanon #christina_sawaya #otv #otv_lebanon #LocaBeach #loca_beach
South African Dj gets his heart shattered after girlfriend left him claiming to be ill only to be seen partying with rapper Cassper Nyovest. Now who's the real scum? Jist wondering🤔 #olisa .tv #otv #southafrica #casspernyovest
The Kids of the 90's may say different but Bill Cosby has been found guilty and sentenced to 3 -10 years in prison for sexual assault. #olisa .tv #otv #billcosby #sentence #prison
Nicki Minaj looking like a tall glass of wine and we like it like that😍. #parisfashionweek #olisa .tv #otv #nickiminaj #fashion
#otv #armor #usmc дождался алилуя
We’re nominated for a @streamys for Writing!! Congrats to @dejaharrelll !!!!! Thank you to the @streamys for including us. 🌻 #streamys #webseries #chicago #otv #seeds #seedsseries #streamyawards
We couldn't be happier to be featured on the TV show #3enablebnen with the gorgeous Randa Sarkis! Our number one priority is to always to give the best quality to all our lovely clients and keep them satisfied. #otv #عنابلبنان #randasarkis #shopnow #fashion #blogger #shoppingonline #trendy #streetstyle #streetstylefashion #likeforlike #love #beauty #followforfollowback #fashionshow #shooting #brand #fallcollection2018
Не смотря на слова людей, которые меня когда-то окружали, в настоящее время я потихоньку добиваюсь своих целей.Когда-то смеялись над мечтами маленькой девочки и говорили , что это всего лишь слова и не больше, а теперь смотрите, как я иду к своей цели. Человек чувствует с самого детства, то к чему ему надо стремится, только кто-то лишь мечтает, а кто-то делает. Говорила же что будете видеть меня на экране, смотрите) 📺Говорила что буду петь, пою, ждите,скоро услышите🎶) Самое главное любимые мои😉,наблюдайте 🤫только будет одна просьба, если вы ничего в своей жизни не добились, наблюдайте молча😌 ———————————————
¿Tu empleador no pagó a tiempo? ¡Tranquilo (a) ! El retraso del empleador en el pago de las cotizaciones de Seguro del Riesgos Laborales, no impedirá el nacimiento del derecho del trabajador a las prestaciones que le garantiza la Ley. 87-01. En tal caso, el SNSS deberá reconocer y otorgar dichas prestaciones y proceder de inmediato a cobrar a la entidad empleadora el monto de las aportaciones vencidas, más las multas e intereses que correspondan. #ARL #SRL #SeguridadLaboral #OTV #RepúblicaDigital #trabajo trabajador #empleador #jornada #felizmartes
Over/Under/Balanced: Listening to @kaitlynbristowe this morning with @thebirdspapaya and relating so hard to her story. She shared on her page (if you’re not following go do it now!) about her weight loss journey. She posted her over/under/balanced and I wanted to relay that message to you through my own story. On the left, there is a woman who was 11 months deep into being a mother of 2. All of my life revolved around them and their needs and I was totally in love with that role and I don’t regret putting my everything into them. I put myself last, and at that time in my life, it’s what needed to happen and I fully celebrate myself for what I accomplished. Being pregnant is so hard and the follow up of motherhood is no walk in the park. I feel like I handled it the best I could have and I hope that my kids feel the love I poured into them and continue to pour into them with all of my heart. In the middle is a woman who, at 37, had been diagnosed with a life threatening PE, had been on Xanax for a year, who got rocked by the fragility of her own life and began a weight loss journey in order to control SOME aspect of her health. I started off with watching my macros and calories and lifting three times a week. As I got smaller, my tendency to push harder and obsess over food became a way of life. I was so focused on myself and my goals that I didn’t see the time I was missing with my kids and it became just entirely too much and I burnt out after about three years of endless workouts and not enjoying life and even though I was the lowest weight I’ve been in my adult life I wasn’t happy. I was struggling. I still wasn’t satisfied with my body! I could see every flaw that nobody else ever would and while I thought I was loving life, I was just on an endless cycle of not being satisfied with where I was for the amount of effort I was putting in. And lastly, the woman I am today. I’m continuing to work out, take care of myself, and watch what I eat. But, I’m also playing more with my kids, putting them forward more, enjoying life without being so restrictive. I’m in a better place....
Okay...who wants to join the 30billion gang because we want to as Davido buys latest iphone for all his signees...we are green with envy o. #olis .tv #otv #30billion #iphone
Snoop Dogg becomes a grand dad for the second time as he welcomes his first grand daughter at the age of 46. His son Corde Broadus who had fathered a son Zion just welcomed his daughter, making the rapper a grand dad for the second time...Congratulations Snoopppp. #olisa .tv #otv #snoopdogg #cordebroadus
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هذا الخميس، بعد الأخبار، ترقبوا حفلنا ضمن #مهرجانات_بعلبك_الدولية على تلفزيون ال #otv من #الطرب إلى #الجاز #بعلبك From #tarab to #jazz #Jahida_wehbe and Elie Maalouf #Baalbeck @baalbeckfestival
…午後6時30分現在…大きい事故💦 …大丈夫かなー。。。 …運転気をつけてね。 …浦添市前田、消防署の通り、ちねん眼科前。 …車の横転事故で、伊藤園から、消防署方向通れなかった。 #交通事故 #沖縄県浦添市前田 #浦添消防署前 #通行止め #知念眼科前 #ちねん眼科前 #浦添市 #前田 #otv #rbc
“L’Orient le Jour” historical building, witness of the civil war. Take a look inside...#buildingwithfire #exhibition #jeanboghossian #beirut #beyrouth #beyrouthlife #art #contemporaryart #beiruthsouks #lebanon #otv
Sam Smith is not yet over Brandon Flynn. The singer opened up about this during a recent chat with The Times where he spoke about his private life, his music, and how he has been coping since his sudden split from the 13 Reasons Why star. “I’m still trying to figure out what I took from that relationship and what it meant to me,” he shared. “It’s still quite raw.” Recall that the rumour of their splitsurfaced in June after 26-year-old Smith was spotted partying at Canibar in Boston’s Theater District with a small group of friends, while 24-year-old Flynn was in New York City for the 2018 New York City LGBT Pride March with his pals. A quick check of their Instagram showed they have both unfollowed each other, and Smith has also deleted all of his photos with Flynn. Now, Smith is dealing with heartbreak and tells The Times that his ex is a “wonderful” person. All my relationships have ended in a nice way, never nasty.” #olias .tv #otv #samsmith #brandonflynn #relationship #heartbreak
Britney Spears has reached a new child support agreement with her ex, Kevin Federline, who had been hounding her for more money. Recall that their new drama started earlier this year after the DJ who was married to the pop star for two years filed legal documents requesting a change in their child support agreement, adding that the singer will cover his attorney’s fees associated with the case. Spears reportedly had been paying him $20,000 in child support since 2008 for their two sons, Sean, 12, and Jayden, 11. But in March of this year, Federline wanted to renegotiate the terms, and so took the matter to court. In the documents he filed on May 22, Federline said his income decreased since their last agreement, that he believed Spears’ annual income is around $34 million, while his own income is estimated at $3,000 a month, which is “less than 1 percent” of Spears’ estimated income. He further added that currently lives in a 2,000 square foot home with his current wife, their two children, two children from a previous marriage and the two sons he shares with Spears. As a result, he cannot provide a similar lifestyle the kids enjoy with Spears. Now, The Blast has confirmed that Spears, 36, has agreed to fork over several thousand more dollars each month in child support to Federline. However, it was unclear as at press time, how much she agreed to pay him. We can’t wait to see how it all pans out. #olisa .tv #otv #britneyspears #kevinfederline #relationship #childsupport #courtcase
Cardi B has taken to her Instagram to celebrate after her collaborative song with Maroon 5, Girls Like You, topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Not too long I was dancing for dollars,” said the rapper, before encouraging other artists to work with her and make some money. “Fuck with me and make some money.” This comes mere weeks after her single, I Like It, topped the chart, making it two songs off her debut album to break the record. Now, she holds the record for the only female rapper with three No. 1 songs in the history of the chart. #olisa .tv #otv #cardib #girlslikeyou #maroon5 #no1
Pete Davidson has opened up on some of the troubles he has faced since his relationship with Ariana Grande became public. The comedian spoke about this during as interview on “The Howard Stern Show” Monday, where he spoke about why he quit using his social media platforms. “I got a death threat. Someone wanted to shoot me in the face because she’s so hot,” he told Stern. “Do you know how insane that is? I was like, ‘Am I that ugly that people want to shoot me in the face?’ And about their love affair, Davidsonsaid, “It’s, like, the weirdest, coolest thing that’s ever happened.” He further spoke about his borderline personality disorder as “everything feeling so extreme,” adding that he was concerned about his mood swings affecting his significant other until the “No Tears Left To Cry” singer came along. “I was (afraid) until I met her,” he continued. “I just think we are supposed to be together. Before we started dating, I went through a list of really hot guys on the internet and I was like, ‘Are you sure?’ I was like ‘Here is all of One Direction. Are you sure?’ I scrolled through everybody.” This comes barely three months after the duo cnfirmed their engagement. #olisa .tv #otv #petedavidson #arianagrande #celebritycouples
Real Madrid’s Luka Modric claimed FIFA’s The Best award for 2018 to end Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s duopoly of world football’s top player prize. The Croatia playmaker was presented with the award following a ceremony in London on Monday night. Modric becomes the first Croatian player to win the award after an outstanding year for club and country. The 32-year-old was instrumental in winning Real Madrid’s third Champions League title in as many seasons, while he captained Croatia to their first World Cup final, winning the Golden Ball at the tournament. Modric ousted former teammate Ronaldo and Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah on the final three-man shortlist to win, after beating the same pair to win UEFA’s Men’s Player of the Year award for the 2017-18 season. Ronaldo and Messi had won every FIFA World Player of the Year award, which was renamed the FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2010 and The Best in 2016, since 2007 when Kaka was victorious. France boss Didier Deschamps took home the prize for best manager after leading Les Bleus to their second World Cup title with a 4-2 triumph over Croatia in the July final. Deschamps’ victory was the second straight year a French coach has won the award. Former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane was honored in 2017. Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois was voted the best goalkeeper. The former Chelsea man helped Belgium to the semifinals of the World Cup before losing to eventual champs France. Lyon’s Reynald Pedros won women’s coach of the year, Peru fans won the FIFA fan award, the FIFA Fair Play honour was given to former VVV-Venlo striker Lennart Thy, and Brazil’s Marta was named the female player of the year. David De Gea, Dani Alves, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Marcelo, Luka Modric, N’Golo Kante, Eden Hazard, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo were named to the FIFPro World XI. #olisa .tv #otv #lukamodric #ronaldo #fifathebestawards
Collins & Co. ~ 2016 Malbec From the Limestone Coast in the southeast, this Malbec is a deep ruby colour with sweet floral, red berry & dried herb aromas rounded out by a palate of ripe fruit & soft milk chocolate acidity. 📸 @richard_jefferson
First Day back on the track and we got that good work in. Former member of The Vipers Track Club now freshman for the Fighting Illini Phillip Hall @phillipmichaelhall stopped by on his way to class all smiles and had plenty of jokes. Remember what he said guys "I just want ya'll to know...college ain't easy. I know Coach Lowe told ya'll but take it from a real G.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣." How could you not love this kid😅. #OTV #Vipers4Life
Posted wit my lil bro"s ona VBLOCK #GSHINE #OTV
BREAKING - According to Saharareporters, President Muhammadu Buhari had approved 20bn for ASUU to revitalise Public Universities. Emmm...yeah...a penny for your thoughts on this? #olisa .tv #otv #asuu #presidentmuhammadubuhari #universities
BREAKING - Sahara Reporters reveal that ex-workers of Nigerian Airways finally get their retirement benefit. After 15 years, President Muhammadu Buhari approves 22.68bn for Nigerian Airways retirees. #olisa .tv #otv #muhammadubuharibuhari #nigerianairways
We told you Ebuka Obi Uchendu was a man of integrity. So after missing out on the Merry Men Movie Premiere with everyone waiting to see his latest Agbada show, the Agbada lord himself made a public apology to us. Please swipe to read. Why won't we live Ebuka too much? What's there not to love? Who else would do this? Apologize with a trip to Dubai...abeg the real MVP is???? #olisa .tv #otv #ebukaobiuchendu #merrymen #agbadachallenge
Nothing beats a beautiful mind...This photo of Rihanna in Malawi has got us feeling a certain type of way...we really do love her to bits. #olisa .tv #otv #rihanna #malawi #humility
Yeni araç alımlarında 17 bin TL’ye kadar düşüş WWW.MUHASEBEWEB.COM #otv #ötv
En ucuz otomobilde ÖTV oranı 3 bin lira düştü. Cumhurbaşkanlığı kararnamesiyle ÖTV oranları için alınan taban matrahlar indirildi. https://netdesin.com/arac-alacaklara-otv-mujdesi/ #haber #Teknoloji #OTV #Otomotiv
Cumhurbaşkanlığından beklenen ÖTV adımı geldi ! Bu kararnameye göre motor hacmi 1600 cc ve altı olan araçların ÖTV matrahı alt limiti 46 bin TL'den 70 bin TL'ye, üst limiti ise 80 bin TL'den 120 bin TL'ye çıkarıldı. Matrahı 70.000 TL'yi aşmayan araçlar için ÖTV yüzde 45, 70-120 bin TL arasında kalanlar için yüzde 50, 120 bin TL ve üstü 1.6 litre araçlar için ise yüzde 60 olarak belirlendi. Bununla beraber motor hacmi 2000 cc'yi geçmeyen otomobillerin ÖTV matrahlarında da düzenlemeye gidildi. Bu modellerin alt limiti 114 bin TL'den 85 bin TL'ye inmiş durumda. Matrah düzenlemeleri en ucuz otomobillerde 8 bin 100 TL, en pahalılarında ise 11 bin 500 TL ucuzlama sağlayacak. Siz bu düzenlemeden memnun musunuz ? #ötv #ötvindirimi #otv #otvindirimi #motor1türkiye #motor1 #araç #araba #otomobil #auditurkiye #bmwturkiye #mercedesturkiye #renaulttürkiye #fiatturkiye #chevroletturkiye #fordturkiye #hondaturkiye #hyundaitürkiye #kiatürkiye #seatturkiye #volkswagenturkiye
The National Assembly has postponed the resumption of plenary earlier scheduled for September 25, to October 9, 2018. This was disclosed in a statement issued Sunday by the clerk of the National Assembly, M. A. Sani-Omolori. According to him, the sudden change was due to the activities of the primaries of political parties. Omolori, therefore, asked the lawmakers to resume plenary by 10:00 am on October 9. There had been apprehensions over the resumption of plenaries following the cross-carpeting of the Senate President Bukola Saraki and House Speaker Yakubu Dogara from the ruling All Progressives Congress to the Peoples Democratic Party. APC lawmakers have threatened a change of leadership, a move their PDP colleagues have vowed to resist. #olisa .tv #otv #apc #pdp #bukolasaraki
Hilary Duff has shared the downside which horribly counters the perks of being a celebrity: being stalked by strangers looking to make money out of your discomfort. The pregnant actress was forced to post the video of her altercation with a paparazzo who she said trailed her to her son’s soccer game, then to her sister’s house, then while she was running errands. In the video, Duff challenges the man who insists that he has yet to get a photo of her, and she politely but firmly told him to leave her alone, while also noting that she is pregnant. “[i]f a non ‘celeb’(I’m sorry to use that word) was dealing with this the law would be involved,” said Duff who is expecting her second child with her boyfriend Matthew Koma. Yep...we totally agree. #olisa .tv #otv #hilaryduff #matthewkoma #pregnancy #paparazzi
Senator Ben Murray Bruce left a few words for Nigerian Artiste Davido and his Family in line with Osun state's election last weekend and we just want to what you think : is the Senator making common Sense🤔? #olisa .tv #otv #senatorbenmurray #commonsense #davido #adelekes #osundecides #osunstate #pdp #apc
Sıfır Araç Al | ÖTV İNDİRİMİ ➕ HURDA ARAÇ İNDİRİMİ ➕ SANA ÖZEL FİYAT ☑️ HAYALİNDEKİ ARABA 😇🤣💪🏽😍 #ötv #otv #car #araba #cars #mercedes #bmw #honda
Winter Blanco has exposed rapper Lil Uzi Vert on Instagram. The former reality TV star took to her page to share the screenshot of her DM which shows the message the rapper had sent her. And from the brief conversation, it is apparent that Uzi wanted to start off a sort of relationship (business or otherwise) but the reality star was not having it. “Wait you fuck w my homegirl Dream,” said the reality star to the rapper, prompting him to get out of her DM. As expected, the post has stirred major reactions on social media, with many criticising Winter for exposing the rapper on such a huge platform. Oh wow... #olisa .tv #otv #dream #liluzi #winterblanco
Carole Baaklini كيف بدها تعبر عن حالها في لوكا بيتش ؟ لوين جنونها رح يوصلها و مين بدو يتحداها ؟ سوا كل إثنين بعد الأخبار على شاشة أل OTV #Like our #page and Follow our #instagram #TheLocaBeach موعدنا كل إثنين بعد الأخبار #Loca #Beach #Christina #Summer #Fun #Dance #Game #show #locabeach #flyingeyes #tarekworks #otv #instasummer #monday #season2 Credits #TarekWorks #FlyingEyes
Serena Williams and Meghan Markle are more than just friends. The tennis champion spoke about her friendship with the Duchess of Sussex in a recent interview with Australia’s “The Project,” in which she said they stay in touch regularly. “We were actually just texting each other this morning,” said Williams, adding, “We have known each other for a long time, but we really are relying on each other a lot recently.” The women reportedly met in 2010 and their bond has grown stronger ever since. In May, the athlete and husband Alexis Ohanian attended Markle’s historical wedding to Prince Harry. #olisa .tv #otv #meghanmarkle #serenawilliams #friendship
Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your shape!!! Watch me this Saturday to learn more about your body type. #bodytype #dress #fashion #morphology #otv #selflove
Otomotiv sektörüne ÖTV düzenlemesi #eso #esohaber #sanayi #ticaret #ekonomi #otv #matrah
Daralan otomotiv piyasasına ÖTV desteği geldi. Bugünden geçerli olmak üzere vergisiz fiyatı 70 bin TL’yi geçmeyen ve 1600 cc’ye kadar motor hacmine sahip otomobillerde ÖTV yüzde 45’e düşürüldü. Vergisiz fiyatı 70-120 bin TL arasındaki modellerde ÖTV yüzde 50 olarak uygulanacak. ÖTV ve KDV dahil 120 bin TL değerindeki otomobiller en alt dilime, 212 bin 400 TL değerindeki otomobiller ise üst dilime girecek. Daha önce bu limitler 78 bin TL ile 141 bin TL arasındaydı. 141 bin TL’nin üzerindekiler yüzde 60’lık ÖTV dilimine giriyordu. Şimdi 1.6 litre ve altı motora sahip araçlardan sadece 212 bin 400 TL üzerindekiler yüzde 60’lık dilime girecek. #otv #indirim #otomobilhaberleri #otomobilog #yeniotomobil #audi #alfaromeo #bmw #renault #ford #volvo #volkswagen #skoda #captur #otomobil #indirim
Nicki Minaj and Lewis Hamilton have fueled the rumour that they are dating after they were both seen in Dubai. The duo was spotted by a fan after they exited an elevator of an unnamed hotel in Abu Dhabi last night. While the race car champ was dressed up in sporty getup, Nicki was dripping in Versace. Okay...we really need to know whats up with this two... #olisa .tv #otv #nickiminaj #lewishamilton #dubai #datingrumor
New song dropping soon #OTV #GTA
Tonight is the premiere of the movie Merry Men and what began as #agbadachallenge , a bet to outshine Ebuka and his infamous Agbada has turned out to be a case of Merry Women...I bet Ebuka and the rest of the Yoruba Demons would be scared tonight. Ladies rock tonight! #olisa .tv #otv #merrymen #moviepremiere #agbadachallenge
@clarisse_agbegnenou au sommet du monde pour la 3e fois (2014,2017,2018) ! 🔥🎉 Notre Queen a été impériale . 5 combats 5 ippons. Concentrée et déterminée, c'est avec grand professionnalisme et classe qu'elle est allée chercher ce troisième titre. Magnifique. FÉLICITATIONS CLARISSE ! Joie, émotions et danse concluent cette journée pour notre rscc girl qui rejoint Brigitte Deydier, Lucie Decosse et Gevrise Émane au nombre de titres mondiaux ! 👏👏👏 📷photo souvenir de nos campinois en direct de Baku. @barbichon57 . Qu'elles sont belles nos médaillées @buchardamandine_52 @clarisse_agbegnenou ! Toutes nos ondes positives sont envoyées à @anne_fatou qui combattra mercredi ! #rsccgirlonfire #ffjudo #champigny #rsccjudo 🔵🔴 #judoworlds2018 #otv #mtdfinances #eiffage #departement94
what a view☀️😏
Mein erster 10 er seit 7 Monaten... ich strebe 1:10 h für #palmamarathon #zafiropm18 am 14.10.18 und #rocknroll in #denver am 21.10.18 an #10k ... wünscht mir #glück #happiness #laufen #running #fibromyalgie #fibromalgia #otv #laufliebe
. شاشة التيتا ماري المفضلة هي #otv بس عندها رأي خاص ببرنامج اللوكا بيتش ا😂 #lebanon #beirut #otv #lebanesememes
You head over seas If you think we ain’t getting a fucking bag 🤦🏾‍♂️🖤🦅🤮 and if up his dumbass you know I popped mines 💰 #OTV @jus_pablo #FREEBANKROLLBITCH
The latest episode of @auxcordradio is up for streaming. Link in bio. Salute to @ask4dave for coming thru and putting down a mean ass set. I can honestly say this is a top 5 fav episode of mine, simply because it embodies the #ACR aesthetic...#Discovery #Nostalgia #DopeAssVibes . Press play and enjoy. #Dotify #WaveProvider #AuxCordMyLord #LiveRadio #LiveRadioShow #OTV #ACR
The latest episode of @auxcordradio is up for streaming. Link in bio. Salute to @ask4dave for coming thru and putting down a mean ass set. I can honestly say this is a top 5 fav episode of mine, simply because it embodies the #ACR aesthetic...#Discovery #Nostalgia #DopeAssVibes . Press play and enjoy. #Dotify #WaveProvider #AuxCordMyLord #LiveRadio #LiveRadioShow #OTV #ACR
One reason why we love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is because she is unafraid to shake tables eventhough it has her kinsmen on it. Today she airs her views on brideprice and how much she feels money should be cut out of the whole marriage process. #olisa .tv #otv #chimamandangozieadichie #brideprice
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