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Here are some of my Marvel posters, retouched copies of the original covers. Some are first issues, others are later ones! #Marvel #DC #MarvelorDC #Nerd #MarvelFan #comicbooks #DrStrange #OriginalNickFury #Moonnight
[I know this wasn't exactly what we were supposed to do, but I wanted to have my own take on it. ] "What the hell," I say peculiarly as I look down to my skin tone. I just woke up and it seems over night my hair has been lost and Ive become African-American. "What the hell do you think you're doing! You must be a fool to try to impersonate the director of SHIELD!" Someone screams. I look up to see a man who looks exactly like me, aiming his gun in my direction. "Me impersonate you?" I ask confused. The man then seems to realize that he is now white and has a full head of hair. "By any chance do I look like you?" He asks bewildered. "Yeah do I look like you," I question back. "Yes," he says, "Oh Hell No! I did not just switch bodies with some random ass civilian!" He yells putting his gun away. "Civilian? Sir I am the director of SHIELD!" I bark back. "Just because you got my body, doesn't make you the Director of SHIELD!" He screams. "I was director before we switched bodies!" I yell and put my hand on my head realizing he has an eye patch too. By the look at my face, he touches his eye and reveals that we both have eyepatches. After that we just look each other up and down for a while. "Do you think...um...that we could be like alternates or somethin?"he asks sighing. "It's possible," I state. I walk out of my office and he follows me, and then we see it. We weren't the only ones to meet our opposites. Outside dozens of heroes battle their alternates. "Worlds have collided!" I yell over the roar of the battle. "This is one hell of a freaky Friday!" He yells. [#BeXtremeWritingChallenge ]
GREAT START TO A MURDER MYSTERY...MARVEL'S ORIGINAL SIN NO. 1 #marvelcomics #originalsin #captainamerica #originalnickfury #nickfury #avengers #horsemencomicsandtoys