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quavo with coach kirby ‼️ (via: @bkgantt )
Quavo with coach kirby 💯
are these customized sweatshirts??😍😍
Quavo... this culture tattoo is FYE AS HELL😩 ( shot by: @asubers )
caption this😍😂 (shot by: @asubers )
man Quavo is a whole ass mood right now😩
Takeoff’s outgoing side: a rare sight 😂😂😂
takeoff a dj now?? im here for it 🤪 have yall listened to MENACE II SOCIETY by MigoDomingo? its 🔥🔥 go listen to it. (via: @migodomingo )
this is one of my new favorite Set outfits 😍😍 (shot by: @oggizery_june )
they were JAMMIN’ 🕺🏾🕺🏾 #throwback
this solar system aint no joke 💎👀 (via: @atlpics )
Quavo at the Wells Fargo Center😍 (via: @kofiecarter )
Quavo at the Wells Fargo Arena 😍😍
whew Cardi looking BUTE at Migos’ after party at Vanity Grand Philly 😍😍 (via: @migos.nation )
H U N C H O 😍 (via: @atlpics )
K U L T U R E 🌸🌷 (shot by: @brandondull )
Memphis Massacre out now! Available on ALL platforms @yrndukedeuce (das my city🤪)
“Hehehehe thats cool” 💀 that moment will ALWAYS be funny to me💀💀
Made Men😌❤️
aye @kodakblack this beat is LITTTT. get @yrntakeoff on it 😋
okaayyyy👀 i know yall see Take’s biceps 😍 (shot by: @brandondull )
im tryna get like Set🤪
when he slammed that paddle😂😂😂 (via: @kinghuncho91 )
Can Set make a fashion class? bc i would ACTUALLY pay for Offset to teach me how to drip like him 😩 can we make this a thing? @offsetyrn
Takeoff with a young fan 😍 ( via: @itzjere_lit )
O F F S E T styled by @balthazarfromparis for @numeromagazine (shot by: @daiifrlol )
Q U A V O styled by: @balthazarfromparis for @numeromagazine (shot by: @daiifrlol )
🚀 styled by @balthazarfromparis for @numeromagazine (shot by: @daiifrlol )
T A K E O F F styled by @balthazarfromparis for @numeromagazine (shot by: @daiifrlol )
i told yall... Set dont play when you mess with his family... oops, ya brought the savage set out. now you gotta pay 🤷🏾‍♀️
this looks like a local gas station commercial 😂😂 (via: @yrn_murk )
double C Chanel imma SWIPE SWIPE SWIPE ☀️🔥 (shot by: @brandondull )
quavo talking about Saweetie. “i was comfortable” 😂😂😂 @saweetie
ive had “Workin me” stuck in my head all week😂
2/3 Migos 🤩😍
awe this was cute😂 (via: @lilpeaches_910 )
i hope everyone is in a Set mood today🤪 @offsetyrn
Mr.Takeoff, we are still “WAITING ON IT” 😭 @yrntakeoff
this that shit 🤪 (via: @rik__akil )
this watch is sexy 🤤🤤 (via: @rik__akil )
you know what would be cute? if Quavo made a remix to Saweetie’s song “ICY GIRL” and named it “Glacier Boy Remix”😍😍 Can we make that happen?😩 @quavohuncho @saweetie
Dabbin is a way of 👏🏾FASHION
Its Pikachu i see you boo👀💓
RIP Mac Miller 😔 🕊 (via: @migosyrn.news )
Kulture’s Parents 😍😍
Backstage at the Jeremy Scott Fashion Show😍😍
Qua and 21 at the Jeremy Scott Fashion Show
Saweetie and Quavo at the Fashion Show 🤩 😍(via: @kimdillard )
Quavo with Jeremy Scott at the fashion show in NYC
Set is so good to Cardi😩 and look at him and Kulture😭 SO BUTE
Takeoff at @vintageframes 😍 (shot by: @brandondull )
🔥🔥 #throwback
Set for @numeromagazine Sept. issue 😍
Migos X @draislv 🔥 (shot by: @eddie.hundreds )
Damn Belcalis 😭😍 (via: @dabaddiecardib )
we are ready when you are Qua 😌
Yessirrr i do want a piece🤤 this cake looks good, and i dont even like cake 😂
A Hood Casino 💀
you can really see the love in Cardi’s eyes when she looks at Kulture 😩😍 #mommabardi @iamcardib (via: @gangsta.cardi )
HOT SUMMER MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW !!🔥🔥🔥 (@migos ) (@offsetyrn @yrntakeoff @quavohuncho ) Follow @migomaniacs for more Migos 🚀 ••••••••••••••••••••••••• #migosnation #offset #offsetyrn #takeoff #migos #yrntakeoff #quavo #quavohuncho #takeoffnation 🚀 #datway #offsetnation #quavonation #migogang #bardigang #cardib #cardi #culture #culture2 #migosatl #migosyrn #QC
the Whole gang had a “Hot Summer”🤪🔥😂
I love the vibe of this video 🤩
Hot summer out now!! 🔥🔥
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