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ahh this is going to be a fun video! also i’m so glad it’s friday this week has been A LOT
i am so STOKED for 5sos asdfghjkl 5 DAYS!!
you guYSSSS!!! my mom texted me while i was at school today and told me she got me 5sos tickets and i’m getting to miss school on monday so i can go out to the venue super early with my friends so i can get a good spot asdfghjkl IM SO HAPPY i didn’t think i was going to get to go!! :,))
colls new video was everything i ever needed
today is homecoming at my school!! it’s going to be so much fun asdfghjkl mostly bc we aren’t going to class today lmao
i’ve felt pretty bad today but THANK GOD my teachers didn’t assign that much homework, i truly feel blessed akdhakfi how was your guys day?!!
apparently im a story time account now lmao (also this video is from @paytonsux 's im a ladle fourchord vlog from last year) so long story kinda short last year fourchord was on my birthday and i somehow convinced my mom to drive me and my friend like 3-4 to pittsburgh for it so we went in for vip and heard @asummerhigh 's and the two other people's acoustic sets and then we got to take pictures with ash and i gave them all a gift and got @jamesmeetsfame to write me a tattoo so like fast forward an hour of so in which me and my friend sat on the ground listening to various groups playing while also paying attention to the girls and a summer highs social media so then we saw the girls were there so our next mission was to find them which tbh wasnt that difficult so i gave @colliscool and @gabi.rago their gifts first bc payton wasnt there yet so we were just talking to them and they had me tie bracelets on them and then payton got there and gave me a big hug and said she liked my hair then wished me a happy birthday and i gave her her gift so then fast forward a bit of us just hanging out with a summer high and the girls and then it was like an hour maybe before they had to preform so we went in bc 7 minutes in heaven were right before them but like near the end of their performance we moved by the stage where a summer high was bouta perform so then at like 3:45 the girls came up to where we were and were like "are you excited for a summer high" and then we talked a bit and then it was officially my birthday and i was 16 and then the girls sang me happy birthday and then payton vlogged that bit and then after ash we went outside again and hung out some more until my mom came and picked us up but i hadnt said bye yet so i like ran up to them and gave the girls and james all hugs bye (idk where the rest of ash were) and the girls had just gotten mcdonalds so they were tryna hold food and say bye to me but omg it was the best day of my life and honestly the best birthday i probably will ever have and bro omg i miss them so much they mean the world to me i started crying writing this bc i miss them so much
i’m literally so self conscious idk what to do with myself wkdhakudji i don’t want to go to school today fuCk
ahh i’m so happy for all the people who got to meet coll yesterday!!❤️wish i could’ve been there asdfghjkl
why is coll literally the most iconic 5sos stan akdhakxusj i want this shirt wtf
New theme, I know you voted against it, but is going to be mainly Tom Holland related stuff #tomholland #fandom #fandoms #glassanimals #twentyonepilots #hippocampus #declanmckenna #froy #devankey #noahoxendale #samholland #harryholland
AKHDAJISIS YOU GUYS! i haven’t been as active on here recently for some reason and i missss youuuu!!!! tell me about ur day or how school is going or dm me and we can talk about things idk i feel like i don’t interact as much anymore SO LETS CHAT AND BE FRIENDS
i don’t feel good mental wise but i’m going to try to be positive bc i see my friends today woooo i hope you all have a good day today as well <3
Ugh, I have been at school for one week, and am already swimming in homework #tomholland #fandom #fandoms #glassanimals #twentyonepilots #hippocampus #declanmckenna #froy #devankey #noahoxendale #samholland #harryholland
My new theme is going to consist of mainly Tom, even though you voted against it #tomholland #fandom #fandoms #glassanimals #twentyonepilots #hippocampus #declanmckenna #froy #devankey #noahoxendale #samholland #harryholland
i’m going over to my boyfriends house today i cant wait to see his dog akchskshxjssj
THE SONG IS A BOP!!!! i’m so proud of them omg it’s so good they sound amazing akxhakhxkajsb
i want to go swimming today bc summer is almost over and it’s making me sad
this is so relatable school is awful it’s the most stressful thing ever asdfghjkl pls send help i have so much work to do ahhhhh
i’ve had the worst morning so far i’m hoping it gets better as the day goes on asdfghjkl
i have so much homework to get done tonight idk if i’ll even be able to do it
my boyfriend was just over and we watched some marvel movies and now my shirt smells like him and i don’t want to take it off asdfghjkl
my boyfriend is coming over today and we’re going to watch a bunch of movies together but i like can’t even be excited about it bc my friend is mad at me and i’m like freaking out bc i want her to forgive me but i don’t think she wants to talk to me :((
I am not ready for school to start, I just want to see my friends and be done with it #tomholland #fandom #fandoms #glassanimals #twentyonepilots #hippocampus #declanmckenna #froy #devankey #noahoxendale #samholland #harryholland
I have been inactive enjoy some old photos, after today, I am going to try a new theme, so sorry for irrelevant tags #tomholland #fandom #fandoms #glassanimals #twentyonepilots #hippocampus #declanmckenna #froy #devankey #noahoxendale #samholland #harryholland
bummed coll isn’t coming to my city BUT i’m super proud of her and really happy for those of you who do get to go!!
someone pls make me do my homework i don’t want to do it but i can’t keep procrastinating it ahhh
going to school especially on mondays makes me so anxious asdfghjkl
i’m going over to my friends house today and she wants me to spend the night but i’m doing stuff EVERY DAY this weekend and i’m just already so drained from being around people i can’t but i feel bad😩
y’all i’m going on a date tonight and i’m feeling so anxious about it asdfghjkl pray for me
i have to present in marketing today and i literally would rather do anything else plus my partner has no idea what their even talking about AKDHAJASOE IM SO NERVOUS
my marketing class and just school in general makes me so anxious!! asdfghjkl :((( i hate school sm ugh
i want to go to the pool with my friend today but at the same time i kinda just want to lay in bed and watch netflix sooooo
i wrote an essay today and i didn’t even get to finish it i’m going to get a horrible grade asdfghjkl wish me luck
My brother is going to college, and I am sort of jealous, but I know I am not ready for it #tomholland #fandom #fandoms #glassanimals #twentyonepilots #hippocampus #declanmckenna #froy #devankey #noahoxendale #samholland #harryholland
current mood bc i started school yesterday and i haTE IT
asdfghjkl i have a hair appointment today bc i wanted to change my hair color but now i’m kind of second guessing it ahhhh. my hair is pink rn and i was going to change it to blonde BUT IDK WHAT TO DO ALDJSJDJSK
sorry i’ve been kind of inactive these past few days!! i was on vacation for a bit and now i’m just having a few rough days and not feeling too well :(( BUT! i’m seeing dan and phil tonight so i’m excited!
my brain is a mess rn asdfghjkl ugh
I love this picture of mason hehe aLSO it’s been a year since the first time I saw and met a summer high and when I met the girlies :”))) i’ve been watching coll since january of 2015 and meeting her 2 years later meant sm to me and ngl I cried and i’ve discovered all the girls over time since finding coll and I love talking to them sm they’re all the sweetest ugh I just love them all so much i’ve also seen and met ash since then i just- UGH I love them all so much and their some of the sweetest humans ever and they’re all so fun to hang out with they mean mean a lot to me and have helped me so much idk what id so without them and I cannot believe it’s been a year since that amazing ass day :”))))))) - - - tags {ignore} #masonlevi #masonleviedit #jamesanthony #noahoxendale #lukeoxendale #colliscool #gabirago #paytonsux #asummerhight #picsart #picsartedit #phonto #phontoedit #photoedit
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