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He looks so good πŸ˜ͺ
I'm having a shit day and it's barely 10:30 am :)πŸ‘πŸ»
This content is making me emotional Cr: @ THollandNews (Twitter)
I have a crap ton of hw
Wasn't gonna post today cuz my mom was in a car accident but thankfully she is ok and homeπŸ™β€
He saw you and said "Y/N?" when he did so, he didn't see the huge hammer comming up his way. Something popped out of the blue and stopped it. It was Peter? You saw the mask from the bus, but this time he was wearing a whole suit. While pushing the hammer away, Tony said "Did you see her there?", he said it stuttering and confused. You quickly hid behind a tree. They both looked where you were at. "She can't be. She was on that bus..", You could tell it was Peter's voice. More flashbacks were popping up. You saw Peter and Tony, they were talking about the new something and how there were press standing behind a door to see the new -----. The flashback ended before you could make out what that word was. You heard them discussing about how he came back from a field trip and all. You knew at that moment that it was for sure Peter... TBC..
Tom in Prague. Dont really have a caption
I feel as though not enough people have seen this! I don’t take credit for this. I don’t know who made this #tomholland #tomholland #nikihollandphotography #domholland #paddyholland #samholland #harryholland #tesaholland #friends #tomhollandedit #tomhollandmeme
I love you so _______________________________________________________ Credit @dfxdits
I miss himπŸ€§πŸ’™β€πŸ’•
You stopped the bus. You said that you didn't feel so well to the bus driver. He stopped the bus and You ran out of it and towards the spaceship. You looked behind you to see Ned lip syncing "No, No, No!". You saw Ned slowly chasing you. But you were really fast. Suddenly he couldn't see you anymore. You were in a rush. Knowing something was happening and Peter was in a bad situation. While running you opened your backpack, it had tazers and guns in it which you got from your Aunt Nat. She was busy somewhere for a business trip and left you those weapons to stay safe. Suddenly you started getting flashbacks. You saw you and Peter. He was on the ceiling and you were laughing. Ned was there too. Because of this you started getting more and more nervous. All of the parts were connecting. You were getting closer and closer. You saw Iron Man.. . TBC.... . . (Sorry, I know it's short but I want you to stay interested and keep the suspense! Hope you enjoy! ❀)
You got in such a bad car accident... You end up loosing all you memory about what happened when you moved to Queens. This happened before you went on a field trip. You couldn't remember anyone and were by yourself. You were always confident but since the memory lose you have been shy and quiet. On the way back to from your fieldtrip you saw "Peter" he was your boyfriend and always was there for You. Ever since you forgot him you didn't feel the same way about him, well not yet. He would always look at you and you could see that he misses you a lot. He always would stare a bit and finally you waved from the back of the bus. He started tapping his friend Ned. "she waved at me. Could she remeber?" Peter said smilingly. Suddenly Ned said "we're all gonna die", you looked to see a space ship. You looked back to see Peter put some arm bracelets. Out of that came string. He opened a window and left the bus. You could see you were the only one to notice. And you knew Ned knew something about this. You looked to the window and saw peter's outfit with a weird mask on swinging down the bridge. He started swinging to what you assumed was the spaceship. You knew you couldn't leave him, even though you don't really know him anymore.... TBC....
Yall still following me are real onesπŸ€§πŸ’“πŸ˜©
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