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All the falls pt. 2
Well soon some Faroe island skies hopefully. But I’m rather glad for our southern Swedish skies as well. Gonna try out some time lapses this time as well.. gn a be gr8 🇫🇴🌌
Throwback to the Pakistani Himalayas. I truly believe that I am happiest when I’m out and about in nature on some kind of trip. It is pure freedom and simple living. Everyday life at home in the city is complicated. There are som many choices, and so much (self made) pressure to master and achieve everything from preparing a healthy dinner for the family to squeezing in enough exercise every day. Life as a mom and entrepreneur can be quite daunting some times. My biggest challenge these days is mastering the normal life. I am very happy though when I can take small breaks and do what i love the most. @ronny_frimann ready for a coffee soon?
Однажды ты совершенно случайно окажешься в нужное время в нужном месте, и миллионы дорог сойдутся в одной точке..... #nature #naturelovers #naturelover #natureaddict #pretty #nice #photooftheday #weather #day #mothernature #beautiful #beautifulday #outdoors #sky #sun #happyday #happylife #real #sunset #sunrise #blue #медведь
Getting lost in the mountains is my favorite thing on earth...
; I took this picture in the Summer of 2015 when I visited Montreal for a week. It was the farthest I had travelled in Canada (oh the places we'll go) and I always find myself going back to this time of my life. . The waters rushed by as the current picked up, there was nothing calm in the rapids but that's exactly what I felt watching their chaos. . It was a beginning of my adventures, as an individual, and the beginning of me expressing myself through everything I would see. . An agile white beard with a black cutting head would become a needle and dive into the current, quickly springing out again as if it was bathing itself when really it was hunting for food. . And so on that hot summer day contrasted by the coolness of the water splashing, I felt a new facet started to shape in my life, another reflection that I could build myself upon if light would strike this side of me by chance in the near future. . Spoiler alert - the light was blinding.
The wonderful #huntingtongardens 🌱🌴🌵 Such an amazing place. Today is my last day here in #losangeles ...soon 🔜 to airport.
Big things often have small beginnings.
One of my favorite places 📸 Thanks to the boys @yvxsb @nxco.z @arroyo_pablo 😝 _____________________________________ #coast #southengland
Älskar att gosa in hela nyllet i @jonasgfilm 😄 finns ingen annan som doftar så gott som du 🤗
Mont Saint Michel, France – A rocky tidal island in Normandy, located approximately 1 km off the coast. The island’s highest point is 92 meters (301 feet) above sea level. The population of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is only a few dozens, but visited by more than 3 million people each year. The strong tides in the area change quickly, and connect and disconnects the island from the mainland on a daily basis #view #instalandscape #landscape_lovers #landscape_captures #nature #natureaddict #naturephotography #landscape #igersnormandie #merveillesdefrance #summer2018 #picoftheday #magnifiquefrance #instatravel #normandie #beautifulfrance #igersfrance #igerseurope #master_shots #hello_france #super_france #love_france #merveillesdefrance #travellingthroughtheworld #france_focus_on #france4dreams #great_captures_france #architecturelovers #architecture #montsaintmichel #France https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cheapairticketflights
The Hermitage 🍂 • • Visited the Hermitage in Dunkeld yesterday to stock up on those autumnal colours. It was the best light we’ve had in days and I definitely wasn’t the only photographer that noticed! There’s good reason this place is so popular, can’t wait to show you the rest 😍🙌🏻🌿
Enjoy your sweat because hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but without it you don’t have a chance. Whatever luck I had, I made. I was never natural athlete but i paid my dues with sweat and concentration and took the time necessary to learn. . . Thank you coach @azmirzed & @immadwarrior for this evening. Ni masih boleh menaip lagi maknanya masih kuat la tangan, semalam dah rasa macam octopus 🐙. . . . . #roadtohealthylife #loveyourbody #fitlifestyle #loveyourbody #fitnessmotivation #positivevibes #lifestylefoodandwellnesscoaching #natureaddict #therapysession #runningtherapy
Iceland. One of my favorite countries. I will be there soon for the second time this year. Do you like to revisit places where you hav been? Or prefer to open new countries? What is your favorite? - Есть люди которые гоняются за числом посещенных стран, а есть те кто любит посещать одни и те, если они запали им в душу. Я отношусь ко вторым и уже скоро четвёртый раз в жизни и второй в году буду в Исландии? А вы к какому типу относитесь? Какие страны любите перепосещать? - #followthesun_iceland
“The sun will rise and we will try again.” - Twenty One Pilots
Between Germany and Czech Republic.
jesień w najlepsze. #windowview 👌
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