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When your amazing friends and family rally around and deliver food parcels, take big sis, and drop everything and come running. Thank you everyone for your amazing support and love, I am fighting hard love Phoenix x #blessed #mybiggestfight #amazingfriendsandfamily #fightingthegerms #mynicujourney #hospitallife #foodparcel #tired #whencanwegohome
Me vs me🖤 #mybiggestfight
#WorldMentalHealthDay While we absolutely embrace both men and women equally at Made4TheCage, we aren’t blind to the fact that a vast majority of our audience are male. Male suicide is the biggest cause of death for men under the age of 45 in the UK. This needs to change. Talking, addressing, thinking about the issue is a step further to become a part of the solution. That being said we invite you to use the #MyBiggestFight to share your story. Help leave comments, support for each other. This is a community. You’re not alone.
#worldmentalhealthday Won’t bore you all with the details, but a day very close to the heart. . The number of people experiencing mental illness in the UK is 16 million people. Enough is enough. . It’s time that mental health services are properly funded. Not as propaganda but as a necessity. . 75% of young people with a mental health problem are not receiving treatment. Please understand that there’s nothing wrong with admitting you need help. Break the stigma. . Growing up around addiction, the misconception surrounding it and anger towards it is infuriating. Break the stigma. . Break the damn stigma. #mybiggestfight
This is me starting my weightloss journey I have had the worst time of my life these past months. I was hospitalized with severe depression where they found out that I had BPD. I started with therapy and I had no energy at all and was bed bound most of the days. I had developed Chronique fatigue syndrom was the message I got 2 weeks ago. They also found out at the hospital that I had epilepsy. Its been hell and I started on medication that could cause severe obesity and all these diagnoses I got in 6 months. It just keeps piling on it felt like and I was so done being too sick to do all the things that I loved... So last week I started a diet that I made myself that will follow me for a long time. And I started walking everyday and fixed my sleep schedule. I am not gonna give up so now I have been to the gym for the first time since summer 16, and I have lost 5 cm around my waist. My starting weight is 95 kg and my goal is 70! Going from over 100 kg in squat to a dumbell weighing 8 its tough, but Its better than nothing. I am so happy being back to the gym even tho Its only once a week! So to complete this bible I will start uploading photos from my journey! #weightloss #mentalhealth #fatigue #gym #diet #mybiggestfight #overweight #personal #mystory
Shooting team! 📷 #mybiggestfight
Kom zaterdag 16 juli naar #mybiggestfight #ariejanne evenement in #katwijkaanzee en laat je #knippen of #doneer je #haar en laat je #nagels lakken en nog veel meer en voor de #kids zijn er leuke spelletjes te doen.kortom een #beauty dagje aan #strand en s ' avonds een super #feestavond met #djmartinvooys wij hebben er zin in.....KOM JE OOK...De opbrengst is voor het #goededoel #goededoelenactie Verder is de dag geheel vrijblijvend en de feestavond geheel GRATIS #gratis
This day I will marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with and love unconditionally ❤️ #mylove #mybiggestfight #iwantokillhimsometime #lovehate #hatersgunnahate #ihateyoubutiloveyoumore #boyfriend #husband #hubby #bestfriend #relationship #couple #proudparents