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It's one year exactly. That I received the bomb / confirmation I was having breast cancer. ✨ Well, so much since then I have passed, but I confess: the hardest times were receiving the news and the days before the surgery. ✨ After that everything went on through a soft process of dealing with the necessary treatment and recovery. ✨ I am doing great! And I must thank you all for the great support, it was so important for me during all these days. ✨ Somehow now, at the moment, it feels strange to come here for a post, as it was much easier when my head and body were dealing with the cancer issues. I confess now, I just want to leave it behind, as I feel I want to put an end to the theme. ✨ For the moment, the Battle was won🙏 and I decided to leave this account on a stand by. ✨ I know cancer can come again, I am praying and keeping my healthy lifestyle everyday for it not to come. ✨✨✨ Please FOLLOw me on my other two accounts, where I am active! Share me your love there: @viveroporto 💕 Or the Black & White account: @viveroporto_b 🖤 Or read me at my blog: www.viveroporto.com 💕(link in bio) . ✨ Thank you all for your kind support, I will have you all on my heart, . And Take Good Care of you! 💙 . . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancersurvivor #breastcancerjourney #viveroporto #porto #visitporto #beautifuldestinations #slowliving #livingoutdoors
Grateful, every day. 🙏 Last year, by this day, I was receiving the worst news in my life. ✨ It was like a bomb hitting my head, getting me confused and falling to pieces. ✨ "they are choosing the wrong person for this message, I was thinking, while waiting for someone to come and say, sorry, sorry, it's a mistake.... ✨ It was not. And despite you know bad diseases are there everyday, you never believe it is coming to you...." . . Well, that was last year, those terrible days are gone, I am doing great, I learned a lot..... 🙏 And you know what? Besides the support of family and friends, during all the treatment and recovering process, Yoga has been my anchor., my source for strength. 🙏 Yoga, and Meditation. And It still is.😍 ✨ What about you? Where do you search for your inner strength, when everything around seems to collapse? ✨ . . . . . #viveroporto_yoga #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #slowliving #healthylifestyle #yoga #meditation #livingoutdoors #sustainablelifestyle #livethelittlethings #liveauthentic
Happy New Year 🍁🍂 May 2019 be blissful to us all! . . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #happynewyear #sunset_pics
Staying active is your best option. ✨ Your body will thank you🙏 And breath the nature! / / / / #healthylifestyle #sustainablelifestyle #stayactive #nature #livingoutdoors #rsa_outdoors #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #cancrodamama #autumn
Caught doing the morning Yoga Class at @wanderlust_portugal last Sunday 😍🙏 / It was in Lisbon 29 .C degrees hot 😵 / / / #viveroporto_yoga at #wanderlustportugal / / / / #yogalife #healthylifestyle #breastcancerjourney #breastcancer #cancrodamama #cancer #sustainablelifestyle #livingoutdoors #yogalover / #mybiggestbattle
October is Breast Cancer Month💕🙏 / / More and more women are affected by this disease, but there is always hope and PREVENTION must be one of the key words in our lives. / / / / ✨Go to your routine exams. ✨ Stay active ✨ Rest well ✨ Eat well ✨ Do meditation ✨ Have time for yourself ✨ Stay close to those who love you ✨ Be grateful everyday ✨ Smile to life 🙏 / / / / #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancermonth #breastcancerjourney #cancrodamama #cancer #ipoporto #healthylifestyle #mindfulness #slowliving #nature #livingoutdoors #womanshealth
floating. just letting go..... summer's ending. / / / / #mybiggestbattle / #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #cancer #cancrodamama #floating #sealover #nature
7 months exactly from my surgery🙏 ✨ Time flies, and I have been doing quite well, and every day being grateful for my days. ✨ Now the hardest part is to focus on all my believings, like the healthy lifestyle that I know it is important to keep away the cancer cells. ✨ And you? How is everything going? Do you sometimes cross the line of your inner intentions? ✨ / / / / #breastcancer #mybiggestbattle / #breastcancerjourney #healthylifestyle #cancer #cancrodamama #gratitude
I found in Yoga my other me. It was like every detail of my personality turned perfectly clear for me. The happiness, the struggles, the joy, the frustrations, but at the end an immense quietness and peaceful thinking. I love yoga. And just regret not having discovered it sooner in my life.✨ . , , Now I try to do yoga postures and meditation every day, those are my inner moments, my inner moods, my blessing moments. . And during all my "cancer battle days", yoga was my real therapy. . . This picture was taken last year during my holiday- in a hidden paradise in south of Portugal - Costa Vicentina- with the sweet friend and Yoga Teacher @cassia.yoga_te 💕 . . . #viveroporto_yoga #yogalife #yogainspiration #yoga #breastcancerjourney #mybiggestbattle #breastcancersurvivor #healthylifestyle #cancrodamama #yogagirl #yogainportugal #yogaretreat
5 Months ago - on the 8th of February- I was receiving the most terrible news in my life: I had BreastCancer. * * My world collapsed, and it took me some time to believe that it was really happening to me, that it was not a mistake. * * But yes it was true. And now after all this time I just can say that the worst part of all was exactly that day I received the news. Because after that I woke up everyday and I struggled on, and the only way to move on is to say "Hey you fucking cancer, you are dealing with the wrong person". We can never give in, and I never did. * * I was very fortunate. I was so blessed, I never felt any pain, my surgery went so well and I did not need to go for chemotherapy. * Radiation Therapy went very well also (well, you can read about it on past posts) and now I am just taking my daily pill for 5 or 10 years - Tamoxifen. * * I confess I hate Tamoxifen, but because I hate all pills and medicine, but I am doing perfectly well with it. * * So life goes on now. It's like my new journey. I try to be healthy and to be grateful every day. Every single moment has new meanings for me, so I embrace them with a smile. * Life is a blessing 💕 And I have to thank you all for being there supporting me! * #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #breastcancersurvivor #cancrodamama #cancrodamama
Summer can be easy, summer can be light, summer can be hard..... . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancerjourney #cancrodamama #cancer #breastcancersurvivor #summermood #beach #beachparty
Days are good, life goes on. • staying positive • being thankful • embracing life . . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #cancer #breastcancerjourney #breastcancersurvivor #healthylifestyle #cancrodamama #livinghealthy #gratitude #sealover #porto
The Need of Vitamin D versus my expressed prohibition by doctors to have too much sun this year.... . . I am really a sun girl, it will be so difficult to not go to the beach....😵 . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #radiationtherapy #cancer #healthylifestyle #cancrodamama
Sitting here watching the sun set in my mirror, staring out my windshield like I’m watching a movie and I’ve seen this ending way to many times! Me at work while my families at home and the girls in bed before I get there......... #timeismoney #moneyisnteverything #mybiggestbattle #hardtochangewhatyouare #tomuchtimetothink @loridubois 😕
New awakenings. Welcome June 2018. . . The "Cancer Chapter" never has an end, unfortunately. It's a too serious and too heavy and dense episode in your life that you will live with it till the rest of your days. First, because there is always the possibility that it appears again; second, because - in my case - I have to take a daily pill ( which I really hate!!) for about 10 years!!!! (First they said 5 years, now protocol obliges 10 years!) ✨ ✨ BUT, My first Big Episode of Breastcancer is now over , though - I did the surgery, I did Radiation Therapy- and Life is going on normally after that. ✨ ✨ That's why I want to embrace this second half of 2018 as a new beginning, a new awakening, trying not to think too much of my cancer. ✨ ✨ Positive inner thinking can bring you to positive living and that is my mantra - Expecting the fullest of live with all the new that I have now learned. Because with a cancer episode in your life you learn so much! 🙏 🙏 🙏 Wish you all dear readers and followers a beautiful month of June✨ And thank you all for the care 💕 . . . #breastcancer #mybiggestbattle #breastcancersurvivor #breastcancerjourney #cancrodamama #cancro #cancer #healthylifestyle #positivethinking #slowliving #newbeginnings
Me & beautiful Sara - physiotherapist at @Mamahelp , on my last day of the massaging sessions. . . When you have cancer you need help, and preferably you should search professional help, from people who know how to help you deal with the situation. ✨ Mamahelp in Porto is a wonderful organization created specially to help women with breastcancer, and they have also holistic options, like yoga classes, acupuncture, reiki, healthy nutrition and gym. ✨ I had a pack of 8 physiotherapy sessions, which I took divided between the post surgery, leaving 3 of them to the end and after Radiation therapy, as its side effects last longer than the end of the treatment. ✨ Sara was my guardian angel at Mama Help. Thank you Sara, I will never forget you💕 . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #cancer #breastcancersurvivor #breastcancerjourney #cancro #cancrodamama #mamahelp
Every new day has a new beauty 🌻 Waking up and being grateful is the first step to find it! ✨ Good Morning! . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancerjourney #breastcancer #breastcancersurvivor #cancer #nature #healthylifestyle
"The adrenaline effect" - It was explained to me that During the weeks I was receiving radiation, there is a special routine to it - going everyday to the hospital, in place ritual, getting back home , and mentaliy preparing for next day - that makes body get used to it and it's called The Adrenaline Effect - and even though you can feel a little bit tired, you almost do not notice it. • As soon as treatment is over, that adrenaline effect stops, and body gives in to FATIGUE. • So that is what I am feeling precisely this week - an immense fatigue. And I am really giving my body a rest , except for daily yoga postures 🙏🙏😍 They help me get back my inner strength 💪💪 . . . . #yoga #yogaeveryday #healthylifestyle #brestcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerjourney #radiationtherapy #cancrodamama #mybiggestbattle #yogalifestyle #yogalife #nature
nourishing my body with a natural Açaí & Fruit bowl. • • Despite treatment is over, this week I feel more tired than ever 😵😵 But I will not give in... A little bit of sofa, and early bed in the evening and ALWAYS my 1 hour open air walking and some yoga postures 🙏😘 • • • #breastcancer #radiationtherapy #cancer #breastcancerawareness #cancrodamama #mybiggestbattle #healthylifestyle #vegetarian #plantbaseddiet #thegoodfood #açai
So happy 🌻 . . • Radiation Therapy Chapter is OVER✔️ • 4 weeks daily / 20 sessions ✔️ • side effects of RT will maintain • my skin, in the radiation area is quite red, and feeling like a sunburnt • this year lying in the sun is forbidden 😞😞😞 . , But I am happy💪💪💪 FUCKING CANCER will not mess with me again! 😘 #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancersurvivor #breastcancerjourney #breastcancerawareness #cancro #cancrodamama #tenhocancroedepois #bikelover #sustainablelifestyle #healthylifestyle
• grateful days🌻 • 3 months from my surgery 💪💪 • daily treatment sessions over 🌻 • never giving up 🎶🎵🎶. #mybiggestbattle . . . #viveroporto_bike . . . . . #personal #cntraveler #lonelyplanettraveller #passionpassport #guardiantravelsnaps #fugadoviajante #livingoutdoors #rsa_outdoors #sustainableliving #visitporto #igersporto #mytinyatlas
My incredible team from the Radiation Sessions. I will not miss the treatment but I will sure miss all the careful dedication. Forever in my heart 💕💕🙏🙏 (Thank You for life , Claudia, Anastácia & Sofia - you are beautiful) . . . #breastcancer #radiationtherapy #cancer #breastcancerawareness #ipoporto #mybiggestbattle #tenhocancroedepois #cancrodamama #cancro #lifeaftercancer #breastcancersurvivor
It's my last week of treatment - radiation therapy - and I am so happy. 👊👊 Incredible how time passes so quickly🙏💕 . . My tips: - stay active - breath a lot of fresh air - eat well and healthy - drink a lot of water - rest well - stay close to those who love you, forget those who don't care and avoid situations you know will not mean a thing to you - always be grateful 🙏🌻 . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #cancer #radiationtherapy #tenhocancroedepois #viveroporto #stayfit #healthylifestyle #nature
Being grateful, always. . 5 Day Radiation Sessions Week 2✔️ . "I knew you had to be a Yoga person....." - said one of the technicians to me during the treatment 😍😍🙏 .."I could feel it by the way you breath! " . Yes, Yoga makes part of my life, and it teaches me a lot of things. Besides teaching me how to control my breath, yoga teaches me to connect perfectly to my inner self. And to live life with gratitude and acceptance. It's the Union between Body and Mind that makes you strong. . **What about you? What gives you inner strength? . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #radiationtherapy #womenshealth #tenhocancroedepois
Tomorrow is Lay Day - no Radiation Session 💪💪 . . 5 day session Week 1 ✔️ What I feel: It's a very strange feeling...I guess I go to the treatment sessions like an automat.... After I leave I always have some headache and I bring an intense smell with me. At night I feel my skin is burnt, like a sun burnt. * To fight all the side effects or psicological effects of the Radiation Therapy I decided that during these 20 days I will ALWAYS: - 1 hour walking in the nature - drink 1 green juice/ day - drink 2 liters of water/ day - 20 minutes Yoga asanas / day . It's the only way I can help myself to push back all the negative energies of the sessions.✨💕 These are routines I normally do, but sometimes due to billions of excuses we miss doing. But now there is no excuse!!!😘 . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #breastcancerawareness #radiationtherapy #cancer #cancrodamama #tenhocancroedepois #radioterapia #womenshealth #nature #healthylifestyle
* radiation therapy Day 1 * . . 10 minutes under a strange machine, no movements, just be there. And as I have good breathing technique (thanks to my yoga practice 🙏) they are doing the radiation only after I inhale deeply - keep the air in for some moments - and then exhale.✨ That's a method to prevent radiation to affect the heart.// . So now for 1 month daily this will be my routine. So far, so good 💪💪💕 . , . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #radiationtherapy #womenshealth #tenhocancroedepois
Some days are better than others🌻✨ . . . Some days we get up and have the energy and mood to embrace everything; somedays we just feel like little unprotected children looking for mummy's comfort and love. . . I am 50 and still love my mummy's embrace & comfort. . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #cancer #radiationtherapy #radiation . . . P.S - Radiationtherapy starting next week.
Organic, local & green 🌱 Buying vegetables at the weekly organic market. 🥒🥕 . . #mybiggestbattle #healthylifestyle #organic #slowliving #breastcancerjourney #thinklocal
Organic lifestyle. No more chemicals on my skin or hair , as what we put on us is as important to our body as what we eat.✨ . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancerjourney #breastcancer #organicskincare #organicbeauty #healthylifestyle #organic
My life is going on back to the normal routines. Even got back to yoga classes and the arm does Ok! ✨🙏🙏 . •started Hormonal therapy - so far no side effects noticed •will be taking hormonal pills for 5 Years 😩 • gave up white sugar & processed food ✔️ • do my daily meditation ✔️ • do my daily walkings & yoga ✔️ • feel no pain at all ✔️ • waiting for Radiation Therapy Sessions to start • Go to bed at 10 h ✔️ • feel grateful every day ✔️ . And today is such a beautiful day 🌻😍 #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #healthylifestyle #slowliving #tenhocancroedepois
In between. . . A glass of Red Wine now and then will never hurt me, nor my body, right? 🍷😘 Here tasting some of the good wines from @quintadotedo , at the pre-opening of their Bistrot Terrace Season in Douro. Beautiful place to share some more soon! . . . #viveroporto_travel #mybiggestbattle #redwine #breastcancerjourney #ilovedouro #beautifuldestinations #winelover #visitdouro #visitportugal
In between . . . In between so many things.... Sometimes life calls you for other directions. And the only way is to accept them with magnitude. . . #viveroporto_travel #mybiggestbattle #somephilosophy #slowliving #innervoice
Seat comfortably, close your eyes and breath deeply. Possibly do that in a beautiful place where you can also feel the nature. Stay there for a while and forget everything else, just connect to your inner self. There is a lot to learn while deep breathing✨🙏. . . . #meditation #selfhealing #nature #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney . . This picture is from the week before my surgery, already knowing I was dealing with breast cancer. But I went for a nice road trip to Nazaré, with @indiecampers - and it was quite an adventure. Check my blog for more pictures, link in bio🙏😍
One month after my surgery 💪✨💪 . . . Feeling quite good, but still waiting for treatments to begin. * In the meantime, learning a lot of lessons from cancer*** * *Some lessons I shared them on Souncloud, if you are interested, search for Viver o Porto podcasts ✨ . . Daily mantra for the week: 🙏 never forget to smile & dance 🙏 * * #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #cancer #livingslowly #womenshealth #breastcancerfighter
Hey, it's sunny! and it's weekend, and I am feeling good. And you? ☀️💪💪😍 . . . . #viveroporto #mybiggestbattle #livingoutdoors #fugadoviajante #nature #sea #visitporto #viveroporto_video
One thing you learn from cancer is that cancer cells live from sugar. So if you avoid sugar in your body, you are preventing cancer cells to grow. . So beware: white sugar = feeding cancer to grow. And white sugar is hidden in the most unlikely products , like white breads, biscuits, pizza, and a lot of processed food.😵👊 . But you can still sweeten your food, there are natural products that do not feed the cancer.😊 Like the natural sugar from fruit; or rice jelly or some stevia, or even maple syrup and coconut sugar✨✨ . The other thing you learn from cancer is that despite the fact you take the tumor out on a surgery, it can come again..... You live with a chronical disease. ✨ . Unless you gain all new cells! 💙 That is my battle right now and I know I will gain it with the help of clean and plant based food that I nourish my body! 💕 . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #plantbased #plantbasedlifestyle #slowliving #cancer #vegan #macrobiotic #food #oatmeal
The Way. . . One month ago I was dealing fresh with my breast cancer diagnosis. 👊 Despite the terrible news, I was having plans for spending weekend out of Porto, so I decided not to cancel them - and went on an adventure trip with my husband sleeping in a van - the great @indie_campers .🚙😊 Weekend was great, despite the freezing and windy weather. We drove off to Nazaré and watched the Big Wave Challenge.🏄🏼🏄🏼🏄🏼 . . During those days I confess I was scared and terrified about my future days - but I tried not to think too much about the coming surgery and treatments. . Instead, I reviewed all my past life, and organized clearly my plans and determination for what's coming next. . I have always been a person that knew better what Not to do, or the ways I did not want to follow, instead of knowing exactly what I wanted, but now Age is helping me being more clear (well I am 50 now 😜) and with that age and a cancer diagnosis I certainly know exactly The Way I want to go. . . I am not scared anymore, surgery is done and the rest will come peacefully for sure. ✨ I believe all cancers come for a reason, they come to tell you something that you deep inside of you know exactly what it is. . In my case I know cancer came to show me the way. And there is no more time to loose, now I never say again "I don't know exactly where I am going. Now I confidently know The Way I am going.💕✨ . . What about you? 😍 What lessons do you learn from life? ☘️ The best is to embrace life and focus on the real important things. Life passes quick...., take good care! 💕💙 . #mybiggestbattle #livingoutdoors #nature #slowliving #breastcancerjourney
signs of spring. . . . It's been a month since I received my diagnosis of breastcancer. Since then a lot has been going on on my mind, a lot of emotions and surely all my priorities changed places. . I have been doing quite well, no pain at all, except a little discomfort on my left arm. I am still not able to do everything I want.... . . But time passes, spring is almost there, and we know time is the cure for so many things. . . Meanwhile I stay confident, seizing every small moment and grateful for every new day. . I really believe cancer came for a reason. And I am sure it came for a good reason, there must be a beautiful new life embracing me now. And it surely will flourish with spring.💕 . And you? Are you being grateful each day of your life and seizing your wonderful moments? They are here, now! 💙 . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #breastcancerjourney #womenshealth #cancer #positivevibes #strongereveryday
weekend, how well will you seize it?💕 . Well, I will not be able to raise my arms as in this picture, but I will be able to raise my heart and deep gratitude for all new days coming, and for all this NEW life that is happening to me. 🙏💙. . . Today in Porto : @portoyogafestival Join me there for the mantra classes, or some meditation, Ayurveda or healthy food.😊 . And check the STORIES for more ✨ . . #mybiggestbattle #portoyogafestival #viveroporto #yogalifestyle #breastcancerjourney #yogalover
Being grateful. Thank you all so much for your good energies and support. It makes me stay stronger.💕 . . . Today in Porto there is the @portoyogafestival - Well, I will not be able to join the yoga classes, but I surely will attend the mantra singing, meditation classes, Ayurveda and food talks!🙏🙏😍 . . I will not be able to raise my arms as in this picture, but I will be able to raise my heart and deep gratitude to all the New that is coming into my life. I am sure it is coming for a purpose.😊💙 . . Who will join me at Porto Yoga Festival? 👊😘 . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #womenshealth #cancer #breastcancerjourney #breastcancerfighter
I will be totally honest. In my deep self I still would love to hear that all this story of me having breast cancer is a whole mistake, is a wrong message.. . . So, but it isn't, and my next step after surgery is the coming treatments: Radiation therapy- 5 weeks, & Hormonal Therapy, I don't know how long.....✨. . I have my final results now, my tumour was Stage 2 (Grau 2), and the Sentinela biopsy was negative, which was good! 💪😍 . Radiation Therapy will begin within a month. Until then I will have my mind full of crazy thoughts on maybe giving it up, escaping it..... . . I still dream and believe that MY CANCER would vanish on its own; I talk to my body and ask him: well howcome you let cancer in???? 😵 . And my body gives me all signs of having learned the lesson, so I am sure it would cure itself alone..... , But it is a terrible decision to undertake, right? To decide against all the conventional medicine???? . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #cancer #radiationtherapy #breastcancerfighter #womenshealth #breastcancerjourney
Today I needed something sweet to comfort my soul. It's DDay, and emotions are on. . So, decided to prepare some super healthy cacao pancakes: . Buckwheat flour, raw cacau powder, vegetal milk and sweetened with rice jelly. . To bake them I use coconut butter. And toppings can be your choice. I had no red fruits so added some nuts and a little bit more rice jelly. 💙✨✨✨ . . Recipe is from @misskalefrancisca 💕 . , . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #cancer #nowhitesugar #womenshealth #healthyfood #organic #healthylifestyle
Life can be great, life can be scary, life is surely never as expected. . . This picture is from the day I turned 50, two months ago. Since then I have been living through quite a lot of unexpected and not easy moments, but facing days with my strong will to dance and ride my bike again soon! 🏄🏻‍♀️ . . Those who read my blog or follow the stories already know my story, I also shared it on SoundCloud. I wanted to thank you so much for all nice messages and good energies that I received 😍🙏 It really felt good to read all of them, and got so many from people I would never expect. 💕 . . I am feeing grateful and ok now, today is one week precisely after my surgery, and doctors say everything will be fine! 💪 . . And I keep repeating the message: take good care of you, listen to your body, your body can speak. And be grateful, embrace life with a smile. It's not a cliché, it's real life. 👊👊😍 . . I will be back with my pictures of Porto and around soon, just needed some rest before and to update you on this. . If you like, listen to my podcasts, if you want to follow my daily feelings follow my new account @pcalheirosb . . I share because I really think it is important. Sharing is caring. Thank you all again for being there, take good care of yourselfs ! 💕 . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer
One week has passed from my surgery. I have been quite ok, weather in Porto has been sunny enough to turn days even brighter, I went for nice walkings and breath the sea. Slowly I turn to my routines, just feel my left arm somehow different, but I even started with my blog posting. Except for yoga - well still no yoga.... This week I will try not to think so much, but I would love to hear that there was no radiation therapy needed. I guess I am dreaming. Or could I have the courage to reject radiation therapy reject those non natural treatments to my body? What do you think? I always believe in the power of natural food and body cells to regenerate by themselves. But when it comes to your selfperson, well, you feel trapped...... . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #cancer #womenshealth #sustainableliving #radiationtherapy
Starting the day with a green juice. It helps clean your cells and blood. ☘️💕 Feeling fit and wit good energy to spend the weekend. It's sunny outside, let's seize it! . . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #cancer #slowliving #slowfood #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #greenjuice
Healthy and colourful food. Your body is your temple, you need the right nutrients. . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #womenshealth #cancer #slowliving #vegetarianfood #food #vegetarian #vegan
Such a beautiful day. Are you seizing it? Surgery is behind and the tumour is out, doctors say everything looks clean, now there is just another result waiting, to determine the kind of treatment. Physiotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy... . . I prefer to deal with this one day after the other. I am feeling OK, no pain, and everything was so quick.💕 Today I went to the hairdresser, after that I had a delicious vegetarian lunch and now it's time to see the doctor. . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #cancer #lifewithcancer #womenshealth #breastcancerfighter
So here I am. At the hospital. Yesterday I cried a lot, but crying is part of the process, is a kind of relief. Today I woke up and decided to embrace life as it is. I did my meditation, I did some yoga postures, even sirshasana - who knows when I will be able to do it again? I embraced my kids and let them at school, I embraced my husband but he is here with me. And today there will be no more crying. Instead I will face this phase as a great opportunity to travel deep in me, with a lot of new discoveries. It's a hell of a trip, but it will be worth it! And I will win the battle! . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer #cancer #lifewithcancer #womenshealth #breastcancerfighter
So here I go. . . #viveroporto #mybiggestbattle
Tomorrow I will go through the surgery that will take my tumor out, but I am still waiting for someone to come and say: "this was a mistake, wrong diagnose, you do not have cancer, you can stay home and dance" Well I am scared. I want to cry. I don't wanna go. Please someone take me out of this. . . . . #mybiggestbattle #breastcancer
SOCIAL MEDIA ZOMBIES at Church: When you realise that almost all the congregation at church are social media zombies. Happy Sunday and have blessed Sunday GET OFF Y'ALL PHONES AT CHURCH 😂😂😂😂 #church #Sunday worship #Godloves #socialmediazombie #myplight #mybiggestbattle
Soooooooo happy with myself!! I've never done this before..... I've seen it.... it looks super cool..... BUT!!!! COULD I DO IT??? It would seem so..... I told myself I could & I did. This is going to be a project for me now!!! I wanna step up & do the bigger one too. #positivethought #positiveresult #mindset #mybiggestbattle #igotthis #goals #mygoals #workingonmyself #bestme #bestyou #confidence #wegotthis #ifitdoesntchallengeyouitdoesntchangeyou #pushharder #gym #sweatlife #werkit #grateful #blessed #teambabe #teamherbalife #herbalife #herbalifenutrition
What's the last crappy thing you ate? Me? A 1/2 bagel with Nutella this morning. It was delicious, carbs, fats, and CHOCOLATE. #truth #mybiggestbattle #getitundercontrol #absaremadeinthekitchen
New Blog Post is Up! • • "My Struggle With Confidence" • • Him: “The fact that you aren’t confident is surprising but I know you have been hurt, I understand.” • • Me: A lot has happened to me that took my confidence. Truth is I didn’t feel beautiful or even the slightest bit of confidence until recently. I was rejected constantly in my marriage. He wouldn’t touch me. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve been touched. I peeked at my highest weight in life and I’m just now starting to come down. Not sure how much I’ve lost. I start back working with my trainer in the new year. I promised myself that this time I will do this for me. Weight loss is my biggest battle. • • I had this conversation sometime at the end of last year. He met me at a point where I was still buried in my shell obviously struggling with lack of confidence and I was attempting to tell him how I had gotten to that point. I have come quite a ways since then but my struggle with confidence is a little unique. I wouldn’t exactly say that I struggle with low self esteem. I am confident in my intelligence, I connect strongly socially, and I know that I have a pretty face but I never considered my size to be a beautiful thing. As weird as this sounds to people who see me as confident, I really haven't felt confident until recently. It is true, I have been through a lot of trials that has drained my self confidence but my biggest blow to date was my failed marriage. Not only did his infidelity do something to my psyche but his constant rejection damn near put any trace of confidence I had left in a grave. I’d like to share with you guys a little of what got me to this point. • • Check out the rest of this story on my blog. Link in bio! • • #MyTruth #MyBiggestBattle #TransformationTuesday #TransparencyTuesday
The scale is moving and I feel as motivated as ever. If you can't get your mindset in line nothing will work. #mybiggestbattle #fitness #fitlife #love #nevergiveup #nevergivein
Kids are on spring break....2 of my babies went to stay with there great grandparents...soo happy though to have some meals prepped. Salmon, red quinoa, and brussel sprouts and mushrooms. Taking care of me. Rain tomorrow....really California???? It was like 90 degrees 2 days ago 😕 Bracing for the sickness that will go around with this weather shift 😔😔 Have a good evening everyone....drive safe on the roads tomorrow. ✌✌😊😊💜💜 #mealprep #salmon #redquinoa #brusselsprouts #mushrooms #evoo #lovingme #springbreak #refusingtogetlazy #hardtomakemyselfrest #mybiggestbattle #goodevening #ilovequinoa
#ThoughtfulThursday Self love is the hardest love to come by for some of us. We struggle day in and day out to love ourselves and accept ourselves for what we are, not what we want to become. Love your flaws, strengths, weaknesses, and best aspects of yourself. Once you can love yourself, someone else can fall in love with you, flaws and all. Be flawsome!! #MyBiggestBattle #LoveYourself #selflove #FaceYourDemons #meVSme #strength #flawsome #GreatnessIsAHabit #babyswole #fitfam #gymrat #fitness #WordsOfWisdom
"Never put off til tomorrow what can be done today." There is no right moment or perfect circumstances to do things in. #mybiggestbattle #alwayswaitingfortherightmoment #stopmakingexcuses #justfuckingdoit
Everything will be ok 💛 #mybiggestbattle #justrelaxdonotobsess
#roadto275 I'll I know is I have lost it all and I can lose it again. Stick with it ladies and gentlemen it is possible. #mybiggestbattle #gncsouthogden #JensenNutritionCenters #absolutepowerogden #andersonpowerlifting #utahfit #utahfitness #instafit #fitspo
“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared dream before.” (Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven, 1845) If you know someone with SA, read this book! If you are someone who loves me, depends on me, is confused by me, or want to know me better.... READ THIS BOOK. #DiagonallyParkedInAParalellUniverse #AmazonKindle #LifeChanging #WeAllJustWantToBeUnderstood #SocialAnxiety #MyBiggestBattle
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