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These jokers played so much music tonight!! Again big shout out to @michellebrookesings and @alexkramermusic for killing the stage tonight and this dude @jbjoshblaylock played so much doggone keys!! #musicianslife #grinding #nashville
Doing this in a week | flyer by @typogriff 25 Sep | Reno, NV | Headquarters Bar 26 Sep | Salt Lake City, UT | Gold Blood Collective 27 Sep | Denver, CO | Lost Lake Lounge 28 Sep | Omaha, NE | O'Leaver's 29 Sep | Chicago, IL | The Slippery Stool 30 Sep | Chicago, IL | Subterranean 01 Oct | Philadelphia, PA | Creep Records 02 Oct | Brooklyn, NY | Muchmore's 04 Oct | Brooklyn, NY | Kings County Distillery 05 Oct | NYC, NY | The Delancey 07 Oct | Cincinnati, OH | Northside Yacht Club 08 Oct | Lexington, KY | Al's Bar 09 Oct | Nashville, TN | The Cobra 11 Oct | Little Rock, AR | Vino's 13 Oct | San Antonio, TX | The Bang Bang Bar 15 Oct | Marfa, TX | Lost Horse Saloon 16 Oct | Santa Fe, NM | Ghost 18 Oct | Tempe, AZ | Yucca Tap Room 29 Oct | Los Angeles, CA | The Satellite
Check out our article on one of Melbourne’s most sought after guitarists, Jack Pantazis! 🎸 Link in bio!
Because you know I have nothing 😅 I still plan to post E Major solo soon! 😎 . I'm taking a different route. 🙄 need to seek out my options and get rid of this bread. 😂 . I got a couple of posts on the works. This entire time I focused on growing this profile as quick as possible. 😐 . That's a bother I'll prioritize quality instead of marketability. . Stay Awesome 😅 · · · · · #musiciansofinstagram #musicianlife #musicianslife #guitarlearning #guitarlessons #musician #guitar #guitarist #musicians #musiciansdaily #guitarra #musicianlifestyle #musicianforlife
My peeps, My Cadillac did something funky 40 miles from Bennington today and I had to have the car towed, but no worries, nothing serious. Plus, I have things to do today like teach piano and a solo Jazzical and HIPOPERA concert tonite! #bentley #brokedown #downbutnotout #keeponworking #musicianslife #livinglifetothefullest #mylife #hipopera #newopera #opera #mylife #iamblessed #keepmovingforward #hardworkpaysoffs #workit
Bueno. Llegó el dia. Mí primer vez tocando en el teatro municipal de Bahía. Y que mejor que hacerlo con los grosos de @bigmammabigmamma a quienes agradezco enormemente por dejarme ser parte de su show. #bahiablanca #teatromunicipal #musicaenvivo #livemusic #eventos #musica #music #live #instamusic #friends #musicaparaeventos #amigos #musicaparabodas #repost #musicaenvivotodoslosdias #musician #music #musicians #musiciansofinstagram #musicianlife #musicianslife #guitar #musiciansdaily #musicianlifestyle
Are you Crazy in Love and looking for a band for your wedding? Book #thatvibeband FAST!
We haven’t even released our first album yet, and we are already writing new songs for the next one.😂👍 #MusiciansLife - Follow @sm6band for more!
Si tú quieres y yo quiero, it’s so easy.... vámonos y ya! 😎
Spending time alone is something I love to do. I need it. The ‘me time’ to create things, to relish the quiet, to live the non 9-5 lifestyle that I’ve established for myself. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking being alone. To me, there’s nothing better than a sunny Sunday afternoon spent drawing my weird and quirky characters with some jazz on in the background and a nice cup of coffee. If I don’t get enough alone time I get frustrated at all the things that need creating but aren’t getting done. I think it’s both a blessing and a curse. Selfish to put your alone time as a priority but selfless for creating and sharing art and music that inspires others. I spent the day of this shoot all alone and I loved every second... and yes I took the photo myself. The only thing I would say about this is, that too much of a good thing can turn it sour. We walk a fine line between being alone and loneliness. I feel blessed to have such beautiful friends and family in my life but not everyone is that lucky. . . . #thoughts #life #story #alone #single #friends #pose #model #moody #australia #dark #happiness #musicianslife
Engineering. Mixing. I do that, too! Hit me up, let's create some stuff! I have two separate studios I work at and have access to a ton of great gear. I guarantee you'll be happy!
Get to play with this combo today. Always loved the Fender amp sound but since moving to bass many years ago I haven't played with one a lot. Looks beautiful, sounds crisp. This golden beauty is Duesenberg guitar which is a brand I have never played before so really looking forward to hearing it. #fender #musicianslife Thanks @bibzmusic for checking out my page I look forward to sharing your journey with you
This is a collage. Part 6 🇮🇹 Sono ben 5 anni che #viaggiogratis per la mia formazione, grazie a progetti europei. Ho vinto borse Leonardo da Vinci, Servizio Volontario Europeo di 12 mesi, Seminari sul contesto Euro mediterraneo e progetti KA2 di inclusione di categorie svantaggiate. Mi sono fermata per un po'. Ho avuto tanto da risolvere, conflitti interiori, delusioni, momenti difficili. Poi ho capito che dovevo alzarmi e ritornare a fare ciò che amo fare, perlomeno provarci. Casualmente, in una notte insonne, mi sono candidata per un progetto in #programmazioneneurolinguistica , finalizzato al miglioramento delle proprie performance e all'applicazione delle tecniche apprese in campo #artistico e #teatrale . Ci rivediamo tra 2 settimane. 😘 🇬🇧 It's been 5 years I travel for free to participate to educational projects. I started with a LLP Leonardo da Vinci internship, then a long term European Voluntary Service, then a Euromed Seminar and a KA2 for the inclusion of people with fewer opportunities. I had to stop for a while for personal reasons, but then I got up and decided I had to start again doing what I love. I was restless at night and applied for a project in #nlp , whose aim is to empower performances on a daily basis, especially if you work in the #performingarts field, like #music or #theatre . See you in 2 weeks 😘 - #nientepiugennie #musicianslife #erasmusplus #travelling #discoveringeurope #HypeBeast #vscoportrait #ig_mood #discoverportrait #portraitphotography #profile_vision #bleachmyfilm #instapassport #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #campinassp #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #focalmarked
This is a collage. Part 5 🇮🇹 Come si viene selezionati per un progetto europeo❓ ➡️ La via più semplice è trovare un progetto su Salto-youth.net e candidarsi. L'azienda ospitante ti contatterà per un colloquio via Skype, dopo il quale ti comunicherà se sei stato selezionato o meno ➡️ Oppure potrebbe esserci una NGO nella tua zona che partecipa a un progetto Erasmus+ e, magari, sta cercando proprio te 😋 🇬🇧 How can you be selected for a European project❓ ➡️ The easiest way is to find a project you really like on Salto-youth.net ➡️ Or there may be a NGO in your area looking for participants for a European project. - #nientepiugennie #musicianslife #erasmusplus #travelling #discoveringeurope #HypeBeast #vscoportrait #ig_mood #discoverportrait #portraitphotography #profile_vision #bleachmyfilm #instapassport #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #campinassp #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #focalmarked
This is a collage. Part 4 🇮🇹 #Erasmus + è il programma che promuove la mobilità giovanile da 2014 a 2020. 🔝Offre molte possibilità: scambi di giovani, formazione, servizio volontario europeo, study visits e tantissimo altro ▶️Viaggio, vitto e alloggio sono a carico dell'ente ospitante, quindi, se selezionati, non avrete spese a vostro carico per partecipare al progetto. ❔Ma come si viene selezionati? Leggi la descrizione nella collage pic n. 5 🇬🇧 #erasmusplus is the 2014/2020 youth mobility programme. 🔝It gives you tons of opportunities, such as youth exchanges, training courses, European voluntary service, study visits and much more. ▶️Travel, accomodation and food expenses are 100% covered ❔What's the recruiting process? Read the description in collage pic number 5 for info - #nientepiugennie #musicianslife #erasmusplus #travelling #discoveringeurope #HypeBeast #vscoportrait #ig_mood #discoverportrait #portraitphotography #profile_vision #bleachmyfilm #instapassport #aroundtheworldpix #ig_masterpiece #campinassp #flashesofdelight #travelog #mytinyatlas #focalmarked
Tool box with #Microphone parts. . . . #Toolbox
The continuation of the mic set-up for tonight's recording session. . . . #AT4040 #ProTools #HaroldWashingtonCollege #CommunityCollege #RecordingStudio
Tonight's recording session during mic set-up! . . . #AT4040 #AudioTechnica #HaroldWashingtonCollege #CommunityCollege #RecordingStudio
#SongForm from one of the music/ recording student's assignment in the Music 225 Individual Project class! . . . #CommunityCollege #HaroldWashingtonCollege #RecordingStudio #Intro #Verse #Chorus #Bridge
If I get enough likes and such I will put this out. #follow #musicians #musicianslife #phoenix #music
#WayBackWednesday ... The main board, March 23, 2013 . . . #Music204 #Music205 #Avid #ProTools #MAudio #Behringer #Mackie
Some stuff I got from @barnesandnoble and at @bookends_and_beginnings ! I'm quite excited to fill these pages. The black book is all lined, but the Songwriter's Journal and the bronze book is a combo of lines and manuscript. . Also, I'm sitting in the dark, because the lights just went out. . . . #Music #Notebook #Journal #Songs #Manuscript
If I don't get nominated, then it's fine. Just seeing my name among other very talented entrants in the Master List is awesome! This is telling me that I am still moving in the right direction and that I have to keep going. . Thanks to Michael Ingersoll, Angela Ingersoll, HMS Media & everyone involved in this! I am truly honored. Special thanks to Andrew Twiss for believing in me and my work ethic.
I made a return into the blogging world with a new blog on #ChicagoNow ! Search for "Saki To Me" (or link in the bio)
Thanks to my old college friend, #JoshuaSauvageau , once again for this opportunity for the umpteenth time! ...And yes, you're welcome! :) . Also, thanks to Patrick Godon, the International Chamber Artists & everyone at #StGregoryTheGreat ! This was wonderful.
#FlashBackFriday to #April2015 to Elliott Bell's first single, #Hallelujah , that I helped him put together more so on the mixing and business end. . I've known Mr. Bell since 2011 at #HaroldWashingtonCollege . He not only learned music (theory, aural skills, history, etc.), but he also applied what he learned in the church setting where he is the Minister of Music. He also was a recording student at the college I work at. . I'll never forget the day when a recording student had booked a recording session with another pianist who was accompanying her on an Anita Baker cover, "You Bring Me Joy". The pianist in question never showed up and the recording student was in utter disbelief. . Then a classically trained piano student just happens to come by the studio. While she had plans, she decided to help with recording the song. She read the sheet music as written on paper and to that end, her classically trained piano playing felt robotic and had no life in the song, but beggars couldn't be choosers at that point. After she left, we were left with a mediocre recording of the cover. . Out of nowhere and miraculously at that, Elliott decided to show up. We told him of the situation and he decided to help. While we had the sheet music on hand, to my utter surprise, he never heard the song before. So, we had him #YouTube the song and had him sit there for a little while (about 15 or so minutes). When he got his hand on the keys, he followed the chords written on top of the sheet music, but he also improvised in various areas of the song where it needed most. This is one of my favorite stories to tell students that classical, jazz and gospel pianists all have their perks! . One of the greatest things that Elliott ever taught me is the power of #Forgiveness on more than just one occasion. He is one of the best human beings on the planet who certainly deserves the best in what love and life has to offer.
An audio documentary, The Point Is Not The Points, features Billy Tuggle, a spoken word artist, who speaks about the art of spoken word, poetry slam and its history on prx.org (#PublicRadioExchange ) . Produced, recorded & mixed by Masaki Araya Recorded at Columbia College Chicago All music written by Masaki Araya Features "Concrete Lion", "Unheard Testimony" & "Marvel Girl" written & performed by Billy Tuggle Spoken by Billy Tuggle . © 2018 Masaki Araya
#FlashBackFriday to the #GrammyAwards2013 ! I had such a great time in Los Angeles, California aside from the Cecil Hotel (Look up #ElisaLam ). Other than that, I can't complain. I am #Thankful and grateful to experience this. The next time I go, I want to go as a nominee. Will it ever happen? I don't know, but never say never!
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