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Well, all the stores already have all their Valentine’s Day stuff up.... guess I’ll take a cue from them! Here’s one thing you get get you s/o; matching lion prints! My boyfriend and I have these prints over our bed, and so do my cousin and her fiancé. Sounds like a good trend to me 😉 available on both paper and canvas in the Prints section of amilliontinylines.com (link in my bio)
Mountain cabins in Norway, hytter
Freeze ❄️❄️
i’ve been to a few places that I would describe as “otherworldly”, but possibly none more accurately than goblin valley state park in utah. with our national parks hurting right now, it is a great time to check out some of the rad state parks that are often overlooked. . . . . #weliveelevated #utahisrad #werutah #yesvisitutah #adventureenthusiasts #peoplewhoadventure #liveyouradventure #hikingtheglobe #hikingbangers #hikingadventures #womenwhoexplore #modernoutdoors #staywild #wildernessbabes #likeamountaingirl #mountaingirls #shemovesmountains #outdoorwomen #womenwhohike #girlswhohike #exploreshareinspire #wearetravelgirls #ladiesgoneglobal #nomadgirls #citizenfemme #travelawesome #inspiringwanderers #travelandlife #speechlessplaces #bealpha
📍 Bolstadnosi, Luster. 8 САМЫХ ПОПУЛЯРНЫХ НОРВЕЖСКИХ ВЕРШИН Они всегда мелькают на просторах интернета, ведь туристические пятки усердно топчут их с мая по сентябрь. Если хотите к ним присоединиться, сохраняйте пост в закладки и приезжайте. Лето ж не за горами! ⠀ 🏔 Язык тролля (Trolltunga), Odda. Тот самый каменный выступ на высоте 1100 метров над уровнем моря. Ну, его точно знаете! 🏔 Кафедра проповедника (Preikestolen), Stavanger. На этом каменном плато, размером 25 на 25 метров, валялся Том Круз. Лицезреть можно в последней части «Миссия невыполнима». 🏔 Галлёпигген (Galdhøpiggen), Lom - самая высокая гора северной Европы (2469 метров). В летнее время на верхушке работает маленький киоск. 🏔 Fløyen и Ulriken, Bergen. Горные козлята скачут с одной вершины на другую. А ленивцы берут фуникулёр. В кафе на обеих вершинах можно поточить. Например, вафлю с кофе. 🏔 Камень-горошина (Kjærag), Forsand. Круглый булыжник, застрявший между двух утёсов. Лично у меня он доверия не вызывает. ⛰ Райнебринген (Reinebringen), Moskenes. Высота всего 448 метров, но ради этого вида стоит переться на самый норвежский север! Ведь это ж Лофотены!!! 🏔 Бессегген (Besseggen), Vågå. С вершины открывается сумасшедший обзор на два озера синего и бирюзового цветов. Мечтаю попасть туда!!! 🏔 Гяустатоппен (Gaustatoppen), Tinn. Многие присваивают ей почётное звание самой красивой в Норвегии. Надо будет проверить! ⠀ Я люблю быть с горами наедине, поэтому из этого списка покорила только первую четвёрку. Названия моих любимых вершин можете найти по хэштегу #juliastorvik_hiking Людей там почти нет, а виды не хуже. Вот, как на этой фотографии! Ничё так, да? 🤔
Don’t remember the last time I’ve been that excited! Still can’t believe my eyes- everything is so beautiful here! #ross_argentina
It’s in my soul ❄️🏔❤️
The feeling when you've just topped out of a multipitch and you survey the land before you.
on top of the mountain where i feel free and everything makes sense❄
⛰️🌊 When nothing seems more magic, the cliff gives you a glimpse of the sea. And now, all you want to do is climb and come closer. ♥️ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * #marseille #rock #viewpoint #cliff #goatworthy #exploremore #testedtough #hike #clymblife #landscapelove #panature #optoutside #getoutstayout #staywild #landscape #choosemountains #mountaingirls #girlsthathike #womenwhohike #wanderlust #vsco #travelgram #landscape #transfer_visions #commcam
Still posting photos from day 1 of our road trip. Purmamarca and it’s beautiful mountains 💕 #ross_argentina
☀️⛰ Looks like Graz has completely skipped the big snow chaos that’s happening all over Austria 🇦🇹 #buchkogel #hike #graz #austria
Featured: @tanya_filovets 🌲 with a cool view from above! . . Anyone else like to play with perspective when they shoot? Let’s see ‘em! Tag #sheisthewild #sitw
I'm reminding myself today that I don't need to be able to see far ahead on the trail, or how big the drop-off is beside me or look back for safety. All that matters is the step right in front of me. Keep moving forward, Maria! One step at a time 👊🏻
A little sunrise paddle the other morning, with coffee, a campfire and good company✨ Ended up getting distracted and taking too many photos, so we drifted into some ice and struggled paddling on the way back🤣🤷‍♀️ ⁣ Photo by: @locke.nes
Temps are dropping. 🥶 Bring the heat in our Snow Collection- with rider approves performance features like Radiant Heat® Pockets & our favorite eco-friendly Thermore Eco-Down® insulation to keep you toasty so you can focus on your everyday adventures. #ForGirlsWhoRide • 🎿 @haley.bergstrom 📷 by @sammycakesss_
The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first. #kazahstan #crazygirl #alpinebabes #mountaingirls #mountainslovers #wildnernessbabes #peoplewhoadventure #extreme #emotions #everythingisallowed #auto #summer #ilovelife #adventure #girllovetravel #smile #gorge #nicepic #peoplekg #alpingirls #wind #roof #speed #gopro #goodday
🌷ورق بزنید🙏 🗻یک روزِ وسطِ هفته، خلوت و آرامش بخش در کلکچال بهمراهِ لیدِر و همنوردم محمد سینا🙏🌷 . کوهنوردی صعود کردن نیست بلکه، "رشد" کردن است. صعود کردن کاری است که از همه بر می‌آید. اما رشد کردن هدفِ والای انسان است. . 📸Photos by: @sina.mountain . 🙏🌷لطفا ما را در این صفحه نیز دنبال کنید: 👉 @minoo.dadrass . #کوه #قله #طبیعت #زمستان #برف #ایران #تهران #توچال #کلکچال #جمشیدیه #کوهنوردی #طبیعتگردی #عکس #عکاسی #هنر #خلاقیت . #photo #photography #photographer #mountain #mountaineering #climbing #iran #tehran #nature #naturephotography #art #mountaingirls #winter #snow
"This is a harsh, dry, bitter place, lonely as a dream. But I like it." -Ed Abbey 📸: @funfsinnkyle
Skipped town last Saturday to duck across the border for a few hours. We knew the snow wasn't gonna be super prime for skiing, so we opted to go for a tour we knew would equate to 13/10 scenic peppie stick eating views and glorious sun soaking opps. I've been to some of these spots down here in every season.. with the summer sunrise, the golden red autumn colours, the full-on winter coat in sheets of sheer ice or waist deep pow {guess which one wasn't the case this time}. And it doesn't matter how many times I visit, it gets me fired up every time - I just love getting eyes on the peaks I'll be climbing this year. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Until next time Washington.. which I have a sneaky suspicion will be very, very soon!
@thebtown and I recently moved to Carlsbad from the Bay Area and I don’t think it could have come at a better time. We both needed the change. So excited to explore a new part of California this year, focus on our passions, and get more into our new favorite sport. 🚵🏻‍♀️ I have a really weird superstitious, OCD-type thing with odd numbers, but I think 2019 is going to be a good year. 🤗
PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE This is where I feel calm, at home and where I feel like I can breathe again no matter what. This is what I love and this is what I want to protect and preserve. . . This Saturday @protectourwintersswitzerland is organizing the first Sustainability Day in Grindelwald - with eco friendly food, après-ski, film screenings, an art exhibition and a climate change workshop with Tony Pratt from ETH Zurich. From 09:30 at the "Genepi Hütte" and from 19:00 at the Pool Haus of the Regina Hotel. Come see me and the awesome team!! @snowparkgrindelwaldfirst @busstopbar @cine_pool_grindelwald . . 📷: @fluffyaround 😘
i first purchased this camera right before i left to backpack through SE Asia last year. i had an old canon before this and this camera has been so much fun to practice with!! most of my pictures on this account are taken on this camera and my fav part about it is that it has wifi so I’m just able to upload all my pictures to my phone & then edit them from there💃🏼💃🏼📷
4:05pm • 1/15/19 ❄️ Afternoon light after a bluebird day, life right now is wonderful. • • • • • #skyporn #naturelovers #mountainsarecalling #choosemountains #bluebirdday #exploremore #outdoorwomen #radgirlslife #scenicme #maineoutdoors #getoutstayout #mountaingirls #winter #winterwonderland
“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” - not sure who said this but it’s so true! Follow @transformagination 💃🏻
Hodet er fullt av bachelor, endringsledelse, offentlige styringsdokumenter, politiske føringer og endringer, matte og ulike læringsteorier.🙃 Men for all del veldig lærerikt og det blir aldri nok kunnskap. Drømmer meg ut igjen, i naturen, på tur, for å puste inn alt det gode. Naturen gir alle mennesker muligheten til å bli lykkelige, bare de forstår å bruke den. Jeg liker vill natur. Naturen blir aldri så beundret som når hun blir forstått. 💚
Moon and mountains ✨ my paradise
I think it’s so important to not become numb. Numb to the beauty of life. I’ve climbed mountains, paddled rivers, and seen so many beautiful places, that sometimes I forget to truly embrace the moment. I’m challenging you right now to stop reading. Turn off your music, tv or whatever else could be distracting you. Look up from your screen and take in your surroundings. What do you see? Breathe it in for at least 5 seconds, and you’ll be surprised at what you find. ∆ Whenever I’m in an extraordinary place, I sometimes force myself to stop and look around. These moments couldn’t be more important to me. We can get so caught up in the fast paced era we live in that we sometimes forget why we are here. I realize in these moments that the worries or stresses I have… don’t really matter anymore. We only have one chance at this life and there’s no way I want to spend it not paying attention to how beautiful it truly is. ␛ #thewordinthewild
Mon petit sanctuaire 🕉 🧘‍♀️ Dias de montaña sin nieve , y que ganas de volver a subir a ese norte ansiado y escuchar el crujido de los crampones 😍🥺 GANAS DE MAS MONTAÑA! 💪 ⛷🧗🏼‍♀️❄️🏔⛏ #sierraespadan #encasa ❣️#mountaingirls #training #trailrunning #happygirl #outdoors
“The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make him known.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭19:1-2‬ ‭NLT‬‬ #getoutside #getoutsidedesign #mountaingirls #hikerchicks #pnw #idahome #onlyinidaho #naturesneat #snowyday
Una increíble captura del día que compartimos montaña con los integrantes de #GoProFamilyMx @efrencanela 📸 @esteban_a_l @tanyabadillo @ana.cast7 @juandviaje @odron_larraga @melymelontravel @arlenne.pereyra @jpnorza
Wandering lakeside after our sunrise hike.
We love the luxury-meets-Wild West vibes at @kemosabe1990 💎🐴✨ The 7 carat Minerva buckle is one of four elegant and unique diamond statement pieces currently showcased at this legendary outfitter. Mix and match from a variety of handcrafted leather straps - Italian calf for a more refined look, or lizard and ostrich to embrace the rustic-luxe Aspen vibe. A trip to Aspen is not complete without a visit to this special place, so stop by and see us! #ccxxdesigns
Lake Isabelle on #35mm
The Tetons are a year round destination that will for sure blow you away no matter when you visit. ⛰ 😍⛰ Already planning my next trip back!
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