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Ooohhh Yess! 😉🙌🏽 Do you believe? Life is so beautiful with its ups and downs, hardships (aka lessons), love, and joy. The journey is all lining us up for success if we choose to see these experiences in that manner. “Perception is reality.” Change your perception and you will change your reality. Become the Victor not the Victim. Own your life and enjoy the journey to success and to your dreams. Be the fulfiller of your dreams coming true. 😉🙌🏽💗 Boom 💥 Much love to all of you and to your success. When you Rise, I Rise. When I Rise, you Rise. So here is to Rising and, “..Movin on up!...” -Mandy Rivera Repost pic from : @spiritualguidebook #inspirationalquotes #inspirational #motivationalquotes #motivational #believe #believeinyourself #believeintheprocess #believeinthemagic #dreams #dreamscometrue #dreamsfulfilled #livelifefully #alignment #enjoythejourney #enjoythenow #trust #trustinthepath #blessed #godhasyourback #divinelyguided #perceptionisreality #mindshift #ownyourpower #believeinself #trustandknow #spiritualawakening #gratitude
Do not assume that you are different from extremely successful people because they, like you, are granted exactly the same number of seconds each day. However, what they CHOOSE to do with these valuable moments is important. These people are proactive in chasing their dreams, motivated to be better with each day and they are always searching for constant progression.⁣ ⁣ Take control. Erase negative influences. Be positive. Set goals. Do what you love to do. Be happy! .⁣ I’m taking new clients for forex/trading education this month now. Shoot me a DM . . . . #dropshiplifestyle  #digitalnomad #ecommerce #locationindependent  #workanywher #nomad #digitalnomads  #remotework #nomadlife #coworking  #workfromanywhere #onlinemarketing #expatlife  #workandtravel #laptoplifestyle #nomadiclife  #startuplife #motivational  #mindset #smallbusiness #workfromhome  #hustle #entrepreneurs  #marketing #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur  #business #success #entrepreneurship  #startups
Binary trade option is here to serve your best taste using bitcoin as a payment method in binary trade option invest little amount of money and earn big profit in return after trading via bitcoin DM me for updates on how to trade wisely,am a binary trade expert and I help individual trade for a fixed amount. Trade with me and make huge profits after trading. #dream  #ambition  #trading  #stocktrading #stocks  #success  #motivational  #talent #motivation  #business  #life  #quoteoftheday #dedication  #perseverance  #grind  #hustle #wordsofwisdom  #entrepreneurlife  #perseverance #goals  #action  #hardwork  #inspiration  #committed #focus  #dedicated  #nevergiveup  #liveinthemoment #takeaction  #decision
3 years. 1,095 days of daily steps leading me to better and better health. 🙌. Actually, my journey began when I turned 40. But it was a slow start with a lot of stops. 🛑 I said “no way” to trying this “silly shake” for a long time. I didn’t need it. I was “fine”. All shakes are the same, do I’ll find a “cheaper” one. 🙄 I was SUCH a skeptic! So I GET it! But after 3 years of drinking this stuff daily, I PROMISE you shakes are NOT all the same! A “cheaper” price tag means cheap fillers and lower quality ingredients. I didn’t start to FEEL BETTER until I tried this one! And I realized that this “expensive” shake is actually a fantastic value and costs the same as a coffee drink at Starbucks. Only it’s full of NUTRIENTS, not empty calories, fat and sugar. 🥦🥒🍎🥕🥬🥭🍊🥥. But, soooooo much more than that- it’s been the catalyst than put me on a strong foundation that gas kept me on track for 3 years straight. No more on-again/off-again. No “dieting”. No yo-yo weight gain and loss. Just consistent health, consistent weight, consistent energy and wellness. My celiac disease symptoms have vanished. My anxiety has vanished. I will be turning 48 on Sunday.🎉🎂🎈🎁 and I gave truly never felt better. I’m even taking on new challenges! This past year, I began traveling to speak to women about fitness and nutrition. And this tear, I will complete my Integrative Nutrition Practitioner Certification. No slowing down for this middle-aged mom of 4!! I feel unstoppable!! And it all started with this shake!! Want more info? Head to my website! (link in bio) #adhdmom #veganfoodies #celiacdisease #momof4boys #coffeelover ☕️ #adoptivemom #buffalogirl #billsmafiababes #dogmommy #kittymom #tastytuesday #dancerforlife #beachplease #wholefoodie #momoftwins #momofteens #specialneedsparenting #footballmom 🏈 #finisher #toughmudder2018 #scubadiverslife #shirtswithwords #transformingwithtracie #naturelover #positivevibesonly#savedbygracethroughfaith #motivational
Billionaire Vibes
There’s always gonna be haters... #MotivationalPage
Flashback Saturday to when we captured the @soulorigin awards evening! 😍 #soulorigin #franchise #vjbgroup #photography #videography #branding #corporatevents
At last I can shout from the rooftops 💕 our girl Elleanor and her hubby Dan are expecting their first child, our grandchild 😍, in July. I am so so excited ❤️🤗😍🤗❤️ #thisisme #positivevibes #positivity #motivational #happiness #myjourney #lifeisgood #support #family #grandmatobe #livelovelaugh #livelaughlove #thankful #expecting #grandchildren #baby #growingfamily #familycelebration #pregnancyannouncement
. 424-672-0354 I AM A SPIRITUALIST I WORK WITH POSITIVITY AND LIGHT I AM ABLE TO PICK UP ON ALL THINGS MY READING WILL LEAVE YOU WITH EYES OPEN RELIEF AND MOTIVATION. FULL LIFE READING I TELL YOU EVERYTHING BOOK YOURS TODAY CALL OR DM LET ME AMAZE YOU I ALWAYS LEAVE MY CLIENTS HAPPY PSYCHIC CLAIRVOYANT #SPIRITUALIST I DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS LET ME DIRECT YOU ON THE RIGHT #PATH TO PEACE AND #FULFILLMENT Need advice? Guidance ? From a person that sees all views of all situations CALL OR DM IM 98% I KNOW THE SPECIFIC THINGS YOU WANNA KNOW BEFORE YOU DO 24 HOUR LINE CALL ME AT 14246720354 #love #soulmate #boyfriend #single #mareied #spirit #twinflame #triangle #peace #psychic #clairvoyant #psychicreader #psychicreadings #thirdeye #help #guidance #answers #questions #career #tarot #tarotcards #angels JUDGE FREE READING ALSO #MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER #therapist helps bring out inner #issues holding you back from your #higher being EYE OPENING EXPERIENCE @beverlyhills_spiritualist
The universe gives you challenges because they know you can accomplish them. Changing the perception of a challenge as a benchmark of validation of our strength and knowing by the immense feeling of accomplishment it gives you that ultimately leads to next level growth as a person is something I learned to embrace. Challenge is growth. I know I have the strength to take it because that is why the universe has given it to me. For anyone who is having a current challenge. Let's grow from it. #selfhype . . . . . #motivationalquotes #motivation #motivationalspeaker #motivational #inspire #inspirational #inspire #empowerment #loveyourself #selflove #mentalhealth #selfgrowth #positivevibes #positivity #positivethinking #mexican #puertorico #boricua #video #latina #la #filmmaking #livewell #love #men #hustle #entertainment #friday #blessed
Do not give up the beginning is always hard invest in binary trade and gain financial freedom. DM me for updates on how to trade wisely,am a binary trade expert and I help individual trade for a fixed amount. Trade with me and make huge profits after trading. #dream  #ambition  #trading  #stocktrading #stocks  #success  #motivational  #talent #motivation  #business  #life  #quoteoftheday #dedication  #perseverance  #grind  #hustle #wordsofwisdom  #entrepreneurlife  #perseverance #goals  #action  #hardwork  #inspiration  #committed #focus  #dedicated  #nevergiveup  #liveinthemoment #takeaction  #decision
📚Book #3 Complete: #OwntheDay #OwnYourLife By @aubreymarcus #50BOOKCHALLANGE Another great #motivational book that opened my eyes to many things I can improve on in my personal and professional life. . The most valuable asset in life is time. You cannot get it back. Make the most of every minute of everyday while cherishing the body God gave you and appreciating the people and family you get to share it with. . PS. Cut out sugar, get adequate sleep, respect what goes in your body, take time for yourself, and try the cold shower breathing thing. . #success #mindset #mind #body #spirit #family #business
This week we’re celebrating Disruptive Hero, Lindsey Stirling! A world-renowned trailblazer, @lindseystirling constantly ignites the world around her with her passion, perseverance, and positivity. She recently shared about how when she practices gratitude, she finds even more to be grateful for! What’s your favorite way to practice gratitude? 🙏 Tag someone you want to nominate to be our next #DisruptiveHero ❤️ #BeDisruptive #DisruptiveMovement
Don’t neglect family in your pursuit of success. That is a major trap. You can build both your family and your financial success simultaneously. - Follow @TheMindsetsOfSuccess for more daily success quotes and videos like this. 🧠#TheMindsetsOfSuccess - Double tap if you agree 👍 - 💬 Comment | 👥 Tag | 🌎 Share
When you’re #menstruating , a cheat day is totally understandable! Our cravings consist of cookies and ice cream. Tell us what you crave while on your period. ⬇️⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #hygiene #motd #growth #glowup #grow #selfcare #selflove #awareness #period #menstruation #personalgrowth #mindset #confidence #motivation #motivational #motivationmonday #happy #happiness #glow #periodproblems #love #loveyourself #mondaymood #health #pms
M U S C L E F I T It’s pretty simple, we are aiming for world domination 🌎 If there’s no rush to succeed then you have all the time to get to where you want to be. Based in Nottingham📍 Shipping worldwide 🌎 @lhuttonphotography @mosslee1973
🚨 Our company continues to provide clients with awesome increases to their score to help they obtain the desires of their heart. We are taking clients who see no way out of their financial burdens and turning them into homebuyers, car owners, business owners and financially literate! Learn how you can do the same or how your clients can do the same! Comment ‘CREDIT REPAIR’ below.
Collagen is the key foundational protein for healthy, youthful-looking skin. Your skin begins to loose its youthfulness when collagen production slows. After age 30, the collagen levels in your skin and body begin to drop by 1-2% each year. Collagen reduces wrinkles, keeps your joints strong and flexible, supports strong bones, and increases skin hydration. Ours is affordable, all natural, tastes delicious, comes in individual servings and ships directly to your door. www.coachcharleybrown.com
I simply cannot wait to consume you. 🙏🏼 #collagen www.coachcharleybrown.com
#collagen and #energy 🙏🏼 #gratfeul www.coachcharleybrown.com
Today these mantras came to me. Take back your voice that has been stolen so that you can sing. Take back your eyes so that you may see clearly once again. Take back your mind, so that you may restore it with the best wisdom that you can. These abilities can get lost along the way, or taken. Don’t let a system of oppression, don’t let the abusers, the toxic, and the powerful take away your strength and your vision. Know your truths, see your truths, share your truths.
🚨 FREE Coaching Call 🚨 I want to HELP you move forward. After having a successful 2018 with the results I have achieve and the most successful 12 days of my life this year so far making £33,800 profit and feeling extremely happy being me after the years of growth and development I have grown through. it’s time now to help YOU personally or in business so you can do exactly the same, so am offering a FREE call coaching call today to anyone that needs a guidance and support. My vision for Victorious Coaching is to help 100’s get out their way and achieve their goals and dreams and through these coaching calls I will be able to do that. All you have to do is send me a PM or email haitel@victoriouscoaching.co.uk with your number NOW.
Where are YOU in life and business? YOU can not move towards your goals and dreams if you don’t know where you are in life and business. So many people want more but are unaware of where they are mentally, emotionally, financially and don’t know what they have to overcome and work on to move forward. Once you know where you are and where you want to go you can work out how your going to get there. Where are you right now in life and business? Opening up a new coaching program where we find out exactly where you are emotionally mentally and financially and set a plan of action for you to love forward. This will be a full day coaching in central London from 10am - 4pm. PM to get a check up booked in to find out exactly what’s preventing you from moving forward and getting the next steps for you to move forward.
On route to Birmingham this morning investing in myself, Today I get the privilege to spend the day with 12 business owners in the luxury of my coach Rhys Davies Cottage being coached on business by Rhys Davies. The growth you have witnessed in myself over the last 2 years has come from investing in myself to learn more, do more and become more so I can have what it is that I desire.
It’s an amazing feeling to see your clients WINNING, emotionally, physically and financially. Seeing them GROW building confidence, self worth and understand who they are and to use that to get tangible results and becoming the person that can turn their dreams and goals into reality by applying themselves daily, makes my heart smile ❤️ “Achieve what others do not dare to dream of”
Believe in yourself and in your dreams for the future Nelson Mandela is a example of what is possible if you believe in yourself, so no matter what happens, no matter how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, no matter what other people say or think, never stop believing that you will make it Have an unrelenting belief that things will work out, that the things that you desire may not happen today, but it will happen. Look life has a way of rewarding the ones that never give up and and stay loyal to their dreams by believing in themselves, so make sure you keep showing up The ones that really did believe in themselves are living proof that anything is possible
🚨New Coaching day program 🚨 Believing in YOU if you have come into 2019 without the confidence, self belief and self worth that you have what it takes to achieve you goals this year. I have spaces in January and February for a coaching day with a new syllabus to take YOU through, so you can believe in YOU and be more confident. The day will be an intensive 6 hours of face 2 face coaching - 10am-4pm in London Believe in YOU - Controlling your inner dialogue - How to build confidence - Embracing your Fears - Action plan for growth - Turning self doubt into self belief There is no cheat code to success and you have to face all the obstacles and challenges to go to the next level. PM me now to get you booked in for full day coaching so you can believe in YOU and have the confidence, self belief and the self worth to make your goals a reality in 2019
Before a day coaching business and personal development to executive client, we kick off the full day coaching working on us first experiencing the newly kitted out Hustle Hub.
Many of my clients are property investors, that genuinely want to grow the property business the correct way and want to win long term, the mentoring and coaching is not just focused on property and is heavily focused on building them first. We don’t sit around talking about numbers, deals or even just throwing around property terminology, we focus on the building the individual along with the actions and level of application that is required. We get to work with the individual to build them up by focusing on Confidence, mindset, action taking and on personal skills so they can get the results they desire The WINS come when people realise the level of application that is required to win, so ramping up the work ethic and the productivity will be essential.
Afternoon and evening of coaching being delivered to business owners. When working with business owners it’s so important to focus on their foundations first. The results we start get in their business are huge when we work in their confidence, self belief, routines, productivity and emotional understanding of themselves. They are able to use the personal development and get the massive results in business.
Believe that anything is possible and that YOU have what it takes to make your dreams a reality. Some may think your delusion that you have a little bit crazy about YOU. That doesn’t matter if you deep down believe that you are GREAT and are destined to shine bright like a diamond YOU will find a way. “Achieve what others do not dare to dream of”
🚨New 1 day coaching program for 2019🚨 Expecting 2019 to bring something different and wanting more is not enough for its attainment. You need to have clear goals and direction in order to make it happen along with a productive daily routine that will lead you to the goals. New 6 hours of coaching day with a new syllabus to covering - Clear goals and milestones for 2019 - Clarity of direction for the year - Daily Routine - Productivity and 3 non negotiable actions daily - Who you have to become in order to make it your reality This is a full day to get you set up for 2019 by giving you the clear goals and how you will take the action through your daily routine and be productive throughout the year PM me now to get you booked in for this deep dive day January 2019 so you can achieve and make your goals a reality in 2019
Be PROUD of YOU and always remain GRATEFUL❣️ PROUD to have become the person that believes in himself, the confidence self worth the self belief that I have I takes to make my dreams reality. PROUD of the ability to execute and take action that I have created, constantly and consistently everyday moving forward and doing the work required. PROUD to actually have found who I am and start to love the man I have become. Knowing my values and beliefs and emotionally understanding of myself. I am PROUD of myself and extremely GRATEFUL to the ones that have genuinely helped me on my journey. I will never stop showing my appreciation and gratitude to the people that have genuinely made a difference in my life. 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Are you really PROUD of YOU and are grateful to the people that are helping you move forward?
If you decided that you will take it easy, relax and unwind for the festive period with friends, family and loved ones and get going towards your goals in the new year. That’s perfectly OK. ✅ If you now here and you still can’t get going you need HELP 🚨 PM me now for a FREE 15 minute call. You can not let this year just be another year.
Changing my life and the life of the ones around me. This year I will make 5 business owners over £75,000 profit each. Laser Focused 🔥
if you have come into 2019 without the confidence, self belief and self worth that you have what it takes to achieve you goals this year. I have limited spaces in January and February for a coaching day with a new syllabus to take YOU through, so you can believe in YOU and be more confident. The day will be an intensive 6 hours of face 2 face coaching - 10am-4pm in London - Believe in YOU - Controlling your inner dialogue - How to build confidence - Overcoming fears - Clear action plan for growth PM me now to get you booked in for January/February so you can believe in YOU and have the confidence, self belief and the self worth to make your goals a reality in 2019
🚨🚨🚨 Limited 3 spaces left 🚨🚨🚨 Exclusive personal coaching day for YOU only with one of the leading international coaches Rhys Davies and myself to make sure you are all set to make 2019 a great year. Excited for the new clients that have signed up to work with Rhys and myself that have shown that they are committed and serious to make 2019 a great year. They will be changing their lives in 2019 and receive the coaching that will push them to unlock their potential and achieve the results they want. Having both made huge success over the last 12 months with Rhys making over £1,000,000 profit from his companies and myself growing massively and making over £100,000 profit in the year, we know what it takes to build individuals and create business success and have shown this with the results we have made with our clients. We have 3 spaces left for a private 1-2-1 full one day coaching in February where we take a deep dive into you and your business and map out what you need to do move forward personally and in business. PM me NOW for details and to get booked IN
Having been active on social media for the last 3 years and only recently been documenting and sharing valuable content, I realise that it takes time to grow and develop yourself and get a deeper understanding of you and your business before you can use the platform to monetize a personal or business brand. There is so much growth required when you want to grow your business from £100k to £250k that has to be showcased and documented along side your ability to articulate your core message. It's a shame to see people appear on social media sharing content, going live, documenting their journey for a short period of time without spending the time to grow and develop themselves and then giving up due to the lack of self belief, confidence, or ability to articulate their message trying to get a quick win. This is actually the quickest way to lose. Using social media effectively takes time and requires you to grow as a person and brand yourself before you can cash in.
I took the advice of a friend and started listening to motivational and inspirational videos on YouTube first thing every morning. The difference in my ability to see how blessed I am and the acknowledgement that I’m not alone has made a remarkable impact over the last 60 days. Wanna give it a try? I can promise you won’t regret it. Who are some of your favorite motivational speakers? #gratitude #grateful #inspiration #lifestyle #love #fitness #success #goals #healthy #life #happy #workout #health #happiness #mensfashionhub #blackmenswear #training #streetwear #motivation #inspiration #lifestyle #successful #wealth #success #money #melanin #goals #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #motivational #hustle #life #work #mensfashion #mensfashionpost
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