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Мамочки поделитесь своим советом. Не стесняйтесь пишите к комментариях нам нужна ваша помощь🙋 ◽◽◽◽◽ #mothersday #mothercare #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhood #mothers #motheranddauther #motherlove #motherland #motherinlaw #motherday #motherhodunplugged #motheranason #mothership #motherdauthertime #motherrussia #mother #motherslove
Hasta hace poco me preguntaron: ¿Que es lo más difícil de la maternidad?; mi respuesta entre risas fue: “ El Embarazo” ... y Hoy, 2 semanas más tarde podría decir: “También crear un hábito de sueño para Emiliano”. Porque ? Pues él acabó de cumplir 8 meses y todavía duerme la mitad de la noche en su cuna/cuarto y la otra mitad en su corral/alado de mi cama y termina siempre en las mañanas en la cama de los papis. (Lo cual es delicioso y nos llena de amor) 💕 Pero como parte de su desarrollo es necesario que él ya duerma la noche entera en su cuna. Tanto para que aprenda y tenga independencia y para que los tres descansemos mejor. He intentado modificar algunas actividades para ver si hay algún cambio; Y nos han ayudado algunas como: 1. Bañarlo por la noche. 8PM 2. Que coma su cena antes de eso, entre en 6-7PM. 3. Cansarlo bastante, jugando con él e incentivándolo a gatear. 4. Darle de comer su teté de leche antes de dormir ya acostado en su cuna. - No puedo decir que esto funciona al 100%, porque hay días que se despierta 1-2-3 veces, otros que solo 1 o 2. Y estamos trabajando para lograr que duerma la noche entera. - Estoy leyendo un libro y viendo algunos videos. Por lo que en un siguiente post les comparto los datos y mi experiencia. Un abrazo. VB @vannessabaquero - #newexperience #momexperience #momlife #motherhood #momofinstagram #workingmom #bloggermom #entrepreneurmom
WINNERS!!! They are going to STATE!!! . I could not be more proud of Megan and her team as they WON the Destination Imagination 2019 Elementary Regionals and are going to STATE!!!! The 12 hour days have really paid off!!! . . #momliferocks #momof3 #momofgirls #momsofinstagram #texasmoms #momlifeisthebestlife #motherhood #mom #parenthood #kid #child #children #preciousmentar #parentlife #mommyhood #singlemom #mothercare #motherlove #igmotherhood #motheranddaughter #momadvice #mommylifestyle #momblog #kidsphoto #daughters #parentlife #happymom #momfitlife #momfitness #momstrong
RECIPE. . You need to try these delicious curry puffs now! . Yummy but I like my baked. . #CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!💓✊ . Give yourself just 21 days to change and become a better version of yourself💕 . If your looking to: 🔼Lose weight/Shape up.🤗 🔼Gain lean muscle.💪 🔼Boost your metabolism.🙌 🔼Increase your energy levels💃 DM me for details✊ Programme Includes. ➡Daily health & fitness tips.💪 ➡Smart grocery shopping tips.🍎 ➡Workout videos.🏃 ➡Personal coaching and guidence.🙏 ➡Group support🙌 ➡Personalized meal plan.🍜 #selangorian #brickfields #seputeh #bangsar #petalingjaya #workout #kl #jomkurus #tipssihat #baju #likeforlike #instalalike #tv3 #viralmalaysia #onlineshoppingmalaysia #plussize #herbsandspice #healthyme # africanempowerment #fruitlover #srilankanculture #puchong #subangputrajaya #spinalinjury #buildingyourbody #strokerehab #switzerland #diabetes #motherhood
The truth is, I sometimes dread the weekends. Some may not understand, but when you are parents of a three year old it means that you have to tackle the household chores that have piled up throughout the week, (possibly even some work) as well as entertain our wildly active toddler and simultaneously ensure that your 3 month old baby gets all of her naps and feds in. Getting out the door for morning activity can sometimes morph into an afternoon activity which in some cases (like today) end up as an evening activity! But we finally got there, 6pm, to go ice skating for the first time! The happy giggles, rainbow coloured lights, Fleetwood Mac playing in the background and a heart warming joy that this (#Whistler ) is where we have decided to raise our children. Saturday nights may look a little different these days, but it’s moments like this make it #worthit . #motherhood #whistlervillage #whistlermom
I was feeling cute yesterday aha! I am wearing my jeans that use to be “Loose” on me. Amazed at how the woman’s body works! We can all snap back if we want to, anything is possible. Appreciating my baby back rolls for the moment and embracing Motherhood❤️ Perfectly Imperfect✨ . . . #shegotthatmilkmoney #milkmoney #motherhood #pregnancy #latina #redlips #babyonboard
|Market Stalls| Here's a list of markets you will find set up on the green and also inside the club at our upcoming Mums and Bubs 1st Birthday Picnic Friday March 15th... *Little Birdie Love *Jodie York - Wellness Naturally *Silly Street Face Painting *Maitland Gymbaroo *Splash Plaster Painting Fun - Hunter Valley *Blackthorn Hill Retreat - fresh farm honey, arts & crafts *Zoofari Rides *Spewy *Rebecca Craft - Yayme Independent Consultant *Rebecca Craft Independent Tupperware Consultant *Kylies nutrimetics *ShellShell's photography *Amanda Dixon candles *wild Harts children's wear #mumsandmaitland #mumsandbubsaustralia #mymaitland
// duo Ricardo lagi nongki2, bukan ngopi cantik. Tapi ng-happy meal bareng 👭 Hari ini dpt 2, wildstyle plus duplo, yg diincer udah gak ada 😿 #happymeal #nyenenginanak poke @yuncsan ak kesini lg, inget pas kmrn kita ketemu 😭 pengen ketemu maneh... • • #육아 #유아스타그램 #애스타그램 #육아소통 #베이비스타그램 #베이비 #베이비그램 #안스타베이비 #베이비인스타 #아기 #크리스마스 #kidsbabylove  #cameramama #momswithcamera  #motherhood #photography #candidofchildhood #kidsfashion #flower #beautiful #love #bkids_2019 #photooftheday @babykids_indonesia #asiankids #babyphotography #ootdkids
To the Mom & Dad at Chipotle tonight, 10 people in line, you held yourself together well, while your small child started to turn, turn into an extra uncontrollable, irrational creature. Mom you took her outside, Dad causally waited inline, I then noticed Mom circled the restaurant I was hoping to come back in, but it was the signal to Dad, “We have to go now” look. The line was still, people staring, it’s quiet. You both are now outside literally trying to get her in the car. My heart racing and eyes about to burst and not look, while I squeeze my girl tight, you drive away. Both of you exhausted, pale & now starving I’m guessing. I wanted to meet you at your car, buy your meal and hug you. Just another clear reminder everyone is going through something, be compassionate ♥️✌🏻#respect #consciousness #belove #life #realshit #dontbejudgy
Taking it back to just a few days before delivering and missing that belly just a taddd🙈 excited for my follow up and hopefully the okay for exercising and it’s back to joys of yoga, weights and running 👏🏼
You rolled over for the first time today!! Big celebration dance 💃 #babyfirsttime #motherhood
I shared this ✨magical✨ duo on my other account and everyone was super excited about it so I figured I had to share it here too: _ I learned about facial reflexology a couple of years ago and was instantly intrigued. It was created by Professor Châu, an acupuncturist in Vietnam to teach people how to treat themselves for common conditions with quick results...No needles required! - After I experienced the effects of this little yin yang roller, I knew I had to study reflexology for myself. The yang side (spiked ball) is used on clean dry skin as if you were prepping the soil of your garden. It stimulates deep layers of the skin, increasing blood flow and the effectiveness of any products you use after it. The yin side (pronged roller) nourishes and oxygenates all layers of the skin. It distributes liquids brought to the surface, improves elasticity, and reduces wrinkles. _ I like doing the protocol before bed and then pressing a drop of Yarrow Pom oil into my skin to promote collagen production, amplify the anti-aging initiated by the reflexology session, and reduce the appearance of any pesky blemishes. #yesplease _ 👉🏻Swipe right to see the brand new collection I put together featuring these two glowing skin must-haves. ✨Reach out if you are ready to up your skincare game.
Bringing up future beach bums.
toc toc ✊🏼
Little lass Belted Party Dress Size : 2years Price : 8,000 .......... Kindly send us a DM / click on the WhatsApp Link on our bio #kidscart_ #kidsofinstagram #kid #lagos #lagosbabies #lekkimums #ibadan #igkiddies #imumzone #twinning #birthday #party #mom #motherhood #abuja #abujaweddings #kidsfashion #fashionkids #celebrity #wife #baby #babygirl
Mama got a few giggles and lots of smiles out of this one ♥️. We are hopeful she will be back to her wiggly happy self soon. #thisisfostercare
Someone likes washing baskets. Can you believe Neo is almost 6months old? Almost half of year of being a mummy! • • • #babies #washing #laundry #elephant #baby #babyboy #son #mother #mum #motherhood #love #cute #beautiful
For every smiling photo, of course there’s also a tantrum...motherhood is no cake walk. But I wouldn’t trade being this kiddo’s mom for anything 🧡 #mylilrushbambino #18monthsold #growingtoofast
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My daughter pushing her little sister around today. I had one of those moments today, the ones where you suddenly see how much your kid has grown up. Did I see it happening? Did I miss it? Where are we? I often say, parenting makes time a very scary thing. It can pass in a moment and you can’t ever keep up. I am trying to take intentional ‘take this in’ moments. Notice the small things. Feel the size of their hands, feet, weight of them when I pick them. They will never be this small again. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart ❤️ . . . . #momlife #lifewithkids #momof3 #timeflies #motherhood #lifeasweknowit #gratitude #grateful #happier #smallmoments #itgoestoofast #embrace #love #family #sisters
“No matter your age you always need your mum” 🙌
#selfie #thecramps #punk #gothicstyle #beyourbiggestfan #selflovefirst we can't help anyone if we are trying to pour from an empty cup. It's okay to not be okay sometimes. We're all works of art, beautiful and amazing. #artistoninstagram #motherhood #livelife #fuckthehaters 🖕
First selfie as a mom 🤷🏼‍♀️sure why not. Some days my son barely lets me get out of my pjs and the mom bun, and other days he allows me to get ready. Either way I wouldn’t trade being his mom for anything else in this world. The love I have for my child is something out of this world and a love so strong it’s indescribable 🥰. • • • • #momlife #boymom #shorthair #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmom #normalizebreastfeeding #parthippie #holistic #motherhood #besthood #parenthood #motd #lotd #hotd #eotd #humblecrazybeautifulsoul 💋👪❤️
Had a lot of fun yesterday talking about Nutrition for pre-toddlers 👶🏼 . Was my first public talk and I was a bit stressed 😫 but all went well! . Thanks for the support of my @theconsciouspalmtree squad and the people who came ❤️
Bought our girl a new car seat today! She’s definitely growing and looking way too big! 😭😭 My baby looks less and less like a baby every day! She’ll be 6 months this week, which is just absolutely crazy! 1/2 a year already since this little nugget of joy was welcomed into this world with the help of some of the best doctor/nurse teams ever! Time is flying by so fast! Part of me wishes it would slow down just a little! #motherhood #newcarseat #lookinglikeatoddler #6months #myworld #nuggetofjoy #MillieFaith #happygirl #sleeplessnights #TheFromanFamilyJourney #timeslowdown
My first true #highwaistedbikini . How cute is this from @cupshe and the colors are one point!! Please be gentle Instagram. I’ve birthed four babies two of which were at the same time 🤦🏻‍♀️. Haven’t worked out in months and started a full time job recently. Life got real, real busy quickly.... I would love to find time to get back at the gym and I know one day I will, but for now I’m me and what you see is what you get🔥. This mama is gettin #summerready #instamom #instapic #bikini #cupshe #highwaisted #selfie #latenightselfie #stripes #momlife #momofmany #momoftwins #momofboys #motherhood #summerscomin #hotmama
when we were little we dreamed about growing up and having babies together.. now our childhood dreams are coming true! my best friend is pregnant ♡ __________________ we love you so much auntie shannon. so excited for our babies to be friends
Honestly, I used to hate the way I looked in the mirror... like absolutely hate it. I hated the way I looked in clothing. I hated taking pictures with anyone but I knew I would regret not taking pictures with my kids. This isn’t me trying to sell ya anything. No pills. No programs. Just the process. Just tell you that it’s hard mentally and physically. That it doesn’t happen overnight. That many times I have given up for weeks at a time. I made it a huge goal of mine to work on myself in every aspect and I’m falling in love with the process! ❤️❤️ . . . . #theprocess #weightloss #motherhood #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #momlife #wegotthis #workoutmotivation
Today was absolutely magical. Huge thanks to my mama for our spur of the moment trip to see what the coldest day in 122 years brought to our beautiful desert. ❄️ To all my friends that actually live in the snow you just won’t understand our excitement over all this snow in the desert. I’ve lived here basically my entire life and have never seen anything like this and I doubt I ever will again. Carson’s first taste of snow + being 34 weeks pregnant with baby girl + my mama being with us made for a day that I’ll cherish forever - as a mama, a Phoenician, and a daughter. All of it was magical. 💕 #raisingcarsonkeller #memorizingmotherhood #motherhood #arizonasnow #growingbabygirl #34weekspregnant #momentsofmine
my handsome wee sidekick🥰
I get completely lost holding her in my arms, watching her observe the new world around her. It’s beautiful and humbling to watch her experience this life with so much hope and light in her eyes. We still have so much to learn from one another, but gosh she’s already changed my life in extraordinary ways. Ciel Luna, I love you so dang much. 🌌🌛♥️ #cielluna
STORY TIME !⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This one is one of my favorites. ⁣⁣ Meet Sella from Hawaii 🌸 she is such an inspiration to the whole team. She is a mom of 1 baby girl, her and her husband worked for Corporate America for many years trying to do everything possible to provide for their family and give them the best life. Sounds familiar right? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Well, let me tell you that everything changed for her when she made one simple decision. She said YES to this incredible business opportunity.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ She now gets to travel the world with earned paid vacations, she’s able to impact many lives and create a future for her family without anyone telling her how much she is worth. Her and her husband Logan are their own bosses. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I want women like Sella on my team. All you need to have is passion to help others and have no excuses to follow the path others have paved for us. Its simple! But you need to put in the work. If you are curious to know more, dm me! Lets talk about your goals📨
When your little babe has better outfits than you 💕
oh how times have changed...
Working within the walls of a hospital is a humbling experience. Relationships are formed through the fibers of both sadness and joy. Heartbreak moves to miracle and sometimes back again. Those of us who enter this building with scrubs and badge are united by a common desire to help others, because we really, really, truly care. Being a nurse expands the heart in unimaginable ways. Through blood, sweat, and tears we become a family. A family deeply concerned for all those who enter our doors. Sometimes things turn out okay and other times they don’t. It’s not for us to decide, but we pour our souls into trying. It is challenging and often exhausting - but like anything worthwhile it is such a gift. A gift of perspective. So no matter how hard it is or it ever gets, we will continue to put on our scrubs and show up anyway. Leaning on each other no matter what. #ernurses — If you’re in nursing school keep going girl - if you’re thinking about a career change, run - don’t walk! We need more of you wonderful and capable people here with us. 👊🏻
It’s not often that I can take a photo and have it capture everything I’m feeling in one frame. But when I do, it’s perfection. My whole 🌎 ♥️
Discover the beautiful side of mom accessories with your perfect Fashionista Diaper Bag: Our Glam Rosie in Anthracite! @nordstrom 👇🏽 👜A smart trapezoidal shape and an angled zipper in signature rose gold give this feature-packed diaper bag a chic, must-have makeover. The top handle is complemented by a stroller hook attachment and a clever side strap that lets you carry the bag over your shoulder or as a backpack. Removable bottle and baby-food holders and a water-repellent changing mat fit neatly into the roomy interior to give you everything you need for effortless outings. 💞Top zip closure 💞Top carry handle; optional, adjustable shoulder/backpack straps 💞Stroller hook attachment Interior wall, zip and elastic pockets 💞Water-repellent changing mat Removable, insulated bottle holder 💞Removable baby-food jar compartments 💞Cell phone compartment 💞Key ring 💞Lined 💞100% polyester Buy yours today at @nordstrom or visit our site and enjoy 25% off. Enter code PITC25
{25 weeks ago} if lack of sleep is our only problem, we simply have no problems at all.
14 years later, he still gives me butterflies. I never could have imagined what an INCREDIBLE daddy he would be. He's the love of my life and the key that forever holds my heart! #babydaddy #otherhalf #hotty #husband #parenting #dad #daddysgirl #daddydaughter
9 days post delivery. 9 days post birth. We were both just getting the hang of this new life we were given. 🖤
realizing that if I am 10 weeks, this photo was taken a month ago. it feels like it's been SO much longer than that. I'm trying my best to grow along with you, in mind and spirit.
Somehow managed to get an hour workout done with this little turd. Now time to go pick up grandma from the airport. ✈️
Japan is calling!! Japan is always a good idea. My hubby and I love travelling and it is always nice to experience a luxury getaway once in a while. I can imagine how wonderful it will be if we can spend quality time at a heavenly hotels like @stregisosaka @ritzcarlton.osaka @ritzcarltonkyoto. It will be great to have a luxury Japan journey with my love. We have been Japan when we were young but never as a couple. Hope to experience a 6 nights Luxury Treat to Japan and collect beautiful moments together ! ❤ #ritzcarltonbali #LuxuryJourneyToJapan #Repost @ritzcarltonbali • • • • • • Where will you travel to this year? If Japan is on your bucket list, we invite you to join our 6 Nights Luxury Treat to Japan and win a chance to enhance your Japan Trip with a total 6 nights complimentary stay at @stregisosaka @ritzcarlton.osaka & @ritzcarltontokyo for one lucky winner! . Follow these simple step: 1. Follow Instagram and Facebook @ritzcarltonbali 2. Tag 5 friends you’d wish to join your luxury Japan journey in the comment section below 3. Repost this post on your Instagram feed and don’t forget to include our hashtags #ritzcarltonbali #LuxuryJourneyToJapan . This campaign will end on 23 February 2019 at 00:00 local time . A winner will be drawn by a panel of judge, and will be announced via Instagram & Facebook post. __________________ Terms & Conditions: 🔘 1 (one) winner will be chosen by a panel of judge, and will receive 2 (two) nights stay for 2 (two) person at St. Regis Osaka, The Ritz-Carlton, Osaka, and The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo 🔘 The campaign period begins from 8 February 2019 and will end on 23 February 2019 at 00.00 Bali time unless exception stated 🔘 A winner will be chosen from an eligible submission and announced on @ritzcarltonbali Instagram account. We will send the complimentary voucher via email to the winner and redemption must be within 3 (three) days since the announcement. Late redemption is prohibited and another winner will be selected
Coffee and pretty interiors keep me sane.
Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine ☀️🙏🏻
Przyznać się, kto już zaczął ferie?! ⛷🎿 My już nie możemy się doczekać, więc dziś zrobiliśmy sobie mały wypad na narty! 💁🏼‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👦🏼🧒🏼 . . . #motherhood #photooftheday #healthy #instahealth #active #lifestyle #photography #instagood #healthyleaving #beauty #familyfun #actress #motheroffour #familyphoto #sunday #familyfun #familyphotography #winter #newyear #instagram #instalike #instadaily #beautiful #beauty #bestoftheday #polishgirl #girl #together #star #habits #picoftheday #ski
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