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You covered your tracks But the lies resonate through these halls. I'm so alone now But I'll get by somehow #EndofaGoodThing . . . . . . . . . . . #portrait #portraiture #portraitphotography #portrait_ig #portrait_mf #moodygrams #moodyports #moodyportraits #moody #moodyedits #moodygardens #art #artofvisuals #visualart #minimalism #minimalist #canon
blue moon
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...
Never felt more alive 💫 . . . First entry for #2019ffa . . . Photographer :@liquidverve Model :@mirandaharrison Edit :@dark_visionn
Occo: a fresh take on flavor . Occo uses a revolutionary design to keep spice fresher at the molecular level. It’s more flavorful, affordable, and sustainable.
. Been watching horror game walkthroughs on YouTube all day and night. It's my guilty pleasure 😂 📷 @christinascaptures Makeup @chavaundevore Jumpsuit from @maeberry_vintage . . . . . . #sickymag #featurewall #artsyphoto #dazed #yokomag #maeberryvintage #utahmodel #utahstylist #utahphotographer #moodyportraits #moodygirls #jumpsuits
Push F5 if you cant handle it at the moment. And push harder than you can do to solve it . #fujixt10 #moodygrams #moody #moody_portraits #ig_muse #portraitsshotz #moodyportraits #majestic_people #portrait_vision #womenesia_ #portrait_vision #mood #moodyports #portrait #mypixeldiary ——————————#bedjhoputra .
“a memory can be a marvelous getaway, but you must never make a home there.” - beau talking model - @montanavalverde
We are all missing something. An unfinished masterpiece or a complete mess. The decision of what you are is up to one of 2 parties or a mix; either yourself, or the people you let get to you. I tend to go off of a mix of both as I believe most do. Love yourself for who you are, but understand that you have to interact with others and the more you want to be “unique” the more you can distance yourself from others you may want to be closer to. Change can be good or bad, but that’s ultimately how you view the change itself. Begin to understand yourself and those around you better. Be selfless in not just your actions but your thoughts. Be selfish with who you surround yourself with. Be with those that help you grow and distance yourself from those that use you as a just a pawn with no care.
Sweet Nothings
Choose to shine ✨
Let it glow ✨ • - • - • - • 📸 @micktography Extremely grateful to have met so many wonderful people at #noisybokehyvr last weekend. You are all so lovely and supportive 💕 and gave me so much guidance ~~~ • And this light was totally not “blinding “my eyes 👀
First off, I want to thank all of my amazingly wonderful friends for really helping me get through a block I have had lately...I seriously appreciate every single one of you. If I have talked to you in the last couple weeks, or even before, you're one of them, especially anyone I have talked to in the last few days😊 When I woke up today I saw the weather and was instantly inspired! I have really wanted a "self portrait" lately, and I finally got one that really expresses who I am inside. This is me, and this is where I belong😊 #dowhatyoulove
feeling allllllll the love and so grateful for this life. cheers to 26 💃🏼
three coins in the fountain
Waffle Are Just Pancakes With Abs 🥞
Can You Dig It? 🍁 🍁 🍁 Photographer @houseofbooneevisuals Stylist @houseofboonephotography 🍁 🍁 🍁
In honor of my nephew turning one month tomorrow 😭😍
OBSBOT Tail, The World's First Auto-Director AI Camera - . 5TFLOPS AI Chip | 4K 60FPS | 3-axis Gimbal | AI Tracking | Professional Imaging | Auto Zoom | Obsbot Studio | Live Stream
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