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"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase for perfection, we catch excellence." / / Some find perfection sets one to a destructive path as perfection is very subjective. However, I can personally relate to this word. Without perfection I will not be able to be where I am today, if I don't set high standards for myself how will I ever have any appreciation for the fruits of my labour, be it my work or my Life. #worklifebalance #itsalifestyle When I hit a roadblock, I art journal. Art journaling helps me keep sane & focused through tough times. #foodforthought #perfectionisasingleword #artjournalingtodestress #artjournaling101 #sotherewasareasonforit #controlwhatyoucancontrol #usewisely #didyouknow #inspiretoaspire #stressmanagement #mamapreneur #mompreneur #momtrainer #imageconsulting #makingiteasyforyou #imageconsultant #knowthehustle #mamatrainer #itallmakessensenow
From our Mom Core Challenge (we are working on posture and form in daily movements as we work on strengthening the core and realigning the body in our exercise program): This post is on learning proper upper and lower body posture: 1️⃣Place hands on chest and on front of pelvis...if your lower hand is further back/lower than inside your hip bones (Ilialic crests) then you have a lower anterior tilt of pelvis-pelvis spills forward. If your hand is higher than inside the hip bones then you have a posterior pelvic tilt. 2️⃣Pic of anterior pelvic tilt 3️⃣Pic of posterior pelvic tilt 4️⃣bring your pelvis forward or backward so your hand is in-line with the Ilialic crest. Then bring your chest forward or back so your other hand is in line with the lower hand. This is called "stacking the ribs" over the core and allows for proper core and pelvic floor activation...allowing core to heal/strengthen and diaphragm to work effectively. 👍👍👍 #ribposture #thestrongmamallc #properposture #postpartumfitness #momtrainer #momcorechallenge #diastasisrecti
Week 6 is in the books. You can check out the latest video on my Facebook page. Link is in bio 😊💕 #week6 #takeyoursheback #momlife #personaltrainer #nasmcertified #fitness #mindset #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #momtrainer #busymoms #newmoms #resultsproducer #fallintohealth2018
Hiii mamas!! I will be hosting an Ask Me Anything and answering any questions you have for me on August 27th @ 10am. The website is live now, so please go on and ask me anything!🤰💕😁(Link in bio)
Shout out to this awesome Momma! Cara has worked so hard these past few months and we have recently begun upping the intensity of her workouts which she is rocking! I love seeing my clients progress and reintroduce things into their routines like front loaded exercises and high impact movements with confidence . You'll feel those wall sits & stairs tomorrow :) Way to go! @weesleep_cara
Nothing like a good bum shot! 🙄 My workouts mostly consist of HIIT and weight lifting. This was one of a couple times I gave barre a go. It doesn’t seem like it would hurt but it requires you to use these little muscles that don’t often get worked and leaves me sore every time! Probably something I need to rotate in more regularly!
Classes officially started today. These ladies killed every single move. . Bring those kiddos and join us Wednesday and Friday at 10am for a super sweaty session💕 • • • • • • #momtrainer #fitmotivation #fitnessinjc #fitness #lifestyle #jerseycity #newjersey #downtownjc #grovestreet #journalsquare #newport #personaltrainer #fitfam #muscle #abs #physicaltherapy #abs #fitnessdirectory #chooseyourtrainerwisely #fitnessmotivation #athlete #pushup #pullup #squat
Are you taking an active recovery day today? What are you up to? Tell me below! 👇🏻👇🏻 • This morning I took the kids on a 2 hour walk (complete with a picnic!) - of course they sat in the double stroller for about half of it (and Izzy took a nap) but that just gave me a little extra light resistance work hey?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🙂 #momlife #momming #fitparenting • One of the biggest things I missed in Berlin and Florida was being able to go for a walk and surround myself by nature. 🦋🌳🍃 So now we are living in Prague by the National Park, the weather is cooler and #thefitmomsplandad is working we decided to go and explore a trail that is right outside our new house. And it was perfect. 💃 So quiet (aside from when my kids were shouting 🙄😂), picturesque, calming and de-stressing (even with the kids in tow!!!! 🙃). The perfect antidote to all the stress going on at the moment. I can see this is going to be a good running and strolling route once the kids start school in September too.🏃🏼‍♀️🙂 • Don’t underestimate the power of including activities to reduce stress levels. Hormonal balance is key to healthy living. I’ve had too much stress in recent months and so even with steps I’ve taken to counteract it I can tell that my overall health is suffering - hair loss, bad skin, headaches and my periods are out of whack to name a few! Time to take steps to counteract it! 😊 Have a good day moms. Claire Xoxo
If you think a minute goes by fast, try doing sprint intervals... #cardioishardio Happy Saturday, everyone
“The expert in anything was once a beginner” Helen Hayes. Double tap ❤️ if you struggle with push ups and would like more info on how to improve on them! • If you want to improve at anything you have to practice it. And you need to practice the actual movement as well strengthening the muscles used in that exercise. This workout works your core and lower body as well as your upper body plus it makes doing a whole bunch of push ups more interesting! 🙃 Making you stronger in doing them without the boredom. 🙌🏻 • I am doing my push ups in this video on an incline (against the kitchen bench) because this is more core friendly and it’s a good way to start your push up progression. An incline like this reduces the pressure on your linea alba (the connective tissue that is weakened and stretched during pregnancy). As you heal your core post baby and get stronger with your push ups decrease the incline gradually to a chair/lower bench and then ultimately the floor. I recommend going to an incline surface once you pass the first trimester of pregnancy too. • I did 2 rounds of this (in my regular clothes 😂) as I made the kids their breakfast this morning. 15 x 4 mountain climbers to push up 15 x side raises to push up 15 x walking push ups 15 x side plank to push up Push up burnout - do as many push ups as you can to failure • If you find leaning on the kitchen side hard on the hands put a towel there 😊 Let me know if you try it! Have a great Fri-yay! Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan #thefitmomsplanvideos #corewithclaire
EXERCISE OF THE WEEK Hip Thrust with Paloff Press One of my favourite exercises that works the core and glutes! Make sure to exhale on the work portion of the exercise!
Double tap ❤️ if you feel this heat is sucking the energy out of you!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️. In Florida we have air con, but here in Prague there is no escape from it! 💦. Literally none apart from the car! Even the gym has no air con!! 😳 I’m melting!! So combine the heat with being with the kids 24/7 and mostly solo parenting around unpacked boxes and my motivation for working out is pretty low! • So, how do I find the motivation? 👉🏻 1. I have developed habits over the last 20 years that mean working out is part of my life. I thrive off it. It’s more natural for me to workout than not. That habit takes time, but once established it’s pretty awesome. 2. I have clear goals - short, medium and long term. I WRITE THEM DOWN. Then I can remind myself of them to help stay focused. 3. I have a (bit!) of a plan. I schedule in my workouts each week and plan out some meals the best I can. #momlife means I have to be flexible, but remain determined with those goals in mind. It doesn’t always go to plan, but at least I have a plan to know which direction I hope to go in. 4. I know why I want to achieve my goals. Not just the tendy/cool - “my kids” (that can be your why, but make sure it’s really why you want it!). But because I want to healthy and live a long life, I want to keep up with my kids and I need mental sanity - which I get from my workouts! 5. I have group support. Finding a tribe is key. Check in, connect and make use of the group accountability and support. It’s why all the moms I work with can be part of a FB network if they wish to be. Some don’t and that’s cool. 🙂 6. I remember progress might be steady and not linear. Long lasting changes don’t happen over night, but the more you stick to the plan the better your results will be. And the more motivated you will be! 🙂 • Share below - what motivates you to workout?? 😊 Did you workout today?! Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan
I’ve made 7 figures with my fitness & wellness brands - now I’m going to help you build your own empire” We make your success inevitable. Hear it from the people who've gone before you! Passionate, successful fitness & wellness entrepenuers who just like you, needed some expert support and access to state of the art resources. Meet Dina, she invested in her future, and it paid off big time. Dina choose the White Glove Service with Us to launch her own gym in Florida. She worked intimately with Liz shadowing, strategizing and training over the course of 3-days in person. She learned from the ground up; best practices for her specialty studio and how to become profoundly differentiated in a crowded market. “From business plan development, to sound operational practices, to strategic marketing in local markets, to client retention and experience, we did it all” — Dina Womble #mompreneur #bossbabe #fitspo #buildyourgympire #buildyourbrand #logo #fitnessinspiration #fitbrand #femaleceo #momtrainer #fitgirls #fitness
If you don’t like doing something, why are you doing it? 🤔🤔 . You don’t have to drink shakes, eat kale, or live without wine. You don’t have to do Crossfit, Barre, or Soul Cycle. You don’t have to do yoga, meditate, run, or lift weights. . None of these things will make you healthy if they make you miserable. . I don’t believe we will love every part of our unique health & fitness journey, but there are a million ways to skin a cat, and if you’re dreading it more than you’re loving it, try something different. . Do you agree? Or do you feel like suffering/dread comes with the territory? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this 👇🏻
Some of you have been with me here on Instagram forever and some of us are new friends. I thought I’d take today to share 3 things you may or may not know about me. Then it’s your turn (Share how long we’ve “known” each other and/or something I may or may not know about you.) 1️⃣ I’m a 100% natural redhead. It’s def become lighter since I moved to Santa Monica, but I’ve never had to dye it and at this point expect it to go straight to white. 2️⃣ Speaking of #SantaMonica , we’ve been living here since we started having kids 7 years ago. I moved here 8 months pregnant with our oldest. Before that we lived on the east coast for 10 years in NYC and NJ. Prior to that, I was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, so I’m a Midwesterner at heart. 3️⃣Pre kids I personal trained celebrities and traveled the world as a @Reebok Master Trainer. Now I specialize in pre/postnatal exercise and help moms and moms-to-be stay fit though my online workouts and challenges. 💪🏻🤰❤️ Now, it’s your turn. Go! . . . . . . #momsofinstagram #momsofig #kierasis #girlmom #momof3 #momofthreekids #momofthree #prenatalexercise #fitpregnancy #postnatalexercise #celebritytrainer #momtrainer #fitmom #fittips #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #prebabylife
WORKING OUT WITH KIDS 👉🏻 This full body workout will take 10 mins! 🙌🏻 And as you can see from these videos (SWIPE LEFT FOR LEVEL 2) it can be done with your kids! 😂🙃 • Set your timer for 10 mins then do: ⭐️10 x squat to calf raise or squat jumps (do what is right for your pelvic floor!) ⭐️20 x mountain climbers (increase the incline to decrease the pressure on your linea alba - key in 2nd or 3rd trimester or postpartum if you have #diastasisrecti .) ⭐️20 x lunges with a twist (add a weight to take it up a level. Using a dumbbell or heavy weight is much easier than a child, but sometimes you gotta do what you got to do! 🤷🏻‍♀️ If you have DR just do lunges without the twist) • Do as many rounds as possible in 10 mins! Try not to rest between exercises and take only a very short break between rounds. If you want to take it up another level add 1-2 reps each round! 💦 • Don’t forget you can save it by tapping the bookmark! 😊. You won’t thank me when you do it, but oh boy after just 10 mins you will feel accomplished! 💃 Have a great day! Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan #thefitmomsplanvideos
Phew! Was a tough run for this Momma tonight. Luckily I had these awesome ladies to keep me going! I cannot believe the trail running clinic has almost come to an end. I have absolutely loved sharing the trails with some great moms (missed you tonight @amandadeschenes !) who have only gotten stronger each week! Look for more to come this fall :)
My motivation to transform after kids had everything to do with how I wanted to FEEL again moreso than how I looked. A part of me didn't even want to begin my postpartum fitness journey because the stretch marks and loose skin I had post birth already had me feeling defeated. "My body will never be the same...what's the point?" I wondered. But I realized although my "battle scars" would be on my body forever (evidence of healthy, full term pregnancies), I could still train hard, eat well, and get strong. I decided to control what I could actually control. The more I disciplined myself to stick with my custom programs, the #mwhchallenge and #snatchsexychallenge --the more energetic, confident, and strong I felt each day. My motivation was and still is becoming the best version of myself as a mom. That doesn't mean I need to have a perfect insta-model's body--it just means that I strive for radical self-care so I can chase and keep up with these babies and feel good in the skin I'm in. 👫🏃‍♀️ Want to join the challenged thousands of busy moms have used to transform from around the world? Head to my site Momswearheels.com 👠for more details and to join the movement! Link in bio. ❤ Monica #momswearheels #mwhchallenge #selflove #onlinetrainer #fitnessformoms #momtrainer #womensfitness #fitmomsofig #fitmom #momof2
What actions have you taken to accomplish your goals? Want to lose weight -- what have you done? Want to run a 5k, 13.1, 26.2 -- what have you done? Want to learn a language -- what have you done? STOP wasting time 💜 🌞 👊 #askgaryvee #hypothyroidism #momboss #getitdoneearly #momsthatsweat #lovemylife #earlymornings #momoftwins #losetheweight #crushinggoals #momtrainer #fitover40
Peak week #3 !!! This time while getting radio active iodine treatments!!! Never stop working on the dreams you have! No matter what it takes!!
If you feed your baby (breast or formula) you need this workout in your life! • I wish I had more cool pictures of me breastfeeding! I breast fed both mine until about 10 months (It’s interesting how I sometimes feel judgement at stopping then just as others that continued longer do 🤔, but you have to do what is right for you and baby 💞). I did it everywhere and anywhere that I needed to, but I rarely snapped a pic. 😏 I’m loving seeing all the moms this week sharing their #breastfeeding pictures and stories and empowering others to keep feeding for #internationalbreastfeedingweek 💪🏻😊 • But this workout is for my breastfeeding and formula feeding moms because however you feed you can be sitting, carrying and holding for long periods of time! 🙃 The bonus of this workout is that it feels like a stretch and it helps to strengthen your back. Strengthening helps to reduce back pain and injury. This is also a great workout for during your pregnancy - especially the latter stages of your second trimester and third trimester when we can get super round shouldered. • I do a couple of moves in the video balancing on one leg. I do that to help fire up my deep core muscles as I do the back work 👉🏻 a great way to make the most of our limited time hey moms! 🙌🏻 • As you pull your arms back to the sides or lift overhead really take note of your core function and check there is no coning or doming. Do NOT push your stomach forward or arch your back as you do the moves. I’ve posted before about how to check functionality - feel, watch in a mirror, video yourself! • Try to feed before doing an upper body workout so that it is more comfortable for you. If you have mastitis you may find you need to reduce the weights or do less reps or even stop your upper body work. Speak to your dr first. • Do as many reps/sets at a weight that is right for you. My general rule of thumb is start out with a weight you felt comfortable using during your third trimester of pregnancy or lighter. Bands are a great way to get back into workouts post birth. Always have doctor consent. Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan #thefitmomsplanvideos #corewithclaire
My 3 least favorite things: Onions, ironing 😝 and washing my hair. I love how a hat can give me just one more day. Two things I NEVER travel without, baseball cap and dry shampoo. Lifesavers for me!
STAY OPEN AND NOTICE WHAT STIRS YOUR HEART. THEN, MOVE TOWARDS THAT. Take tiny steps, walk leisurely or run full speed ahead, but move forward. Fitness and athleticism has been stirring this heart for longer than I can remember, my true joy comes from challenging myself physically and I want to help you feel the same. 😘♥️ • Just my husband and I were here at this place exactly 12 years ago when I was pregnant with our first. I never could have imagined all that would evolve over the next decade, back as a family of 7. I felt this overwhelming gratitude for what I’ve been able to create and nurture. It took patience after each baby that I didn’t always have but I now feel stronger today both physically and mentally as a mom athlete than before my babies. • • Our bodies are irreplaceable vessels that allow us to explore, live fully and take care of others, to name only a few. It’s NOT selfish or vain to make your HEALTH and feeling your best physically a priority. I’m so excited to start my course #pregnancyandpostpartuumathleticismcoaching @brianna.battles thanks @kcfitnessyyc • • • #momswhotrain #postpartuumathleticism #pregnancyandpostpartumathleticism #yyctrainer #spartanmom #palladium #womenofspartan #momswholift #fitmom #fitforlife #postpartumfitness #momtrainer #bodyweighttraining #yycbootcamps #momathletes #pregancyfitness #fitfam #absformoms #findyourjoy #yycfitmom #yycpersonaltrainer #workoutvideos #lakesideworkouts #momswhospartan #yycoutdoorbootcamps #mostlyvegan #yycrunner
That smile says it all! Despite the rain we had a great day of showing yesterday. #horseshowlife #momtrainer #perfectpony #rainorshine #alittlerainneverhurtanyone #therainneverbotheredmeanyway
WORKING OUT WITH KIDS WEEK 👉🏻 Please read full post! It’s important! 😊 (Yes TJ is packing up Izzy because when there are boxes EVERYWHERE you play with them!) • So this week I have been helping you find ways to workout with your kids and I’m going to continue next week because I have more to share! 😊But I need to post this too... • I have 2 children that are 18 months apart. For the first year there were many days where I could not workout. Those days were sleep deprived and crazy! 🌪🤪 Actually there were 4 days in a row two weeks again where I couldn’t workout, last week wasn’t my best and this weekend so far I’ve no opportunity because we really are trying to unpack and sort the new house. It happens. 🤷🏻‍♀️😏 • So while I encourage you all to do the best you can to find a way for you to be active please remember: 🔹Sometimes working out as a mom is bloody impossible. Even Tom Cruise would find it hard! 🙃 🔹Sometimes our kids just don’t “play ball”. They won’t watch, they won’t be held while we workout, they don’t want to go for a walk, they fight over one bloody toy... 🔹Sometimes working out as a mom is not in your best interests. Hormonal balance, sleep and rest are also important and kids mess with all three of them! Sometimes we need to prioritise sleep/rest/self care. 💞 🔹The key is what we do consistently most of the time. Sometimes we need to be kind to ourselves. Keep trying and stay determined. • Have a great Sunday moms. You are doing great. 😘 Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan #motherhood #momsunite #momlife #workingoutwithkids #momsunite #staystrongmom
WORKING OUT WITH KIDS WEEK 👉🏻 I love a sweet mommy and baby workout. 💞 Mommy and baby smiling and spending time together. I promote them. BUT (you knew that was coming right!🙃) I keep seeing ones on my IG feed showing workouts that are really not recommended for MOST NEW moms. (It may be appropriate for some and will be after your core is healed, but not for some of the new moms). So, please share this post with your fellow moms. SWIPE LEFT to see the second video with moves that ARE more core friendly. 🙂 • The first workout video shown here ☝🏻 are examples of exercises you might see which are generally NOT suitable for new moms. Each of these moves add to the pressure on your midline (the connective tissue called the "linea alba" between the six pack muscles) and will therefore hinder the healing of your core and worsen any diastasis recti. Even if you do not have diastasis recti and you stayed active during your pregnancy I would recommend that you wait at least 4 months before including these moves to allow your core to fully recover from pregnancy. Longer if you are not healed. • The second workout video (Swipe left!) shows moves that are (for most) much friendlier to your core because they reduce the pressure on your midline. Two points to still note 👉🏻 1️⃣ Only start placing your baby on your hips for the bridge, heel slides etc once you have good core connection. Having your baby (or in my case toddler!🙄) balanced on your tummy places extra pressure on your core and you want to minimise that until you have good core function and connection. 2️⃣ As you do the quadrupled position (on hands and knees) take a look down at your belly and check there is no coning or doming. If there is coning your baby will need to watch as you do your planks and push ups against the wall! • While your baby is young focus on reconnecting with your core while baby sits in their chair/lays next to you and watches. There will be plenty of time to workout with your child as they grow and you get stronger. 🙂💞(More on that coming!) • Psst - The Fit New Moms Plan is a 12 week fitness and nutrition plan for new moms (Link in bio). 😊#thefitmomsplanvideos
Do you know any Fitness Instructors in Galway who'd like to join our BBFG team 🙂? #hiring #fitnessinstructor #galwayjobs #galway #galwayfitfam #fitnessjob #postpartumclasses #postnataltrainer #momtrainer
WORKING OUT WITH KIDS 👉🏻 Today’s tip: you do not need fancy equipment, indeed any equipment or a fancy gym to do an effective workout. Got a body that can move you got a workout! 😊 And whilst lack of time is a big factor (I’m currently struggling big time with lack of time!) you can always multitask. 😊 • I’m not going to lie - I would much rather do a workout in the peace of the gym or the lounge without 15432890 interruptions...but #momlife is not like that. If I wait for that all the time my workout doesn’t happen. Once we change our mindset (tip 1! See Monday’s post) then we are actually just super stoked to be able to move our body! 🙃 • Kitchen workouts, while I cleaned up and played with the kids, were my go to for a long time (and still can be the only way to get my movements in). You can do lower body, upper body, core or a mix. 🤗 You can also break it down as the day goes on! (Tip 2: put your workout clothes on when you get up!) Comment below if you want to see an upper body/core kitchen workout. 👇🏻 • Do 2-3 rounds of this (especially in a hot 30C room 💦) and you’ll be sweating: 🔹single leg deadlift (x15 each side) 🔹squat pop jumps (x20) 🔹 reverse hyperextensions (x20) 🔹 lunge jumps (x20) 🔹 glute kickbacks (x20 each side) 🔹 pile squats (x20) 🔹 squat jumps (x20) 🔹 side to side taps (x30) • Modify as appropriate for you. Rest and hydrate as needed. If you are pregnant past first trimester or postpartum with #diastasisrecti or any #pelvicfloorhealth issues avoid jumps and just do lunges/squats with jumps. I’d also advise you avoid hyperextensions during pregnancy and if you have diastasis recti. To take up a level add ankle weights! (I am yet to find the box with mine in 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️). • Any questions let me know! 😊 Now to hit the park for a bit. 😎 Have a good rest of your Friday! Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan #thefitmomsplanvideos
Discovery of the day sunflower seed butter. I mean I already knew it existed but never paid much attention to it. If we compare the nutritional value of sunflower seed butter and almond butter both contain the same amount of protein, same amount of carbs. Sunflower butter has more fibre, less saturated fats, less calories and taste delicious! Don’t get me wrong I love my almond butter and could never live without it! But it’s nice to switch it up sometimes. ** and it is cheaper** #nuttinbutspreads #nutbutter #sunflowerseedbutter #imdown #fitmom #momtrainer #momcoach #fitnessjourney #nutrition #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthyliving #healthyfamily
My days are full of exploring Turkey, eating the most delicious foods, interacting with the most hospitable people. I have totally gotten used to this 😭. I miss my kids, my members and work. Coming back super refreshed and recharged 🤩. • • •
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Messing with the lighting for the filming of #actionmademamasacademy coming soon... ••• I feel awesome, but my mouth is still super swollen from my teeth extractions. I’m also needing a little more rest than usual. ••• But I’m still pumped for all the things we’re working on in August!! Team - there’s just two weeks left to get your tickets for the Women’s Kettlebell Seminar. I really don’t want you to miss this. DM me for more info ~ #bsimpsonfitness #sfg #rkc #kettlebell #kettlebellmom #momlife #nycevents #newyorkmom #nyctrainer #strongmom #momswholift #momswhoworkout #newyorktrainer #trainereducation #trainsmart #strongmom #momtrainer
Bismillah.... Dapet Tugas dr room bisnis bu Ratu Ira, selfi PCA di hr ini, kelar setor tunai di Mandiri, abang kang Parkir Pak Muadi diprospek, alhamdulillah nanti mau disosialisasi dipemukiman rumahnya, smoga berkah, HNI sukses sukses sukses Raelaid Co-LED Emak Rempong sepagian nganter krucils sekolah, lanjut setor tunai ke Bank buat belanjaan Halal Mart, lanjut #PCAin abang kang Parkir, lanjut siap2 charge ilmu Tauhid belajar Tahsin, bismillah Kamis Mubarok...Hamasah✊✊✊ #PCAEverytime #HNIMyOwnBusiness #EveryOneneedSuccess #HNIMyLifeStyle #MomRempong #MomPreneur #MomHerbalist #MomTrainer
Worried about leaving your baby to workout? Bring them! It can be stressful to leave your little ones especially in those early days. Bringing them along allows you to be nice and close while still getting your session in. Not to mention your trainer loves all the baby cuddles :) The waitlist for my baby friendly Core Connection Small Group Training starting this fall will be opening soon. Message me for the details! Photo Credit: Marin Lane Photography
Oh hey it’s Workout Wednesday!!! Let’s talk TABATA’s today. Heard of them? No they aren’t a funky dance move or a fancy Ciabatta sandwich. They are actually a type of high intensity workout named after the scientist who discovered them. TABATA’s are an awesome way to torch calories in a short amount of time by getting your heart rate up through interval training. I’m talking more about TABATA’s on the blog today so head over there to learn all about the awesome benefits of including it in your workout routine! Then maybe try out this fun TABATA that you can do anywhere!
Let’s talk core. Core strength is SO important. You use your core, or should!, in almost all physical activities from lifting weights to walking! Weak core leads to poor posture, low back pain, and muscle injuries. No one wants that! A strong core will aid in balance and stability. Things we all need in daily life. Best core exercises are: Plank variations Bridges Reverse crunches And so many more. I promise if you show your core some love it will take care of you!
Assalamu'alaykum sholihatt.... Keseruan hari ini bersama akhwat peserta KHT angkatan 2 🏣AC Kemang Swatama Depok n ada tambahan bun Ani n neng devita @devitakurniaa yg udh lgsg ngacirr duluan blm sempet foto2 krn keasyikan hijamah n topu pengen cpt2 cari bantal boboan krn nyaman binggit udahannya.... Seru, smua bahagia, smua dpt ilmu, makan2, ngopi2, kyknya pengen syelalu sama2, smoga kita syelalu berteman di dunia n akhirat yah sholihat... Smoga ilmu yg didapat bs bermanfaat utk pribadi, kluarga, sahabat, teman, jg seluruh ummat, trus tebar manfaat yah dearsss.... With Love Raela Ismawati Dewi #MomPreneur #MomHerbalist #MomTrainer #MomRempong #HijamahTopu #Dahsyatnya10xHijamahBiasa
We are coming up on my most favorite time of year here in the desert. FALL is amazing for so many reasons. 1. The weather is perfect. Not too hot but still sunny. Cool mornings and evenings for runs. It’s divine. 2. The air smells like roasted green Chile. If you don’t know this smell you haven’t lived. There’s nothing better. 3. The city sky is filled with hot air balloons. I’ve seen it so many times but it never gets old. The international balloon fiesta takes place in October but soon pilots will start taking to the air in their beautiful balloons. It’s pretty incredible. So that’s my favorite season here. Summer is great and all but I’m ready for routine and all my favorite fall things! What’s your favorite season?
Been away for almost two weeks now. Here are some tips that has kept me track? 👉🏻 Eating in moderation / smaller portions. Thank goodness Turkish meals are served in decent portions (unlike US ) 👉🏻 Being consistent with my workout regimen. . 👉🏻 Taking lots of steps . 👉🏻 meditation . -------------------------------- Whatever you do, do NOT deprive yourself of yummy foods 😋 • • • • #jerseycitymakeityours #jerseycitymoms #jerseycitynj #njmom #jerseycityevents #jerseycitypride #jerseycitylife #jerseycitykids #jerseycityheights #personaltraining #healthylife #fitmoms #momsworld #feelingblessed #jerseyfamilyfitness #FoodFamilyFitness #AmericanFamilyFitness #momtrainer #fitmotivation #fitness #lifestyle #jerseycity #newjersey #downtownjc #newport #physicaltherapy #travelphotography #fitnessdirectory #travelblogger
It’s Tuesday, and today’s YouTube video is all about the Kettlebell Snatch. ••• The best ways to teach, to learn and to navigate this movement is to come in person. Two weeks left until the women’s kettlebell seminar. Don’t wait to get your tickets! 🔗in bio.
Today we celebrate this kind-hearted gorgeous lady. Who loves to spoil everyone around her. Spreads love and positivity. So blessed to have you @swatirastogi.arts ❤️😘. Happy birthday 🎂🎊🎁 ------------------------------------------------ . Left: celebrating Eid together (June 2018) Right: celebrating Diwali 🌈 (October 2017) ------------------------------------------------ • • • • • #jerseycitymakeityours #jerseycitymoms #jerseycitynj #njmom #njmomhq #jerseycityevents #jerseycitypride #jerseycitylife #jerseycitykids #jerseycityheights #personaltraining #jerseycityart #fittrainers #henna #personaltraininginjc #jerseycitymoms #jerseycitylife #fitmoms #momsworld #feelingblessed #jerseyfamilyfitness #FoodFamilyFitness #AmericanFamilyFitness #travelblogger #momtrainer #fitmotivation
As mums our instinct is to strive to do our bests for everyone in our family and it’s super easy (when everyone else requires your time) to leave ourselves until last! It’s easy enough once you finally have that moment ‘alone’, to find yourself catching up on work or cleaning the house! Exercise is often the last thing on your mind. It seems that the hardest part about exercise after birth is simply finding time, confidence & motivation. If you just had half an hour all your problems would be solved - right?... Unfortunately it isn’t this easy! - The actual difficult part for a new mum here is knowing which type of exercise to do and what is actually safe for your body – i.e. the exercises that aren’t going to damage your recovering abdominal muscles and your weakened pelvic floor.. - Today I am focusing on a low impact, core, glute and leg workout. I’ve heard a lot of new mums say they have suffered from weak pelvic floor & abdominal separation post having their children. While these may look like super easy moves, if done properly and with correct technique they can do wonders for your glute and pelvic floor essential in creating a strong centre. You will really feel the burn and they can be just an beneficial as lunges and squats without the impact on joints and ligaments. Challenge rib connection (post later in week focusing on this), pelvic floor & core breath as you exhale and connect your abdominals. If you’re feeling tough add a mini resistance band into your sequence to really squeeze those glutes! #jointheniixresistance #lowerbody #lowerbodyworkout #lowimpactworkout #momfitness #fitnessmom #momfit #momtrainer #mumtrainer #trainingformoms #fitnessformoms #breastfeedingmom #fitparenting #fitparent #strongmom #momstrong #workingoutwithkids #workoutwithkids #workoutsforwomen #workoutsformoms #momming #igfitmoms #momsintofitness #postpartumfitness #postpartumhealth #postpartumbody #newmomfitness #absafterbaby #bodyafterbaby
Our training certification isn’t necessarily enough to serve our pre/postnatal clients. Come spend time with us on Sunday, August 12th and we’ll explain. DM me for the link.
Showing off my 80s off the shoulder Flashdance look. And no, I wasn’t born in 1989 no matter how much I like to think I’m 20 something. And loving these radical light n tights WAY more than I anticipated. Maybe they’re not too loud?!! Kind of having fun with them.
WORKING OUT WITH KIDS 👉🏻 Everyone said it. I was expecting it. But I still found it a complete shock how much time a little baby could take up. 😳🌪 How was it midday and I was still in my pjs? How was buying milk the only thing achieved in a day aside from dealing with him? Eating on the go or while feeding him was the only way I ate. When Izzy came along 18 months later 👀achieving anything in a day was a task. 🤪 My business was also busier and so free time was non-existent! • So how did I fit in exercise/fitness in the first couple of years?? We’ll be covering all my tips this week! 😊 Including tips for working out with your baby/toddler. But first up my best tip! 👇🏻 • Change your mindset from all or nothing! 💫 Pre-kids I used to think that unless I had an hour in the gym it was not worth going. WRONG! Everything counts! Even 10 minutes of movement can give you benefits. Even 1 minute of plyometrics or high intensity training can make a difference. • Changing my mindset was key to not giving up. Bite sized movements through the day helped me reach my goals and feel good. I made sure my goals were set to be realistic ones so I felt motivated rather than frustrated and like a failure. I stayed determined, but flexible. Never think you can’t. You can. It will look different to pre-kids in every way. But you can. And this week I’ll help show you how. 🙂 • If you are a new mom I did a focus week in June on New Mom Movement so scroll back down my feed for that! 🤗 There are also focus weeks on #pelvicfloorhealth #diastasisrecti and more! For core workout videos check out my hashtag #corewithclaire (I’m slowly going back adding more!) • Have a great day moms! Have you got your workout in today? Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan
This was me 8 weeks postpartum training for my SFG re-recert. I have been using the bells since 2013, and put simply this body is not the same as my 2013 body. The way I trained for this cert is different than the last time, and an online certification isn’t always enough. ••• This body went through 7 transformations in under two years from pre-pregnant - pregnant- newly postpartum - new fit postpartum body - pregnant again - newly postpartum again - new fit postpartum body. I didn’t truly *understand* the impact of those transformations until I went through them. ••• I held on to “just do what you’ve always done” or “listen to your body” we don’t know what that means unless we’re dedicated to the practice. ••• If you’re a coach, chances are you’re working with this population. You don’t have to go through pregnancy to help. Putting a little more into our education and attending seminars like the one Haley and I are putting on August 12th *will set you apart* ••• Discount available through the end of the weekend! DM me for more info.
My favorite exercise is shoulder and biceps. ⬇️⬇️ is from yesterday's session. . --------------------------------------------- 3 sets per workout 12 reps each. . . Arnold presses . . Frontal and lateral raises . Seated shoulder press . . Smith machine upright row . . Smith machine bicep curl . . Seated concentration bicep curls • •
#abs #muscle #instafit #gymlife #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #cardio #fitgirl #exercise #weightloss #shredded #strong #crossfit #gains #fitlife #girlswholift #nutrition #aesthetics #body #fitspiration #physique #getfit #dedication #cleaneating #muscles #yoga #nopainnogain #strength #fitnessinjc
Assalamu'alaykum sholihat.... Ahad pagi kegiatanmu apa ajakah ??? Mommy rempong abis anter abang yafi panahan🎯🎯🎯, lanjut cusss ngisi #BeautyClassBatch2 di BC Bogor 4. Kemarin seharian belajar sampe ngebull, hari ini ngajar, smoga gag bikin pala ngebul. Eniwey apapun aktivitas hr ini niatkan lillah, smoga smua bernilai ibadah disisi Alloh Azza Wa Jalla n jd pemberat amal sholih kita di yaumil hisab kelak... Kuy tiap hari produktif...#kitasmuabisa #MomRempong #MomPreneur #MomTrainer #MomHerbalist #Mominspiring #SuperMom
GLUTE FOCUS WEEK 👉🏻 Double tap ❤️ if you love a cute workout buddy to distract you! 💞. Here is another great workout to do with your buddy to strengthen those glute muscles. ☺️ No equipment needed for this one and it works your gluteus medus and gluteus minimis! 🤗 Swipe left for second part!! • These low impact exercises are great if you are pregnant or postpartum. When in the quadrupled position though focus on breathing and watch for any coning or doming or the midline (linea alba - connective tissue running vertically via your belly button). Even though this is much more gentle on your core than the plank you still have gravity causing your linea alba to take the weight of your core. ⬇️. That increased pressure is not good news for #diastasisrecti If you do not have sufficient core control then increase the incline or just do the ones laying on your side. 🙂 • Try 20 -30 reps of each exercise (depending on fitness level). Do 3-4 rounds! Fire Hydrants Straight leg side raises Donkey kicks Rainbow Raises 45 degree leg extensions Forward and back Straight leg raises Clams • You can add ankle weights or hold a weight on your upper thigh (as shown on straight leg raises) to make the moves more difficult. 💪🏻 • Any questions ask away! Now to bed because the jetlag is real! 😴🤪 Claire Xoxo #corewithclaire #thefitmomsplanvideos
Gestern nach dem Joggen habe ich mich ausgiebig gedehnt. Es ist so wichtig nach einer Cardioeinheit sich zu Dehnen, sonst verkürzen sich die Beinmuskeln. Leider schaffe ich es auch nicht immer...😏 Wie schaut es bei euch aus??? °°° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #stretching #stretch #dehnen #nachdemtraining #legstretch #joggenmachtglücklich ✌🏻️😜🙃😄👟 #running #runninggirl #runningmotivation #feelgoodvibes #089 #momtrainer #personaltrainer #momof2 #munichlifestyle #lauftraining #imakeyoufit
I saw this on a shirt. I can’t take credit for this, but I recreated the graphic because I love the sentiments. ••• I’m not modality specific, but I’d be lying if I said the KB wasn’t one of my favorites. Here’s why: 1️⃣ Consistency. #momlife schedule is unrelenting, and it’s difficult to find time to pack up and head to the gym. 2️⃣ Most bang for my buck. I can load my body for strength gains and challenge my cardiovascular system. 3️⃣ My kettlebell practice helped rehab my body after pregnancy, but not without the strategies Haley and I are going to cover on Sunday, August 12th. Have you signed up yet? ••• Space is limited, and there’s still a coaching call available and a discount on Haley’s program not available to the public right now!!! I don’t want you to miss out! #bsimpsonfitness #kettlebell #kettlebellmom #nycmom #newyorkmom #bodyafterbaby #momsofig #fitmom #fitmominprogress #fitafterbaby #sfg #rkc #strongfirst #strongalways #momswholift #momboss #momtrainer #strongmom
When you try to take a progress pic post a killer sesh with your level 2 client and your kids are acting like they haven't seen you in 20 years. * * * #RCFCHICK #momtrainer #momlife #noexcusemom #everymorningisthesame #crazykids #sweatymess #gotitdone #joblove
GLUTE FOCUS WEEK 👉🏻 Here is a great workout that focuses on the gluteus maximus - helping to strengthen and build that booty back to its former glory (or better 🙃) after pregnancy. 😊🍑. (Watch to the end to see how I used TJ as an anchor and he thought he was going on a horse ride! 😂) • Try 2-4 rounds depending on fitness level. 🍑Knee Squats x 15 reps (can do without a weight or see version at end with band. Squeeze at top but do not push hips too far forward - be careful if you are pregnant/have DR not to push belly forward.) 🍑 Frog Pump x 20 reps (can also do without a weight. Keep soles of feet together.) 🍑 Single leg bridge x 15 reps each side (can also do without a weight. Push weight through the heel on floor. To start with try just putting extended leg resting on leg on floor) 🍑 Hip Thrust x 20 reps (add/remove weight. Do not over arch lower back especially if pregnant or have DR. Think about back being straight line. Push weight through heels.) 🍑 Reverse hyperextension x 15 reps (add ankle weight to increase intensity. Squeeze butt at top. Raise to point you are straight.) 🍑 Knee squat with band x 15 reps - increases intensity of exercise one by adding band. Make sure anchor can hold weight! 🍑 Single leg deadlift x 15 each leg (Great way to fire by the deep core muscles too.) • As always you can take it up a level by increasing the weight you use or add some ankle weights. Reps are suggestions. Do what is right for you. If you are pregnant/have DR then be sure to watch for coning/doming. • Any questions ask away! 🙂 By the way - we are checked in and waiting! My hand luggage was too heavy...had to buy another bag and re-arrange! 🙄😬. Kids being good so far! Thanks for all the kind messages on my last post! 😘😘 Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan #thefitmomsplanvideos #corewithclaire
Check out this dead bug variation combo core exercise. It is a fun little challenge using the bands and stabilizing the core. This keeps the core engaged through the whole movement. Always love trying new core exercises to throw into my lifting sessions! 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 . Give it a try in your next workout! Single knees x 10 Single Leg Raise x 10 Leg Lifts x 10 . #corework #core #abs #bands #onlinetraining #stabilization #Coreengagement #onlinetrainergrowth #heathandwellness #momtrainer #personaltrainer #programdesign #abworkout #bands #iglesiasfitness #nasmcpt #garagegym #garagegymlife #goals #harderthenitlooks
How we closed out “Mommy and Muffin’s Day of Fun” yesterday - working up a sweat in the home gym. The kid has endless energy, and even put together one of his insane obstacle courses after this! But he slept well. Amen. . . #fitmom #fitmomsofig #fitfamily #familytime ❤️ #melaninfitness #fitmotivation #momtrainer #homeplayground #nogymnoproblem #nogymneeded #fitinspiration #boymom #startemyoung #exercisemotivation #ebonyfitfreaks #fitspo #fitlife #stacyj
Cree en ti y en que puedes lograr lo que sea y cuando sea. Por ti y porque se que puedes lograrlo😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉 Este 6 de Agosto arrancamos con el Reto FABULOSA🗼🗼🗼🗼🗼🗼🗼🗼🗼🗼🗼 TENEMOS SOLO DOS SEMANAS PARA UNIRNOS Y REGISTRARNOS SOLO 10 CHICAS que se encuentren en : REINO UNIDO CANADA PUERTO RICO Y/O ESTADOS UNIDOS. 🌍🌍🌍🌎🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌎🌏🌎🌏 UNETE SE QUE PUEDES SOLO DEJA ESTE EMOTICON 🌍 Y TE CONTACTO. SOLO SI QUIERES ESTAR FABULOSA🍓🍎 #coachmama #latinacoach #latinamama #mesdemas #burpee #mamaonline #mamasiquiere #latinaenorlando #latinaentexas #mihijo #mamatea #momfit #momtrainer #mamasipuede #mamacoach #lara #teamlaralegacy #virginiasinparar #virginiaabradley #3daysdetox #nochemiercoles #miercoles #selfwomen #womenfit #luna
Day 2: Off to some crazy awesome adventures. Ok on my story everyone voted for both food and city. So bear with me while I become a food & cultural blogger for the next few weeks 😂. See stories for some food porn 😋, fitness motivation and to explore Turkey 🇹🇷 with me 😘🤗. If you have already been to this city. Please send me any suggestions you may have. • • • • • #jerseycitymakeityours #jerseycitymoms #jerseycitynj #njmom #njmomhq #jerseycityevents #jerseycitypride #jerseycitylife #jerseycitykids #jerseycityheights #personaltraining #healthylife #fittrainers #beactive #personaltraininginjc #jerseycitymoms #jerseycitylife #fitmoms #momsworld #foodblogger #jerseyfamilyfitness #FoodFamilyFitness #AmericanFamilyFitness #hottrainer #momtrainer #turkeybound
This mom has goals...Roasted Sweet Potato w/ everything but a bagel seasoning, salad w/ green goddess dressing and cod fish. #nutritionalcleansing #nutrition #cleaneating #Nashvillecelebration2018 #momtrainer #momsthatlift #momtrainer #powerlifting #strongwomen #strongnotskinny #livelong #yummy #goodeats #startingstrength #teamstrong #healthyfood
Client check-in mid week. Lots of people coming back from vacation and ready to get back to work! Sipping on my #ketologic #BHB from my sample pack to fuel my chest and tricep workout later!! Still testing this out, but ❤️ it so far. Check out my link in bio and get your own @ketologic sample pack!! #onlinetraining #clientcheckin #ketologic #heathandwellness #onlinetraining #onlinetrainergrowth #programdesign #fitnessprogress #accountability #iglesiasfitness #personaltrainer #momtrepreneur #momtrainer #workout
I LOVE lifting weights. I HATE cardio. HIIT for me is the perfect compromise. I love all the benefits listed above. I can build muscles while still keeping my heart rate up. If you haven’t added HIIT to your workout regimen try it. Then tell me what you think!
GLUTE FOCUS WEEK 👉🏻 Before we look at signs of weak (under performing) glutes can we double tap ❤️ for the air Izzy got on this jump as we practiced some plyometric training! 😜🤣 (Which by the way is great for leaner legs once your pelvic floor is up to it!) • So, what are the signs that one or more of your glute muscles may not be performing as it should: 🔹 Poor hip control/decreased hip mobility. Try standing on one leg. Does one of your hips drop down? That shows a weakness. Equally if your glutes are not stabilising your hips then they may become locked. 🔹Lower back pain is an indication that your back is having to do extra work in place of your glutes. 🔹 Knee pain - weak glutes can alter your gait. So also check out your glutes if you have any foot pain! 🔹 Shoulder pain! No I have not gone mad! The glutes connect via fascia across the body to the opposite shoulder via the Posterior Oblique Sling. When the glutes are weak the fascia becomes tight and shoulder range of motion is restricted. 🔹 Poor performance and endurance can be an indication of weak glutes. Your glutes are your powerhouse and if they are not working as well as they should then you compensate by using other muscles which will fatigue quicker. • I think this list further demonstrates how important it is we keep those glutes strong right! 😊 And we might just learn to love our backside in the process! 😍 (If you have any issues speak to your doctor/physiotherapist - the above symptoms may also be a sign of something else) Core and glute workout coming later today! 🤗 Claire Xoxo #thefitmomsplan
LAST Stroller Workout tomorrow! Popsicles not included😋 Meet at City Park Lake at 8:30 just East of the pool. #biggreendoublestroller #thestrongmamallc #strollerworkout #momtrainer #momofboys
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