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Do you obsess over the number on the scale⁉️. • DON’T 🙅🏻‍♀️. • You are not defined by the number on the scale!!!! 💁🏻‍♀️. • This is a hard lesson I am still learning! I have a unhealthy relationship with my scale and I am working on breaking that! I dont want to look at the scale and say ugh I NEED to lose 5 lbs and I’ll be happy! That is NOT healthy....I want to look at myself in the MIRROR and see how my clothes fit and be HAPPY!! . • Like today I woke up decided to wear some lula leggings and a cute top..BUT most days like since last week and before I would have a serious pooch (cause they don’t have that kind of support) and I was NOT happy! TODAY I put them on and had NO pooch what so ever and man did that make me so Excited 🤗!!!. • That is what matters....how you FEEL and how your clothes FIT! No number on the scale is going to ensure your happiness ..it’s JUST a number.!!!. • Working out and eating healthy is what will get you into those shorts and bikini for the summer...and when you look at yourself in the mirror and see how HAWT🔥 you look..THAT is happiness ..that is healthy...that is what MATTERS!. • Don’t let the number on the scale bring you down...let’s stick together ....lift each other up🙌🏼...motivate one another ...and DO THE DAMN THING!. • Shoot me a message📩, you can still get into our group with this amazing program that is teaching me to LOVE myself and my body for what it is! YOU can do it too! ❤️. . . . . . . . . . #healthylife #healthyfamily #thescaledoesNOTdefineyou #nutrition #happylife #lovetheskinyourin #momoftwo #30andfit #believeinyourself #showupforyourself #livelifetothefullest #dothedamnthing #lifestylechange #motherhood #postpartumfitness #motherhoodrocks #momminainteasy #momminghard #momswholiftforfun #workoutmommas #doitforYOU #behappywithyourself
The actual meaning of the term MILF 😬😂💪🔥
There is no shortcut. It takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself!👊
As a nutrition coach, I often get asked the question, "Do you provide diet plans?" To which I answer, "I work with current eating patterns to change your habits and lifestyle." . . . Why? Here's why: . . . 💥Diet plans are often restrictive and extreme to give you fast results. Lifestyle changes take in to account your likes, dislikes, family's eating habits and a long term view towards weight loss. . . . 💥Diet plans take you through a massive weight loss in the blink of an eye! Lifestyle changes are slower but more permanent. . . . 💥Diet plans don't change you as a person or create awareness of how you eat. Lifestyle changes create this awareness and gradually, change how you control your food intake. . . . 💥Diet plans give you instant results. Lifestyle changes give you results that will last you a lifetime. . . . 💥Diet plans take away control from you. Lifestyle changes give you control with directions on the best route to weight loss. As your coach, I am your GPS while you still have control of the car. . . . 💥I can go on and on. But you get the gist. My biggest success stories have been where clients text me well after they completed their program that they are still losing weight and haven't gained back anything! . . . 💥I take offense when my program is referred to as a diet and am thrilled when clients refer to it as a "course" because that's exactly what it is..... it's TEACHING them how to lose weight. . . . 💥Food for thought when you begin your fitness journey. Have a wonderful day!
Booty & Leg Exercise 🍑 . Repeat for 60 seconds, rest for 30 and repeat for 5 sets. . To make it harder you can use a resistance band (or as Imani dictates...your baby as weight! 😂) . Have fun! . 🆓 To start my FREE 7 Day New You Challenge click the link in my bio 👈🏽www.mumwarrior.com . FOLLOW @mumwarriorofficial
Another true story!😍
אתם בסך הכל צריכים יצירתיות ! אביזר אחד עם מגוון רחב של תרגילים ! ואם אתם לא יודעים איזה תרגיל עושים באביזר מסוים, שלחו הודעה ואתן לכם מגוון רחב של תרגילים. 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 All you need is creativity. Just one accessory and many variations of exercises. If you got a problem, tofit the right exercises to the accessory you have, Just ask me and I will give a lot of exercises for the accessory you choose. 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 #pronutrition #gymglutes #fitlifestyles #hittworkout #gymsharkspotted #instafitnesss #gymjourney #workoutsforwomen #Girlsgym #fitnessbodybuilding #gymgoal #fitnessgirlsvideos #christmaseveworkout #bodyfitnessgym #momswholiftforfun #workoutroutines #onefitnessnation #armdayeveryday #firness #gymeveryday #workout 👍 #fitnessroutine #fitpost #biceps 💪 #workoutvids #fitnesslifestyles #workoutleggings
Q&A with Joan.
Trying to get moving on this cold Havasu morning... don't mind the video quality, I'm not doing this again after 5 takes. 🤦‍♀️ #gym #gymmommy #gymrat #gymlife #gymtherapy #gymlifestyle #workoutmom #workout #iworkout #chickswholift #momswholift #girlslifttoo #boyfriendhoodies #fit #fitmom #fitmomlife #momswholiftforfun #cardiosometimes #fitish #fit35 #badassmoms
I’ve never had a thigh gap. There I said it. Lol! I remember all throughout highschool how I ENVIED the girls with the leaner thighs. Meanwhile thunder thighs over here (I wore a size 6/7 mind you 🤦🏼‍♀️) felt like I was carrying boulders on my upper legs...and I HATED IT. I was so self conscious of how my jeans fit vs “all the other girls”. And I carried that negative body image of myself far into my adult life. It’s a horrible feeling to think that the way you’re built isn’t beautiful. I looked in the mirror every freakin day, and that’s not an exaggeration, wishing my body was something different. I spent hours at the gym trying to change my body type. I did cleanses and ate in a way I now look at as starvation...just to try to fit into the stereotype I thought my body should be in. I’ll never forget when I was at my lowest weight of 118 (I’m 5’7”) and I went skydiving for the first time. The guide was getting me strapped up and said, gosh you’re so tiny, there’s nothing to you! And that made me happy. It breaks my heart a little to think about how unhealthy I was, trying to look healthy. It wasn’t until I became a coach that my mindset started shifting. And it started shifting because of the way I heard myself speaking to my challengers whose thoughts of themselves were JUST 👏🏼 LIKE 👏🏼 MINE. I was telling them they’re not here to CHANGE, they’re here to become even better than they already are. And I was telling them that their beauty doesn’t come from their bodies but from their confidence in who they are and who they’re becoming. And at some point I sat back and thought...why the heck am I not preaching this to myself? My legs are strong. I always knew that. I have been a pitcher all my life, through college and beyond, and if you’re a softball girl at all you know that it’s vital to speed. And my talents and hard work paid for a free ride to a D1 school. And the moment the thought hit my mind that MY BODY...the body I hated for so long...has actually been the thing that gave me my greatest highs in life, everything changed. I look at these strong muscular legs now and think....let’s see what you guys can accomplish today.
Work out. Eat well. Be patient. Your body will reward you.
My most important job inspired those around me to stay healthy and active. Starting with my little girl. This is a big year for us she is starting in gymnastics and I am excited to see her progress. - - #fitfam #pullpups #chroniclesofafitmom #fitmom #fitlatina #healthyisalifestyle #healthiswealth #stayactive #fitgram #fitnessinspirationfeed #fitnessmotivation #noexcusexmom #teachthemyoung #abs #fitness #jointhemovement #bulidanewbody #momswholiftforfun #healthyfamily #nessafitnessstyle #strongerfasterbetter
An ab move for your Wednesday - single leg slider pike up’s (6 reps, each leg x 3) .. who’s going to knock it out at some point today? And use a paper plate if you don’t have a slider - no excuses! Another 80 day workout done ova here and wanted to share a fun move that I did with all of you. #happywednesday 🥰
Q&A with Kath.
Work for strong not skinny!💪
AN EXCLUSIVE 28 DAY PROGRAM DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR WOMEN TO TRIM DOWN AND TONE UP YOUR BOOTY AND BODY! . . For more info, pls go to this link! http://www.60dt.com.au/28-day
Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most!
Happy clients at the Booty studio!❤️👍
I’m trying real hard to be nice to my body. Truth is, even though I’m almost back to my pre pregnancy weight, my body is nothing like it was. Time to start weights again, I love lifting weights, it’s just awkward trying to get to a gym. What’s your favourite workout?
Nothing will work unless you do!💪
2ème exercice pour ce training solo 🔥montées de genoux 10kg ➡15 répétitions par jambe ↪3 séries L'ordre du jour: travail unilatéral Les muscles travaillent différemment avec le corps en recherche d'équilibre. La difficulté de cet exercice, toujours la même, Est d'arriver à retenir la descente. Vraiment pas facile! #workout #training #musculation #strongissexy #bodytransformation #fitness #fit #fitfam #fitfrenchies #fitmotivation #fitgirl #gymaholic #teamfitness #fitmum #instafit #booty #legs #abdos #motivation #trainhard #objectifs #nevergiveup #teamshape #AlexisVaissaudCoachSportif #breaktheroutine #crossfit #momswholift #momswholiftforfun #healthy #nopainnogain
Hey Mums! You can bring along your kids during work-outs because access to our spacious KIDS ZONE is absolutely free of charge. Hurry! Visit the links below on how you can join our FREE INFO HOUR on February 2nd Saturday @ 10.30am-11.30am at our Castle Hill Female HIIT Studio To register pls go to this link: http://www.60dt.com.au/free-info-hour-optin . . . The Booty 28 Day Challenge! Register here: http://www.60dt.com.au/28-day .
Giving up is not an option!👊
All.the.sweat. That’s all I can say about today’s workout. Who knew only 20 minutes could do that to ya. 💦😳💦 If you need something quick, yet efficient..... you need to try this! Yep, it’s tough, but so worth it! Drop a 💦 if you want to try it for free!
mark your calendar!!! We are holding a FREE INFO HOUR on Saturday 2nd February @ 10.30am-11.30am at our Castle Hill Female HIIT Studio! . Pls go to this link to learn more 👉 http://BootyFreeInfoHour.com
Make it happen. Shock everyone!💪
Chicken, chicken! Check your chicken!
Hhhhmmm....think I need a posing session @joannabikini_athlete @bigmantraps @bodybyjoteam 🤔🤔🤔 The process is not only about making the gains it's also about making the shapes too! I need plenty of practice making sure I can get the poses right 😳 On the plus side though...I have managed to do a chest and back session without twinges in my shoulder! 💪🏻 Super happy! I'm thinking I might try a light arms and shoulders session later in the week 😊💪🏻 #bodybuilding #backmuscles #strongwomen #backday #chestday #posing #bodyfitness #fbb #ukbff #ifbb #gains #strongnotskinny #muscle #momswholift #fitover40 #fitfam
Here are some of the worst alcoholic drinks for fat loss! 👎
Perfect Your Push Up Form —— 📌you will want to save this one for later. Feel free to use any of these cues or tips in a #groupfitnessclass or for you to throw into your own #athomeworkout . When you or your clients do them right, they will start to feel the benefits instantly - upper body and core strong. ______ 1️⃣ Proper Form On The Wall 2️⃣ Proper Form On Your Knees 3️⃣ Proper Form On Your Toes Have fun ! 💪💦🔥. Tag a friend or two who also needs to learn how to do a perfect push up. . . . . . #selfloveclub #momswholiftforfun #upperbodyworkout #fitnesscircuit #workoutoftheday #crosstrainingforrunners #pushupschallenge #groupfitnessinstructor #groupexinstructor #wellnesswarrior #athomegym #fittips #womenwhohustle #onlinehealthcoach #totalbodyworkouts #totalbodyfitness #workoutvideos #workoutideas #healthandfitnesscoach #irunthisbody #enjoythejourney #sweatisfatcrying #BodyWeightWorkout #BodyWeightFitness #bodyweightstrength
Happy Tuesday!!! Just a few clips from my workout today, it was awesome and felt like I hit several muscle groups. Purple was my motivating color today. As pathetic as it is picking my outfit out to workout motives me to want to put it on and put it to good use. Warm up today was 3 rounds of... 25 jumping Jack's 10 light weight deadlifts 25 mountain climbers Workout as shown above was 3 rounds of Each clip. It was a good one and burned several hundred calories. The girls thought it was fun also 🤣 Wearing my #ptulaactive talor leggings and I love them. Like wearing pjs but beautifully lol #ptulafamily #ptula #ptulaaddict #ptulafitness #homefitness #home #deadlift #mountainclimbers #hammercurls #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #momfit #momlife #momswholiftforfun #momswholift #momworkout #nursefitness #nursefit
Be focused.Be persistent. NEVER QUIT.
You don't have to go fast. You just have to go.
Been sitting on this picture for over a week because I was afraid to post it. But then I thought...why NOT?! Even if this inspires just one person it will have been worth it. The left photo is from November of 2014: before Hannah and before I discovered the power of at home workouts and superfoods. The photo on the right is from last Monday: post baby and loving life! The facial expressions say it all. #transformation #fitmomlife #postpartumweightloss #fitnesstransformation
You don't get the ass you want by sitting on it! Come! And go workout with us!😍💪
Séance solo du matin Pour commencer: 🔥squats bulgares ➡15 répétitions par jambe ↪3 séries poid de corps ↪3 séries 10kg Travail unilatéral pour changer un peu et tenter d'équilibrer la force de chaque jambe. Entrainement toute seule c'est moins drôle ^^ #workout #training #musculation #strongissexy #bodytransformation #fitness #fit #fitfam #fitfrenchies #fitmotivation #fitgirl #gymaholic #teamfitness #fitmum #instafit #booty #legs #abdos #motivation #trainhard #objectifs #nevergiveup #teamshape #trainingsolo #breaktheroutine #crossfit #momswholift #momswholiftforfun #healthy #nopainnogain
Fitness isn't a seasonal hobby. Fitness is a lifestyle.
TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY! 👊🏻 Today’s transformation is brought to you by ME! 🤣 This is one of the pictures going on my 2019 Vision Board. 😉 On the left is me a few months after having Ivan. On the right is me one year later, after a year of at home workouts, daily shakes, and loads of support. 💪🏻 I know that I’m packing on the pounds right now, and I’m TOTALLY okay with it! The me on the left is me with a newborn baby...which is exactly what I want! 👶🏼 The me on the right is what I know I’m capable of! 🙌🏻 It might take me into 2020 to get back to the truly FIT me, but I love to find the joy in the journey...so every step will be worth it! 😘 I have the tools, ladies. I know how it feels to be the girl on the left and the girl on the right! And I’ve gotta say...I’m excited to get back to the right. 😜 So what’s stopping you? What’s keeping you from making the changes that can get you to where you want to be? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Time to make your goals stronger than your excuses! 😙 #transformationtuesdays #iknowhowitfeels #icandohardthings #youcandohardthingstoo #momofmany #pregnancyworkouts #22weekspregnant #babynumber6ontheway #betheexample #momswholiftforfun #momswhoworkout #teamlifeonfire
Excuses don't burn calories!
Leg day, fun day 😛 Walking might be a problem in a few hours... but it was a great leg day! All my work on basics has improved my form so much!! It’s not a glamorous win, but it’s one that will pay off in the long run 👌 I love lifting and want to be able to do it for years to come. Now off to nap because tonight, we work... 💜 #gym #gymlife #gymlifestyle #gymmotivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitlife #fitlifestyle #fitmom #fitmomlife #fitmomof2 #fitmomofig #fitmomofinstagram #girlswholift #momswholift #momswholiftforfun #shiftworker #nurselife #workout #workoutmotivation #gymmaxbuckingham #gymmaxgatineau #noexcuses #dontgiveup #legday #legdayfunday
H A N D S T A N D S + deadlifts Here is a full body one to start your Monday off right. Thanks for the 🔥 @crossfitbroadway 5 rounds of: 30 sec handstand work 10 db deadlifts (3 sec down, 1 sec up) Then- 8 min AMRAP: 12 db push press (wt vest if you have ☝🏼) 12 wt vest burpees over db First video is sped up, swipe 👉🏼 for real time. #homeworkouts_4u @homeworkouts_4u #momswholift #fitmomsofig @fit_moms_of_ig #momstrong #momswholiftforfun #dumbbellworkouts #weightvesttraining
Sore today, strong tomorrow!
Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.
The reasons I workout, make an effort to eat better, and share forward is not to lose weight, be skinny, to get compliments, or brag: 1) It’s mood lifting and makes me feel good. 2) As a fitness professional and online coach, people’s well being relies on me being my best, and if anything, leading by example. 3) My husband and son deserve a healthy and upbeat wife and mom. 4) I deserve embracing the best me. 5) Feeling strong and energetic feels badass. _______________________ So what’s your reason? _______________________ Well it better be way more then trying to show you have the best overall physique because please - get over yourself 👎
Etthundreogtjuekilo!ikke for å skryte, men jeg er sterk! #momswithtattoos #momswholift #momswhodeadlift #momswholiftforfun #motherfuckercanihelpyou @jtjaernas
Happy client's faces at Booty studio!
Does this look like a person who didn't want to get out of bed and workout today? Seriously was not feeling it this morning. It was 7 degrees. I was dreading it. I wanted to turn off my alarm and sleep another hour. But I didn't let these thoughts change my plan and purpose!💪👊 LIIFT4 Back and Biceps🏋️‍♀️ followed by Transform20 Faster! READY TO TAKE ON TUESDAY! #neverregretaworkout #transformfromwithin
It's a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... and it continues with lots of little steps. . We see people photos of abs and weight loss and we forget...it is a process. . I’ve had highs and lows. Losses and gains. Forward progress, no progress, different progress, all to lead me to today. . I never set out to have six pack abs and all that Jazz, but I have set out to keep making some kind of progress. I set out to keep learning my body and setting goals. I set out to keep stepping, keep learning, and keep challenging myself..and it’s been an awesome journey. . It hasn’t all been pretty. I had to fight thru some disordered eating, some body image struggles, some bad habits, some unhealthy measures, some truly unhealthy dieting practices and mindsets to get to where I am today. And I’m still learning. I’m still growing, I’m still fighting. . I will continue to grow, and fight, and learn, and step as long as God gives me breath. This journey is so worth continuing. Not for perfection, but for happy healthy PROGRESS. . So if you want a warrior to stand by your side and fight with you, I’m your girl. If you want to keep learning to love your body and care for it well as a vessel of honor fit for the Master’s use, then message me! Let’s keep taking those steps together! . . . #happyhealthymomma #50poundsdown #transformationtuesday #transformation #meridabrave #curlyfit #strongwomen #momswithmuscles #momswhoworkout #momswholiftforfun #unfilteredmotherhood #mybodyhistemple #allforgodsglory #girlwashyourface #girlyougotthis
Small progress is still progress.❤️
Booty member Q&A with Kath.
Happy Booty members taking groupie before hustling!😅❤️
Be the woman who decided to go for it!💪❤️ . 📸:@fit.michelle.fisher co-founder of  @booty_transformation
Another Booty member moment with Kath.
It always seems impossible until it is done!💪 Way to go mumsh!❤️👍
The Booty 28 Day Challenge.
Q&A with our awesome client mums!
Fit, strong, confident women.
Happy client!😍
It all began with that first step.
Strong women are the ones you see building each other up, not tearing each other down.
Heading out to lead a TurboKick Live class and get all of us hot and sweaty because this cold weather is for the birds! You can have it #bringonSpring #flipfloplife
Strive for progress not perfection.❤️
8 Week Booty Transformation Program
We are one happy big family here at Booty Transformation studio, come and join us!❤️
Happy client!😍
The pain you feel today. will be the strength you feel tomorrow.💪
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