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Do you see a difference? So glad my hands don’t hurt anymore!
✌🏻❤️👶🏻 how true is this?!?! The struggle is real and the FOMO occurs with whatever you choose. As a mom it’s important to make time to see your friends and to have some adult time... but the guilt of not being with your baby for every second of their day can be unbearable- at least it is for me. This is something I need to work on. I know she is only going to be so little for so long and requires me more then ever. However, Life is all about balance and carving out some time for being an adult and laughing with friends every once in a awhile will in turn make us all better mamas in the process! #newmom #momstruggles #fomo #fomoisreal #babyfomo #momtruth #momlife #mamabear #balance #mombalance #themomstruggle #momtruth #happyhour #adulttime #momtime #thankful #blessed
In parenting, I believe in taking the time until the child is ready. Especially in the US, where parents and school systems put (unnecessary) pressure on children to learn what society believes is important (a toddler knowing the alphabet is apparantly very important), this means sometimes swimming against the stream. I keep repeating to grandparents and others phrases like "he will potty train when he is ready." And besides that, I am more proud when he is creative in his play, works a long period of time to try to fix a wheel and when he stops me in my hurry and tells me to sit with him on a gorgeous branch of a tree and be silent. While I secretly hope his current joy with everything poop won't last as long as it lasts with me, 33 years, why not just go along with it? Thankfully, his artistic grandmother thinks the same. #mothersofinstagram #writerslife #toddlertales
Living in a small space helps you realize that being organized is very important. During convention I was able to get two of these organizers for all my DōTERRA softgels and it has been a life saver!! Share below your favorite organizing stores or tricks!
The older I get, the more I don’t believe this thing called life is just one big coincidence. This picture was taken on a hot summer day in Brooklyn, New York, two years ago. The person taking it was one of the most important people in my life. When I was a child, I had told only her, that one day I wanted to name my daughter “Papaver”, which is a Poppy flower in Dutch. She laughed, as it was a silly name. Decades later, pregnant of a daughter, my mother asked me not to add her own name as we were planning to, because she didn’t like it. “Call her Poppy instead” my mother asked. It was only after my daughter was born, that I remembered I had always wanted that name, and somehow, it had found me back. That winter, after our New York summernights, I started wondering what would happen if the person taking this picture would not be there one day. What would I do? How would I react? I was thinking this would happen in fifty years, and was somehow trying to prepare myself. But I lost her a few months later and with that, got my answer to the sudden wonders. I am still the same. The world still turns. Some relationships got strengthened, as well as the lesson that life has its unexpected ways. Who knows one day, she finds me back as well. #lawofattraction #Writersofig #instadiary
Why we ever bought an infant bath I don't know. Perhaps because it had a nice seating position and I wanted to spare my back. We barely used it with a killer sink like ours. Few years later, I am purging whatever is not useful anymore. We live very small, a one BR, and still have way too much stuff. Giving away things that aren't broken and "might come in handy one day" is not easy for me. It's a process. #simplelife #minimalistbaby #mothersofinstagram
My mother gives me her bed while I'm visiting, and while laying there, scrolling under her mackerels, the excuses of why I don't just write whatever comes to mind, lost their power. My focus on that whatever I type has to be well written, interesting and original finally got lost too. My mother's mackerels represent the importance of the joy of creation. One day she was about to eat one which she bought at the market, and ended up painting instead of eating it. Since then, everyone in my family received a mackerel paining whether you wanted one or not. She loved to paint them and as she repeated the process, she got better and better. So that's what I'll do. Find back the joy and repeat. #writerslife #writersblock #slowliving
The first 1000 days of a baby’s life (which start during pregnancy and go through the second year of life) are SO important! Nutrition wise, it’s when most of their neuronal connections are made and when the intestinal micro bacteria is stabilized which makes them be more or less healthy through the rest of their life!! (And is another reason why I chose to do the solids introduction with @dra.mafergastropedia aside from avoiding picky eating). These first 1000 days is also when their personality and social skills develop, so any activities we play, any emotional and personal relationships we establish, how we interact with them, how much time we spend with them.... everything counts and builds their future!! I feel so thankful to be able to access so much information and to be able to share it with all of you. It takes a lot of time to put everything together and share it here and on the #mombosslife web, but it’s so rewarding getting your messages and hearing how it’s benefiting your life and babies and how you appreciate it (keep them coming and sending love through here 🙏🏼 it keeps me going). I know you want to see some examples of Sofias meal combos, which ill share, but what are some other things you’d like to know more of regarding a baby’s development? Comment them below. Again, I’m not an expert but I always partner up with experts in each field before sharing anything from my mom point of view and experience! ✨ #happybaby #happymom #happylife #first1000days #healthybaby #momtips #momlifestyle #momboss #mombalance #sofiaskylar #cozyday #rainyday #babylove #eightmonthsold #sofiaskylareats
Day 286 of 2018 + counting. ✌🏻 . If you told me 3 years ago I’d be able to free myself from the symptoms of my autoimmune disease without medication, I would call you crazy. If you told me 3 years ago I’d be able to minimize my experience with IBS, I would call you nuts. If you told me 3 years ago I’d be able to rid myself of almost all migraines, I would call you insane. 🤪🤪🤪 . Good news: you’re not any of those things! If you knew 3 years ago what I knew now, you just knew something about the power of proper nutrition that I didn’t know. You just understood the balance of pre- + probiotics, the role of antioxidants + adaptogens, the benefits of phytonutrients + digestive enzymes. You were definitely feeling more well than I was! 😳 . But I’ve caught up to you! I’ve reinvented my nutrition + integrated a patented blend of superfoods, vitamins, + all I listed above that have totally allowed me to reinvent my health + my quality of life. 💗 . If you think I’m the crazy one, it’s time for us to chat. You have nothing to lose except a pattern of discomfort, poor digestion, + spotty health. I’ve got you, mama! 👊🏻 . . . . . #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #wellnessadvocates #realmombod #thisis30something #overallwellness #inked #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #momswithtattoos #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #ibsdiet #migrainesupport #loveyourself #wellnessfacts #365er
Sometimes hushing those thoughts of wanting to work harder at something, to show up, to live that healthier lifestyle that you have been promising yourself.. pressing that snooze button on those thoughts.....WHAT IF that happens to be your intuition knowing EXACTLY what you need to create some balance in your life? . I know that it might seem like I have this super power, already back on track, working out each day. But you guys, I am WORKING on CREATING that habit. Of course it is hard. Of course it feels all over the place. And guess what, Friday night typically means a wee glass (or 2) of 🍷 but we're human. . Balance? Be a healthy human. . . . . . #redefiningbalance #mombalance #juggleallthethings #putyoufirst #balanceseeker #newhockeymom #soccermom #momshuttle #fitmom #fitnesscan #bethatchange #sahm #workfromhome #workonfitness #lifecoachlife #joinmytribe #fitbalancedcoaching
⠀ Yesterday, I took Jacob to his 11am toddler gym class! There’s a little boy there who’s maybe a month or two older than Jacob and he was giving, well trying to give all the babies hugs 🤗 The teacher commented to the woman with him, “oh your son is such a love bug!” And the woman replied, “he’s not my son, I’m his nanny, but I’ll tell his Mom!”⠀ .⠀ That got me thinking about how lucky I am to have the opportunity to bring Jacob to a gym class in the middle of a week day. I am able to see him explore, try new moves, make friends. I don’t have to get reports or pictures sent to me from a babysitter or nanny. The pictures I have of his day are ones that I took myself! 📸 💙⠀ .⠀ If I were teaching, I’d miss activities like this because I’d be tied to a school schedule, set days off, saving personal time in case one of us got sick. What a blessing it is to have a sense of control over my day and how I spend it!⠀ .⠀ If the trade off for having that control and the ability to take Jacob to gym classes is posting on social media, working out, sharing my journey, connecting with other moms, helping others set goals, watching them achieve them and more...SIGN ME UP..AGAIN AND AGAIN! ⠀ .⠀ I’m going to be hosting a FREE, LIVE 3 day sneak peek next week sharing my story, what led me to get started, how I’m growing a business at home in the pockets of my time, while enjoying time with Jacob, and how YOU can do this too!⠀ .⠀ If I can...YOU can. It’s that simple...promise..the link to join is in my bio when you’re ready 💋
“Kindness for others begins with to ourselves.” Pema Chodron - Ain’t that the freaking truth!!? Easier said then done right? That’s why I really want to encourage you to take a night for yourself! - Jamie will be leading us in a mini yoga session on November 10th to start up our second event. - Something about taking time to just take some deep breaths does wonders for the mind and soul! - 🙏 Thankful for Jamie and super excited to have her at the next event!
Announcing our next event!! Calling all mamas! Saturday, November 10th @ 7:00 pm. Grab a friend, get a sitter and treat yourself to an empowering evening of mom-tales + cocktails. 🙋🏼‍♀️🍹⁣ ⁣ The night is themed around the holidays- the good, the bad the ugly. Featuring a succulent pumpkin workshop , a mini yoga sesh and the chance to connect and share with other women who can relate to your experiences. Plus, snacks + drinks! It’s the perfect combo.⁣ ⁣🎉 Feel free to tag any of your mama friends that may be interested. 👭⁣ —⁣ ⁣ MOM-TALES + COCKTAILS EVENT⁣ ⁣ SUCCULENT WORKSHOP: ⁣ @bluedogfotography ⁣ 🎃 ⁣ YOGA INSTRUCTOR:⁣ @jamiehansonyoga ⁣🙏🏼⁣ ⁣ ⁣. DATE: Saturday, 11/10 TIME: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM⁣ COST: $35 LOCATION: Epic Yoga 1709 North El Camino Real, San Clemente . TICKETS: www.bombmomsocialclub.com⁣ ⁣
Meet Shawna Henrie! 🌸 📷 🍂 She is a busy one, is she’s not taking photographs of weddings or new babies she’s making flower arrangements! Then in between all of that with her kiddos including her 4 legged babies. 🍂 A San Clemente local and mama- we welcome her to get our hands dirty together!Shawna will be leading the succulent pumpkin workshop at our next event. I can’t wait to see what beautiful table centerpieces we create together! 🍂 . . Space is LIMITED and tickets need to be purchased soon to hold your spot! www.bombmomsocialclub.com . @bleudogfloral @bleudogfotography
What are you meal prepping today? 🍴 . Here’s a quick rundown of my menu this week, + what I’ve got cooking: 👉🏻 Preworkout meal: I’m grilling organic chicken sausage, sauté if spinach, + halving my sprouted grain English muffins. 👉🏻 Postworkout meal: I’m baking sweet potato “fries” + making #fixaterecipe sloppy joes. 👉🏻 Meal option 1: my shake! To prep, I’m portioning frozen bags with a serving of spinach + a half banana. 👉🏻 Meal option 2: I’m making + grilling chicken burgers. I’ll assemble them on a @ozerybakery one bun with hummus + tomato. 👉🏻 Meal option 3, dinners! Im getting ahead here, too! I’m going to sauté peppers for steak fajitas, grill chicken, steam broccoli, cook up brown rice + whole grain pasta, + assemble our fave broccoli kale slaw. . The kids will help me also clean + portion fruit + veggies for easy snacks, plus we will make our own “trail mix” with pistachios, #dairyfree dark chocolate chips, + @traderjoes vanilla almond granola. 😊 . It takes effort, but it is more than worth it! If you want recipes for any of these things, just ask! 😘
A few lessons for your evening scrolling: 👉🏻 It’s never too late to get it done. Never—hence a 9 pm #legday workout. 👉🏻 It’s always a good idea to stretch. Never skip this step of your workout...or make an evening stretch your only workout! (PS: yes, I’m stretching my forearms, which may have done just as much work as my legs!) 👉🏻 It’s always possible to get just a little smarter or stronger. That’s why I listened to an amazing podcast before my workout + lifted heavier than last week during my workout. 👉🏻 It’s never a bad idea to share a little positivity in the world. Here’s mine. What’s yours?! 😉 . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #inked #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #momswithtattoos #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle
Balance as a mom is not easy. Sometimes I look back over my week and see only scenes from the hospital replaying in my mind. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Other times, though, I look back over my week and see no medicine - just princess dresses, castles, and Mickey Mouse ice cream. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you’re struggling to find your balance, whether in medicine or otherwise, I’d encourage you to recognize the importance of evaluating this over long stretches of time. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Looking at balance on a day-to-day basis is overwhelming and can easily trap you into thinking things are far worse (or better) than they actually are. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For the #medicalmamas this is akin to giving more credit to a HgbA1C than a spot-check blood sugar. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sometimes balance looks like having a couple sidekicks while you round. ☝️ Today was one of those days, with Reese supplying notes and Milly toting all the gear. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When the girls occasionally tag along they usually hang out in the call room or my office while I see patients. Every time they ask to “put on work clothes” and go with me it feels like an opportunity to give them a tiny bit of insight into what I’m doing when I miss dinner or bedtime. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #worklifebalance lifeworkbalance #mombalance • • • • #notJUSTmoms #obgyn #obgynlife #premed #medstudent #medicalschool #attendinglife
Hast du in den letzten Wochen auch beobachtet wie die vielen Obstbäume förmlich explodiert sind? Sie tragen die herrlichsten Früchte. 🍎 🧐Das Geheimnis der Natur ist, dass sie sich keine Gedanken macht ob sie wirklich wachsen soll oder lieber doch nicht und ob sie wirklich jetzt solch wunderschöne Früchte hervorzaubern soll oder lieber erst später. Sie überlegt sich auch nicht wann der ideale Zeitpunkt gekommen ist und ob die äußeren Umstände wirklich perfekt sind. ➡️Sie folgt einer inneren Stimme und TUT ES. Sie nimmt dabei Fehlschläge in Kauf und versucht es bei der nächsten Gelegenheit einfach wieder. Solange bis so ein wunderschönes Ergebnis herauskommt wie dieser Apfel. ❓Hast du deine Kinder beobachtet wie sie Laufen gelernt haben? Sie überlegen auch nicht lange ob die Zeit genau jetzt ideal ist oder nicht. Und sie fragen auch nicht lange nach. Sie TUN es einfach. Sie wollen auf zwei Beinen die Welt zu erobern und versuchen es immer und immer wieder bis es endlich klappt. Ein Wunder - denken wir da manchmal. Nein: es ist das Ergebnis einer inneren Stimme und eines unverrückbar starken Willens sich zu verändern und zu wachsen. Und diesen Weg zu gehen egal was die anderen denken. 🤔Ich frage mich oft an welchem Punkt im Leben Menschen diesen starken Willen und diesen inneren Drang zu eigenem Wachstum verlieren, bzw. äußeren Umständen unterordnen. ❓Kennst du diesen Punkt in deinem Leben? 🌱Willst du JETZT wieder diesen kindlichen Drang nach Veränderung entdecken? Willst du das Ruder wieder in die Hand nehmen und zur Gestalterin deines Lebens werden? Fehlt dir dazu nur noch ein ganz klein wenig Mut und der letzte kleine Kick? Brauchst du vielleicht die Hand, die dich ein Stückchen deines Weges begleitet? ➡️ den link findest du in meiner Bio 😊 ❣️Der ideale Zeitpunkt ist immer genau JETZT!🍀 Herzlich, deine Alice 💖 . . #growth #lieblingsleben #wachstum #personalgrowth #mindset #liveyourlife #lovemylife #innerpeace #followyourdreams #mompreneur #mompower #mindpower #mombalance #abundance #thelawofattraction
It’s days like today—when her sass is greater than her smile + her voice is stronger than her patience—that I think back to this little lady, before she was Sissy, when she was just Kayden. Just mine. 💗 . It’s days like today when I reminisce. We took on the world for 2 years. We loved + danced + sang + snacked + read + cuddled, just the two of us. ☺️ I know her strong willed personality + big emotions are a combo of #naturevsnurture but I still wonder how much of her changed, morphed into a more protective + fierce + vocal leader, when she became the oldest instead of the only. 💗 . It’s days like today when I take deeper breaths. When I bite my tongue. When I smile + hug + console + mediate. When I remember she is built to take on the world...alone. She won’t need me. She often doesn’t need me, as she demonstrates every single day. 💗 . It’s days like today I love her most. 💗 . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmom #mombalance #momlifebelike #expecttheunexpected #workingmama #newjerseymoms #busymoms #mommyhood #minime #postpartum #healthykids #teachermom #raisinggirls #lifewithkids #hotmessmoms #karatemom #karategirl #throwback
Balancing working from home and being a mom means that more often than not I've got about 20 things going on at once. (Who am I kidding? I am like that anyway!) 🌻 In this picture my son and I are both still in our pj's, I am trying to work on a new blog post, and yes, that is two baskets of clean laundry on the coffee table. I won't tell you how long they have been sitting there... 🌻 Balance is becoming a dirty word lately, with everyone saying that it is impossible to achieve so we shouldn't even try. I disagree. In my opinion, balance is having your priorities in order. And for me this morning, that means that the laundry sits a few more minutes, the blog post waits for naptime or an episode of Super Why, and I am able to read my son a book while we snuggle in our pjs. 🌻 Later today, balance will probably look like turning on a kids show while I fold laundry and do dishes. It is always changing and is different for every mama. What does balance look like for you? 🌻 #mombalance #wholemamalifestyle #onlylittleonce #laundrycanwait #butnotfortoolong
To say yesterday was not my day, that I felt off, would be an understatement. I had a wicked Back to School Night “hangover,” I didn’t get a workout in, I broke my nose...you know, not a #top10day , as my mom + Pop would call it. 😝 . But not today! Today is my day. I woke up early, as usual, + got my ish done. I iced my face, ate well, + drank my #mommagic . I did laundry + made my to-do list. I worked out (yay for no restrictions + breathing through 1 nostril 🤪). I’ve done everything I can to make today my kind of day. Your mood + your attitude hinge on 1 factor: you! Sure, life throws curve balls or unexpected accidentally backhands. Show up for it all, smile as big as ever, + do what you can to own your day. I don’t know what today will have in store for me, but I am confident I’m ready for it all now. 😉 . Friday, I’ve got you! ✌🏻 . . . . . #slaytheday #owntheday #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #preschoolmom #redefinebalance #mombalance #momlifebelike #newmama #workingmama #funnystory #tgif #fridayfeels #pma #positivevibes #attitudeiskey #smilemore #obsessed #80dayobsession #momswholift #forearmtattoo #redefine
If you caught my #instagramstories today, you know I ended up at the doctor’s this afternoon (yup...fractured nose...again! 🤪). When they asked my height + weight, I almost lied, though totally inadvertently. It’s been a year since I was the “weight” I almost shared, months since the scale started trending up rather than down, weeks since I realized my “healthy weight” was not at all what I always imagined it should be. 😊 . True, they say muscle weighs more than fat (it’s really just more dense than fat 😉). If you swipe to the pic from my final day of work before my final maternity leave, you’ll see I’ve made major #gains in that area. But it’s more than my body that’s changed. . My mindset has changed. 💗 . If you’ve ever lied about your weight on a medical form, I’ve been there. If you’ve ever lied about your weight to a friend, I’ve been there. If you’ve ever lied about your weight to your partner—or hidden it from him or her altogether—I’ve been there. If you’ve ever measured your worth or your success or or your beauty by your weight, I’ve been there. But I am NOT there any more. ✌🏻 . And it’s not because I’m at my #goalweight . I don’t have one. It’s because I’m at my #goalmindset , something that matters so much more + that is so worth measuring. 💪🏻 . Getting to this place has been my greatest journey yet. Staying in this #positiveheadspace will be even more work. It’s work, though, that matters for my overall health + well-being. Are you ready to put in the same work? If you want to but don’t know how or where to start, I’ll be your tour guide on your #selflovequest . I’ll help you own what matters + to #blessandrelease what doesn’t. DM me for details on #selflovequest2018 ☺️
Can we talk about sweat?! 💦 💦 . Did you know women have more sweat glands than men, but men produce more sweat? . Did you know that the more fit you are, the faster you will begin sweating during exercise as your body immediately jumps into “cooling” mode? . Did you know that how much you sweat, though, has little correlation with how hard you work while exercising?! 😳 . It’s true! Your calorie burn does not hinge upon your sweat. Your muscle exertion + cardio endurance do not lead to more sweat. So if you’re like me + feel like a less-sweaty workout is a less effective workout, we are both wrong! 💪🏻 . Regardless, I sweat more than ever this morning...so, all facts aside, I am walking away thinking I worked harder than ever, no matter what I know to be true. 🤪 . So sweat. Or don’t. Either way, get moving. Raise your heart rate. Destress + decompress. It’s all good for you, sweat not withstanding. 😉
#mombalance 😁 wine & veggies #dinner
A few observations as I showed up for my team call tonight: 👉🏻 I don’t have an office, but I have an iced coffee. 🤩 👉🏻 Superman is becoming my own #whereswaldo 🤪 👉🏻 I can do this job in my jammies. And I am. 💁🏻‍♀️ 👉🏻 When are these no longer “baby hairs” + just fly-aways?! I mean, he’s almost 3. 😝 . The most significant observation of all: I show up. ✌🏻 . I show up for my business, for my team, + for my challengers. I show up for health. I show up for balance. I show up for me. 💗 . And I choose to show up. Every day. No matter what—even when I’m busy, when I’m tired, when my goals feel too big. 💪🏻 . Time for you to show up, too. 👊🏻
As we close the door on one month, I can’t help but feel like I’ve got my grove back. Are you looking for yours?🌻 . Summer was tough for me. I’ve shared before that the flexibility + lack of consistent schedule doesn’t serve me. My anxiety peaks, my self doubt resurfaces, + my patience wears thin. These downward spirals encompassed me for most of the last few months. September, though, was a reboot. I fell back into my school routine with ease. I’ve managed my business hours with clearer boundaries, I’ve refocused my meal planning + prep, plus my kids + I are thriving with more predictability in our days. The structure allows me to stay more committed to my fitness as well, which means I’m committed to my health in the process. 💗 . I am going to finish the year stronger than ever, + I invite you to do so, too. I’m here to help you find consistency + focus as we close out the year. I’m here guide you through meeting healthy goals—whatever they are!—and to holding you accountable every step of the way. Let me be your September. Let me give you your focus back. 💪🏻 . Let’s connect via the link in my bio so we can decide the best path to 2019 for you! XO 🌻 . ##dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #seeyaseptember #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #kohlsclearance #fallflowers #sunflowers
Like destroy an entire 657 piece LEGO set, eat a sleeve of Starbursts, + bring in a bin of “to be donated” toys from the garage—all while I threw in a load of laundry. 😳 . But he’s not the only busy bee in this household. Daddy’s in #fantasyfootballleague coma, Kayden is inventing games + working on a school project, Paxton is rebuilding said LEGO set, + I am meal prepping like a mother. 😉 . Here’s to toddler-level productivity + a sunny, centered Sunday! 😘
Pax + I put in work today! 💪🏻👊🏻 . We’ve earned a fun afternoon at the fall festival, for sure. 😉 First, I capped off my first week of round 2 with a 30-min cardio workout right in our playroom, surrounded by magnet tiles + chaos. 😉 Paxton competed in his first in-house karate tournament. He participated in 2 events + took first in the Little Leaders form competition. It was so cool seeing his confidence shine, his creativity take over, + his chuck skills dominate his on-the-fly routine. 😊 . Health + fitness are family affairs. Loved sharing a kick butt morning with this guy. 😘 . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmom #mombalance #momlifebelike #fambam #workingmama #newjerseymoms #busymoms #mommyhood #kindergartener #mamabears #postpartum #healthykids #boymama #raisingboys #lifewithkids #hotmessmoms #karatemom #karateboy
I know you’re in the sport of “moming” but that DOES NOT require you to live on a 1200 calorie diet! 🌟 I’m not even sure exactly when such low calorie diets started but it’s time we start turning things around. 🌟 We need food to fuel our bodies, and when we’re not eating enough, we feel sluggish, we’re unhealthy, and we get stuck in ruts when it comes to losing weight. 🌟 So I’m here to tell you, it’s OK to eat more, it’s OK to love food, it’s OK to have treats here and there! 🌟 Balance is an amazing thing and when you start practicing it you’ll notice your crave the fresh stuff and you’ll start to pay attention to those foods you crave but actually make you feel like a piece of 💩 🌟 I challenge you this weekend to start practicing balance. Have something that you usually label as “wrong” and do it without judgment, without consequence. . . . #momlife #nutritioninspiration #foodtofuel #balance #foodbalance #lifestylebalance #lifestyle #moderation #lifeinmoderation #enjoylife #thelittlethings #eattofuel #lovefood #allthefoods #mombalance #beer #mmmmbeer #healthyliving #corestrength #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #9months #momof2
💗 Health 😊 Sanity ✌🏻 Tribe . That’s what this business means for me. . 💗 It’s my commitment to my own wellness + to that of my family. 😊 It’s my ability to #controlthecontrollables to find peace, calm, + structure in my day. ✌🏻 It’s a community of women from across the country who’ve got my back, who inspire me, + who let me journey along side them. . I wouldn’t be me, all #greenlightgo + banishing negative talk, if this business, this opportunity didn’t come into my life. I’d still be a perpetual #yesgirl , giving into everyone else’s vision of my life. I’d still be taking on more than I could handle (even more than I do now 🤪), afraid to disappoint. I’d still put my health on the back burner. I’d still be searching for my voice, my confidence, + my self-worth. I’d still be outgoing + full of smiles, but now I know what’s behind that smile: . 💗 Health 😊 Sanity ✌🏻 Tribe . If you’re ready to find these gifts in your own life, join me for an insider look at coaching + into the culture of my team, Tribe Redefine. We will be live tomorrow night at 9 to share our passions + to invite you to start living yours, too. DM for details or follow the #linkinbio to apply! . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #myfittribe #redefinebalance #mombalance #momlifebelike #iteachenglish #booklovers #targetshopper #targetforthewin #legitmomstyle #candidmotherhood #styleonabudget #thisis3 #scarymommy #kohlsshopper #njmoms #teachermamas #youngertv #healthadvocate
Even in the imbalance, you find balance. ⚖️ . One leg is strong, one is wobbly. One minute I’m alone, the next I’m bombarded with kids. I’m mom + teacher. I’m calm + crazy. I’m always seeking balance in the imbalance, just doing it on my terms. Balance doesn’t mean perfect or equal or even fair. Balance simply means owning your priorities, aligning your efforts, being flexible, + remembering to laugh when life-or a kid or two—tries to tip you over. 😉 . Find your balance today. It’s there, in the craziness. If you redefine what I means, you’ll find it. ✌🏻 . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #mommingsohard #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
Not having my BIGGEST supporter (my mama) around reminds me of these words! It’s going be a nice challenge the next few months trying to juggle mom life, me time, a job, start-up life, a schooling hubby, my volunteer life and my lovely friends BUT ... I’m going to learn to pace myself. I’m going let go quickly and move on, I’m going to delegate and put a lot more on hubby’s plate🤫😬 I’m going to take help when it comes. I’m simply going to TRY and BALANCE it all! Blessed enough to have the BEST mom TRIBE to give me wine when needed! Yes wine is a good balance too🤣🍷 #balance #mombalance #perfectlyimperfect
I always save the messages that I receive from clients when they're excited to share a victory. . I keep it as a reminder of how far they've come. . It’s proof that success when it comes to health comes in ALL shapes and sizes and forms. . Some of my clients are looking to lose a significant amount of weight, others just want to set a better example for their kids. . Everyone’s needs and every journey is different. . If you're tired of just repeating the same wants inside of your head then take that leap of faith and let's get on a quick call. . I only work with women that I feel I can TRULY help so I promise to be upfront, honest and realistic. . I also only work with a few clients a month to ensure that they receive the attention and support that they need and I have a few spots left so if you want to talk be sure to schedule today. . . . #momshelpingmoms #mombalance #momlife #momswhoworkout #busymomdinners #ketomom #ketolife #reallifeketo #simpleketo #ketocoach #momoftwo #bulletproofcoffee #fatadapted #eatfatburnfat #doylestown #doylestownmom #ketorunner #momrunner #ketoathlete #trimom #swimbikerun #postpartumnutrition #postpartumweightloss #newmomlife #bellyfatburner #halfmarathontraining #irunoncoffee #yogapantsarelife
First time in a LONG time I actually sat down and planned out a KEEP look the night before, I’ve just been wingin it for a while. In the craziness of life the last few months I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt about the time I’m spending in the kitchen vs the time I’m able to focus one on one on my son. It’s hard to balance what I need to do for my health and what I need and want to do with my family. It’s a constant balancing act and my giving myself permission to be a little self centered right now but make sure my son knows I love him and that he is important to me. ❤️ We have plenty of leftovers in the fridge so this afternoon, on this gorgeous day, my son and I took a walk/ bike ride for him to the neighborhood park which can be quite the task for me sometimes but other than some tingling in my legs I did well. We had a fun time and he played with another little boy that was at the park. It was good to just be. Then we came home and did some YouTube videos from School and some Cosmic Kids Yoga which he loved! (Pretend like my living room is not a disaster, vacuuming is also something that is being neglected) . . . #keepcollective #ikeephappy #keepoftheday #courage #selflove #selfcare #priorities #momlife #alldayeveryday #balancingact #mombalance #mslife #msawareness #mswarrior #healingnaturally #foodismedicine #paleolife #paleoheals
I may look like I’m taking life super seriously. I’m not. But my heath?! I don’t mess around with that. 💗 . I’m busy. I don’t say that as a badge of honor. It’s just the reality of #workingmomlife or even just #21stcenturyliving 🤪 We are all busy + we all have more on our metaphorical plates than we can handle. That’s why what we put on our literal plates shouldn’t be complicated. Keep your nutrition clean + accessible. 💗 . My daily shake is one way I simplify things. I know that in 60 seconds, I can whip up a complete meal that replaces my multivitamin, that aids in my digestion (see ya later, #ibs 👋🏻), that boosts my immune system, + that fills in the nutritional gaps that have seeped into the American diet. I am no longer plagued by chronic bouts of my autoimmune disease + my waist line stays pretty lean as well. That’s all the serious I need. 💗 . If you’re looking to up your nutrition + to feel well, let’s chat about giving this simple solution a try. 💗 . . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #easymeals #cleaneatingideas #thisis34 #healthgoals #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper
I have been back from the convention for a few days now and my heart is still so full of love for my DōTERRA community! I learned so much during the 3 wonderful days full of encouraging speakers and messages from my team. It was a busy few days but I am more than ever ready to jump even deeper with Doterra and grow even more with this company! Who is ready to join me and my team?!?
I am not one who likes to cook but tonight I thought I would try my luck at a healthier version of Shepard’s pie. So yummmy Basic recipe Pound of extra lean hamburger Peas and corn Onion Head of cauliflower 2 small potatoes Cheese Salt, pepper and spices Cook at 350 till cheese melts, broil and enjoy #quicksupper #momlife #healthymom #momlifebelike #mombalance #familymeals #momofgirls
Nicole Rust nails it when she explains why you may not be quite as healthy as you think... “You may think you're too healthy for my supplements. I understand, I felt the same way. I exercised🏃‍♀️daily, I ate right🍎, I took vitamins from Costco. Then one day it hit me👊🏻... •Why do I feel tired every afternoon? •Why does it to take me forever to fall asleep at night? •Why do I want something sweet to eat every night? •Why do I have pain and bloating in my stomach? If you can relate to these questions, then your body may be sending you signals you need some balance, just like mine was. That's what my all natural supplements will provide you. BALANCE BABY! You can feel amazing😃! Don't accept those things as "normal"! They aren't. There is a better way. I’m here when you’re ready.” 💗#beyourbestyou #balance #findjoy #momlife #mombalance #happiness #canyourelate
Striving _____________________ I haven’t really posted a whole lot about dentistry these past few days; I think part of is because I’ve been focusing on my health and trying to get better for my trip out to Cali, and part of it is just me trying to make sense of my direction and how I got here to this point. __________________ I’m sitting at Philly airport right now waiting for my flight out to LA- the third and final part of my continuum at UCLA will start tomorrow and finish on Sunday. Over the last three months, I’ve been trekking out to LA to gain knowledge that will not only be of benefit to me, but foremost for my patients. But it’s not easy! Thankfully I have a supportive husband and extended family that helps keep things in balance while I’m away- but I don’t like leaving my kids behind. So when I go away with the intention of enriching my education- I have to make sure I come back and implement what I learn- because my education came at a small sacrifice, but at a sacrifice that I hope will be of more benefit than not. Being a mom who works is not easy- and I don’t think there are any right solutions- just what makes sense for you and your family. __________________ I’ve had this course on my “to-do” list for 5 years! And not once did I think it wouldn’t happen- it was just a matter of when. I’m optimistic that on my return, my newfound education and the relationships and mentorships I’ve formed- will help me to further my direction and focus on providing complete care dentistry. I think our learning should evolve and not remain stagnant- I’ve learned there are better ways to do things, and that there are so many things I have still yet to improve. But I’m positive that it will all happen in it’s time- I just have to make the effort , and I think when one makes that effort, the doors of possibilities are just endless. What are ways you have worked towards your goals? We can draw inspiration and support from one another! _______________ #dentist #dentistry #completecare #education #mombalance #lehighvalley #bethlehem #esthetics #cosmeticdentistry #betteringmyself #beyourbestself #ucladentistry #goals
👉🏻 What you see: two blue plates?! 😬 What I see: torture devices. . I’m just kidding. Kind of. 🤪 Phase 1 of this program means Wednesdays are devoted to 2 things: cardio + core. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know my 2 biggest fitness nemeses: cardio + core. We don’t need weights (damn! 😠). We don’t do crunches (shucks! 😕). We just HIIT it, slide it (that’s what these things are for!), try not to quit, + then we are done. My scoliosis thanks me for staying off the mat for ab work, but my shoulders hate me. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, though, right?! This workout totally ups my #mentalstrength game, that’s for sure!✌🏻 . Want to give these sliders a try for effective core work without laying down? Check out my stories for a peek at some simple moves you can try with paper plates! 😉 . #instagramstories #coremoves #moveoftheday #morningcardiodone #cardiocore #obsessed #80do #day3of80 #round2 #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #scoliosisexercise #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo
Meet one of my favorite Monarchs! She is a queen as a #bossbabe and as a #mom . ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Her #riseup moment: “I really had to change my mentality and become more of a business woman when I got divorced. Being a Mom and being a business owner, you have to figure out what is most important to you. Sometimes it’s your career and sometimes it’s your child, and right now my most important time is with my son. So I sometimes am financially in a bind because I choose, at the moment, to be more involved with my son. So it’s always a balance to figure out what are your kids needs at the moment?” ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ana Butel, Salon Sundara in Dana Point @sundarasalon ⠀⠀ #salonsundara #salontruths #hairdresserwisdom #singlemom #careerwoman #careermom #momlife #mombalance #cosmetologystories #storiesbehindthehair #danapointhairsalon #danapointhair #ocsalons #ocspa #californiablonde #danapointmoms
●Homeschooling is Not for the faint of heart. You've heard that before right? As a homeschool mom I can tell you this is true. You have to find a certain kind of balance that doesn't exist to compare it to. Each of us has to find our own unique balance that fits our family. And just like fingerprints, there are no 2 alike. It's crazy to think that once we find that flow, just like that, season's change. Growing children, throwing out curriculum like day old piazza, sick days, mess after mess, new activities, attitudes you wish you could throw out like day old pizza.. Teaching them responsibility while still letting them be young. You know the list doesn't end, so I'll stop there● What I'm saying is, as homeschool families go, there are no "breaks" in fact we're over here in the negative. One day we'll turn that voucher in, and it'll be all too soon ladies. So for now, take your "me time" it's vital when it comes to balancing the wind. Staying flexible is one of the most important keys to having a good day, week, month & year. 》We're are own boss.. that makes things harder then most might assume. You learn true discipline is wrapped up in tons of grace. It's up to us to find the balance in that too. Being flexible doesn't mean compromising your foundation either. It means surrounding yourself with genuine people who are understanding in this journey. Without judging you for taking a "day off". Saying no. Cancelling. Or dropping everything in order to take advantage of something. 》Surround. yourself. with. Those. people♡《 ● & yes, it's supposed to say "flex-Able" . #homeschool #homeschoolmom #homeschoollife #homeschoolcommunity #homeeducation #ihomeschool #flexable #hiphomeschoolmoms #hiphomeschooling #homeschooljourney #homeschoolmotivation #homemakingmomma #home #homesteading #balancedlife #mombalance #momboss #connectingmoms #encouragingmoms #sahmlife #sahm #raisingchildren #familylife #ourclass #positivemom #buildeachotherup #encourageoneanother #thismomlife #justamom #motherhood
If I stay the same while these 3 continue to grow, I won’t be the mom they need. ☺️ . For one thing, no parenting book prepared me for raising these kiddos. What works with one often doesn’t work with the others. So I adapt + learn from our experiences. 👍🏻 . Secondly, if I’m not working to improve who I am by exploring personal development, reflecting on my choices, getting educated on health + wellness, I’m not leading by example. I want my kids to see my #workinprogress lifestyle. I want them to know that it is totally okay to never be perfect + that, in fact, perfection is an unrealistic goal. I want them to see Mom always tried her best, + when her best wasn’t what worked, she dug in to find ways to improve on that best—within reason, of course. 💗 . Be open to growth. If not for you, do it for them. 😉 . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #growthmindset #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
A BIG thank you to these BEAUTIFUL ladies!! They shared genuinely from their experiences as a mama and a hustler. 💕 I am privileged to know each of them and learn more about some ways they’ve learned to navigate this journey. 💕 Sitting on the floor together being REAL and OPEN!! Couldn’t have been better!! 🙌🎉😍 . It’s not Wednesday but definitely #wcw 😉 ! . 📷 : @caseyrainesphoto
Starting the evening with yoga to slow our minds and relax our bodies was such a TREAT! . 🙌 I was so thankful that I even got a chance to join in- because lord I needed it!! . 🙏 Jamie you are amazing and I am so thankful for you in my mom journey! . 📷 : @caseyrainesphoto
🥂 Cheers to you BOMB MOMS! So fun sharing the evening with you all!! . 🙌 Could not have asked for a better launch event!! . 💕 Can’t for the next events- if you didn’t make it this time - you don’t want to miss the next one. Spoil yourself and have a ladies night out - it does wonders for mom-ing & wifey-ing!! . 📷 : @caseyrainesphoto
If it costs you your peace, it's too expensive 💕 Give up the things that cause you stress. Give up the things that keep you up at night. Cultivate the things that make you actually happy. Enjoy the moments of peace that get scarcer and scarcer as we get older. Spend your time wisely, don't funnel all your cash into things that don't make you a richer and more content because of it. If what makes you happy is doing things that create memories that you'll look back on, do it. If it costs you your peace, it's too expensive 💕 #peace #innerpeace #workforbalance #balance #mombalance #momlife #kids #metime #mespace
Day 1 is done, + we are pumped! 💪🏻 . You may be wondering, “how many day 1s does this chick have?!” As many as I want. 😉 . See, that’s the thing. Our lives, if we let them, comprise of a series of day 1s. We can choose to begin or begin again at any time + for any reason. Treat your life like a journey. ✌🏻 . So I am at Day 1 again. And I’ll be at Day 1 when I finish this program, + again after that. I’m never finished. I’ll never be finished. I’m a #workinprogress , just like you. 😘 . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals # #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
I can still get fancy 🙌🏻 #mombalance #careerwoman
Sunday influences the tone for the week. That often means making to-do lists, meal prep, + setting intentions. I’m getting my week on the right track with family + fitness. 💗 . A few hours being the daughter + 21 minutes of sweating with my fitness #soulsister got me like 😁😁 . Take time to get your mind right so your week ahead goes smoother. I’ll be sure to finish all my meal prepping + will definitely consult my calendar before the night ends, but for now, I love the choices I made to put my priorities where I did. What will make you smile on this Sunday? 😁😁 . PS: A Broncos win will also help. 😉🏈 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals # #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5 #husbandandwife #10yearsmarried
Feeling mom guilt right here... going to the gym instead of being home! I only went for about an hour and fifteen minutes or so.... #mombalance #workout #lovemyboys
The other day somebody told me “I heard the girls all think he’s so cute.” I cringed. He probably would’ve been flattered by the compliment but as a mom I want him to be known as so much more than just the cute boy. 🧡 I want him to be the sweet boy, the good brother, the coachable kid, the smart boy, the respectful young man, the respectable boy, the good teammate and so much more. Thankfully, I think most see him these ways. 🧡 I see him as all the above and the mama’s boy who says “here mom, I made us smoothies” without being asked to. . . . . . #amysbagladylife #teachermom #morningslikethese #mywishforyou #enjoythejourney #sportsmom #jerseyshoremom #raisingherbivores #raisingvegetarians #boymomsrock #momofboys #momofteens #momoftweens #ohheymamas #momments #mombalance #momlifebelike #mybry #raisingthefuture #rockingthemomlife #thankfulgratefulblessed #gratefuleveryday #profesoradeespanol #shapingyoungminds #morethanacuteface #myheart #sohandsome #smoothiesforbreakfast #mamasboy #minime
I have scoliosis. 😊 . It hasn’t caused me much pain, though it makes certain mat/floor exercises almost impossible as I cannot push my lower back to the ground + it lead to pretty intense back labor. I thought I was a family anomaly until my dad was recently diagnosed with it, along with surgery-requiring spinal stenosis. 😬 Though these conditions do not have to be mutually exclusive, scoliosis can increase one’s risk of lumbar #spinalstenosis , something I will do all I can to fight against. Keeping my back strong + limber is part of that plan. This morning’s cardio yoga routine fits right into that. 🙌🏻 . Take your health into your own hands. So much is out of our control, yet we all have the ability to #controlthecontrollables in various ways as well. Regular exercise, healthy diets, minimizing stress, all help you #ownyourhealth 😘 . #wellnessadvocate #scoliosisawareness #healthadvocate #exerciseforlife #fitforlife #livehealthfully #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals # #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo
This. Is. My. Why. Moments like this, where I get to hang with this guy and take him to get a balloon at the singing and story time @shoppigment ! * * * For Moms, “balance” is one of those things that are so specific and so personal for each family. For so long, I kept feeling like I was falling short and straight up getting it WRONG. I’ve tried it all...worked full- time, part- time, over-time😳, stayed at home, worked from home, worked seasonally... every option felt imperfect. * * * Because they were. I kept expecting a “balance” where I was giving 100% in every role alll the time, and in reality, balance moves and changes and looks different with different stages. * * * So, all these years later, it finally feels like we’re getting in our groove... in between making Boss Mom moves, carving out these little moments, even if it’s not a ton of time, is so sweet and precious and makes me feel like our “imperfect balance” is somehow perfectly balanced! #mombalance #allmomswork #perfectlyimbalanced #nosuchthingasbalance
today has been full of creating new content for you guys and snuggling my sweet teething baby #balance i did get a short run in this morning, but only got in a few miles before Nora decided she was done being in the stroller. ——————————————————————— #befitdavis #teambfd ##inspiringwomenrunners #motherrunners #womensrunningcommunity #fitnessinspo #mombalance
It’s been a crazy busy week, but I made it to DōTERRAs global convention. I am beyond blessed to have the chance to attend my first one this year and to finally be able to meet my amazing team in person. I am excited to learn and go on to share the knowledge with you and your family.
It is all up to you... 💗 . I had a “slow” summer. I was all over the place in my business, lost in a race for goals that felt off + in a non-existent schedule. Today, I talked openly about this with my close coach friends. They shared similar mental road blocks. In our shared cathartic conversation that lasted most of the day, we each realized something: we are here, we are doing this, in spite of the “slumps” + in the face of those who misunderstand it + in conjunction with our hectic lives because we live it. We feel drawn to it: The ability to help someone get healthy. Most days, that someone is simply ourselves—and that is perfectly okay. 💗 . This calling brought us all together in the first place. We are each on a mission to create the things we wish existed, both for us + for the women we work with or inspire: 💗 health 💗 confidence 💗 opportunity 💗 community Not one of us is perfect. Not one of us feels like we’ve got this business down. Not one of us feels like this is easy. It’s work! What we all feel, though, is that we are committed to the importance of it all. 💗 . Are you looking to create more for yourself? Are you looking for women also seeking this in their own lives? Look no further. Tribe Redefine welcomes you to create right among side of us. Perfection not required. 💗 . Follow the “coaching” link in my bio + we will set up a call. 💗 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #thisis30 #bodygoals #honesty #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #girlgang #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
I cleaned, I organized, I baked, I read and I got in some miles in this gorgeous weather while listening to this week’s RH podcast with my iced chai (because it definitely does not feel like fall yet at the Jersey Shore), all before picking up the kid at ccd. I’d love one of these mid-week days off every week! . . . . . #bagladyamy #amysbagladylife #girlbosslife #teachermom #slaytheday #dontquityourdaydream #lifebydesign #liveyourbestlife #livingmybestlife #beatyesterday #choosejoy #enjoythejourney #choosegratitude #gratefuleveryday #todaywasagoodday #icedchai #risepodcast #findyourtribe #lightbulbmoments #ahhahmoments #momofboys #powerofshe #mombalance #dayoff #backtowork #thankfulgratefulblessed #gratefuleveryday #rachelhollis #jasminestar @msrachelhollis @jasminestar
I’ve given the “big kids” a day of yes, (mostly) agreeing to all their requests. We dropped the little guy at his usual sitter, grabbed a coffee for Mom, + began our adventure. 🙋🏻‍♀️👧🏻👦🏼 . Aquarium. Gift shop treats. Burgers. Stairwell dance parties. Lots of photo shoots. Gum. You know...all the good stuff. It’s been one of my favorite days in a long time. Maybe one of my favorite days ever. 💗 . At the risk of jinxing it all, there’s been no fighting, everyone’s been polite, all no’s (I said mostly a day of yes!) have been handled maturely. It’s been the best bonus day together I could imagine. 🙌🏻 . Relenting control + giving in to their breed of fun isn’t always easy for me. Either I’m chasing a toddler or I’m too rigid or I’m too distracted. None of that applied today. 😁 . These are the moments I hope they’ll always remember. I hope this is the Mom they remember, too. ☺️
What a difference... 👉🏻 24 hours 👉🏻 the right mindset 👉🏻 better nutrition 👉🏻 support from your Tribe ...can make. 😉 . Pamela Bus was full on #strugglebus yesterday. As I shared, my nutrition has been off for a few weeks, steadily shifting from flexible to #forgetaboutit . I dialed it back in yesterday—save for one last #halotopicecream pumpkin pie last night. 😉 I selected my favorite workout for today, which had me wake up with excitement. I also knew I’d follow my workout with an accountability call with the best ladies (@fitfabyou was there, too, but I forgot to snap a complete pic!), so I was extra motivated to have a productive morning. Basically, Pamela got her groove back. ✌🏻 . If you are feeling off, embrace it—but don’t sit with it. #dosomething about it. Eat a healthier snack. Call a friend. Go for a walk. Blast some 90s gangsta rap. Promise yourself your pity party won’t bleed into the next day. Whatever you’ve got to do, do it for you. Find your groove + ride that wave as far as it will take you. 👊🏻 . . . . #greenlightgo #triberedefine #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #bodyafterbaby #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #inked #momswithtattoos #fiercefemales #wcw @carldaikeler
[szedem össze magam] 🌿🥝🌱🍑🌿#greens #egyelzoldet #nowaste #nedobdki #turmix a legjobb #recycling {spenót a nagyszüleim kertjéből, egy kallódó kiwi, a lányom mangómaradéka, növényi ital - et voilá} #greencocktail #mombalance #momlife #anyaero #anyacoaching #mutimiteszel #mutimitiszol #mutihogyszededosszemagad #momcharger #anyategyelmagadert
Time Management strategies that will save you HOURS: ⠀ ⠀ 1️⃣ 5 Second Rule: Instead of struggling with the idea of doing an activity or have it swirling in your brain thinking ""ugh...I should really be doing xyz""....count down to 5 and just DO IT! #serenawilliamsdoit When you count down in 5 seconds, it doesn't give your brain enough time to stop itself from completing a task. ⠀ ⠀ 2️⃣ Brain dump and priotize. When you write everything down, you can see more clearly what you have to get done, what you need to try to accomplish, and what can be delayed for a later date. ⠀ ⠀ 3️⃣ Set up quick wins for yourself + rewards. When you can see the benefit for your hard work and actions, you will be more likely to accomoplish them and move forward to the next task. ⠀ ⠀ 4️⃣ Take breaks, Your brain can only stare at a computer screen for so long!! Take a break, walk around your home/office. Grab a drink or a snack. Move your shoulders, step away from your work. You can actually create a more sync workflow with this method ⠀ ⠀ 5️⃣ Block hour by hour and set your alarm. Choose to do a task per hour, (including 5 minute breaks every 20 minutes). You will feel less anxious throughout the day because you know that every hour is accounted for. ⠀ ⠀ ✨I use these strategies whenever I have a huge project coming down the pipes without a lot of time. What tip can you try this week? ⠀ ▪️⠀ ▪️⠀ ▪️ #inspiredlifestyle #raleighblogger #positivitytips #timemanagementtips #timemanagementskills #motivationalcoach #lifestylecoaching #millenialblogger #timemanagementblogger #gradschooltips #blackwomenwhoblog #mombalance #productivityblog #blackwomenwhoblog #gradschoolgrind
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