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What an unexpected treat!! When @srtucker89 messaged this morning that she had 2 tickets to @ptxofficial for tonight, my girl + I were in. One of my favorite traditions growing up was attending shows + plays + musicals with my mom. We’d drive into NYC a few times a year. She never feared venturing to the city + always made the day an adventure. This begins that tradition for me + my ladybug. We rapped to some 90s classics on the drive into Philly, raided the Met snack bar, + now we’ve found our seats—mezzanine front + center!—+ are ready to enjoy some more festive music + girl time. 🎄💗 Enjoy your night. We sure are!
Happy Holidays!!! Kyra Kare Health wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season. Focusing and supporting all women through all stages of life and helping them achieve happiness and health! #loveyourbody #healthywoman #loveyourhormones #estrogenbalance #PCOS #pms #fertilitydiet #fertilebody #mombalance #fertilewoman #createthelifeyoulove #docmomsquared
We have a new brown belt in the house! 👊🏻🥋 . We are so proud of Paxton. We are confident his training at @kaizenmartialarts plays an integral role in his maturity + leadership that we often hear he displays at school. It is pretty timely that this note came home in his folder this afternoon, just before his belt ceremony. Practicing martial arts has taught Paxton the importance of focus + hard work, while the staff at Kaizen show him how to be disciplined, how to display honesty, + how to harness your self esteem. Tonight, students were reminded that martial arts is a practice that strengthens the mind, body, + spirit. I believe Paxton is proof! 🙌🏻 . Thank you, Kaizen! Kia! 💪🏻
Last year I was the Pinterest mom that spent two hours making sweet, handmade treats for Jem’s Christmas party at school. This year I threw a bunch of stuff into a throw away container and called it “trail mix”. It’s called #mombalance 🤷🏻‍♀️ #worldsokayestmom #christmasbreak #friday #momlife #trailmix #winning #momhacks #kidlife #schooldays #christmastime
The moment where you get to focus, while my little guy is down for a 😴. I am still amazed that I am able to do something that I absolutely love. 💕 Blogging is an awesome outlet for me, and allows me to connect with some amazing people! Stepping out on faith and it feels amazing😃. #positivevibes #momstruggles #mombalance #mompreneur #momof4 #momlife #powerfulwomen #powerfulwords #loveyourself #parenting #inspireothers #bossbabe #momblogger
When you are trying to get some work done, and you feel a little one tugging at your leg🤦🏾‍♀️. As a mother of 4 finding balance is still hard. Some days I feel like superwoman, and others I feel like tossing in the towel giving into frustration (Hey just being honest) 🤷🏾‍♀️ I had to learn that those are natural feelings to have when you are a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc. Guess what??? It’s okay 👌🏾 to feel that way! I am still learning to find balance, I am far from perfect but striving to everything for my children. “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had... and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed” Linda Wooten... #positivevibes #momstruggles #mombalance #mompreneur #momof4 #momlife #powerfulwomen #powerfulwords #loveyourself #parenting #inspireothers #bossbabe #momblogger
hahó, ez itt a 90-es évek 😲 a mackó 🐻apa játéka volt és most a kislányunké. ❤️ a napokban előkerült egy húzós kacsa 🐤 is, az az enyém volt. feltett szándékom ilyesmi, időtálló játékokat adni az ünnepekre a lányomnak... meg igazából mindenkinek. nálatok mit hoz a Jézuska? 🎁🎄#ajandek #present #bepresent #meaningfulpresent #ertelmesajandek #idotalloajandek #egyutttacsalad #emlekek #jatekok #boldogsag #jonajezuska #karacsony #anyavagyok #anyaero #momlife #mompower #mombalance
Quick! Count the #basicmom cliches: 🎯 I’m at Target 💁🏻‍♀️ with a messy bun ☕️ + a #starbuckslatte . But what you don’t see is the one cliche I am not wearing today: #hotmessmom . ✌🏻 . I’ve had the most productive, motivating 24 hours + counting—all because I changed my mindset. I’ve posted recently about countering the stresses of this season by stating intention, moving my body, + eating well. I’ve been owning my busy, leaning into the hard, + getting silly with my family + I am smiling, fully. 😆 . Is my Christmas to do list still long?! Yes! But I am chipping away at it a little at a time. Is my business still a priority?! More than ever! I am being focused with my working hours. Is my school year in overdrive?! You know it! But I am making every minute of my school day count. Am I making time for my family?! I am happy to say I am ensuring one-on-one time with teach kiddo each day. This meant snuggling for a movie with Pax, cuddling Kellen to sleep, + working on a puzzle with Kayden. A little bit goes a long way! 💗 . This #mood is #seriousgoals until Christmas + beyond! 💯
Max is on day 7 of being sick 😭 Mama is on day 5 🤧 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Half of me is feeling guilty over the very long to-do list that I haven’t checked any boxes on (cringe), the Instagram stories I wanted to post (no voice over here), and all of the 2019 planning that awaits (with so much excitement). 📝 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Half of me is soaking up every second of extra cuddles, my baby falling asleep on me (NEVER happens anymore), and just knowing that I am his comfort and safe place 😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ All of me is hating hard on daycare right now. 🙄 I can’t seem to keep him well. The struggle between carving out days to work + then not being able to + still paying for daycare. The struggle is REAL 😫 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And if you’re wondering... I’ve been rocking some sweet sweatpants + hubs tee shirts on heavy rotation. Some serious #realmomlife moments over here 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But at least I got a picture of the one day I got ready 💋 Life of an entrepreneur doesn’t stop when you get sick or it snows and neither does live tv. I have a newfound respect for all the working moms who push through. Especially those in front of the camera or any sort of audience 🦸🏼‍♀️👸 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now back to baby cuddles + Mickey Mouse 👩‍👦 I’m also taking any and all tips for #mompreneur life with a sick babe ⤵️ #workingmom #momtruth #momlife #motherhoodunplugged #honestmotherhood #momiform
Kellen is series #wintergoals : snuggled up, jammies on (shocker!), feet up, stuffing his face. I mean, this is what the cold months are all about...right?! ❄️ ⛄️ . Wrong. 😉 . The winter is the most important time to stay active + stay healthy. When the sun is out for fewer hours, our bodies + minds naturally get lazier due to a lack of vitamin D, which reduces our production of endorphins, decreases our ability to get restful sleep, + slows our metabolism. In other words, this negatively impacts everything: our mood, our energy, our health, our waistline. 😳 Then, January 1 rolls around + we all have that #ahamoment like “Gym time! Summer is coming!”. I’m here to tell you to snuggle up like Kellen. Enjoy yourself this lazy winter. But take 20 minutes a day—just 20 minutes a day!—to improve your overall wellness. Oh, + do it right along with me. 😘💪🏻 . Let’s commit before 2019 so that we can dive right in when the ball drops! Follow the link in my bio to request a customized action plan, then get back to living Kellen’s best life...for now. 😉👊🏻
🌿MOMLIFE IS A CONSTANT FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT BALANCE.. 🌿 . Between momlife, be an awesome wife, me time, my job, staying a fit mom, meet my lovely family and friends.. I started to place balance over perfection! Works perfect! Next challenge.. FIND THAT RIGHT BALANCE! . . Bestaat dat eigenlijk wel balans?! Mijn perfectionisme heb ik al lang laten varen maar de juiste balans heb ik nog niet helemaal gevonden.. ik blijf zoeken.. laat je weten als ik het gevonden heb! Joe! . #momlife #mombalance #momlifebalance #balanceoverperfection #perfection #mamaleven #moederschap #selfcare #findyourbalance #findbalance #busymom #busymomlife #blijvenademen #prioriteitenlijst #setyourpriorities #tweelingmama_relax
Isn’t there magic in firsts?! ✨ . I’ve always loved the 1st day of school more than the last, even as a kid. School is typically my safe space, my me space. I feel at home inside of a classroom. That’s probably why I’ve wanted to be a teacher my whole life. That’s also why the last few months have been strange for me. 😬 . I mentored a student teacher, which means I gave up the role at the front of the class for all 3 of my honors English I sections. Since September! 😳 It was wonderful getting to work with another English-minded girl. It was exciting helping her craft lessons, then watching her fly. It was also anxiety-ridden for me. I realized just how much of a #controlfreak I am. I realized how much I truly value building connections with my students. I realized how simultaneously fast + slow 2 1/2 months can move. 💛 . Today feels like the first day of school again. Today feels like magic. ✨
No, I am not staring in @wicked_musical on Broadway. I’m just here to share my fave things this holiday season to make your last minute gift giving easy + affordable! 🙌🏻🎄 . Each day this week, I’ll be hosting an #instagramlive at 6am eastern time to bring you #holidaygiftideas from a budget-friendly mama perfect for all of your family + friends! Can’t catch it live?! Don’t worry! I’ll be sure to curate the recordings on my #igtvchannel ✌🏻 . Am I an expert in anything? Nope! But I am only going to share products I love, successful gifts from the past, + last minute shopping ideas to keep you low stress or to spice up your usual holiday routine! 🎁👍🏻 . In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy my #maskofmagnaminty while I set my schedule for the week in my Blue Sky planner—aka giving you a preview of 2 hot list items!! 😘
“Can I wear your hat, your coach hat?” 🧢 . Kayden was heading off for a sleepover tonight—then that was her request. It’s in these moments that I know the extra hours I’m putting in aren’t just impacting the lives of the women I’m coaching. They impact the life of a little lady right in my own home. 💗 . Here are the obvious facts: 👎🏻 I’m busy! I am a full time high school English teacher + a mom of 3 high-energy kiddos. My day-to-day often feels insane. 👎🏻 Life is expensive! From bills to the kids’ activities to the holidays + everything in between, it always feels like we make money just to have it leave. 👎🏻 I’m not a fitness professional nor am I a saleswoman. I don’t have the skills or the experience to run a business. . Here are the not-so-obvious facts: 👍🏻Coaching is my sanity. It represents the pockets of my day in which I am in complete control + in which the outcomes are always good! 👍🏻 I contribute to my family in a way I only could as a teacher if I advised multiple clubs + tutored countless hours—by taking even more hours away from my family. Plus, I make $$ by helping people find their path. I don’t have a garage of product I’ve paid for upfront that I’m trying to recoup. 👍🏻 The only experience I need is my experience in making my health a priority. I simply live my life out loud + invite others to join me on their own adventure to health. . And then here is the most important truth of all: my daughter sees all of this. 😘 . Who else wants to try on my coach hat? Kayden proves it looks pretty cute. 😉 Follow the link in my bio to request a no-pressure chat. You could be rocking your own hat before you know it. 🧢
Know when it’s okay to rest. 💗 . That’s what this morning reminded me—not only because I slept in after a full rest day yesterday, but also because my yoga instructor said this at the end of our practice, right in my living room. I woke up feeling just that: rested. I’m still a little off + know my autoimmune disease is flaring up so I know not to push myself. Gentle yoga + extra sleep allow me to do just that. 💗 . I love to go go GO. I also love to feel my best. Knowing when to rest + giving myself both permission + space to do so supports my goals. It doesn’t compete with them. I feel lean + strong + still on track today. Listen to your bodies, ladies. They know just what you need! 💗
Here are my top grocery shopping tips to keep you on track all week! 🛒 . 👉🏻 Go with a plan! There are plenty of list apps you can use— @wunderlist is my fave—or you can go with a full meal plan. Either way, go knowing what you need + stick to it. 👉🏻 Do not go hungry! Mike (who often does our grocery shopping) always eats before heading to the store. If it is my job for the week, I bring my shake with me. This keeps us from unwanted purchases. 👉🏻 Stick to the perimeter as this is where the fresh, whole foods are found. 👉🏻 Look for organic options. Most chains carry good organic brands that aren’t that expensive. 👉🏻 If you’ve got to do shopping with the kids, the car cart always wins! . What works for you?! 🛒
LITTLE SWEET BABYGIRL 💗💗💗 . Uit de tijd dat ik net mama was. En ik al mijn tijd en aandacht aan dit mooie meisje kon geven. Sweet memories! Ik ben de laatste dagen weer een beetje aan het struggelen met aandacht verdelen. Hoe houden jullie op dagen dat je alleen bent de balans?! Ik kan nog wel wat tips gebruiken.. . #babypic #instababy #sweetlittlebaby #momoftree #mombalance #cutebaby #momlife #mamaleven #levenvaneenmama #littlegirl #babygirl #sammiegirl #mamastruggles #sweetmemory #mamasmeisje
Sometimes that balance eludes us... I know I feel like I'm on a teeter-totter most of the time. . . This guest blog is from the amazing Susie Liberatore at LogicalLivingLLC. Her tips are top notch and definitely worth implementing! https://familyfunflaws.com/working-mom-tips-to-find-your-balance/ . . #momtips #momtip #workingmoms #workingmomtips #mombalance #workingmombalance #findbalance #worklifebalanced #worklifebalance #findyourpeak #findyourbalance
Sometimes that balance eludes us... I know I feel like I'm on a teeter-totter most of the time. . . This guest blog is from the amazing Susie Liberatore at LogicalLivingLLC. Her tips are top notch and definitely worth implementing! https://familyfunflaws.com/working-mom-tips-to-find-your-balance/ . . #momtips #momtip #workingmoms #workingmomtips #mombalance #workingmombalance #findbalance #worklifebalanced #worklifebalance #findyourpeak #findyourbalance
On the Wednesday morning accountability call I host with my team, we discuss our efforts + outputs from the previous week, but we also set both a business + personal goal that we document + hold one another to working towards. This week, there was an overwhelming theme in our personal goals: SLEEP. 🛏 💤 😴 . Most of us are moms, many of us work outside our homes, + all of us hold our health + fitness sacred. This time of year, with the added push of the holidays, we all found ourselves sacrificing sleep to hit all the other expectations we’ve set for ourselves. That can’t be the way. Sleep deprivation has nasty side effects. It negatively impacts brain function, it leaves you open to viruses, it can cause brain damage, + it slows or stops progress you would make with fitness. 😳 . We are challenging ourselves to get to bed earlier + to just be more intentional with all the other minutes in our days. Who is with us?? 💗
Work life balance is attainable mamas! .. But my balance isn't the same as yours and yours isn't the same as anyone else's ... Give me 5 days and I will help you get the right balance for you
If I could give my daughter anything this Christmas, I’d give her these lessons it took me far too long to learn: . 💝Your beauty exists in your happiness, in your heart, + in your head. The outside has very little to do with it. 💝Patience is your greatest attribute, both with yourself + with others. 💝Listen more than you speak—but when you speak, be a voice, not an echo. 💝You can do anything, but you cannot do everything. 💝Your goals + dreams are yours to create, yours to pursue, + yours to understand. 💝You are never alone when you know yourself well enough. 💝No one is as good at being you as you are. Keep it up! . Tag a #girlmom + add a lesson to the list! 💝
WHAT’S THE BEST WORKOUT? People always ask me, how do you like Tracy Anderson Method? What about Pvolve? Or Beachbody or BBG? Which is the best? • The best workout in the world won’t give you results if you only do it once a week. So I always say: whatever workout you can do consistently is the best workout. • You need to be realistic with yourself and decide how much time you have to commit. I only have 30 minutes/day during the week. I wish I had more but something always has to give. • So you need to find your balance. Your sweet spot that will allow you to stay committed and feel good about working out. • When I told myself I was going to do an hour workout every day, I ended up working out only twice a week since I just couldn’t make it work with my schedule. I started feeling stressed, anxious, defeated. That’s not what your workout should do to you. • So I found my sweet spot. 30 minutes a day. I can do that. On the weekends I do an hour. And if I have time during the week to do more, I do it. But it’s like an added bonus that makes me feel good, rather than a commitment with someone I’m dreading seeing. • Find your sweet spot, your balance, and stick with that. ✨ It’s the day to day consistency that will get you results in the end 😉 Happy hump day beautiful fitfam! #bestworkout #fitmotivation #consistencyiskey #findyoursweetspot #createyourbalance #carolinebasshealth
Go on...Get your SHIFT on! #mindshiftmama
What if we all stop the comparison crap and start celebrating one another in this journey of life? That is where the magic happens! Work together - magical. Rise each other up - magical. Realize there is room for everyone to succeed...yeah- that is magical too! I don’t hate, I collaborate. And I celebrate every step, every victory and am there along the way for ups downs and in between! Totally magical! #mindshiftmama
‘‘Tis the season. 🎄🎅🏼 . I know we are a few days early for a #throwback but this is one of my faves from Kellen’s newborn shoot 3 years ago. It was the one + only time we’ve done professional family photos. 😳 This is just another way I am the opposite of a #pinterestmom . Maybe one day, but today I’m just trying to keep my head above water + to remember to order the #Shutterfly calendar we love to gift our families most years. 😉 It is such a perfect gift for grandparents + aunts + uncles + godparents! It is also a great way to keep collectibles from year to year to look back on. What’s one of your fave gifts to give this time of year? 🎁 💝 . Hope your Monday is merry + bright! ❤️✨ . . . . #christmasgiftideas #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #inked #mombalance #momlifebelike #momswithmuscles #onlinecoach #fableticsleggings #busymoms #forrealtho #selflovespo #momswithtattoos #fitnessformoms #momanxiety #teachermom #iganephropathy #autoimmunewarrior #targetstyle #bargainshopper #familyof5
Sundays are for setting the tone for the week. 💗 . We meal prep + clean + do laundry...and work on finishing Christmas puzzle number 1! We’ve got 23 days to finish 4 500-piece puzzles as our #elfontheshelf Acorn Carrot left us this challenge. We are not ones to back away from some competition. It’s game on for the Bus Family! 🧩🎄 . We love working on it together. It’s also made mornings a bit calmer as the kids clamor to work on the puzzle as soon as they are dressed. I like that they get a chance to do something creative + constructive before school! . What’s an activity your family likes to do together, especially in the cold of winter? And has your elf left any fun? ❄️🎅🏼 . . . #adventuresofacorncarrot #winterfamilyfun #busfamilybusiness #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #thisis30 #inked #mombalance #momlifebelike
Gentle reminder...Mama, you don’t have to do everything, and everything doesn't have to be perfectly done. ✌️ Xo #mindshiftmama
Good things don’t always come to those who wait—but they do come to those who seek out the right tools + willing put forth effort. 👊🏻 . On Thanksgiving day, we drove almost 2 hours to Baltimore to spend the day in my sister-in-law’s tiny, not kid-conducive apartment. I feared what would happen...but it was magic. They played like this for most of the day. They hardly even asked for snacks! 😱 . Why? They had the right tools for success + they put in work. My mother-in-law stocked a kiddie table with slime kits + play doh + cars (for guess who! 🏎 ) + it looked like this for hours. This worked because they opened the package. They made each their own. The dove in, had fun, + found a new zone. 🙌🏻 . This is how I’ve felt—as corny as it seems—since I opened my first fitness package 3 years ago. It had everything I needed to have the best experience: the right fitness, proven nutritional plans, accountability through a coach, support in a community, + so much more. But those things are the tools. It was up to me to put them to use. I did, + I have for almost 3 years running. ✌🏻 . I have the tools you need as well. And I also have the belief in YOU that you, too, will make the most of them. Say “game on!” to take advantage of our lowest price of the year, plus my #noexcusenovember bonus offer. DM me, like, now + you’ll be in the zone before you know it. 👊🏻
She’s not responding to me!!!
Create a beautiful life. Last night we braved the freezing wind and went and found a Christmas tree. After setting it up, untangling strings of lights and going through boxes of decorations, I handed out the ornaments to my 3 kiddos and let them decorate the tree. To some of you this may sound like a natural, very sweet mother thing to do...for me, I had to let the color coordinated, symmetry control freak take a back seat. My tree may look a little less than “perfect”. The bottom half may be ornament heavy, due to the limited reach of my 4 year old, there may be non-symmetrical clumps of ornaments and there may be 1 bright red star dangling randomly on my white and gold tree. So maybe it’s not going to win any awards, but as I contemplated redecorating after everyone was asleep, I decided that perfect takes on many forms, and that 1 random red star on my gold Christmas tree will help me remember that creating a beautiful life isn’t always color coordinated. . . . #createabeautifullife #momgoals #mombalance #jugglinglife #controlfreak #inspirationalquotes #lifeisbeautiful #fiddleleaffig #girlpreneur #creativeentrepreneur #handmadebusiness #handpaintedsign #woodensign #momlife #goals #churchstreetdesigns
This picture gives me 2 thoughts: 1. I need a cut + color. 💇🏻‍♀️ 2. Abs are made in the kitchen. 🍎 . Good thing, then, I’ve got a hair appointment this weekend + I’ve given up dieting. ✌🏻 Yup. I consume around 2300 calories every day to sustain the results of my current fitness program. I eat all day long. But there are a few principles I’ve adopted that allow me to stay lean + make strength gains, simple tenets that I let slip a little over Turkey Day, but since dialing back in this week have already led to changes. . 👉🏻 I eat veggies + protein with every meal. I rely on a variety of vegetables + lean, clean sources of protein. 👉🏻 I limit my dairy. This is a personal preference, but I find my digestive tract + my waistline thank me. 👉🏻 I do eat carbs, + I’m not #grain free, as my body seems to handle whole grains well enough. I love sweet potatoes + edamame + eat I eat least every day, but Ezekiel breads make my life! 👉🏻 I limit processed white sugar. And when I am really disciplined, I eliminate it all together. Some people can have their treat + keep results. I can’t. My tummy gets soft—mostly from water retention—plus I just crave more. Personally, when I want results in my core, I know sugar has got to go. . Here is what it comes down to: there is no one perfect plan, but you need to know what works best for you. And to me, the perfect “plan” is the one you will stick to, the one that isn’t a limiting diet but a lifestyle that you can sustain, that fuels your daily activities, + that makes you feel healthy. 💗 . I didn’t figure this out on my own. I learned through experience + with the guidance of trusted research. Need help in this department?! I’ve got you. 😘
Yep that’s me! In all my red and bumpy glory 😬😬😬 . A full year of pregnancy and post pregnancy acne and NOTHING worked! Spent so much time and money trying product after product. I even tried prescription medication and even that just left my skin super red and dry 😩 . I started using the Refresh Skin Bundle as a last resort and within one month my skin was clear! 😆😆😆 . Believe it!! I haven’t had a bad breakout in 8 months and now it’s all I use 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 . What I use everyday : • Refresh Skin Routine • Hyaluronic Acid ( spanx for your face ) • Charcoal detox mask twice a week ( now it comes in the skin bundle! 😍) . . Give the gift of healthy toxin free skin products! 🎀 . . . #clearskin #naturalingredients #purehaven #toxinfree #noconpromises #momhustle #pregnancyacnesucks #byebyeconcealer #byebyefoudnation #morningroutine #dailyskinroutine #getexcitedforclearskin #mombalance #thejourneymatters
Kickin’ today with a quick Mindshift Moment: Interrupt anxiety with gratitude. Can be done on the go. Anywhere, anything. I do it on-the-daily. Peace out monkey mind! ✌️This Mama has no time for that yuck. It’s just one way I get my SHIFT on! Go on, get your gratitude groove on. Enjoy the SHIFT! Xo #mindshiftmama
Take a minute to find your life. ✌🏻 . Raise your hand if you have anxiety. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you lose your patience. 🙋🏻‍♀️ Raise your hand if you often place unrealistic expectations on yourself or on others. 🙋🏻‍♀️ . Guilty times 3. 😳 Anxiety is a real part of my adult life. It causes me to snap at the people I love most when the world doesn’t go according to my plan. I know this, so I take steps every day to counterbalance my short fuse. Moving my body is one of the most significant choices I make. So when I decided this morning to push my workout to the evening, I knew sleeping in would help my exhaustion, but I also knew I’d need to be extra vigilant in taking those moments to find my life: pausing to breathe, to collect my thoughts, to respond accordingly. This worked right up until 4:44 pm, ironically (my mom will get the reference)—when I was mid @shaunt sweat fest + Kellen hit me with a pillow for the 135th time. I was over it. 🤪 And at that precise moment, Shaun T came through the screen with the perfect words of encouragement. . I paused the workout. Settled Kellen with his cars after explaining kind behavior, made a third frozen waffle for Kayden, cut out a Harry Potter paper dementor Paxton just had to make at that moment, pushed play again, + found my life. 😉 . So mamas, do what you can to find your breath. To find your center. To find your life. And tomorrow, remember to do it all again. 😘
I hear from my Mindshift Mama clients - that one of the things making them feel so overwhelmed is their to-do list - it never gets done. There is a desire to practice Mindfulness and BOOM- they get short fused, frustrated maybe resentful, etc. Thinking about it all. Real deal...UGH! I get it! That dang list! One tool I help Mamas with is creating simplicity. Help clear their mind, prioritize, delegate to others, schedule it out, and/or empower to say no! It’s a tool that creates a SHIFT - one that can take you from chaos to control - overwhelm to calm. I am talkng...ease, intentional and productive to help cultivate mindfulness and OH SNAP - PRESENT MOMENTS - in that beautiful #momhustle . I mean… Mamas - Who doesn’t LOVE that?! Give it a try. Evaluate what trips you up. Need help? Reach out - I got ya! Xo #mindshiftmama
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Do you know just how good your body is designed to feel? 5 year ago I didn’t. But I knew I felt like absolute crap! Lean in...what I learned and I share- that healthy fabulous feeling...It goes beyond eating clean and working out. I literally changed my nutritional game over 5 years ago - and within days...it was like a light switch was turned on inside and out! And it has not gone out! Our foods are nutritionally depleted and our world is filled with so many toxins- even the fit, the holistic, the whole foodies - we all need some help. 5 years and I am still living and loving it. Energized, combatting stress, fueled and fabulous (feeling it on the inside daily really rocks). Friends jumping in too! We all have different goals. *Release unwanted weight *Gain more natural energy *Put on lean muscle *Clear Skin *Easily lead a healthy lifestyle *Take your performance to another level *Eliminate Bloating *Age Youthfully *Positively impact those around you! Super excited for all who come along on this journey. I am telling you, if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired-reach out. It’s so much more fun to rock goals with friends!! Xo
My biggest meal prep tips: 👉🏻 shop in your kitchen first! 👉🏻 overlap ingredients! 👉🏻 don’t forget snacks! . When I sit down on Saturday + plan our meals for the week, the first thing I do is check our perishable items—produce + proteins that must be used. I see what meals or snacks I can create out of them: salsa chicken in the crockpot, sautéed peppers for fajitas, portioned baggies of baby carrots for snacks on the go, etc. 👍🏻 This allows us to minimize waste + to be more budget-conscious. . Next, I plan meals—namely dinners + lunches—that use some of the same ingredients. Buying produce in bulk is often cheaper, plus some recipes call for a 1/4 cup chopped onion or a handful of kale. I make sure we stick with similar ingredients to keep waste down. Some people think our family would get tired of peppers or spinach or chicken or whatever if they eat it many days, but preparing veggies or meats differently creates an entirely new experience each time. 🤗 This week I’m prepping fajita peppers + sloppy joes using the same 3 varieties of bell peppers + 1/2 a sweet onion each. It’s perfect! . Finally, we organize healthy, clean snacks that we keep in the lowest crisper drawer in our fridge. Bags of grapes or carrots or celery sticks, jars of berries or apples + peanut butter, + even shelf-stable homemade bags of trail mix keep our boxed goods to a minimum (though with 3 kids + 2 working parents we aren’t entirely free from the box). ✌🏻 . What do you do to make #mealpreppinglikeaboss easy for you + the fam?
Some mornings we do arts and crafts and make homemade breakfast...other mornings I let them make a pillow fort, eat nutragrain bars and watch TV all morning 🤷 so I can get started on my December accountability group. It's all about balance. The older they get the more I love these quiet mornings of doing nothing, especially after a crazy couple days. . #noshameinmygame #aquietsaturday #netflixforthewin #momoftwogirls #momtruths #mombalance #15weekspregnant #lazymommorning
Want to manifest the life you crave? Well lean in for a quick tip! It all begins with a SHIFT in your thoughts & energies! I know...#micdrop 🤪 . . We are actually powerful manifesting machines. Yup, every one of us. However, it is the mind that trips us up. . . I have heard that we have up to 70 THOUSAND unconscious thoughts per day, a larger percentage can be negative! #truth . . . Start paying attention on what you focus on. SHIFT from want you do NOT want, to what you DO want. . . Raise your vibe! Your frequency. Your energy! Put your mind in a frequency of love rather than hate, anger, comparison crap. . . Manifest your dreams, keep the end in mind. Expect your dreams to come true: then wow your energetic vibrations will leap and soar. . . Time to manifest like mad! Visualize what it will look like when you achieve your dreams. . . Remember...every flows where intention goes. So go on...SHIFT and get your manifesting groove on! Xo #mindshiftmama
Looking below at a #tv studio from behind the scenes. #lemonadestandmama
3 times the craziness. 🤪 3 times the personality. 🌪 3 times the gratitude. 💗 . Happy Thanksgiving Eve from my little turkeys to you! 🦃🦃🦃 . . . . . #dreamyourdreams #girlwashyourface #greenlightgo #triberedefine #momof3kids #mycrazykiddos #realmombod #bringthejoy #momtruth #workingmom #mombalance #momlifebelike #throwback #takeusback #disneyvacay2018 #workingmama #newjerseymoms
Ever feel like you walk through your days rushing, hustling every which way, barely paying attention to what surrounds you? Sometimes not even sure how you got from point A to point B? Yeah I get it too! So often we forget the power of cultivating mindfulness moments. It can actually bring in a state of WOW and immediately SHIFT your mindset. I have helped my Mindshift Mamas SHIFT in their busy days (hello #momhustle ) - by simply looking up, single task for 2 minutes or perhaps call out what is around them even if nobody is around. Taking notice of the sounds, the smells, and everything in between. Crazy how effective something so simple -like this practice - can be. I welcome you to begin to take notice, slow down, if for a moment. Create a SHIFT within. Bring on clarity, ease, joy, delight even find surprise and awe in the simplest things. Go ahead Mama... Give it a try! Xo #mindshiftmama
Not just because it’s Thanksgiving but...seems fitting to shout out my gratitude! I am honored to lock arms with all my Mindshift Mamas! I celebrate you all daily! Xo
Commitments you make to yourself. 💕 before you know it you will look up and they will be grown with their own perception of life. #personalblogger #mom #mombalance #whatsmoreimportant #raisingkids #staypositive
Day #18 No Workout! #newmonthnewgoals 💪 #midmonthgoals
Honey, Water, & OnGaurd! #morningdrinkofchoice
Mom guilt! We can't help it. We try to do something nice for ourselves but cannot truly enjoy it without this lingering feeling of guilt constantly in our heads. Should I just stay home? I will wait till they are older before doing things for myself. Am being selfish? Will they be sad? We have to remember that things will not fall apart and the kids will be fine! We need our "Me Time" to stay sane and refreshed! We work hard and deserve a little break sometimes! I am hoping wine will help kill that guilt this weekend! 🤣😂 (And a few Skype calls ❤️) .............. ............. #momguilt #workingmomguilt #girlsweekend #momsweekend #mommyblogger #momblog #momswhoblog #torontomomblogger #wine #momlifebelike #honestmotherhood #honestmom #mombalance #momtime #metime
Day #16 ✅! Yes it called for two workouts tonight! #newmonthnewgoals 💪 #midmonthgoals
You are Strong!!! You are Courageous!!! You are Confident!!! You are Fearless!!! You are the only person on earth that can use your ability- Zig Ziglar
You know I love this pic if you read my post from yesterday. ☺️ And you know I love this pic because they are immersed in books. 📚 . Paxton is using interactive books to practice his sight words. Kellen is obsessed with First #lookandfind books. And I’m obsessed with the fact they aren’t asking to watch YouTube or a show or to play a video game. And as much as I love their cars + magnet-tiles infatuation, books are cleaner. And quieter. And cause me much less anxiety than Kayden’s slime addiction. 🤪😉☺️ . What’s your favorite of your kids’ pastimes or hobbies? Anything beats slime, #amiright mamas?!
Day #15 ✅! Half way through the month! #newmonthnewgoals 💪 #midmonthgoals
Hey, Mercury—or whatever conspired to royally f up my day. I’ve got a message for you. 💫 . Take that. I’m in control. Not you. 👊🏻 . It’s been a day. The snow is just the universe’s tasteless icing on a 💩 cake. Sick kiddo. Mental worries. Late start. Monthly visitor. Technology fails. Etcetera. It’s just been. a. day. 🤪 . Some days are long, but the years are short, right?! I may have let my emotions spill out a bit #extra today. That happens. And I may have let external influences weight too heavily on me. That also happens. That doesn’t mean I can’t regain control + find my center. A little evening yoga (with a sleeping sickie on the couch) did the trick. My mat time was my me time. I’m back. 💪🏻 . And even better: I got to be a #purplewarrior + support my girl @myfitgreenvibe ’s mission to honor #pancan + #pancreaticcancerawareness 💜So I have 3 awesome (+ 2 not sick kiddos), I got to move my body, + I was able to show support to one of my BFFs + a cause that’s important to her?! Well, then. I’d say this day is a win. 🙌🏻
While I physically disagree—not at all a snow bunny like Paxton—I do believe this piece of advice, metaphorically. ❄️ . You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Your journey is unique, just like a snowflake. And you are, too! To me, this also means that no struggle or storm happens that isn’t meant to happen. ❄️ . So bundle up. Go scrape off the car. Shovel your path. Drive safely. Or bundle up + stay inside. Better yet, throw snowballs at whatever’s got you down, then make some snow angels. Your snow is means to be. 😉❄️
Day #14 ✅! #newmonthnewgoals 💪
Stress the cause of many diseases but also why our body might run always on a flight to fight mode, flushing high cortisol levels constantly and creating havoc in our system . Cortisol is there to help us jump out a fence or take our babies and run like a cheetah, is there when we need our nervous system to push our body in a emergency situation . But when we are always stress, worry, not sleeping, overworking our adrenals can’t shut down our flight to fight responde and bring cortisol levels to a harmful level for our body . High Cortisol is on of the triggers to our hormone disorder, to infertility, to weight gain, to hair lost & other disorders in our body . This are oils that can help you lower your cortisol levels: . 🌼Bergamot 🌼Lavender 🌼Vetiver 🌼Rosemary 🌼Geranium 🌼Cedarwood 🌼Ylang Ylang 🌼Basil 🌼Wild orange . Use them on a diffuser, inhale them from your hands, apply them on pulse points, behind your neck or bottom of your feet as many times you need to 😉 . #naturalmoms #greenmom #momofagirl #lifeinbalance #cortisolcontrol #wellnessadvocates #hanniaebombhore #stressfreelife #healthymomsinspire #holisticmoms #lifeinbalance #mombalance #wahmomlife #momlifebalance #sleepbetter #oilymommy #oilyfamily #amazingoils #oilsforhealth #herbalmedicines #naturalhealer #naturalhealthtips #naturalhealingoils #bossmomlife #stressrelief #momstress #holistichealer #crunchymoms #lulamom
Do you feel like you can’t breathe? Another oil bestie lately! #beckonoils
B A L A N C E . We're all looking for balance, aren't we, mamas? Balancing motherhood, being a wife, working, social commitments... it is a constant struggle. Can you do it all? Of course not! But you can give it your best shot, right? & surrounding yourself with those who believe in you & your goals is the first step. Find your tribe - your family, your loved ones, your coworkers, whoever - & let them lift you up, let them be your shoulder to cry on, let them love on your kids. Let them take a little weight off your shoulders, so you can find your balance. You've got this, mama 😘 . . . . . . . . . . #mamatribe #findyourtrime #unitedinmotherhood #momlife #pinkstorkhasyourback #momonamission #womenownedwednesday #womenownedbusiness #momownedbalance #mombalance #unitedinmotherhood #motherhoodunited #connectingmoms #joyfulmamas #momsandmamas #momblogger #blogginggals #pinkstork #pinkstorkmama #pinkstorktea #pinkstorkbaby #pinkstorkcandy #amyonamission
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