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Anybody else love playing with kettlebells!?🔥💣 Here’s a total body circuit you can crush tomorrow💪🏼 . Do 3-4 rounds🤸🏽‍♀️ 1️⃣KB single arm swings (both sides)x15 2️⃣KB high pulls (both sides)x10 3️⃣KB push up to alternating side planksx15 4️⃣KB pulleys x15 (each arm) 5️⃣KB hold reverse crunchesx15 6️⃣KB hold flutter kicks x25 . Couple of pointers🤓‼️ ✅Swing the KB to shoulder height (no higher!) ✅ “Pop up” with your hips to drive the kettlebell up. Squeeze your 🍑 at the top! ✅ During high pulls, pull straight back with your elbow, keeping your wrist, forearm, and elbow aligned and then PUSH out following that same path back and down to your starting position. ✅Use the ball of the kettlebells for push ups (vs the handle) esp. if you tend to have wrist pain! ✅Hinge forward and keep a flat back during pulleys!
Thank you #costco for allowing Premier Physical Therapy to participate in your safety week!
Today I did a jump, and from the looks of it, my best Robert De Niro impression. How have you moved today? ⤵️
CHALLENGE! I love pushing my mobility and flexibility to new limits. --->and holy cow did this push it. #1 Keep both feet on the floor #2 Deep squat #3 Barbell behind head (I used 33lb barbell) #4 Have a snatch grip and push the barbell above your head...without falling over. . If you wanna see my failed and hilarious first try swipe. 😆 Thanks @jxwangaction for the challenge. ☝️
Hey Guys! Welcome to a Mobility TUESDAY! Sorry for missing yesterday. . 📝 To keep in lieu of alliteration we will be a doing a Tuesday Thoracic Twist while holding a pigeon pose. With this movement we will be obtaining the benefits of the pigeon pose under a dynamic motion, getting both a stretch and loosening of the hips as well as the thoracic spine. . . . ✅ To start off, let's enter a pigeon pose and make sure our chest is over our shin with the front foot facing forward. The more you get the front leg in a 90 degree angle the better the stretch. From here, drive your hips into the floor and instead of getting your body into the floor, keep your torso as upright as possible. . . . ✅ From here, place your working side arm (right foot then right arm) behind your head and begin to twist to the ground, getting your elbow as low you can to the ground. From there, twist open and away to the sky going as far as you can. This will be one rep. . . . ✅When you're ready to transition to the other side, kick your working leg behind you as you press into the floor with your hands, entering a down dog position. Switch legs and repeat on the other side. . . . ✔️ Let's hit 3 sets of 10 reps/side and rest 30s between our sets. . . . ✅ If you need to modify then hold the variation of the pigeon you need to do for 60s/side and follow that with a quadruped thoracic twist with 10 reps/side. Do this for 3 sets. Let me know how it goes! @westchesterfit @sletizia @coach_chris_guerrero #mobilitymonday #mobilitytuesday #mobility #movementandmobility #movement #flexibility #thoracictwist #pigeon #yoga #flow #move #create #crossfit
#movementmonday #mobilitymonday I’m not a swimmer by trade, but to train them I’m working on being better at it than I’ve been before. First and foremost is position. Here’s my first test today of the overhead position with a comparative standard. Not bad for a meathead football player, but room to improve there. #mobility #swimstrong @rosebowlaquatics
Take time to chill, relax, breath. This position, on a foam roller, has become one of my favorite. Letting gravity push my shoulders to the ground and opening up my chest. I find I’m able to “breath” out tightness with focus on the in and out. Give this a try to help you relax and release some tension in your chest and shoulders. I have almost all my clients do this! Thanks dude for the pose! #happymonday #mondaymotivation #mobility
Baby steps are important! 👣 #Repost @lauren.padula ・・・ #minutemobilitymonday ! • Here you go: starting in plank, walk your feet behind your hands with tiny baby steps, trying to plant the heel with each step. Hang in forward fold at the top and then tiny baby step back. • Feels SO GOOD in the feet, calves, and hammies!! • • @themovementspacesd @fit2ripped • • #minutemobility #mobilitymonday #mondaymobility #mobilityminute #yoga #yogateacher #sandiegoyoga #sandiegoyogateacher
Once Joseph Pilates said “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young” Tonight my client @jlremr proved he was right. Her persistent, patient and concentration made her back to her tennis game with pain free in this Summer. We can not wait to see her full swing of tennis for straight 3 days! -•- If you become a practitioner @studio26nyc , we could do workouts together! Will you join me? #MakingMoves
💻 Do you work in an office? 💻 Office ergonomic assessments examine your office set up and the way in which you work. In treating clients with neck, back, arm and leg pain, One Wellness has found that it is sometimes not enough to just treat the injury using massage and physiotherapy techniques; but requires getting to the source of the problem which can require assessing your office environment. This assessment includes a review of your personal areas of discomfort, an analysis of your office set up, suggestions and implementation of changes, and a follow up report of recommendations. Remember, having a proper office setup helps to improve job satisfaction, productivity, and to reduce repetitive stress injuries. #OneWellness #OneWellnessLife #MobilityMonday . . . . . . . . . . #office #homeoffice #workoffice #ergonomic #physiotherapy #physiotherapist #physio #carpaltunnel #backpain #legpain #neckpain #shoulderpain #massage #stressinjuries #wcb #injury #getactive #sedentary #sedentarylifestyle #desk #deskbound #computerbound #canmore #canmorelife #canmorephysio #banff #bowvalley
#MobilityMonday Sumo specific glute med end range strengthening for @xamniti This is some sumo gold guys. Please take it in. Frequency: Daily Time: 5-10 sec contractions, 10 rounds ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... #powerlifter #gym #workout #benchpress #chest #muscle #gains #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #lifting #power #powerfitness #bodybuilding #fitfam #fitlife #fitinspiration #fitnessjourney #getstrong #weights #sweat #sport #goals #gymtime #deadlift #squat
Is #engagementbrain a real thing? All I can think about is weddings...I almost forgot about #minutemobilitymonday ! • Here you go: starting in plank, walk your feet behind your hands with tiny baby steps, trying to plant the heel with each step. Hang in forward fold at the top and then tiny baby step back. • Feels SO GOOD in the feet, calves, and hammies!! • • @themovementspacesd @fit2ripped • • #minutemobility #mobilitymonday #mondaymobility #mobilityminute #yoga #yogateacher #sandiegoyoga #sandiegoyogateacher
💥Shoulder Mobility Drill💥. . Every so often I like to play around with different mobility and activation movements during my warmups. . In this exercise I am working on overhead range of motion, scapular upward rotation and retraction. . ✅Start with you chest against the wall. ✅Reach overhead as high as possible. ✅Lift arms back off the wall, and touch hands to upper back. . Perform 10 reps as part of your upper body warmup! . #fitness #mobilitymonday #mobility #correctiveexercise #prehab #upperbody #shouldermobility #warmup #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #personaltrainer
Hey everyone ! 👋 Happy #MobilityMonday ! As promised 💥 Here are some of my favourite band assisted stretches for the upper body. 🎥 #1 - peck stretch with external rotation of the shoulder. 🎥 #2 - Lat Stretch; if the first position is really easy then you can move into the second position to get a further stretch and also do a bit more distraction there. 🎥 #3 - shoulder Stretch , this one is uncomfortable and you have to be careful. My shoulders are pretty tight but they have been improving. As with all stretches, you want to be uncomfortable but not in pain! The benefits of using a band and wrapping it around your wrist is that this facilitates joint distraction, helping to improve mobility. Try these out! Do 1-2 sets of 30 seconds per stretch on each side. In case you were wondering, this was filmed at @onefamilyfitness . Want to check the place out? Book a free consultation and I’ll give you a tour of the facility! On another note, go check out their page if your looking for a membership, they’ve got a competition on right now for a FREE month ! . . #onefamilyfitnesscentre #runningmotivation #popeyessupplements #fitnessinstructor #fitness #popeyesstrong #health #workout #stretch #monday #mobility #work #life #lift #band #stretch #family #fitfam #girlswholift #winnipeg #winnipegtrainer #personaltrainer #winnipeggym
Repost @dr.jacob.harden WHY SHOULD YOU WORK ON POSTURE . Posture is a hot topic.🔥 It always has been. It always will be. But it is often overblown and I want to dispel some myths about it. . 🙅🏻‍♂️Bad posture does not mean pain. You've heard me say this a number of times and I'll keep it brief here. Your posture isn't bad for you, but we don't want you locking down in one position for hours on end. Move, change, and be fluid. . 🙃We are built asymmetrically. That means that you aren't going to get issues from things like one shoulder being a little higher than the other or one hip appearing to have a little hike. Don't sweat it. . 😕So when do I work on a patient's posture? Most often, it's when THEY want to. Many of my patients don't like the way their posture looks or makes them feel, and to me, that's the reason to try and find a way to help them work on it. Because I'm here to help you with your goals. So we come up with little habit hacks or things to help them gain a sense of the position they want, like this drill here. If you want to work on your posture for those reasons, I'm all for it, and I'll help you all day long. But I don't want you thinking your body is going to break down because of some anterior tilt, forward head posture, or uneven shoulders. That's not the message I'm here to spread. I want you to get mobile, get strong, and get moving well. The rest is your preference. . Tag a friend who wants to work on their posture and share the wealth! . #Prehab101 #mobilitymonday #shoulders #symmetry #fitness #posture #form #functionalfitness #functionallongevity #exercisedrills
#MobilityMonday 👊🏽 ・・・ ✨MAXIMIZE YOUR SHOULDER MOBILITY✨ Often times we discuss overhead mobility passively, actively, with bands and like I showed with pushing. All great. But I think one way that's often neglected is with straight hanging! This does NOT mean pull-ups and does not even have to be done actively. Just allowing the body to relax relatively passively on a bar and hang adds great benefits throughout the body. 🔹Direct internal force on the shoulder creates change of the deep capsule and acromion 🔹Traction for low back pain 🔹Ribcage alignment due to gravity Bye shoulder pain 👋 Hello healthy shoulder 🙌 GOAL: 1 minute hang in each different grip Love @portal.ido recommendation of hanging for a total of 7 minutes everyday. This doesn't mean 7 minutes at one time. Break it up throughout the day. But don't forget to hang! . . #docjenfit #move2improve #gratefulformobility #themobilitymethod #move2improve #docjenfit
#mobilitymonday • Ever thought about why your wrists hurt during pushups or why you can’t hold weights for too long? • It could be because you have weak forearms and limited mobility! • This is a great mobility exercise for the wrists and forearms to get mobility and get you used to weight on the wrists! • Increasing mobility in the wrists can also help with any barbell movement, and hands on the floor exercises! • Forward and backwards rocks to get movement in the forearms, and it’s just a really good stretch. • • #endorphitness #scienceandsweat #mobilitymonday #mobilitymovement #wristrangeofmotion #flexibilitytraining #moveyourbodyeveryday #wriststrength #mobilityexercises
It’s #mobilitymonday ! New info up on the blog today. If you’re having trouble getting your arms overhead, or have impingement pain at the top of the movement, go learn how to #treatyoself on the latest @r2r_paducah blog post. Link in bio! #mobility #crossfit #therapeuticexercise #injuryprevention #prehab #physicaltherapy #shouldermobility
It's #MobilityMonday , and what's on our agenda today? Pelvic alignment drills. If you are right-handed, you likely have a Right Lumbar Rotation and Right Ilium with Anterior Rotation. Here is a mobility exercise for you, demonstrated by Clyde from our Plaza of Nations Clinic! . Drill 1: Bring your right leg up and twist right when you exhale. Repeat 3 times and advance your rotation each time. . Drill 2: Keep your right leg up and bend forward. Let your right leg drift out so the trunk can get inside your pelvic rim. . Remember, each drill should only last for a maximum of 10 to 15 seconds!
⚡️#mobilitymonday is in full effect! Today we do some banded or distracted flossing. ⚡️This type of mobility will have an effect on your fascia, your joints and range of motion! It’s a THREEfer folks! ⚡️In position Number 1, get that band Anchored at the center height of your lunge. Step into the band and get it up high under your glute. Then lock in your body but tucking your pelvis under and pulling your bellybutton into your spine, while you move slowly through your lunge. When you find a sticking point, pause and add additional, slow movements(arm over head) to break up some of that right tissue. Second position, same anchor same depth of the band into your hip girdle. Then take that low lunge position and slowly assist the band in distracting that hip socket. ⚡️Think 15 “reps” per side x 2! Try this after you have already done some warming up prior to your workout, or while still warm post workout. #painfacesrequired #steadymobbin #mobdeep #mobility
Uh-oh... he found a new toy! @stickmobility
To train hip mobility (any mobility) you must actually be training the hip (insert any joint). We move fluidly with coupled motion from multiple joints moving all at once, call it the sum of the parts. But to truly make the machine work optimally you have to understand how to isolate and improve the parts. Flailing around with manic movement is like throwing darts blind folded at the mobility gains bullseye. One must truly understand the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system to increase the chances of hitting that bullseye. . . A quadruped Hip CAR with a wall block is a great way to block excessive movement from the pelvis and lumbar spine to better isolate the movement of the femoral head in the acetabulum. Big words for let’s actually train the ability of the ball to move through the socket well rather than an movement that may just be an illusion. . . Squeezing a block, bracing, and “separating the floor with my hands” creates global tension that enhances the localized tension about the hip that I want to use maximally. Mobility is highly specialized strength training. Therefore, strength training protocols (training at > or = 70% MVIC, etc) must be followed. . . This is not where you start. Hip CARs from Hell. 👹
#mobilitymonday Tight Hip Flexors? Give this a try before your workouts... The "Scorpion Stretch" very easy to do however not often done! . How to do it: -Lie down on your stomach, on the floor with arms out to a "T," -Reach your left leg over to your right hand and vice versa. . . Awesome to utilize before a work out, after a work out, or even if you haven't moved in a few hours. Great movement for spine mobility and a fairly safe stretch for the lower back and hips. The idea is to be fluid and controlled with each repetition so DO NOT try throwing your limbs to either side just so you can say you reached your foot💀 #mobility #warmups #routine #dynamic #stretch #mondays #movement #foreverastudent
Are you in pain? Are you lacking normal range of motion? Do you have a nagging injury? Schedule a recovery session today. I specialize in cupping, scrapping (IASTM) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy.
Helpful tips from Sports Performance and Mobility expert @p_hale3 #Repost @p_hale3 with @get_repost ・・・ STOP putting up with having tight hips🔒!! Here are 2 exercises to improve your lateral hip mobility. #mobilitymonday 🤸‍♂️ - - - Starting October 1st will be offering FRC Mobility classes at our new facility…hit the link in our bio for more info! 👆 @_igniteperformance_ #igniteyourpotential 🔥
#mobilitymonday . The unsexy part of fitness working on mobility! Spending 10 min a day working on mobility will truly change there way you are able to use your body both in the gym and out in real life! - Try out the 90-90 stretch today This stretch helps with hip mobility with both internal and external rotation sit up straight and try and hover your belly button over your front knee Make sure both knees create 90 angles Don’t hesitate to DM or comment if you want to more of the benefits of the 90-90 stretch #npcbikini #iam1stphorm #duespaid #mobility #stretch #fitness #mondaygymday
Mobility Monday! Best way to begin the week with your spine adjusted, standing tall. Rolled out and ready for the week! Put some high performance into your life! #achieve #highperformance #basketball #player #regen #onthecourt #rollitout #mobility #mobilitymonday #travelroller #backpainrelief #backpain
#MOBILITYMONDAY . Let’s get into our wrists! Wrist mobility is very important in many movements and can be very crucial in the clean and jerk! So swipe left and check out the video. I did it sped up, but you should do a couple of sets of around 20 seconds each movement. Remember to not skip out on the first couple ones so you can warm up the joint before you start to stretch it! . . Start trying these out before you lift and see the difference it can make! #StayStrong #WeAreBurg
STOP putting up with having tight hips🔒!! Here are 2 exercises to improve your lateral hip mobility. #mobilitymonday 🤸‍♂️ - - - Starting October 1st will be offering FRC Mobility classes at our new facility…hit the link in our bio for more info! 👆 @_igniteperformance_ #igniteyourpotential 🔥
Here's another #MobilityMonday stretch. . This aims to alleviate tension in the hip flexors, one of the most common trouble areas for #executives who find themselves seated for long periods of time. We combine this stretch with the theraband for a great warm-up/activation effect (more detail on this coming up stay tuned!) . If you want to learn more about how we take care of our executive clients, please visit us in person or online at: . 💪www.executiveathletetraining.com💪 . ⏰ Mon-Fri 5:30AM-7:30PM Sat 9:00AM-2:30PM Sun Closed ⏰ . #executive #athlete #training #toronto #personaltraining #downtown #The6ix #fixingweaknesses #coaching #strengthandconditioning #hipflexor #mobility #sedentarylifestylefix #muscleactivation
Our FRC Certified coach @p_hale3 demonstrates 2 exercises to improve your lateral hip mobility. #mobilitymonday 🤸‍♂️ - - - Starting October 1st will be offering FRC Mobility classes at our new facility…hit the link in our bio for more info! 👆 #igniteyourpotential 🔥
Our first #MobilityMonday Pro baseball off-season Training to kick off next month! Seen here working on independently moving the shoulder from the rest of the body to allow better interdependence of the joints while moving. ▪️ ▪️ Shoulder CARS (circular articular rotations), are full range of motion of joints, at their outer limits. They are used to improve joint health as well as to assess if a joint is healthy. They are a great tool to find restrictions and also used as part of our Rehab protocol. ▪️ ▪️ Key points 1. Create tension throughout the entire body to isolate the movement in ONLY the shoulder. Posteriorly tilt the pelvis and squeeze the gluteal and core. 2. Add a ball for some added resistance and squeeze the ball as hard as you can to recruit all muscles of the upper extremity. #MLB #offseason #rehab #mobility #mobilitymonday #performancehealthandrehab #tampa #florida #physicaltherapy #baseball #PGA #body #yoga #shoulder #mobs #NFL #throwing
Anyone else have a hard time hitting the ground running on Mondays? I definitely did today. But getting a move on early and really listening to my body during my training session (which thankfully included some much-needed mobility) got me off to a good start. And the day has felt delightfully productive as a result! How do you get started on a Monday? 📸: @gabe_stej • • #mondaymotivation #mobilitymonday #jumpstart #getamoveon
Stretching my upper back and shoulders. To make sure it hits my upper back I’m putting about 20% effort into tucking my lower back under. I’m also pushing my chest to the wall. You can also bend your arms with your hands together and under your chin for the occasions where this is too strong on the shoulders. I sometimes have a pinching feeling in my left shoulder which means I’m trapping or damaging a nerve so I ease off the shoulders when this happens. These two stretches are really helping my upper back to open up and they feel great! 🙌 . . . . . #thoracicmobility #mobility #upperbackstretch #flexibility #upperbackflexibility #thoracicspine #backflexibility #spineflexibility #mobility #flexibilitytraining #mobilitytraining #mobilitymonday #flexibilityisstrength #flexiblestrength #stretch #backstretch #bridge #backbend #backbends #backbending #gymnastlife #gymnastlifeuk #stretching #shoulderflexibility #adultgymnastics #gymnastics #wallstretching #wallstretch
Parkour is very much about combining power and grace to create fluid and controlled movements... Don’t forget to cross train the grace 😉 @midnightcorvus66 is training hip stabilizers here at @nhapplewellnesspt . Think balance, injury prevention and flow 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️ - - - - #pivotalfitness #prehab #prevention #power #grace #barre #kick #glutes #parkourtraining #mobilitymonday #glute #hips #hipsdontlie #parkourlife #nashuafitness #nashuanh #nhfitness #pivotalparkour #applemanchester #balance #movementculture #crosstrain #crosstraining #stability
#mobilitymonday @crossfitaustin @gabrielblitzmendez I often hear that people just don't have time to incorporate mobility or durability work into their routine 🙊 it's very easy to show up, follow the program, shower, and move on with the day🚴 however, incorporating durability work into the programming is effective and efficient 👌 as you'll see, I added a movement complex into my #barbell complex, for 3 rounds 👌 . . . #barbellcomplex #durability #crossfit #endurance
#mobilitymonday with @nicque again! Stability and mobility go hand in hand. This exercise is more than just ‘core’. We associate our ‘abs’ with core. They play a very small roll in keeping us stable. Think bigger picture. • The ‘core’ I am after is the collection of muscles that support our axial skeleton, or our torso. Without the muscles of our arms and legs, we might have the appearance of being shredded and strong, but the reality is that we often target the one muscle group to change the aesthetic as opposed to overall function. This is an exercise of recruiting all of the adductors, the shoulder stabilizer muscles and especially the strength of the back to keep our body’s moving slow and with control and especially mindful form. Try taking a point of contact away in a body weight exercise, that is your core on fire. Ultimately the goal is not just to have a shredded appearance, but be mobile, stable and have your whole body working wether you’re here @square1yyc on the floor or out doing your activities. • • Catch a Mobility class with @nicque Sunday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. • • • #mobilitymonday #mobility #balance #balancing #stability #coreworkout #core #trx #kettlebells #trysomethingnew #corestability #corestrength #strength #backtobasics #fitnessfundamentals #yycfitness #yyc #square1yyc #squareup
Ever get tension headaches? #MobilityMonday is here to help. This is our go-to exercise for getting the muscles of the head and neck to release some tension.
#MobilityMonday featuring a TRX Deep Squat with Lat Stretch: Perform with 1-2 sets of 5 full inhales and exhales. As you inhale, sit deeper into the squat and feel the lengthening of your lats. #training #baseball #PRI #baseballtraining #development #datadriven #trx ##squat #mobility #pitching #hitting #baseballgame #baseballlife #prospectdugout #milb #mlb #SOTG
#MOBILITYMONDAY . Let’s get into our wrists! Wrist mobility is very important in many movements and can be very crucial in the clean and jerk! So swipe left and check out the video. I did it sped up, but you should do a couple of sets of around 20 seconds each movement. Remember to not skip out on the first couple ones so you can warm up the joint before you start to stretch it! . . Start trying these out before you lift and see the difference it can make! #StayStrong #WeAreBurg
Happy #MobilityMonday everybody! So, do your hips feel as tight as mine do on Monday mornings? 😩 If so, give these Half Kneeling Open KB Rocks a go 😎 • • Keys to Success⬇️ 1️⃣Open your hips only to a position where your knee can easily track over your foot 2️⃣ “Tuck your tail”, pull your ribs down, and push your shoulders into the ground 3️⃣ Maintain a vertical trunk, push into BOTH legs and pull yourself towards the earth 4️⃣ Separate from the ground by pushing out of the heel ✋🏽😯🤚🏽 Remember! Don’t force any range of motion that you DO NOT HAVE. Work with what you got! 👊🏽 • • • #HappyHips #mobility #functionalmovement #HappyMonday #ItsMyAdvantage #JustMove #FindYourBalance #MoveWell #MoveOften
Mobility Monday 2 minute lower body mobility warm up Repeat 5 times through on each side Targets: Calves ✅ Hamstrings ✅ Hips ✅ T spine ✅ #mobility #warmup #flow #athlete #hips #calves #tspine #hamstrings #movewell #performanceherts #performance #gym #mobilitymonday
#MOBILITYMONDAY ••• Hey @emeraldcitycrossfit ! Who’s excited for #allthesnatches today? We’ve incorporated a great Snatch prep mobility drill into today’s classes called the Sleeper Stretch. ••• When? Perform this stretch before or after your workout. Target Olympic Lifting days in particular! ••• Where? You want to feel this stretch in the back of the shoulder. Often times, especially if we sit at a desk all day, the backside of the shoulder capsule is tight and this will help! ••• Who? Folks with tight shoulders, particularly exposed in days like today - lots of Olympic Lifts! Folks who are hypermobile or have a history of dislocation can skip this one. ••• How? ✔️Lie on your side and shift your weight on top of your down shoulder (shoulders should be square) ✔️Bring your elbow straight out from your shoulder ✔️Bend elbow to 90 degrees ✔️Gently press the forearm towards the floor (keep wrist straight) ✔️Hold for :30-:60 in a comfortable stretch ✔️Repeat on the other side! ••• Try this out today and see if you have an easier time keeping the bar close during “Randy” as well as less pain bringing the bar down! Get after it, @emeraldcitycrossfit !!! #ECCF #EmeraldCityCrossFit
KO8 MOBILITY MONDAY EPISODE 2: The KO8 Bully w/ Elbow Variation . . . (FULL VERSION is on @ko8_fitness YouTube & Facebook) Today we are going to follow the front rack position with the KO8 Bully technique inspired by Dr. Kelly Starrett but with our own KO8 twist! . . . This is a perfect way to address the internally rotated shoulder slump which can be not only an unattractive posture but more importantly a posture that can cause a whole lot of issues if not sorted out!! will show you a simple test / retest protocol which you can use to identify your internal rotation range of motion (or lack thereof) at the shoulder so see what improved results you can achieve by placing this one into your mobility routine. . . . Try both variations of these mobilisation techniques to improve your postural position and work towards standing tall and putting your shoulder back into a stable and strong position. Stretch on both sides of the body - stay in there for 2-3 sets of 5 deep breaths (18-20 sec) and tell us how you feel! . . . #WeTrainWhereWeWant 🌎 KO8ACADEMY.COM @ko8_academy . . . #KO8 #KO8academy #mobilitymonday #mobilitymondays #mobilitytraining #mobility #mobilitywod #shouldermobility #flexibility #stretching #healthybody #strength #posturecorrection #fitness #fitfam #dubaifitfam #fitspo #fitspiration #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #gym #personaltrainer #pt #fitnesscoach #fitnessprofessional #gymlife #instafit
SL GLUTE BRIDGE + HIP CIRCLES- - 💥A fantastic exercise to be included in an activation/movement preparation before your training session or during your season while trying to add some additional stability to your posterior chain without adding too much load to your system.- - 🧠The glute bridge will force you to stabilize your posterior chain, and will turn your core on. The hip circles on the other leg will require a bit of extra neuromuscular demand without overtaxing the system, while opening and mobilizing the hips. A good bang for your buck!- - 🤠Having this in your repertoire can aid in your quest to stay injury free, and on the field for longer. Whether you are on the pitch or looking to get into th best shape of your life; STAYING INJURY FREE is the MOST IMPORTANT part of that journey. You guys know why...CONSISTENCY BREEDS BIG TIME RESULTS..CONSISTENCY > INTENSITY any day of the week!- - 1️⃣Get on your back in a supine position, and get into a double glute bridge hold. 2️⃣Drive your balls of your feet into the ground as hard as possible to activate the glutes and hamstrings. 3️⃣Keep your core tight and locked in and spine neutral (NO ARCH IN THE LOWER BACK). 4️⃣Look up to the sky and drive your palms into the ground as hard as you can. 5️⃣When stable and activated, keep one leg on the ground, and lift the other one. 6️⃣Begin by making circles clockwise. 7️⃣After 15-30 seconds, make your circles counter clockwise. 8️⃣When done, adduct the leg about 5-10 times. 9️⃣Remember to keep the foot dorsi flexed. 🔟Keep the hips level at all times.- -
Well now🤔 this is harder than I thought it would be. Thoughts?@movementreborn #trx #mobility #mobilitymonday #movementismedicine #healthylifestyle
⚠️SWIPE for my fav shin splint prevention stretch/ankle mobility warmup exercise💪🏼 *bookmark so you can try it later 😛 ▫️watch the entire video for a more intense variation if you have above average mobility already. 🔹this is ideal for anyone experiencing: -shin splints, specifically in the anterior compartment -athletes that have tight cleats, skates, or shoes -high intensity runners/sprinters 🏃🏽. 🔹super challenging if you have limited mobility/weak ankles but soooo good 💕 ⚠️Disclaimer: do not attempt if you’re currently battling a lower body injury, have knee/ankle pain,have balance issues or hyper-mobile ankle joints 😘 *if you give this baby a try, let me know🙌🏼 . . . . #mobilitymonday #mobilitytraining #manualtherapy #injuryprevention #fascialstretchtherapy #yogainspiration #stretchcoach #stretchwithshae
#mobilitymonday with @steficohen !!!! #Repost @steficohen with @get_repost ・・・ While lifting with perfect alignment is not necessary for optimal performance, sometimes certain deviations may increase the difficulty of a movement in addition to leaving individuals exposed to injury both acutely and over time. . Around every single joint in your body, there are groups of muscles working together to increase stability. This principle is called co-contraction. At the hip we have the hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, erectors and core all attached at different points and with different lines of pull which both stabilize the hip and allow your limbs to move while you squat. . Prolonged sitting/inadequate postures may alter the length and tension of these muscles. For example: with prolonged sitting our hip flexors chronically shorten, our hamstrings and core lengthen and weaken and our erectors get irritated or hyperactive- resulting in an anterior pelvic tilt. Slouching on the other hand can shorten your hamstrings, weaken your erectors and tighten your psoas. . PRACTICAL APPLICATION: a noticeable anterior tilt may result in the inability to hit depth, increased strain on the lumbar ligaments and muscles and loss of stability at the bottom of the squat. The posterior tilt may result in a jamming feeling at the front of the hip, always feeling like your hamstrings are “tight”, and a hard time during the lock out of the deadlift. . Tag your friends and follow 🔥@pheasyque and @steficohen if you want to learn specific exercises to fix this!
Hip mobility is beneficial when it comes to allowing our body to have the full range of motion. THE BANDED CHILD STRETCHE helps us stretch the inner thighs and the adductors. Add this stretch/mobility exercise to your lower body warm ups🤙🏾🤙🏾 #fit #trainer #instafit #fitspo #fitfam #leg #fitness #instagram #mondayflow #mobility #mobilitytraining #mobilitymonday #mobilitywork #warmup #educate #stretching #stretches #resistancebands #movebetter #funtional #hipmobility #adductors #workout #glutes #rangeofmotion #flexibility
🙆🏼‍♂️🤓Some of you have been asking what I do before Shoulder Based sessions so here I’ve put together a few shoulder based mobility drills that I use in my own sessions. These don’t just have to be used when training shoulders, but for any session that involves movement of the arms whether they are Push or Pull dominant this is a really helpful little injury to get the joints moving. Give them a go!👍🏼🔥 - - - - - - #mobility #mobilitymonday #mobilitywod #shoulder #shoulderworkout #shouldermobility #training #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessjourney #goals #gains #training #motivation #progress #exercise #injuryprevention #prehab #rehab #personaltrainer #healthy #lifestyle #movement #performance #potd #l4l #f4f #video
Ever get tension headaches? #MobilityMonday is here to help. This is our go-to exercise for getting the muscles of the head and neck to release some tension. #Mobility #softtissue #Stretch #mobilitywod #mobilitytraining #Tampa #Lutz #MoveBetter #StrengthCoach #Lululemon #LululemonAmbassador #LululemonMen #tensionheadache @impactfitness_922
#mobilitymonday playing around with some ways of challenging the overhead position and the hips at the same time. Feels pretty damn good! #mobility #weightlifting #strengthandperformance
💡Something I’ve learned to get creative with is how to incorporate mobility into a workout. If given the choice, some of my clients would never work on mobility no matter how much I advise, so this is the best of both worlds: they get a workout and also reap the benefits of the injury prevention movements between sets! 🙌 • I’m running through my posterior chain program, #Fierce , and today I started off with hip thrusts so before this movement, I did some hip mobility to open up my hips and maximize the end range of motion (hip extension) 🤓🍑 • (1st video) You can advance this stretch by placing the back foot on an elevated surface (second half the video) and really get a great stretch in your quad and hip flexor. • 💪🏻The Workout: - Warm-up circuit: this is where I’ve been incorporating extra mobility and activation exercises to prime the body for the movements it will be going through • Hip Thrusts 4X10-15 1 set X AMRAP @ 50% weight of working sets • BB Curtsy lunges s/s max effort push-ups • Ended with 3 rounds of Weighted jump lunges X30 DB curl and press X15 Max effort tricep dips • Goal by the end of this program: have bigger glutes and a more defined back 🔥🔥 • If you want these gains too, message me for more info! • #mobilitymonday #workout #wod #fitness #instafit #fitspo #hipthrust #glutes #legday #gains #thickthighs #athlete #atc #injuryprevention #efficient #effective #posteriorchain #bandeddistration #hipmobility #prehab #rehab #sportsperformance #sportsmedicine #coach #cppscoach #girlswholift #beautyinstrength #transformation #weightloss
Standing Hip CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations). This is a great hip mobility exercise and here are some important tips to consider: ✅ Do this really slow so it does NOT cause the pelvis and the lower back to contribute. In fact, I would recommend as slow as 3-5 seconds per repetition. ✅ For added cueing, place both your hands on your pelvis to really feel and ensure that your pelvis stays steady, thus avoiding lower back rotation. Or simply add a PVC pipe or a Stick to be sure you’re not worrying about balance and thus, focus on the quality. ✅ This is one of those mobility drills that you would rather do slow and controlled versus fast. Remember, if you’re using the lumbar spine and pelvis here, you’re probably not getting the best out of this drill. #mobilityMONDAY #getPT1st #Seattle #Bellingham #PNW #fitness #health #healthylifestyle #fit #exercise #solvePT #therapy #AFAPT
M O B I L I T Y - -This is one of my favorite subjects both to talk about and to learn about because tbh, our bodies are really freakin cool. They adapt to function through the way that we move, good or bad. Ever noticed how when a baby picks something up off of the ground, more than likely it is going to bend at the knees and perform like the most beautiful perfect deep squat ever??? That’s because, instinctively, this is how our bodies were designed to move to protect us from injury. As we get older, because of our lifestyle, a lot of us turn into lazy movers without even knowing it and in turn, we lose the ability to move in the way that our bodies were created to do. Here are 5 reasons that I think actively working on mobility is important whether you’re an active “gym goer” or not! 1️⃣Healthy Joints= Happy joints - taking our joints through normal ranges of motion promotes secretion of synovial fluid which keeps our joints hydrated and happy! 2️⃣ Less chance of injury - free joints are happy joints. Having unrestricted motion of the joints significantly decreases your risk of injury in the gym and in normal life! 3️⃣ Get Stronger - our joints were designed to have full range of motion for a reason. Our bodies have the opportunity to be the strongest when our joint movement is unrestricted. Plus, being strong is fun and cool weather you’re deadlifting in the gym or trying to pick up your dead weight sleeping toddler from a car seat 4️⃣ Posture - better mobility = better posture, and let’s get real, everyone looks and feels better when they’re standing up straight 5️⃣ bc FUN, duh - because mobility exercises can be FUN and being able to move around freely and without pain feels NIIIIICCCCEEEEE - -Got some cool info on mobility to share? I would seriously love to know!! Or have a more in depth question? Shoot me a DM or an email!! -Love your body. Be nice to your body. #MoveWell 🖤
Solo Sunrise Barefoot Beach Run. When the sun comes up it’s good to be moving 😎👣 #motivationalmonday #movementmonday #mobilitymonday
. #mobilitymonday This one is for trap, neck, and upper scap tightness. Grab a light kettlebell or dumbbell. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, and hold the contraction for 10 seconds. If there is an increase in discomfort stop! Simples🙌 . #corkstrength #strengthandperformance
Your low back SHOULD NOT hurt after performing an overhead press, and you SHOULD NOT need a weightlifting belt to lift overhead. # If it does, then you’re probably getting overextended through your lumbar spine. # For any overhead movement you need midline and shoulder stability, while having the prerequisite shoulder mobility for the overhead position. # This exercise accomplishes all 3. # 1) perform a Chinese Plank with your chest and feet both supported by a bench. Remember keep your “ribs braced down”. We want to avoid extension of our lumbar spine. 2) Hold a pvc in your press grip. Generate an external rotation torque on the pvc by gripping the pipe tight and trying to “break the bar” so your palms face each other. Then simply lift it as high as you can while maintaining your neutral spine and shoulder position. 3) Hold for 2-3 seconds at your end range, then perform for sets of 15-20 reps. # Give it a go and tag someone who could really use both shoulder mobility and midline stability! #crossfit #functionaltraining #mobility #fitness #fit #weightlifting #swimming #swimfast #triathlete #powerlifting #olympicweightlifting #gymnastics #pullups #plank #strengthandconditioning #coach #backpain #monday #mobilitymonday
Happy #Mobility Monday . Try out this mobility sequence after your workday to free up tight muscles! Do them on commercial breaks, after you scroll through Instagram, anytime after you have been seated! Swipe right & give these moves a try: -heel dig twist -kneeling hip flexor and hamstring stretch -chest opener -neck release Aim for 30sec/ side. . . . #mobilitymonday #movement #hips #moveright #lifestyle #healthyhabits #relax #loosenup #eatrightmoverightfeelright
The chest and lats are areas that players can experience tightness ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This can lead to back or neck pain and affect performance on the pitch ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This drill opens up these areas, it can also be performed with a cable or TRX too ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #footballfitness #mobilitymonday #mobility #football #soccer #footballfit #fitness #performance #strengthandconditioning
Shoulder smash with the bar. #mobilitymonday #shouldermobility #barwork
Nothing quite like a little quad & hip flexor TLC on #MobilityMonday 👌🏼 . . . . . . #SimplyStretchLA 📍: @simply_stretch_la . @bodyflo77
#mobilitymonday ! Idag visar jag en övning för att stretcha Pectoralis minor(lilla bröstmuskeln). - Pectoralis minor är bl.a. involverad i rörelse av skulderbladet men är också en accessorisk andningsmuskel. - Muskeln kan vara delaktig i flertalet olika tillstånd, ett av dom - Thoracic Outlet Syndrome kan ge smärta och domningar ut i armen.
🐉 Dragon Squat Challenge 🐉 _____________________ Working on your dragon pistol squat? Or just looking for a fun new way to train it? Try this (and tag me and #DragonSquatChallenge ). Grab 12 jenga blocks or other small items you can pick up with your toes. Video is sped up obvi. The actual challenge took me 2.5 min. _____________________ 1️⃣ Make a pile. Picking up one at a time with your toes, go down as far as you can to one SIDE into your dragon squat. Place the block down gently. Repeat on the other side. _____________________ 2️⃣ Same thing, but go as far as you can FORWARD. _____________________ 3️⃣ Attempt your deepest dragon pistol squat (assist with your hand if needed). I bet you’ll go a little further than you normally do. 💪 _____________________ ⚠️ LEVEL UP: Hardcore mobility nerd? I gotchu. Stack the blocks on top of one another, horizontally (👏) or vertically (👏👏👏). _____________________ NOTICE: Are you dropping blocks at the end of your range? And how do your piles look when you’re done? This is a great visual way to check for mobility imbalances. _____________________ Thank you to @fightingmonkey_rootlessroot for inspiring me to explore with wooden blocks. I’m forever grateful for my experience at your Intensive, and for helping me get more creative with simple tools. _____________________ #mobilitymonday #dragonsquat #dragonpistolsquat #dragonpistol #dragonsquats #mobility #mobilitywod #mobilitytraining #mobilitychallenge #mobilitywork #hipmobility #anklemobility #mobilityflow #mobilityexercises #fightingmonkey_practice #fightingmonkey #movementismedicine #smarttraining #corestrength #movewellmoveoften #movementgames #moveeveryday #movnatwomen @movnatwomen
MOBILITY MONDAY: Do you ever pretend your arms are magnetic? ...yeah, me either. Except when doing this shoulder release. 1. Pretend your arms are magnetic and sticking your forearms together. 2. Begin to pull your arms apart as if there is magnetic force making it difficult, then Circle up and around bring the forms back together again with magnetic force. 3. 2 or 3 cycles then switch directions! Enjoy looser shoulders! DM to set up a private session. Yoga Schedule: Tuesday: 9 am, core and alignment, yoga patch Wednesday: 12 pm, core and alignment, karma tribe Thursday: 10 am, release into alignment, yoga patch Friday: 8:30 am, core and alignment, yoga patch 12 pm,  release into alignment, karma tribe #yoga #kc #sthirasukham #kansascity #mobilitymatters #mobilitymonday #strongjoints #strongcore #strongbody #strongmind #shoulders #armbalance #comfortwithindiscomfort
The Position that Ended my Career⚾️ . . This eccentric ankle work gave me chills today. I can remember it to this day as vivid as any memory I will ever have. 15 or so years of sacrifice, endless batting practice, endless catching practice, endless studying and a single pitch in a scrimmage tears my knee because I dropped my knee into a position like this... . Kinda sound familiar to you? . I’ll save the sob story because now I have it loaded with a 65lb weight? Life and sport do not always occur in the “correct form” area. It never will. Our efficiency training, or the correct form area, is imperative to increasing performance like speed, power, strength, etc. but to neglect the other areas is to start the timer on the bomb. Tissue capacity must be built everywhere, including the areas the textbooks tell us to avoid. Because eventually you’ll find yourself there. Those who have been there before and built strength will be at lower risk for injury. Those who have neglected those areas will be at high risk for injury. . Lower your risk.
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