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fish eye schnauzy 🔮
wishing you blessings and happiness this easter 🥰🧡 photographer: @sotahboy
wait... take a guess, what am I doing here? 🤭🎬🤔 #sonypicturesstudios #actress #losangeles
When you let your mom take your picture.. 💁‍♀️ #becausemomsaidso
What a week 🤯 I had several great call backs, sent out two audition self tapes, and I just wrapped filming another episode of my web series. I’m now getting ready to head out to my second home state of California for another opportunity🎬 I’m so thankful. Thank you all. Please continue looking out and supporting each other always. #myactresslife #hardworkpaysoff #catchflightsnotfeelings 🥰 Photographer: @ljensen_ports
You know, when you watch a movie and you feel so inspired and badass? Yeah, it’s me after I watch @wonderwomanfilm for the hundredth time. 🙅‍♀️👊 Thank goodness @daniwernerphoto could capture that feeling in a photo, because how else would I talk about it? 🙄🤷‍♀️🤣 ...But really, what kind of captions do I write with my headshots?? ⁉️
relax. what’s meant to be will be yours. 🌾💋 📸: @ryanloups
Spring time: “Hey, at least the sky is blue!” 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🐔
I had a great time shooting for @truereligion ❤️ • • 📸: @iam.lamar.ballinger #model #sponsored
CineMechanics started on my porch. A real rental HOUSE! It started with a single Red One camera. Then some lenses. Then another Red One. More lenses. Then the Alexa Classic came out and both cameras were neck and neck busy. Film was still popular and Cinemechanics was a place with a strong film background, but embraced digital and had the right expertise during the crossroads of this transition from film to digital. My family finally moved me out of my house to an office and shop. It was a scary step. With a great staff it turned out great. We are supported by the tight knit camera and film community we love. Producers trusted us. We got more glass. DPs liked this. We got more cameras and more glass. Big market rental houses took notice. Our reputation grew and was strong. We added a camera van. Added another prep space. Trained camera technicians on new gear and techniques. Accommodated productions' crazy hours with late night returns and weekend preps. Made room for a small lens department and hired a lens tech. Had Arri training. We built a website and started to feel like we were a nice little business with the right state of the art equipment and working in the segment of the industry we all enjoyed. We are lucky to be working with wonderful people. . We have supported many feature films, high profile spots, network shows, Super Bowl commercials, travel jobs big and small, supported hundreds of passion projects and content creators. We love this film community and appreciate all the support we have received. Thank you! This month we take things to the next level as we move to a new location to provide a new level of services. Stay with us on Instagram as we move in and set up what will be our next level of camera services for this community of professionals. . . #companymove #mnfilm #mnfilmtv #mncamera #focuspulleratwork #arri #rentalhouse #cooke #mnphotographer #motocrane #minneapolis
Went on a walk and found some creepy story inspiration. Slide over to get a closer look 👀👉 #whathappened
oh hey there 🦋 📸: @iam.lamar.ballinger
Thanks to everyone who made it to our film screening at @trylon_cinema ! Great Q&A after the film and we can’t wait to see what comes next! 👏 We’ll continue to update you as things progress and where you’ll be able to see the film in the future. ❌ For those cast/crew and supporters who weren’t able to make it, we will send out a link to view the film this weekend.
Well, we had our first (cast/crew) screening for my first film The Last Day of School! This film wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing team and I can’t wait to see where we go next! Thanks to everyone who made it out, so glad the weather gave us a break to get everyone there safely. 🥰🤩👏
Queen of stripes 👸🏾💙 I am so excited to partner with @fashionq Use my code “Ava12” to get 12% off anything on their website‼️#ad #sponsored 📸: @ljensen_ports
Rain, or snow, or shine.. We are still having our screening tonight. We would love to see you, but please be safe. If you can’t make it, don’t worry—Send me a message or email and I’ll send you a link to watch the film. See you tonight! Photo: @tinkeronset
It’s not easy being human, is it? Balancing dreams and aspirations with responsibilities and expectations. ⚖️ S/O to all you lovely humans and non-humans staying true to you and getting shit done. I’m rooting for you @tyrabanks style, mmk? 🏅 Oh and hey @alexander_just thanks for making me looks pretty stellar and out of this world. 💫
the greatest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. | #nyc #livingmybestlife #thankful #thebigapple 💗
"Winning is like deodorant - when it comes up, a lot of things no longer stink." -Doc Rivers 😂 In honor of the final 🏀game tonight I figured this 🎬🎥clip from one of my latest films On The Line was fitting. Sending 🍀 and insightful quotes to both @texastechmbb and @uvamenshoops tonight. “In life, winning and losing will both happen. What is never acceptable is quitting.” -- Magic Johnson "It is far better to shoot an airball than to not shoot at all for fear of missing." -Tony Alfonso Enjoy this experience fellas🎉 Soak it all in🌟it’s already such a huge accomplishment to have made it this far👏🏻Congrats🏆 Actress: @blythethered Director: Allan Johnson Cybick production . . . . #actress #actresslife #blythewhealy #imdb #mnfilmtv #twincities #midwesttalent #laactress #mnproduction #mntalent #filmactress #commercialactress #onset #director #filmmaker #ncaachampionship #videooftheday #ncaabasketball #lovewhatido #thankful #productionlife #model #ncaamarchmadness #texastech #virgina #texastechbasketball #acting #onsetlife #talent @foxsports @cbssports @wcco @jack_salt @_mdiakite @kylejguy5 @uva @wahoops_ @virginiasports @drehunter_ @moon13swag @jarrett_23 @davide_ilmoro_moretti @socleanbean @kingno_ @kevinmccullarjr @therealadb_3 @texastech @docrivers @magicjohnson
You’ve gotta do something [everyday] that brings you closer to your goals. ✨ #dreambig #hustlehard
concrete jungle where dreams are made of🎶🏙
swipe for a surprise... #photobombed 🤪 so much fun taking in the city after filming 🖤
It was a privilege to work in the camera department on two films with director Wes Anderson and cinematographer Bob Yeoman, ASC. One of the films was The Royal Tenebaums and the other was The Squid and the Whale that Wes produced for director Noah Baumbach. Both films were shot in NY and at the time of Tenebaums I vaguely knew who Wes was having only seen Bottle Rocket. The cast though was simply unbelievable and I knew I wanted to be a part of the project. It turned out to be an amazing experience with many memorable stories. I learned on this film that the discipline in the craft of making a film and collaborating with others can be and is the key to the marathon of making a quality feature. I always loved the mechanics of the craft and the physical film camera with all the technicians working together and around it like a well oiled machine. The camera is the heartbeat of the action on-set and on Tenebaums I was right there for every frame and loved it. Tenebaums was discipled. It comes across in the pictures that were made, the art direction, the composition, the camera movement. Whether it was the preciseness of the set dressing or Wes' exact blocking of the actors with the camera operator and dolly grip, discipline and attentiveness was everywhere and it was a pleasure to work at that level day in and day out. Except for a few shots the entire film was shot on the 40mm anamorphic Panavison Primo. After Tenebaums and Squid I did a number of commercials with Bob Yeoman and the camera team. It was a great time to be in the business and working with and learning from the best in the business. A few years later Bob came to Minneapolis to shoot a big AT&T commercial and reached out to me and asked CineMechanics to provide the Alexa camera packages for the job. At this time CineMechanics was located in my house. It was a real Rental HOUSE! Bob didn’t mind and knew all was taken care of. . . . . #royaltenenbaums #wesanderson #bobyeoman #panavision #featurefilms #moviemaking #nyc #benstiller #gwenethpaltrow #genehackman #criterioncollection #35mm #kodak #anamorphic #mncamera #mnfilm #mnfilmtv #mncommercial #owenwilson #dannyglover #local600 #1stac #focuspul
I feel so incredibly blessed to have booked this project and to be on set with so many talented people , and especially to get to film side by side with one of the most talented actress in hollywood , Mrs @andreanavedo . You may have watched her on her recurring role in @cwjanethevirgin she’s so nice and inspring. I love our talks on set so much. I can’t thank @normanaladjem and his amazing team enough for bringing me on, I remember when I sent my video tape audition and getting the call back, hearing also that I get to work with an award winning director. It’s been a surreal experience🥰💓 #myactresslife #nyc #hardwork #hustledontstop
Still from Laundry Day. cinematography by @c.h.eldridge #shortfilm #film #indiefilm #mnfilm #mnfilmtv
#tbt to the smoke filled garage bursting with talented people who I call friends 🖤 (It ooks like I'm about to call action...) Can't wait to share this one. #therewillbeblood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #filmmaking #filmmaker #moviemagic #bleachmyfilm #mnfilmtv #mnfilm #mnmade #womeninfilm #femalefilmmaker #womeninhorror #shortfilm #independentfilm #freelance #summer #oneoftheboys #redlights #filmlife #setlife #production #productionlife #onset #lightscameraaction #behindthescenes #art #videographer #talent #workisplay #photoop
Huge thank you to all of our filmmakers for attending this years #actorexpo and congratulations to all of the actors who participated and auditioned this year! Check out our @smugmug link on @facebook for all the photos from this year! See you in 2020! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #filmmaking #filmmaker #assistantdirector #setlife #production #productionlife #femalefilmmaker #onset #lightscameraaction #photography #womeninfilm #filmlife #setlife #actor #actress #actorslife #bleachmyfilm #mnfilmtv #mnfilm #mnmade #minnesota #twincities #twincitiesfilmfest #shortfilms #featurefilm #indiefilm #indiemovies #independentfilm
I’m so excited to announce I booked an amazing role and I’m in NYC prepping for it. Due to confidentiality, I can’t say too much out loud just yet, however, I’m going to be on set with T.V. stars and, with an amazingly talented production team!! I’m so thankful to God for giving me this kind of opportunities. Thank you friends for always supporting me, thank you for spreading word about me and my acting talents to top movie industry professionals. I also just received another booking confirmation 🥰🙌🏾 So many exciting things ahead. To all my acting friends; with God by your side, keep going and don’t let anything stop you...| #myactresslife #hustler #hardworker #gogetter #thankful #cantstopwontstop 🤩❤️ Photographer: @iam.lamar.ballinger 📸
Some of the last days I can wear velvet. Paired perfectly with my Coach Keith Haring sneakers. Which I oh so love. There’s still muck outside so you have to jump sometimes. I’m sitting in on Lynn Steele’s OPEN Casting Call. All new talent. She see’s somewhere between 150-200 people today. It’s so much fun I asked if we could do it again next week. #coach #keithharing #casting #castingcall #mnfilmtv #filmmn #mntalent #sneakerlovers #sneakers #sneakeraddict
Our private screening is coming up this month for our cast, crew, and everyone involved in this film. If you were one of those people and haven’t received an invite, let me know! We want you to be there! ❌ We’re so excited to share this film with the world! We’ve sent out several film festival submissions, and we’ll update you as we hear back. Photo: @tinkeronset
Sunday morning puppy snugs with my new niece Lola 🥰 HOW FLIPPING CUTE IS SHE?!
I had so much fun yesterday as a guest speaker at the Twins Cities Actors Expo! Huge thanks to those who came out. I have been blessed to be a working actress and being able to travel to different markets across the country. I really enjoyed sharing my knowledge (and what I’m still learning) about the entertainment industry. ❤️ Photographed by: @willowrmuscovitz 📸
Post-audition selfie! So lucky to have such a great scene partner @alexcavegn 🤩🤩 Good luck to everyone auditioning at the @twincitiesfilmfest Expo 👏
A grab from a short we op'd for awhile back. If you haven't checked out @kayladlx hop over and see what she's been working on. #reddigitalcinema #r3d #freeflyers #movipro #childactor #mnfilmtv #rochmn #rochestermn #cinematography #videoproduction #canonusa
Big thanks to @daniwernerphoto for great headshots of my awkward self! I’m getting all my materials lined up for the @twincitiesfilmfest Actor Expo this weekend and some auditions coming up! 🤩 I can’t wait to see some of my favorite actor friends and learn some new things! Who else is going to be there?!
hey there luvs✨ just getting ready to go film a web series that I’ve been filming for the last few months and just a few days of filming left and it’s a wrap🎬❤️
One year ago we announced "Grandpa Ben" would be making its world premiere at the 37th Annual Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. Now, in honor of artist Benjamin Vickery Jr's 94th birthday, we are happy to release the documentary short for our online audience. From creating art as a young man in Colorado, to his time spent in World War II, and raising a family in Minnesota, our film is a loving portrait of Jennifer Lillemo Ayd's maternal grandfather and his storied life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ "Grandpa Ben" was made during the early days of "Knife River" production. Knowing we wanted to mix mediums on "Knife River", both digital and motion picture film, this doc provided us an opportunity to experiment with the technique. Needless to say, we were both very pleased with the results. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now Streaming at FB.com/H8CProductions 🎥 Super 8 @kevin_horn @kodak_shootfilm
Living in the middle of nowhere has its perks! I’m so happy the warmth is coming back so I can get out in nature for some inspiration, and for some added inspo, I’ve got @ifilmhustle in my ears. 🎧 I don’t care what part of film you’re in, if you need a little pick-me-up, listen to some of these episodes! 🤩 I’m feeling inspired and ready to take on all the projects.. like a feature film this year. Yup. Feature film. And also some shorts. Idk. #anythingcanhappen ✨✨✨ When I run out of episodes, what inspiring content (podcasts, audiobooks, youtubes) do you recommend next?
House Tax Committee Meeting 🗓 Thursday, March 28 🕗 8:00am 🗺 Room 5 State Office Building Saint Paul, MN . 🚨 More Info on @mnfilmtv website- www.mnfilmtv.org .🔵 remind them how important the film and tv industry is to this arts community 🔵 remind them all the work we had in the 80s/90s is gone 🔵 a little help with a tax incentive could bring the Block Busters back! . Pick A Representative: Whom shall I call? Pick a Representative. Any Representative. it can change the course of our industry. - Lyndon Carlson Sr. 651-296-4255 rep.lyndon.carlson@house.mn - Greg Davids 651-296-9278 rep.greg.davids@house.mn - Sondra Erickson 651-296-6746 rep.sondra.erickson@house.mn - Dan Fabian 651-296-9635 rep.dan.fabian@house.mn - Aisha Gomez 651-296-7152 rep.aisha.gomez@house.mn - John Lesch 651-296-4224 rep.john.lesch@house.mn - Ben Lien 651-296-5515 rep.ben.lien@house.mn - Dave Lislegard 651-296-0170 rep.dave.lislegard@house.mn *Co-Chief of the bill* - Diane Loeffler 651-296-4219 rep.diane.loeffler@house.mn - Paul Marquart 651-296-6829 rep.paul.marquart@house.mn - Joe McDonald 651-296-4336 rep.joe.mcdonald@house.mn - Marion O'Neill 651-296-5063 rep.marion.oneill@house.mn - John Petersburg 651-296-5368 rep.john.petersburg@house.mn - Joe Schomacker 651-296-5505 rep.joe.schomacker@house.mn - Jennifer Schultz 651-296-2228 rep.jennifer.schultz@house.mn - Chris Swedzinski651-296-5374 rep.chris.swedzinski@house.mn - Tou Xiong 651-296-7807 rep.tou.xiong@house.mn - Cheryl Youakim 651-296-9889 rep.cheryl.youakim@house.mn . . . #mnfilmtv #blockbusters #filminmn #tvinmn #minnesotamade #contactyourrepresentatives #madeinminnesota #minnesotamade #welovemovies #makefilm #snowbate #minneapolis #actorlife #calltoaction #artforall #mnfilmmakers #filmmakers #actorsofinstagram
🚨ACTION ALERT 🚨 Carol and Haley took a break to connect with our representatives to support the film tax incentive bill. 🎥 #bringblockbustersback . 📱 Make the call. 📧 Send the email. 🎞 Attend the meeting. . . . #localfim #makefilmlocal #mnmade #actionalert #contactyourrepresentatives #taxincentives #snowbate #mnfilm #mnfilmtv #minnesota #film #talentagent #agency #supportartists #minneapolisactor #minneapolis #twincities
Our brilliant director Jon Enge accepting the award for best trailer and speaking on behalf of the team. Just look at the joy in these photos! There’s no doubt we had a blast making this film! . . . #femalesinfilm #mnfilmmakers #mnfilmmakers #mnfilmtv #movies #films #cinematography #cinematography #director #directorofphotography #comedyshorts #femalewriters #femaleproducers #girlpower #actress #actor #actorslife
Monday's special episode guest is Minnesota Film and TV's Executive Director, Melodie Bahan . . . #filminminnesota #podcast #itunes #spotify #mnfilmtv
Throw back for Thursday . . . CineMechanics received one of the first Alexa Classic cameras in the country the fall of 2010. Arri was only giving the camera to notable features and it arrived from Arri on the last day of my camera prep in Austin, TX for the Richard Linklater movie Bernie staring Jack Black, Matthew McConaughey and Shirley MacLaine. It was my second of three feature films with cinematographer Dick Pope, BSC and his first feature ever on digital after decades of shooting film. At the time it was a very new world with some of the top DP’s in the world using digital for the first time. I was thrilled to be brought in to work on it and honored to be trusted by the show with this very new camera technology at a very new time in the industry. For most on the job it was a first. This turned out to be one of my most enjoyable filmmaking experiences as a trusted technician, focus puller and working with a director and DP that took the craft of filmmaking to heart and surrounded themselves with professionals to collaborate with. If you have not seen the movie check it out . . . . . . . #richardlinklater #mnfilm #mnfilmtv #focuspulleratwork #focuspuller #cameradepartment #richardlinklaterfilm #bernie #jackblack #matthewmaconaughey #alexaclassic #arri #mncommercial #makemovies #featurefilm #local600 #dop #britishcinematographer #britishcinematographermagazine #asc #mikeleigh
Happiest of birthdays to one of our fabulous hosts, @missshannan ! A self-labeled Geek, Miss Shannan Paul brings roaring laughter to even the most curmudgeonly of crowds. Twin Cities newspaper, the City Pages says, “No matter where you’ve seen (or heard) her, you know just how great Miss Shannan is. With comedy that’s personal and relatable, she has the ability to make you feel like you’ve been friends for years, even if you’re only seeing her for the very first time.” Her storytelling and infectious smile are sure to crack up even the most stone-faced curmudgeon. She can relate to just about everyone whether they be students, Sci-Fi fans, jocks, or soccer moms. Her diverse professional background has given her an incredibly broad communication set and allowed her to work with people and groups covering a spectrum of ethnicities, age ranges and education levels. In addition, she is a touring stand-up comedian who has performed for a wide range of audiences. She has hosted numerous corporate and charity events. Miss Shannan is a regular guest on local TV talk shows speaking on pop culture and diversity. Miss Shannan’s discussions  on “Cultural Sensitivity for the Accidentally Insensitive” and “Working Through It Together: Sensitivity in Your Workplace World” use personal anecdotes and real world examples to teach the audience how to not “be that person” who walks blindly into awkward situations. Miss Shannan can keep you smiling and keep people of other cultures smiling along with you. Miss Shannan is available as a Speaker, Comedian, Host, Emcee and Certified Benefit Auctioneer. (Bio from website) #host #twincitiesfilmfest #twincities #events #womeninfilm #filmlife #setlife #filmmaking #filmmaker #moviemagic #bleachmyfilm #mnfilmtv #mnfilm #mnmade #minnesota #twincities #annual #birthday #badass #comedy #comedian #womenincomedy #emcee
your self worth is determined by you. you don’t have to depend on someone else to tell you who you are. 💫✨🌟 #knowyourworth
Good times as Focus Puller back on 2nd Unit for Inside Llewyn Davis by Joel and Ethan Coen. DP Bruno Delbonnel, ASC and 2nd Unit Craig Haagensen. So much talent. Here we are doing driving shots with an ArriCam and MovieCam with two Libra heads. . . . #coenbrothers #insidelewyndavis #mnfilm #cameradepartment #mnfilmtv #mncamera #arri #35mm #kodakfilm #kodak #moviecam #featurefilm #trackingvehicle #carrig #focuspuller #focuspulleratwork
If the last year has taught us anything it’s that successful videos comes down to one thing: Having a plan and being prepared. . . #mnfilm #mplscreative #mpls #mnfilmtv #filmmaking #commercialfilm #advertising #mplsagency #preparation #prepro #minnesota #redepic #redepic #redweapon #r3d #reddigitalcinema #reduser #redusers
My brain is so full of ideas, it’s like I have a million secrets I can’t wait to tell you! ✨ The only way your goals and dreams are going to happen is if you make them and create them. You deserve to live your dream. ✨ What are you working on to make your daydream a reality? Photo: @kellieraestudio
The kids were helping me set up my camera for a home filming project today.👌
you feel a vibe, it’s contagious😉💫⚡️
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