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pizza is ALWAYS the answer #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m almost done with the office oh no I need a new show to binge
da best of da best #mmarvelouslyaddicted I had a bomb cinnamon muffin this morning and it was life changing
Sometimes I think I need a safety bubble to keep others around me safe from me bc my patience runs thin these days and I will throw hands without hesitation #mmarvelouslyaddicted just kidding I don’t like confrontation so I’ll probably just imagine punching the person instead
I miss these legends #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy Friday y’all🤙🏼
I genuinely thought this was funny haha #mmarvelouslyaddicted oh yeah btw I got the job at target :)
I have an interview for a seasonal job at target later today wish me luck :)))) #mmarvelouslyaddicted
funny story one time I was at the airport and there was a K9 German Shepherd and I so badly wanted to go pet it but I knew it could most likely end badly so I had to restrain myself and honestly it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do #mmarvelouslyaddicted the dog was so cute tho
yeah so funny thing happened after I watched the captain marvel trailer this morning, seems like I’ve fallen in love with carol danvers #mmarvelouslyaddicted March is gonna take FOREVER to get here ugh
i can actually hear this vine playing in my head haha #mmarvelouslyaddicted so I had to go to the police dept. today and there was a cute cadet there
we love a cast that supports their director🤩 #mmarvelouslyaddicted but fr I’m down to drive out to LA if it means there’s a chance I’ll see a Russo brother or RDJ at this restaurant who else is down🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
didn’t do my essay that’s due in like 20 mins oops🤷🏻‍♀️#mmarvelouslyaddicted
oops another pic from the press tour bc I’m having withdrawals and denial that the next press tour might be the last time they’re all together #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy Sunday!
Thor is all the Loki’s stans who are still in denial that he really died in IW #mmarvelouslyaddicted still haven’t started my essay that’s due on Monday whoops
I wanna go to the movies today but idk what’s playing or if there’s anything I want to watch smh #mmarvelouslyaddicted I actually really wanna watch catws so I might just do that
isnt it ‘pajamas’ instead of ‘pyjamas’?? #mmarvelouslyaddicted or have I been spelling it wrong this whole time?
Why do I have the feeling one of the cast members stole that Rocket Raccoon doll because they thought it was cool and no one would notice? #mmarvelouslyaddicted anyways happy Friday!🎉
I relate to this on a spiritual level #mmarvelouslyaddicted I have an essay due Monday morning and have today and tomorrow off and have I started it yet? Nope
bleh I don’t have any good captions ideas whoops #mmarvelouslyaddicted but look at how cute and happy the cast looks :))
I’m literally the most antisocial person I know why am I like this #mmarvelouslyaddicted
whaaaaaat? #mmarvelouslyaddicted really not feeling like being at school today :///
legit LOL’d at this one bc I’m on a ‘The Office’ binging spree again #mmarvelouslyaddicted my arm hurts me AGAIN and I’m ready to cut it off
♥️♥️♥️ #mmarvelouslyaddicted guys I had coffee with my breakfast and now I’m all shaky and jittery and I’ve never had this kind of affect after drinking coffee before and it’s weird and a little bit concerning but I’m fine. I’m fine
I thought this was funny hehe #mmarvelouslyaddicted so I scheduled my classes to where I’m on campus all day and I get home and I’m dead tired and I no likey
Sebastian Stan. that’s it that’s the post #mmarvelouslyaddicted got let out early from my class and I don’t know what to do with myself smh
‘sleep is for the weak’ lmao more like I’m gonna go sleep for a week #mmarvelouslyaddicted
reeeeeaaaaally really hoping these two get some screen time together in A4🤞🏼🙏🏼 #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy saturday! :)
good god it’s like 100 degrees outside what the heck California ITS SEPTEMBER DID YOU NOT GET THE MEMO #mmarvelouslyaddicted also this is so cute I love it
hey look at that it’s Friday #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m watching Sierra burgess is a loser on Netflix and it’s actually pretty good
wow okay rude #mmarvelouslyaddicted my room is a pig sty I really need to clean it but I have zero motivation or energy whoops
i really miss the press tour ugh #mmarvelouslyaddicted I have so much chem hw it’s insane pls send help
story time: my lunch needed to be heated up in the microwave so I went and the two my school has in the cafeteria and they are ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING AND FILTHY LIKE WTFFFFF #mmarvelouslyaddicted one was cleaner so I used that one and prayed my food wasn’t contaminated lol
it is Wednesday my dudes #mmarvelouslyaddicted
lol running from my problems is the only kind of cardio I get and that’s the tea ☕️ #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m gonna go watch Christopher Robin tonight :)))
we stan DORKS🤓 #mmarvelouslyaddicted good luck to everyone going back to school today!
fun fact: I despise subway and I don’t even know why #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy labor day to all my American peeps :) and to my non-Americans... happy Monday lol
an unlikely duo but I ain’t mad at it haha #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy sunday y’all :)
currently watching lilo and stitch #mmarvelouslyaddicted i haven’t eaten lunch yet rip
heyooo happy saturday y’all #mmarvelouslyaddicted ooh and hbd to to the gorgeous gal in this photo!🎉♥️
okay but why is this me tho??? like I’ll deadass clang dirty dishes together that have been there for days just so my brother knows that I’m mad that he left them there for me to wash for him #mmarvelouslyaddicted like come clean up your mess I am not your mother even tho I act like it sometimes
you know I try to post an even amount of the MCU actors bc they deserve the same amount of love too but if you looked in my camera roll you’d see it’s basically just sebastian pics hahaha ☠️ #mmarvelouslyaddicted also my plans of doing nothing today have been thwarted by adult duties :(((
same tony same #mmarvelouslyaddicted so I have these fairy lights I hung in my room but I don’t have enough batteries to turn them on :///
i miss: them #mmarvelouslyaddicted guess who has a whole week off heck yeah ginaaaa
oops sorry I haven’t posted it’s been a wild day for me haha #mmarvelouslyaddicted my shoes are squeaking when I walk this isn’t normal how do I fix this also tag yourself I’m peter ofc
another underrated duo!!😍 #mmarvelouslyaddicted has anyone else read any of the Chaos walking books? I’m in the middle of the first one and oh my Lordy I’m hooked
why do I relate to this on a v personal level haha #mmarvelouslyaddicted I have so much hw I’m drowning in it send help pls
an underrated duo✨♥️ #mmarvelouslyaddicted someone paid for my parking today..so that was nice lol hope y’all have a great monday :))
tag yourself I’m Stephen #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m gonna be in the car all day ugh BUT that gives me time to read Chaos Walking :))))
Tom’s side profile kills me every time🤤🤩 #mmarvelouslyaddicted probably the only time I’ll post today sorry!
smh can’t relate bc I never look good lol #mmarvelouslyaddicted instagrams algorithm is such shit like whyyyy did they have to ‘fix’ something that wasn’t even broken to begin with ugh
Paul with the classic duck face and peace sign combo😙✌🏼so I think I might drop my chem class bc the professor sucks and she’s not very good at her job ugh #mmarvelouslyaddicted
loki is NOT a villain..but yeah he’d most def do this haha#mmarvelouslyaddicted
as if I needed another reason to love hemsy #mmarvelouslyaddicted ugh why are all the hot ones married, 15 years older than me, or live over a thousand miles away from me :((((
heyoo good morning🤙🏼 #mmarvelouslyaddicted I have no caption whoops
So there’s this comfy chair in the library and it’s right by an electrical outlet so I can charge my phone but every time I’ve been to the library today someone has been sitting in it and I’m just like...move that’s my spot #mmarvelouslyaddicted
I have the Sunday slumps but then I remind myself that my class doesn’t start till 10 am tomorrow morning and I don’t feel so bad haha #mmarvelouslyaddicted
I am so ready to see this goddess kick that oversized prune’s ass next year #mmarvelouslyaddicted also if someone wants to buy me that hat I’ll love you forever :)
this is such a mood today you have no idea #mmarvelouslyaddicted my mom has been cleaning and yelling at us for our ‘sloppiness’ since 8 am...how’s your Saturday going so far?☕️
I stan two football-loving dorks🤓 #mmarvelouslyaddicted happy Friday y’all!
guess who’s not dead...not yet anyways hahaha #mmarvelouslyaddicted I swear I’ve never slept this much during the day and I’m gonna have such a hard time going to sleep tonight ugh
It was recently called to my attention that I do not post nearly as much about Karen as I should be.. shame on me #mmarvelouslyaddicted so shoutout to @kingquackdaddy this one’s for you girl😛
Can’t relate bc I’m a solid 3 most days hahaha #mmarvelouslyaddicted my arm hurts so bad idk what I did to it but I am in pain send help
Robert gives sass and flare 110% of the time and that is how I aspire to be #mmarvelouslyaddicted
day one of fall term is halfway done yayyy #mmarvelouslyaddicted probably won’t get home till late tho booooo
I’m literally the worst person to travel with when it comes to flying bc I get all nervous that we’re gonna miss the flight but right as we get to the gate I’m cool #mmarvelouslyaddicted
HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY TO MY SECOND FAVORITE CHRIS!!!🎉🎊💘💗💕💖💞😇 #mmarvelouslyaddicted @chrishemsworth
what kind of shampoo does Loki use on those luscious locks of his?? #mmarvelouslyaddicted and does he use conditioner? there’s no way he gets that kind of shine without using conditioner
happy 17th birthday to my baby peter💖 I’m sure this one would’ve blown him away... #toosoon ? #mmarvelouslyaddicted
I haven’t had a tic tac in years lol #mmarvelouslyaddicted I’m tired and hungry pls send help thanks
two people that deserved so much better #mmarvelouslyaddicted I am in desperate need of some dinero 💸💸💸
whoever said money can’t buy happiness has obviously never bought a lifetime supply of birthday cake oreos #mmarvelouslyaddicted
is it considered a glo up when he was gorgeous to begin with?? #mmarvelouslyaddicted
my plans got cancelled even tho I had already planned on not going but now I don’t have to feel so guilty about it lol #mmarvelouslyaddicted
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